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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  August 4, 2010 11:05pm-12:05am PST

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and time now for tonight's closing argument. depending on how you feel about gay marriage, that ringing you're hearing tonight is either the death nel for traditional values of wedding bells sounding out freedom. a federal judge in california overturned a state ban on same
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sex marriage today, setting the stage for a legal fight that may well end up at the supreme court. the ban, known as proposition 8, was passed not by lawmakers but by the people of california. so, we ask you, should a single judge be allowed to overrule the will of the people? or, did the judge correctly find the law was discriminatory and unconstitutional? tell us what you think at the "nightline" facebook page or on the "nightline" page at that's our report for tonight. from all of us at abc news, good night, america. >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel, and it's time to play -- the answer is the samsung vibrant! brought to you by the samsung vibrant, a galaxy s phone exclusively at t-mobile. dicky, let's meet tonight's contestants. >> dicky: jimmy, we have -- bobby and yehya.
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>> jimmy: how about that? welcome, contestants. the rules are simple. i ask a question, you give the answer. which is 'the samsung vibrant'? ok? >> okay. >> i hope i know. >> jimmy: the best of three wins the phone. ready to play? >> yeah. >> jimmy: let's begin. what phone, powered by a lightning-fast 1 gigahertz processor offers a rich multimedia and gaming experience? bobby? >> the samsung vibrant? >> jimmy: that is correct, bobby, yes. >> jimmy: question two. what phone uploads and downloads twice as fast as other leading android phone processors? >> ya ya -- >> samsung, too? he said samsung. >> jimmy: bobby? >> samsung vibrant. >> jimmy: that is correct. final question. what phone has a huge four-inch
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super-amoled screen? yehya. >> the samsung -- >> jimmy: that's correct! you're the winner! enjoy, bobby. >> dicky: the samsung vibrant, a galaxy s phone exclusively from t-mobile -- preloaded with james cameron's "avatar." cinema quality entertainment in the palm of your hand. >> jimmy: "jimmy kimmel live" is back in two minutes with callan mcauliffe, music from the black crowes and eva mendes. ♪ ,
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- eva mendes. from "flipped," callan mcauliffe. and music from the black crowes.
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with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" >> dicky: and now, nice and easy. here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, cleto. i'm jimmy. thanks for watching. thanks for being in attendance. i want to wish happy birthday to your president, barack obama. republicans tried to block his birthday in the senate today, but they didn't have enough votes and so it went through, and -- president was able to turn 49 today, right on schedule. obama spent his birthday at home in chicago while michelle and sasha were in spain and malia is away at summer camp.
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oprah couldn't have come up with a better scenario if she planned it herself. rush limbaugh had an interesting take on the birthday. he say, they tell us august 4th is his birthday but we haven't seen any proof of that. and i know that sounds crazy -- it sounds about as crazy as trying to get the child proof cap off a bottle of oxycontin. what if rush is right? what if today wasn't the president's birthday? that would mean his birthday is some other day. for all we know, it could be in october. it would change everything, right? i mean, really. a new poll of americans found that a quarter of us doubt barack obama was born in the united states. which is -- surprising to me. we thought it would be fun to send a camera out on the street to ask people where barack obama was born. >> do you know where barack obama was born? >> no.
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>> do you know where barack obama was born? >> chicago, right? >> chicago? >> um -- indonesia. >> virginia? i don't know. >> no idea. >> southern state, um, tennessee, georgia? >> not here in the states. >> indonesia? >> texas? >> do you know where barack obama was born? >> um, hawaii? >> i don't know. >> i know. in a cabin. >> jimmy: i think he may be thinking of another president. well -- we're dumb, what are you going to say? this afternoon, a federal judge overturned proposition 8 which banned gay marriage in california, which came as great news for both gays and wedding planners, though that might be redunda redundant.
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opponents of same sex marriage will now appeal to the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco, which, good luck there. [ laughter ] you'd have better luck with a show of hands at a lady gaga concert there you go, guillermo, pick out a dress. we're doing this. >> yeah? oh, no. [ applause ] no. >> jimmy: he wants me to get down on the knee and propose and do the whole thing. very traditional, yes, he is. one unlikely supporter of gay marriage is our republican governor here in california, arnold schwarzenegger. yesterday, the governor was in fresno giving a speech to the central california hispanic chamber of commerce and somehow he managed to come up with a body building metaphor to describe the importance of central california to the state economy. >> there is also a central california. a central california.
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and i've explained why this is so important, because i'mn my by building days. remember they talk about the upper body versus the lower body, the legs, or the chest, no one talked about the abs. i say, well, that's your central part of the body, very important. i say, so is the central valley, the abs of california. >> jimmy: very good. it's something. the abs of california. central california is the abs of california. i guess that would make us the buttocks of california here in hollywood, right? i'm going to miss him. i really am. another unusual leader from the world of interfamenentertainmen jean, wants to run for president of haiti. he wants to be forgiven for that horrible remark of "we are the world" so he can lead them to a
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better future. if california can be governed by a kindergarten cop, haiti can be governed by a fugee. or a black-eyed pea or some combination of all of them. this is kind of funny. north korean singer is being accused of play jerizing a popular south korean love song and altering the lyrics of the song so that, to sing the praises of their dictator kim jong-il. the original song is called "maze of love." it's been rewritten specifically for him. ♪ i went up the mountain ♪ so see dear leader's face ♪ i wore my best outfit with feathers and lace ♪ ♪ dear leader's eyes so sexy ♪ body so strong ♪ dear leader's muscles bigger
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than those of king kong ♪ ♪ our general's sunglasses are shiny and black ♪ ♪ i wish to shower with him ♪ rub soap on back ♪ and feed him some peanut and cracker jack ♪ ♪ our dear leader is the best >> jimmy: well, that's -- [ applause ] i can't -- i can't wait to see how they work that into the second season of "glee." this is your "american idol" update. this seems dubious to me, but victor willis who is the original cop from the village people, claims he met with "american idol" executives about becoming a judge on the show, and they told him he's a dark horse candidate to get the job. very, very dark. very, like, as dark as it gets, really. how great would it be after all this talk of elton john and
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justin timberlake, they replace simon with the cop from the village people? so, let's hope that happens. former bachelor jake pavelka was on "the view" today. last week, they had president obama. this week, jake pavelka. you can see -- jake is still doing damage control after his breakdown with vienna. she alleged that they rarely had sex, which i guess led some people to believe jake is gay, but he's not gay, as he explained to the ladies this morning. >> i can't separate, you know, love and intimacy. i guess that's the southern guy in me. apparently that makes me gay. >> everybody thinks you're gay. people heard that, if he's not intimate unless cameras are rolling, papers everywhere s saying you are gay -- >> hold on a second. is there anyone in the audience who would like to spend some time with jake? >> jimmy: all right, well -- that's --
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[ applause ] got some takers there. by the way, is "the view" really the best place to declare your hetero sexuality? just being on it makes you at least bisexual. good news from the gulf of mexico. bp says they've been able to seal the oil well with a technique known as static kill, which is going to be the title of the next steven seagal movie. the government is saying that 75% of the oil has been either collected or burned, so, they were very happy. they were popping champagne at bp headquarters. unfortunately, once they popped it, they were unable to control the flow of the champagne and most of their office was destroyed, but still -- bp said they are relieved to put this behind them and go back to doing things exactly the same way they did before it happened. this is good. from our local abc news in cincinnati, channel nine -- i know that ridiculous 911 calls are a waste of money and resources and could potentially put people's lives in danger, but this one was worth that.
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>> bernadette calls this apartment building in norwood home. but it's her call to 911 a week ago that's getting so much attention. >> i could dial 911, they said i tried to ask them for a date. >> i'm having a hard time getting, you know, ahold of a date line and stuff. everyone wants to around. i didn't believe i did that. i must have been drunk and just didn't realize it. >> reporter: as for a date, she says she's more than happy with her boyfriend, jimbo. >> jimmy: well, who wouldn't be more than happy with her boyfriend jimbo? it's jimbo. [ applause ] his beard smells like southern comfort and pepperoni snacks. meanwhile, lindsay lohan is still undergoing psychiatric evaluation at ucla. chef was set to star in the life story of linda lovelace.
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there were rumors that the producers were going to replace her. lindsay's mother was so upset that lindsay might lose the part, she called the producer herself and was assured they are sticking with lindsay, which is good, because she's late on her jaguar payment. that's the difference between lindsay's mom and my mom. if i was in the hospital after spending two weeks in jail, my mom heard i might not get to play a hard core porn star. chef wouldn't call the producer. she probably wouldn't even want me to do the part at all. so, i guess she doesn't love me as much as lindsay's mom loves her. if the movie thing doesn't work out, by the way, i have just the place lindsay should go. there's a show on oxygen called "the bad girls club." they really boil the reality concept. no one's famous. there's no dating competition. no rehab, no talent or weight loss. they just find a bunch of despicable women, stick them in a house together and watch them go.
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>> if you think i'm not going to come out swinging, you got me [ bleep ] up. >> girl, girl -- >> you got me [ bleep ] up. >> swing, swing. >> please swing. >> hey, hey. >> stop, stop, stop. >> did i -- >> swing! >> let's -- >> no, you're not -- oh -- >> oh, you do not. >> jimmy: that's -- [ applause ] that's what happens. they really -- they should feed them all to shark week. i have a feeling one day all television shows will be like that. fighting and cursing. we'll look back on maury povich like it was "the cosby show." interesting news out of iran. iranian state media is denying that an explosion near the mo r motorcade of a members only
12:23 am
jacket was a bomb to kill him. >> denying reports there's been an assassination attempt on president mahmoud ahmadinejad. >> it was actually a fire cracker. >> reporter: other outlets are describing it as an attack. reports differ, but someone threw a crude grenade at the convoy, missing the president by about 100 yards. >> jimmy: they're sticking with the fireworks story. many experts don't believe them. i think the truth is in the middle, though. i think the explosion probably did come from fireworks, but you have to understand that in that culture, the world fireworks doesn't necessarily mean the same thing it does here. >> looking for the best fireworks this side of the persian gulf? come to the fireworks farm. we have snap and pops. rockets. roman candles. screamers. snakes. black cats. and sparklers for the kids! at prices that will make your head explode!
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fireworks farm. at gravel rode and rock pile. across the street from turban town. >> jimmy: there you go. [ applause ] see what i mean? there really, honestly, if you want to kill this ahmadinejad character, i have a foolproof plan. poison windbreakers. he can't resist them. just sit back and let him get dressed and it's done. thank you, cleto. hey, guillermo is excited tonight. we all are, because eva mendes is here. you've been looking doctor [ applause ] you have really been -- you've been looking forward to this, haven't you, guillermo? guillermo? guillermo? >> are you there, my love? >> i am here. >> guillermo! you are so strong, so brave, so -- masculine. >> si.
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i know i am. >> oh, take me, guillermo. i'm yours. do with me what you will. >> okay. come with me, miss eva mendes. this bubble tickles. >> more cotton candy, my love? >> por favor. >> jimmy: guillermo? guillermo? guillermo, you're eating the -- guillermo! you're eating the boom mike. >> oh, sorry, jimmy. sometimes i get very hungry. >> jimmy: i understand. we have a good show tonight. callan mcauliffe is here. we have music from the black crowes. and we'll be right back with eva mendes -- so stay. [ female announcer ] we don't just want to say natural instincts looks healthy.
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>> jimmy: thank you, cleto. thank you for singing to us. with us on the show, a 15-year-old lad from australia who stars in the new movie "flipped," callan mcauliffe is here. celebrating their 20th anniversary with a double album, it's called crowe-ology, the black crowes from the bud light stage. tomorrow night, ice cube will be here, melissa rycroft and saving abel. try not to mess that. or something terrible will happen to you. our first guest tonight is a very beautiful and talented woman who co-stars with the very beautiful will ferrell and mark wahlberg in their new movie called "the other guys." it's in theaters friday. please say hello to eva mendes.
12:31 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: good to see you. thank you for coming. >> you look great. it's been a few years. >> jimmy: you look a lot better. >> than you? no. >> jimmy: let me ask you about that. what is it like looking like you do? you don't really get an honest reaction from anybody. >> really? you think i'm that cute? i'm marginally cute. >> jimmy: no, you're not. >> you should see me before 8:00 a.m. that's not an inviation. >> jimmy: believe me -- >> if you saw me before 8:00 a.m. -- >> jimmy: which i won't. yep, right. though, right now, it is before 8:00 a.m. >> somewhere. >> jimmy: that's right. but when you walk into a place, do they just give you things? i mean, do you ever -- >> birds start singing. you know -- no, what do you mean do i ever pay for anything?
12:32 am
of course i don't. i don't pay for anything. cars, you think i paid for any of this? >> jimmy: you distracted my security guard, who is here to protect me against enemies -- >> hi, guillermo. >> hi. >> jimmy: guillermo -- you know, guillermo sometimes complains about the things we make him do. i don't want to jump in this thing, whatever. you never thanked me for putting you in something with eva -- >> i did. i say thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> jimmy: said it quietly to himself. [ speaking foreign language ] >> jimmy: i didn't understand that. thank you for coming. very good to see you. now, as far as -- i heard that your mom is critical of your -- >> oh, my mom -- >> my appearance? don't say critical. she's constructively critical. i guess that sounds equally as mean. but my mom, because i'm always
12:33 am
traveling, always away. she looks me up the minute i go to an event and writes me a little e-mail and it's called mom's review. and, again, it sounds really annoying, but it's not. it's really cute. she's adorable. and she reviews me from head to toe. that sounds awful. >> jimmy: it does. >> but i promise she's adorable. and she'll be like, oh, i love your hair -- well, that's how i read the text, but i love your hair, but the lipstick, you need brighter lipstick. your lips are so pretty, show your lips. the dress is too big over here. so, she'll go from the top of the bottom and i share it with my amazing team that has to put all this together, which takes about 14 days. >> jimmy: do they go nuts when your mom -- >> love it. >> jimmy: they like it? >> i only read them the good parts. >> jimmy: for instance -- this happens to be a -- they put a whole bunch of pictures of you. your easy elegance.
12:34 am
would your mom have anything -- >> yes. >> jimmy: negative to say -- >> my mother loved this look but she didn't like the hair. she thought it was too tight on the sides. >> jimmy: really? so you'll never wear it like that again? >> ever. ever. no, just kidding. i liked it. >> jimmy: what about the white one? >> she didn't like that it is shapeless. but she liked everything else. she likes me to show off my shape. this is so weird. >> jimmy: my mom says the same thing. she says, you have a beautiful pear shape. show that to people. and i think she's right. your mom is from cuba. >> yes. >> jimmy: she came to the united states from cuba? >> yeah, i was going to make a very politically incorrect joke. i'll refrain. yes, jimmy. she came before the revolution. >> jimmy: before the revolution. have you been to cuba? >> i have not. but i look forward to going back. >> jimmy: maybe one day things will change and -- >> things are changing. >> jimmy: they are? i didn't know about this. do you think they are changing
12:35 am
over there? >> i think they are. >> jimmy: does your mother wish she could go back one day? >> absolutely. my mother and my father. >> jimmy: yeah, but one of those things, well, we have to wait because you never know, they may change and then change back again -- >> saw have to give it a minute. nobody wants to get stuck there, if you know what i mean. >> jimmy: exactly. a grace period. okay, so, your mom is -- did your mom -- when you were a kid, did they send you to summer camp, do the normal things? >> she tried. me and my mother are very close. i have siblings that are much older than me. it's my sister's birthday. happy birthday janet. and she's here. i feel bad, i said she's much older. but you are, jan. i was almost raised on my own, because they were all off to school when i was little. and i remember my mother sent me away to summer camp once. i lasted two days, crying, just couldn't take it not being home. >> jimmy: so did you go home?
12:36 am
>> yes. i was the kid who goes home early. i was that annoying kid who wanted to be back so badly. >> jimmy: most parents will make their kid stay and then -- yeah. how did you get word to her? >> get word. it wasn't 1942. how did you get word? oh, my goodness. >> jimmy: there's a letter written -- >> telephone? no. >> jimmy: so you called her, said, mom, come pick me up? >> yes, i called her. my god. >> jimmy: we had carrier pigeon. i was never sent to camp. i was never given the opportunity to cry. >> why not? you were bad -- >> jimmy: no, i was a good kid. >> they didn't want you to go. >> jimmy: just general cheapness, i think. you want to know the truth? my parents would drop us off at this -- in las vegas -- >> you guys know this? >> jimmy: had nothing but a black top field and one tether ball pole in the middle that had no tether ball attached to it. just a rope in case we wanted to
12:37 am
hang ourselves. she dropped us off at 9:00 in the morning. we would sit in this yard, like prisoners and she would come back from the mall around 4:00, 5:00, and we would jump in the car -- >> why couldn't she take you to the mall? >> jimmy: she wanted her mall time. >> that's awful. >> jimmy: i know. i'm still not going to be invited to your house before 8:00 a.m. >> never, never. >> jimmy: this movie is very funny. i watched it today. and it's really funny. well, you can expect that with will ferrell and mark wahlberg was funny, too. did you get along with them? and please be honest. >> no, i didn't. i really didn't like will. will is really -- >> jimmy: he's very unlikable. >> you think he's going to be really funny -- he's just not. >> jimmy: he's boring. >> yeah, you're just like -- you want him to break into janet reno or something. and he doesn't. on command, i was like, janet reno. he wouldn't.
12:38 am
>> jimmy: did he do anything weird? what was the weirdest thing that he did? >> um -- i'm actually -- i'm kidding. i, like, love him very much and he's not weird at all. that's the weird thing. you know what i mean? usually when fellow actors or comedians, you guys are the weirdest. when we work with other people -- you know what i mean? >> jimmy: no, i keep to myself. >> no, but you know. we're -- see? exactly that face. >> jimmy: i'm going to go through your imdb and try to figure out who you were talking about -- >> i'm weird -- >> jimmy: now you're making it worse. >> you're talking to a girl, "anchorman" is like my g godfather. he would be -- >> jimmy: marlon brando. we have a clip from the movie. i think it needs a little bit of
12:39 am
setup, because -- >> really? >> jimmy: you play will's wife -- >> you got it. >> jimmy: you're a perfect wife. >> you got it. >> jimmy: he's had a lot of expeer against with very beautiful women. >> doing amazing. >> jimmy: and thinks of you as maybe not quite up to his standards? >> amazing, yes. >> jimmy: which is ridiculous. >> exactly. >> jimmy: and i think that's all i need to say. >> you got it. >> jimmy: here it is. this is my new movie "the other guys." >> are you really his wife? >> i know. people are shocked because heof that, but it works. >> are you going to change? >> i already did. >> no big deal. you look really nice. >> terry, you don't have to mr. polite, okay? >> don't speak to her like that. >> if i put that in my cosmo fashion app, you would probably get an d-minus. >> he loves those apps. he designs them. one of them, you can take a picture of anybody's face and i
12:40 am
will tell what you the back of his head looks like. >> it's going to hit. >> jimmy: it's called "the other guys." eva man decembendes, everybody. we'll be right back with callan mcauliffe. [ female announcer ] your hands are only as clean as the towel used to dry them. so why use the same hand towel over and over, instead of a clean, fresh one every time? ♪
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>> jimmy: hello, we're back. still to come, the black crowes will be with us. on a trip to l.a. from his native australia, our next guest decided to audition for an american movie. five auditions later, he got the part in rob reiner's new comedy "flipped." it opens on friday. please welcome callan mcauliffe. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you? >> i'm flood, thank you. how are you? >> jimmy: you're 15 years old. i'm well, thank you for asking. you're 15. were you an actor in australia before? >> sort of. i guess you could say. i started doing, like, stupid little commercials and things like that. i think the first thing i did
12:45 am
was an asian salad dressing karate commercial. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah. >> jimmy: did you -- you did karate in the commercial? >> i tried my best. i had to do, like, a flying roundhouse kick type thing and i had to do it to the camera. and that worked well. did that about 50 times. my first experience with stunts, i think. >> jimmy: nice. >> that was fun. >> jimmy: salad dressing-related stunts. your friends excited to see you doing that on television? >> not at all. >> jimmy: they were not? >> they don't care. >> jimmy: really? are they jaded or -- >> just like, oh, yeah, go do your abilitying thing and see you when you come back and we'll go hang out. >> jimmy: so, do you have new friends now, real friends? celebrity friends? >> yeah, i do. >> jimmy: do americans ask you a lot of questions about australia? >> they do. >> jimmy: and dumb questions, right? >> yeah, very dumb questions. >> jimmy: that's what we're best at. >> okay. >> jimmy: we're very curious about things, but we, you know,
12:46 am
really, the vast, and i will tell you this is true. the vast majority of what we know about australia came from the "crocodile dundee" movies. it really did. so, what sorts of things do people ask you? >> do we ride kangaroos to school? really stupid stuff. defies logic. >> jimmy: so, you don't? you don't ride -- >> well, the cool kids ride emus. >> jimmy: nice. they ask you about, like, koala bears and shrimps -- >> we don't say shrimp, though. we saw prawn. it doesn't sound as good. >> jimmy: no, it doesn't. in this movie, do you have an acce accent? >> i don't. i do american. >> jimmy: you do. and how do you learn to do that? >> i guess, you know, every country needs another country to make fun of. >> jimmy: oh, really? you guys are over there making
12:47 am
fun of us? [ applause ] i guess because, you know, all the decent tv and music and movies and things like that is all american. we sort of pick it up. >> jimmy: and you picked it up from watching television, from, like, sitcoms or what? >> well, i just watch other people act and steal their ideas. >> jimmy: let's do the rest of the interview, or part of it with american accents. >> i don't think i want to. do i have to? >> jimmy: can you do it off the cuff? >> yeah, sure. >> jimmy: that's pretty good. >> it's relatively decent, you know. >> jimmy: that is pretty good. >> yeah, thank you. >> jimmy: what -- you have thought about, like, you could easily have been watching the wrong shows and you could have been watching, like, "that '70s show" and thought, i'll talk with a funny accent like fez. there are many different kinds of american accents. we don't just have the one. >> when people ask me, they do,
12:48 am
can you do an american accent. i go, yeah, i just do normal. and, if that exists. neutral. >> jimmy: mid western type of thing? >> pronouncing things as they are spelled. >> jimmy: interesting. guillermo, you ought to think about that. now, this is -- your first movie, "flipped." rob reiner is the director of the movie. did you know anything about rob? >> i knew he was a really good director. i knew that much. i mean, i'd seen "stand by me." >> jimmy: that was the only one? >> that was. >> jimmy: and did you know he was on a sitcom in the united states? >> i found out. >> jimmy: did you know they called him meat head on that show? >> i did not. >> jimmy: would that have aided you through the production of the film? >> probably, yeah. >> jimmy: i heard he had, like, a swear jar for you -- >> yeah. >> jimmy: on the set. >> because he tried to keep the
12:49 am
set as ked friendly as possible, because there was a lot of kids on the set. and so when someone swore in front of of achild on the set, you would have to put $20 in a jar. $20. and that was pretty big. i kept it to a minimum, but and then, i think i'm owed about 600 bucks. >> jimmy: was that money supposed to go to you? >> people swore and i would hear them and not tell anyone. so, i would ask for $10. >> jimmy: some of the other kids were running -- really? you cut a deal? >> yeah. >> jimmy: interesting. very clever. do you stay here, do you go back to australia? >> now? >> jimmy: once you are done -- >> once i'm done, i go back to australia, yeah, finish school. >> jimmy: try to. yeah. that's not how we do it here in hollywood. we'll have a talk. talk with the lohans. you'll figure it out.
12:50 am
very nice to meet you. good luck. congratulations. new movie is called "flipped." it opens friday. callan mcauliffe, everybody. we'll be right back with the black crowes. wesley: it's the old navy jeans fair step right up to...the booty reader booty reader: ah, those weetheart jeans make your booty smile from cheek to cheek. amy: my booty's smiling in these stretchy sleek skinnies. heather: i've never seen so many happy booties. booty reader: but wait, i see so much more. bootcut! skinny! amy: back away from the booty! booty reader: so...many...styles wesley: get your booty down here! vo: old navy famous jeans for every booty, starting at $15 this week at old navy. visit
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carve one up today. crank up the flavor at subway. >> jimmy: this is their new album "croweology." here with the song "remedy," the black crowes. ♪
12:59 am
♪ said baby baby why can't you sit still who killed that bird out on your window sill ♪ ♪ are you the reason that he broke his back tell me did i see you laugh about that ♪ ♪ all right come on like a dream would you let me show you what i mean ♪ ♪ if you let me come on inside oh, will you let it glide can i have some remedy ♪ ♪ remedy for me please
1:00 am
if i had some remedy i'd take enough to please me msz ♪ say baby, baby ♪ ♪ why did you dye your hair why you always keeping with your mother's dare say baby, why's who's who ♪ ♪ who know you too did the other children scold on you i gonna bring it on ♪ ♪ just like a dream
1:01 am
would you let me show you what i mean if you let me ♪ ♪ come on inside oh baby, will you let it slide can i have some remedy ♪ ♪ remedy for me please if i had some remedy i'd take enough to please me can ♪
1:02 am
news i want a remedy ♪ ♪ enemy ♪ you see ♪ need a remedy ♪ it is an enemy ♪ i want a remedy ♪ remedy now ♪ enemy yeah ♪ yeah have a remedy ♪ i want it want it ♪ said i need it need it ♪ said i believe it ♪ i see it when i see it ♪ i want that remedy ♪ remedy ♪ remedy ♪ ♪ remedy ♪ what i need can i have some remedy ♪ ♪ remedy for me please
1:03 am
if i had some remedy i'd take enough to please me ♪ "meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown.
1:04 am
they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you? jack, the chicken sto show you the realnew combo. i don't wanna jinx it but, i think we totally nailed it. we call it the "big chicken sandwich combo." what do you think?


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