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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  August 6, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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news in america this morning. >> get more e in the news this friday morning, two people are arrested in oakland as three say they were ripping off an illegal pot growing operation. officers found them tossing pot plants out the window. >> trying to determine what caused a crash to a small plane. three people are killed. >> a gay lesbian couple are waiting to see if a federal judge will lift the stay on a ruling overturning california's ban on same sex marriage. that decision could come today. >> the official sunrise at 6:18 but when will we see the sun and how warm for the weekend. >> a couple accidents for you early this morning. hopefully that's not a foreshadowing what's to come. more details on that coming up.
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>> happy friday. 4:30 a.m.. thank you for joining us. a little mist out there this morning. you'll find out. i'm eric thomas. >> and kristen sze. we have developing news from oakland where police have broken up a bill illegal marijuana growing operation and managed to bust two burglars in the process. it all started just after midnight when police were called to a restaurant on east 12th street on reports of a burglary. when officers arrived they found two people throwing bags of marijuana out of a second-floor window. the site above the restaurant was apparently housing a large pot-growing operation. police arrested the two burglary suspects and are in the process of confiscating what they say are at least 100 pot plants along with equipment used to grow it. police say the same location was an illegal grow house two years ago. investigators are now looking for the growers. >> stories hope to learn more after a plane registered out of sunnyvale crashed and burned in colorado killing all three
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people on board. authorities haven't release the the victims' name yet. the federal aviation administration says the plane is a beach bon nan da 35. it was build in 1951. the plane crashed in the pass area of the arapahoe national forest in of the rockies after taking off from boulder on wednesday. nobody on the bound was hurt. >> a judge could rule as early as today whether to lift a temporary stay prohibiting same sex couples from getting married. this come two days after judge vaughan walker overturned california's voter-approved propositionel which bans same sex marriages. today is a deadline to submit arguments whether the temporary stay should remain in place until all the appeals in place are exhausted. >> i feel judge walker is a very fair judge. he's obviously a conservative judge appointed by president reagan. but he's a very experienced lawyer. before he went on the bench. he's been on the bench more than
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two decades. >> at least one couple attempted to apply for a marriage license on wednesday in san francisco. san francisco's assessor recorder phil king has pleaded for volunteers to help if there's an inflex of request for marriage licenses. officials in contra costa say they're ready to issue marriage licenses. legal analyst dean johnson says whoever loses the stay argument will take this particular issue immediately to the 9th circuit court of appeals. the loser of that decision would appeal to the u.s. supreme court. since the supreme court is not in session and the parties would claim a need for immediate relief, that motion will go to the supreme court justice assigned to the 9th circuit anthony kennedy. he's the likely swing vote and how he decides on the stay could provide the first indication of how prop 8 will ultimately be decided. >> it's 4:33 now. san francisco's trans bay terminal will close at midnight after serving commuters since
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the 1930s. outreach workers hope to coax the last remaining homeless people out of the building and into shelters before then. amy hollyfield joined them as they made their rounds. >> you know it's closing tomorrow, right? >> it's one of the final sweeps. but despite their persuasive efforts, the homeless outreach team cannot convince this man to go with them to a shelter. the team is trying to move homeless people away from the old trans bay terminal scheduled to close for good at midnight and will be demolished. even though there were four people left, they're calling this a success. >> it was crowded, overloaded with people. now that it's cleaned out we did a significant job here. to see the fewer people that are left here, that means that we have really did good. >> the holdout can be tough to convince. many of them like their
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independence and don't like shelters. >> you got your freedom. that's what i care about. i dom and go when i want, wake up when i want. play my music, you know, when i want. >> james cole is glad he accepted the invitation for a bed. still it's his dog rosie. >> i personally feel safe here. i -- i love this facility. >> cole and his dog were living at the trans bay terminal when a city worker invited them to the saint vin sant da paul shelter. he didn't hesitate. >> as far as not wanting to leave, i don't know why anybody wouldn't want to leave. >> the outreach team will double in members to try and convince the homeless to move from this area. if they refuse, the police will be here at midnight to force them out. abc 7 news. >> it's 4:35. two vallejo residents are under arrest this morning for the arson at the solano county courthouse in june. the fire was started with a molotov cocktail. flame badly damaged the building
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and destroyed thousands of files. the two are being held on $100,000 bail. investigators are not said what their relationship is or what the motive for the fire bombing was. >> nearly 50 gang members are off the streets this morning following a massive sweep by state parole agents. more than 100 law enforcement officers raided several locations in the east bay yesterday. agents say people were wearing state-issued gps ankle bracelets as a condition of parole for prior crimes. it helped tie those suspects to new crimes. >> gps plays a big role as an instrument in crime scene correlation for our partner. the data that is extrapolated and then provided to our partners is really what a lot of crimes are solved. >> the streets are safer today than they were yesterday because of the great work done by our partnership. >> you heard from robert
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brazelli and the captain from the oakland police department. police also seized 106 marijuana plants from one oakland location. they found guns, machetes and $5,000 cash. >> the latest unemployment figures for the nation are due out this morning in about one hour. economists say the country needs more jobs to quickly make a recovery happen but the unemployment rate in july is expected to show an increase because of the government laying off temporary census workers. the jobless rate was 9.5% in june. analysts say without more jobs americans are likely to remain careful spenders and slow the economic rebound. >> jerry brown and meg whitman have tentatively agreed to a fourth debate a month before the november election and it will be carried on kgo radio. it will take place october 5th on the ron owens program which airs 9:00 to noon. they agreed to debate at u.c. davis, cal fresno and dominican university in san rafael.
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they have been at odds over the number of times they'll debate before the election. >> mike is off today. lisa, sunshine, right? >> i'm going to deliver sunshine but not quite as warm as you had hoped. we have been in this cool pattern. i don't need to tell you that and the weekend setting up to be a cool one, although we have our sights set on next weekend which could be warmer. but as for right now we are cloudy everywhere except for concord. 54, partly cloudy there. oakland, 57. you tied a record with a high of just 62. 59 mountain view and we're looking at cloudy conditions, the mist and drizzle with us this morning. not only is it cool, it's damp. you'll need wipers heading across the bridges. chilly at the coast with temperatures in the 50s. only 75 yesterday in oakland. and san jose and it's gonna stay cool there throughout the weekend. there's the trough. it's allowing for a steady sea
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breeze and that marine layer that will be tough to bust through. but we will see some sunshine. 84 antioch with 80 in liver more as well as gilroy. good morning, frances. >> lisa, good morning. an update on the accident in fremont. it's actually been cleared 880 with an earlier injury crash that blocked the lanes. a new accident came up in the hayward area. near industrial. look out for that. also we have another accident in the east bay. east bounds 4 at railroad. that's blocking the left lane. at this point traffic is flowing well in both directions so there isn't much slowing through the east bay. kristen? >> frances, thank you. planning to save hundreds of wild horses turns into a legal battle. that story next. >> the most detailed look yet at the routes california's high-speed rail system will take through the bay area. opponents say it's time to start
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good friday morning. it's 4:42. let's take a live look out here at the embarcadero in san francisco. wouldn't be surprised if you have to use your windshield wipers a little bit. drizzly morning, very cool, too. talking with lisa about your travel forecast coming up. >> contract planning to start borrows the 4th floor on monday. plan to launch a giant digging machine like this one called a road header from the other side of the tunnel. a smaller but similar machine will work eastward from the oakland side. both machines will feed tons of dirt and rocks on the conveyor belt. trucks will deliver that material to landfill sites. expected to open the fourth bore in 2013. >> the rail authority has released its most detailed
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construction plan and some bay area residents want officials to go back to the drawing board. engineers plan to build much of the line between san francisco and san jose either at grade level alongside of cal train's tracks or on elevated structures that resemble freeway overpasses. people in several communities prefer sinking the tracks into open trenches and tunnels. the state has only come up with one-quarter of the $43 billion to build the line. >> attorneys will ask for an emergency stay to stop a wild horse roundup near the nevada border. a spokesman says his agency plans to conduct a helicopter roundup of 2,000 wild horses starting monday. a sacramento judge ruled against a group of animal rights activists that say it can injure or kill the horses. the range is dangerously overpopulated. if the roundup takes place, the horses will be put up for public
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adoption. >> b.p. says a plan to permanently seal the well in the gulf of mexico is working. >> why we shiver here in the eastern half of the nation they swelter. what folks are doing to beat the heat. >> and the bay area lab where researchers have found a way to reprogram cells. a technique that could deliver a promise of stem cells. >> and the stanford students who will be able to pinch and swipe their way through school this fall. how the i-pad is replacing books.
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>> if you need more information check out our website, kristen? >> lisa, thanks.
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anti-nuclear demonstrators are planning a rally, the 55th anniversary of the bombing of hiroshima. demonstrators are calling for an end to nuclear weapons. organizers say the lab is one of two sites of that developed every nuclear weapon in the u.s. arsenal. (bells) >> in hiroshima today bells rang to mark the world's first atomic bombing. it was the biggest memorial to date and attended by representatives from the u.s., britain and france. officials from 74 nations were there. japan's prime minister and second general of the united nations say the time has come for a world without nuclear arms. 140,000 people were killed when hiroshima was bombed august 6th, 1945. a second atomic bombing of nagasaki three days later led to the japanese surrender in world
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war ii. >> b.p. crews working to seal a blown out oil well waiting for cement to dry in one of the final steps of the so-called static kill. engineers pumped cement down the throat of the well yesterday. they started tuesday pumping mud down the top of the well to push the crude back to its underground source. meantime crews were having a difficult time cleaning up much of the hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil. that oil is permeated deep into marshes and wetlandses. >> resigning, a devise sore to president obama to return to keeping. the council of economic advisers, one of the administration's most prominent forces on the economy. but there are reports roamer has been frustrated by her lack of access to the president. she plansto return to cal when she steps down next month. >> it has been a cool summer in the bay area as you know but there's a heat wave across much of the country. residents have seen dangerously
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high temperatures magnified by humidity broken only by fierce storms. >> this summer's heat wave has been long and deadly. >> what's been unique about this heat wave is how long it has lasted and how humid it has been. >> thus far it has been responsible for the deaths of a dozen people. the extreme conditions stretch from the deep south to the northeast. swelters temperatures made it feel like 100 degrees in many places and just about everyone is looking for ways to escape the heat. at a band calm just outside of atlanta, students were forced after the field after eight collapsed in the heat. at atlanta's grady high school, assistant football coach la frederick sense kept a close eye on the heat index to make sure a similar scene did not occur during practice. >> a danger right now. not extreme danger but dangerous. we keep our guys inside. >> forecasters say it may be weeks before any real relief
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arrives. abc news. >> a hundred, barely 70. can we split the difference. (laughter) >> a march morning except it's august. >> on the east coast where it was like 100, 101, came back to 55. it's a shock to the system, of course. but, you know what, can't do much better, you know that. if we could we'd are talking about it for days advertising the heat wave. well, it's not coming. what are you gonna do, sure! you gotta enjoy it. a live look outside, sfo right now. we are of course encompassed with low clouds, mist and drizzle. in fact it will stay with us through the 8:00 hour, 9:00, 10:00 hour we should see some clearing. temperatures uniform in the 50s. 57 oakland. you tied a record yesterday for a cool high and cool low. 56 redwood city. good morning san jose, 58 for you. looking at lots of low clouds and drizzle this morning.
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the marine layer up to 2,000 feet deep and the temperatures only in the 50s once again at our coast. so cooler than average for the weekend. we will be looking at those mild numbers inland. if you need sunshine and warmth, you need to head to the coast. we will be looking at temperatures once again in a narrow range, 50s, 60s and 70s. maybe 90s if you head out past sacramento. 88, very unusual. 90 yosemite. 108 palm springs and the cool numbers continue southward into the southland, los angeles. we will be looking at temperatures today once again mid-70s for you with 75. no changes really in the south bay. san jose warming through the 70s at about 3:00 in the afternoon. peninsula numbers 72 redwood city, a cool afternoon for you. 70s san mateo. 73 petaluma. near east bay looking for 65 in
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oakland. 70s castro valley. doesn't look much like august. we will be looking at upper 70s for danville with low to mid-80s in our inland valleys. barely need the air conditioning here. looks as though we'll see that weather continue through the weekend. don't look for many sun in santa cruz at 65. our look ahead, below average temperatures continue and day-to-day subtle changes but overall not looking for any heat at least the middle of next week. the san mateo bridge, some problems there. >> yeah, lisa. looking great across the span but major road work in hayward. here's a live shot where traffic is flowing well westbound as you make your way out of hayward into foster city. if you're traveling in the eastbound direction, we've got a major closure right now. eastbound 92 is closed out towards 880. this little last stretch. as a detour you may want to take
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hess sparian to tennisson and that will get you to 880. also closed is one of the connection ramps to jackson street is shut down. this is all until 5:00 this morning. so it should be reopened shortly but you'll find a lot of overnight road work as at the continue with the construction through the area. your detour for that would be south 880 to winter ton and that will get you on to jackson and mass transit systems reporting no delays but heads up for a. c. transit riders. look out for potential delays as a labor dispute continues but hopefully this will be the last weekday we talk about it. hopefully things back to normal. you can find out if they aren't by going to it's under the bay area traffic link. eric? >> frances, thank you very much. it's 4:53. researchers announcing a break-through that takes stem cell therapy to another level. creating specifically cells without using embryonic stem cells to do it.
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>> those are the ones of that turned into muscle cells. >> the images magnified by this microscope are living, beating heart cells. they were created not by the body but by researchers at san francisco's glassstone institute using a ground-breaking technique. >> certainly one of the things that our lab and many labs in our area have been trying to figure out for two decades. so we are very excited about it. >> the doctor and his team isolated key genetic factors responsible for creating heart muscle. they use those factors to reprogram tissue cells to become beating heart cells, a technique that could be used to repair damaged hearts. >> maybe loaded on a stent that goes into the vessel in the heart that feeds the heart. and then is able to reprogram the cells that are already sitting in the heart and turn them into new muscle that could help the heart work better. >> built on the work of scientist yamaka who turned it
4:55 am
into a type of stem cell. those so-called ips cells can grow into any type of cell in the body but this new technique skips that stage entirely. >> just over the stem cell state and gone directly from skin cells into a beating heart cell without even turning that cell into a stem cell. >> that break-through appears to avoid one of the risks associated with i s cells used to treat humans. they can grow unpredictably and lead to cancerous tumors. >> that hurdle would not have to be a worry with direct programming. >> the california institute for regenerative medicine helped funds the research. she cautions though that other potential cancer risks need to be researched. still doctors believe labs around the world will now begin to use the same strategy on a variety of cell types.
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>> we think that this can occur for brain cells. may be possible for pancreatic cells to make insulin. i think one by one over the next year we'll see this sort of paradigm shift for most cell types in the body. >> carolyn johnson, abc 7 news. >> 4:56 now. one of the gladstone teams was originally done on mice and the team is working to duplicate the same technique in humanings. they expect that sometime next year. >> students won't have to be toting arounds heavy text books this fall. that's because the university is giving them i-pads as part of the trial program. it's designed to improve the students' learning experience by giving them easier access to text books and other course materials. the medical school also plans to study the cost effectiveness. text books can run up to $200
4:57 am
apiece while the electronic version is usually offered for less. also good for training dexterity, something doctors need. >> caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. just ahead, oakland police catch some pot thieves in the act. from. >> and the county clerk's office bay areawide could be flooded with same sex marriage applications today. i'm theresa garcia live in san francisco. that is if a federal judge lifts the temporary ban on same sex marriages after the prop 8 ruling. we'll explain what could be happening just ahead. >> and plugging a budget gap by closing schools? parents fight to make sure their childrenenenenenenenenenenenenen
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