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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 6, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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♪ in the headlines, two men are arrested overnight after breaking into what police say is a large-scale illegal marijuana growing operation above an oakland restaurant. >> and although the ban on same sex marriages has been lifted, no wedding vows have been exchanged yet. that's because there's a temporary stay in place. that could change. a judge is looking at written arguments today. >> today the day former giants slugger barry bonds is expected to find out when he'll be going to trial to face perjury charges related to a long-running steroid investigation. >> extensive low clouds and fog. surprise! sun coming up at 6:13. we'll see the sunshine in the afternoon but a cool weekend. i'll let you know. >> all right. it's friday at the bridge toll plaza. there are no delays but there
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have been a few injury accidents this morning. take it easy out there. i'll have an update on one in richmond on the 23rd street on-ramp. >> 6:01 this friday morning. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. we continue to follow developing news from oakland where police have broken up a big illegal marijuana growing operation and managed to bust two suspected burglars in the process. they started after midnight when police were called to a restaurant on east 12th street on reports of a burglary. when officers got there, they found two people throwing bags and bags of marijuana out of the second-floor window. the site above the restaurant was apparently housing a large pot-growing operation. police arrested the two burglary suspects and are in the process of now confiscating what they say are at least 100 pot plants along with equipment used to grow it. police say the exact location was busted as an illegal grow house two years ago. investigators are now looking for the growers.
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>> today could be a critical day in the battle over same sex marriage. a critical ruling that could determine if same sex couples can get married could be as early as this afternoon and could be a flood of marriage licenses. theresa garcia live at city hall where they're getting ready for the possibility of huge crowds. theresa? >> they're getting ready, eric. behind me here at city hall no lines yet but that really could change. it could become a very busy place if as early as today the judge decides to lift that stay and the same sex couples can go head and file for their marriage licenses. ♪ going to the chapel and we're gonna get married. ♪ >> one couple did try applying for a license in san francisco but was denied after the ruling came down wednesday in favor of same sex marriages because of a stay put in place. even though u.s. district judge vaughan walker's ruling overturned prop 8, he also decided to issue a temporary stay preventing same sex
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marriages while the appeal of prop 8 is pending. today is the deadline for the two sides to submit written arguments whether they should allow it to take place or delay them until appeals in the case are complete. some legal analysts believe judge walker will lift the stay order. >> he is inclined to look at this and say a stay isn't protecting anyone because there's no harm if we let same sex couples start getting married. so he might not be disposed to grant the defendants' request. >> but there's also concern that any new marriages can be overturned later if a higher court reinstates prop 8. courts have validated and voided same sex marriages during the legal wrangling over them. to deal with an influx of couples that wantto get married, they have been prepared to issue a load of licenses if that time comes. if the judge lifts the stay on same sex marriages, backers say they are going to file an appeal
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with the appeals court or the u.s. supreme court for an emergency stay. a decision could come as early as today. more likely next week. live in san francisco, theresa garcia abc 7 news. >> theresa, thanks a lot. it's 6:04. this morning a judge will set a trial date for barry bonds in the federal government's perjury case against him. today's hearing after prosecutors lost an appeal that keeps them from using several key pieces of evidence against bonds. bonds faces ten counts of making false statements and one count of obstructing justice. the grand jury linked it to the lab back in 2003. >> it is 6:04. berkeley homicide detectives are again asking for your help in finding the wheelchair-bound woman first reported missing in june 2009. 33-year-old heather bloom is developmentally disabled. her mother who lives in new york says heather was living with a sibling in berkeley. last march police contacted the
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sibling who told them heather was fine but refused to let them search the house. that sibling has since left town. >> our main focus is that we want to make sure that heather is being well cared for and has not met any foul play. >> heather bloom is about 5-7, wheel-chair bound, weighs roughly 140 pounds when she was last seen. if you have any information on her whereabouts, you are asked to call the berkeley police. >> 6:05 now. let's check with meteorologist lisa argen room with a tan from the east coast. >> a lot of makeup. folks in the bay area jealous. you know how to fake it. had no sun. so it has been exceptionally cool. looking at clear skies this morning in fairfield. and looking at a southwest wind. partly cloudy skies. we're gonna see sunshine, a little cooler.
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54 concord this morning with plenty of clouds. 55 fremont. so mist and drizzle this morning along the peninsula, san francisco, the north bay. you may need your wipers. don't look for that clearing at the coast. we will see temperatures once again cooler than average over the weekend due tie couple troughs. this parked to the north and west. piece of energy moves to the sierra nevada providing thunderstorms for the weekend. once we get behind these systems perhaps warming into the end of next week. only 76 today. santa rosa 72. redwood city not much change from yesterday. 75 san jose. we'll look for the sun to come out around the bay about 10:00. maybe earlier sunshine but still not much warmth today and mild numbers. >> if you're leaving rich month you may want to the avoid the 23rd street on-ramp. there's an injury accident with an overturned car. several vehicles and chp are at the scene so this is the on-ramp to eastbound 580 as you make
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your way towards berkeley. a big heads up for people traveling this weekend to reno. there's major road work going on on interstate 80 through that direction. only one lane will be open starting sunday but cal tran is warning drivers to avoid driving on that stretch of interstate 80 up towards the california state nevada line towards reno between 2:00 and 9:00 this evening as well as 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on sunday. eric, kristen. >> thank you, frances. it's 6:07. >> just ahead, 7 on your side's michael finney clears up the picture when it comes to cameras. >> preschool panic protest to protect the programs that could be shuttered within days because of the state's budget delay. >> the federal help that could keep those preschools from going under and save dozens of other bay area education programs.
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good morning, everyone. 6:10 on the abc 7 morning news. kind of like your taking a flight. this is our bale mer shot. a little mist that may hit your windshield as you come into work this morning. may have to use the wipers. i'll let the experts tell you more about that in a couple minutes. >> that will be lisa. the feature of several programs for kids in the east bay remains in doubt due to the state's budget crisis. supporters rallied to keep prekindergarten and after-school programs open across oakland and berkeley. governor schwarzenegger proposed cutting money from those programs to help close the state's budget deficit. some parents fear the worst if that happens. >> we're low income. i got furloughs last year working for u.c. berkeley and now to have the child care go, it would be hard for us to
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survive with there's no way the school district can do it on their own. we have to have state funding for these very valuable programs. >> many of the people who attended last night's rally wrote letters to the governor hoping to sway him into continuing to fund programs for children. >> this morning a word from washington that may help save some of those jobs. the senate cleared the way of billions of dollars to keep people at work. the $26 billion gives $10 billion directly to schools. san francisco unified expects to rehire laid off teachers and employees but first it will cancel four planned furlough days. >> first we want to bring back those four days of that been cut which means having the funding to reinstate the pay for all of those teachers who have had to take four furlough days. >> the bill also provides $16 billion to help save other public service jobs but san jose says even if the bill is signed
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into law, it probably won't be able to rehire firefighters or reopen closed stations. oakland does not expect to reins state police officers it has been forced to let go. the bill now goes to the house for approval. more and more people are using their digital cameras to shoot video. these days nearly every camera has this capability but 7 on your side's michael finney and "consumer reports" found some cameras deliver much better video quality than others. the season finale of the tv show house. the shot not with a 100,000 film camera but one less than $3,000. it's the cannon 580 mark 2. it was outfitted with professional lenses and other equipment. it's a fine camera but how about the video quality of less extensive point and shoot. consumer report rates the video
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quality of video cameras. this is designed to challenge cameras in different light settings. >> these images are shot in bright light simulating daylight. this is digital camera video that is not too good. overexposed. the video over here has smoother lines. it's less pixelated. >> testers found digital cameras didn't do as well as others shooting video in low light settings. >> the images are underexposed. they're darker. so objects like the dog in the background, they're barely visible. over here we have a better exposed low light image. not only is it better color but you can actually make out the objects in the back of the room. >> it turns out you don't have to pay a fortune for a digital camera that shoots decent video. the a-495.
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just $130. "consumer reports" says a good choice for a high definition camera is a cannon els-7d which costs around $1800. >> on the topic of shooting your own video, we're learning that's life in a day project got 80,000 entries. it's a film documentary speed limit aimed at capturing life around the world in a single day july 24th. videos came from 907 countries and 45 different languages. 400 hours of footage must be reduced to 100 hours and it will feature january at the sundance film festival. >> not 100's worth i hope. >> that's a lot of popcorn. >> all right. taking pictures today outside? what will we see, mist, fog, low clouds? >> yeah. although pretty here. the view from mount tam shows
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that the low clouds and fog just under 2,000 feet. so we're looking at clear conditions around travis with the southwest winds. so we will be looking at slightly earlier burnoff because the clouds extending just to the sacramento valley, not through the valley like they have the past couple of days. good morning, oakland. you tide a record yesterday. today a couple degrees warmer. 57 in oeakland right now. los gatos, 50 for you. 51 napa. highlights, cloudy with mist and drizzle so you may need your wipers but we will see say slightly sooner sunshine with clouds breaking up. chilly though at the coast with the clouds remaining there in the 50s and the cooler than average numbers, they're going to continue through the week. we will be looking at those 50s and 60s. san francisco and oakland. even the peninsula and the north bay some upper 60s. the 70s extending well south into the santa clara valley.
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yesterday to 77 in livermore. so a couple in our east bay valleys and all due to that steady sea breeze. we'll have that today. gusty winds close to the coast but we will be looking at the sunshine today in sacramento. warmer there at 88. although that's very pleasant for the valley there. 90 in yosemite. some thunderstorms moving into tahoe tomorrow. 78 los angeles and back home maybe a couple changes with the numbers up maybe 1 or 2 degrees in some spots today. 75 cupertino but not a big change. still very cool. san mateo only 70 for you. half moon bay bringing the park up 56 there. daly city lots of fog. south city 60. no airport delays yet with low 70s for petaluma. by the water in vallejo, low 70s there. 84, a pleasant day in cloverdale. yesterday 62. oakland hoping for 65. over the hills very nice day with 78 danville, 81 pittsburgh.
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and down by the monterey bay, staying cloudy for a bit in monterey, then partial clearing. here's the look ahead. continue below average for august and we'll look for some afternoon mild temperatures inland. >> good morning. bad news just reported, possible accident on the bridge. so looking live right now, especially in the incline, possibly the fifth lane. a lot of brake lights. could be slowing farther up ahead. in fact, another live shot for you this time farther toward the cantilever section. i don't see any particular spot where traffic is absolutely stopped. with all those brake lights it could indicate something's out there. keep you posted on this. a couple more injury accidents in the bay area. one is richmond on the 23rd street on-ramp to eastbound 580. that's currently blocked. also a look at the drive time on southbound 101.
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there's an injury accident but off to the shoulder. they're saying now it may not be an injury crash but highway 12 to highway 37 it's still a 26 minute ride. check out a live camera shot for you. 101 in millbrae. you see low clouds in the distance. but so far traffic's flowing well there on 101 northbound heading into san francisco. get the latest conditions as they change by going to our website on the bay area traffic link is under abc 7 extras. eric? >> all right, frances. 6:19 now. one of the greatest 49ers, one of the greatest players of all time jerry rice will join the nfl's ultimate nat shrine, the hall of fame in canton, ohio. he helped win three super bowls in the late '80s. he held career receiving records including the most yards ever, more than 22,000. former teammate dwight clark played with rice for three
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seasons. >> and he is an unbelievable competitor. he competes with himself. he works himself to death. the stories are infamous. you know, all the running up the hill and all that. >> rice spent a total of 20 years in the nfl. he left the niners after the 2000 season and spent four years with the raiders. >> the popularity of taco trucks has prompted taco bell to try to go authentic. this week the fast food chain is rolling out cantina tacos with chicken. you get onions, cilantro and lime on them. taco bell says customers will get authentic street tacos with taco bell value. but don't you get authentic at your local tacoria, too. >> yes. 6:20 now.
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coming up google waves good-bye and prepares to head to court over issue of age discrimination. >> we often hear of people running away from police. but what about running over fh
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welcome back. 6:24. the state supreme court has ruled in favor of a former google executive who have's accusing the company of age discrimination. brian reid claims he was fired by google six years ago at the age of 54 because he wasn't a cultural fit. the court says reid is entitled to a trial. google says it looks forward to demonstrating the legitimate nondiscriminatory reasons why mr. reid was let go. and google is now dropping the wave. the wave for the program designed to let groups of people communicate with features that
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resemble instants he messages, e-mails and documents. it never really caught on and will be discontinued possibly by the ends of the year. >> like something out of a monster truck show. police in rockville, maryland, released video of this high-speed chase that came to a dramatic end. the officer was chasing a car recent jacked s.u.v. he knew the driver couldn't get out and run but didn't expect that. >> this is great because the driver side door is pinned on the side. they can't get out, can't run. i think this is good. and they came at me. i thought if it hit me, it would hit me. i didn't think it would drive over me like big foot. >> the s.u.v. pulls into reverse and tried to run over the squad car. said he saw it coming, ducked down as low as possible in the squad car. the three teenagers have been charged with stealing the car and marijuana possession.
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obviously the officer's okay. >> it's 6:25. still ahead at 6:30, the new deal that has students at one bay area university scrolling through text books. >> the major milestone for the caldecott tunnel expansion project. >> the high-tech device that bay area police say help tied dozens of suspected gang members to new crimes. >> and wedding vows for same sex couples stayedwide are on hold for now but that could change as early as today. i'm theresa garcia live in san francisco. that's because the judge will decide whether to lift a temporary ban on those marriages during an appeals process. >> good morning. temperatures today will range from the 60s at our coast or downtown with numbers inland in the low 80s. that's well below average. a look at your full weather forecast coming right up. >> big sigh of relief for bridge commuters. the earlier accident turned out the earlier accident turned out to be a stall.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. 6:29. opening bell ringing right now to start the trading day on wall street. stock futures are falling after disappointing employment reports. the labor department says july's unemployment rate stayed at 9.5% which is the same but employers added just 71,000 jobs. the economists expected at least 90,000. we'll get the latest on early trading live in 15 minutes. >> this story for you now. the same federal judge who struck down california's ban on same sex marriage could decide whether those weddings could move forward. that has county clerks across the bay area preparing for a potential flood of marriage applications. theresa garcia is live at san francisco city hall to explain. theresa? >> no lines outside city hall behind me just now but it is one location, just one statewide that will be a very busy place
6:31 am
if that stay order is lifted and the same sex couples can go file for marriage licenses. there was one couple who tried getting married in san francisco as soon as the ruling came downs but they denied those licenses for now. u.s. district judge vaughan walker issued a stay that prevents same sex marriages while an appeal is pending. an appeal was filed immediately after the ruling overturning prop 8. that's the state ban on gay marriage. today is the deadline for the two sides to submit written argument whether the ban should remain in place until all the appeals in the cause are exhausted. some legal analysts believe judge walker will not lift the stay order out of concern that any new marriages could be overturned later if a higher court reinstates prop 8. >> didn't wanna add to the confusion. he didn't want to create yet another class of people who rely on a decision and enter into marriage and who might years down the road have those
6:32 am
marriages taken away by the supreme court. >> well, to deal with an expected influx of couples wanting to get married, county clerks offices have been prepared to issue a load of licenses. they called for volunteers to help as soon as a decision is made. if judge walker does lift the stay on same sex marriages, the backers of the ban said they will definitely ask for an emergency stay from the appeals court or the u.s. supreme court. lived in san francisco, theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> theresa, thank you very much. those who support prop 8 said if judge walker lift the stay and allows same sex marriages to begin again they will appeal to the 9th circuit for a new stay. that could provide a clue how the supreme court might rule on the whole case. legal analyst dean johnson says once the 9th circuit rules, the loser would appeal to the u.s. supreme court. since the supreme court is not in session, the parties would
6:33 am
claim a need for immediate relief and the motion would go to the justice assigned to the 9th circuit. that justice happens to be anthony kennedy. many say it could give us the first indication that prop 8 might ultimately be decided. >> as early as this morning we could find the identity of the three people killed after a plane registered in sunnyvale crashed in colorado. the plane crashed in the rowlings area after taking off from boulder on wednesday. federal investigators are expected to spends their weekend examining the crash site. >> two vallejo residents are under arrest in connection with the arson in solano county courthouse in june. the flames destroyed thousands of files.
6:34 am
a 40-year-old and 31-year-old are each being held on $100,000 bail. investigators have not said what their relationship is or what the motive for the fire bombing was. a man convicted of shooting into a vallejo home and injuring a sleeping three-year-old girl is expected to be sentenced this morning. antonio mcneil was one of two convicted of firing shots and hitting the three-year-old in june of last year. investigators say the two men targeted the home believing a suspected drug dealer still lived there. he faces the possibility of life in prison. >> nearly 50 gang members are off the streets this morning following a massive sweep by state parole agents. more than 100 law enforcement officers raided several locationings in the east bay yesterday. several were wearing state-issued ankle bracelets as a condition of parole. the satellite tracking devices helped the suspects or tied them
6:35 am
to new crimes. >> the gps plays a big role as an instrument in crime scene correlation for our partners. the data that is extrapolated and then provided to our partners is really where a lot of crimes are solved. >> the streets are safer today than they were yesterday because of the great work done by our partnership. >> police also seized 106 marijuana plants from one oakland location. they also found guns, machetes and $5,000 in cash. meanwhile in san francisco, the city attorney filed suit to prevent street gangs from gathering within a designated area. the city attorney's office says the gangsters and the tower side gang terrorized the neighborhood for years. it will give the police a tool to keep the gangs out of the area. >> a new report from san francisco's department of human resources shows the city's
6:36 am
police officers and firefighters are among the highest paid in the state. according to the san francisco examiner, the minimum pay for a police officer is now more than $82,000 a year. that's tops in california and 26% higher than the state average. a city firefighter's pay starts at $73,000 a year. that's 30% higher than the state average. union officials point out the salaries are in line with the city's cost of living which is among the highest in the nation. if you add in benefits like healthcare and pensions, the pay of san francisco's police officers is just average compared to other bay area cities. >> jerry brown and meg whitman have tentatively agreed to a debate a month before the election. it will be carried on kgo radio on the ron owens program which airs 9:00 to noon. the candidates have agreed to debate at u.c. davis, cal state fresno and dominican university in san rafael. whitman and brown have been at
6:37 am
odds over the number of times they will debate. >> contractors plan to start digging up the 4th bore of the caldecott tunnel beneath the berkeley hills on mondays. engineers will fire up a giant digging machine like this one called a road header on the orinda side of the tunnel. a smaller machine will work eastward from the oakland side. both machines will feed tons of dirt and rocks on to conveyor belts. trucks will haul that material to landfills. cal tran expects to open the fourth bore in 2013. >> all right. excited about that? >> i am. >> let's hope the weather's not like today. >> we may have to wait that long before we get the warm weather again. what do you think, lisa. >> you know what, at least we're closer to our warmest time of year which is september and october as we head into august. below normal averages. maybe a warmer fall. it is always warmer arounds here in september. so for today the immediate
6:38 am
future, the weekend, it does look cool with low clouds and fog across the bay. although we're looking at partly cloudy skies in antioch towards fairfield. we do have that gusty wind and we're looking at clearing today. a mild afternoon in the east bay. chilly at our coast with numbers here in the 50s. and looking at numbers at least 10 degrees below the average. change has come though. early this afternoon or earlier i should say, by 9:00 or 10:00, clearing across the bay so that's sooner than yesterday. oakland coming up a couple degrees. 72 palo alto. still mid-70s san jose with only mid-70s in the north bay. 82 morgan hill and look for late-day clearing around monterey and santa cruz. a look ahead, average shaping up to be continued very chilly through early next week. good morning, frances. >> good morning, lisa.
6:39 am
an update on a couple injury accidents. still one on the shoulder so we've been looking at the speed sensors flowing through the grade. richmond an injury crash and overturn accident has been blocking the 23rd street on-ramp to eastbound 580. to get past it you may want to continue on 23rd street and that will get you on eastbound 580. heads up if you're heading to reno this weekend for hot august nights. there's a lot of road work going on at interstate 80. in fact only one lane will be open eastbound starting sunday but cal tran is warning riders to really try to avoid the area heading up today between 2:00 and 9 p.m. and sunday it gets busy between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.. we'll go outside and check how traffic is flowing this friday morning. good here westbound. slow near university but other than that a 20-minute ride from the carquinez bridge to the
6:40 am
maze. at the bridge toll plaza, earlier stall all gone. no delays at the tolls. in fact pretty clear and light elsewhere. eric, kristen. >> it's 6:40. >> trading underway at wall street. the dow down 59 points. >> it was the event that ended a world war but something is happening to mark the 65 anniversary of the bombing of hiroshima that has never happened before. >> the last-minute effort to clear the homeless from the trans bay terminal before demolition crews move in less than 18 hours from now.
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
♪ good friday morning. starting out with plenty of low clouds and fog locally. mist and drizzle.
6:44 am
62 monterey all we can do for you today but a pleasant 88 sacramento. 90 in the southern sierra. dry today in tahoe but look out for showers and thunderstorms over the weekend. kristen? >> all right, lisa, thank you. now 6:44. anti-nuclear demonstrators will rally to mark the 65 n of the u.s. atomic bombing of hiroshima. the gathering will take place outside the livermore lab. demonstrators used the occasion to call for an ends of nuclear weapons. they have developed every nuclear weapon in the u.s. arsenal (bell ringing) >> at hiroshima today, bells rang to mark the world's first atomic bombing. this was the biggest memorial to date and a first attended by a representative from the u.s., britain and france. officials from 74 nations were there. japan's prime minister and secretary general of the united nations each declare the time
6:45 am
has come for a world without nuclear arms. 140,000 people were killed when hiroshima was bombed august 6th, 1945. a second atomic bombing of nagasaki three days later led to japanese surrender in world war ii. >> it's been serving commuters since the 1930s but at midnight tonight san francisco trans bay terminal will close its doors for good. right now outreach workers are trying to coax the last remaining homeless people out of the doomed building and into shelters. amy joined them as they made rounds. >> it's one of the final sweeps but despite their efforts, the homeless outreach team cannot convince this man to go with them to a shelter. the team is trying to move homeless people away from the old trans bay terminal scheduled to close for good at midnight and will be demolished.
6:46 am
even though four are left, the team is calling it a success. >> it used to be crowded, overloaded with people. so now to see it cleaned out, we had did a significant job here. to see the fewer people left here, that means that we have really did good. >> the holdout can be tough to convince. many like their independence and don't like shelters. >> you got your freedom. that's what i really care about. you know, i mean, i come and go when i want. wake up when i want. play my music, you know, when i want. >> okay. >> james cole is glad he accepted the invitation for a bed. so is his dog rosie. >> i feel safe here. i love this facility. >> cole and his dog were living at the trans bay terminal when the city worker invited him to the saint vin sant da paul shelter. he didn't hesitate. >> as far as not wanting to leave, i don't know why anybody
6:47 am
wouldn't want to leave. >> they will try and convince the homeless to move. if they refuse, police will be here at midnight to force them out. amy holly identified, abc 7 unanimous. >> 6:47. job losses are turning into losses on wall street this morning. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange with a "moneyscope" report. hi, jane. >> hi. good morning. it was a pretty ugly start here. going after these jobs numbers. we are still lower across the board. wells fargo, general electric, among those trading low. the jobs report came out an hour ago basically showing weak job growth. private job creation while if it happened was on the lighter ends of things. in fact, a bigger than expected drop in total jobs. we expected that with the census worker jobs going away in july but the total number is more than what we thought. don't expect to see a lot more job losses in california this year. the economy forecasting
6:48 am
statewide almost a 1% increase in jobs early next year compared to the first quarter this year. still job creation there according to "u.s.a. today" which says it crunched all these numbers. here's a look how the jobs reports are doing here this morning. we are lower across the board. modestly. the dow kind of holding up pretty well considering how things were looking from the star. the bloomberg silicon valley index trading down about 3.5 points. the tough economy turning people into couch potatoes. direct tv, time warner all with better than expected sales. some good deals with entertainment like going out to dinner and the movies. a new book out about marketing lessons we can learn from the grateful dead. the marketing plan, check out how the dead did it. the book since the rock and troll group with a market
6:49 am
strategy that served them well. allowed concertgoers to record live shows. of that helped advertising. all this coordinating to "the boston globe" which says the logo moves freely in the domain. i'm jane king, bloomberg news. >> jane, thanks a lot. have a good weekend. >> more news for you right now 6:49. christina roamer is resigning as key economic visor to president obama to go back to the classroom. she's been one of the administration's most prominent voices on the economy but there are reports that roamer's been frustrated by her lack of access to the president. roamer plannings to return to cal when she steps down next month but there are several reports she could be named to the federal reserve board. >> the gulf of mexico, b.p. crews working to seal a blown out oil well is waiting for cement to dry in the static
6:50 am
kill. engineers pumped cement down the throat of the well yesterday. they started the procedure on tuesday pumping mud down the top of the well to push the crude back to its underground source. crews are having a tough time cleaning up hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil that leaked following april's deadly exsuppose. the oil perm yalted -- permeated deep into the wetlands and marshes there. >> low clouds and fog and mist. >> okay, good-bye! >> subtle change. that's what it's all about. sunshine pretty from this live cam. yeah, who can have the brags rights to this except us right here locally with steady stream of marine air cruising across the bay. partly cloudy fairfield and that's going to mean sooner sunshine for everybody.
6:51 am
temperatures this morning, they're cool. 51 napa, 52 san francisco. 57 san jose. so cloudy, mist and drizzle with us this morning but we will see the consistent chilly temperatures at our coast with 50s there. the weekend looking much the same. cooler than average. take a look though. 9:00, 10:00, the fog begins to clear. the east bay. a little warmer oakland with 62 yesterday. go 65 today. mid-70s in the south bay. that steady sea breeze keeping it quite gusty. we will look for the numbers to be cool but really comfortable in our inland valleys. if it's too cool in say san francisco, head on to cupertino or even our east bay valleys where you'll have mild numbers. 75 here. peninsula, it's been an awful gray july and august is looking no different so far. 72 redwood city. afternoon sun. look for partly cloudy conditions, breezy downtown.
6:52 am
61 for you in san francisco. 74 in napa. just 84 though in cloverdale. in our near east bay commutes, 70 union city. we should see many 90 degree days here in july. haven't seen tomorrow. in fact well below that with only 85 brentwood. 78 danville and by the monterey bay, clearing a little later here with cloudy skies in santa cruz, 65, 80 gilroy. a look ahead, below average temperatures not only through the weekend but into the middle of next week. friday light traffic, frances? >> it is friday light but we've had a few injury accidents. a new one out of solano county through the dixon area, west bounds area dixon but off to the right-hand side. as you make your way across the bridge walnut creek it's fine looking good towards highway 24 and the san ramon valley. an earlier stall quickly cleared. you see the effect of that congestion pricing because in the past if we get one stall,
6:53 am
you would see a backup all morning long. no delays at all at the toll plaza. metering lights haven't even been turned on. nice ride heading southbound santa rosa to the golden gate bridge. it's also looking good across the san mateo bridge. traffic flowing well in both directions. that's westbound traffic on the right heading towards foster city. the south bay, a new accident northbound 280 winchester. five cars off to the right-hand shoulder. i think that's why we're seeing slowing here near the 880 and highway 17 interchange. look out for that but all lanes are open. also ace train number 3 is running about 7 minutes late but it might make up for it on its way to the south bay and look for the potential a. c. transit delays due to that labor dispute. you can always find out though what is going to affect your ride to work by going to click on the bay area traffic link. kristen.
6:54 am
>> california's high-speed rail authority released the detailed construction plan for the train as some are calling for the project to go back to the drawing board. engineers plan to build much of the line between san francisco and san jose either at grade level alongside existing cal train tracks or on elevated tracks. while some prefer sinking tracks into open trenches or tunnels, less noise but more money. the state has only come up with one-quarter of the $43 billion needed to build the line. >> first-year students at stanford will have fewer text books to carry. the university is giving them i-pads as part of a trial program. improve the learning experience by giving them easier access to text books and other materials. the medical school plans to study the cost effectiveness of switching to digital tablets. traditional text books can run up to $200 while the electronic version is usually offered for
6:55 am
less. >> a federal judge could decide as soon as today whether to lift the stay on his ruling striking down california's ban on same sex marriage. >> theresa garcia is live in san francisco city hall with the story. theresa? >> today is the led line for the two sides to admit written arguments whether the ban should remain in place until all appeals are exhausted and a ruling could come as early as today. ♪ going to the chapel and we're gonna get married. ♪ >> one couple tried getting married in san francisco as soon as the ruling came down wednesday in favor of same sex marriages but couldn't because of that court-ordered stay denying those licenses for now. u.s. district judge vaughan walker issued a temporary stay that prevents same sex marriage while the appeal of prop 8 is pending. an appeal was filed after the ruling. some legal analysts believe
6:56 am
judge walker will not lift the state order due to an uncertainty any marriages could be overturned as a higher court reinstates prop 8. they have validated and voided same sex marriages during the legal wrangling over them. if the same sex marriages are allowed to move forward, surely city hall and many places statewide will be very busy preparing those licenses. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> theresa, thank you. >> checking other top stories this morning. overnight oakland police broke up a bill marijuana growing operation and arrested two burglars in the process. this all happened around midnight. officers were called to a restaurant on east 12th street. when they arrived they found two people throwing bags of marijuana out of a second-floor window and arrested them. >> before we go, one final look at the beautiful cloudy gray weather out there. >> viewing from fairfield, brightening up already. but today look for high temperatures once again below the average. even mist and drizzle this morning from san francisco to north bay, the peninsula.
6:57 am
61 with late-day clearing. 65 oakland. that's about 3 degrees warmer than yesterday. a mild 79 in concord. 75 in san jose with 65 and late day clearing in santa cruz. a look ahead doesn't show much of a change although we'll be looking at temperatures very comfortable in our east bay valleys. frances. >> hi, lisa. one slow spot in the bay area. san jose where you see traffic is pretty slow from the 17 interchange up towards winchester where a five-car accident is off to the right-hand side shoulder. and on the scene as well so that's why traffic is slowing in that one spot. we'll take a look at the bridge toll plaza for you. no delays at all here. and ace train number 3 is running about 7 minutes late. there's also one injury accident. it looks like it just cleared in richmond. the on-ramp to eastbound 580 open. >> thank you for joining us for the abc 7 morning news. >> back with a local update at
6:58 am
7:22. have a great day and a great >> want to do cool stuff for half off? "half off!" is celebrating its first anniversary with a whole new lineup. whitewater rafting. thrill rides. dune buggies and more. tune in to "half off!" this sunday at 10:30 a.m. right here on abc 7. or go shopping right now at
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