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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  August 8, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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>> carolyn: late this afternoon we learned the identity of the woman involved in the scandal that forced hp's c.e.o. to resign. >> alan: yesterdayy fisher is a former marketing -- this is video from fisher's acting clip reel we found on youtube from her brief stint on "age of love." she appeared in a number of steamy low-budget films. h.p. c.e.o. mark hurt was forced
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to resign on friday after fisher's sexual harassment claims were made public. both hurt and fisher said they never had an affair. they reached a private settlement but neither has addressed the specifics of the harassment claim. in a statement released through allred, fisher said she was surprised and saddened that mark hurd lost this job, saying, quote, it was never my intention. >> carolyn: we're learning more about the ten christian aid workers who were lined up and shot to death by the taliban last week in afghanistan. they were returning home after delivering tooghtsz brushes and eye glasses to a remote afghan village. the first of the victims was remembered today in new york. >> we're traumatized by these events. we're going through a whole gamut of emotions. >> reporter: hundreds of people gathered at this church to mourn the death of dr. tom littlement his wife said he had made
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helping sick and injured people in afghanistan his life's work. >> a privilege to be able to stay and help people at the time of they're their greatest need. >> reporter: three more american victims were identified. sheryl cheryl beckett. and dr. thomas grahams. and glen lap was a rog federal conclude registered nurse from pennsylvania. hillary rodham clinton called their deaths a tess pick -- tess pickable act of violence. >> their murder demonstrates the absolute disregard that terrorist-inspired taliban and other insurgents have for you health,or security, and your opportunities. >> carolyn: so how will the
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killings impact the future of medical aid to afghanistan? we have that part of the story. >> reporter: the killings have created fear and concern in the heart of at least one medical aid worker we spoke to. if the taliban meant to send a message that anyone traveling with a faith-based organization could be killed, it could mean a lot less aid the afghan people, who physicians say badly need the medical help. >> i would think twice about going again. >> he is a bay area pediatrician who taught doctors in kabul in 2007. he realizes the situation for aid workers has become extremely dangerous, especially those with religious organizations. he was with a christian aid group at the time but states that didn't mean they were there to preach. >> i was there with a faith-based organization about we weren't there to leave behind christianity. i'm not there religious. we were there to leave behind medical knowledge and medical tech knowledge.
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>> dr. chan acknowledges it's the nongovernmental organizations and religious groups who have stepped up to provide medical aid, teachers and relief workers to these countries, but the taliban believed they were preaching christianity. >> i'm thinking of the hundreds of local afghans on the waiting lists for necessary operations, to correct their vision or have elective surgery who now aren't going to get their operations. that's the saidest thing of all. >> they created the fear, they succeeded. >> he is a president of cal state east expwai was born and raised in afghanistan. he says if the taliban says they killed the workers bus the quran said so, they have purposely misinterpreted the book. >> they think they can play more with people's emotions. >> reporter: day agree these attacks may have a chilling effect on aid to afghanistan,
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especially by faith-based organizations. those growps are already spending 35% of their budgets on security. >> definitely less and less aid will be available to the vidges who really need this help so badly. >> reporter: they hope the faith-based organizes don't buy into the terror tactics of the taliban and scale back aid. they say if they do, it will be a victory for the tag ban and a dollars for the people of afghanistan. >> alan: same-sex couples are still moving forward with weddings this weekend, despite a stay on the ruling that overturned proposition 8. they plan to exchange vows tonight during a ceremony in south san francisco. the couple tried to get a marriage license shortly after the voter approved constitutional ban on same-sex beige was struck down on wednesday, but they were turns away at city hall. tonight's wedding won't be legal, but same-sex marriage supporters hope the judge will
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lift his stay in the coming days. >> california will not be hurt if he scoop discriminating now. we agree with that. we believe that the individuals we represent and tens of thousands of other californians should not any longer be denied their constitutional rights, and we hope the judge decides to allow his does go forward. >> alan: opponents half same-sex marriage want the stay to remain in place until the appeals process is complete. the case is expected to good all the way to the supreme court, which could take two to three years. >> carolyn: this tuesday is the one-year anniversary of the disappearance of the six-year-old in oakland. a nonprofit called citizens for the lost society, is planning a week of evends to draw angst to his case. the group opened its new hawks headquarters in san leandro. the father told the police he
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left the boy in his car behind the store where he worked. >> he needs to be found, and there's two people out there that know what happened to him and it's time they told the truth. >> carolyn: the group will hold a vigil and rally on tuesday and will discuss with the city attorney to discuss possible developments in the case. prosecutors never filed murder charges, citing a lack of evidence. >> alan: crews prepare the final fix on the broken b.p. oil well. >> carolyn: landslideses causing problems across asia. >> alan: why the smart phone you choose could have a thereto do with where you live. >> leigh: there's a little warmup anticipated this upcoming work week. we look at the seven-dadadadadaa
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subway ultimate turkey & bacon avocado. carve one up today. crank up the flavor at subway. >> alan: heavy rains, flooding and mudslides are making life miserable for millions of people across age. at least 1500 people have been killed and four million more are now facing food shortages. in india, rescuer are racing to find 500 people who are still missing following flash floridas. and in china, an estimated 1300 people are unaccounted for there. washed-out roads and rough terrain are hampering rescue efforts. >> carolyn: b.p. is preparing for the final phase of fixing the blown oil well in the gulf of mexico. the cement is hardened and now crews are drilling the relief well. but there's still much work to be done.
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>> reporter: with the permanent cap in place and no more daily images of leaking oil from b.p.'s well, the obama administration hopes to show it hasn't lost sight of the enormous cleanup and recovery effort that remains. >> it's a catastrophe for the people of the gulf and requires our attention. >> reporter: what more needs to be done and more cleanup. the government says 25% of the nearly 5 million barrels of spilled oil remains, and scientists say there's as much as 50% left. then there's the issue of helping the seafood industry. many people think gulf seafood is unsafe. we caught up with seafood buys. they said they wouldn't buy seafied if they knew it came from the gulf. >> i wouldn't trust it. >> reporter: seafood isn't the gulf's only industry needing to recover. president obama's moratorium on all deep-water drilling has put thousands of people out of work.
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john bayer in says -- boehner says there's enough safety practices in place to lift the ban. >> there clearly was live stake with regard to this one well. we're risking 100,000 jobs in the gulf coast with the continuation of this moratorium. >> reporter: there's also the issue of tourism. the vital gulf industry has taken a hit. president obama plans to do his part, taking his family to florida next week for a vacation. abc news, the white house. >> alan: another cool day out there today. warmer temperatures are finally in the forecast. >> carolyn: leigh glaser is along next to let us know when
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>> carolyn: about 200 people marched in san francisco today, calling for an end to age discrimination. the one-mile age march ismer's first. organizers have plans for more of these marches this year in los angeles, washington, dc, and new york. the author of the viagra diaries organized today's event. >> alan: apparently there are regional preferences in the cell phones we yoovment use. there's a connection between where we live and at the brndz of smartphones we choose. [cell phone ringing] >> if a technological riff is tearing america apart. >> i have a blackberry. >> smartphones is straining marriages. >> i hate the iphone. i think the blackberry is awesome. it has full keyboard. >> also known as jealousy where i come from.
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>> reporter: blackberry, iphone, which is best depends on where you live. a california company has just finished a gadget census. it found san francisco has 23% more iphones than new york. >> you use the internet, e-mail, pictures. >> reporter: the big apple has 56% more blackber riz than the bay area. one has cool apps, one great for company e-mail, both have fueled a nationwide phone fracture. >> while couples on the east and west coast squabble, perhaps the rest of the country has had the last word. phones with googles system like the droid, has toppled apple. maybe it's time to go back to buying phones the way this lady
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does. >> i don't go by that. i just look around and if that one is pretty, i say, take it. >> reporter: finally, a voice of reason in the great smartphone debate. >> carolyn: well, now we know. finally, we're expecting a warmup. >> alan: yes, leigh glaser here to tell us more about that. >> leigh: we'll get to that in a moment. i have a great shot here. check this out. south lake tahoe is getting hit with some very heavy thunderstorms right now. you see a squall actually moving over the lake. it's very heavy rain. they had severe thunderstorm warnings out now for south lake tahoe, the heavenly villager, emerald bay, nickel-size hail being reported, heavy rainfall. you check out live doppler 7 hd, check out these lightning strikes. you can see this cell moving over the south part of the lake here, and show you the projection of this, heading up
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towards the north at about 10 to 15 miles-per-hour. king's beach, some lying -- lightning strikes as well. for us, it's been the low clouds and fog. the thunderstorms will be dying down. if you're heading up there, get ready for another chance. for us, it's been the low clouds and fog, mist and drizzle, temperatures, a cool day today, antioch, 79 right now. 58 in san francisco. half moon bay has been drippy all day. 57 there right now. the clouds and drizzle will stay with us overnight tonight. definitely tomorrow. so look for some partial inland clearing, and it does look like we will start to warm up a little bit as we head towards the end of the week. you can see the deck of fog just sitting off the coast already making its way into the bay, and all of this will be pushing inland towards the delta this evening. it has been a very drizzly,
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drippy, dropy day, especially along the coast, with half moon bay picking up measurable rainfall, a little over a trace reported in san francisco, pacifica, trace amounts in oakland, mill valley, and san rafael. so don't be surprised if we pick up a little bit more overnight tonight and tomorrow. overnight temperatures tonight in the mid-to-low 50s across much of the bay area, and today's culprit has been this trough of low pressure, area of low pressure, sneaking in, bringing in the cooler air mass and providing the moisture and mist and drizzle. we're going to do it again tomorrow. on the monday morning commute, low fogs -- low clouds and fog, but temperatures 50s coastside, and upper 70s to near 80 inland. below where we should be for this time of year. here's a look at temperatures tomorrow. 74 for san jose. 72, sunnyvale, overcast and drizzling on the coast.
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60 for downtown san francisco and the north bay, temperatures in the mid-70s. santa rosa, '5. novato, 63. 67 for vallejo. 71 for fremont. afternoon sunshine. brentwood, 80. concord, 75. walnut creek, 73. watsonville, 64, and overcast sky. wares where's the warm up? here it is. high pressure will build in, a little warmer returning into the 90s inland. >> alan: thanks, leigh. >> carolyn: and mike shumann here right now. >> alan: tiger woods playing golf like the rest of us. >> mike: tiger woods needs some direction. no coach, low self-esteem, and as a result his highest score ever from four rounds. ever from four rounds. a hacker alerthe ikea
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>> mike: the braves showed the giants how far they are from being a ledge jet empty playoff contender, taking 3-4 from the g-men. it was a hot and muggy 90 degrees. the giants take the 1 or lead. bottom frame, the answer. two-run shot. 2-1 atlanta. derek lowe took command. gives burrell looking in the fourth. braves get out the tomahawk.
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giants limp home after a 2-4 road trip. oakland is going in a different direct. they take 2-# from the rangers. the young a's are a scrappy group. cahill led the charge. a's or a major league best 26-11 during day games. rangers strike first in the sixth. hamilton bloops one to left. elvis an drugs scores. texas with the lead. now 2-1 texas in the seventh. coke coke -- cocoa crisp, and guerrero has the game-ending double-play. >> like all golfers, tiger has finally hit a shrimp. today at the firestone course in ohio where he has won feign sometimes, he was 18o-over par
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-- 18-over par for the event. he couldn't do anything right this week, and today was no different. on the par-4 3rd. bogey. another par putt on 10. this time he pushes it. 25 holes of bogey or worse this week. even the gallery wasn't safe. tiger hits a fan in the face on the par-3 15th. he gets a glove and a handshake. tiger would bogey the hole and hoot a final round 77. finish 18-over. the worst score over his career. he was asked, are you having fun? >> absolutely not. shooting 18-over par is not fun. i don't see how it can be fun shooting 18 over, especially since my handicap is supposed to be zero. >> mike: all phil mickelson had to do is end tying tiger's ranking as number one was shoot better. kenny perry shows them howl it's done. par-4 6th. nothing but net for eagle.
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kenny, like a kid, celebrating. hunter mahan wins his second of the year. five birdies on the front, including here on 8. finishes 1-under. the victory secures a spot for him thon oryder cup team. >> nascar at watkins glen, and want pablo montoya takes the checkered flag. holding off kurt busch by 4.7 seconds to win his second career race. the other one was at infineon so we can assume he loves the road course. a haircut you won't believe. this takes rookie hazing in the nfl to a new level. you do not want to miss this. @c
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>> carolyn: coming up in a half hour, new poll showing how many people use marijuana in california and why. plus, the president, what he was doing with basketball players while his wife and daughter had lurch with royalty. >> alan: this weekend is the 65th anniversary of the atomic bombings in hiroshima and nag -- nagasaki. we got this video at ureport. >> cyn


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