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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 9, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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♪ i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco. two separate shootings near san francisco's nightclubs last night just as the city is considering cracking down on the troubled nightclubs. the story coming up in a live report. >> also this morning three dozen nursing homeworkers in oakland who walked picket lines to protest working conditions are told they're out of a job. >> here's a live look from downtown san francisco back to oakland. notice the clouds higher this morning but full of mist and coastal drizzle. talking about cooler than average weather through the first part of the weekend and warmer weather for the weekend. >> and right now the commute off to a great start this monday morning with a live shot of the bridge toll plaza. almost no delays except for a
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couple cash-paying lanes and that's about it. i'll let you know if anything changes. >> the discovery of a potentially devastating test raises alarm in the bay area agriculture community. it's a mondays, 5:01. thank you for starting your day with us. >> i'm eric thomas. san francisco police trying to make sense of an outbreak of overnight gun violence. five people shot in two different incidents outside san francisco nightclubs. one was killed. terry mcsweeney is live outside one of those clubs, the 1015 club on fullsome. terry? >> yeah. 1015 fullsome is an address and name of the nightclub here on fullsome street. a couple came up the street, went down this alley, possibly to get to their car. they were parked there and they were shot a couple hundred feet from the nightclub. i was talking to san francisco police just a short while ago. they say that the women were shot in the side.
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taken to the hospital and their condition, according to san francisco police, last we heard, condition unknown. police cannot say that in fact this is tied to the 1015 fullsome nightclub, but the women were well-dressed, in an ally where cars were parked, as i mentioned. they also, it was right around closing time shortly before 2 a.m.. i talked to a security officer at the nightclub. he says there were no problems inside the club last night. this is a four-level underground dance club. six dance floors, very popular spot. two women shot near 2 a.m.. their condition unknown. now, the first shooting of the night actually took place outside the ruby stage nightclub on the 400 block of mason street. three people shot there around 9:00 last night. one, a woman, is dead. the other two, a man and woman, taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. police spokesman is saying the
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nightclub, the ruby sky, played no role whatsoever in that shooting because it was closed last night. this is taking place against the background where the entertainment commission is on the verge of receiving new powers on the board of supervisors where they have recurring problems. ruby's had nothing to do with the shooting because it was closed and police cannot confirm the 1015 fullsome had anything to do with the two women walking down the street when they were shot but a very violent night in san francisco. in the city, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> all right, terry. thank you. there's no indication when or if the federal judge who struck down california's ban on same sex marriage might lift a stay he placed on gay marriages during appeals. gay couples say they're encourage the after governored schwarzenegger and attorney general jerry brown filed legal requests asking the court to allow same sex marriages right away. this emeryville couple has
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already bought wedding rings hoping they can get married even before all the legal challenges play out. >> i'm feeling optimistic. >> want to make sure if the window opens to capture the legal benefits of being married. >> other couples aren't waiting. this couple exchanged vows in south san francisco yesterday even without a marriage license. they have planned to do so for weeks but they also tell us they're looking forward to having all the rights and responsibility of a legal california marriage. >> 5:04 now. a livermore mother of three is expected to be arraigned today on child molestation and other charges. christine hubs is accuse of the something a sexual relationship with two boys under the age of 15. she faces 67 felonies including sexual assault. the mother of one victim says she found a nude picture of hubs on her son's cellphone and called police. hubs is currently jailed on $4.3 million bond. >> san jose police are asking for the public's help tracking down a freeway shooting suspect. the driver of a white chevy
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trailblazer shot a passenger in another s.u.v. saturday night while driving north on interstate 680 near la key road. the shooting took place just before 9 p.m.. no other details available right now. >> three dozen nursing home caregivers in oakland who went out on strike are out of jobs this morning. about 150 employees at speed months gardens and grand lake gardens walked off the job in a five-day strike over contract issues. when 37 tried to return to work saturday, they found out they had been replaced by new employees. their union calls the new hires a gross violation of labor laws. a lawyer for the nursing home says the workers were laid off but are on a re-hire list and will be brought back when there's a spot for them. >> shots going up in the south bay to stop an infestation of the oriental fruit fly.
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flies have been discovered in sacramento and southern california. the fly can cause millions of dollars in crop damage. the traps will go up on trees and utility poles. they contain bait to lure the male fruit flies and a pesticide to kill them. >> it is 5:06 now. frances was talking about his tan, right? looks good. a good tan going. (laughter) >> and part of that tan in not so sunny weather, too, right? >> i guess. i was working in the yard all day. >> oh, that. thought it was the golfing. >> it was 70 that day. even though it was cloudy at the coast. >> you got some sun. you must have an in. >> yesterday. thanks. i'm glad everybody's liking it. i was just getting my vitamin d. 8:00 this morning talking about cloudy conditions. good morning two. still mid to upper 50s and still have a possibility of drizzle hanging arounds. now, by noon we're looking at pretty sunny conditions in the east bay valleys. look at that, mid-70s livermore
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and also antioch. upper 50s with sunshine and south bay. that will extend into fremont and palo altos, napa and sunshine. santa rosa and san rafael 60. not in the sunshine yet. probably not oakland, san francisco and half moon bay still mid to upper 50s. by 4:00 clouds along the coast. 60 san francisco. mid to upper 60s with sunshine through the bay and mid to upper 70s in our inland neighborhoods. temperatures going to be all over the place compared to yesterday with 2 degrees warmer in concord. santa rosa and fremont, 3 degrees cooler and san jose we drop nearly 4 degrees today. seven-day forecast, expect temperatures within a few degrees of today. by friday, saturday and sunday we're where we're supposed to be for the first time in seems like a month. >> seems like more than a month. traffic is flowing well. off to a good start. really nice and quiet. here's a live shot of the oakland maze. that's westbound 80, traffic
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heading towards the bay bridge, west bounds 580 across your screen there and that's even northbound 880. there's blinking lights there but so far no trouble reported as you make your way through the east bay. check out another live shot for you. golden gate bridge, you can see across the span traffic is light. we'll also head to the south bay. actually the san mateo bridge. i'm glad they're able to get that camera shot. it's flowing well. eastbound traffic, no construction right now as you make your way into hayward and the south bay looking good at the 280 and 17 interchange with this live shot and headlights northbound 280. eric, kristen. >> frances, thank you so much. it's 5:08. >> the house of representatives returns to washington for an unusual session. tens of thousands of jobs righting on a vote lawmakers could take today. >> the move by two major car rental companies to help car renters enjoy revolutionary new technology. >> the backpack being developed at u.c. berkeley that could help revolutionize the way we map our world.
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for fast relief of itchy summer skin, get cortizone 10 cooling relief gel. cools instantly with the strongest itch relief medicine. cortizone 10 cooling relief gel. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. it's 5:11. the first hearing of san francisco's proposed plastic bag ban at all retailers goes before a supervisors committee today. it will problem prohibit nearly all stores. there are some exceptions. if approved, the measure could
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take effect next month. >> members of the house returning to washington today from summer recess to quickly pass a jobs bill. house leaders call the unusual in and out session because the senate waited until last thursday to pass the $26 billion measure. the legislation is designed to prevent tens of thousands of teachers and an equal number of other state and local government workers from losing their jobs. with the new school year just weeks away, election season fast aprofit f approaching and the jobs picture still bleak, they have to act quickly. >> car rental companies will start offering all electric cars. enterprise rent a car announced it will offer the hot nissan lease. they'll have 500 in several cities to start. not initially in the bay area. but hertz announced earlier san francisco will be one of its rollout cities for the lease. the vehicle can go 100 miles on a single charge. the company say the rental rates will likely be higher than for traditional vehicles. >> bill gates says the best
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college education could soon be available online for free. a weekend tech conference, the microsoft founder says in five years the best lectures in the world will be available to anyone on the web. he thinks that will make the internet better than any single university. most offer course material online. some specifically tailored for the web. he thinks there needs to be a way to get credit for what you learn no matter where you learn it. >> u.c. berkeley researchers have developed a laser backpack that can scan surroundings and create an instant 3-d model. it can make games more realistic and energy efficient. >> here's a model of two floors of cory hall. >> this is the first model of an existing building made without human intervention. it is the work of a cal berkeley team led by professor gakor. grad student dons a backpack
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brimming with lasers and cameras. the lasers scan flew to ceiling and the scan captures a panorama. >> the signs of the building, push a button and out comes this model. >> a model textured with the photographs. this team is also behind technology that creates 3-d views of major cities on google earth. why not fly into these buildings, too? the outdoor version relies on gps. you can't rely on gps indoors. professors images lab combined a new breed of miniature laser with a management unit like the one that guides missiles. that localizes the backpack, lasers generate the gee some -- geometry. there are four cameras snapping pictures. one looks left, one looks right, this one looks at the floor and this one takes a picture of the ceiling. at the same time as this latzer looks left, this laser looks right, this one looks at the floor and this one looks at the
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ceiling. and up front the most sophisticated analog component ever devised. with this you can walk stairways and caves and places a robot just cannot roll. >> one day you'll have a little pack of sensors in your belt. every location will eventually be mapped. you can see what everybody's interior looks like. >> richard hart, abc 7 news. >> with their permission, i'm sure. >> what? the buildings? >> yes, right. >> excuse me, you don't mind. looks kind of heavy. >> i'm sure still streamline that. >> let's talk to mike and see if we can get a warm-up. >> how about for the weekend. >> okay. >> make everybody pretty happy hopefully. show you what's going on this monday morning. it is fairly quiet thanks to the marine layer clouds which are just hangin' around once again. we have a little drizzle to
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contend with this morning. the thickest is along the coast and that is what is going to keep you guys so much cooler than the rest of us as usual. we're going to have 50 degree weather there. let's take a look at those temperatures. we're doing fine. 60 mountain view and then look at the mid to upper 50s for the rest of us. and as we head down to the monterey bay, pretty much the same type of conditions there. cloudy, drizzle and temperatures hanging around i'd say the myth mid-50s. drizzle, cloudiness at the coast, sunny and cool around the bay. but the clouds, they will definitely be back tonight for all of us. so will some of the mist and the drizzle along the coast. sounds familiar, doesn't it? here's what's different. the weekend warming trend. really? yeah. i really think so this time. let's talk about how this is going to happen. first by showing you what is going on. you can see some curls in the atmosphere. those are a couple of areas of low pressure.
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strong storms we had in the sierra yesterday. the flooding just to our south that brought us the onshore wind yesterday also. this low's going to die down on the jet stream and keep us in the same pattern through wednesday. and then this area of high pressure looks like that will actually move over top of us and then we'll start to see a better chance of some warmer weather. it will take until the weekend. low to mid-70s today in the south bay. los gatos about 78. on the peninsula, the closer you get to the north, the more likely the 60s millbrae and san mateo. low 70s palo alto, mountain view. look at the mid to upper 50s along the coast. daly city, 57. heading to downtown san francisco, about 60 degrees today. we'll have 62 sausalito but we'll jump to 73 novato and all the way up to 77 to calistoga. a wealth of mid to upper 60s throughout the east bay shore.
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71 fremont. the east bay valleys, mid to upper 70s. the warm spot brentwood, 80. el cool spot 72. monterey bay breezy with temperatures low to mid-60s. myth 70s for hollister and gilroy and morgan hill. tonight look at the cloud cover once again and temperatures low 50s in the north bay with mid to upper 50s for the rest of us. accu-weather seven-day forecast. pretty much more the same tuesday and wednesday. the deciding factor how thick will the marine layer be? the days it's thicker, it will be cooler. the days it's not slightly warmer. that's why we're 10 degrees warmer inland and around the bay starting friday and hanging out through the weekend. have a great day. here's frances. >> really, warmer days, mike? a live shot at 101 and 880 in san jose. traffic fine. even road work but that didn't bother anyone. 101 looks good for headlights northbound out of morgan hill, gilroy. that's 880 right across your
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screen. traffic light. check out 101 in millbrae. there is road work as you make your way up there from third up to poplar. you'll find it in both directions until 6:00 this morning. traffic light enough to get by. let's check out interstate 80 in berkeley. still a great ride westbound there for headlights moving towards the bay bridge toll plaza. you can find the latest traffic information by going to you'll find the bay area traffic link under abc 7 extras. >> frances, thank you very much. it's 5:19 now. >> the giants and jerry garcia. special activities at tonight's game. >> hollywood loses one of its hardest working stars. a look back at the life of patricia neil next.
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oprah: we decided to do what we do best and that is a show about and with everyday people. this show always allows people to understand the power they have to change their own lives. if there is one thread running through each show we do, it is the message that you are not alone.
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good morning. it's 5:22. oscar winning actress patricia neil halls died at 84. neil's family says she died of lung cancer at her home in massachusetts. she was a tony award winning stage actress when she made her film debut in 1949. she won the best oscar for her role opposite paul newman in the 1963 film hud. two years later she suffered a series of strokes at the age of 39 but she struggled to regain her speech and walk again to earn another oscar nomination and three emmy awards in the decades that followed. >> the san francisco giants tip their caps to a san francisco rock and roll legend tonight. it's jerry garcia tribute. they will celebrate the life and time of the grateful dead singer and guitarest complete with tribute bands. the family will throw out the first pitch. the giants take on the chicago
5:24 am
cubs at 7:15. >> this morning's must reads at 5:23. >> the conical reports a law that will make impersonating someone online a crime. the legislation is sponsored by state senators. it was sparked by a couple of racist incidents. in the latest someone sent a profanity-laced e-mail to a chronicle reporter critical of one of her stories. the author says she was chief of the silicon valley leadership group but turned out to be an imposter. it would make the act a misdemeanor. >> are you ready for the carpool lanes in the bay area. diamond lanes with those fixed entrance and exit ramps are coming to northern california. construction on one lane begins next month on southbound interstate 680 and more may be on the way. but highway experts are still debating whether those lanes are less safe than traditional diamond lanes. >> not exactly nicholas cage in
5:25 am
national treasure but the government does keep a staff of people who search the country for important pieces of history. they assemble the treasure-hunting team after discovering that items including war telegrams from abraham lincoln, the wright brother patent for the 1903 flier and speeches from franklin roosevelt were missing when historian and agents scour civil war shows and even e-bay for important pieces of americana. we posted a link to the complete articles and just look under the must reads tab. >> it's 5:23 now. still ahead, same sex couples are preparing to say their i-do's even though a judge hasn't decided yet if they can get married. >> the first real test for morning commuters using the temporary trans bay terminal. >> you're looking at why it's going to be cooler than usual for us this week. that area of low pressure and also keeping the pacific northwest cool.
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seattle 67, portland 73. phoenix 104 and dallas 101. take a look, flight arrival delays, both o'hare and midway and could be denver this afternoon. use our flight tracker at "meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you?
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comfortably and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. transitions lenses are available at a site for sore eyes location near you. ♪ i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco. a very violent night in the city. five people shot. four of them are women and one of them is dead. the story coming up in a live report. >> also the headlines gay and lesbian couples ready to get married are still waiting for a federal judge to decide if he'll lift the stay on rulings overturning california's ban on same sex marriages. here's a look outside at some of the fog, mist and drizzle we're dealing with this morning. keeping us cooler than average once again through wednesday.
5:29 am
i'll show you that warming trend on thursday and how it lasts through the weekend. >> a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. just a minor wait from the cash lanes. elsewhere still looking pretty good although a car fire was reported san mateo 102. >> the east bay reaching a milestone today. this morning workers will begin digging the fourth bore of the caldecott tunnelling. good mudge morning. 5:29 a.m.. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. topping our news, one woman is dead and four other people are injured after not one but two separate shootings outside popular san francisco nightclubs overnight. terry mcsweeney is live at the scene of the second shooting. terry? >> that green light you can see down the street here on fullsome street is 1015 fullsome street. this morning right around closing time, shortly before 2 a.m. a couple women came out of that nightclub, came up the
5:30 am
street, went down the alley right over here at columbia and were shot. i was talking to police a short time ago. the women, you can see this video, were taken to the hospital. according to police their condition is unknown. police cannot say if in fact the shooting has anything to do with 15015 fullsome street. the women were well-dressed. witnesses reported that to us. also they say that a lot of the people who go to that nightclub park down this alley and that is apparently where the women were parked. the nightclub is described as a four-level underground club with six dance floors. i talked to a security guard. he said there were no problems inside the club. if there were any problems outside it had nothing to do with what was going on inside. police aren't saying a whole lot. now, another shooting about five hours before that shooting. about 9:00. the first shooting took place on the 400 block of mason street
5:31 am
outside the ruby sky nightclub. i should start by saying ruby sky nightclub was closed last night, had nothing to do with this first shooting. three people were shot there and one, a woman, is dead. the other two, one man, one woman, taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. police spokesman tells me the nightclub was closed. police say they have suspects in that case. we're unable to provide a description to me as to what those suspects look like. five people shot last night here in san francisco and four of them women. both shooting outside nightclubs but one definitely had nothing to do with it because the ruby sky was closed and the 1015, the police are not saying it was tied into that nightclub. this comes as supervisors are thinking about giving the entertainment commission new powers to close nightclubs that cause trouble over a long period of time. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney. >> it's 5:31 now. oakland police are investigating several shootings in that city
5:32 am
overnight. there are reports at least three people were shot on 88th avenue and international boulevard arounds 11:00 last night. ambulances were sent to the scene. a short time later there was a report of two shooting victims arriving at highland hospital in private vehicles. no word yet if they were involved in the shooting on 88th avenue or if that was a separate incident. >> there's no indication on when or if the federal judge who struck down california's ban on same sex marriage might lift the stay he placed on gay marriages during appeals. gay couples are encouraged after governor schwarzenegger and attorney general jerry brown asked the court to allow same sex marriages right away. this couple has bought wedding rings hoping they can get married even before all the legal challenges play out. other couples aren't waiting. this couple exchanged vows in south san francisco yesterday while waiting for the chance to make it legal. >> you can read judge walker's ruling and the motion opposing the stay at
5:33 am
just click on "see it on tv." >> other news. we'll find out this morning how wall street investors expect to react to the resignation of h. p. ceo mark herd. the palo alto-based company said herd was ousted for allegedly falsifying documents to conceal a relationship with a former contractor. jody fisher earned $5,000 per events to greet people at h. p. events. she's also an actress this is video from her acting reel posted on she had a brief stint on the reality show age of love and appeared in a number of low budget movies. herd was at the helm for five years. he claims they never had an affair, still the chief settled with fisher for an undisclosed amount of money. fisher was surprised and saddened that mark herd lost his job over this. >> in oakland three people set to be arraigned on felony charges connected to the violent protests following the mehserle
5:34 am
verdict. a judge ruled two weeks ago there was sufficient evidence to try two men and a woman on several charges, including burglary. authorities say they spotted one of them with merchandise stolen from a store during rioting on july 8th. the other two are accused of setting a trash can on fire and entering another store through a broken window. it happened on the day that mehserle was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of oscar grant. >> san francisco's new temporary trans bay terminal is getting its first real commuter test this morning. the facility at howard and main streets will operate the next seven years while crews tear down the old structure and build a new state of the art facility. a. c. transit, golden gate, greyhound, muni and sam trans are all moved their trans bay routes to the new terminal. ground breaking of the new permanent terminal is set for wednesday. it is scheduled to open in 2017. >> about four hours crews will
5:35 am
begin burrowing the fourth bore of the caldecott tunnelling. they will use a road header to bore the orinda side of the hills. a smaller machine will work its way eastward from the oakland side. both machines will eventually cut a 3300 foot long tunnel through the hills. it will add a lane to highway 24. they expect to open the fourth bore in 2013 and that can't come soon enough for you. >> it would be nice to have it open tomorrow, right, mike. that commute every day, too? >> my goodness! absolutely. sometimes you get caught when you're going the wrong way when only one of the bores open. you can be there for 20, 30, sometimes even an hour. looking forward to it. for now, same ole, same ole. not only there but outside with clouds, drizzle, temperatures mid to upper 50s. mountain view about 60. by 8:00 you don't see much of a change in the weather we're dealing with right now. may not be quite as misty.
5:36 am
possibly in our inland valleys. drizzle likely along the coast and temperatures stuck in the 50s. by noon breaks in the clouds, especially san jose, fremont, palo alto. mid to upper 60s there. east bay valleys upper 60s to low 70s. napa 64. cloudy oakland, san rafael, santa rosa, san francisco and hoof with mid-50s to low 60s there. by 4:00 everybody will be seeing sunshine except along the coast where we'll have half moon bay 56. san francisco 60 but mid to upper 60s throughout the bay and low to mid-70s in the south bay and north bay valleys with mid to upper 70s in the east bay valleys. let's take a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast. as promised, changes, they are comin'. thursday a 4 degree jump and about another 4 degree jump on friday and a couple more for saturday and sunday where inland areas flirting with 90. flirting with 80 around the bay and low 60s at the coast. that's until the weekend. good morning, frances. >> good morning, mike. hello 90s when they come in. i can't wait for that.
5:37 am
we're gonna start off on the peninsula again where we have road work going on both directions of 101 between poplar peninsula and 3rd avenue. not slowing anyone do you know. 92 there was a car fire. may have been just an electrical fire and they're saying everything's off to the shoulder so no lanes blocked at all. go outside and check how light traffic is. fine if you make your way northbound as well towards san francisco. no accidents reported around the bay area. eric, kristen? >> these nice to hear. frances, thank you very much. it's 5:37. >> a new poll reveals the shifting attitude in california toward marijuana. that's next. >> a teen faces arson charges in a southern california wildfire. the buzz that's landed him in serious trouble. >> san francisco is about to become more bike friendly. the project underway to give cyclists more room to roam.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. it's 5:40. today san francisco will start expanding the number of bicycle lanes in the city just days after a judge lifted an injunction. before a new bike lanes is set to begin at fourth and townson street. the judge lifted a four-year-old injunction that kept the city from implementing part of its bicycle plan. the city will begin 45 new projects related to the plan and
5:41 am
the budget will add 34 miles of new bike lanes in the city. >> a 14-year-old southern california boy is facing arson charges for a wildfire that threatened homes. the blaze broke out yesterday afternoon in the los angeles county town. sheriff's deputies and said he was trying to light say marijuana pipe in the field when he dropped the barbecue lighter he was using. that sparked a grass fire that came close to 50 homes and forced a brief evacuation. firefighters brought that blaze under control in two hours. >> a field poll reveals marijuana is already deeply woven into so tight in california. voters will decide in november whether to legalize the drug for recreational use. 42% of adults say they used marijuana to relief pain or treat a medical condition. 39% identified themselves sas recreational users. 50% said the drugs helped them to sleep or relax. 24% say it stimulates their creativity and 47% of registered
5:42 am
voters in the field poll said they had used marijuana at least once. >> it is 5:42 now. leave levi says it has a magic formula for a better fitting pair of jeans. >> another celebrity testifies in the war crimes trial of the former president of liberia. still ahead why mia pharaoh says naomi campbell is lying. >> police focusing on yellowstone national park as the hunt continues for fugitives on
5:43 am
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welcome back. 5:45 on a monday. eureka, big 69. l.a. cool, 79 degrees. head to the desert. that's where we hit 100 in palm springs. 96 yosemite. cool around sacramento. 80 degrees and low 90s chico, fresno and sunshine and 74 tahoe. kristen, eric. >> mike, thank you very much. it's 5:45 now. >> let's take a look at the stories we're following this monday morning. police are investigating two shootings outside san francisco's nightclubs last night that left one woman dead and four others wounded. the first shooting happened outside closed ruby sky nightclub on mason street near
5:46 am
union square. that's where one woman died and a man and woman suffered non-life-threatening wounds. the second shooting occurred 1015 fullsome street nightclub. two women were wounded there. >> gay couples in california anxiously await to see whether the judge who struck down proposition 8 last week will lift his stay on gay marriages. the governor and attorney general are formally asked the court to let same sex marriages resume. some bought wedding rings to get married as soon as it's legal. other exchanged vows already but still hope the courts allow them legal marriage rights. >> we'll find out how stock investors react to the resignation of mark herd. herd stepped down late friday, big surprise after settling a sexual harassment claim with h. p. marketing contractor jody fisher. the actress seen there and businesswoman, she was on a network reality show, earned $5,000 per event to greet people at h. p. events.
5:47 am
the latest coming up at 6:00. >> the netherlands, actress mia farrow testified at charles taylor's war crimes trial. she had head naomi campbell say she had been given a huge diamond by taylor when he was liberia's president in 1997 following a charity dinner in south africa. farrow heard campbell telling the story at a breakfast next morning. she did not know the diamond was from taylor and intended to donated it to a children's fund. prosecutors are seeking to link the gift to taylor to show he received diamonds and used them to buy weapons. >> the search for two escapees from an arizona prison has intensified now that one has been linked to a double murder in new mexico. they believe they have a fema complies and could be hiding out this morning. the latest. >> tracy province, john mccluskey and casslynn welch are
5:48 am
believed to be hiding in yellowstone national park, perhaps on the way to canada. >> clues may be buried in this burned trailer. investigators discovered the bodies of linda and gary hass yesterday. >> we have linked one of the subjects through forensic, the crime scene in santa rosa. >> 500 miles away july 30th, the three convicted felons escaped from arizona's king man prison. the cousin and fiancee tossed wire cutters who the men who cut through the fence. ringwood was captured in colorado a week ago. the rest are still on the run. a lookout for the other two. as national attention increases, police point to mccluskey's own mother accusing her of aiding in the escape, even providing the
5:49 am
fugitives with money. saturday she was arrested. >> he'll never realized how bad he's hurt his mother. >> officials say the fugitives have ties to montana which is why the search is now focussed on yellowstone national park. abc news. >> it's 5:49 now. b.p. now says it may have the blown out well in the gulf of mexico permanently sealed this week. they plan to intersect the damaged well with a relief well that they'll be driving. b.p. says the cement poured on top of the oil hardened over the weekend so engineers can dig the final 100 of the relief well again. the government's incident commander says there's virtually no chance the oil well will leak again. an estimated 207 million gallons of oil spilled into the gulf after an oil rig explosion in april that killed 11 workers. >> 5:49 now. pretty cool for so long we wouldn't know what to do with ourselves if we saw average temperatures and above average temperatures again. >> and then we'll know what to
5:50 am
do, get outside. >> the pool would be calling, kristen! >> oh, yes. (laughter) >> very nice. 5:50 this morning as we look at sfo and the low ceiling and the fog. within 10 minutes, 15 minutes they'll probably start announcing some of their flight arrival delays because of low clouds. let's talk temperatures this morning. still the mid to upper 50s everywhere except mountain view. 60 for you. 55 or 56 everywhere around the monterey bay, even inland. all right. so our temperatures are going to be dominated by the clouds again today. those will pull back to the coast slowly. it will be sunny but cool with that sea breeze around the bay with inland neighborhoods. cloudy, drizzle develops especially along the coast tonight. i really think we're going to see a warming trend this weekend. really, i do. 5:00 this morning. of course, it's mondays. thanks could change.
5:51 am
5:00 this morning you can see through 8:00 everybody covered in clouds and south bay and east bay valleys are first to clear and they do that by noon. sonoma county. by 2:00 everybody's cleared out except san francisco and along the coast we'll have 50s. 60s and 70s arounds the bay. may touch 80 in brentwood but that's getting closer to the central valley anyway. east bay shore, everybody in the 60s except fremont 71. los gatos, the warm spot at 78. san jose will be around 74. low 70s around redwood city where palo alto. mid to upper 60s menlo park. 60 downtown san francisco. possibly 66 south san francisco. we'll be in the upper 60s in san rafael and vallejo. most of your valleys in the north bay and low to mid-70s. clouds will dominate the
5:52 am
monterey bay and even salinas. mid-70s in inland neighborhoods. at&t park 7:15. finally got rid of the braves. flown all the way back home. we're taking on the cubs. good time to make up ground. cloudy and cool, 60 dropping to 56. a quick look at tonight's temperatures. you know where they're going to be. in the 50s once again with cloud cover most likely along the coast. tomorrow and wednesday not much of a change from today. we may see the sunshine a little sooner and temperatures may fluctuate a little. but it's thursday and into the week where we warm 10 degrees and most areas away from the coast. we'll end the weekend with near 90 inland, 80 around the bay and low 60s at the coast. frances, the lights, they went down in the city? >> yeah, petaluma. people are waking up in the dark in petaluma. the sun will shine on the bay. thanks, eric. apparently pg&e saying that about 500 to 5,000 customers
5:53 am
affected in the area. and right now the traffic lights are out, especially in the lakeville highway on-ramp to north 101. when you come up to that intersection, you need to treat them as a four-way stop. and the petaluma police are at the scene because they are saying a lot of people are running through the lights. check out 101 in the north bay. southbound traffic still looking good. once you're on the freeway, 101 fine from petaluma to the golden gate bridge. you can always get the latest traffic information by going to our website, click on the bay area traffic link. for eric and mike's humor, you have to just catch us here on tv! (laughter) >> when the lights go down on the city and the sunshine on ba bays, where do you wanna be? >> you can't say that. you have to sing that. >> i don't have steve perry's range. watching ads online can be more
5:54 am
interesting. >> more interesting than this? >> oh, yeah, much more. >> the morning's "moneyscope" report. >> good morning. a chance to choose the ad you want. getting your video online. sources tell bloomberg, yahoo and msnbc, they decide the commercials they want to watch. relief for homeowners, a growing number back above water with mortgages. says the approval comes as tax credits help boost prices in california. the growing number of consumers losing homes to foreclosures is leading to fewer people with negative equity. the meantime the federal housing agency will take applications on september 7th for its program that encourages lendering to forgive at least 10% of a mortgage and refinance them at a lower rate. the federal reserve meets tomorrow at a time some people are questioning whether we need a new round of stimulus for economic growth.
5:55 am
comfort though perhaps in the closet. levi's introducing a line of custom fit jeans called curb i. d. based on shape, not size. they created the line after studying more than 60,000 body scans. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of the disappearance of 50-year-old campbell. a group of volunteers who have organized searches plan to meet with a member of the d.a.'s office to discuss developments in the case which investigators now consider a homicide. his foster father told police he left the boy for a moment behind a shoe store in oakland's rock ridge neighborhood where his fiancee work. his foster parents were arrested but prosecutors never filed charges citing a lack of evidence. >> we know he's out there somewhere and he needs to be found. and there's two people out there that know what happened. it's time they told the truth. >> hasanni is from fremont.
5:56 am
sherry miller says she believes the couple have information they're not telling authorities about the disappearance. >> for the first time federal health officials have traced a salmonella outbreak in humans to their exposure to dry dog food. officials say 80 people in 21 mostly eastern states were sickened between 2006 and 2008. almost half the victims were under the age of two. doctors believe the victims may have touched the dogs or dirty dog bowls and put their hands in their mouths. this year there have been six dry dog food recalls because of salmonella. wet dog foods were not involved. >> adults who provide alcohol to minors in california could face expensive lawsuits. the bill passed by the legislature is waiting for governor schwarzenegger's signature. the teen alcohol safety act would allow party hosts 21 years or older to be sued if they serve up booze and the minor is then injured or killed. right now adults who enable children to drink can be arrested but not sued. >> it's 5:56.
5:57 am
almost 5:57. just ahead at 6:00, the latest on the search for a gunman who opened fire on a south bay freeway. >> plus the new steps being taken today to stop a pet that could destroy millions of dollars at least in bay areas fruits and vegetables. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco with an especially violent night in the city. two separate shootings, five people shot and one dead. the story in a live report. you can see
5:58 am
5:59 am
have you tried honey bunches of oats yet? every spoonful is a little different. mmm. they got three kinds of flakes. this is delicious. it's the perfect combination of sweet and crispy. i love it. this is so good. this is great. the magic's in the mix.


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