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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 9, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco. a very violent night in the city. five people shot in two separate shootings and one person, a woman, is dead. the story in a live report. >> a livermore mother of three will be arraigned today on 67 charges related to long-running sexual relationships with two teenager boys. >> and santa clara county prepares for an all-out battle against a test that could do millions of dollars in damage to bay area crops. >> a live look this morning. the clouds, mist and drizzle once again and cool conditions. looks like a change son the way. just in time for the weekend warmer weather. >> no delays right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. very minor wait in the cash-paying lanes. but a new problem in san jose north. an earlier vehicle fire and apparently now blocking two
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lanes. i'll have more details on that coming up. >> just about 6:01 on this back to work monday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. let's begin with an exceptionally violent night in san francisco. one woman is dead, four other people were injured after two shootings outside two very popular san francisco nightclubs. terry mcsweeney joins us live from the 1015 club on fullsome with more. terry? >> a lot of unique aspects. five were shot in the two shootings. four were women. and the most recent shooting happened about 2:00 just down the street from where i am now, 1015 fullsome, the address of a nightclub. the women had apparently come up here and gone down to get their car when they were shot down this alley called columbia street. police are telling me the women were shot in the side and taken to the hospital. their condition is unknown according to police. police are not saying if it was
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a drive-by, if there's been an argument. what exactly led up to the shooting. were they really the targets for that matter. we know 1015 fullsome is a large, popular nightclub. security. i talked to one of the guards there last night and he says there was no problems inside the nightclub. about five hours before that shooting, around 9:00, the first shooting, the ruby sky nightclub at the old stage door theater. three people were shot there. one, a woman is dead. a man and woman were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. police spokesman tells me the nightclub, ruby sky, had nothing to do with the shooting because it was closed last night. police are looking for suspects. they have an idea who may have done the shooting, which is now a homicide. but they were not able to give me a description of the suspects. all this going on at the same
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time that the san francisco board of supervisors is considering giving the entertainment commission new power to close nightclubs where there are persistent problems. it's good to point out the ruby sky nightclub had nothing to do with it and police for one are not saying the 1015 fullsome nightclub had anything to do with the shooting last night although it appears the women well dressed came up here to get their vehicles. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you very much. this morning san jose police are asking for the public's help in tracking down a freeway shooting suspect. authorities say the driver of a white chevy trailblazer shot a passenger in another s.u.v. saturday night while driving north on interstate 680 near mckee road. that shooting took place just before 9 p.m. >> today a livermore mother of three will be arraigned on charges of sexually assaulting two teenager boys. 42-year-old christine hubs is facing 67 charges related to what investigators say was a
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long-running sexual running relationship with two boys. she faces four counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. one charge, the discharge of a bb gun when a bicyclist reported being shot by someone in an s.u.v. authorities first got involved after the mother of one victim said she found a nude picture of hubs on her son's cellphone. hubs is currently be held on $4.3 million. >> there is no indication when or if the federal judge who struck down california's ban on same sex marriage might live the stay he placed on gay marriages during appeals. gay couples say they're encouraged after governor schwarzenegger and attorney general jerry brown filed legal requests asking the court to allow same sex marriages right away. this emeryville couple bought wedding rings hoping they can get married even before the legal challenges play out.
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>> a game changer. i'm fairly optimistic. >> if the window opens, the legal benefits of being married. >> other couples aren't waiting. this couple exchanged vows in south san francisco even without a marriage license. they had planned to do so for weeks. but they also tell us they're looking forward to have the rights and responsibilities of a legal california marriage. >> it's now 6:05. three dozen nursing home caregivers in oakland who recently went on strike are out of a job this morning. 150 employees at piedmont gardens walked off the job last monday in a five-day strike over pensions, healthcare costs and other contract issues. when 37 of them tried returning to work on saturday, they found out they had been replaced by new employees. their union calls the new hires a gross violation of labor laws. a lawyer for the nursing homes says the workers were laid off but are on the rehire list and will be brought back when there's a spot for them. >> this morning fly traps are going up in the south bay trying to stop an infestation of the or
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genttal fruit fly. two flies were found in milpitas last week. flies have been discovered in sacramento and southern california. the oriental fruit fly can cause damage. they contain bait to lure the male fruit flies and a pesticide to kill them. >> the first hearing of the proposed plastic bag ban goes before a supervisors committee today. the ordinance will prohibit nearly all stores from distributing plastic bags to customers. it will require a charge of 5 cents if customers don't bring in their own reusable bags. if approved the measure could take next month -- or march i should say. >> next march. >> yeah. >> i gotcha. a warm-up coming? >> yeah, a couple days. until we get there fluctuating temperatures a degree or two. warming trend possible thursday
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and into the weekend. for now cloudy, misty, a little drizzle especially along the coast. temperatures upper 50s. mountain view holding 60. los gatos 52. these temperatures or the temperatures you see here are four, five and three degrees warmer weatherer in redwood city and about 3 degrees cooler in antioch and pretty close to what we dealt with yesterday morning. here's a look at the cloud cover at 8:00. no change. everybody cloudy, still 50s. still some mist and drizzle possible. by noon that's where we see the big changes at the south bay, palo alto. mid to upper 60s there. upper 60s to low 70s sunshining and east bay valleys. oakland, san francisco and the coast with upper 50s to low 60s there. by 4:00 clouds at the coast and into san francisco with mid-50s to near 60. mid to upper 60s around the bay. lowto mid-70s north bay valleys and upper 70s the east bay valleys. accu-weather seven-day forecast. temperatures fluctuate a few degrees because of the marine
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layer. could be less impressive some days and the sun comes out more. by thursday and into friday and saturday it's almost gone and temperatures, they're up into near 90 inland, near 80 around the bay and low 60s at the coast for the weekend. frances, good morning. >> good morning, mike. let's head to san jose where a slowdown is developing 280 at ray street. two lanes blocked right now. this is all due to a vehicle fire. they reported a van on fire but apparently the driver burned his foot so there are now injuries. two right lanes blocked as well as the off-ramp at ray street. minor slowing northbound 280 but this could cause delays later on. right now tracking the drive time on north 280 from 101 up to highway 85. it's still 12 minutes. the slowing we're seeing now is actually antioch. lone tree way, the slow spot for the morning. the drive time 18 minutes. eric, kristen. >> frances, thank you very much. 6:08.
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>> just ahead the unusual happening in the nation's capital today aimed at getting a new jobs bill passed quickly. >> also remembering the life and work of oscar winner patricia neil. >> and rent before you buy. the electric car coming soon to a major car rental agency. [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings.
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good morning, everyone. 6:12 on the abc 7 morning news. you see the plane taxing there at san francisco international airport for another busy day. you may see the clouds there, the ceiling looks a little low but no reports of any delays here right now. so still might want to call ahead and find out what's going on. >> all right. thank you. lawmakers flying back to washington d.c. the members of the house cutting short summer vacations returning to capitol hill in hopes of passing a jobs bill. house leaders call the unusual in and out session because the senator waited until last thursday to pass a $26 billion
6:13 am
measure. the legislation is designed to prevent tens of thousands of teachers and hundreds of thousands of state and local government workers from losing their jobs. democratic leaders say they could vote as early as tomorrow morning. >> scene vice president of hardware engineering is leaving the company. departure comes in the wake of the antenna problems on the i-phone 4. several users complain of a loss of signal strength if the phone was held in a certain way. paymaster declines to say whether he is leaving because of the antenna problems. >> enterprise rent-a-car announced it will offer the hot nissan link. they'll have 500 in several cities to start, not initially here in the bay area. hertz announced earlier san francisco will be one of its rollout cities for the lease. the vehicle can go 100 miles on a single charge. the company says the rental rate will likely be higher than for
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traditional vehicles but they haven't been set yet. >> it's 6:14 let's make it. check with mike with the forecast. we saw the clouds out there sfo and a few out here, too. >> a few just about anywhere you look this morning. this perspective. temperatures the 60s. it is warmer above the fray of cloud cover this morning. getting rid of the clouds and letting that warmer weather work into our neighborhoods. it's going to take the better part of the morning hours. talk about temperatures stepping out in the mist and some of the drizzle, especially along the coast. mid to upper 50s, mountain view 60 degrees. monterey bay, either 54, 55. that does include our inland neighborhoods. sunny by cool around the bay, drizzle, cloudy, cool at the coast. clouds and all getting it with mist tonight and drizzle possibly along the coast. but the weekend warming trend, i really think it's going to be here starting thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. keep an eye on it. it's only monday but looking
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promising right now. a look at the water vapor imagery. low pressure inside a trough of low pressure. that's where we find the coolest of the weather. this will hang around all the way till wednesday. that will keep our temperatures much cooler than average. down in the south bay low to mid-70s most neighborhoods. 74 san jose to 73 cupertino and about 78 los gatos. on the peninsula we'll have mid to upper 60s around millbrae, san mateo, men low park, low 70s elsewhere. along the coast mid to upper 50s, daly city 70 degrees. down the hill 66 downtown. 60 a little pocket of sunshine this afternoon. 62 sausalito. still upper 60s san rafael and vallejo but low to mid-70s through your valleys and mid to upper 50s at your cloudy coast. 60 degree temperatures dominate the east bay shore. fremont may buck that 71 degrees. 72 dublin to 80 brentwood.
6:16 am
mainly mid to upper 70s. millbrae, gilroy cloudy conditions around the monterey bay. tonight cloud cover once again and the drizzle most likely along the coast. low to mid-50s in most neighborhoods. 57 antioch. a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast. the marine layer, clouds, they'll fluctuate in their strength tuesday and wednesday so temperatures jump around in the non-real uniform manner. up one day, maybe down the next day a couple degrees but thursday we all jump about 4 degrees and then friday, saturday and sunday about another 6 degrees. so for the weekend looks like near 90 inland, near 80s arounds the bay. cloudy and low 60s around the coast. here's frances. >> san jose, two injury accidents. one causing a slowdown on northbound 280 at rays street. a couple lanes blocked because of this earlier vehicle fire but apparently the driver burned his foot. reis street off-ramp blocked and
6:17 am
flowing right at the scene at rays street. the second injury accident came in northbound 85. so we have chp crews and emergency crews rather heading to that scene. now, let's go outside and check what it looks like near the area. this is northbound 280 just past -- a little more than just past race street but right at the 17 interchange. traffic is light enough once you get past it. we'll check out 101 and 880 for you in case you're heading that way. northbound 101 there fine out of morgan hill at the peninsula and that's 880 right across your screen. we'll head up the peninsula and check out the ride across the san mateo bridge. no delays either direction now. that's westbound traffic on the right and interstate 80 in berkeley also looking good although more crowded. drive time still 20 minutes from the carquinez bridge. 680 walnut creek is fine and a live shot with southbound traffic there. we'll also just take one quick look in the north bay so no problems now on 101. heading down through san rafael and to the golden gate bridge. get the latest traffic
6:18 am
information for your route to work at eric, kristen. >> frances, thanks. it's 6:18. >> time for the must-reads. the chronicle reports on a proposed law that would make impersonating someone on line a crime. the legislation is sponsored by a state senator and sparked by a couple of recent incidents, and the latest someone sent a profanity-laced e-mail to a chronicle reporter critical of one of her stories. she impersonated her. >> the san jose mercury news reports diamond lanes with six entrance and exit ramps are common to northern california. construction on one lane begins next month on southbound interstate 680 between fremont and milpitas and more may be on the way. but highway experts are debating
6:19 am
whether those lanes are less safe than traditional diamond lanes. >> all right. not exactly nicholas cage in national treasure but the government has a staff of people who search for important pieces of american history. the archives assemble the team after discovering items including war telegrams from abraham lincoln, the wright brothers patent application for their 1903 flier and speeches from franklin roosevelt during world war ii were missing. one historian and two federal agents now scour civil war shows, dealer catalogs and even e-bay for important pieces of americana. we posted a link to the complete articles on our website just look under the must-reads tab. >> oscar winning actress patricia neil died at 84. she died from lung cancer at her home in massachusetts. she was already a tony award winning stage actress when she made her film debut in 1949. neil wong the best actress oscar for her role opposite paul newman in the 1963 film hud.
6:20 am
two years later she suffered a series of strokes at the age of 39 but struggled to regain her speech and walk again to earn another nomination in the decades that followed. >> 6:20 our time. coming up why the best education in the world may soon be just a few key strokes away. >> and expect a touch of gray with that first pitch. why the dead will be at at&t thththththththththththththththth
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in today's tech bites, bill gates says the best college education could soon be available online and for free. at a tech conference, the microsoft founder said in five years the best lectures in the world will be available for free on the web. he thinks that will make internet better than any single
6:24 am
you university. thinks there needs to be a way to get credit for what you earn no matter where you earn it. >> test driving before you buy. it is at stores. the section is only offering a limited number of apps. just stripped do you know and supported versions. you can find the new section by clicking on free stores in i-tunes. most young people probably tell you they can't live without the internet. but one 20-year-old taking on a whole new meaning. dan brown is putting his life in the internet's hand for the next year. 3.0 is a web show that allows people to decide whatever he does. each day he'll do the most popular one. you can follow him. for information on all these stories, log on to the technology page at
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i'm rob nelson. >> the san francisco giants will tip their caps to the san francisco rock and roll legend tonight. >> jerry garcia tribute night at at&t park. the giants celebrate the life and times of the grateful dead guitarist and singer complete with grateful dead tribute bands. members of the garcia family will slow out the first pitch as they face off against the cubbies. >> still ahead, the milestone coming today, that thousands of caldecott tunnel commuters. >> raise the roof and dig the tunnel. plus the woman who brought down h. p.'s ceo steps out of the shadows. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco where there was a night of exceptional violence. one person dead. the story in a live report. >> a critical reminder about the big change commuters can expect if they plan to use san francisco's trans bay terminal
6:26 am
this morning. >> and this just in. sfo within the last 30 seconds reporting 1 hour and 11 minute flight arrival delays. the same thing at chicago o'hare international. look for severe weather from denver. >> a new accident. right near the bay bridge toll plaza. some of the cars involved. seeing a little backup for some of the cash lanes. good news in san jose. the earlier crash northbound 280 has been cleared. all lanes open. more weather, news and traffic affidavit this break. >> before commercial we whisk you live to washington d.c. president obama there and those large athletic looking men belong to the 2009-2010 new orleans saints. fast, strong winners. >> and they're going to hold a football clinic with d.c. area the camera phone?
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it's a belief in everything we do. it's a 5 year, 50,000 mile promise. with complimentary scheduled maintenance no-cost replacement of wear and tear items and 24/7 roadside assistance. because when you create the most beautiful, fast cars on earth, you create an ownership experience to match. >> closed captioning brought to
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you by mancini sleepwor opening bell ringing on wall street to start the trading day. appears wall street will begin the week on an up note. rose modestly overnight. europe's coming up. we'll go do trading in about 15 minutes at the new york stock exchange. >> we begin with an exceptionally violent night in san francisco. investigators are trying to figure out who and what was behind shootings outside two well-known nightclubs. one woman is dead, four others injured. terry mcsweeney is lived in san francisco with the latest. terry? >> yeah, police are giving us bits and pieces about both shootings. we know that five people were shot, four women and one of them is dead. one of the shootings that happened at 2:00 this morning just down the street at 1015 fullsome. that's the name of a nightclub. two women came up here, went down this alleyway on columbia
6:31 am
street and here is where they were shot. take a look at some pictures we have of where the women were taken to the hospital. police say they were shot in the side. taken to the hospital but the police are not giving us any indication as to their conditions. police are not even saying if in fact they were tied to the nightclub but they were well-dressed, came up here where a lot of people park their cars and it did happen right around closing time. police not saying if it was a drive-by, an argument or what caused it. 1015 fullsome, a very popular nightclub. security telling me a few hours ago there were no problems inside the club last night. the first shooting of the night happened outside the ruby sky nightclub. that's the 400 block of mason street. three people were shot there. one, a woman is dead. the other two, one man, one woman taken to the hospital. non-life-threatening injuries. police spokesman tells me the nightclub had no role in that shooting because it wasn't open
6:32 am
9:00 last night right around the time of the shooting. police say they have suspects. they're looking for them but they were unable to give me a description of those suspects. we can't pass it along to you. we know this comes as the san franciscoboard of supervisors plans to give the entertainment commission new power to crack down on nightclubs with persistent problems. but even though one happened outside the ruby sky, that nightclub was closed. police aren't saying if the women were coming out of the 1015 fullsome here. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> thanks a lot. oakland police investigating several shootings in their city overnight. at least three people were shot on 88th avenue and international boulevard around 11:00. a short time later there was a report of two shooting victims arriving at high land hospital in a private vehicle. no word if they were involved on the shooting on 88th avenue or if it was from a separate incident. >> in oakland three set to be rained on felony charges connected to the protest
6:33 am
following the mehserle verdict. a judge ruled two weeks ago there was sufficient evidence to try two men and a woman on several charges including burglary. they spotted one of them with merchandise stolen from a store during rioting on july 8th. the other two are accused of setting a trash can on fire and entering another store through a broken window. it happened on the day former bart police officer johannes mehserle was found guilty of involuntary man slatter of passenger oscar grant. >> across california, gay couples hope they can get married as early as today. waiting for a federal judge to decide whether to lift a stay on same sex marriages after he overturned proposition 8. lillian kim looks how couples are getting ready. >> eric ross and matt wood are excited about their big purchase this weekend. this emeryville couple bought wedding rings in case same sex weddings are allowed again in
6:34 am
california. they plan to marry at san francisco city hall as soon as they get word. >> we wanted to make sure if the window opens to capture the legal benefits of being married. >> judge vaughan walker overturned the same sex marriage ban last week. he could let his ruling become law or issue an extended stay. the fact governor schwarzenegger and attorney general jerry brown filed a motion asking that gay weddings resume left eric and matt optimistic the judge will rule in that i remember favor. >> a game changer i think. >> larry little says there's no way to know how the judge will rule. >> 52% of the voters in this state voted for prop 8. their legislation has now been struck down. that's a serious matter. you can't just laugh that off. on the other hand you have to balance that against the real people who are saying, look, we are harmed every day. it's unconstitutional. >> you may now kiss your bride! >> maria and vanessa exchanged
6:35 am
vows and are holding out hope their union will soon be legal. they planned this wedding long before last week's ruling. >> we want that paper. right now it's a celebration. advance celebration because we know eventually we will get that paper. >> from there is no time limit on when judge vaughan walker can rule. no hearing has been scheduled and judge walker has not said when he'll make a decision. lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> and you can read judge walker's ruling invalidating prop 8 and the motions opposing his stay at just click on "see it on tv"s. >> this morning san francisco's new temporary trans bay terminal is getting its first real commuter test. the temporary terminal at howard and main will operate for the next seven years while crews tear down the old structure and build a new state of the art facility. a. c. transit, golden gate transit, greyhound, muni and sam trans have moved their routes to the new terminal. ground breaking on the trans bay
6:36 am
terminal is set for wednesday and scheduled to open in 2017. >> in less than four hours crews will begin the massive job of borrowing the fourth bore of the caldecott tunnel. they will use a road header to bore the orinda side of the hills. a smaller machine will work eastward from the oakland side. both machines will eventually cut a 3300 foot long tunnel through the hills. the bore will add two freeway lanes to highway 24. cal train expects to open the fourth bore in 2013. (applause) >> anything but boring, right? >> yeah, baby! yeah! fourth bore! 6:36 now. let's look at the weather forecast. >> you feel the same way? >> if i keep going, i may cry. we better get over to weather. >> opens, maybe coincided with the bay bridge and all that would be just nice. >> wouldn't it? just sail into work in the morning. wouldn't that be great. >> good morning on this monday. let's start with your 24 hour
6:37 am
change. depends where the clouds leave the quickest. not much warmer. concord only 2 degrees warmer, oakland 1. everybody else cooler. san francisco 1 degree, santa rosa, fremont, 3 degrees cooler than yesterday. san jose about 4 degrees cooler. we lost ten minutes of sunshine over the weekend. here we are for this morning, 8:00. still cloudy, probably nost as misty and the drizzle along the coast. you can see the sunshine breaking out. fremont, palo alto, san jose mid to upper 60s. low 70s in the north bay. everybody else still in the upper 50s to low 60s. 4:00 clouds at the coast and 56 half moon bay. san francisco 60. palo alto, mid to upper 60s there. mid-70s the south bay. mid to upper 70s the east bay valleys. i think we have two more days of this cooler than average weather. thursday we get back to average. friday, saturday and sunday away from the coast. we can be average if not a little warmer with near 90
6:38 am
inland and near 80 around the bay. let's take a look at that south bay. here's frances with an update. the crash is northbound 85. apparently the driver may have had a seizure. it's in the left lane or median but apparently a lot of debris in the left lane as well and in the southbound direction. the chp is going to run a traffic break to clear the debris. you may see slowing northbound and southbound. heads up as well for drivers out of the santa cruz mountains. you want to avoid driving northbound 17 today especially between 11:00 and 2 p.m. between the redwood estates and idlewild. doing landscaping work and blocking lanes. this caused huge delays last week. avoid it during that time. you may want to go well before lunch or after lunch. bart is reporting some delays, 5 to 8 minutes at pleasant hill and lafayette heading towards san francisco and daly city. hopefully that will get better but ace, cal train looking good. there are a few slow spots.
6:39 am
just the usual suspect, westbound 580 through the altamont pass from 205 to 680. check out the bay bridge toll plaza where there was an earlier accident in the fas trak lanes but so far only the cash paying lanes that seem to be backed up halfway through the parking lot. >> a controversial ban on some children's toys begins in the south bay today. that story still ahead. >> trading underway on wall street. a live report from the new york stock exchange. the dow up 27 points. >> plus the big risk that the family pet may create for your children. >> the hunt for two escapees
6:40 am
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monday. the clouds are clinging to the coast. big sur 60. low to mid-90s chico, fresno. palm springs 100 and sunshining over the sierra and tahoe going to have 74 today. eric? >> mike, thank you very much. the hunt for two arizona prison escapees and suspected accomplice is centered in yellowstone national park. efforts to find the suspects intensified after being linked to a double murder in new mexico. tracy and john escaped from a private security prison in western arizona last week. on wednesday investigators found the badly burned skeletal remains of an arizona of a couple in new mexico. they linked it to the possible fema complies. >> actress mia farrow testified
6:44 am
today. she had sheared supermodel naomi campbell saying she had been given a huge diamond following a charity dinner in south africa. campbell told a court last week she did not know the diamond was from taylor and that she intended to donate it to a children's fund. they're seeking the link of the gift to taylor to prove he received diamonds from rebels in sierra leon and used them to buy weapons. >> japan parking the 65th anniversary of the second atomic bombing (bells ringing. >> bells followed a moment of silence at the exact moment when the u.s. dropped a second atomic bomb three days after bombing hiroshima. 80,000 people died in nagasaki. on august 15th, the japanese surrendered bringing an end to
6:45 am
world war ii. today's memorial served as a call for an end to all nuclear arms. >> this morning learning more about the woman whose sexual harassment claim led to the resignation of hewlett-packard's top secure. joely fisher earned $5,000 per event to greet people at h. p. events. she's also an actress this is her acting clip reel on she had briefly stints on reality shows and appeared in a number of low-budget movies. mark hurd resigned on friday. the company's board discovered he falsified expense reports to cover up the dinners he had with fisher. hurd and fisher claim they never had an affair but he settled with fisher for an undisclosed amount of money. fisher said she was surprised and saddened that mark hurd lost his job over this adding that was never her intention. >> right now investors are
6:46 am
getting their first chance to react to the resignation of h. p. ceo. >> bloomberg reporter jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange with more how they're reacting and what it means for h. p. stock. jane? >> hi. good morning. the shares are taking a hit this morning. really the first time investors getting a chance to react. starting late friday you can see h. p. down more than $3. hurd's addressing reporters and analysts three times. h. p. in the meantime forecasting slower growth for the quarter than for the previous three and the ceo search will make things more complicated. talking about possible replacements. candidates from outside the company, steve mills who's run the group from ibm and oracle exec ray lane.
6:47 am
overall this morning we have a slightly higher start today. we have that jobs report coming out friday. shows weak private sector growth. we have the fed policy meeting tomorrow. they're gonna look for clues there about a possible government stimulus plan. some calling for the fed to do more to reignite the economy. the silicon valley index looking like this. that index trading down at the moment. headlines on skype just coming out a few minutes ago. announcing plans to go public. bought the company in 2003 and sold it to private investors in 2009. skype said holders silver lake has been subpoenaed by the treasury department in relation to deals involving iran. good news about the housing market. zillow shows a percentage of homeowners in the nation that owe more on mortgages than what their property is worth is actually down. a couple reasons. one is tax credits that helped boost prices in california. also a lot of foreclosures. that's driving that number down
6:48 am
as well. if you've been trying to refinance and haven't been able to because you owe more on the home than what it's worth, help may be on the way. starting september 7th, the housing administration accepting applications for a new program encouraging lenders to forgive 10% or more of the balance of the mortgage so those loans can be refinanced at lower rates. the total amount you owe on the home can't be more than 115% of the property's value to qualify. i'm jane king, bloomberg news. >> jane, thank you very much. have a great day. >> thank you. >> no offense to jane, but there's some jobs she would not qualify for. you always hear attractive people get better jobs and higher salaries. that's not true for one category. good looking women, like jane, are overlooked for jobs considered masculine. researchers at the university of colorado denver business school. they found beautiful women were
6:49 am
ruled out for research and development managers, finance director, mechanical engineering and construction supervisor. even tow truck driver and directed security. but good looking men did not face similar discrimination. >> you think that's a generationnal thing? you know what, that's a rhetorical question. we'll come back to that later. >> frances, industrial engineering major. she's good looking. >> yes, she is. >> so there! >> how about the forecast, mike? >> why don't you guys discuss this and i'll go through the forecast. >> very qualified for that. >> we can hear your opinions later. i hope. a look from mount tam this morning. the clouds rushing in from the ocean this morning bringing the cool weather, even mist and drizzle along with them. how cool is it? you leave now, dress for the mid to upper 50s. even the 60 mountain view. monterey bay same conditions with temperatures mid-50s even inland for gilroy and salinas. drizzle and cloudy along the
6:50 am
coast. sunshine and cooler than average conditions along the bay area. cloudy and misty tonight with drizzle developing where especially along the coast. look at that. weekend warming trend. i really think so. hold on to that nugget. we'll get closer and closer and modify that forecast and get it nailed down. but right now looking definitely finally hint of summer. but not this morning. all covered with clouds until 8:00 and we start to see that trend develop. the east bay valleys and south bay. look at noon. still covering marin county, sonoma county. most of the bay north of the san mateo bridge and all of the coast. by 2:00 just about everybody in sunshine except the coast and downtown san francisco where we have 50s along the coast, 60s arounds the bay. the bulk of the 70s, may hit 80 in brentwood. that's the only spot. rest of the east bay valleys and the mid to upper 70s. along the east bay shore, mid to upper 60s. fremont the exception you're
6:51 am
breaking away and getting us to 71. south bay, san jose about 74. los gatos 78. on the peninsula today look at the mid to upper 60s millbrae, san mateo, menlo park. low 70s elsewhere. mid to upper 50s along the coast, daly city about 57 degrees. down hill in south san francisco, 66. downtown about 60 degrees today with a few peeks of sunshine. 50 degree temperatures along the east bay -- should say the north bay coast. inland low to mid-70s around the monterey bay. cloudy today, low to mid-60s. more sunshine hollister, gilroy, morgan hill and mid-70s for you. boys back after a road trip heading to at&t park tonight. they're honoring jerry garcia. another reason to go. cloudy and cool, 7:15 the first pitch. 60 degrees to 56 by the time the game ends. tonight's temperatures and cloud cover. what we're dealing with this morning. low to mid-50s with drizzle along the coast and mist for the
6:52 am
rest of us. temperatures fluctuate just a few degrees the next couple days depending how strong or how much weaker. the sea breeze thursday and through the weekend, temperatures 10 degrees in most areas to near 80 arounds the bay, near 90 inland and low 60s along the coast. hi, frances. >> back to the south bay where we have this injury accident. the accident's actually in the center divide but it's all the debris in the lanes. in fact, some debris in the south bound direction that's causing traffic to slow to 38 mph as you approach the scene. the slowest in the south bay and san jose's northbound 87 as you make your way towards 101. traffic there moving under 120 mph right at 17. also just a heads up for folks in petaluma. their power is out. so there's a lot of traffic lights out on lakeville highway, including on-ramp to northbound 101. you need to treat those areas as a four-way stop.
6:53 am
we'll go back outside and check a live camera shot for you. 280. everything flowing well. an earlier injury accident all gone at raze street. we'll check out 101 in san rafael. 101 is fine once you make your way on to the freeway from petaluma to the golden gate bridge. interstate 80 at berkeley, a stall at powell. no big delays. is the place to go and you'll find it under the bay area traffic link and thanks, eric and kristen, for the compliment. 6:53. today san francisco expands the number of bicycle lanes in the city days after a judge lifted an injunction. a new bike lane set to begin this morning at 4th and townson street. on friday a san francisco judge lifted a four-year-old injunction that contempt the city from implementing parts of the bicycle plan. it will add a total of 34 milesof new bike lanes to the city.
6:54 am
>> federal health officials have traced a salmonella outbreak in humans to their exposure to dry dog food. 80 people in 21 mostly eastern states were sickened between 2006 and 2008. almost half the victims were under the age of two. doctors believe the they may have touched the dogs or dirty dog bowls and put their hands in their mouths. wet dog foods were not involved. >> a tae ban going into effect in the south bay. south food restaurants can no longer include toys in most kids meals. the ban affects any meal with more than 485 calories or sean meal where more than 35% of its total calories come from fat. the decision affects about a dozen fast food restaurants in unincorporated areas of the county. >> new research indicates the average age of pubty among girls is continuing to drop in this
6:55 am
country. the onset of puberty is from signs of breast development. more than 4% of african american girls, 30% of hispanics and 20% of white girls showed those first signs of puberty. it linked body mass index to an early onset of puberty but experts believe a diet high in sugar and fat could be a contributor. >> it's 6:55. our top stories. san francisco police are investigating two separate shootings within hours of each other that left one person dead and four others wounded and it all happened at nightclubs. >> terry mcsweeney outside the clubs. >> 1015 in fullsome the name of the club. the address down the street from where i am near 6th street. apparently a couple of women came out of that nightclub around closing time, 2 a.m.. came up the street and walked down columbia street here and it was down this alley that they
6:56 am
were shot. take a look at the pictures we have of what happened next. police came out, the ambulances came out. the women were taken to the hospital. police said they were shot in the side. the condition is unknown. police not telling us what their condition is. police are not even saying this is tied to 1015 fullsome nightclub but witnesses say the women were well-dressed, on columbia street where people park their cars when they go to that nightclub. security tells me there were no problems inside the club last night. the 1015 nightclub is a huge underground dance club. far more tragic occurrence happened before the first shooting of the night outside the ruby sky nightclub on the 400 block of mason street about 9:00. three people were shot there. one, a woman is dead. the other two, one man, one woman, taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. the nightclub had no role in that shooting because it was
6:57 am
closed last night. the 1015 nightclub, apparently the shooting may have been connected to the people leaving that nightclub. the second incident had nothing to do with the ruby sky nightclub. both obviously under investigation. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you. >> final economic on weather and traffic. mike? >> here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. clear except for drizzle. our higher elevations. temperatures 50s right now. 71 minute flight arrival delays into sfo. temperatures mainly mid to upper 70s inland. mid to upper 60s around the bay and mid to upper 50s at the coast. frances. >> the bay bridge toll plaza almost no delays but delay in the san jose northbound 85 approaching basscum because of an injury accident. bart also reporting 5 to 8 minutes delays in pleasantville and lafayette. >> thank you for joining us for the abc 7 morning news. >> back with an update 7:22. have a great day!
6:58 am
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