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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  August 9, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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the german deputy constable general says she was a school administrator and they have two children who stayed home. the police tell me she was tragically in the wrong place at the wrong time. this shows people running back into the shooting. hundreds were attending a dance here last night. police are investigating whether the shooting started after an altercation between two groups at the party. they checked into the hotel several days ago, celebrating her 50th birthday in san francisco. and last night, shortly after 9:00 she was walking down mason near gehry just a block from the hotel. >> all of a sudden, there is like some yelling and shots going off. i looked and there are people running here. and there are people here with guns. >> andrew was standing outside
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of the gallery just yards away. >> people were screaming here someone had gotten shot. and there was another man over here i saw, he'd gotten glanced in the neck and had a napkin to it. he was bleeding. >> that man and a woman were also shot. police say they were treated at a hospital and released. police would not say how many rounds were fired but there are bullet holes in walls, windows and restaurants. at the restaurant a half block away, people rushed into the place looking for refuge. >> all customers waiting outside, ran into the restaurant. maybe people outside, walking. and you know, people stepped down on the floor and ground. and they were really scared. >> police have taken five people into custody. three adults and two juveniles. and investigator says they recovered a weapon. >> all were unintended victims. >> so yeah that.
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is not comforting. >> tourists were shocked and wondering about their safety. >> and you hear about the story. >> and says two nightsing ayes he witnessed a stabbing. >> two people had an argument. one pulled out a knife. >> and then this,. >> just, you know, just you walked from our hotel. so there this, is crazy. yeah. >> police are investigating to see if this was a gang shooting and say there is plenty of witnesses including a cab driver therk say can apparently identify this shooters. the mayor and union square merchants association say this is a safe place and that the shooting was an aberration. >> thank you. >> and that is not the only one in the city two. women were shot that after an apparently leaving a san francisco nightclub. the shooting happened around closing time outside 0:15
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folsom club. both women have been released from the hospital. and this incident is the latest in a series of nightclub related shootings. and today, the mayor sign sign aid measure giving entertainment commission the power to close club that's attract violence. a mother of three accused of having sex with young teen-aged boys made a court appearance today the 42-year-old being held on more than $4 million bail and started crying and faces 67 counts of swalt for having sex with two boys starting in 2008 when think were 13 years old. her defense attorney asked for a week before looking over the plea. they live in an upscale livermore home. >> this is just shocked and
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devastated. >> the christine i know and have known is a loving mother, it's hard to believe this is happening. and i would say don't jump to conclusion autos last week, nude pictures of her were found on a cell phone of one victim. investigators say encounters took place inside her black hummer and various hotel rooms. >> hewlett-packard is in damage control, trying to fill the top position. and he was forced to quit last week as related to this woman, working as an outside contractor for the company. we are hive with a look at how hp is dealing with this crisis. >> this is a decision that has business leaders arguing whether it's the right decision. the oracle ceo says the board made a big mistake while others say it was the right thing to do.
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>> this is hp thinking of its image. the board wrestled with how to handle the situation. a highly visible ceo expected to set an exyachel for the 300,000 employees. the executive director of the center of applied ethic autos there is no way that person can be kept in office. if the ceo cheats on expense reports why, not everybody snels. >> the demise may have been a result of his success. hp stock had more than doubled during his five years at the top. this professor from the graduate school of business. >> had he not done as gi g.a job as he'd done in hewlett-packard they won't have felt willing and able to let him go over what is basically a relatively minor thing. >> with the era over, the hp
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pressing issue finding a successor. >> and you want to talk about looking for the best candidate and about looking at insiders and outsider autos one is the man wearing glasses to the right of karly fiorina the former c o. o of compax. >> it's impossible to reduce all of the ethics risk whens hire someone. even for a coo, but do you have to identify what that person is both past performance is and what their character is. >> there is shareholders got a chance to weigh in today at the closing trading the stock dropped nearly 7 envelope percent. -- 7.5%. >> thank you very much.
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from hp to a shake up in apple. the executive who saw the development of the iphone 4 is leaving apple ach only a year on the job. apple is not commenting on the reason. analysts believe it's directly linked to the antenna problems on the new iphone. he came to apple last year after 25 years at ibm. >> and the big he dig at the kaud yi cot tunnel got underway today. it's a project that has been in the making for 20 years. and there is where this is now a work in progress. >> with a scratch of the surface, caltrans declared the tunnel lane of the fourth floor officially underway. >> today werk dig. every day after today should take us a day of digging closer to the tunnel project. >> this giant road header will do the bulk of the work. an 18 month process of cutting
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through clay, dirt and stone. about two thirds of the tunneling will be done from east side near orinda. and remaining 700 feet from oakland side. there is a cost is $420 million. >> we're going improve safety, reduce congestion. it's actually partially funded by recovery act. >> in all, nearly 6 and a half million cubic feet of materials will be excavated from the site. and this is going to cut an outline of the tunnel there. once removed they're going to use a machine to start digging away. >> and there is a is a drill drined stsh zsh designed just for the kaud yi cot, shipped here from germany. bore six to eight feet per day n late september a separate piece of equipment will begin
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with a temporary sound wall has been constructed to minimize service for homes. this long-waited fourth floor is set for completion in late 2013. >> and san francisco's temporary trance bay terminal will operate for seven years while crews tear down the old structure and rebuild it. parking control officers were out this morning, keeping the bus lanes clear. and transit z.ambassadors helping commuters find their way. >> and i'm reorenting myself. >> there is a lot of maps. i don't have it with me. >> i got a little lost. i had to ask one of the guys but they've been out here fr a week. i feel shamed. >> ground breaking for the permanent transbay terminal is set for wednesday. scheduled to open in 2017. >> more transportation news. work begun to dublt number of
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bike lanes throughout the city of san francisco. 45 new lanes will be striped over the coming weeks as part of a $13 million project. >> we're looking at a 31 mile increase and actual bike lanes weem be striping and about 5 hup racks that are being installed in across the city. >> this is not without critics. rob anderson able to hold up the project four years in the courts. >> if taking away traffic lanes on busy streets to make bike lanes you're going make traffic worse. >> however, san francisco bicycle coalition disagrees and predicts the new lanes will increase the number of bike rider asks take cars ultimately off the road. 50 we're getting word tonight of an earthquake in santa cruz county centered about seven miles east of watsonville. hit at 5:51. no report on damages so far oo. and more to bring you here at 6:00 a decision by oakland
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police officers just ahead find out if they're willing to make big changes to pensions to perhaps save jobs and rehire laidoff colleagues. >> a scam based on texting and dating. i'll show how it works coming up on 7 on your side. >> and i'm sandhya patel. persistent onshore flow keeping us in a cool pattern. but not for long. i'll show when summer warmth is coming back. >> and it's a great way to enjoy the great outdoors. and why this girl scouts are
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a chaempk among ranks at opd. oakland police officers voted to kick in more money for their pensions and a throw their support behind a parcel tax on the november ballot retiring hop -- rehiring cops. the costs of that tax will be steep. >> the vote is overwhelming. >> oakland police officers association agreed to pay 7% into their pension fund part of an agreement with city council to put forth a ballot measure in november. the measure asks each property owner to pay an additional $360 parcel tax. >> there is no way off the people, bringing 80 officers back that were laid off and brings, keeps the under 22 threatened to be laid off here. and throughout, for three years. >> how, getting the tax on the ballot is simply a form malt. while much of the counsel backs it there are those who
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vow to campaign against it. >> i don't think it's fair. i don't think there is a chance. i that i the city of oakland like everybody else have to do a more with less just like everybody, every homeowner in the city. >> what do homeowner thinks? are they willing to dmip $360 a year to keep police officers on the streets? >> right now, i'm out of a job. i just lost my job. and... it's -- can someone pay 360ses today bring me back? it's tough. it's really tough. >> yes. we do need more police officers. here, and, the city needs the money. so i think i'm going to be inclined to support it. >> i, and my friends talked about this. who live in oakland. i don't think it's got a chance. just not going happen. >> but police officers say it's a compromise. >> and i nirs that you do know members are going to take a hit.
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>> and we're negotiating with citizens at this point. >> state senate judiciary committee approved to raise the price of a marriage license by $10. and the shelters are needed now, more than ever. >> in any tough economic time, whether there are tensions greater tensions in family, you'll see a flies domestic violence incidents and so, as you can imagine, more and more individuals are hurting. and there is a greater need for these options. >> and an attack is underway in the south bay to prevent a devastating pest from damaging gardens and tearing through the fruit and vegetable industry. it's oriental fruit fly. tonight the department of
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agriculture is taking no chances. and there is a report from milpitas. >> coren grows vegetables and so far, his crop is looking good but that could change. there is news two flies are trapped here last week raised concern autos and not sure what the affects on the tomatoes are going to be f they quarantine us, i won't be able to share them. >> who what it could mean to the ag industry. the insect spreads fast and multiplies faster. and this is why this response has been immediate. >> they're supporting some of the materials up into a dollar-sized spot. it attracts male fruit flies which feed on it, and die. >> adults lay eggs under the skin of fruits and vegetables. the eggs hatch, turning into
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maggots, spoiling prot dus. there is in total over 6,000. >> this treatment area covers roughly 11 and a half miles, bordering 880 and 680, extending north to fremont. and there is a particular problem is that it's being reintroduced. we have world travelers that pass through. the pest is hitchhiking along or its being shipped in. >> this is the fourth infestation here in 10 years. this program will continue off and on, through october. which happens to be prime picking season for local growers. leigh glaser abc 7 news. >> weather forecast, warming up a bit. >> and there is just hoorays. it's about time. we're going to see warmth around here. >> good. >> end of the week, though. let me show you the constant
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factor here, it's the marine layer. there appears to be signs that marine layer is becoming shallower. there is temperatures at beaches remaining cool, into 50s. inland areas mild into 80s. sunny after the noonz bay, inland gradual warming this week. and there is 90s returning this weekend. here is the set up here. onshore flow, winds flowing towards land and it's persistent flow kept us in a marine layer pattern tra that has been fairly deep this, afternoon, just in the last hour or so, we have noticed a change. it's dropping, marine layer coming down to 1400 feet deep so not expecting low clouds to become quite as wide spread. there is temperatures into throw mid-50s tonight. not a lot will change into for
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seeable future, we have to deal with the trough of low pressure brought showers to washington area and clouds there. it will linger here along the west coast for a few more days preventing ridge of high pressure from building. so next couple days it's up a couple degrees and inland, then, by end of the week, temperatures really starting to come up heading into weekend. tomorrow, 74 into south way. 77 for san jose. nice day on the peninsula. 70 in san ma dayo 68 in millbrae. 58 on the coast. same thing in daily city. there is 62 respectivery. north bay, 91 in yu kia. east bay communities, 67 oakland. and there is inland areas
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remaining mild. there is should be low 90s, towards brentwood, mid-80s around the monterey bay. 66 in watsonville. and there is the accu-weather forecast. upper 50s to mid 08s range. we're coming up closer to average. by weekend we're back to normal. there is monday, mid-90s this, is summer time. what is considered normal. >> yeah. >> and we're getting there. >> just head you're invited to a wedding out of state s your presence at the event gift enough? >> michael finney explains what you should do here. stay with us. [ male announcer ] whoa, the new ultimate turkey & bacon avocado.
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>> there is a warning for anyone thinking about sending racy messages on the cell phone. >> it could cost more than just embarrassment. >> there is a warning for us. >> it's called sexing. in case you need another reason, not to get involved i have one. bad guys will use it against you. there is a couple accused of
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extorting money through a dating service phone scam, convincing victims to send racy photos when the date did that, they were told the message was received by the couple's 11-year-old child, the skupel would demand money for for not going the child. the victims paid out, they believe 10,000s oodz frequent flyers will take you a built further these days. there is a frequent flyer sale. and there is saying they can get their tickets by spending at least a third less miles. and there is is american we're expecting others to follow along. >> 20% of all weddings are now destination weddings.
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and if you haven't heard the phrase, consider yourself lucky. and this is say you've been invited and cost a small fortune to get the family there. so... is that your gift? this psychologist professor kit yarrow. >> if you're flying in, spending a lot of money, getting there, being there. that is the gift. most brides and grooms will be and -- will accept that. >> saying if you can afford traechl money give a gift f it's causing financial pain, she says consider giving a gift on the couple's first anniversary. >> oh, goodness. we did a destination wedding this summer. and thank you very much. >> just head why the governor schwartzeneggar and state legislature in the base rais to get a water bond proposition off the ballot. >> why actress mia farrow took
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center stage node a war crimes tribunal. >> how food pets eat could be putting your children at risk.%t
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now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings around $5,800. lawmakers and the governor back pedaling trying to get a measure they originally wanted on the november ballot pulled off. at issue is a plan to fix the aging water system. there is nannette miranda. after decades of exhausting debate, the governor signed an $11 billion bond, meant to upgrade wall wall -- california's aging water system. all it needed was voter approveal. now, state leaders working to take proposition 18 off the november ballot. and to delay it until 2012.
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>> given budget situation, there is a lack of confidence and we need more time to be able to build that. >> this delta provides drinking water but the water bond is unpopular and pulled feeling it's not the time to go into greater debt. annual service is $800 million per year from state treasury. >> hitting $800 million on a bloated water problem like this would arm other program autos groups like sierra club oppose the bond, leaving it on the november ballot almost assures would it lose and force state to come up with another fix. >> there is critics quick to point out it's full of pork and lum lawmakers were promised projects. some unrelated to water.
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and this goes to sprint several hours. the secretary of state needs to know whether to take the bond off. >> there is a hard sell. not going get easier. >> the governor is pushing for the delay, needs the bond to win on able to add it to the list. >> this is very, very important to the governor. and it's his legacy. >> there is both houses need a vote to delay the water bond. >> california attorney general ordered past and present officials of a los angeles suburb to turn over financial records. brown says he subpoenaed tax, salary and records and told officials to give depositions under oath twon weeks. the office plans to look into allegations that city officials asked rez don'ts fill out absentee ballots and promised to file them. >> if this is an election has
6:33 pm
been tainlt bid improper electioneering or other violations of state law, that involves civil, maybe criminal penalties in circumstances. >> and the city of bell's manager made by b.$1 million a year for governing a city of 40,000. and he and two others resigned in the wake of public outcry. >> there is democrats facing three counts of violations and accused of requesting and getting help for yun bank, raised because her husband owns stock in that bank and once served on the board. the bank received $12 million and repeatedly asked the question owe kmee to release charges unsuccessfully.
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>> the fbi is looking into the shooting death of eight aid workers lined up and shot after delivering medical supplies to a remote vilage. the taliban claimed responsibility, akugs workers of trying to convert muslims to christianity. >> we're heart broken by the loss of the heroic generous people. and we condemn in strongest possible terms these vishis murder autos director of the international aid group says it has no plans to leave afghanistan, and admits this will affect their future work there. >> celebrity testimony took center stage today. a former liberian president charles taylor testifying super model ni chromey campbell told friends tailor sent her a huge diamond she
6:35 pm
planned to give to charity. last week, campbell testified she was given several dirty-looking small stones but didn't know who what they were or who sent them. >> miss campbell entered the room. my children and i were already eating breakfast. and... as i recall it, she was quite excited. and said... in effect, oh, my god in the middle of the night last night i was awakened by knocking at the door it and was men sent by charles tailor. -- taylor. he sent me, as i recall, a hunl diamond. >> taylor is charged with 11 counts of war crimes, prosecutors say taylor used blood diamonds to fund neighboring sierra leone's brutal civil war. >>. ers say a spinal fluid test may be 100% accurate if identifying patients displaying early semp
6:36 pm
tomorrows of alzheimer's disease, starting a decade smrks times more before people show symptoms. i that time, it's usually too late to treat them. they hope to ask them to volunteer to test drugs. study published in archives of neurology. food your pets eat could be putting your children at risk. that is the finding of a report looking into a recent outbreak that sickened nearly 80 people. half were babies and toddlers. researchers think the children became infect bid touching dirty pet food dishes and putting hands in their moej mouths. >> if you wash your hands that, will be a good thing. if you wash your dog's dole bowle that will get rid of remaining salmon glel yachl you want to keep young children away from this that food so they're not touching that, then getting hands dirty. koit make them sick.
6:37 pm
>> this is additional flavoring is sprayed on, which may have caused contamination. >> there is more to bring thu monday at kf 6:00. just ahead, numbers are growing. >> and i miss girl scouts. it builds girls of courage, confidence and character. >> why are girl scouts closing camps?
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the girl scouts of northern california facing tough choices these days tlchl is a record number of girls attending camp this summer, that is good news. scouts are struggling to find money to keep the rp camps running there. is a look at decisions girl scouts maying pore forced to make just to make ends meet. camping has been part of the girl scout's history. there is no question activities evolved over the years. and this basic idea remain autos if i think it's important girls it, too. >> there is a 280 acres of outdoor adventure, camperns learn to ride. >> i have a horse.
6:41 pm
she's nice. >> and to shoot bows and arrow autos we have a bull's eye. >> and to overcome challenges, 40 feet in the air. and an hour way, another camp called hidden call fauls is closed. the camp needed repair skptz scouts simply dmot afford them. >> this is to make sure they can very v.a good, quality program. >> and this is lots of charm that needs a new roof. >> all over the camp. you can see the result of years of defered maintenance. the final straw was a big rain storm that washed out part of the road. over the edge is a 40 foot
6:42 pm
drop over the creek. this will cost $80,000. >> this is a magical place. we have a hard time. >> and this covers 19 counties, they own, or operate 29 properties. most is used for camps but there are buildings from indoor scout programs. it costs about $500,000 per year to maintain. and like many nonprofits, scouts are hurting. expenses are rising. there is costs, it's a challenging time. >> there is a record number of girls that are attending camp. they're not considering huge hikes. they're considering just about
6:43 pm
everything else. increased fund raising and partnership and selling properties. >> what would it look like if investing more money in properties we have to make sure they're meeting needs of the growth. >> girl scouts of northern cal has 50,000 girl members and 30,000 adults. and the ceo says they're kpited to keeping camp a part of scouting. >> this mission is to build girls are courage, confidence and character and a really big part of how we do that is getting girls outside, connected with nature. >> this is awesome. >> courage, confidence, character. in case you're wondering about cookies sales were up this year. and they still don't bring in nearly enough to pay for all of the needed camp repairs. there is a survey about the
6:44 pm
future of the camps and property they own. there is a link to the results of that survey at abc 7 >> and still to come, doesn't look like a traditional film. >> don sanchez those shoe what's make scott pilgrim versus the world different from otttttttttttttttttttttttttt
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>> a new movie opens this friday. scott pilgrim versus the world is based on a novel that is part novel, part comic book. for those who play video games, this film is nirvana. >> this is an original filled with energy. this base player has to battle his girlfriend's seven evil exs to wine her heart. this is all fantasy. and there is i talked to them in a rock club this, blew me
6:48 pm
away. >> i wonder what your reaction was. >> nudging can prepare you for seeing it. and this is watching up. >> i'm not a gamer. i never feel left out of the movie its inventive vision of the director who did "sean of the dead". >> this idea is that the character is almost like a fantasy to his living life through the media he consumes. he's a day dreamer who is living his life like a video game this is a film i found intriguing with music that gets you involved.
6:49 pm
it's like unlike anything you've seen. and that is why i give it almost a full bucket. abc 7 news. we'll see you on the aisle. >> yeah. >> and looks like a visual spectacular. spencer sup with an update on the forecast forecast. >> we're going to see a warming trend by week's end. there is mild readings inland. and 80s cool at the coast. there is half moon bay, 57 degrees. 77 in san jose. 65 in oakland. temperatures inland coming up just a little bit tomorrow. there is some clouds, 50s sun out by noon time. temperatures peaking in antioch. and there is mainly upper 50s to low 60s. there is a slow-warming trend.
6:50 pm
we're going to see low 90s inland. by monday, it feels like summer. what is typical here in the bay area. there is low 60s at the coast. a wide range of krts coming up. >> we look that far out. >> this is really no certainties in life. >> this is no kidding. >> there is a new line up for 49ers up next larry beil has big change w w w w w w w w w w w
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here is a look at top seven stories on our web site now. remember, you can stay connected 24-7 at abc 7 and if you spend time online, join me tonight at cable channel 13. coming up, cabin pressure at jet blue. a egg flight attendant and passenger mix it up, one pulling the emergency chute and jumping out of the plane. >> and kicking the bottle. an effort to force to you break your bottled water
6:54 pm
habit. and there is 49ers football. and football started. it has started. >> and training camp, nine days into training camp. 4ers start two look yeez. first round picks anthony davis and mike eupodi and there is selected 17 out of idaho a road grateor. both guys in the 320, 330 pound range slishing a -- accomplishing a level of physical cal ti. niners openinging reseason sunday at indianapolis. davis is ready. >> this is just working on little things like you're here. >> you goit oo. the niners going need rookie owes play well. they just lost center with a
6:55 pm
broken leg. david boss probably moving in to play center. there is the plan to start at full back full back or linebacker. there is more. senior full back owen mari kre. k will be making tackems at linebacker claiming the coach is responsible. >> giving players another chance to help out the team in any way they can. so i'm. >> that is something we have to pay tension to. i think with enough practice and dedication, and focus that won't be the case. >> you don't see many athletes
6:56 pm
playing offense and defense but the coach claims he's suited for both sides of the ball. >> this is a perfect football player, he just does many things right. he's embraced and commit toitd. we know it. and you know, we'll monitor this as it go autos and he will be one of the 16 men in college football but is willing to do whatever it takes to win a pac-10 championship. >> and what boy do for his hair. and expectations not as high as kbrushl for cal bears after years of vying with usc at the top of the pack. maybe that is going to work out better for the players. the teams have to the performed well under pressure last few years. and players may have been kol foling the coach. >> i think a lot of that is on my shoulders to make sure that i stay a blilt relaxed and
6:57 pm
certain -- certain times, we don't grind all the time. >> we warm up, he puts on music. and that helps, helps warm up go by quicker. >> and now, knows a lot of lil' wayne lir skbrikz eminem, that sort of thing its what the kids like. >> thanks and those whipper snapper autos and thanks for joining us everyone oo. stay connected 24-7 at our web site. join us again, if you can tonight at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is the "jeopardy!" teen tournament. let's meet today's semi-finalists-- a senior from saline, michigan... a sophomore from mclean, virginia... and a junior from lincolnshire, illinois... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!-- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. hello, everyone, and welcome to decision week here in our teen tournament.


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