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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  August 10, 2010 10:00am-10:30am PST

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clear ♪ today marks the very sad anniversary. the disappearance of a little fremont boy one year ago. >> that's when six-year-old hasanni campbell was first reported missing. oakland police said the prime suspect is still the foster father, 59-year-old lewis ross. terry mcsweeney joins us from the alameda county courthouse. police held a news conference. >> police were talking across town that this afternoon is representative of a missing
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children's group meeting with the d.a.'s office. police are saying there's no doubt in their minds who killed hasanni campbell but they're looking to the public for that one sliver of information that can lead to recovery of the body and conviction. >> the case is still classified as a missing person's case but i feel he met foul play at the hands of lewis ross and remains our primary suspect. >> this case is not a who done it. it's a how do we prove it without the body of little hasanni campbell. a year to the day after the child was reported missing at the shoe store on college avenue in oakland and after the distribution of who are than 10,000 fliers with campbell alleys picture and heavy media coverage there's no trace of the boy. >> somebody has that information. we need them to come forward. >> it was august 10th ross told police he left his foster child in the car and the boy vanished. the story started changing. no one had seen the boy since
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this wal-mart security camera caught him and ross together january 6th. e-mails were found where he wanted to abandon the cerebral palsy victim at a gas station. they would not discuss a recent interview he and f.b.i. agents conducted with the foster mother, only tol say she remains a person of interest. members of citizens for the lost society will meet with representatives of the alameda county d.a.'s office. >> we're looking for places we can search, information that we can gather that would be helpful. anything that we can do as a community-based organization to help with the investigation. >> that meeting is at 3:00. it will be followed by a rally here on the alameda county courthouse steps at 4:00. then maybe this case will stay away again from the public aattention. meantime hasanni's killer remains a free man.
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abc 7 news. >> developing news out of alaska. we're awaiting official word on the fate of alaskan center city ted stevens. nasa administration sean o'keefe are reported among the passengers. o'keefe's fate is still unknown. the small plane crashed during rough weather in southwestern alaska near the town of dillingham. there are reports as many as five people are dead. military rescuers have arrived at the scene. three survivors were flown to the hospital. no word on their condition. >> hundreds of school teachers hope congress votes yes on a bill that could save jobs. house members were called back from vacation for a special session to vote on this $26 billion measure. it's already passed the senate. the president is waiting on this in a big way. >> a lot of political capital involved here.
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republicans and democrats were called off their summer break. this is rare for the vote in the house. both parties are hoping voters remember this multibillion bill when they go to the prosecute polls in november but for completely different reasons. >> school teachers from illinois and west virginia, president obama said getting teachers back in the classrooms and police and firefighters back on the street shouldn't be a partisan issue. >> i urge members of both parties to come together and get this done, that i can sign this bill into law. >> speaker nancy pelosi called the house back from its august recess to vote on the jobs bill already passed by the senate last week. the $26 billion measure is aimed at saving 300,000 public sector jobs by sending money to states with deep budget deficits. $10 billion goes directly to education. >> we can't stand by and do nothing while pink slips are given to the men and women who educate our children or keep our
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community safe. >> 16,000 california teachers stand to benefit from the bill. san francisco unified said it could rehire some of the 300 teachers it laid off and will cancel four planned furlough days. republicans in the house say this is all payback for teachers unions and national interest groups who support democrats. they also say it's going to add to the deficit. not true according to the president. >> this proposal is fully paid for in part by closing tax loopholes that encourage corporations to shift american jobs overseas. so it will not add to our deficit. >> the white house also points out that 45 governors backed this bill, both republican and democrats and it contains $600 million to beef up surveillance and security along the mexican border. that will weigh heavily on the november congressional election. expected late morning our time so could begin any minute. cheryl? >> thanks very much. right now in san francisco, a
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world war ii airman from oakland is being buried with full military honors 66 years after his death. sergeant john bonasi was part of a crew over berlin. in 1944, seven years ago investigators began excavating the crash site and discovered remains. they identified him using dna testing. today's burial will include an air force flyover. >> asking the federal to tax same sex couples the same way it taxes opposite sex couples. they asked the irs to require gay couples either married or in domestic partnerships to each report half of their community income on federal tax returns. right now california follows that rule but the federal government does not. california lawmakers say the resolution was passed in support of the equality.
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>> efforts to drill a relief well to permanently stop the oil well are on hold. officials say a temporary plug will be put into the well but they won't remove the drill or send workers back to land. crews are within about 30 feet of completing that relief well. once that's done they will seal the broken well with mud and cement and that should end the three-month oil drama once and for all. >> governor schwarzenegger has taken his budget brainstorming tour to the silicon valley this morning meeting with an elite group of business leaders for ideas solving the state's budget crisis. the governor was telling the audience that pension reform and tax cuts for businesses are critical to balancing the state's budget. theresa garcia is live outside the chamber of commerce in san jose. >> quite the gathering. no more than 50 people, mostly business leaders from the silicon valley, many who submitted questions to be asked of the governor. the topics they discussed ranged
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from job creation, also how to deal with education and one of the hottest topics being pension reform. certainly in everything the governor said at the san jose silicon valley chamber of commerce, the point he kept returning to is that reform is needed. he said it would be economic suicide to continue down the path of borrowing and increasing taxes to deal with the budget shortfall. one of the biggest problems they need to revamp is the pension system. revenues grow but pension payments have skyrocketed and the governor says he's not going to sign a budget until the legislature agrees on pension reform which could save billions of dollars to go elsewhere. >> i would have over $3.7 billion more in other -- for other programs. i would give some money for in-home supportive services, more money for higher education. i would have more money for community colleges. i would have more money for
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k-12, more money for child care and the list goes on and on and on. now i have to make cuts because the pension is crowding it out. >> other issues in the legislatures being dealt with are budget reform like keeping taxes for businesses to grow and hire more people. the governor commended silicon valley for its green tech job growth which has created ten times more job growth than any other sector in the last ten years. one of the topics he talked about is the state needs a rainy day fund to deal with budget crises and hopefully it won't happen again. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> theresa, thank you. flying mad. still ahead, a flight attendant unleashing a tirade on a passenger and jumps out of a plane. >> and flying to fast food. watch this. a mcdonald's policy sent a drive-through customer into overdrive.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. all right. take a look at this surveillance video. a woman faces vandalism and assault charges after she flew into a rage at a mcdonald's. she got out of the car and hit an employee in the mouth repeatedly. got back in her car and eventually throwing something through the window. officials say she snapped after the employee told her she couldn't order -- get this -- chicken mcnuggets because it was breakfast time. the passenger in the car says it
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was the employees that allowed the situation to escalate. >> a passenger didn't post bail at his arraignment. steven slater's attorney says a female passenger had been verbally and physically abusive to him from the beginning of the flight to the end. erica reports. >> steven slater showed no remorse when he was taken into custody on monday. he's accused of flying into a rage after a passenger hit him on the head with luggage. >> a passenger took the bag down. flight attendant approached, told him to not do that. he called him an expletive and apparently hit him or pushed him. >> eyewitnesses say slater then used the plane's intercom to curse the passenger for the entire cabin to here. >> when this happened, did he just swear at a passenger on the
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intercom. that never happens. >> he announced he was quitting and kept saying i've had it, that's it. later inflated the emergency chute, grabbed some beer from the concession cart, slid down the tarmac and ran away. he's been with jetblue since 2008. he was the leader of the company's uniform redesign team and a member of the in-flight values committee. he seemed like a model employee but monday afternoon after landing at new york's kennedy airport on a flight to pittsburgh, slater was at a breaking point. he faces charges of criminal miss chef, trespassing and reckless endangerment. >> all over the place. steven slater was released tuesday morning after posting $2500 bail. his outburst seems to be resonating with disgruntled employees everywhere. he now has thousands of fans on his tribute page.
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>> all right. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. >> all right. hopefully this won't make anybody disgruntled. >> very calm. >> that's right! cloudy around the bay as we talked about it would be at this noon hour. sunshine inland and warmer weather to talk about just in time for the weekend. an updated forecast straight ahead. >> and hi there, everyone. live on the island at the san francisco zoo. there are a few new additions here on this island. they did the march of the penguins this morning. we'll take a look at it coming up. oprah: glamorous, high-flying, action-packed dreams jobs.
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there is a ton of excitement at the san francisco zoo today as the annual march of the penguins parade goes through and they were quite well dressed. penguins who graduate from fish school. lee, you're right in the middle of it. >> oh, i am right in the middle of it! actually here on penguin island, you can see some of the my buddies here that actually lift on the island. you're exactly right, three little new penguin chicks
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introduced to this colony this morning. let me tell you something, there was so much excitement here. check this out. these little guys as they started to make their way down a little hesitant, a little wobbly, a little unsure of themselves. but, i tell ya, they are 12 weeks old, three males, and actually they were south america at that time penguins, the crowds loved. the kids were here. they were all in awe. it has been a great day this morning. we asked some of the zookeepers just what these little chicks can expect coming up in the next 24 hours. >> so based on the past several years they could be anything from sticking in the water the next couple days and sleeping while floating or integrating into the colony and coming up on land right away. >> okay. now, you can see in the water right in front of me, these are some of the new chicks that have
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the white or gray heads. with the red tag. they've named one. his name is floyd. they will eat about a pound of herring -- there they go. they're swimming. they say they'll stay in the rather really the next 24 hours. they're hoping by tomorrow they'll start to come up on land and figure out some of these little burrows here with the rest of the colonies. by the way there is another feeding this afternoon at 3:30. if you don't have any plans, come on out. really a great day here. and, listen, they're talking! >> yes, they are, lee! >> wow! >> thanks for sharing the fun, lee. >> i know. they're always well-dressed. >> as you are mentioning, they are dressed for the weather. definitely a little cooler out there. so cute! travels nice. joey tried to get us to dance like that. we'll let them be the star of the show. and the star of the weather show is once again the cloud cover. look as we look from south beach northbound into downtown san francisco. cloudy conditions. and once again let's take a look
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from emeryville. you can see the port of oakland. a little busy this morning. a couple ships there. you see a little lighter tinge as the sun is trying to break out. the clouds are all over the bay and into the north bay and along the coast. you see the color coding in the green from half moon bay, north bay valleys, mid to upper 50s. upper 60s to near 70s in the east bay valleys. clouds departing gilroy at 64. you can see them blanketing salinas and monterey with upper 50s. highlights, the clouds around the coast, the sunshine along the bay, the cooler than average weather once again. clouds move all over the neighborhoods tonight. may need the windshield wipers once or twice, especially where you get to the coast where the drizzle may be a little thicker. a slow warming trend thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. that will take us, most of our
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neighborhoods. what's going on upstairs. low pressure diving down from canada once again. it is locked into this trough and it's going to actually deepen it and keep it around a couple more days. as long as it lingers we'll get this sea breeze. the high pressure will take for about thursday for that to happen and the warmer weather to set in. until then low to mid 70s in the south bay with low 80s saratoga and los gatos. south of san mateo, peninsula sunshine, low to mid-70s. slightly cloudier and a little breeze around millbrae. keep you around 68. the clouds keep the coast in the upper 50s, downtown south san francisco, sausalito low 60s. the farther north through the north bay valleys, look at ukiah. 91 degrees today. north of oakland, mid to upper 60s. san leandro low to mid sunshine. same thing morgan hill and gilroy and the clouds stubborn
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around monterey bay. you can see them along the coast, same at big sur. not bad at tahoe today, 74, with sunshine. the cubs at at&t park. 7:15 first pitch. cloudy. dress for temperatures 61 to 57 degrees. tonight all of our temperatures like this morning will be in the low to mid-50s with cloud cover and kind of a damp start to the morning. air mass doesn't change much tomorrow. expect our highs to be pretty much the same as today. gaining 2 degrees thursday, another 2 friday, another 2 saturday and another 2 sunday. by the weekend mid-70s around the bay but pretty cool at the coast, low 60s. >> a nice change. thanks. >> well, investigators are trying statewide, they are cracking down, kristen. >> thanks. authorities statewide are going after drivers using a cellphone without a hands free device. it's the leading source of destructive driving in california. half a million citations have
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been issued since it became illegal to drive without a hands free device two years ago. there have been 1200 accidents directly related to cellphone use in the last two years resulting in 16 deaths and 850 injuries. >> and coming up next, a boardwalk that is catching the attention of the white house.
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today on oprah at 4:00, action packed dream jobs. government accusing google as illegally gathering personal information through its street map service. the bay area couple renews its vows but one city doesn't keep its promise to return the deposit from the celebration's venue until "7 on your side"
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steps in. these stories at 5:00. >> a boardwalk game in new jersey is causing a controversy. >> featuring a caricature of president obama. >> the objective of the game in seaset heights is knock the plate out of the target's hands and some visitors think the game is disrespectful. >> the creator plans to add caricatures of sarah palin, hillary clinton and george w. bush. >> about 2500 feet the temperatures are in the 70s right now. >> mike, thank you. and thanks for joining us. >> "who wants to be a millionaire" i i i i i i i i i i
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