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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  August 10, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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>> there is a predator specifically targeting park regency. >> three women attacked in the same apartment community. >> there is a good chance they are looking for gu a single suspect. abc7's lisa amin is live in walnut creek with the story. >> one rape and no arrests. those who live here are worried and they say they want answers. >> somebody tried to break open the door when my wife was home alone. >> people who were once strangers are now closer
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because of this. another female resident was attacked this morning. she woke up to a man covering her mouth. she fought him off and got away. the description she gave detectiveses is similar to the one two other women gave deputies recently after their attacks. >> we are concerned. it is three incidents within a six-week time frame. we want the residents to be aware of what happened, and we want them to be vigilant. >> they are by locking doors and complex managers have upped security. many residents still don't feel safe. >> i posted these. >> tim driscol is putting up his own fliers. he started putting them after his most violent attack in july, where the intrude you are raped the -- intruder raped the victim. >> we weren't given a proper description of the assail -- assailant or even told any harm uh you are cked to any residents here.
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>> they do a nice job walking around that it is nothing to prevent somebody from trying to commit a crime. >> the complex is gated, but the main gate are not looked until early evening, and anyone can walk in. this man says someone tried to break into his apartment on august 1st. >> it was devastating for us. that second we tried to opt out of our lease. we are actually in the process of moving out. >> deputies are keeping a close eye on the complex. right now they have very few leads. >> do you feel there is a predator targeting park regency. >> i can't say that just yet. >> we are still trying to reach management at this hour for comment. live near walnut creek, abc7 news. >> thank you. some developing news, there was a shooting in marin county during a wide-spread blackout. it was at the intersection of leave wood drive and sunset parkway. the victim was shot in the
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torso with serious injuries. nearly 14,000 novato residents are without power following an outage at about 7:30. there is no word what caused the blackout or when the lights are going to be turned on. san francisco police and prosecutors say they will go over the evidence again and again until they can prove who killed a german tourist. the d.a.'s off announced there is not enough evidence to file charges against 18-year-old philip stewart. he is the prime suspect in sunday night's shooting. a 50-year-old was caught in the cross fire of the shootout between two groups of young people near her hotel on sunday night. for other people detained -- four other people have been detained. investigators say they will continue to pour over evidence including this surveillance video until they can make their case. and this is a painful anniversary for everybody who cares about an east bay boy. he went missing one year ago today. asanni campbell was with his
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foster father the day he vanished in oaknd la. today there is not -- vanished in oakland. alan wang is live live with the story. alan, a news conference and vigil to keep this case in the public eye. >> that's right, dan. and the d.a. spoke with the family and supporters to update them on the case today. now, i have been covering this story since campbell disappeared from this neighborhood. over the course of a year i have slowly watched support for his foster parents wither away. one year since five-year-old hasanni campbell went missing and there have been a change of heart against people who stood by the boy's foster parents including his opt. >> i believe my nephew was murdered. >> by who? >> by luis. >> reporter: luis ross, hasanni's foster father claims he left the boy behind this
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backdoor of the shoe store where hasanni's aunt worked. when he opened the door to let the boy into a back room, hasanni was gone. police arrested the couple who were cooperating and then released them citing a lack of evidence. >> i trusted their word. but they showed through their acts their word cannot be trusted. they have shown they have an agenda. i am not going to play that game with them. >> we had nothing to do with it. he is our little boit -- boy. we want him and we want him home. >> reporter: a volunteer searcher says she understands why they stopped talking to police, but can't understand their actions afterward. >> we were there to support them and help them in anyway could. for them to leave town like this child didn't matter is hard to swallow. >> reporter: the couple had a child together and moved to arizona where they broke up. ross is now in maryland and mccampbell in arizona, a single mother looking for a
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job. >> as of two weeks ago, i went out of state with the fbi and conducted an interview of jennifer campbell regarding the investigation. >> reporter: today the district attorney told family and friends of hasanni the $75,000 reward for information leading to an arrest could be offered to jennifer campbell who police believe has crucial information. and while a group of supporters still remain committed to finding asanni, jennifer campbell and luis roth have stopped speaking to them. since being released from jail, they made no effort to help find the boy themselves. reporting live in oakland, alan wang, abc7 news. today supervisors in contra costa and santa clara counties moved forward with plans to require pittbulls be spayed or neutered. this follows the fatal mauling of a two-year-old boy by three pittbulls in concord. saw -- supporters say something needs to be done to control the pop igs las of dangerous dogs.
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critics worry any mandatory restrictions would be tougher to enforce. they want tougher laws for the pet owners and not the pet themselves. san francisco is considering a ban on high calorie meals. a study is based on a similar ban that went into affect in santa clara county. they would be prohibited from including toys and meals with more than 600 calories. the same goes for meals without fruits and vegetables. the bill's author says it is all about fighting childhood obesity. >> i am a father of a kid who is ten years old. in the last 30 years, his happy meals started in 1979 and obesity has started for her age-group. i think a lot of it has to do with a lack of access to healthy foods. >> california's restaurant association blasted the toys saying the bans are only proven to disappoint kids, frustrate parents and generate headlines for the ambitious
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politicians. 100 members of the california national guard are spending their first night at home after a year of service in iraq. governor schwarzenegger lead the delegation greeting the police briggade at travis air force base. their primary mission training iraqi police. >> it was very well done. i think the iraqis appreciate it and have learned a lot. they are great people to work with. >> it feels good good to be back in california for sure. >> i am so glad to be home. it has been a long year. >> the 49th is the last to return from iraq. they continue the draw down of u.s. troops there. an oakland airman killed in action in world war ii is finally home. the army sergeant was a crew man on a b-24 shot down. a few years ago, a german research team found the wreckage, his dog tags and his remains. he was identified by his dna. he was buried today at holy
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cross cemetery with full military honors. the father of a stanford football player died in the same alaska plane crash that took the life of the former senator ted stevens. the plane went down in remote southwestern alaska. we have an image of the plane to show you that was seen on an earlier flight. bill philips, the father of the defensive lineman was among the five who survived. they were on their way to a salmon fishing camp when the weather turned bad and the plane crashed into a mountain. >> they estimated there was about a hundred-yard gash leading up the hillside as the plane traveled up the hillside and then came to rest. stevens served 40 years in the senate. he lost his seat after being convicted on corruption charges that were later overturned. >> a lot more to bring you. the head up flight uh 10 dent has a fan plug. >> are you losing your job?
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>> more than likely. >> he was released from jail. >> and pay back time for wells fargo customers. they have $200 million coming their way. scprie if you are a netflix customer, more instant movies customer, more instant movies coming your way.
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to the flight attendant who snapped and escaped down an emergency slide with beers is becoming a folk hero tonight and getting an entirely new kind of air time. reporters swarmed steve slater when he was released from jail in new york late this evening. >> it has been very, very appreciated. it seems like something has resonated with a few people and that's kind of neat. >> are you gonna lose your job? >> more than likely. >> do you care about that anymore? >> no comment at this time. >> although he faces felony charges, slater's story is resonating with any worker who has ever wanted to quit in the heat of the moment. here is andrea caning. >> 24 hours after throwing his now infamous tarmac tantrum,
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steven slater was arraigned in a new york courtroom this morning wearing a t-shirt, shorts and a smirk. >> does mr. slater admit he snapped this morning? >> i can't say what he tells me and didn't tell me. but i found him gentle. >> he said he reached his breaking point when an unruly passenger hit him in the head and didn't apologize. so he got on the intercom, started swearing and in a police confession had these parting words, "to those who have shown dignity and respect these last 20 years, thanks for a great ride." >> there were a few of us waiting to get off. i looked at them and said, did this just happen? did he just swear at a passenger on the intercom? that never happens. i thought that was the end of it. >> i will his triumphant exit that can be heard on this radio report traffic. >> it was intentionally deployed. >> slater activated the emergency inflate only chute and slid down to the tarmac, but not before grabbing some beer and his bags.
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his mother blames the passenger who she says left a bruise on his head. >> i think he just had a very small meltdown, and i think he deserves to be able to have that meltdown. nobody should be abusing anybody. i can understand why he snapped. i would have snapped to -- too. >> reporter: steven -- >> steven slater's attorney said after spending the night in jail he had no idea what he had gotten himself into. he has become an instant folk hero to anyone who has ever dreamed at quitting after a bad day at work. we have seen it time and time again on tv. >> i will never work for you again. >> and in the movies -- >> see you again. sleep tight. >> does new york he has become a folk hero overnight? he has thousands of fans on face woke. >> he has been isolated. he didn't even know of the news coverage. >> andrea caning, abc news, new york. well, today was not a good day to be dialing while
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driving in california. police and the chp teamed up to pull over and ticket drivers they caught using their cell phones behind the wheel. hundreds of citations were issued across the bay area. all in an effort to remind people about the dangers of distracted driving. even people who think they are hands free can be cited if they are caught dialing a number. you need to use voice activated dialing and not your fingers. and look out. another zero tolerance day is planned for one week from tomorrow. wells fargo customers could have money coming their way. the judge ordered the bank to pay back more than $200 million to its customers. it is all because wells routinely posted larger transactions first which often lead to more bounced checks for smaller purchases. the bank defended the practice saying it gave higher priority to things such as mortgages and car loans. netflix users will have more options when they go on-line. the los gatos company uh united states nod a $1 billion deal giving them a right to
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stream movie from paramount, lions gay it -- lions gate and mgm. after today's deal, the films ranging from "ironman 2" to" the godfather" can be shown on your computer. believe it or not, things are warming up. >> we think, right? >> that's what we are told. >> let's check in with sandhya patel. >> this summer warmth is long overdue. and it is coming. we are expecting it to warm up. let's show you what it looked like from our high definition camera. you can see the marine layer there. a really pretty sight of the marine layer around 2,000 feet deep. and higher clouds. those whys pea clouds -- whispy clouds giving us a glow at 8:09 p.m. the numbers in the 50s across the entire bay area. places like santa rosa and napa currently socked in. great thing for antioch.
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look at half moon bay in the mid50s. alt cooler around the bay. the temperatures bounce back thursday through monday. and warm days are expected inland this weekend. with 90s. i know it is hard to believe, but we are expecting them. anything but warm today. this morning oakland was 54 degrees. it actually tied it previous record set in 1986. so it was cool enough to actually tie its previous record. you can see why all of the extensive cloudiness this morning and we are expecting a repeat performance tomorrow. as you look at the water vapor imagery, you have the low pressure continuing across the pacific northwest. they have seen some showers there. this trough holds on for another day as it continues to deepen. we are expecting that the drizzle will get squeezed out as this area of low pressure just hangs back here. and temperatures will fall a few degrees tomorrow of the -- tomorrow. as if we haven't been cool enough, look at tomorrow's high compared to average. santa rosa, 74, 90 degrees below the average of 83.
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redwood city should be at 83. they are only gonna see a temperature of 73. 10 degrees below normal. san jose, 8 degrees booy low its average of 84 coming in at 76. tonight drizzle near the coast. we are looking at cloudiness spreading across most of the bay area with upper 40s to mid50s. and tomorrow afternoon, it is a pleasant day in the south bay, but slightly cooler. 76 in cupertino and san jose. 70 for san mateo and mid70s palo alto and mountain view. look at this though: the chill continues at our coastline with pacifica and half moon bay hovering in the upper 50s. downtown san francisco, 61 degrees. you will see a few sunny breaks, but mostly cloudy most of the day. in the north bay, mid70s for santa rosa and novato. you head out toward the east bay and you are in the mid60s for berkeley and oakland. inland communities, 80 in livermore and up to 78 in concord. sunny skies and a mild afternoon and around the monterey bay. 67 in santa cruz.
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here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast: a drizzly morning, especially near the beaches for that morning commute. upy 50s to mid80s. temperatures come up slightly on thursday heading into friday. by the eng -- by the weekend we have low 90s and low 60s at the beaches and even monday the temperatures continue to come up. mid-nineties range inland. i know it is hard to believe, but it is going to happen. we are waiting. it is long overdue. >> it sure is. thanks, sandhya. well, he was three,000 miles from home, but tonight the cat is back. >> the san francisco homecoming of a kidnapped kitten taken to new york.
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a kitten kidnapped from san francisco has been found miles away in new york city. jack daniels was flown back home a little more than a year after disappearing from san francisco's spca. officials were able to track jack back to the bay area with the help of a special microchip implanted in his shoulder. he looks healthy and doesn't appear to have spent much time outdoors after found wandering the streets of harlem. the rew bikz cube is the
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-- rubix cube is the top selling puzzle. a team of researchers found out the holy grail of rubix cube mathematics. no matter how much you move it from the original state it can be put back in 20 moves. there are 40quintillion locations. and even with that, it only takes 20 moves. the world record for solving the rubix cube? , 7 seconds. it was set two years ago. >> it seems like a trick, but apparently it is legitimate. >> why does she assume i tried and failed? >> i knew you were gonna say that, larry. let's see you do it. >> i would have, but i choose not to try. what's wrong with timmy? that's a trying question the giants do not want to be asking in a pennant race.
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here is another question, what started this? the cards and the reds throw down. down. sports is next.
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tim lincecum could be the closest thing the giants have to a guaranteed win, but the guarantee is not as solid. timmy kind of erratic this year. it was one of the who knows what to expect kind of nights against the cubs. oh baby was it cold, 53 degrees. it felt like 10 below. tim lincecum had never given up four runs in the first inning of a game until tonight. ramirez with an r.b.i single. up cubs up 2-0. next batter and a rare splash down homer into mccuff vee cove -- mccovey cove. timmy lasted only four innings. castro, base hit. 6-2 cubs. what's happened to timmy? giants catch a break in the 7th. two on for posey. this is a deep drive. i got it, i got it, i ain't
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got it. two runs score and it is 6-4. the cubs got those runs back and they turned out to be critical because the giants answered with two. but it is an 8-6 final. the padres also were victor victorious so the giants are now two and a half games back in the west. they are tied in the wild card. mariners' ace stime meed the a's in seattle. the a's load the bases. nobody out, and they can't score. king felix fanned a career high 13. and the next batter was kouzmanoff. double play, inning over. they get nothing and like it. anderson pitched a good game. a big swing and a miss. anderson gave up just one run in a pitcher's dual. a base hit to right and scores the ageless ichiro. anderson is not happy. the a's lose 2-0. yesterday the reds' short stop had some nasty things to stay about the cardinals. today the cardinals responded. he got into it with philips.
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an allout brawl ensued. he said something to dusty baker. he was kicking people with his spikes. men behaving badly. the cards got the last word and they won the game 8-4. when tiger woods was in his prime he would go into the tournament and the question was, who do you bet to win, tiger or anybody else in the field? nobody is asking that anymore. woods came in off the worst performance in his career. 18 over par at firestone. he may not be able to putt anymore, but at least he has a sense of humor. one person asked about his game. here is his response. >> even though i am one of the worst putters on the planet, i may be able to beat you. so i do feel good about that, definitely. >> touchay. >> the warriors are open against houston. lebron and the heat visiting december 10th.
11:32 pm
the celtics come to town february 22nd with shaquille o'neil. new warriors. >> thanks, larry. > that's what is happening. >> for sandhya patel and larry beil, thanks for joining us. >> have a great evening. the next newscast is at 4:30. stay connected at >> good night, everyone.
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