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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 11, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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good morning. i'm theresa garcia live in santa cruz where the protest over this weekend that continues. take a look. you've got a group of homeless advocates saying they should have the right to sleep where they want but it goes against a city law already. one citation. we'll explain what's happening just ahead. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in unincorporated walnut creek where there have been three attacks against women in the very same apartment complex in the past few weeks. and now we're finding out about a fourth attempted attack. the story coming up in a live report. >> here's a live look at downtown san francisco. it's cloudy once again and misty and drizzle. we'll talk about a change. above average heat for your
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neighborhood for the weekend. >> and the bay bridge toll plaza no delays. wish it was like that all the time. some road work could slow you down. i'll have those details coming up. >> 5:01 this wednesday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. the battle is growing between santa cruz county and the homeless camping out in front of the county courthouse. this morning the protestors will try a new tactic to overturn a camping ban. theresa garcia is live at santa cruz city hall. the new battle front. he. >> it is. already the controversy is beginning because in the last ten minutes santa cruz police responded here and did cite one man who was sleeping behind me here at city hall but who you do see are a group of homeless advocates who are saying that they don't want the city's sleeping ban that is in place in public places from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. but the city seems to be flexing its enforcement by giving the citation. the homeless say they're going to continue to protest the law
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in hopes of getting it rescinded. the peace camp 2010 have been camping in various numbers on the lawn outside the santa cruz spear your courthouse since the 4th of july. 3:00 this morning they decided to move over to city hall property to continue the protest the sleeping ban. for the past month neither the county nor the city were sure whose jurisdiction the camping fell under since it was in the city but on county property. it closed a legal loophole when realizing the camping ban applied to the property because it falls within city limits. start being last week, sheriff's deputies and responded to complains about trash and behavior. they issued 24 citations and arrested nine demonstrators for camping on the property without permission. back out here live, the folks say they plan to continue to stay here. the police acted fairly peacefully. they gave them the citation. what's going to continue to go forward is what the officers are
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told to do to enforce that camping or sleeping ban. again, it's in public places from 11 p.m. to 8:30 this morning. shortly from now we'll speak to some of the folks and share their thoughts on the situation. live in santa cruz, theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> theresa, thank you very much. 5:03 now. residents of one east bay complex is worried a sexual predator is preying on friends and neighbors. there have been six attacks in six weeks. terry mcsweeney joins us live. you just learned of a fourth attack? >> we're going to be talking about that momentarily. nobody was injured. there was just an attempted break-in. of the three attacks we're talking about, one of the women was raped. the other two managed to fight off the attacker and based on the descriptions of these three women, this is the work of the same man. yesterday morning at 8:30 in the morning -- the sun had been up two hours. this is not the middle of the night. a woman wakes up. there's a man over her with his
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hand on her mouth. she fights back. and according to the victim's mother, talking to the contra costa times, the victim grabs a can of pepper spray and gets it into the face of the would-be attacker. he ran away. sheriff deputies and came with a search dog but couldn't find him. this is a gated community but the gate is not locked until the evening so people can come in during daylight hours. posters started going up after the rape which occurred july 6th. that case the woman left her door unlocked. there was another attack on june 30th. a man asked if he could have a glass of water, walked in. when he did, he put his hand over her mouth. that was a third attack. a fourth incident is coming to the surface now. a mantels abc 7 someone tried to break in his apartment on august 1st. >> we actually -- that second we tried to opt out of our lease. we're actually in the process of moving out. >> perhaps you won't be the only
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one that contra costa county sheriffs deputies and are saying they have few leads in this case, kind of surprising considering this person has been so bold and has been spotted. what they do have is a description common through the three attacks. a black male, 6-2, 200 pounds, black hood, blue jeans. that's the description from the three suspects, very similar in each case but that is all they have to go on. the deputies and say they're going to increase patrols in this area out here on oak road. live in unincorporated walnut creek, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> thanks. the state corrections department has unveiled a website to warn the public when paroled sex offenders flee from assumption. it includes the names, descriptions and photographs of missing parolees as well as the county where they were living. you can sign up for e-mail alerts when parolees are added to the list. we have a link under "see it on tv" at >> supervisors in contra costa and santa clara counties are moving forward with the plan to
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require pitbulls to be spayed or neutered. this follows the fatal mauling of a two-year-old boy by three pitbulls last month in concord. something needs to be done to control the populations of dangerous dogs but critics worry any mandatory restrictions would be impossible to enforce. they want tougher laws for pet owners, not the pets themselves. >> san francisco is now considering a ban on toys given away with high-calorie meals. the ordinance introduced yesterday at city hall is based on a similar ban we've been telling you about that took effect this week in santa clara county. san francisco restaurants will be prohibited from including toys in meals with more than 600 calories. the same goes for meals without fruits or vegetables. the bill's author supervisor eric mark says it's all about fighting childhood obesity. >> i'm a father of a kid who's ten years old and last 30 years since happy meals started in 1979, the city has quadrupled for her age group and two to
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five it tripled. i think it's the lack of healthy food. >> california's restaurant association blasted a proposed ordinance saying toy bans are only to disappoint kids, frustrate parents and generate headlines for ambitious politicians. >> transportation officials in san francisco have now decided to keep parking free on sundays. a pilot program that has some city parking meters running on sundays has been set aside indefinitely. the san francisco municipal transportation agency was going to implement the controversial program starting next month in five neighborhoods to raise more than $2 million in revenue. but it faced stiff opposition from merchant groups who say it would not help anyone except the city. >> if you ride the sausalito or large ferry you could see say huge fare hike. the golden gate transit district is considering an increase for frequent riders using discounted discount cards.
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obviously discount cards are discounts. could cost 32% more. each to $5.80. the agency is trying to close a $132 million deficit over five years. already it's retooled bus service and eliminated free carpools across the golden gate bridge. the ferry schedule could also be adjusted. >> i have a question for you. maybe you didn't say it, but the discount cards, are they discounted? >> yes. yes, miss obvious said they are in fact discounted. >> you've been promoted to captain. there you go. 5:08. time for a look at the forecast with mike. >> nice, nice. very nice. good morning to you on this hump day. ah, looking toward the weekend! looking at warmer weather. but once we get past today. here's a look at our 8:00 temperatures. stuck in the 50s, cloudy conditions everywhere. we'll even have drizzle hanging there arounds the coast. even mist around the bay. by noon we'll see sunshine in the south bay and the east bay valleys. upper 60s to low 70s there.
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mid-60s fremont and palo alto and low 60s up in the north bay valleys with upper 50s around san rafael, oakland, san francisco and half moon bay bay. still cloudy at noon. by 4:00 clouds back to the coast keeping half moon bay 58, san francisco 60. san rafael, oakland, fremont 60s. low to mid-70s for palo alto into san jose and upper 70s to low 80s in the east bay valleys. 24 hour temperature change pretty much under the same air mass. the only difference today is how quickly the clouds will disperse. and santa rosa, i think it will be a little longer. 2 degrees cooler. oakland and san francisco pretty much the same. should be 2 degrees warmer, excuse me. redwood stid, san jose and also places like concord should be about 2 degrees cooler. here's a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast. about 2 degrees warmer everywhere tomorrow, again on thursday and by sunday into monday and tuesday of next week, temperatures could be above average away from the coast where we're still in the low
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60s. upper 70s around the bay and low to mid-90s inland. frances, good morning. >> good morning, mike. good morning, everyone. we'll head to the south bay where we are lanes blocked on southbound 101 for some overnight road work. it's blocked from 880 until 6:00 this morning. you'll find lanes blocked on southbound 680 from capital avenue until 7:00. and if you're heading to southbound 280, we've got a couple on-ramps blocked for you. the 7th street on-ramp to southbound 680 as well as the 10th and 11th street. a live look outside at 280 interchange. no delays there. the san mateo bridge, trouble free in both directions. in contra costa county, no delays at all. here's a live shot of 680 in walnut creek. only a ten-minute drive now to the caldecott tunnel if you continue on highway 24. >> thanks. it's 5:10.
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>> general motors ready to report its biggest profit in several years. >> the latest on a critical space walk just getting underway right now outside the international space station. this is mission control, of course. the important repair job the astronauts have to face.
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"meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you?
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> good morning. we begin your "moneyscope" report with the federal reserve taking action to revive the economic recovery. after its meeting tuesday, the fed said the pace of the recovery has slowed in recent months. with high unemployment and falling home prices holding back growth, the fed said it will buy government debt to drive interest rates on mortgages and corporate loans a little lower.
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>> the objective it make sure there's plenty of money out there to incentivize businesses and individuals to borrow money at low rates so they can invest in things. >> economists doubt this will help much. rates are already low and that hadn't done much to stimulate spending. president obama is signing a bill today to help the nation's manufacturers and create jobs. the measure reduces or suspends tariffs on materials companies import. it will cut cost for businesses and consumers and boost experts. general motors is expected to report its biggest profit in six years tomorrow. the company may have earned more than $1 billion in the second quarter thanks to stronger sales arounds the world and higher prices in the u.s. good news for toyota as well this morning. a government investigation has found no evidence of faulty electronics in run-away vehicles. it appears driver error was to
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blame in many reports. toyota has recalled 10 million vehicles to fix problems. that is your "moneyscope" report. >> 5:15 on this wednesday morning. a ucsf study being released today shows emergency room visits increase more than 23% over the past decade. the study shows total annual emergency room visits in the u.s. reached nearly 95 million in 1997. it rose over the next ten years to an estimated 116 million total visits in 2007. the study says visitor rates were adults on medicate accounted for much of the increase suggesting those patients may not have adequate access to outparent care. private insurance or medicare patients showed no significant change. >> starting the second space walk to make emergency repairs. two astronauts whether try to remove a failed pump that spewed toxic ammonia when they tinkered
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with it last saturday. this is mission control in houston. controllers have taken action to prevent any more major leakage. the plan is to install a spare pump in a third space walk this weekend. that second space walk about to get underway. we'll keep you posted. >> it's even hot up there because the air conditioner is not working and we're still cool here in the summer. >> that's right. >> it's ironic! >> isn't it though. global warming because of the summer we're having. doesn't mean it's going to be warmer everywhere. climates shift, patterns shift. some people get cooler like us. show you what's going on. sfo this morning, cloudy conditions, no reports yet but we usually don't get them until 6:00. let's take a look at temperatures. all of us in the 50s, the cool spot los gatos, redwood city and santa rosa in the low 50s.
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as far as the monterey bay, cloudy conditions, also drizzle and mist to be found and temperatures in the mid-50s. that slow sunshine continues today. the bay about 2:00. our valleys, a little sooner, about noon when we'll see the sunshine. the coast probably never. warming trend tries to move into our neighborhoods tomorrow with the greatest impact in our inland neighborhoods over the weekend. area of low pressure driving down. you may notice a little breezy yesterday. it will be a little breezy this morning into the afternoon hours as this trough brings in cooler air and reinforces this trough so it's going to hold on one more day. once we get to tomorrow, the high pressure starts to take over and warmer weather on the way. until then, mid to upper 70s in the south bay with 80 possible in los gatos. low to mid-70s through most of the peninsula. 68 millbrae, a little cooler and 10 degrees cooler than that around pacifica, 58. also daly city. downtown south san francisco, sausalito low 60s. san rafael about 68. you see low to mid-70s through the north bay valleys.
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mid-80s clear lake and ukiah. upper 50s your coast. east bay shore, 68 richmond, the cool spot, 72 fremont. some 80s in the east bay valleys. pittsburgh, antioch and brentwood and around livermore. otherwise through the san ramon, mid to upper 70s for you. temperatures drops from 80 to 75 to 71 around the monterey bay. we'll see some sunshine. low to mid-60s. tonight cloudy once again. look for mist. you may need the windshield wipers once or twice tomorrow. temperatures low to mid-50s. your seven-day forecast. 2 degrees warmer tomorrow again, friday again, saturday again, again sunday, again monday. that high pressure may take a while to get here but when it does, it's going to be well warmer than average in a few areas inland as we hit the low to mid-90s over the weekend and upper 70s to near 80 around the bay which is pretty close to average and low 60s at the coast. i hope you have a great
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wednesday. here's frances. any hot spots? >> no hot spots. kind of like the weather. actually pretty cool. that's good news if you're heading to work. a live shot of interstate 80 in berkeley. it's still a delay-free drive as you make your way westbound out of vallejo, even out of fairfield down to the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is light, no delays at all. if you're coming out of the north bay heading towards the golden gate bridge, here's another live shot for you. i did have to use my windshield wiper a couple times, wipers, in san francisco. and traffic here is light. 45 minutes is the drive time right now from santa rosa to the golden gate bridge. we'll check out the south bay for you and show you the 101 and 880 interchange. headlights are northbound 101 and that's fine all the way up the peninsula. you can get the latest traffic conditions and sign up for personalized drive times on our website it's under the bay area traffic link. eric, kristen. >> thanks. it's 5:19.
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>> the new software to alert parents about inappropriate text on their kids' cellphones. must reads are still ahead. >> also crunching the numbers, the holy grail reached in the world's most popular from. >> see you in a minute. with orbitz, i know what to expect from my vacation.
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mike and see if it's windy out there at all or if there's some other reason this camera's shaking. you see that, mike, the camera's shaking a little. windy out there? >> a little breezy at the higher elevations, yeah. >> thank you, sir. >> yeah. the rubik's cube is the world's top selling puzzle. a team of researchers figured out the holy grail of rubik's cube mathematics. no matter how much you shuffle the cube it can be returned to its original state in just 20 moves. there are more than 43 potential configurations. that's all. despite that, still only takes 20 moves to reach a solution. by the way, the world record for solving the rubik's cube is just seven seconds. seen here, it was set two years ago. >> that seems longer than seven
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seconds but, okay. you want to tell folks about your entrepreneurial background? >> there were cheat sheets. let's say my fellow students wanted those cheat sheets and i copied them and made some money. >> five dollars a pop! five bucks. >> it was cheaper -- never mind! >> time for the must reads. california voters can legalize marijuana for recreational use but legal or not using marijuana can still keep you from getting a job. a state supreme court ruling gave the right to not hire for positive drug tests even if they have a medical marijuana card. that's not going to change even if californians legalize recreational pot. >> helping parents monitor the data coming into their kids' cellphones. some parents complain they can't block inappropriate contacts and authorities won't help unless there's a direct threat to a child's safety. many of the apts send alerts,
5:26 am
mobile devices when something inappropriate is received. >> probably you never heard of harry focal. how about you? >> nope. >> he's a living link to two iconic bay area wetland marks. he's one of the few remaining men who can say they helped build both the golden gate and bay bay bridges. he's 97 and sharing his remembrances with the paper. if you wonder which bridge was his favorite. he spent two years working on the bay bridge and 40 working on the golden gate. we posted a link on our website, just look under the must reads tab. >> 5:26. still ahead, the latest on the homeless protest going on right now in front of the city hall in santa cruz. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in unincorporated walnut creek. a special warning going out to women in a particular apartment complex after three attacks in the past six weeks. we have that warning for you coming up in a live report.
5:27 am
>> also next at 5:30, the only suspect arrested in the murder of a german tourist was released from a san francisco jail overnight. >> check out the mild temperatures up around portland. mid to upper 70s as you head to the east coast, 90 new york city. near 100 in d.c., st. louis and dallas. 95 denver and atlanta. no organized areas of severe weather, just pop-up thunderstorms that could cause delays like the ones rolling through chicago right now. see if you're delayed at
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♪ i'm terry mcsweeney live in unincorporated walnut creek. in one particular apartment complex, three attacks in just the past six weeks. i'm gonna tell you exactly what the law enforcement is telling the women to watch out for coming up in a live report. >> and i'm theresa garcia live in santa cruz where you can't exactly sleep where you want to
5:30 am
at certain times of the day and night. there's a sleeping ban going on here and we're going to explain why the homeless advocates say it's just wrong and they're going to continue protesting it. >> the only suspect arrested in the shooting death of a german tourist released from a san francisco jail overnight. >> from san francisco back to the port of oakland. low cloud cover once again and mist and drizzle will greet you with cool conditions but i see a change in the weather pattern and warmer weather for our neighborhoods this weekend, especially inland. >> things looking really good this morning. no accidents so far. a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza shows no delays and light commute around the bay area. >> nice way to start a wednesday. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. topping our news, sheriff deputies and outside walnut creek are searching for a man behind a string of sexual assaults at one particular apartment complex. it started in late june. terry mcsweeney is live at the
5:31 am
park regency apartments. terry, we understood there were three attacks but you found out there may have been four? >> someone tried to break into a man's apartment august 1st. that person tells abc 7 he is leaving this apartment complex. he is getting out of his lease. he was not injured but that cannot be said about the three women who were victims of this attacker, including the woman raped inside her apartment. now, the most recent attack happened yesterday morning. 8:30 a.m.. the way this guy got into that apartment is a mystery right now. the door was reportedly locked, windows locked. the victim used pepper spray to get rid of the attacker. back on july 6th, a woman was raped inside her apartment. she had left her door unlocked. june 30th, that was the first attack. a man asked a woman if he could have a glass of water. she went to get it. he followed her in, put his hand over her mouth. and she screamed and fought him
5:32 am
alerting her boyfriend the suspect ran away. the contra costa county lieutenant charles skuce is telling me this morning women need to be especially vigilant and especially prepared. >> i think it's important for people to be prepared mentally, physically. and if they're trained or seek out training and a device like pepper spray and mace, i think that's important for certainly safety. >> in addition to all the other things that you have thought of yourselves over the years, lock your door, lock your window. keep your eyes around your surroundings, make sure no one is following you. contra costa county's sheriffs deputy said they increased patrols in this area but don't have a lot to go on as far as the description of the suspect, just that he's 6 foot 2, blackmail, 200 pounds wearing a black hood and blue jeans. the description of the attackers seems to be the same. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news.
5:33 am
>> thank you. it's 5:32. a fight between the homeless in santa cruz and the city and county trying to prevent them from camping out. the homeless who have spent three weeks in front of the county courthouse made a big move overnight. theresa garcia is live at santa cruz city hall. theresa? >> they've been shifting to different locations in protest of the sleep ban. there was confusion first over city and county property but this is a city ban on sleeping. behind me you can see here they are at city hall and have some signs out there talking about their protests of the sleep ban. now, if you take a look at some of our video we caught within the last 45 minutes, santa cruz police officers cited one man sleeping by the fountain. enforcement of the city law banning sleeping in public places specifically from 11 p.m. to 8:30 in the morning. but the homeless are hoping to get it rescinded. the city has yet to come to the
5:34 am
table with them to discuss solutions. >> what we need to establish is some sort of a safe zone. that's common fairness. we learned it when we were kids playing tag. there's always a safe spot. if these student sweep wars are going to continue, fine, we're up for the battle. but in the meantime these folks need some place to sleep. >> a group of homeless advocate who call themselves peace camp 2010 have been on the lawns outside the santa cruz county superior courthouse. it began july 4th. 3:00 this morning they decided to pack up and move over to the city hall property to continue protesting the sleeping ban. what happened is that for the past month neither the county nor the city were sure whose jurisdiction the camping fell under since it was in the city but on county property. it closed the legal loophole when they said it applied to county property because it falls within city limits. anyway, starting last week's sheriffs deputies and considered enforcement. they arrested nine
5:35 am
demonstrators, issued 24 citations saying they had to leave the property there. now it shifted over here. this is a new battle you could say continuing and we'll see what happens from here on forward. but this morning at least one citation has been issued. live in santa cruz, theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> theresa, thank you very much. marin county nearly 14,000 pg&e customers finally have the electricity on this morning following a power failure last night. officials say an equipment malfunction caused nearly the five-hour blackout and during the power outage one man was shot. it happened just before 10:00 at the intersection of leafwood drive and the parkway. he was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. >> the only suspect to be arrested in connection with a german tourest was released from jail. there is not yet enough evidence
5:36 am
to file charges against phillip stewart. police originally arrested him monday in connection with the shooting. schroeder was caught in the crossfire between two groups of young people near her hotel in the theater district sunday night. investigators say they'll continue to pore over evidence including surveillance video until they can make their case. >> both sides in the a. c. transit labor dispute return to court today. a. c. transit is asking a judge to reconsider his ruling that order the agency to enter into a binding arbitration for the union for a new contract. a. c. transit says it's complying with the judge's orders to honor the old contract with workers while the two sides negotiate a new agreement but no new talks have been scheduled. the agency had i am imposed a new are contract and that consulted in calls in sick the last several weeks. it led to big delays and cancellations for thousands of
5:37 am
commuters. >> house speaker nancy pelosi will take part in the ground breaking many of the trans bay terminal. tearing downing the old and building a new one is expected to create 48,000 new jobs. the old site at first and mission streets will be replaced with a hub that will serve nine transportation systems including california high-speed rail. service at the old terminal has been moved to a temporary location two blocks away at howard and main street. the new permanent terminal will not be completed for seven years. >> you have the permanent terminal and the permanent permanent terminal. keep that in mind. >> nothing is permanent when it comes to the weather. >> that's right. what do you see? low clouds, mist and drizzle. which feels different than every other day this summer. >> good observation there, eric. what we're dealing are still clouds and mist and drizzle by 8:00 but starting to dry by then. temperatures stuck in the 50s for that part of the morning
5:38 am
commute. if you're leaving work or heading outside during the noon hour, look for clouds around oakland, san rafael, up to santa rosa, san francisco and half moon bay with upper 50s to low 60s there. mid to upper 60s fremont, palo alto, san jose with sunshine. same thing in the east bay valleys with near 70 degrees at livermore and antioch. upper 70s to low 80s east bay valleys. mid-70s south bay with upper 60s to low 70s fremont, palo alto. relatively cool around san francisco and half moon bay with 60 and 58 and about 65 san rafael and oakland with sunshine finally back. we'll see sunshine in the valleys by about noon but not around the entire bay until about 2:00 this afternoon. accu-weather seven-day forecast. let's talk about slow warming trend. you can see it starts tomorrow and then lasts all the way through monday. we add about 2 degrees to the afternoon temperatures in most areas except the coast, the biggest jump will be inland
5:39 am
where we'll see nearly a 10 degree jump between now and monday. frances, good morning. >> good morning, mike. i cannot find any accidents, not even stalls or even major road work to slow you down right now. here's a live shot of the maze. a pretty good trip wherever you're going. as you make your way towards work, that's westbound 80 heading towards the bay bridge. you see headlights. that's northbound 880 transitioning on to eastbound 80. traffic flowing well in the east bay. we'll checkouts the san mateo bridge for you. live shot here and westbound traffic flowing well into foster city and san mateo. it's also looking good elsewhere as we check out the drive times for you. 238 to the maze, only 15 minutes on northbound 880. to dakota road it's 9 minutes. >> frances, thank you. >> meg whitman gains a key endorsement in her bid for
5:40 am
governor. >> payback time for wells fargo customers. they have more than $200 million coming their way. >> and more instant movies for netflix users. allergies put me in a fog.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. it's 5:42. candidate for governor meg whitman has picked up a key
5:43 am
endorsement. the western growers association is backing her. it represents fruit and vegetable growers and shippers. supports her proposal to reduce business regulations and upgrade the state's water system. >> wells fargo customers could have money headed their way. yesterday a federal judge ordered the san francisco bank to pay back more than $200 million to its customers. this is all because wells routinely posted larger transactions first and that often led to more bounced checks for smaller purchases. the bank defended its practice saying it gave higher priority to larger payments like mortgages and car loans. >> the los gatos based company has announced a $1 billion deal giving them the right to stream movies from paramount, lionscape and mgm. currently fewer than half of the movies shown this year condition
5:44 am
screened on netflix. they will soon be available on your computer or mobile devices. >> it's about 5:44. why students at stanford and u.c. berkeley can now bet on their grades. >> the jetblue flight attendant is out of jail. coming up hear what he has to say. >> and a stolen bay area kitten found in the big apple returns to san francisco. [ banker ] when ashley's violin teacher told her parents she was gifted,
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welcome back. here's a look at the temperatures and the cloud conditions across the wonderful state of california. 60 eureka, 61 big sur. san diego cool, 77 and 72. cool sacramento 84 and tahoe 71. upper 80s chico. look how cool just about everywhere until you get to palm springs at 102. eric? >> mike, thank you very much. it's 5:47. the nation's most famous flight attendant is out of jail this morning and talking. steven slater's sudden explosive exit from his job seems to have resonated with unhappy workers everywhere making something of a folk hero. mike is in new york with details. >> steven slater's exit from jail -- >> you gonna lose your job? >> more than likely. >> not aspect tack what are as the one that landed him in the national spotlight. >> tell me about what you think about all the support you've
5:48 am
gotten. >> it's been very, very appreciated. >> the jetblue flight attendant was working a flight in new york monday. prosecutors say a passenger ignored his order to stay seated. her luggage hit him in the head, infuriated passengers say slater unloaded an expletive-laced resignation on the p. a. system. >> did he swear at a passenger on the intercom? that never happens. >> he grabbed a couple beers, activated the emergency chute. >> it was deployed. >> and he slid out of the plane. slater had a signed statement to the judge yesterday. the man who's logged 30 years as a flight attendant is now piloting a new movement. >> something resonated with a few people. that's kind of neat. >> thousands of supporters are taking to social media. his mom, a former slight attendant herself is fighting for her son's reputation. >> i don't think people in the service industry should be
5:49 am
abused by anybody. >> even his ex-wife backs him saying he truly enjoys flying. a passion that's grounded at least for now. >> he definitely exited in a grand fashion. (laughter) he is a dramatic fellow. so i wouldn't expect any less of him. >> slater is charged with two felonies and could face up to seven years in prison if convicted on all the charges. his next court appearance is set for september 7th. abc news, new york. >> 5:49. the plane crash in alaska that took the life of former senator ted stevens also killed the father of a stanford football player andrew phillips. the coach issued a statement: we're struck with deep sadness by the tragic and sudden lose of bill phillips. a man could hardly live a more full life than bill. his legacy lives on through his four sons, four incredible young men he raised. that plane slammed into a
5:50 am
mountain in remote alaska while en route to a salmon fishing camp. five were killed, including former senator stevens. federal investigators will examine the wreckage today. they are looking at weather as a possible cause. four others survived, including former nasa chief sean o'keefe who is in critical condition. >> nasa is trying to figure out the cost of saving a mountain view landmark that's scheduled for destruction next year. the navy has hired a contractor to dismantle the huge hangar one at moffett field. the gigantic structure was built in the 1930s to store the navy's collazo blimps. they will ask how much it costs to fix the historic building. the estimates are between 15 and $40 million. that's not nasa's estimate. they haven't put one out. >> okay. 5:50. mike has been trying to estimate -- you can do better than that. you can pinpoint it, put your
5:51 am
finger on the temperatures today. >> yeah! (laughter) >> we're going to be careful where we touch 'em. they are not going to be burn-worthy, not until possibly this weekend. the sunshine not burn-worthy until possibly then too. put our finger on the pulse of the harbor there, oakland. rather quiet compared to yesterday. yesterday they were working. today lights off. let's talk temperatures. and we have low 50s around redwood city, santa rosa and los gatos. the rest of us in the mid to upper 50s. around the monterey bay, we also have temperatures in the mid-50s. look at that, everybody 54 except salinas 55. mist and drizzle dominate the morning but sunshine will dominate most of the afternoon. it will be the coolest afternoon that takes a long time for that sun to break through in some areas, just like it has most of this week. warming trend tries to move in, especially into our inland neighborhoods tomorrow and gets heaviest or strongest through
5:52 am
the weekend in those same areas. 5:00 this morning all the way to 8:00. lots of push of cloud cover all the way through the east bay valleys into parking lot central valleys. by noon you can see those areas, east bay valleys and the south bay clear but still the bay and most of the north bay covered in clouds along with the coast. not until 2:00 we see the sunshine in those neighborhoods. the 50s to just about the 70s. a few 80s but they're getting pushed deeper and deeper east into the central valleys. brentwood and livermore as close as we get. mid to upper 70s through the rest of the east bay valleys. more 60s on the east bay shores. temperatures should be slightly cooler today. mid to upper 60s to richmond. castro valley, union city, fremont, newark, 70, 71 degrees. millbrae 68. low to mid-70s on the peninsula with a mostly sunny sky. cloudy around the coast, upper 50s for you. downtown, south san francisco,
5:53 am
sausalito under cloud cover and low to mid-60s. san rafael 68 and more sunshine later this afternoon and low to mid-70s ins north bay valley. mid 60s and a few upper 60s, santa cruz at 67 and salinas. morgan hill at 80. i just got some coffee, i promise. at&t park, first time in three weeks. 7:15. cloudy and cool, zito's on the mound. dropping to 56, the third in a four-game series and we lost last night. gotta win one against these guys. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, monday, the warming trend gradually as high pressure takes over. upper 70s around the bay and low 60s the coast. hope you have a great hump day. did you find anything yet? >> oh, my gosh, mike, no! i can't find anything. that's great news for you at home if you're getting ready to head to work. mike broke his caffeine-free streak now.
5:54 am
it's a 20 minute ride from novato to the golden gate bridge. we'll check out the drive on 101 on the peninsula. and a live shot now millbrae, those headlights moving northbound into san francisco. southbound also looking good. and the south bay we have a live shot for you at highway 87 there. and that will take us northbound trafficked making its way towards 101. still light this morning all throughout the south bay. we'll end with another shot in the east bay for you. no trouble at all for contra costa county commuters as we check out 680 in walnut creek. looks great through the sunol grade. get the latest traffic information anytime it changes. we update it on it's under the bay area traffic link. eric, kristen. >> mike fell off the wagon. >> dude, i feel your pain. (laughter) >> yeah, right. we don't even try to get on the wagon. >> i've been thrown under that wagon so many times. the fed helps send mortgage rates lower again but investors aren't too pleased. >> here's jane king with the
5:55 am
"moneyscope" report. good morning. it's the day after the fed said the recovery is slowing enough but it needs to take action to give us a lift. that's a concern for investors who sent stocks lower yesterday and doing the same around the globe this morning. the feds move to take money getting back from the mortgage-backed bonds it owns and putting that money into treasuries. that move is sending interest rates lower. makes it a good time to consider refinancing if you look to loafer payments. the rate on a 30-year fixed is below 4.5%. a judge ordering wells fargo to pay $4.5 million and stop manipulating transactions. keep making acquisitions even if it means anti-trust investigations. social net working and mobile technology. toy story 3 and giving a boost to disney where income surged
5:56 am
40% compared to a year ago. says it's going to more normal pricing. can get straight a's in college math but not do so well in history. the website allows students at 36 colleges including texas a&m and ucla to bet on their grades. how hard the course is. perhaps provides a training ground for wall street traders. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> this morning a kidnapped kitten from san francisco found 2500 miles away in new york city. it's finally back at the san francisco spca. yesterday jack daniels was flown back to the bay area a little more than a year after disappearing from our spca. officials were able to track jack back to the bay area with the help of a special microchip implanted in his shoulder. he looks healthy and didn't appear to have spent much time outdoors after he was found wandering the streets in harlem.
5:57 am
>> a special case with ice and a twist of lemon for him but he didn't really need it to be flown back. 5:56 now. that's a drink. just ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00, a new building that could have one bay area city tracking every bullet bought and sold. >> banning something popular from fast food kids meals. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in unincorporated walnut creek where an apartment complex has been put on alert after three assaults in just six weeks against women. the story coming up in a live report. 3q
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