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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 11, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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♪ i'm terry mcsweeney live in unincorporated walnut creek where security has been stepped up at an apartment complex where three women have been assaulted in just the past six weeks. more coming up in a live report. and in santa cruz there's an issue of where you can sleep, at least certain times of the day. i'm theresa garcia live in santa cruz. we'll let you know why homeless advocates say they have a right to sleep where they want and they're definitely showing it by protest. >> san francisco could be next in line to take the happy out of happy meals. >> and maybe you happen to see a few breaks in the clouds. those are the upper level clouds. plenty of fog and mist this morning but it could be one of the last mornings. we'll have an update on your warming trend. >> it has been such a nice and
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quiet morning for your commute. really no accidents to slow you down. live shot of the san mateo bridge shows a little more congestion westbound but still pretty good as you make your yea out of hayward. >> 6:01 this wednesday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. residents of a contra costa county apartment complex are on high alert after a series of sexual assaults. three times in the last six weeks residents have been attacked inside their own homes and this morning we're learning of a fourth incident. terry mcsweeney joins us life from the park regency apartments near walnut creek. terry? >> a mantels us last week someone tried to break down the door of his apartment. that's taken separately from the attacks of three women assaulted inside their apartment and the person doing this sometimes work in broad daylight. yesterday morning that's exactly what happened. 8:30 in the morning a woman woke up to a hand on her mouth.
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she fought back, eventually getting ahold -- according to her mother -- getting ahold of a can of pepper spray. she sprayed it in the attacker's face and he fled. deputies and came out with a such dog unable to find the person. this is a complex that is gated but the gate is closed not until the evening and it's easy to walk in and out of this complex. the second attack -- rather the previous attack happened july 6th, a woman raped when she left her door unlocked on june 30th. a man asked for a glass of water. she screamed and fought back when he put his hands over her mouth. the fourth attacker attacked when someone tried to get into his apartment august 1st. >> we actually -- that second we tried to opt out of a lease. we're in the process of moving out. >> contra costa county sheriff's investigators are saying they
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have few leads in this case despite the fact that the women did get a good look at this person. they do have a description but little else to go on. no hint of on identification. he's described as a black man, 6-2, 200 pounds. yesterday he was wearing a black hood and dark pants. that's what they have right now. i can tell you that the contra costa county sheriffs deputies and are telling me they have increased patrols in this area and we've seen at least three security guards inside the apartment complex so far this morning. live in unincorporated walnut creek, terry mcsweeney. >> it's 6:03. supervisors in contra costa and santa clara counties are moving forward now with a plan to require pitbulls to be spayed or neutered. this follows the fatal mauling of a two-year-old boy by three pitbulls last month in concord. supporters say something has to be done to control the populations of dangerous dogs but critics worry that any mandatory restrictions would be
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impossible to enforce. they want tougher laws for pet owners, not the pets themselves. >> the battle is growing between santa cruz county and the homeless camping out in front of the county courthouse. overnight protestors decided a new tactic to overturn a controversial camping ban. theresa garcia is live at santa cruz city hall, the new battlefront. theresa? >> it is the new battlefront indeed. this is where the group of homeless advocates have decided to take up their issue right where the top city officials report to work at city hall. in fact, you can see them right here. they say they're going to keep sleeping here, expecting enforcement from police but hoping their presence will activate change. just before 5:00 this morning, santa cruz police officers cited one man for sleeping by the city hall fountain. the city will enforce its no camping ordinance which prohibits sleeping in public places from 11 p.m. to 8:30 in the morning. they're going to protest the law in hopes of getting it rescinded. the city has yet to come to the
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table to discuss solutions. until it's worked out they'd like a safe zone to sleep. they believe the city backed by downtown merchants is more concerned about its image than their health. >> what we're concerned about is health. we understand there's no money for anybody. find some extra money, give it to the kids. they need it for the schools but we want our civil rights. give us our rights back. we will take care of ourselves. >> around 3:00 this morning the homeless advocates who called themselves peace camp 2010 decided to move over to city hall property to protest the sleeping ban. they have been camping on the lawn and stairs outside the santa cruz county courthouse since the 4th of july. we're not sure whose jurisdiction the camping fell under since it was in the city but on county property. they figure it all out that the city ban applies. they started last week, sheriffs deputies and with enforcement. arrested nine demonstrators to
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refuse to stop camping without permission. back here live, they still say they're not going to go anywhere. we've had one citation and we'll see how this battle continues. live in santa cruz, theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> terry, thanks. it's 6:06 now. firefighters found a lot more than fire last night in san jose. they responded to reports of a house fire on lockner drive only to discover what was burning was an unattended pot-growing operation. police are now trying to locate the owners of the three-bedroom home. firefighters say the likely cause of the fire was illegal wiring. meantime fire investigators in fremont are asking for the public's help after a versus of small fires at a fremont elementary school over the last two months. there have been four suspicious fires at warwick elementary since june. all happened at night when nobody should be at the school. >> a ban on toys given away with high calorie meals, the ordinance introduced yesterday at city hall is based on a
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similar ban we've been telling you about that took effect this week in santa clara county. san francisco restaurants will be prohibited from including toys in meals with more than 600 calories. the same goes for meals without fruits or vegetables. the bill's author says it's all about fighting childhood obesity. >> i'm a father of a kid who's ten years old and the last 30 years since happy meals started in 1979, the city has quadrupled for her age group and for the age group two to five it's tripled. i think a lot has to do with lack of access to healthy food. >> california restaurant association blasted the proposed ordinance saying toy bans are only proven to disappoint kids, frustrate parents and generate headlines for ambitious politicians. >> let's generate a little weather forecast for you, see what we've got out there the. >> we've got -- what do we have coming up next, mike? >> mist and clouds through at least a good part of the morning hours. then we'll see some sunshine. talk about the current
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conditions, the drizzle most likely along the coast amid the higher elevations. even 47 los gatos. these temperatures are much cooler in los gatos by 13 degrees. mountain view, redwood city and oakland 3 degrees cooler. san francisco, half moon bay, concord and san jose about 2 degrees warmer than just 24 hours ago. here's our 8:00 condition. cloudy everywhere and temperatures still in the 50s. by noon though we'll see a break in the clouds, especially the east bay valleys and the south bay. upper 60s to low 70s there. mid-60s fremont and palo alto. cloudy santa rosa, san francisco, half moon bay and oakland 60 degrees. by 4:00 still upper 50s to near 60 half moon bay, san francisco cloud cover. sunshine over san rafael and oakland with 65. 68 fremont. 69 santa rosa and low to mid-70s for the rest of the bay, even upper 70s to low 80s in the east by valleys. those areas that we'll see the
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biggest change in temperatures as we hit the low to mid-90s this weekend. minute 70s around the bay. pretty tolerable and low 60s around the coast with pockets of sunshine, more so than what you're seeing today. frances, a new accident? >> first one that came in north of napa. an injury crash reportedly blocking both lanes at this time so heads up there. a live shot though on the major freeways. no delays right now on 101, golden gate bridge here. a live shot as you make your way in towards san francisco. at the bridge toll plaza, also light this morning. it's also looking good in the south bay as we check out the 280 and 17 interchange for you. and that's northbound 280. highway 17 at this point problem-free as you make your way towards san jose. eric, kristen. >> thank you, frances. it's 6:09. >> just ahead, why it costs a whole lot more to get on a golden gate ferry. >> a risky walk in space. the second attempt to fix a very
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big problem outside the
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good morning. it's now 6:13. let's take a live look on the embarcadero checking out the bay bridge. very gray out there. drizzle and most of us won't see sun until probably early afternoon what mike was saying. he's going to check out any airport delays and the warm-up just around the corner coming up. >> a san francisco supervisor is calling for an ammunition registry to make it easier to track bullets bought and sold locally. it would be one way to get around a state law that prohibits cities from creating a gun registry. it would open up lawsuits. the golden gate bridge district is considering an increase for riders discounted or clipper transits cars. the sausalito ride could cost
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32% more. each rising to $5.80. the agency is trying to close a $132 million deficit over five years. already it's retooled bus service and eliminated free carpools across the golden gate bridge. the ferry schedule could also be adjusted. >> to have some city parking meters running on sundays has been set aside indefinitely. the municipal transportation agency was going to implement the controversial program next month. the goal was to raise more than $2 million in revenue but the plan faced stiff opposition from merchant groups who say it would not help anyone except the city. >> right now space station astronauts are just starting their second risky space walk in a week to make emergency repairs. two astronauts were trying to remove a failed pump that dangerously spewed toxic ammonia
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coolant when they tinkered with it last saturday. you can see one of the astronaut's hands working now. the international space station has been operating with half of its usual cooling capability for a week and a half. the plan is install a spare pump in a third space walk later this weekend. >> gotta do that air conditioner maintenance every year before it gets hot up there. >> the letter's in the mail from your local contractor. >> i do. tough to get it up there. >> we've been really needing it. >> no, no. not often you look at your electric bill and say, okay, it's reasonable. still not happy but reasonable. >> don't use those words in the same sentence. >> 6:15 this morning. good morning to you. we've made it to wednesday. we're looking at clouds across all our neighborhoods. even mist and some drizzle the closer you get to the coast. temperatures are coldest in los
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gatos, 48 degrees. we have low 50s around santa rosa. and that's about it. everybody else in the mid to upper 50s. monterey bay same kind of conditions, same type of temperatures, mid-50s. so our highlights, the three things i want you to get out of this is the flow of sunshine again today. we're talking about the valleys, not until noon. the bay not until 2:00, the coast probably never. warming trend really tries to get into the forecast tomorrow. it will have its greatest impact on our temperatures inland, especially over the weekend. here's a look what's going on upstairs. an area of low pressure diving down to our neighborhoods. a trough of low pressure here and that's going to keep us a little breezy today. that stronger sea breeze means one more day. i think temperatures will be slightly cooler today than they were yesterday. let's start in the south bay. and we'll have the mid to upper 70s, even an 80 los gatos. on the peninsula low to mid-70s in most neighborhoods. upper 50s along the coast.
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downtown south san francisco just slightly warmer sausalito in the low to mid-60s. san rafael 68. look at the beaches in the north bay, upper 50s for you. low to mid-70s inland through the valleys and clear lake and ukiah in the mid to upper 80s. in the east bay valleys, you see some 80s as you head on highway 4 to pittsburgh, antioch, brentwood and livermore. otherwise most of us mid to upper 70s. low to mid-70s hollister and gilroy. morgan hill 80 degree mark. sunshine develops around the monterey bay. not quite as cloudy as yesterday but relatively cool with mid to upper 60s. monterey and carmel low 60s. mist but it won't be nearly as heavy or as widespread. i shouldn't say mist is heavy but it won't be as numerous. how about that. low to mid-50s tomorrow morning. seven-day forecast, slow warming
6:18 am
trend means a couple degrees every day as the sunshine comes out a little quicker and the marine layer becomes less and less of an influence as high pressure takes over. saturday, sunday and monday the sheath peaks. mist 70s around the bay and low 60s at the coast. i hope you have a great day. it's been a quiet morning trafficwise until the last couple minutes, frances. another new one? >> yeah. it's in the north bay as well. possibly a bad one. southbound 101 at the sold redwood highway. saying possibly a couple lanes blocked and some garbage trucks involved. chp on their way. we'll let you know. it does look like there's a little slowing now, 55 mph as opposed to 67 once you get past it and make your way towards petaluma. the other accident on highway 29 at oak noel avenue. apparently the northbound left turn lane is blocked. the southbound lane may be partially blocked as well. we'll go outside and check out some other shots for you. here's 101 in san rafael.
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fine here as you make your way towards the golden gate bridge and at the bridge toll plaza. still delay-free. no metering lights at all right now. in the south bay we'll check out the 101 and 880 interchange for you. still quiet in the south bay and on the peninsula. you can get the latest traffic information and stay updated on those north bay accidents by going to we'll post it under the bay area traffic link. eric, kristen. >> frances, thanks. it's 6:19. >> time for the morning's must reads. california voters could legalize marijuana for recreational use this fall but the contra costa times says legal or not using marijuana could keep you from getting a job. a state supreme court ruling gave employers the right to fire or not hire people with positive drug tests even if they have a medical marijuana card. and that's not going to change even if californians legalize recreational pot. >> the "wall street journal" reports on the security firms that are working on software to help parents monitor data coming
6:20 am
into their kids' cellphones. some parents complain they can't block inappropriate content and authorities won't help unless there's a direct threat to a child's safety. >> you have probably never heard of harry foggiel but the chronicle reports that he's a living link to two iconic bay area landmarks. he's one of the few remaining men who helped build both the golden gate and bay bay bridges. harry is now 97 and sharing his remembrances with the paper. if you wonder which bridge was his favorite, let's go by time and service. two years on the bay bridge, 40 on the golden gate. we posted a link to the complete articles on our website, just look under the must-reads tab. >> likes the golden gate 20 times more? >> apparently so. >> all right. 6:20. a digital device that will soon be a must-have with college students. >> solving any rubik's cube in
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which does not rent games. when shopping for college supplies, cellphones may be soon must-have items. some dorms are ditching land lines because cells are so popular. the university of virginia the latest school to announce they've removed telephones from residence homes. for information on all these stories log on to the technology page of >> you know the rubik's cube, right? >> yes, i do. hours of frustration, tears. it is the world's top selling puzzle. you tried to sell it and failed. >> that's me, not you. >> using time donated by google, a team of researchers with the holy grail. it can be returned to its sorge state in just 20 moves. that may not seem like a big deal but get this.
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there are more than 43 quinntilion configurations. still takes only 20 moves. the world record for solving the rubik's cube is 7 seconds seen her set two years ago. >> i did know how to do it once with a few pointers and but not seven seconds. >> i'm sure that's partially true. 6:26 now. i'm sure you're good. the new court battle coming that could leave a. c. transit riders waiting longer to be picked up. >> back to square one in the investigation into the murder of a german tourist. why the only suspect arrested was released from jail overnight. >> the jetblue flight attendant is out of jail. coming up hear what he has to say. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in unincorporated walnut creek where three attacks against women in the past six weeks has led to an increase in security and concerns for women all
6:27 am
around this area. the story coming up in a live report. >> traffic is slowing on the grade with a potential hot spot because of an accident. southbound 101 approaching old redwood highway. i'llllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. trading is just getting underway this morning at the new york stock exchange. nasdaq this morning, it does appear wall street is headed for a lower opening. that follows big losses on nearly every major seas market overnight after the u.s. federal reserve said yesterday the u.s. recovery was slowing down. we'll get the latest on early trading live from the new york stock exchange in about 15 minutes. >> this story for you. this morning security stepped up around a contra costa county apartment complex following a string of sexual assaults. three women attacked in their own homes over the past six weeks. terry mcsweeney is live at the
6:31 am
park regency apartments. that's where all the attacks occurred. terry? >> we're finding out this morning that the fear of this attacker is now spreading to people, to women outside of the park regency apartments. this is where the attacks have occurred. the women being attacked inside their apartments, each attack somewhat different but the description of the attacker is very similar. the last one happened yesterday morning at 8:30. now, how he got into the apartment is a mystery. the door was reportedly locked. the victim used pepper spray to fight him off. july 6th a woman was raped inside her apartment. she admits she left her door unlocked. a woman asked for a glass of water, he followed her in. she screamed alerting her boyfriend and the man ran off. this morning we met a woman just walking by the complex here and she's very concerned. >> i heard about this morning
6:32 am
and i said to myself i walk by there every morning, you know, at this time, around quarter to 6:00. so it was like i don't know. just gonna be aware, you know. >> and beware is exactly what sheriffs deputies and are advising people to do. make sure you lock that door. one woman did not. make sure your windows are closed and locked. take special precautions. and, again, the one woman who fended off the attacker yesterday morning had a can of pepper spray available to her. deputies and are not ruling that out. they're saying get trained in it and make sure that you use it when you need to. a contra costa county sheriffs deputy say they don't have a lot of description to go on but one thread between the three attacks, a black man 6-2, 200 pounds wearing a black hood and blue jeans. one last note. i talked to a gentleman who
6:33 am
lives here who is black and he is concerned about possibly racial profiling because that description of 6-2, 200 pounds is pretty vague. you can understand how people want to find this man but he is concerned about profiling out here. live in unincorporated walnut creek, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> thanks a lot. 6:33. overnight in san francisco the only suspect arrested in connection with the shooting death of a german tourist was released from jail. the release after the district attorney's office announced there is not enough evidence to file charges against 18-year-old phillip stewart. police arrested him monday in connection with the shooting of 50 year sold schroeder. schroeder was caught in the crossfire of a shoot-out between two groups of young people near her hotel in the theater sdrinth sunday night. investigators will continue to pore over evidence including surveillance video until they can make their case. >> in novato this morning, police are looking for a gunman after a light-night shooting
6:34 am
during a power outage. the shooting happened just before 10:00 at sunset parkway. the victim was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. it happened during a power outage that turned out the lights to more than 14,000 pg&e customers for nearly five hours. power was restored to everyone earlier this morning. >> some 100 members of the california national guard are spending their first morning at home following a year in iraq. governor schwarzenegger was on hand to greet the 49th military police brigade yesterday at the travis air force base. their primary mission was training iraqi police. >> very well done and i think the iraqis appreciate it and learned a lot and they're a good people to work with. >> feels really good to be back in california, for sure. >> i'm so glad to be home. it's been a long year. >> the 49th was the last military police unit deployed to iraq. their return is part of the continuing drawdown of u.s. troops. >> this morning lawmakers will ask state court officials to
6:35 am
justify some of the more unbelievable expenses they've wracked up. the court system spends $40 million annually in maintenance costs for california courthouses. among the more unusual expenses, $150 to change light bulbs and $8,000 to remove gum. the state agency that maintenance the courthouse say the expenses are justifiable and sometimes the brief descriptions on balance sheets don't tell the whole story. >> both sides in the a. c. transit labor dispute returns to court today. a. c. transit asking a judge to reconsider the ruling that orders the agency to enter binding arbitration for a new contract. it's complying with the judge's order to honor the old contract with workers while the two sides negotiate a new agreement. the agency had i am -- imposed a new contract last month. that resulted in calls in sick every day.
6:36 am
those calls led to big delays and cancellations for thousands of commuters. >> house speaker nancy pelosi will take part this morning in the ground breaking for the trans bay terminal in downtown san francisco. tearing down the old terminal and building a new one is expected to create 48,000 new jobs. the old will be replaced with a hub that will serve nine transportation systems including california high-speed rail. service at the old terminal has been moved to a temporary location two blocks away at howard and main. the new permanent terminal will not be completely for seven years. >> i know by now you've gotten pretty used to this, right. but wouldn't summer be great in the middle of summer. >> yeah. a big juicy bite of summer. help us out here, mike. >> go with a nice backyard grill. nice holiday where you can enjoy sunshine and warmer weather. i think that's what we have the weekend for most neighborhoods.
6:37 am
redwood city and san jose about 2 degrees cooler than yesterday. we have possible 13 hours 45 minutes and 25 seconds of sunshine. we won't get it because it's going to be cloudy everywhere at 8:00 and temperatures still in the 50s. by the lunch hour, still cloudy along the coast into san francisco over to oakland through san rafael and santa rosa. upper 50s to near 60. from about the san mateo bridge southward and over in the east by valleys, sunshine with upper 60s to low 70s. by 4:00 everybody's seeing sunshine but the late start means upper 60s to low 70s around the bay. mid-70s the south bay. upper 70s to near 80 for the coast in san francisco cloudy, temperatures upper 50s to near 60 degrees. here are the changes in your accu-weather seven-day forecast. latest models continue the warming trend, especially inland through the weekend. the heat could peak monday, mid-90s inland and low 60s at
6:38 am
the coast. more like summer this weekend everywhere except the coast where it will stay fairly cloudy and pretty cool. good morning, frances. you have a grass fire? a real hot spot in the millbrae area. towards sfo towards millbrae avenue. possibly power lines are down. we also note some of the signal lights are out on the millbrae avenue on and off-ramps at this point and the fire department is responding right now. now, once you're on 101, traffic still flowing well there as you can see, 73 mph out of san mateo. and we'll check out the north bay where things are really slowing down now. southbound 101 as you make your way through the grade approaching old redwood highway. an accident blocks a couple lanes. as promised here's a look at the drive times. it is adding a few extra minutes. now almost half an hour from highway 12 from santa rosa to highway 37 in novato. westbound 580 okay through the altamont pass.
6:39 am
westbound for typical slowing out of antioch. 242, now 22 minutes. but once you make your way to 680 walnut creek, traffic flowing well through the san ramon valley. eric, kristen. >> frances, thank you very much. it's 6:39. >> so far wall street trading is underway. a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead but you can see from the big board live the dow is down 191 points. >> you know those annoying bank charges? one of the nation's biggest banks is the one getting charged. why wells fargo is about to return millions to past and present customers. >> plus parking lot screening passengers and jumped out of a plane. some calling him a working man's hero. an angry flight attendant after being released from jail. >> you might be free to walk the streets but you're not free to sleep anywhere you want in santa cruz. i'm theresa garcia live at city hall. a sleep ban in effect.
6:40 am
we'll tell you what the city's we'll tell you what the city's doing about it coming upupupupup
6:41 am
"meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you?
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you can see
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6:43 on this wednesday. clouds on the coast, eureka and big sur. cooler than average, 77. san diego 72. speaking of cooler than average, look at sacramento, chico, mid to upper 80s. sunshining over the sierra, warm around yosemite, 97. a comfortable 71 over tahoe. >> it's 6:43. wells fargo customers could have money headed their way. a federal judge ordered the san francisco bank to pay back more than $200 million to customers. it's all because wells posted larger transactions first which often led to more bounced checks for smaller purchases. the bank defended the practice saying it gave higher priority
6:44 am
to more important payments such as mortgages and car loans and says it plans to appeal. >> starting with a selloff on wall street amid renewed fears about the economy. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange with the "moneyscope" report. big selloff, jane. >> hi, eric and kristen. it's about 200 points lower in the dow. weak all night. the fed's modest move yesterday to stimulate the economy causing concern about economic growth here. and that negativity certainly being felt in early trading. the nasdaq lower, all down about 2%. so far here this morning. the bloomberg silicon valley index trading down more than 2% as well. wells fargo, you just mentioned, a lot of the bank stocks are understand pressure. meantime if you're hoping to buy
6:45 am
a new car, don't expect to find the one you like on the lot and if you do you're not going to get all those incentives. car dealers are howling they can't get enough models on to their lot. makers cut their production in response to recession. good for the auto makers that allow them to put the brakes on the discounts they've been offering. the i-pad getting some buzz. called sideways and developing an active following after launching back in june. the same people who created sideways are behind the first i-phone magazine called tab tilt. if you want to write your own i-pad magazine article, you can. turn your and twitter update to a digital magazine. you register social media counts and lays them out as if published in a real magazine. domino's looking for the most extreme way to deliver a pizza.
6:46 am
let's customers vote on five options. these include a weightless pizza delivery in a zero gravity airport, high wire delivery by daredevils and spiderman in vegas. sky diving as well and plunging to earth. other delivery method they choose, it will take place later this year. i'm jane king, bloomberg news. >> gee, jane, thank you very much for that! we'll see you later. >> not sure you wanna eat the pizza after that. a new battle brewing in santa clara. members of the muslim community association are hoping to add it to the mosque on scott boulevard. one city board has already approved the project but a local businessman is fighting to block it saying it would be an eyesore. that's with the troubling architectural precedent. he's expected to ask the planning commission to block the project. local muslims said it would let them know they're near a mosque
6:47 am
and remind them of their faith. >> the most famous flight attendant is out of jail and talking. steven slater's sudden explosive exit is resonating with workers everywhere. he's something of a folk hero. >> steven slater's exit from jail -- >> you gotta lose your job >> more than likely. >> not aspect tack lar as the one that landed him in the national spotlight. >> tell me about what you think of all the support you've gotten. >> very, very appreciated. >> the jetblue flight attendant was working a flight in new york monday. prosecutors say a passenger ignored his sword to stay seated. her luggage hit him in the head, infuriated passengers say slater unloaded an expletive-laced resignation on the p. a. system. >> did he swear at a passenger on the intercom. that never happens. >> he grabbed a couple beers, activated the emergency chute. >> it was deployed. >> and slid out of the plane.
6:48 am
slater confessed in a signed statement to the judge yesterday. the man who says he's logged nearly 30 years as a flight attendant is now piloting a new movement. >> something here has resonated with a few people. that's kinds of neat. >> thousands of supporters are taking to social media. slateder's mom who's a former flight attendant is fighting for her son's reputation. >> i don't think people in the service industry should be abused by anybody. >> even his ex-wife backs him saying he truly enjoys flying, a passion that's grounded at least for now. >> he definitely exited in a grand fashion. (laughter) he is a dramatic fellow. so i wouldn't expect any less of him. >> slater is charged with two felonies and could face up to seven years in prison if convicted on all the charges. his next court appearance is set for september 7th. abc news, new york. >> i'd say he was dramatic that
6:49 am
day. >> oh, yeah. >> let's not forget the two beers he grabbed as he was headed out. >> so dramatic he's got a legal fund set up. he's got the followers, the twitter bank account set up in his name. it's say real phenomenon. >> he's the most famous flight attendant. >> tripled like in three hours after we first reported it. >> the story's not over yet. >> it's almost 6:50 this morning. i'm sorry. there's one an hour. that was mine. we've got cloud cover as you look down on the rapidly moving clouds. temperatures up there running in mid to upper 60s beneath the cloud deck. the clouds are moving at around 20 mph. so a pretty healthy sea breeze we're dealing with this morning. all right. come over here. we'll talk about those temperatures and how one lone area is cooler.
6:50 am
that would be los gatos at about 48 degrees. there you go. that's how you should dress when you step out in the morning. same thing with monterey bay. a little mist, drizzle. three highlights, three most important parts of this forecast, the flow of sunshine today which means it will be cool once again, probably the coolest afternoon in the forecast. the warming trend tries to move in tomorrow. that's where we'll see the greatest change and the warmest weather over the weekend. for now through 8:00, looking at the increase in the clouds. by noon looks like the east by valleys and the south bay should be clear. pretty cloudy up to the north bay, definitely along the coast. by 2:00 back to the coast hanging around san francisco. 60s and 70s through most of our neighborhoods. we'll have the 80s hold on barely around pittsburgh, antioch, brentwood and livermore. more 60s on the east bay shore today, mid to upper 60s from richmond to san leandro and
6:51 am
hayward. about 80 in los gatos. on the peninsula 68 millbrae, low to mid-70s else where. cloudy along the coast and upper 50s downtown south san francisco and also sausalito. looking at low to mid-60s. low to mid-70s north bay valleys. ukiah could hit the mid-80s. beaches mid to upper 50s. monterey and carmel around 60. mid to upper 60s for santa cruz, watsonville. 80 morgan hill, the warm spot inland gilroy and hollister low to mid-70s. took a look at what was happening. you can sacramento and chico cooler than average, 84 and 89. bring is back home, third in the four-game series with the cubs. zito on the mound. cloudy and cool like it has been the first two games. 60 dropping to 56. for our temperatures tonight, low to mid-50s most neighborhoods. cloudy once again and a little mist and drizzle around the bay and the coast. accu-weather seven-day forecast. because it's a slow-warming trend we are going to see
6:52 am
temperatures every day jump about 2 degrees. and finally over the weekend we'll be near 90 if not the mid-90s inlands. low to mid-60s at the coast. i want to share a couple cool weather shots sent by one of our viewers. this is a shot that tom from kelseyville submitted. cool wave cloud formation and the jet stream pushing that stable air over the county at lake county and created these wave clouds. he took this earlier in the week. if you have anything cool like that weatherwise whether it's pictures or video, we'd love to see them, share them with our viewers. upload them to you report or e-mail it. looks like traffic's getting rather interesting around the bay. here's frances. >> yes. definitely slowing as you make your way towards petaluma. there's an accident that's been blocking lanes, southbound 101 at old redwood highway. traffic backed up a few miles.
6:53 am
and 16 mph as you approach the scene. so taking a look at the drive time for you. it's now 31 minutes from highway 12 to highway 37. so it's at least a five-minute delay it is north bound 101 still delay-free as you make your way out of san mateo up towards san francisco. we're attracting that drive time as well because of an earlier grass fire and it reportedly took out some signal lights and possibly a power pole as well. you do run into a traffic signal light that's out, treat it as a four-way stop. we'll go outside and check out 680 in walnut creek. so southbound traffic towards highway 24, apparently there was some debris blocking a lane, like a big metal bar. a little crowded near north main. check out the san mateo bridge. westbound traffic looking good. get the latest traffic conditions as they change. you can get drive times by going to
6:54 am
it's under the bay area traffic link. kristen. >> frances, thanks a lot. this morning a kidnapped kitten from san francisco found 2500 miles away in new york city is back. yesterday jack daniels was flown back to the bay area a little more than a year after disappearing mysteriously from san francisco's spca. officials were able to track jack back to the bay area with the help of a special microchip implanted in his shoulder. he looked healthy and didn't appear to spend much time outdoors after he was found wandering the streets in harlem. amazing how he made it back. >> congratulations. >> yeah. >> recapping our top stories. security has been increased at an apartment complex outside walnut creek after at least three women have been attacked since june. >> terry mcsweeney live at the park regency apartments. and, terry, there's another incident? >> the fourth incident, a couple telling us someone tried to break into their apartment on
6:55 am
august 1st after the first two attacks out here. that incident is being treated separately from the incidents where women were attacked inside their apartment. yesterday a woman wakes up to a man on her bed. she fights back, grabs a can of pepper spray and fights him off. sheriffs deputies and respond but cannot find him. a woman left her door unlocked. the man came in and he raped her. june 30th, a woman was asked for a glass of water. man follows her in, puts his hand over her mouth. she screams, alerts her boyfriend and the man flees. this complex is a gated community but you can walk in anytime as i did a while ago. the security guards stepped up by a good margin the security out here and they say they have -- i know for a fact there are two brand new guards starting today out here. contra costa county sheriffs deputies and also increasing their patrols and description of
6:56 am
the suspect, not much of one but here it is. black man, 6-2, 200 pounds yesterday wearing a black hood and blue jeans. the investigation going on and deputies and very concerned about this situation. for the other top story of the day, let's go to theresa garcia. good morning, theresa. >> good morning. there's a homeless advocate group upset with the city about the law that bans public sleeping in places overnight. they decided to take up their issue where the top officials work here at city hall. you can see the group here, sort of camping out at 3:00 this morning and just before 5:00 this morning police cited one man for sleeping by the city hall fountain. the homeless want city council to rescind the ordinance and forgive all camping tickets ever issued in the city. homeless advocates say the city is more interested about their image. peace camp 2010 started camping on a patch of lawn in front of
6:57 am
the courthouse july 4th. they weren't sure who is jurisdiction it fell under but determined the city ban aflies. arrested nine demonstrators for refusing to leave. remains to be seen if their friends at city hall will activate any change in the sleep law. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> that wasn't me! (laughter) >> final check on weather and traffic. >> live doppler 7 hd. pretty clear except the drizzle and mist and fog causing flight arrival delays into sfo. warming trend starts tomorrow. frances? >> a new stall on the bay bridge. it's an a. c. transit bus blocking the left lane. traffic is slowing backing up in the fas trak lane. we'll see if the backup grows. a possible new hot spot. an overturn accident reported on the peninsula north 101 at marsh. look out for that one. >> okay. that's it for this edition of the abc 7 morning news. (laughter) >> we'll see you later. bye-bye!
6:58 am
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