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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  August 11, 2010 10:00am-10:30am PST

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♪ a ground breaking ceremony is underway in san francisco right now for the new trans bay transit center, a consolation of dignitaries is on hand at first and mission street. terry mcsweeney is there live. lots of money and jobs to talk about. >> that's what brings out these politicians. the politicians kind of event. you've got house speaker nancy pelosi, senator barbara boxer and a host of others to talk about this more than $1 billion transit hub. we're trying to get you a live shot if muni would cooperate, a shot of nancy pelosi just across the street. you can maybe see her between a
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couple people. in any event, take a look at the video we have for you from the podium showing some of the people who are here. you've got the speaker, the senator, congressman george miller from the east bay, mayor newsom as well. you have transportation secretary ray la hood here. some point someone's going to grab the shovels placed in front of the stage in a small dirt mound and symbolically start the dig being. when the digging is done in 2017, we have animation what it's expected to look like. 11 systems including a. c., bart, muni, cal train, golden gate transit, sam tran and expected to have the high-speed rail station right here. $400 million of this from the economic recovery act. that is why senator barbara boxer is here. the ceo of muni was the first speaker out here today and he talked about how it was we got to this point. >> today is a great day and we
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thank you for coming to our ceremony. i say our ceremony because it took all of us to pull all this together, all of our hard work. those of you who contributed over the decades, a long effort to end up today culminating in a ground-breaking for our trans bay transit center. >> those 49,000 jobs everyone is talking about out here over the next seven years include those who design, build and operate the facility. the manufacturers jobs for the stuff used in the construction and the businesses who will sell their goods. anyone who touches any part of the trans bay transit center is included in that. this is phase one of a $4 billion project that includes houses and offices and a park down here. back live looking at congressman george miller from the east bay addressing the crowd. speaker house pelosi has yet to take the stage.
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tonight at abc 7 news 5:00 and 6:00, don sanchez will have the story what they say. >> terry, thanks a lot. a state lawmaker from san rafael is shelving its plans for one-year moratorium on high-end metal bats. the proposal became unnecessary after the governing body of high school sports banned what are known as composite bats starting next season. it was after gunner sandburg suffered serious injuries when he was hit in the head by a line drive in march. the ball was hit off a composite metal bat. other states are also expected to implement similar changes. authorities have stepped up security at an east bay apartment complex where a sexual predator is targeting women. investigators believe they're looking for just one plan but have released two different sketches. three women have been attacked inside their homes at the park
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regency apartments outside walnut creek in the last six weeks. sorry about the video. the latest accident happened just yesterday. she told police she woke up to a man covering her mouth. she fought and he ran off. warning fliers have been put up. people living there don't feel safe and some want to move. >> one of my neighbors, she's lived there two or three years and she's not resigning her lease. her lease is up in october. our lease is up in the ends of september. we're going to finds somewhere else to live. >> i think it's important for people to be prepared mentally, physically. and if they're trained or seek out training with a device such as pepper spray or mace, i think that's important for personal safety. >> another attack happened august 1st. a couple said someone broke into their apartment. police are treating this one as a separate case. >> san jose police arrested this man on sexual assault and probation violation charges. steven ray coolly is a registered sex offender. police say he confronted the
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woman who worked as a janitor at the medical office buildings and regional medical center on the court. they say the victim was cleaning the bathroom when coolly exposed himself and attempted to assault her. the woman screamed, and the suspect ran away. the only suspect arrested in connection with the shooting death of a german tourist in san francisco was released from jail early this morning. the district attorney as office announced there's not enough evidence to file charges against 18-year-old phillip stewart. police initially arrested him for the shooting death of 50-year-old schroeder. she was killed sunday night near union square when she was hit by a stray bullet during a shotout between young people. she was celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary. investigators will continue to look at evidence including surveillance video until they can make their case. in fremont police are asking for the public's help following a series of small fires at an
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elementary school. suspicion fires at warwick elementary since late june. two of the fires burned in trash bins. the others damaged a play secure r structure. they all happened at night when no one should have been on campus. nobody was hurt. lawmakers will ask state court officials to justify some unreasonable expenses they wracked up. the court system spent $40 million annually in mains costs for california courthouses. among the expenses, $150 to change one single light bulb and $8,000 to remove gum from an entry way. the agency maintenance the courthouses says the expenses are justifiable and the brief descriptions on balance sheets don't show the scope of the job. homeless advocates are refusing to leave santa cruz city hall after moving there overnight from the county courthouse to protest the city's camping ban. theresa garcia is live at city hall. theresa, has anybody been cited
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or arrested this morning? >> there was one person cited. he was woken up in his sleeping back by a group of officers and given that ticket. behind me you can see there is a group of homeless advocates here. about a half dozen were here earlier. they have belongings laid out but they weren't actually sleeping. they want their civil rights and hope their presence activates change. >> violation of the city camping ordinance. >> this morning santa cruz police cited one man for sleeping by the city hall fountain. the city is not holding back enforcing its overnight public sleeping ban. >> the one individual that we cited last night is also from out of the county. we're not exactly here to lay down the welcome mat to city hall for people here to blatantly ignore our local laws. >> santa cruz has had a no camping ordinance on the books 40 years. it prohibits sleeping in public places from 11 p.m. to 8:30 in the morning. >> this is ridiculous. we need to sleep.
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every human being needs sleep. they want to make us criminals for sleeping. >> the group of homeless advocates that calls themselves peace camp 2010 have been camping out in protest of the sleep ban. sheriff deputies and arrested nine people and issued 24 citations. they say there's no other place to go. >> there's absolutely no room in the shelters. there's a waiting list that goes on for months. >> they're criminalizing us for something that we can't avoid in sleeping outside. >> for example, at the santa cruz homeless services center there are 40 beds and currently a week and a half wait list. these protestors say they plan to stay outside city hall until the ordinance is scrapped or the city offers alternative solutions. >> what we need to establish is a safe zone. we earned it when we were kids playing tag for god sakes. there's always a safe spot. if these sweep wars are going to continue, fine, we're ups for the battle.
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but in the means time these folks need some safe place to sleep. >> the police tell me they plan to keep on citing and visiting here at city hall to see if they're staying but not only do they want the law rescinded, they're asking the city to forgive all illegal camping tickets ever issued. the city attorney can actually dismiss those citations for the illegal camping if there is proof all available beds at the city's various shelters are full. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> theresa, thanks a lot. the health benefits allergy shots can have for patients. the number of tickets police hand out in a major estate crackdown on drivers. walking in space, the crucial fix astronauts are making outside the international space x
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepwor federal investigators looking into the plane crash that killed former alaska senator ted stevens are focusing on the weather. it's too early to know what caused the crash that killed stevens and four others but they're studying weather patterns to see if overcast skies, rain and gusty winds caused a plane similar to this one to slam into a mountain southwest of anchorage. four people survived the crash, including former nasa administrator sean o'keefe. it's been a rough start to the day on wall street. (bells ringing) >> the dow plunged more than 245
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points on fears about the u.s. economy. and it's still right about there. a new report from the commerce department finds america's trade deficit which measures exports versus imports is as large as it's been in nearly two years. and, again, the dow is down about 240 points right now. meantime a new government report says personal income for california workers fell by $40 billion last year compared to the previous year. that's the first time the state's income has declined year to year since world war ii. state officials say the numbers don't come as a surprise given the state's double digit unemployment rate. the chp and policezations handed out 900 tickets to drivers texting or talking on their cellphone without a hands-free device. yesterday's statewide crackdown was an effort to remind people of the dangers of distracted driving. people weren't even cited if they were caught dialing a number. they were supposed to use a
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voice activating dialling system. another day is planned one week from today. nasa just reported the failed module at the space station has been removed so the main objective for the space walk is complete. the station has been operating with only half its cooling capability. research is on hold and unnecessary equipment is off until the pump can be replaced. the cooling system is critical for keeping electronics from overheating. the astronauts attempted to fix earlier this week but toxic coolant spewed out. a third space walk will be needed to finish this job and that should come this weekend. >> and by this weekend we're gonna see some much different weather, mike. >> especially our inland valleys where the warmer weather will probably migrate. some will spill into the bay. let's take a look outside. hard to believe that when you look outside and see how stubborn the clouds are, probably the mostster born all week and this probably will be the coolest day.
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we'll talk about that warm-up. >> thanks, mike. you know that fed up flight attendant that turned into a working class hero, the grand exit he made out of jail and what he said about his new star status. oprah: before your next trip to the store, test your food i.q. the answer is -- your veggi, your dairy, meat -- where do they come from?
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♪ jetblue is talking for the first time today sort of about its flight attendant that went into a rage and became a folk hero. they acknowledge the his actions resonated beyond airline employees to disgruntled workers everywhere. erica reports. >> steven slater is out of jail and learning of his new status as america's best known flight attendant. >> some really great people out there and i'm getting a glimpse of that. it's a surprise. obviously i've been away for a little while. >> free on $2500 bail he faces criminal charges. officially he's been removed
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from his job. >> after a fight with an unruly passenger on monday, he cursed at passengers over the intercom before grabbing some beer at the galley and making an exit down the slide at kennedy airport. hardly surprised his ex-wife. >> he's dramatic. i wouldn't expect any less of him. >> slater's mom says he deserves a break. >> he just had a very small meltdown. >> while the law may not be on slater's side, the outpouring of support for him has been overwhelming with tribute pages, even t-shirts in his honor. this guy deserves a medal says one admirer. you reach a point in your life sometimes you have to stand up and say enough. slater as take this job and shove it moment seems to resonate with an overworked and underpaid public. >> he finally said i can't stand it anymore.
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i'm going to take justice in my own hand and became sort of an anti-hero. >> abc news, new york. >> you know a movie deal's coming. come on. the only question is who should play him, right? >> and a book deal, you know. yeah. celebrity. maybe he'll get his own reality show, too. >> that could be. our reality has been a lot of gray skies but that's gonna change. >> i really think so, especially in you want to head inland and see warmer weather and the sunshine. show you what's going on this morning. here we are south beach looking into downtown san francisco. yeah, it is still cloudy outside. all right. still a little mist around downtown san francisco, too. here's beautiful downtown oakland by contrast. not much of a difference, is it. still hanging on to the clouds there. check out these temperatures and check out the cloud could have been. still lingering longer in the east bay valleys than it did yesterday. we'll have temperatures in the mid to upper 50s for the next 40
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minutes or so half moon bay, san francisco, oakland, san rafael, santa rosa and then probably about 12:00 we should start seeing 60s in those areas. around the monterey bay. warming trends tries to break into the east bay valleys tomorrow but we'll see the better temperature change or greater temperature change in that area over the weekend. today watching an area of low pressure drop from canada reinforcing this trough, the same one that brings us this strong onshore flow and cool weather. i think it will be strongest today, another reason we're having such a hard time breaking through the clouds. why we'll be probably the coolest day in the forecast. mid to upper 70s in the south bay. possibly 80 in los gatos. partly cloudy the peninsula, low to mid-70s southward. breezy and 68. lots of breezes along the coast and upper 50s for you.
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downtown south san francisco into sausalito mostly cloudy. low to mid-60s for you. san rafael 68. a little more sunshine through the north bay valleys this afternoon but cloudy at your coast with upper 50s. clouds lingering from richmond to hayward. that's why you're 60s this afternoon while we'll see more sunshine castro valley. fremont low 70s. 80s pittsburgh, antioch and livermore. the rest of the east bay valleys in the mid to upper 70s. gilroy and hollister low to mid-70s and clouds arounds the monterey bay and mid 60s for you. sea breeze to sacramento 84 and chico 89. a little warmer fresno 93 but not bad this time of year and sunshine 71 over tahoe. bring it home. zito takes the mound for the giants. tough loss last night. temperature 60 at 7:15 at at&t park. cloudy dropping to about 56 degrees. for tonight cloud cover once again, misty arounds the bay, drizzle at the coast and low to
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mid-50s. your accu-weather seven-day forecast, just baby steps inland, a couple degrees here and there all the way until we reach the upper 80s to near 90 over the weekend. mid to upper 70s arounds the bay and low 60s at the coast. wanted to share a couple cool weather shots sent in by one of our viewers. pictures of wave clouds. this is a shot that tim from -- tom from kelsiville submitted to you report. very cool cloud formation. wave clouds developed over the mountains when there's a strong jet stream and a pretty stable air mass. these are earlier this week. if you have video or weather pictures you'd like to share, we want to see them. upload them or e-mail them. >> all right. awesome shots. >> very nice. >> can't wait to see more. >> the nation's education secretary is calling school bullying an absolutely travesty. the department of education held its first ever bullying summit
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on capitol hill. it's a moral issue and practical one. >> a school where children don't feel safe is a school where they will struggle to learn. they will drop out, tune out and get depressed. >> secretary duncan says the department is launching a pilot program that will provide money to schools deemed to have the worst bullying problems. allergy shots can cut down the symptoms of asthma. asthma patients say their breathing improved and immune systems were lessenstive to some irritants. patients could rely less on inhaled medications. allergy shots can't help all patients. patients. the study is reported in
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today on oprah at 4:00, food 101, what's really costing the bottom line. on abc 7 news at 5:00, the danger in these bounce houses that give kids hours of endsless fun. and so low hybrid drivers could get more miles out of the carpool lane if the governor signs a bill that just passed the senate floor. those stories and more at 5:00. quick question for you. it's not raining out there, right? some people think it is. >> it's pretty damp. there's drizzle but it's not technically rain. they're bigger drops. >> thank @t
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