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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 13, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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♪ i'm frances dinglasan with breaking news in livermore. there's an overturned big rig. it spilled about 20 tons of ground cover and bark. it's going to take a while to clear. traffic absolutely jammed through the altamont pass. i'll have drive times coming up. i'm terry mcsweeney live in antioch where a man is dead, shot to death by police and a man with the department is wounded, a four-legged member of the department. the story in a live report. >> that controversial proposal to ban pet sales in san francisco.
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>> notice the clouds a little lower. not as thick. it's a dry start to your morning. we'll talk about warm weather, weather we haven't seen in months in your forecast. >> it's a friday morning. lots of things going on. 6:01. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. the latest on breaking news. a big rig accident having a major impact on the 580 commute in livermore. >> frances, what's the latest? >> we're talking delays of an hour or more now. here is a look at the map. 2 mph westbound 580 before airway, an overturned big rig has been blocking the left lane since about 4:30 and it spilled 20 tons of bark and ground cover. it's going to take a while to clear that up. they expect lanes to be blocked until 8:45 this morning. it's going to be a mess through the morning commute and traffic already backing up all the way into the altamont pass. drive times for you, they just keep getting worse. it's about an hour and a half
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right now from 205 to 680 and typically on a friday morning it would take you around 20 minutes at this time. so this is just going to be horrible. you may want to consider ace train if you can and so far ace train number three is reporting no delays as you head through tracy, livermore and down towards the south bay. eric, kristen. >> frances, thanks a lot. we'll definitely be checking back with you. and also following developing news at antioch where poli police -- streets have been blocked off. a canine was involved, too? >> that's correct. the canine was wounded in all this. and d. street has been locked off five hours now. you still see officers out here walking up and down driveways. pictures are being taken and a lot of officers still out here although we are told a number of officers are left the scene, back to the station to be
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debriefed and they're going to come back and share more information. take a look at pictures earlier, closer to the time of the shooting. that 12:15, 12:30 this morning. the deceased opened fire on a canine, wounding the dog. police then opened fire on the suspect killing him. we do not yet know what the suspect had done to warrant the attention but it would appear the k-9 unit was called out to search for the suspect whatever the alleged crime. neighbors say it is not unusual to hear gunshots, not unusual to hear police sirens. they say there is widespread methamphetamine use in this area. talked to one neighbor who's just not surprised. >> kind of a bad neighborhood to tell you the truth. but that's why it's nothing like shocking, every day life. >> again, one man is dead, shot
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to death by antioch police. and a police dog wounded out here in exchain of gunfire sometime around 12:30 this morning. we're waiting for antioch police to come back out here to the scene from the debriefing as they promised they will. they can tell us more about it, especially what it was that had the suspect in the police cross hairs. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> thank you. it's 6:04 now. authorities have released a new sketch of a suspect in three separate attacks at a walnut creek apartment complex. >> the woman says she woke up on tuesday morning with a man covering her mouth with his hand. her description is similar to those in two previous assaults at the park regency apartments. one woman was raped, two others fought off their attacker. >> the sponsors of the gay marriage ban asked an appeals court to stop the judge's order allowing same sex marriages to
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resume next week. proposition 8 supporters are asking for the state's gay marriage ban to stay in place until the u.s. supreme court can have the final say but that could take years. u.s. district court judge vaughan walker ruled yesterday that gay couples could begin marrying by 5 p.m. next wednesday. attorney general jerry brown told abc 7 news he was pleased with the latest ruling. >> i personally believe since we've had same sex marriages, there's no reason to delay. why not if this is the right, let people exercise it now. there's no real harm if some court, the supreme court or the court of appeals comes to another conclusion down the road in a year or two. >> we asked brown's gubernatorial campaign rival meg whitman for her reaction but her campaign said she would have no comment. officials in san francisco, claire and contra costa county said they'll be ready to issue licenses to same sex couples if they're allowed to marry when
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the stay expires next week. >> the job ax is falling in the south bay. el camino hospital is laying off 140 employees by the end of october. the hospital says the cuts will take place at its mountain view and los gatos locations and will be across the board from nurses to administrative assistants. 200 employees got layoff warnings yesterday. cost cutting is still necessary because of decreasing revenue projection. >> san francisco has delayed a proposal to ban the sale of small animals for five months while officials look at alternatives to the plan. this comes after the animal control and welfare commission considered making it illegal to sell dogs, cats and other small mammals as well as birds in san francisco. another idea includes requiring pet owners to be certified before they can buy an animal. pet store owners insist the ban is wrongly aimed at them but supporters claim they want to curb demand for animals from breeding mills. >> right now we want to get back
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to that big rig accident we've been following all morning long that created such huge problems for drivers on 580 in livermore. >> you have hours' long waits if you're headed that way, frances? >> eric, kristen, major delays. pretty much game over for drivers heading through livermore. i wanted to show you the bay bridge toll plaza to reinforce the idea that the earlier accident is all gone. you're fine, safe to go towards the bay bridge. it's all open there. but here's the big backup in livermore. westbound 580, a complete crawl as you make your way towards airway where a couple of delays will be blocked until at least 8:45 this morning so they can clean up the 20 tons of bark and ground cover that spilled as well in the lanes because of this overturned big rig. i'm keeping an eye on the drive time for you. right now our traffic sensor saying 99 minutes. 99 minutes just the maximum. we're talking a two-hour drive now from 205 to 680.
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this is at least an hour and a half delay. try to take ace train if you can or leave later this morning. mike's got better news for us with warming ahead, right, mike? >> absolutely, frances. thanks very much. cool for those people sitting in their cars on 580. here's a look at those temperatures. livermore 55 degrees right now. pretty much mid to upper 50s around the bay into the east bay valleys to the south bay. low 50s the north bay. hills in los gatos about 60 degrees. here's how this friday plays out. you notice the cloud cover not as widespread and no drizzle or mist to contend with. 8:00 still pretty cloudy around most of our neighborhoods but to a real lesser extent in our valleys from the east bay into south bay. by noon looking at everybody pretty much clear except the coast and that finger fog. temperatures mid-60s there. north bay, especially santa rosa, already 70 napa, 72 san jose and mid-70s in the east bay valleys. our destination by 4:00 sunshine
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around the bay and inland. we'll have temperatures in the upper 60s, low 70s around the bay and peninsula. 77 san jose and santa rosa and low to mid-80s in east bay valleys. upper 50s and low 60s along the coast and san francisco. along the coast a little sunshine but none tomorrow. more clouds and a stronger sea breeze will drop our temperatures 4 degrees everywhere but gain that right back on sunday with more sunshine and jump 6 degrees monday. monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday longest stretch of warm weather in a couple months. 80 around the bay and mid-60s at the coast. >> bring it on. we are so ready! thanks, mike. >> i think they call that summer. >> summer? waiting for a couple months. >> that's right. 6:09. just ahead a legal battle between two silicon valley titans. why oracle wants google to stop using one of its most popular products. >> michael finney takes a look at the hidden dangers in
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welcome back. i'm frances dinglasan at the abc traffic center with breaking news in livermore. an overturned big rig has ruined the ride approach thing airway. the left lane has been blocked and will continue to be blocked until 8:45. i will have drive times and alternates for your commute. >> frances, thanks a lot. 6:13. google has some new legal troubles here in the bay area. what's shaping up to be a battle of two silicon valley titans. oracle suing google for patent and copyright infringe gent over the company's andrade operating system used in smart phones and other gadgets. java technology, oracle acquired. they want to stops distributing android and seeking monetary damages. a massachusetts pension fund deeply invested in hewlett-packard is suing the
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board of director's over ceo's hark hurd abrupt firing and the circumstances. accuse h. p. of failing to disclose an internal probe. claims he shouldn't be paid his severance package of at least $10 million. hurd resigned after it was found he falsified expense reports after a relationship with a female marketing consultant. >> you want to avoid 580, the livermore area at all costs this morning. >> looks like ace is your best option, right? >> i would recommend ace train 3 leaving the station pretty soon. this is the stretch you want to avoid. it is a sea of brake lights on westbound 580 as you approach this overturned big rig before airway. it's carrying a lot of debris that's spilled in all the lanes. it's going to take them until 8:45 to clean up the mess. check our traffic sensors,
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almost red through the altamont pass right now. as i show you the drive time, we've already maxed out -- it says 99 minutes but it is actually taking you two hours. so that's an hour and a half plus delay if you're making your way through livermore. ace train really is your best bet and so far they're reporting no delays. that's the spot to avoid at all costs, westbound 580 through livermore. outside real quickly. i want to talk about the friday light commute. a live shot of the maze. no delays heading towards the bay bridge despite that injury accident we had on the upper deck. and also quiet across the san mateo bridge, 880 looking good on east bay 101 and also fine along the peninsula. we'll also check out the north bay commute for you. it's been quiet there all morning. here's a live shot of the golden gate bridge. now, if you want to stay updated on those drive times in livermore or get a personalized drive time for your route to work, you can go to
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and click on the bay area traffic link. good morning, mike. >> good morning, frances. you can see the fog that's trying to get thicker around the bay. not as wet as it was yesterday. beautiful picture of the bay bridge. let's talk about temperatures. stepping out right now. san rafael 54. los gatos 53 degrees. you can see most of us in the 50s. same thing around the monterey bay. let's move on and talk about the sunshine and the seasonal temperatures we'll have around the bay today. a cool breeze and lingering clouds will cool us briefly tomorrow and the summer warmth moves back especially inland on sunday. yesterday high pressure pulled away and now over montana. that opened the door for a seasonal day. yesterday fairly typical of summer, something we haven't had in seems like months. this low off the shore starting to develop. it will move over top of us and that's going to bring us an onshore breeze. saratoga and los gatos in the low 80s. on the peninsula low to mid-70s everywhere except millbrae at
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69. along the coast, upper 50s. pocket of sunshine. south san francisco, sausalito, sunny with temperatures mid-60s. san rafael 72. mid to upper 70s through most of the north bay valleys. 92 the warm spot ukiah. 64 richmond, 69 oakland. berkeley 67. low to mid-70s most of the east bay shore. east bay valleys, dublin 82. warm to 89 in brentwood. a few clouds around the monterey bay. mid-60s santa cruz and watsonville. temperatures low to mid-60s tonight most neighborhoods. look how much deeper the clouds penetrate into the east bay valleys. slow reveal of sunshine that will drop our temperatures nearly 4 degrees tomorrow. look for high pressure to return on sunday. temperatures a lot like today. let's talk about the heat wave for monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. mid-90s inland. 80 around the bay but
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comfortable at the coast with sunshine and low to mid-60s. kristen, eric. >> mike, thank you very much. it's 6:17. we're following breaking news in santa clara county where sheriff deputies and are preparing for a massive search after finding a body. theresa garcia joins us live from just outside morgan hill with the story. theresa? >> for many reasons -- good morning, eric -- this is a tricky situation. they have confirmed that a dead body has been discovered. this happened around 4:00 this morning, obviously in the middle of the dark. here's part of the tricky situation you've got. a lot of hills. about 6 miles west of the 101 and south santa clara county outside the morgan hill city limits. you've got fog as well. where you can see that sheriff deputy vehicle, up to the right and winding through the hills is where the location is. some of the deputies and out there have had a very challenging situation. they couldn't see far in the middle of the dark. they say there was brush 6 foot tall as well. so it was a worrisome situation
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obviously and threatening too. they decided to call off their search further. they're waiting until daylight, also until some of the fog lifts. even through the night there's operations vehicles, unmarked ones, going in through that location. and parking very difficult there, too. at this point we've not been able to access back there but certainly we have confirmed that there is one person who has been found dead at the location. whether this is a marijuana grow operation, that's what we're still trying to get confirmed. we are approaching harvest season. this is a region known at times to have busts. when you see so many deputies and coming in here, still a sensitive scene, we're going to find out what brought these deputies and out in the middle of the night. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> all right, theresa. thanks a lot. we'll follow that breaking unless you story for you. meantime more news. americans spend more than $26
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billion on vitamin and herbal supplements in hopes of staying healthy but they don't need to prove their products do anything they claim to. as michael finney tells us, a "consumer reports" investigation found companies may not even have to prove their supplements are safe. >> doreen takes a dietary supplement to improve athlete performance. hospital with liver failure. >> i was ondoes. my body was, too. >> he claimed the supplement contained an illegal steroid. the suit has been settled. nancy metcalf says hazardous ingredients have turned up frequently in three different times of supplements. >> synthetic steroids and supplements and found prescription drugs in supplements marketed for weight loss and sexual enhancement. >> consumer report says beware !-g÷zdl supplements for body building, weight loss7/d and sel enhancement.
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even when the ingredients are known, consumer report says some can be dangerous. working with an independent research group, the natural medicines conhen sieve database, "consumer reports" has identified 12 supplementel ingredients you should avoid. nevertheless, consumers reports found all he'sly available on store shelves or online. >> these supplement ingredients have been lived by clinical research to serious side effects including heart, liver, or kidney problems. >> unlike prescription drugs, supplements aren't always required to list potential adverse effect on the label. >> without stronger oversight, it's buyer beware. >> that's something jeannine gunther learned the hard way. other supplements can be beneficial like calcium, vitamin d and fish oil. but check with your doctor before taking any supplement to make sure it's right for you and
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won't interact with any medication you might be taking. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> it's 6:21. coming up a platinum fine because of a lead foot. >> the speeding ticket that's cost one
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not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed. get the facts at it's a great place to see all the listings
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in thousands of cities and towns. with lots of houses to chose from and down-to-earth prices the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever. find out what an experienced re/max agent can do for you. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. and welcome back on this friday. 6:25. looking to book a flight in check you can now buy delta airline tickets on, no extra charge. it hopes to expand its service to other websites and other airlines are looking at similar programs. >> now to a very expensive joy ride. a swedish man driving a mercedes benz like this one was clocked going 180 mph in switzerland. he was nabbed by authorities and he needed almost a third of a
6:26 am
mile just to bring this $160,000 sports car to a stop. switzerland bases the speeding fines on the driver's salary as well as how much over the speed limit they're going. that means this driver could be facing a fine of just about $1 million. police say they have no record of anyone ever traveling faster in all of switzerland. so if you're going to speed in switzerland, make sure you're poor first. >> 6:26. ahead at 6:30, southwest often says you're free to move about the country. apparently that even applies to children traveling alone. that story. >> berkeley scales back on plans to take dna from&kc freshman. the program found to be breaking state law. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in antioch where a man is shot do death by antioch police after he opened fire on a police dog. there were a lot of questions unanswered. we have a live interview with the lieutenant with the antioch
6:27 am
p. d. the answer in a couple minutes. >> unlike the driver in switzerland, drivers in livermore are crawling along at 2 mph. we're talking two-hour delays right nonononononononononononono the most powerful half-ton crew in america has a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles. chevy silverado half-ton a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings around $5,800. they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen.
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it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. the opening bell has rung and trading has begun on wall street this morning at 6:30. stocks appear headed for their fourth straight day of losses. minutes ago the government released the spending report and retail sales rose 4% in july. that was improvement after two months of sales declines. we'll get the latest on early trading live from the new york stock exchange in go 15 minutes. >> we begin with a true friday the 13th commute for drivers in the livermore area. >> pretty jinxed. the big rig overturned this morning and two hours delays in
6:31 am
the area. >> a nightmare for drivers even out of tracy. that's where the backup now starts on westbound 580 from 205 to airway where an overturned big rig will block the lane until 8:45. they need to clean up the 20 tons of bark and ground cover. as we take a look at the drive time, i know it says 99 minutes but it's actually 2 hours 30 minutes. normally it takes 20 minutes at this time. consider ace train. that's your best bet because other side roads such as altamont where patterson to get around 580 will also be crowded. eric? >> frances, thank you for keeping us informed. a very busy morning newswise. out of antioch police have shot and killed a man and a police dog has been injured. terry mcsweeney is live in antioch with the latest. terry? >> the shooting took place here on d. street near lawton. you can see behind me antioch
6:32 am
police are still out here and this street has been blocked off somewhere around five, maybe six hours now. the question had been what exactly was it that brought police out here and brought them in contact with the suspect who they eventually shot and killed. joining me now is lieutenant leonard orman. what was it that he had done that brought you to d. street? >> essentially about 15 minutes after 1 a.m. we responded to an in progress residential burglary out here. officers quickly determined there was a suspect inside the house. and they made entry into the house in an effort to apprehend the suspect. a police k-9 was used to apprehend the suspect. during that encounter there was an exchange of gunfire between the suspect and officers on the scene. the dog was hit, as was the suspect. the suspect was pronounced deceased at the scene. the dog was transported to a 24
6:33 am
hour vet we have out here, was treated and is expected to survive. >> exchange of gunfire. no officers were hit? >> that is correct. >> this is a person that you identified as the deceased. >> we're not at this time. we're still trying to contact next of kin at this point so we will not be releasing that person's name until that curse. >> lieutenant orman, thank you for talking to us very much this morning. thank you. a tough situation here. d. street still blocked off after a shooting we're hearing about 1:15 this morning. it was a residential burglary. police respond, bring the k-9 unit and the dog gets shot. officers return fire and shoot and kill the suspect out here. that's the story from antioch. live at antioch, terry mcsweeney. >> u.c. berkley will modify a program after officials found it violated state law. a program called bring your genes to cal. about 5,000 incoming freshmen
6:34 am
and students received saliva kits over the summer. the university promised individual results for genetic variants if they return the kits on a voluntary basis. >> the biggest concern is when people get genetic information, they often will misunderstand it. if someone gets a piece of information about their genes without a good chance to have it explained to them by an expert, they may misinterpret it in ways that hurt them. >> so far about 600 students have returned the kits. researchers plan to continue the dna tests but will only release the results as aggregate findings this fall, not individual ones. >> you can keep that appoint with the dmv today if you want to go. governor schwarzenegger says he'll appeal the ruling that end furlough fridays for 200,000 state employees. yesterday's decision suspends efforts to force workers to take days off until the state has a
6:35 am
budget. workers pay cut by 14%. a tough hit by employees. >> i had to move out of my apartment and live with my family. and it's just -- it was just scrambling for times we didn't have enough food. >> the state supreme court upholds this and furloughs don't go forward we're looking at other things. maybe four or five furloughs in september. can't do furloughs, we're looking at layoffs or pay cuts. >> today will be day 44 of the budget stalemate. california facing a $19 billion deficit. >> a state agency that investigates utility prices is now raising concerns about a plan to dramatically increase the cost of water for thousands of sonoma county residents. the division of rate pair advocates filed a formal protest against a request by california american water company to raise prices for more than 600,000 customers across the state. it includes a rate hike on some 2400 households in sonoma county by about 37% over the next two years. officials at the company say
6:36 am
they want to dig a $2 million well to offset mandated reductions in water pumped from the rushing river. >> cool temperatures not the only thing from keeping residents from taking a swim. health officials have closed several public pools to try to enforce safety regulations. 40% of public pools are not complying with the law that requires new drain covers to be installed. those prevent swimmers from being sucked into the drain or being trapped by the suction of the drain. >> san mateo county has confirmed its first case of the west nile virus this year. officials found a dead squirrel july 28th, tested it and found it was carrying the virus. they didn't give the location but said people shouldn't panic because the county typically gets up to five cases per year. west nile is transmitted through infected mosquitos. you should drain standing water and avoid outdoor activities at dusk and dawn for best prevention. today in the south bay, the
6:37 am
santa clara control district will conduct its third and final aerial survey of the year looking for mosquito breeding grounds. they'll be looking for neglected swimming pools like the one you saw and other places that could harbor mosquitos. despite lower than average temperatures this summer, the west nile season is still active. want to make sure mosquitos do not breed and spread the virus. surveys in may and june identified over 750 half empty swimming pools that needed inspection. foreclosure causing that problem. >> some commuters in the livermore area can still save their morning commute but not taking 580. >> right. getting on an ace train, that might help you out. check with frances and get the latest. >> that's your best bet, ace train. i've been talking about this all morning but we have this overturned big rig on westbound 580 before airway. apparently what we've learned is that one of the tires blew out on the big rig so the driver
6:38 am
lost control and it flipped over and spilled 20 tons of bark and ground cover on the freeway. since it's been out there since 4:30, we've just seen the backup grow and grow for miles all the way out to tracy now. they hope to have the lanes reopen by 8:45 but the chp has also been intermittently blocking all lanes of westbound 580. so we'll see big delays continue through the morning commute. if you can telecommute or come in later, you'll have a much better time. as we take a look at drive times for you, we have maxed out, it's actually beyond 99 minutes. actually two and a half hours now as you make that drive from 205 to 680, that 20-mile stretch almost enliarly backed out all the way towards airway. ace train really your best bet. probably crowding on side streets. coming out of brentwood and you have the option of highway 4, that would be a much better bet. ace train 3 through livermore,
6:39 am
they're reporting no big delays. mike has news for us. >> a little calmer weatherwise than what you're dealing with. talk about those warmer temperatures first by getting through the morning hours where we are cloudy once again in most of our neighborhoods and temperatures are stuck in mid-50s once again. and it looks like the cloud cover is going to push as far east as it can through about the 8:00 hour to meet some places like concord. clear skies should remain that way. by noon looking at sunshine just about everywhere exempt the coast and parts of san francisco. the finger fog over oakland at 60. mid-60s around the bay. low to mid-70s developing in our inland valley. 4:00 sunshine everywhere. even on the bay side of san francisco. 62 downtown, 67 oakland. 69 san rafael. low 70s for the rest of the bay to mid to upper 70s in the south bay, north bay valleys and low to mid-80s in the east bay
6:40 am
valleys. temperatures pretty close to yesterday. if you enjoyed it, enjoy today. santa rosa the same. 1 degree cooler. about 2 degrees cooler in san francisco. accu-weather seven-day forecast. we have a slight cooling trend for tomorrow, about 4 degrees cooler than today but then we gain all those temperatures back on sunday and build upon them. mid-90s all next week inland with near 80 around the bay and mid-60s at the coast. kristen, eric. >> feels like summer's coming on. 640. >> are things sizzling on wall street or not. a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. right now taking a look at the big board. fret flat. the dow up 3 points. >> three airline tickets, no i.d. needed. the story of three young and unaccompanied travelers. has southwest airlines doing a lot of explaining. >> he's usually saying you're wrong but she's saying i'm sorry. the racial slur that has a well-known talk show host apologizing this morning.
6:41 am
>> also sheriff deputies and have discovered a person dead in the hills of claire county. i'm theresa garcia live. we'll let you know if there are 3q hey resolve stain busters,
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♪ and welcome back. it's time for your california forecast. still pretty cloudy along the coast and cool 59 eureka. 88 sacramento, mid to upper 90s fresno and chico. sierra nice around tahoe. low to mid-80s by the weekend with near 100 the base of yosemite. southern california more clouds give way to afternoon sunshine, l.a. low 80s. san diego pleasant mid-70s. kristen. >> thanks. it's 6:44. a measureto ban businesses for
6:45 am
charging a fee to consumers who use debit cards is headed to the governor's desk. the measure would prevent businesses from advertising one price and then adding a fee to a purchase if customers pay with a debit card. the bill was backed by consumer advocates and opposed by small business owners who are subject to fees charged every time a credit or debit card is used. governor schwarzenegger has not said whether he'll sign the measure. >> a three-day losing streak and interesting news on vacation trends. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange with the "moneyscope" report. hi, jane. >> hi, eric and kristen. remember staycations, so 2009, right? looks like they might be getting a little old-fashioned. the latest vacation craze, maycations. half of the 23,000 participants say they bare all at the beach.
6:46 am
maybe it's cheaper. who knows. investors may be wishing they were on vacation. they were actually lower for a fourth straight session. goldman sachs seeing a 25 to 30% chance that the u.s. economy will soon slip back into recession. plans retailers may wind up in trouble approximate back-to-school shopping season. the numbers a little weaker than expected. here's how we look. we've got the dow, nasdaq, s & p all trading lower this morning. not by a lot but we have had pretty steep losses so far this week. we're adding to those. the silicon valley index actually down as well. keeping an eye on the situation between oracle and google. oracle now claiming it deserves some of the credit for google's android software and oracle filed an infringement lawsuit against google over the matter. it owns because of its purchase of sun microsystem. back to school, toyland and mattel launching a campaign
6:47 am
surrounding its monster high dolls. holding events to promote this on this friday the 13th. the l.a. times and mattel executives saying the line stems from the idea that every kid feels a little like a freak in high school. the monster high line designed to catch recent obsessions with vampires and werewolves. i'm jane king, bloomberg news. >> have a great weekend. >> the former vice president dan quayle is in the spot line. dan quayle is running for congress in arizona and denying he once wrote for a racy website now called they say he wrote a column under the name of a porn star about picking up attractive women. the 33-year-old is running an ad calling president obama the worst president in history and promising to knock the hell out
6:48 am
of washington. >> policies questioned this morning, especially those regarding children who take flights without adult supervision. that's after three kids ages 11, 13 and 15 booked themselves on an airline adventure without their parents' permission and took off. abc reports. >> they're still unpacking after a real spur of the moment trip. three underaged kids who flew from their hometown of jacksonville, florida, to nashville, tennessee. 13-year-old bobby nolan asked his friends if they wanted to hang out. bridget texted her idea suggesting a flight to nashville after saving $700 from babysitting. she called southwest and found out the tickets cost $238 each for an afternoon flight so bridget, bobby, and her 11-year-old brother called a cab and rode to the airport. they bought their three tickets at the counter. >> we paid him and he put the little -- the flight things on our bags and then he said you better run because you might
6:49 am
miss your flight. >> the kids say nobody asked about their parents. nobody even asked for identification. >> we just took our stuff out of our pockets, shoes off and walked through it. they didn't say nothing. >> on board they snacked on free pretzels because they only had $40 left. at dinnertime bobby's parents called him to come home and got his voice mail. a neighbor told them a cab picked up their kids earlier. after calling cab companies to find out where they went, the phone finally rang. >> he goes we're in nashville, we're ready to come home. >> so they boarded another southwest flight in nashville and flew home, another $700 down the drain. south west airline says its policy allows 11 year olds to fly as long as someone age 12 or older is flying with them. abc news, new york. >> reality show coming. >> yeah. 6:49 now. the reality of 580. frances. >> more like a nightmare on westbound 580 because of this
6:50 am
overturned big rig that spilled 20 tons of bark and ground cover at 4:30 this morning. the lanes have been blocked since that time and will continue to be blocked until about 8:45 this morning. cal tran's crews at the scene trying to clear that all up. the right lanes which are mainly open are intermittently blocked. you can see traffic is jammed for miles all the way into tracy. it's a crawl through the altamont pass. a ride, 8 mph as you leave 205 and head in through livermore. so consider possibly patterson pass road, the altamont pass road as an alternate. but ideally you want to take ace train because the drive time is actually now three hours. we've maxed out at 99 minutes so we might need to change our drive time map. but ace train number 3 looking good leaving livermore. ace train you can catch elsewhere. a quick look outside bay bridge toll plaza. you can pretty much find luckily friday light traffic. get the latest drive times by
6:51 am
going to our web sie site. >> good morning, everybody. a look at a thinner deck of clouds over the bay. not covering all of us. not as misty. and drizzle as yesterday. so dry as we had hoped. leading to temperatures in the 50s though. the warm spot mountain view at 59 with santa rosa being one of the cooler spots at 51. monterey bay cloud cover inland with 53 to 54. sunny and seasonal around the bay today. a cooler breeze though and lingering clouds will bring us a brief cooling trend tomorrow and the summer warmth begins sunday and especially hits hard the east bay valleys where we'll have temperatures mid-90s next week and maybe paying pg&e a little coin to stay comfortable next week. it's been a long time since we have. here's a look at the cloud cover trying to push into all our valleys by 8:00. once we get to 8:00 it's over.
6:52 am
back to the coast and we'll figure fog holding on around oakland. friday afternoon hours, just mainly cloudy at the coast, sunshine everywhere else with 50s at the coast to 80s inland. make it near 90 brentswood for the warmer spots. east bay valleys, mid to upper 80s. may have 82 around dublin. for the east bay shore, sunshine today, mid to upper 60s, richard mond, berkeley and oakland a little breeze. we'll keep building on mid-70s. south bay 78. saratoga and los gatos in the low 80s. peninsula sunshine from san mateo southward. millbrae a little breeze and 69 degrees. upper 50s along the mostly cloudy coast. downtown south san francisco and sausalito sunshine and mid-60s. san rafael 72. could get as warm as novato. 80 when you head northbound. head farther north, ukiah 92.
6:53 am
monterey bay mostly cloudy with mid to upper 60s. mid-70s for morgan hill and gilroy. two and a half games back of the padres for the n. l. west. 7:15 first pitch today. clear early. 65 and then 59 by the end of the game. gotta sweep 'em to get ahead of them. your seven-day forecast, that cool breeze drops our temperatures 4 degrees tomorrow and we'll add those 4 degrees sunday. add another 6 on monday. check those mid-90s monday through thursday inland. even a little uncomfortable in parts of the bay with near 80 and low to mid-60s at the coast. have a great weekend. here's kristen. >> radio personality dr. laura insists she's sorry for using the "n" word through her gnash namly syndicated show. she used it several times with a caller tuesday. the caller complained about her husband's friends making racist comments about her inside her home. the doctor called her
6:54 am
hypersensitive and suggested blacks use the word itself. she was so upset afterwards she didn't finish her show. >> santa clara deputies and saying they could have a massive search after they found a body. >> theresa garcia live outside morgan hill with details. >> let me explain where we're at. santa clara county just west of morgan hill. behind me fog being one of the issues. you can see there is a santa clara deputy vehicle parked there. that's the beginning of the blockoff where they won't -- they were having a tough time going through brush.
6:55 am
thick fog so once they found that person dead there, they called off the search until it could become daylight and some of the fog lifted. that obviously for safety reasons not sure if there's anyone else out there or what the possible threat could be. now, the other situation not only that you have the dead person out here is that this could be a possible marijuana growth. we're approaching harvest season. that's one thing i do not have confirmed yesterday from deputies and but seems to be that's what it's leaning toward. well update you more as we get information on this story through the morning. for more on developing news, live to terry mcsweeney in antioch. good morning, terry. >> good morning to you. i'm here on d. street where a man was shot to death last night during an exchange of gunfire in which a police dog was wounded. if you take a look at pictures from earlier this evening, this happened 1:15. police were responding to a report of a burglary in
6:56 am
progress. nobody was home. people were on vacation apparently. police responds. they sent in the police dog. the suspect opened fire on the dog, wounded the dog. that's when police opened fire on the suspect shooting and killing him. we are told this entire exchange of gunfire happened -- the people were about 10 feet away from each other. this easily could have been a police officer shot. it was not. a dog wounded, a man shot and killed. they are not releasing his name other than to say he was burglarizing this house. happened about 1:30 in the morning. police still here on the scene. here we are four and a half hours, five hours later -- five and a half hours later here on d. street between lot ton and railroad. it's expected to be closed a couple more hours still according to police. live in antioch, terry mcsweeney. >> final check on that horrible commute affecting drivers in lives and 580. >> yeah. eric, kristen.
6:57 am
the drive time is now three hours on westbound 580. three hours from 205 and tracy out towards airway. we're talking this is an extra two and a half hours in your car for folks heading through the livermore area all due to this overturned big rig blocking left lanes at airway. it will be closed until 8:45. that's when they hope to have it reopened. you may want to take some of the county roads or hold off traveling until 9:00 and ace train, that's your best bet so far. mike? >> thank you very much, frances. here's a look at your temperatures for today. about 2:30 it will be 63 in san francisco, 69 oakland. about 64 richmond. you can see the low to mid-70s for the rest of the bay and upper 70s the south bay and north bay valleys and mid to upper 80s in the east bay valleys. tonight 50s once again with clouds everywhere. about 4 degrees warmer tomorrow before the big warming trend next week. >> so livermore take your i-pod. it could be a while.
6:58 am
it could be a while. thank you for dan: i had a biopsy and i had high-risk prostate cancer. i was depressed. i was shocked. sometimes cancer makes you feel very lonely. the doctors can do their best to cure the cancer, but it takes all of the other stuff to make you a whole person again. i've been given a second chance. announcer: at sutter health, our story is you. for more stories, visit
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