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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 13, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm elizabeth vargas. it is friday, august 13th. and this morning, where are the jobs? unemployment claims rise to their highest level in six months putting mounting pressure on the president. can he turn it around in time for the midterm election? >> poster boy or problem employee? some passengers now say it was the flight attendant who started the fight before he slid down the exit chute. we talked to one who said steve slater should be grounded for good. >> flying solo. the kids who bought their own tickets and boarded a plane for dollywood without telling their parents. why didn't the airline stop them? the answer may surprise you. >> their fans have been lining up for hours. the jonas brothers and demi lovato perform live, our summer concert series continues.
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nothing can stop those jonas brothers. >> nothing. or all those girls. they're been lined up for hour. >> a little cloudy in central park but a huge crowd getting ready for the jonas brothers and demi lovato. "camp rock 2" comes out and look how excited they are. >> think any of those kids got on an airplane without their parents? >> that is the story of the morning. these three kids get on a plane in florida, go to -- saved up money from baby-sitting and said they wanted to go to dollywood. they get in a cap to the airport. they flew to tennessee. their parents never knew anything bit. our big question is how could this possibly happen? wait until you hear the airline's defense. >> oh, my goodness. it's friday the 13th. maybe that's why there seems to be so much bad luck in the job market.
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that huge jump in unemployment claims was eye opening and surprising. now more than 14 million americans looking for work and every day they're without a job, president obama's job gets that much tougher. what can he do to fix this? james carville and matthew dodd weigh in. >> the big question. is it beyond where he can do anything politically for this november's elections? the tide may be turning against the world's most famous flight attendant. steven slater says he wants to go back to work but they're turning up evidence that calls his story into question. saying slater was behaving badly all through the flight. we talked to one of the passengers who says he was way beyond rude. >> we'll begin with the dismal and unexpected economic news. the latest number for new jobless claims is up near its high defying analysts' expectations that the number would be going down by now. there is a lot of concern the economy could be going into reverse and david muir is here with more on that story. good morning, david. >> you're right, elizabeth. good morning. a lot of talk of the possibility
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of a double dip recession, a second round of all of this and many economists say they don't believe that's going to happen but they do acknowledge this huge slowdown in the recovery. and it's beginning to take a real political toll. the new figures are staggering. the highest number of americans applying for unemployment benefits in almost six months. since this recession began, 7 million jobs have vanished. they have not come back. where did they go? for one companies are not hiring. >> doing more with less rather than hiring or they're investing in new equipment to leverage the workers they have and that's left the rest of the economy, the rest of the people looking for jobs looking for jobs longer than we've ever seen in the u.s. economy and the post-world war ii period. >> reporter: more than 14 million americans are looking for work. 25 million if you count those who have given up. >> the places we used to look for jobs 30 years ago, for instance, like manufacturing they're not going to come back in the ranks ever to what they were. >> reporter: case in point, machinist mike hand, who bravely wears this t-shirt with his resume on it.
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>> i decided to make up a t-shirt to advertise for a job. >> reporter: it's stories like his that are taking a growing political toll. in louisville, kentucky, a member of the president's own party lashed out. i'm not real happy with our economic team in the white house, he's quoted as saying. they think it's more important that goldman sachs make money than you make money. many say it will become a real political liability if there isn't job creation and warn against relying on the consumer to buy us out of this. >> the old normal was the u.s. consumer was spending at a rapid rate in excess of his or her income. the u.s. consumer can't go back to that. >> reporter: of course, as we've seen the stock market is watching all of this losing 300 points over 2 day, and a lot watching their 401(k)s growing on their own because so many companies stopped contributing to the 401(k)s during the recession and have yet to begin doing that again. >> a real squeeze on both ends. david, thanks so much. to the political
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implications of all this. i'm joined by matthew dowd, political contributor, pollster for both president george w. bush and down in new orleans james carville, who, of course, worked for president clinton and, james, let me begin with you. the jobless rate got to be the most significant political fact out there right now and i guess the big problem for democrats is that the unemployment rate is higher than the national average in the seats where democrats are most vulnerable. >> yeah, i mean that was a pretty depressing report, george. there wasn't a lot of good news there. i guess we kind of -- three advisers away from getting out of this, the father, the son and the holy ghost, i mean. it's a -- it's a very tough environment. and, you know, democrats are going to lose some seats but i think they have to press ahead and talk about things they're doing. trying to get teachers hired back and do something about banking reform. we'll have to forge ahead. but this is one nasty recession. there's no doubt about it. >> that does get to the
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question, how the democrats do talk about this. you've seen the white house calling this the recovery summer. >> the situation it's been -- as you said at the start it's locked in now so everybody believes the economy is bad no matter if you have good numbers in september or october. i think the democrats are in a very difficult spot because they can't put up sunny glow on it, people will think they're not connecting to where they are in their lives and i think they have to try to ride through it. as james said maybe it is father, son and holy ghost. they have to do it in a way they don't feel disconnected with people and sympathize with people's plights but tell them the sunrise is coming. >> they have to offer some hope. even though that risk, james, make it seem they could be out of touch if they talk up the good news too much. >> i've been a big believer. i think they do they have a strategy in place and the times they do -- all the economic research, the post financial economic crisis is awful, and this one is certainly in line with what one expects but
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they have a plan to deal with that and there's some sense that we can do better than we're doing right now and i think there is, but you're right. i think matthew is also correct. i don't think much will change between now and november, unfortunately. it's not going to be some huge 800,000 jobs number coming out in one of these future reports and i think they do have a good case to make they've done some really good and important things here and that they have good things if we stick with these thing, things could work better, but right now, it does not look all that optimistic to be honest with you. >> george, i think one of the bigger fears for the administration, if this continues it becomes a broader competency of government question so they pass this huge stimulus package. they do financial reform. they do health care reform but the economy still struggles along the way so i think people begin and have begun as we've talked about before with their frustration that it just becomes an overall washington can't do anything right and if that locks in, it's a big problem. >> if there are questions about the competency of the administration it could put 2012
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at risk for president obama. let me jump ahead to that, james. there's been some talk out there already about whether president obama should actually run with joe biden in 2012 or replace him with hillary clinton. here is former virginia governor douglas wilder saying with this state of political fragility, obama needs to bring them to the question of whether joe biden should remain on the ticket. i say no. a lot saying he should be replaced by hillary clinton. that's crazy talk, right? >> yeah, you know, the governor is a friend of mine. he did a radio show. you know, people i -- i don't think, first of all i doubt if secretary of state wants to be vice anything and there's no doubt, there seems to me the vice president is doing a pretty good job. gave pretty sage counsel on afghanistan and pretty involved with what's going on but any time you bring up the secretary
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of state's name it's provocative and people are interested in it and it causes all kinds of hysteria and that's about all it is. i don't see any evidence other than speculation that this would happen. >> we have seen this chatter in the past, matthew, there was talk about george -- george bush the elder replacing dan quayle in 1992, sam chatter in 2004 about president bush replacing vice president cheney. >> when those things happen, it's all in conjunction with especially in 2004 because i was aware of some of that chatter, it was more of heir apparent. who is going to run next and setting up the next person to run as opposed to trying to fix a political problem. barack obama's political problem, what's so silly about this, is not related to joe biden, it's related to barack obama's numbers in the administration. and the funny thing about it, if you took this to its logical end, joe biden's numbers are better than barack obama's numbers. if you wanted to replace somebody you wouldn't start with
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joe biden. >> there's the nonstarter in the white house. james, last word. ten seconds. >> i just think that's the 88th thing on the agenda. >> okay, james carville, matthew dowd, thanks very much. elizabeth? >> all right, george, thanks so much. we know more now this morning about the arrest of that suspected serial killer who's accused of attacking as many as 18 people. he was apprehended at the airport in atlanta as he tried to board an airplane bound for israel. he had been on the run for months and jeremy hubbard is in flint, michigan, with more on this arrest. good morning to you, jeremy. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. overnight we learned the suspect in the serial slashings refused extradition back here to flint where there are five murder victims and a string of survivors. we also now know he was no stranger to police, even in recent weeks as they were investigating these attacks. as police in atlanta drive away with the suspected serial slasher, we learned officers had elias abuelazam in their grips at least twice at the height of the killings ticketed july 29th for providing alcohol to a minor
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having just allegedly attacked a victim at 6:00 that very morning and last week virginia police arrested him during a traffic stop on an outstanding warrant. he had a knife and a hammer in his green chevy blazer at the time. >> it's not uncommon if people are violating the law, killing people, assaulting people to get caught in some other scenario that's of a lesser crime. >> reporter: still, in the virginia case, he posted bail and was released and the attacks continued. altogether from may to last weekend five men murdered. at least 13 others slashed. all in similar ways. >> he stabbed me here. >> reporter: a tip led authorities to elias abuelazam's workplace, this party store near flint. >> if it's him he should be hanged. >> reporter: this man hired him a month ago but headed to virginia. details from co-workers and store surveillance video helped convince police he was their guy. >> we tracked him electronically through technology and at this point that's all i'm going to say about that.
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>> reporter: that technology led to his arrest just as he was about to board a flight to his native israel. his mom told an israeli radio station she spoke to elias abuelazam just before he was to board and he sounded the same as usual, quiet and calm but that is not at all how his ex-father-in-law describes his past behavior. >> he was a little bit crazy. >> reporter: he said he got rough with his daughter. the two divorced in 2007. the question, of course, now is why didn't police nab him while they had the chance? they say at the time there was no nationwide alert for the blazer. no reason to think he was a killer. elizabeth? >> thanks so much. now to juju chang for the rest of the morning's headlines. good morning, juju. >> good morning, elizabeth and george. good morning, everyone. we begin with a green light for same-sex weddings in california. the federal judge who overturned the state's gay marriage ban says same-sex couples can resume getting married this coming wednesday barring what he calls an unlikely intervention. opponents already responded asking a federal appeals court
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to step in. a surprise at general motors. just as the company reported its best profit in six year, it announced a new ceo. dan akerson has no automotive experience but his ties to wall street will come in handy as the company prepares its public stock offering. taxpayers currently own more than 60% of gm. overseas now, new flood warnings have been issued in pakistan this morning where more than 1600 people have already died, and millions are homeless. disease is spreading as an already desperate situation grows more desperate by the hour. our senior foreign correspondent jim sciutto is there. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, juju. we were caught ourselves in the middle of a flash flood in morning and these continuing rains are posing real problems for the relief effort, including american aid flights for some. worst-hit areas. for pakistan's worst ever natural disaster, american helicopters, food and marines stand at the ready.
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they're being held back by rain that won't stop pouring. relief helicopters, the first of 19 the u.s. is sending here, grounded for a second straight day. 400 tons of food sitting in a warehouse. >> there are a lot of people who need help, right? as the time goes on, their situation only gets worse. >> flying here from afghanistan and being here ready to go and then not being able to go anywhere is extremely frustrating. >> reporter: frustrating and dangerous. the water is still rising in many areas. as the rain continues to fall relentlessly we watched this flash flood build up just in the last few minutes, as millions of pakistanis wait for help, the weather is providing no relief. the numbers are staggering. 6 million directly affected by the flooding. 2 million left homeless. one-fifth of the country under water, and officials now warning of a long-term disaster, infrastructure wiped out. and two years of crops washed away. an american pilot told me this morning that they've only gotten
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three full days of flying out of the last eight days and they've still managed to rescue more than 3,000 people. but, juju, they have many more lives to save. >> jim sciutto from the crisis zone in pakistan, thanks. back in this country it could be mission accomplished today in the gulf. tests are due back on bp's oil well to see if the mud and cement that's been pumped in is enough to seal it for good. without the need to finish a relief well. and now up close with a man-eater. a california pro-surfer put a camera on his paddle and took these stunning images as two great whites circled around him. it's appropriate theme music as you can hear. he had seen them the day before and actually went back. within minutes the sharks returned too. one even slapped his board with his tail. a little too close for comfort. that's the news at 7:15. is that brave or foolhardy? >> i was going to say, he went back? circling them. i don't know. >> from "spinal tap" crazy or
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crazier? i'd go with crazy. out to central park. marysol castro in for sam champion. >> good morning, you guys, good morning, everyone. it's -- no sharks mere, but plenty of fans here for the jonas brothers. backup dancers are taking to the stage. the crowd is wild. can't wait for you guys to come here. let's look at the maps and severe weather we're still talking about in the midwest. the area we're concerned about is iowa because they are already inundated with flooding and the rain to date could make matters worse while also looking at winds, large hail and, of course the possibility of a tornado. 16 states under excessive heat warnings today, dallas, 104. chicago, 93. it's just sweltering hot. unfortunately it's going to stay that way at least through the weekend for some areas. your local forecast in just 30 seconds but your weekend weather getaway brought to you by purina first.
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>> thank you so much. more on your friday outlook later in the show.
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the crowd is going wild. >> the people behind you, marysol. >> kevin, joe and nick. >> the story this, has got to be the story of the morning. that he kids from florida want to take a trip to dollywood. so they take their babysitting money, they go to the airport and buy tickets and manage to board a southwest airlines flight without their parents ever knowing about it. who deserves to be grounded, that traveling trio or the airline that let them fly? steve osunsami has the story. >> reporter: at 15 bridget is the oldest and says it was her idea. she had been saving up her money from babysitting to buy a car, but on tuesday, she decided that she, her brother and the boy next door should use that money to visit dollywood, the amusement park in tennessee. >> wanted to fly on a plane. >> reporter: you had never flown before. this was your first time? the trouble is they didn't tell their parents and paid for a cab to the airport on their own. when they got there they bought tickets from southwest airlines,
7:19 am
spent $700 on their own. they passed through security on their own. >> they didn't say anything to us. we went over there and picked up our stuff and got on the plane. >> reporter: they flew a nice comfortable flight from jacksonville to nashville, but when they landed, they had a problem. they had flown into the wrong city. stranded and scared they decided to call home. >> he said for real i'm in nashville, tennessee, and i'm ready to come home. we want to come home. >> it was scary. it was very scary. >> reporter: southwest airlines and federal officials both issued statements trying to explain themselves. the tsa wrote that kids under 18 don't need to show an i.d. so the children were let through without one. southwest told us that two of the passengers were over the age of 12 and therefore could travel without a parent. they allowed the 11-year-old to travel because in this case, he was accompanied by two older companions. their parents still can't believe it. >> i never would have dreamed my kid would have got on a plane without me or their mom. but they did. >> reporter: for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc
7:20 am
news. >> who can blame them for not believing it? that is astonishing. >> it didn't occur to anybody to ask these kids where is your mom, your dad, your guardian. >> i don't give them credit. i give them credit for saving up a lot of money from baby-sitting? >> for real. the line of the morning but coming up backlash against that flight attendant who has become something of a folk hero. like this woman who was on the flight says he should never work on an airplane again. >> and the fans lining up all night. the jonas brothers and demi lovato are going to perform live in central park and the crowd is going nuts. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's a universal gesture... ♪ a way of telling the world "you did it!"... without saying a word. introducing the mercedes-benz sls...amg. [ engine revs ]
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♪ a truly great-tasting breakfast shake. with 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber, it's the creamy, delicious way to satisfy... your hunger to help you lose weight. ♪ so you can kick the tin can habit. try special k protein shakes today. antioch police shot and killed a man earlier this morning after he opened fire on a police dog. officers confronted the man while they investigated a residential burglary 1:15 this
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morning near d. street. the suspect shot at the dog helping officers search the home. police returned fire and the suspect was dead at the scene. the police dog is exspecsed to survive after being wounded. a horrible situation in livermore. let's get the latest from frances. >> kristen, still clearing the lanes approaching airway where it has been a mess since 4:30 this morning. hope to have it opened by 8:45 but look how traffic is backed up all the way through the altamont pass into tracy. that entire stretch which normally takes about 20 minutes, especially for a friday, is now taking three hours. drivers stuck in their cars an extra two and a half hours. bay bridge toll plaza though still pretty light. >> thank you so much, frances. allergies put me in a fog.
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>> welcome back. a look from our roof cam and down to sfo where we have flight arrival delays nearly an hour. use our flight tracker at temperatures in the 50s this morning but not the drizzle and mist of yesterday. we'll be the mid to upper 60s the rest of the bay. south bay and north bay valleys upper 70s. slightly cooler tomorrow
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♪ hooked on a swing rocking the place dropping the bass ♪ >> demi lovato and jonas brothers, the cast of "camp rock 2" rehearsing in central park as they prepare for our summer concert series. huge this morning for a certainly event. we are all looking forward to demi lovato right there as we say good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> i'm elizabeth vargas. robin roberts is off this morning and yesterday we talked to the pilot of that small plane that crashed on the glacier in alaska and the alaska national guardsmen. today we'll talk to the survivors who managed to stay alive for days. that family from texas, stranded on that freezing glacier. they'll tell us some incredible story, the harrowing story of how they got through two nights. >> pretty ingenious.
7:31 am
great story. we'll go from freezing temperatures to record heat. you know, we've seen all kinds of extreme weather this year and t some are saying the planet is having a climate breakdown. is global warming the reason? >> we'll begin with the backlash that is brewing against that folk hero flight attendant steven slater. the escape artist said thursday he hopes to return to work on jetblue but passengers on that storied flight are now coming forward with their own stories. in just a moment we'll hear from one young woman who says slater should never be allowed to work on an airplane again but andrea canning brings us the latest. good morning again, andrea. >> good morning, elizabeth. another day, another steven slater story. some passengers are questioning whether the passenger slater said he argued with even exists. it led to him getting hit on the head which caused his tirade. at a press conference outside his home he stuck by his story. >> thank you all so much. it's been amazing, the support
7:32 am
and the love and the -- everything that's been brought to me. >> reporter: steven slater had few words about just what happened on that fateful flight but his attorney maintains he's the victim of a rude passenger who bumped him on the head while trying to get her bag. >> there's a lot of loss of civility and courtesy among each of us to one another, i guess tempers can get out of hand. >> reporter: some passengers however tell a different story, that slater was obnoxious, had been drinking and had the gash on his head before the alleged argument took place. passenger lauren wood wrote on her blog, the guy was a jerk and he is not some hero for sticking it to the man. another said he was acting strange. >> it seemed to me like a really big smile and caught my attention as, oh, he's a little bit like a character. >> reporter: slater's attorney denies he was drinking. jetblue only added to the confusion with this internal memo. multiple customers from different areas of the cabin have given interviews that tell a different story.
7:33 am
it's difficult to know with certainty what really happened. still, some are turning on the now infamous flight attendant. if donald trump had his way he'd be saying "you're fired." >> i think as an employee, he is horrible and as an employer, i would really go after him big league. >> reporter: others commented on his facebook fan page. i have the perfect nickname for our new folk. see ya later, slater. >> reporter: are you going to lose your job. >> more than likely. >> reporter: so far he's only been suspended so could we actually see a do-over for the person who said it's been a great ride before sliding into history. why do you still want to be a flight attendant? >> as you know his father was a pilot. his mother was a flight attendant. that's in his blood. that's what he loves doing. >> through his attorney steven slater thanked jetblue and even said he would like to keep his job with that same company but jetblue executives say nothing excuses his actions, that slides can be as dangerous as using a
7:34 am
gun with enough force to kill someone. elizabeth? >> all right, thanks, andrea. we're now joined by lauren wood who was on the steven slater flight and wrote that blog post that andrea mentioned in her piece. lauren, good morning. >> good morning. >> passengers on that flight are now coming forward to describe a very different scene than steven slater initially described to authorities. they say that steven slater was disheveled, that he was acting erratically. what did you see during that flight? >> throughout the entire flight i noticed that he was being very rude, much ruder than i normally expect from service on an airplane. and once we arrived at the gate, i saw him rush up to someone who had stood up a little too early, i saw some words pass between them. i didn't hear what happened. and then the gentleman that he was talking to sat back down. then once we got up to the gate and everybody was getting off the flight, the p.a. system came on and i heard mr. slater say
7:35 am
some very, very choice words and he started thrashing about saying, you know what, i don't care anymore, screw this, i'm out of here, grabbed his roller bag, started pounding on the emergency exit door, opened the door and as i was walking off the plane, i saw him fall backwards over these roller bags and as he's trying to get up he's pushing people out of the way. the pilot and the flight attendants are trying to stop him and calm him down and he just wasn't having any of it. he wanted to get out of there and i saw him inflate the emergency slide, grab his bag, say, you know, i don't care anymore. i'm out of here, slide down the slide and walk off the tarmac. >> so the story all along had been that as they were taxiing in he had an recall ter indication with a female passenger during which time he was hit on the head and hurt. you said he was bleeding from the head during the entire flight. >> he was.
7:36 am
yeah, i boarded the plane and he was standing in the exit row which was right in front of me talking to the passengers in the exit row and his head already had a cut on it. it was already bleeding and a gentleman asked him if he was okay and what had happened and all he replied was you wouldn't believe the day i've had. >> authorities and jetblue are now casting some doubt this morning on whether or not any altercation ever even took place on that airplane. they think he might have been hurt when he boarded the airplane. were you an early boarder or were you late in the process? >> i was kind of right in the middle. a lot of people were still boarding. once i was seated, so it had to have happened pretty early. >> there's also some question about whether or not he might have been drinking during the flight. other passengers say they saw him do so. did you see any evidence of that? >> i didn't see any evidence of that but i actually have ridden on flights with him before and i do think that he was acting very differently than how he normally acts, but i don't know that that was caused by intoxication.
7:37 am
>> before all these conflicting reports came out to cast some doubt on the original story that came out to make him a folk hero, he was getting a lot of attention and a lot of positive press. what did you think about all that elevation of steven slater as the sort of modern-day folk hero standing up for the abused working man. >> you know, i think it's wrong. he was in a job that is all about customer service and as a former waitress myself, i know that people can be rude sometimes. but that's a part of the job and as someone who has been working as a customer service representative, he should know that you can't cross that line the way he crossed that line. i mean i understand sometimes being pushed to a limit, but he went so far beyond what is even remotely appropriate as a reaction. >> he says he wants his job back at jetblue. do you think you'd fly with him again? >> absolutely not. if i knew that they took him back, i would really have serious issues with that. >> all right. lauren wood giving a different version of events and somebody, you were on the plane, you saw
7:38 am
it all firsthand. thanks for being with us to share this morning. have a great weekend. george? >> thanks, elizabeth. there has been all kinds of travel trouble this summer. if you're the lance family you survived four days in a blizzard on a remote glacier in alaska. a setting so dangerous that even the rescue helicopter crashed. but thanks to quick thinking and a little extra togetherness they are safe and they told their story to our houston station ktrk. neal karlinsky has more. >> reporter: the lance family came to alaska from texas hoping for a vacation to remember. they're leaving with stories of a fight for survival after their sightseeing plane crashed, leaving them stranded 8,500 feet up a glacier. >> when i pulled my mirror out ready for my girl scout survive to signal a plane. that was our first initial -- then when we realized we had no food and water. >> reporter: it had recently been cleaned out and had no emergency supplies on board. they had to make due with the
7:39 am
belongings they had on them and melted know for water. their ordeal continued when four national guardsmen who climbed in to rescue them became stuck because of severe weather. then three more rescuers were stranded, as well, when their black hawk helicopter crashed right in front of the lance family during a rescue attempt. amazingly, no one was seriously injured. >> going through a crash yourself, like you could feel -- you could sympathize with them extremely because they are up there trying to risk their life for you. >> reporter: the family huddled for warmth inside their damaged plane staying close together and keeping the inside at about 40 degrees while the temperature outside dropped to the mid-20s. >> used my dental floss to make a clothesline and hung the troopers' clothes together to try to dry them. >> reporter: today they're safe, headed home and thankful to be alive. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, anchorage.
7:40 am
>> time now for the weather. sam champion is off today so let's go to marysol castro in central park. marysol, what a crowd. >> the crowd is unbelievable, george. all these folks so excited to see the jonas brothers and demi lovato, i think by the end of the show i will have no hearing whatsoever. but i ran into some folks. this is valerie from san antonio, yes. who is your favorite jonas brothers? >> nick jonas. >> if you could tell him one thing, what would it be? what do you want him to know? >> like what? >> what? like can you take me out to dinner? you want to go to the movies. >> let's go to the movies. >> valerie from san antonio. nick, she wants you to take her to the movies if your schedule permits. to the videotape and show you yesterday's severe storms that ripped through the washington, d.c. and maryland area. there you see a lot of structural damage. there were some injuries with this storm that was just fast and furious but there were no
7:41 am
fatalities. 100,000 people were without power at the height of that storm. you could see there was either some damage at the white house. heat wave continues. 18 states now under heat advisories including iowa, illinois, texas feels like 115. the question, of courses on everyone's mind when will the heat end? in kansas city it ends on sunday. same in chicago. the humidity dissipates, dallas and memphis, you'll still be oppressively hot >> thanks so much. this weather report has been brought to you by orkin. elizabeth, back to you. >> marysol, thanks so much. coming up next, from killer heat waves to fire, to those devastating floods in pakistan
7:42 am
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7:45 am
♪ maybe i need some rehab or need some sleep ♪ this winter we were walloped by snow. this summer sweltering heat. pakistan fighting its worst floods ever. russia, its worst wildfires ever both sparked by extreme weather. that has put the debate over climate change and global warming front and center once again. dan harris put himself right in the thick of it. >> reporter: it has been a long, miserable summer all over the planet. here at home we've had the hottest year on record. there have been killer heat waves and also those devastating floods in the midwest. over in russia, the hottest
7:46 am
summer on record with thousands dead and hundreds of brush fires destroying wheat crops. in pakistan, the heaviest monsoon rains on record leaving 14 million people homeless and in the arctic, the largest chunk of ice to break away from a glacier since scientists started monitoring. add it all up and does it mean global warming is here? well, scientists say you can't blame any one weather event on global warming, but these sorts of extreme weather events are getting more common and are predicted to get even more so. so we're looking at a planet potentially where the unusual becomes quite usual? >> that's exactly right. the unusual heat waves, the unusual rainfall events will not be unusual in 10, 20, 30, 40 years' time. >> reporter: that's a bad thing for a lot of people. >> that is a bath bad thing for a lot of people. >> reporter: skeptics push back and say what about the huge snowstorms over the winter that crippled washington, d.c.
7:47 am
doesn't that seem to argue against this pattern that scientists talk about? >> well, nobody ever said that it would never snow again. i mean, you're still going to get cold anomalies but they're just going to happen less often and soon they won't happen hardly at all whereas the other anomalies will come more and more frequently. >> reporter: and americans and the world, he says, need to get ready for it. for "good morning america," dan harris, abc news, new york. >> and coming up, julia roberts' co-star in "eat, pray, love," billy crudup joins us live. >> education and my pastor, ll . >> education and my pastor, ll . going back to school. laughs ] this is it! [ all ] 10...9...8... a new school year has so much potential! any resolutions? my resolution is the same as always; keep her full and focused with my fiber. [ all ] 3...2...1... happy school year! [ female announcer ] this school year, make a resolution to give your kid kellogg's frosted mini-wheats cereal. an excellent source of fiber from 100% whole grain.
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7:51 am
here we are in central park. thousands of people getting ready to see demi lovato and the jonas brothers. i'm dps stephanopoulos with marysol castro in the bleachers. it's kind of fun. >> it is, george. i love it. >> let's go go to anise. what's coming up. >> demi lovato and the jonas brothers coming up live.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
>> it's been a terrible morning interstate 580 from livermore but things getting a little bit better, frances. >> yeah, a little better because at least all lanes are open now after having been blocked for the last three hours. so it's actually improving just 17 mph at the scene but look at the backup all the way into tracy where it's a crawl at 1 mph from 250. so the drive time is two and a half hours still.
7:57 am
bay bridge toll plaza backed up to west grand because of earlier stalls. kristen. >> we have developing news from santa clara county where sheriffs deputies and are saying could be a massive search after finding a body. it was located around 4 a.m.. unmarked operational vehicles were entering the area overnight. no word what brought authorities out when they found the victim. >> when is it gonna clear? let's check with mike. >> good question. i think about noon for most of us. maybe one or two for san francisco to get all the clouds back to the coast. about 50 minute flight arrival delays because of the clouds. 60 degree temperatures san francisco, oakland, richmond. mid to upper 70s north bay and south bay and mid to upper 80s east bay valleys. slightly cooler tomorrow before the camera phone?
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:00 am
♪ i'm hot you're cold ♪ you go around like you know ♪ who i am but you don't ♪ 5,000 strong here in central park waiting for the jonas brothers and demi lovato. i don't know if you can see. also the youngest member of the audience. >> she looked so happy a moment ago but she's definitely cheered up. got a glimpse of the stage. she's waiting for the jonas brothers to come out. >> they were here at the beginning of the summer. they are back now. demi lovato, the jonas brothers, the whole cast of "camp rock 2" which premieres next week. we'll get to that ahead as we say good morning, america, i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm elizabeth vargas. it's friday, friday the 13th.
8:01 am
we have a lot coming up not just the jonas brothers, of course, although everybody here is extremely excited about that but we have an interesting report. a lot of people have heard of botox, something that grown-ups do to relieve their wrinkles. that sort of thing. but it's a trend increasingly for teenagers. why are they doing it? >> i can't even believe it's allowed. >> exactly. should doctors be allowing kids to do this with or without their parents' permission. we'll get into that in just a few minutes. also, "eat, pray, love" is premiering tonight all across the country. we talked to julia roberts earlier in the week. this morning billy crudup who plays her husband. >> remarkably talented. huge career on stage and screen. >> hey, georgeh good mornin well, the big story this morning continues to be the economy. on wall street investors are about to get the latest reading on retail sales. if the news isn't good, expect a fourth consecutive day of market
8:02 am
losses. thursday unemployment claims rose to their highest level in six months adding to concern that the economic recovery is c. we're learning more about the man arrested in connection with 18 stabbings across thr elias abuelazam was arrested trying to fly to israel from atlanta thursday. turns out, police had nabbed him twice in recent weeks for other reasons. before he was named as a suspect in the serial stabbings. the suspect is now refusing extradition to michigan where five people were fatally stabbed. same-sex weddings are now being planned and legal arguments are being sharpened in california. as expected opponents of gay marriage have already asked an appeals court to block those weddings finni ryan owens reports from west >> so, the wedding plans are still on hold. >> reporter: a week after federal judge vaughn walker struck down proposition 8, the ban on same-sex marriage -- >> the judge is not respecting the will of the people in >> reporter: -- hu
8:03 am
marriages should proceed beginning on wednesday. here in predominantly gay west hollywood, the city set up this trellis. they were expecting lines of people here to get married in this park. now they say they'll do it all over next week. the delay gives opponents nearly a week to file an appeal. >> so the supporters of prop 8 face a very heavy burden to convince the court of appeals to issue a stay. >> we believe as 7 million california voters do that the traditional marriage allows for every child to have the opportunity to have both a mom and dad in the home. >> we want to get married. we're very serious about it. it's not a decision we made hastily. we want to get marr we'll come back on the 18th. >> reporter: couples waiting years to tie the kny can wait another week. >> we've waited. we've been patient, and if this is our opportunity, we're going to take it. >> reporter: ryan owens, abc news, west hollywood, california. and turning now to medical news. a new study is linking
8:04 am
acetaminophen to asthma in teenagers. researchers found teens who take the pain reliever just once a month nearly doubled their risk for asthma compared to teens who don't take it. doctors say acetaminophen in medicines like tylenol may have an inflammatory effect or even suppress the immune system. now it's the a-lister versus the factor. earlier this week bill o'reilly accused jennifer aniston of glamorizing single parenthood when she said women don't need to settle anymore to have children. aniston who is promoting her new film about artificial insemination is striking back telling "people" magazine, of course, many women dream of finding prince charming but for those who have not yet found their bill o'reilly, i'm just glad science has provided a few other options. ouch. that's the news at 8:04. time for the weather with marysol castro. i don't know if you can hear me above the screaming girls but good morning. >> good morning, juju, i can barely hear you. but i found some interesting
8:05 am
folks in this crowd. tell me your name. >> olivia. >> how old are you? >> 8. >> olivia has plans not only for her but also her dad. what's your name? >> my name is eric. >> can we see your shirt? this is, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this is nick's future father-in-law right here. we booked the exclusive. nick jonas is going to marry olivia. you don't know this yet but be good to the dad. good morning, everyone. let's turn to the maps and see what you can expect for this weekend. unfortunately, some of you will continue to see a lot of rain in t'so vey at see a lot of rain in some areas are seeing more than 2 inches. the good news is that the worst of it is going to be just north of des moines and ames which has been i
8:06 am
>> thanks so much. more on your weekend outlook a little bit later on in the show. george, back to you. >> you know, there are all kinds of signs these days that kids are growing up too fast but this one takes the cake. teenagers are now taking botox to look younger "the new york times" reports that 12,000 botox treatments were given to teens last year so we've sent bianna golodryga to find out why these teenagers are seeking the treatments and whether it's a good idea. >> unbelievable, george. often called the awkward year, the gawky years. for generations teenage girls
8:07 am
have struggled with how they look and often turned to cosmetic procedures to help them. first starting with makeup. over the past two years, we have seen a lot more nose jobs done, procedures done there but now the most controversial of all trends, botox injections and it's perfectly legal for your 12-year-old daughter to get one. ♪ and i will always love you >> she wowed the crowd with this appearance on our "gma" stage two years ago. charisse pempengco, the filipino singing sensation, who got her start on the internet at age 15. ♪ i i will always love you >> reporter: now at 18 pempengco's going to be on the hit tv show "glee" but before she sang a single note she turned to botox. that's right. botox. the muscle relaxing and wrinkle removing injection first approved by the fda for cosmetic use in 2002. botox is used by millions of adults, but facial plastic
8:08 am
surgeon yan trokel says more and more teenagers want it. >> raise your eyebrows up and grimace. >> i wanted to prevent getting wrinkles. a lot of my friends do it and i see great results. >> reporter: he's turning them away. >> really at this age you shouldn't be thinking about botox. you don't really have any lines. >> reporter: according to the american society of plastic surgeons last year teens ages 13 to 19 had nearly 12,000 botox injections. some of them got multiple doses. that's a 2% increase over 2008. >> we don't know what the long-term impact will be of giving something like botox over someone's life. when you're starting as a teenager does that mean that you're going to use this product for the next 40, 50 years. >> reporter: five years ago brooke was 18 and looked like this. a deep line running across her forehead. then brooke got botox.
8:09 am
>> people always would be concerned i was upset or frustrated because i had this deep line. my forehead always looked like i was in some sort of pensive state and that wasn't always necessarily the case. >> reporter: dr. doris day is the manhattan dermatologist who gave brooke botox. she says it was an exception. your one patient, brooke, tell us what led you to believe that she, in fact, did qualify and did need botox. >> she had a very specific issue in terms of the way her forehead moved and a crease that was deep and was becoming present at rest while at a young age. >> reporter: while most experts we spoke to agreed teenagers are too young for botox it made a big difference for some. turning back to brooke, have you seen a difference in the way she carries herself, the way she feels about herself, her self-esteem? >> in brooke the difference was pretty remarkable. it's really quite profound how much of a difference it can make when you do the right thing for the right person in the right way. >> but, george, we should know
8:10 am
dr. day has been in business for 15 years. brooke was an exception, the only patient she agreed to perform botox on. >> the only one. >> the only one and it's helpful for medical purposes like a twitch around the eye but for the most part they say you should avoid giving teenagers botox injections. another reason why they're so popular, for $100 a pop they're not very invasive and they're cheaper than other medical procedures. >> really should only be done in the most extreme rare cases. let's find out what you think. weigh in on our shoutout board at and when we come back, demi lovato and the jonas brothers are here. ♪ think fast, go slow ♪ now i know ♪ freedom is all that i need [ female announcer ] ladies, raise your spoons. now there's nothing left standing between you and a satisfying breakfast. introducing special k low-fat granola. with 50% less fat than the leading granola
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the l of home made chili then i found lyrica. whatever scents fill your household, purina tidy cats scoop helps neutralize odors in multiplelcat homes... keeping your house smelling like it should. purina tidy cats scoop. keep your home smelling like home. ♪ in the year 3000 we are here now in central park with one of the hottest touring bands of the summer. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the jonas brothers and
8:15 am
demi lovato. hey, guys. >> hey. >> good to see you. >> you too. >> good to see you again. >> how are you? >> good to see you. >> good to see you. >> nice to see you. >> nice to see you too. >> hello, everybody. hello. what's up? >> so, guys, this is like normal for you. these kinds of entrances, right? these kinds of welcomes. how has the summer tour been going? >> it's going great. we played our fourth show last night, and everything worked. all the staging stuff, it finally worked now and it's going really well. we're having a great time. >> and the big premiere next week "camp rock 2," everybody here won't be able to see it. we want to show everybody at home a little bit from the movie. >> all right. cool. >> and camp rock alum known to
8:16 am
the world as -- >> oh. >> probably shouldn't have tied his shoes together. >> he's the one who said he could make anything look cool. >> ooh. >> and i believe he stands corrected. >> are you all right? >> yeah, i'm fine. >> surprise. >> well, you guys couldn't hear any of that clip given this crowd out here but what's different this time around on "camp rock"? >> i think the biggest difference this time around on "camp rock" is that we feel a sense of community and family, not only us but the whole cast. we've gotten to know each other very well from the movie and so getting to come together again and make a movie and have that same connection on camera was really nice. >> we're looking forward to seeing it. you have so many fans out there that we want to get right to it. >> thousands. >> we're going to start with a couple e-mail questions. the first one is from shannon in the uk. she wants to know from each of you what would be your ideal
8:17 am
superpower? demi, why don't you start? >> my idea superpower. i wish i could teleport and just go anywhere i want. >> which one? >> i wish i could teleport. i don't know if that's a superpower but i'm making it up. snap my fingers and be wherever i want to be. >> flying or beam me up, scotty from "star trek." >> i think flying. >> i said i wish i was scotty. it was a joke. >> i think flying would be good. >> flying would be great. how about you? >> i would say flying but i would want to stay warm. because if you flew, it would be really cold. absolutely. >> this one comes from dina. it is for the guys and it's a tough one, but you got to be honest here. when was your last physical fight and who won? >> we really don't fight physically. we have, you know, verbal confrontations from time to time. >> me and kevin got in a fight yesterday. >> yeah, we did actually. kevin came into catering and he
8:18 am
was like, they're ready for meet and greet. and i had a plate in my hand and he said do you want to go now. so i did the meet and greet. but i was really upset because i was about to eat. >> what you're saying is you're very evolved. >> use their words, not their fists. all right. we have a question for you, demi. this is from taylor. what, if anything -- no, i'm sorry. ciera. what is your favorite song to perform live and why? >> my favorite song to perform live is probably "it's on," which is one of the songs we're going to do today. i get to dance and have fun with all the dancers on stage. i have a really good time doing it, so i think that's my favorite. >> what did you do? >> that's all it takes, huh? my just broke all my concentration, but that's okay. o> sorry. >> i want to get to another qu re did question. next new, i have to ask you,
8:19 am
where did you get the sparkles? my girls are going to go nuts themhem. >> it's the next new thing. >> i don't know where i got the i got the sparkles. my makeup guy -- i got them from -- joe helped a little bit. cgot them from joe's makeup side. >> joe. >> yea >> i know, i'm shy about it. . your feminine side. >> yeah, you know, i'm not colors. in all colors. anything do yople colors. >> one more e-mail question from taylor. think all ofthing, do you miss about your lives before you became famous? >> we really enjoy it because i s and all of us have our families on the road so we have so itiends and we have our families together so it makes it everypecial everywhere we go think, youk, you know, you miss iss regular childhood things the regung to prom. i don't think any of us went to t think any yearess you went this year, - i never yeah, but i never went to prom. >> tograduation. ill go tou able to go to a movie sometimes it'swithout anybody than others but make the bl go to movies and stuff. sometimes it's a little more difficult than others but try to
8:20 am
make the best out of it. depends what movie you're going to go see. >> if it's "camp rock 2," you 2," you- be morght have to be a little carefuareful. >> going to see it on september rd. stionsve got some more questions >> some fans re. ome fans over here. >> tell us your name. >> hi, i'm ali. so it's your birthday soon so what do you want for your birthday besides a dog? >> i don't >> besides a dog? wantedt know. i kind of just -- that's all i kind of wanted, a dog. >> that's cool. boat.oat. >> alloat. >> all right. >> an airplane. submarine. ne.kaley. hello. your first >> were you guys stage fright on your first performance? >> a little bit. the first time we performed -- >> yeah. >> we ran awe ran around the stage a lot more than we were more t supposed to because we were becaus ingaking out, and we were having so much fun. how about you, demi? 5 and cried time on stage i was 5 and i cried so, yes, i was d.ry terrified. >> i do that sometimes. >> i d >> okay. one more. >> how long does it take you to >> how long do oehearse before you go on tour? rehearsingn rehearsing for
8:21 am
theally about a month before i went on tour and -- but the boys, they don't have as many dance moves, so it doesn't take them as long but -- >> we just have like really intense dance moves. >> and pyro. >> and pyro. >> and the crowd goes wild. >> it takes us a week and a half to rehearse. >> give us one more of those waves. i want to we have to go to commercial, but i want to see that one more time. okay. "camp rock 2" premieres on eptember 3rd. you can see it then. we'll be back here in just a we'll be back here in just a minute. your frizz revolution stars now. new frizz-ease smooth start. the only shampoo and conditioner with frizz mending complex. transforms frizz by repairing it. to restore hair's natural defense gainst frizz. for 100% flawless, frizz-free style frizz-ease smooth start. and then there's most complete, like what you get from centrum ultra women's, the most complete multivitamin for women. it has vitamin d,
8:22 am
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8:24 am
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8:25 am
♪ antioch police shot and killed a man early this morning after he opened fire on a police dog. officers confronted the man while they investigated a residential burglary 1:15 this morning near d. street. the suspect shot at the dog helping officers search the home. police returned fire and the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene a few minutes later. the police dog is being treated by a veterinarian and is expected to survive. you can keep your appointment with the dmv now that an appeals court is refusing to allow governor schwarzenegger resume his furlough friday program. the governor is promising another appeal. suspends the governor's efforts to force workers to take three unpaid days off a month until
8:26 am
the state has a budget. friday the 13th for drivers out there. >> big delays remain although it is improving on westbound 580. the drive from 205 out to approaching airwayway was three hours. now it's an hour 15 minutes. new overturn crash hayward southbound 880 at 92 and bay bridge toll plaza backed up to the 880 overcrossing. elsewhere it's friday light. kristen. kristen. >> frances, thanks now i can stop pain from any angle-- with no mess. (announcer) new icy hot spray. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot spray. don't mess around with pain.
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8:29 am
oprah: good old fashioned girlfriend chit-chat -- with julia roberts. marriage. >> i sort of worship my husband -- he really takes my breath away. being a mom. oprarararararararararararararara welcome back. here's a look from downtown san francisco. some of the clouds hanging around causing flight arrival delays into sfo. still the 50s everywhere except antioch and los gatos the low 60s. mid to upper 80s the east bay valleys.
8:30 am
upper 70ss south bay, north bay valleys with upper 60s to low 70s around the bay. look for sunshine around noon today and less tomorrow ♪ ♪ singing a song this is our summer this is our song ♪ >> the jonas brothers, demi lovato, the cast of "camp rock 2" making "gma" the latest stop on their summer concert tour and we have got one happy crowd in central park this morning. >> one excited crowd. we'll have a lot more from the jonas brothers. it was great to hear you guys open in the half hour. our "camp rock 2" cast. the movie opens september 3rd on the disney channel and more music from the movie in just a few moments. we're also going to talk to the actor who stars opposite julia roberts in "eat, pray, love,"
8:31 am
billy crudup. >> does an amazing job in the movie. >> incredible actor on stage and screen. we'll talk about that role and what it's like to do a role based on such an iconic book. >> but first marysol castro is here with the weather. >> the cast of "camp rock 2" and the jonas brothers, how are you guys? we're going to test a little jonas brothers privilege ya this morning. don't pass out. where are the jonas brothers originally from? >> new jersey. >> which town? >> i don't know. >> wycoff. who is the bonus jonas, what's his name? >> frankie. >> frankie. >> frankie. >> all right. where was nick jonas born? >> dallas. >> oh, my gosh. these ladies know their jonas trivia. to the maps and what you can expect for your weekend, it's going to be steamy in some portions of the country. seattle starts to warm up. san francisco is actually gorgeous. upper midwest still contending
8:32 am
with severe storms. flyby from the east coast to west coast, it will be sunny. the upper midwest does start to dry out by the time sunday comes and starts to warm up on the west coast. should be becoming very, very hot. >> thanks so much. this weather report has been brought to you by big lots. demi lovato's favorite color? demi lovato's favorite color, anyone? >> gold. gold. close. gold. elizabeth, who knew? back to you. >> i guess she knew. thanks so much, marysol. we're here to talk more about that global phenomenon called "eat, pray, love," the movie starring julia roberts about one
8:33 am
woman's journey of self-discovery from italy to india to indonesia and the man who sets her off on it is played by billy crudup, tony award-winning actor of both stage and screen. fantastic actor. such a pleasure to have you here this morning. >> thank you very much. i'm very happy to be here. >> you know, it would be really easy in this movie to play this man, this is -- you're the divorce that sends her off and into a tailspin really of depression and then on this journey of self-discovery. it would be easy to play him as a villain or bad guy but you don't. >> well, the director gave me a chance to try to, you know, expand on the character as written in the book and to, you know -- the -- some relationships just dissolve over time and it's kind of hard to tell why and you don't know who is the good guy or the bad guy and what happened and i think this was an interesting exploration of that and kind of sends her to a place of vulnerability to where she is open to discover all the new things. >> in the beginning of the movie there is a clip i want to show
8:34 am
that illustrates in ray way the vast distance that has grown between this couple as they're in a car talking about what it is you might want to do with your life. let's take a quick look at that. >> i think you'd make a great teacher, honey. >> thank you. but i was thinking more of like education, my masters, going back to school, i don't know, you know. >> um -- >> i don't know. >> back to school. >> i'm just thinking out loud. >> you know, that clip says so much. i think, you know, everybody in a relationship has -- that has failed has been there where it's just total lack of connection. >> we just -- he stopped developing at a certain point. he was very comfortable with himself. she began to evolve and grow in a different way and slowly all the same things they did throughout their relationship became or seemed to become
8:35 am
foreign to her. that disconnect he didn't want to admit to so made it difficult for them to talk about. >> you hasn't read the book. >> i had not read the book. in fact, you know, when i was offered the part eventually i thought i don't know if i want to read about my ex-wife going on a journey of discovery and -- >> from that perspective. >> seemed like it would be bittersweet. i held off. >> any hesitation about taking on a role that's based on a book that is so iconic translated into 40 languages, 6 million copies sold. >> because of the pressure of living up to the expectations? >> people have definite ideas about it. it means a lot to some people. >> i tend to be more excited by that opportunity than i think scared by it. i don't know. it was a lucky -- and to get to work with julia roberts. >> was that your first time working with her. >> my first time working with her. i never even met her until we had rehearsals. >> what was it like? >> it was like -- there's a reason why she's -- >> julia roberts. >> julia roberts.
8:36 am
she's got tremendous charisma and talent and she's very present, available and she's lovely to work with. >> when we meet your character he isn't sure what he wants to do in life but you seem pretty sure what you wanted to do in life. we dug up sought footage. >> oh, yeah, did you find it? sweet. >> of billy crudup -- >> college soap opera, people. >> "general college". >> that's me right there, folks. >> what is that like to see yourself? >> well, you can't tell by the clip but the acting is very refined. and that hairdo was for the character. i would never have a mullet like that. >> i'm sure that kind of a mullet was popular. >> i think jon daily based his -- >> did you ever have doubts about acting? >> no, i never met anyone who was a professional actor so i think i was concerned about how you go about making money. so i went -- i decided when i
8:37 am
was in college -- i never even was a theater major because i was convinced that that wasn't going to be a viable option for me, but by the end of my senior year when i discovered i had nothing else to do, i kind of thought, well, maybe i'll pursue and get a masters degree and try to teach and then my first day of graduate school, it was a professional actor training program that you got a masters for -- it was crystal clear to me i wasn't interested in being a teacher. i really wanted to pursue it as an actor. >> we are so lucky you chose to become an actor. you've been so fantastic on both stages and screen and really great in the movie. thanks so much for being here. billy crudup in "eat, pray, love." it opens tonight and we also this week have interviewed julia roberts and javier bardem. you can see those if you go to we're back in a moment with more of the jonas brothers.
8:38 am
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>> and now the moment you've been waiting for, ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, kevin, nick and joe, the jonas brothers. >> they are going to sing "heart and soul" from camp rock 2 ♪ >> let's do this thing. all right. ♪ gather round guys it's time to start listening ♪ ♪ practice makes perfect but perfect's not working ♪ ♪ there's a law about music that no one really cutes gonna be ♪ ♪ you can play all the right notes but that don't mean you move with me ♪ ♪ but if you can jump like david lee roth or pump your fist like your brooks the boss ♪ ♪ if you got a heart and soul
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thank you, guys. >> thank you. > we got a couple big birthdays coming up for you two. >> yes. >> you are turning 18. >> yes. >> next week. >> and you are the big 2-1. wow! league. 21st birthday this weekend. big celebration planned. >> i don't know. these guys are not telling me what we're doing. >> what should he get for his birthday? >> please. we'll be here all day. >> this was a great morning. thank you very much. take us off with one more song. >> ladies and gentlemen, jonas brothers and demi lovato. have a great weekend.
8:54 am
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♪ santa clara county deputies and found a body this morning in a remote area in southern santa clara county west of morgan
8:59 am
hill. it happened around 4:00. unmarked operational vehicles entered the area overnight. no word what brought authorities out to the scene where they found the victim. let's check with mike and see when that sunshine's breaking out. >> clear to mainly the coast. a little finger fog to oakland. that will clear the coast by say 2:00 keeping you guys in the upper 50s. mid to upper 50s san francisco, oakland and richmond. more sunshine upper 70s in the south bay. same thing the north bay valleys and warmer, sun breaking out already in the east bay valleys. we'll have temperatures in the 50s tonight with more cloud cover and slightly cooler tomorrow by 2 to 4 degrees and above average next week. frances. >> mike, still heavy but much improved. about 30 minute delays on the westbound 580 ride from tracy towards airway. all lanes have been open. there's a new motorcycle crash that just came in in a bad spot, 238 at


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