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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  August 13, 2010 10:00am-10:30am PST

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♪ a discovery in a popular marijuana growing area in santa clara county. >> a body found in morgan hill. deputies and just may go their way on to the scene. >> good morning. you know, it was the heavy fog that was holding back investigators from safely searching but now that the day here has turned clear, they are going in. we have just learned that the
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victim is a man but investigators are really remaining unclear about whether it's connected to any criminal activity up in those hills. >> it's nice. it's peaceful, quiet. never trouble except for teenagers partying at night. >> he was surprised to hear of a possible murder in the south santa clara hills around his home. his morning walk with hills dogs had to take a different path this morning blocked by sheriff's deputies and. >> about 1:40 this morning we received a call of a suspicious circumstances here in this area. the deputies and responded, and they found a dead body up on the ridge. >> the body found is in a rural area just outside morgan hill city limits and just east of the resevoir. it's still unclear who called for help. >> that reporting party is being interviewed by our investigators as we speak at this moment. but, you know, that person was
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able to show us where the body was. >> getting to the off-road location has been challenging. investigators had to stall a predawn search of the area because of tall brush and thick fog. >> when we were securing the scene where the dead body was found, obviously there could be some people out there that may be a threat to our deputies and, a threat to our residents in the area. >> the crime scene will be secured until investigators can go in and determine what happened up there and whether it's related to some other criminal activity. >> thank you saw a marijuana grow operation up there? >> that hasn't been determined yet. >> the santa clara county coroner is expected to arrive here within the next hour, and it won't be until after they complete their investigation that we'll learn exactly how this victim died. live in santa clara county, theresa garcia abc 7 news. >> theresa, thanks very much. a man is dead and a police dog
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injured after a shoot-out between antioch police and a burglary suspect overnight. that incident began when police were called to the 2100 block of d. street around 1:15 this morning over reports of a home burglary. officers found a suspect in the home and had say police dog to flush him out. >> the dog was hit as was the suspect. the suspect was pronounced deceased at the scene. the dog was transported to a 24 hour vet we have out here, was treated and is expected to survive. >> police have not released the suspect's name yet but residents where the shooting happened had just left for vacation and police believe that's why it was targeted. the district attorney investigates. >> test results could determine whether the leaking gulf oil well has been plugged for good. b.p. says the testing was fun initialled last night and the
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federal government just minutes ago said work to drill relief well to plug the well must go forward. earlier this month crews put mud and cement on the top of the well. that may be enough to permanently seal it. if not they will pump in mud and cement from below the leak. >> president obama signed a border security bill. if the $600 million measure was signed during a special session yesterday. hiring 1,000 new border patrol agents and immigration and enforcement agents. the bill provides for new communications equipment and greater use of unmanned surveillance drones who patrol the border. nearly all of those new agents and resources will be deployed exclusively along the mexican american border. >> the job ax is falling in the south bay. el camino hospital is laying off 140 employees by the end of october. the hospital says the cuts will take place at its mountain view
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and los gatos location and will be across the board from nurses to administrative assistants. employees got layoff warning notices yesterday. el camino ended the year making money but said cost cutting is still necessary because of revenue protection. >> homeowners facing foreclosure are hoping for some good news. they're in oakland meeting with experts about modifying home loans. this is the second day of a five-day event put on by chase bank. terry mcsweeney joins us. any sign of hope for them? >> there is hope but all that chase is promising is that people who come in with all their documents are going to be finding out within two weeks whether they qualify for a loan modification, which is far better than the horror stories we hear from chase customers, bank of america customers when they go in for a loan modification and it takes 15 months to find out if they
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calfy, the whole time getting closer and closer to losing their home. >> nervous. >> those are the emotions as they wait to meet with a bank council. they want to see what can be done to lower monthly payments on the home they bought last november just before the family income dropped dramatically. >> my husband was in concrete work for 25 years and now he's unemployed. he started working again for a landscaping company, but it's only working two days a week. >> by far the number one reason we're seeking modification is unemployment. folks were employed when they took out the loan and either both or at least one of the borrowers have been impacted by unemployment. >> chase customers turn over their income documentation to counselors. two weeks later they have an answer whether they qualify for a modification. that answer is based mostly on the ratio of customers' debt to the customers' income. >> so some cases we're seeing
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folks over 60% in the housing debt ratio, that's their income to housing debt ratio. we're able to bring that down and the number we focus on brings us down to 31%. >> there is some anger out here. there certainly was earlier this week when a coalition of contra costa family allies had a $16 billion bill but what it did to contribute to the foreclosure problem. not all of those looking for a modification are in danger of losing their home. rick bright wants a modification to make life a little more bearable. >> being as a -- more than we would like and we'll get through it either way. >> yeah, there was another demonstration, people upset with chase bank. that protest in san francisco earlier this week. now, there were 400 people who came out here yesterday to get a loan modification. hundreds more expected today, perhaps 2,000 before this five-day event is over. live in oakland, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> thank you. san francisco has delayed a
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proposal to ban the sale of small animals for five months while officials look at alternatives. the welfare commission is considering making it illegal to sell dogs, cats, other small mammals and birds. the city needs to help curb the demand for animals from breeding mills and encourage adoption. pet store owners insist the ban is wrongly aimed at them. they want a compromise idea requiring pet owners to take a course and be certified before they can purchase a pet. >> still ahead, a california congresswoman speaks out for the first time about possible ethics charges she's facing. >> plus the internal memo from jetblue calling attention to the drama exist from the job. >> a policy for using a racial slur several times on the air.
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at&t. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld a jetblue internal memo it shedding even more negative light on the flight attendant turned folk hero steven slater. the "wall street journal" obtained a memo from the chief operating officer. he says no one has yet supported slater's version what triggered monday's infamous incident. he had a confrontation, cursed out a passenger and exited via an emergency chute. several passengers have come forward saying slater was rude
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and acting erratically throughout the flight. >> california democratic congresswoman maxine waters is defending heavy publicly over accusations of ethics violations. karen traverse reports from washington. >> accused by the house ethics committee of a classic conflict of interest, veteran california congressman maxine waters was adamant in her defense. >> i have not violated house rules, didn't influence anyone and did not gain any benefit. >> she's been charged helping to eastern federal bailout money for a bank her husband had a stake in. he's the secretary high-profile democrat this month to face ethics charges. charlie rangel is accused of 13 violations including failure to pay taxes and using his position on the powerful ways and means committee to raise money. rangel also insists he did
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nothing wrong. >> when democrats backed congress in 2006, house speaker nancy pelosi made this pledge. >> we will make this the most honest, ethical open congress in history. the ethical cloud hanging over the democrats could not come at a worse time as the party grows increasingly concerned about the midterm election. rangel dills missed the impact his case would have on voters. >> they want to avoid embarrassing trials for rangel and waters. that's unlikely. both want to clear their names in public. conservative radio personality dr. laura says she's sorry for using the "n" word during her show. she said it several times during an exchange with a caller. the caller complained about her
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husband's friends making racial comments about her in her home. dr. laura says she was so upset at herself afterwards, she didn't finish her show. >> meteorologist mike nicco ahead with the forecast. >> take a look outside, show you where the clouds are departing. flight arrival delays into sfo. see the sunshine. warmer weather on the way but we have a brief cooling trend before we get there. >> who deserves to be grounded, the airline or the kids? how three children went on an air adventure without their parents knowing. >> rosalynn carter talks one-on-one about her efforts to make positive changes oprah: good old fashioned girlfriend chit-chat -- with julia roberts.
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♪ the parents of three children who bought airline tickets with babysitting money then flew alone are demanding answers today. the 15, 13 and 11-year-old travelled on southwest airlines from florida to tennessee. as shocking as it sounds, the airline and federal officials say no rules were violated. >> at 15, bridget is the oldest
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and says it was her idea. she'd been saving up her money from babysitting to buy a car but tuesday she decided she, her brother and the boy next-door should use that money to visit dollywood, the amusement park in tennessee. >> you had never flown before? this was your first time? >> uh-huh. >> the trouble is they didn't tell their parents. they paid for a cab to the airport on their own. when they got there, they bought tickets from southwest airlines, spent $700 on their own. they passed through security on their own. >> and went there, picked up our stuff, and got on the plane. >> they flew a nice comfortable flight from jacksonville to nashville but when they landed they had a problem. they had flown into the wrong city. stranded and scared, they decided to call home. >> i said i'm in nashville, tennessee, and i'm ready to come home. >> it was scary. it was very scary. >> southwest airlines and federal officials both issued statements trying to explain
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themselves. the tsa wrote kids under 18 don't need to show an i.d. so the children were let through without one. southwest told us two of the passengers were over the age of 12 and therefore could travel without a parent. they allowed the 11-year-old to travel because in this case he was accompanied by two older companions. their parents still can't believe it. >> i never would have dreamed my kids would have got on a plane without me or their mom but they did. >> think they're in trouble? >> yeah. anyone wondering what the punishment might be? >> ground them for a long time. >> speaking of grounding, a lot of that at sfo. >> it's still continuing but it's going to lift. take a look outside. show you how we're looking at oakland. you see the kind of haziness hanging around. some of the clouds lurking in oakland as we talked about they would for the next couple hours or so. one more perspective and show
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you the golden gate which is going to have fog in this type of a weather pattern which is more a summer pattern which is clouds in the rolling, moving to the coast by noon and terse 50s at the coast and 80s inland. let's look close up on the visible satellite. you can see how quickly we are clearing and pockets on the coast. not completely overcast for you. still pretty cloudy and cool i should say more around half moon bay, redwood city, oakland, san francisco and san rafael. mid to upper 50s there. you can see low to mid-60s most other neighborhoods, even upper 60s around concord and fairfield and 76 antioch. around the monterey bay, look at that ring of clouds right along the coast from santa cruz, watson vil and monterey. more sunshine around gilroy, 65. sunny, president seasonal around the bay today. cooler breeze brings clouds in tomorrow. they hang out a little longer and that cooler breeze will drop our temperatures before the warm on sunday and builds into the early parts of next week.
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low pressure pulled away yesterday, brought us that sunshine and significant warming trend. we're in the middle between that and the next low pressure that's going to bring us that cooling trend. tomorrow it's going to reestablish that sea breeze and marine layer. until it does, 82 dublin, mid to upper 80s through most of the east bay valleys to 89 brentwood. east bay shore, sunshine, richmond, berkeley, oakland, low to mid-70s elsewhere. south bay start mid-70s sunnyvale. low 80s around saratoga and los gatos. on the peninsula sunshine. low to mid-70s here. breeze millbrae. upper 60s along the coast today. how about downtown south san francisco and sausalito mid-60s. 72 san rafael. the warm spot in the north bay valleys, novato about 80. your beaches upper 50s also. upper 50s around the monterey bay with pockets of sunshine. more sunshine morgan hill and gilroy and mid-80s for you.
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got a game, important series with the padres. a three-game set. two and a half games out of first place. 7:15 at&t park it will be clear. clouds roll back in during the game. temperature will drop to 59. temperatures low to mid-50s with more cloud cover tonight. that's the key to tomorrow's forecast. we'll have more cloud cover and that's why we'll get off to a cooler start. tahoe, sunshine and mid-80s. yosemite sunshine and near 100. seven-day forecast, tomorrow 2 to 4 degrees cooler than today and sunday a lot like today temperaturewise. you can see the big jump monday, mid-90s inland for the warmest weather. >> former first lady rosalynn carter is in town to talk about the need for better mental healthcare and getting rid of the stigma surrounding mental illness. i caught up with at the fairmont. mrs. carter has a new book called within our reach, ending the mental health crisis.
11:23 am
she has been on this issue for decades ever since her husband ran for governor in georgia. >> we know what to do and we don't do it. we know people, they can recover and live full lives in the communities, work, going to school and so forth. and we treat them like second class citizens. to me it's a tragedy. >> one of her coauthors was there to show off her new grand baby and mrs. carter has a new grand baby on the way. daughter amy who grew up in the white house is expecting a baby this month. the 83 sold mrs. carter is traveling with her husband. she is tireless. >> great that you had a chance to talk with her. mike nekio is going to be back to introduce us to a new friend. >> we'll be back with this week's perfect pet. i dislocated both my ankles.
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today on oprah sat 4:00, access julia roberts and the men of eat, pray, love. 3-d technology to study the earthquake in haiti without getting in the way of rescue crews. join us at 5:00. >> say really cutie pie for our perfect pets. that's mike nicco and friends. >> brought to us by the marin humane society. sorry. it's been a long week. how are you doing? >> great. thank you. telling us a little about izzie, the handsome man. i was going to say old but he's not. >> he's considered a senior dog but he's got so much pep.
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he's been with us for a little over a month now. the reason being is people tend to shy away from adopting older dogs. he has so much life left in him. he loves to be on your lap. he'll play a game of fetch. he'd be a great family dog for a family with older children. we really wanna get him out of the shelter and into the new home as soon as possible. >> any special needs or anything that maybe we should know about? >> no. fairly low maintenance. if you want someone that chills but plays, he'd be the perfect dog for you. >> call and give izzie a home. >> what a sweetheart. so mellow. >> when she said low maintenance, sold! thanks for joining us. >> "who wants to be a millionaire" is coming up
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