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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  August 14, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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women in an apartment in walnut creek. >> mist and drizzle and another cooldown today. >> i'm theresa garcia. opponents of same sex marriage have until monday morning to reply to legal arguments before an 11 p.m. deadline last night by same sex marriage support he weres. they submitted arguments for allowing gay weddings to resume next wednesday. lillian kim reports. >> they were well into the night at the san francisco city attorney's office. terri stuart and her team of lawyers got word they had until 11 p.m. to write a brief for the 9th circuit court of appeals that same sex weddings should resume immediately despite it might take years to settle it through the appeals process. >> i didn't expect it would be okay, file something tonight by 11 p.m.. i thought it might be like you have until tomorrow evening or something like that. >> the tight time frame is a result of a date set by u.s.
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district judge vaughan walker. last week he ruled prop 8, the same sex marriage ban, unconstitutional. then walker lifted a stay allowing gay weddings to resume but not until 5 p.m. wednesday. >> the 9th circuit i think wants to make its decision by the end of business on monday so that the parties will have tuesday and possibly the early part of wednesday to go to the supreme court if they should choose to do so. >> opponents of same sex marriage are hoping to have better luck with the high court. and if not... >> around the stage you have recorders that will review the issue of same sex marriage licenses because they are public servants, should represent the people they serve. >> the lawyers of the san francisco city attorneys office, they spent hours with briefs. among their main points, weddings in california isn't going to hurt anyone. >> has not shown that allowing the court order to take effect and therefore same sex couples to marry is going to cause any
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terrible harm. how could they? we have 18,000 married couples in california and there has been no harm to anybody. >> briefs are filed electronically so lawyers and supporters of same sex marriage were working up until the final minutes of the 11 p.m. deadline. >> in napa county, firefighters expect to fully contain a brush fire near mount saint helenenal by 8:00 this morning. it has burned about ten acres. crews have worked overnight to douse the hot spots. highway 29 was closed early yesterday evening for several hours after the wildfire broke out north of calistoga just after 5:00. early efforts to contain it were hampered by shifting winds. it was likely sparked by a lawnmower. a rape suspect is in custody this morning. the break in the case came when
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police were tipped off. police arrested 22-year-old antonio muton near the pittsburgh bart station on tuesday night. investigators named him after they completed dna tests. all these attacks happened in one one apartment complex and residents are feeling relieved. here's laura anthony with more. >> i'm happy to tell you today that sheriff office detectives have made an arrest in that case. >> with that contra costa sheriffs announced an arrest. he is 22-year-old antonio mute from berkeley. police aruperted muton tuesday from the pittsburgh bart station but only named him a suspect in the walnut creek cases after dna testing was completed. >> we are confident the dna we recovered has come from mr. muton. >> investigators despite muton's picture next to three sketches latest to the attacks. the break in the case came from a citizen tip. >> we received a break in this
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case when a citizen provided a tip to one of our patrol deputies and. our investigators were able to develop that tip into say probable cause arrest warrant. >> the three attacks all occurred inside apartments at the park regency. the most recent this past tuesday when a 25-year-old woman awoke to find a man with his hand over her mouth. she fought off her attacker with pepper spray. on july 6, a 23-year-old woman was raped by a man who entered her unlocked apartment. on june 30th a man knocked on an apartment door and asked for a glass of water. that victim screamed and the man ran away. news of the arrest came as a relief to those who live at the park regency. >> comforting to know they're off the streets. >> yeah. it's comforting and it's a good thing to know that the police are doing their jobs. >> at this point investigators say they don't know what, if any, connection muton has to the park regency apartments. they did tell us that muton does not work there but investigators
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say at this point they do know if muton has any friends or family that live there. in the meantime muton is being held on $12.4 million bail. we expect he'll be arraigned on six felony charges on monday. in martinez, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> merchants in oakland chinatown are installing surveillance cameras and some will be hiring private security guards following the layoffs of 80 police officers last month. many store owners already have secured cameras inside their stores. now the chinatown chamber of commerce is asking business owners to install cameras outside facing the street to capture potential criminals. >> the camera will be pointing on the street. because it has been successfully helping us deter crime. and also it actually help us to capture the people who are committing crime and being prosecuted. so it's working very well for chinatown. >> the oakland police department
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says it welcomes the security cameras installed by store owners if they feel it will make them and their customers safer. a watsonville man reached a product liability with a taser. he suffered permanent brain damage after being tasered by a watsonville cop when he refused to get off a bus. he was drunk and on psychiatric medication at the time. under the settlement taser international admitted no liability. somebody is cutting down eucalyptus trees illegally in san rafael. there's suspicion it's being done to improve the view from an exclusive subdivision nearby. park rangers say eight trees were hacked off at the beach park. they discovered the damage 11 days ago. >> we had several treeless pruned and one cut in half here at mcnear's beach done illegally without a permanent on county property. >> rangers suspect homeowners
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living above the beach are to blame since it's their vista that benefits. they say the tree trunks were stripped clean of limbs. they had special climbing shoes and rope. coming up next, president obama delivers a strong statement about a proposal to build a mosque near ground zero. and a five-year-old boy trying to beat the odds finally
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i came up with this mobile art gallery to bring arto the people. i strongly believe that there is art in every single person. sharing art is the highest calling for me. but without my health i wouldn't be able to do anything. [ male announcer ] to keep doing what you love, keep your heart healthy. cheerios can help. the whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. this is what makes me happy, so i'll probably do this until the wheels fall off. [ male announcer ] it'simple, love your heart so you can do what you love. what do you love? see how cheerios can help you do it. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> president obama favors building a mosque at ground zero. the president says america's commitment to religious freedom
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must be unshakeable. >> i believe muslims have the right to practice their religion as everyone else in this country. (applause) >> and that includes -- that includes the right to build a place of worship in a community center on private property in lower manhattan. >> new york city mayor michael bloomberg welcomed the president's strong endorsement. some relatives of the victims of the attack of islamic terrorists on september 11th believe it's an insult to loved ones. leading republicans oppose the project. the record university student responsible for disrupting air travel coast to coast has been fined by the transportation security administration. young ducked under a rope and entered a restricted area at new york international airport last january. he was kissing his girlfriend good-bye. the terminal was evacuated for six hours. the tsa didn't release the
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amount of the fine they say for privacy reasons. the san francisco zoo is mourning the death of one of its popular residents. andy was one of three popular polar bears. she had cancer and was euthanized this week. most live between 20 and 25 years. the fda has approved a controversial new form of emergency contraception marketed under the brand name ela it can prevent a pregnancy five days after sex. the only other emergency contraceptive is the morning after pill sold as plan b but loses effectiveness within three days of intercourse. family planning advocates say ela is a crucial new option to prevent unwanted priingsies. critics take issue because the pill could be used to cause abortion. a five-year-old brentwood boy finally got the call that could save his life. aaron is at ucla where he will see a rare double heart and kidney transplant.
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aaron was born with a congenital heart condition and has had three open heart surgeries, the first when he was ten days old. but then he suffered kidney failure and his medical bills have been a million dollars for each surgery. we wish him the best. moving on to weather. a little chilly, right? >> can't wait until september until we have a significant warm-up. a warm-up on the way for part of your weekend. cloudy now, mist and drizzle. that warm-up, we'll talk about it coming up. >> the giants open a big three-game series against the first-place padres. jonathan sanchez was predicting a sweep. larry beil has the highlights. you want some fiber one honey clusters?
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as you share your morning with us on saturday august 14th here at 6:15, this is a live look from atop our station along the embarcadero. you can see the bay bridge,
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water looking pretty still and the marine layer keeping it cool here at san francisco. we're about 9 minutes away from sunrise. get ready to enjoy another day. organizers putting the finishing touches to the outside land festival opening today at golden gate park. last year 100,000 people showed up for the music and arts festival. you had groups to draw huge crowds. the events have been scaled back to two days instead of three but that hasn't deterred the organizers. >> we've got a lot of traction as to the festival itself. people say, god, i went last year, i just want to go again this year. it's becoming part of the whole san francisco theme. >> promoters say the event contributes $1 million to the city's cash-strapped recreation and parks budget and creates a magnet for the city. the tickets are $75. if you're thinking of going, you might want to take public transport to avoid the parking
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problems. if you wonder how chilly it will be, let's talk to lisa argen. >> we will see the numbers come up a little tomorrow, especially our inland valleys and the heat wave in southern california from points south. the heat will be on tomorrow through monday, not quite making its way north to the bay area. the marine layer generous. out towards the valley and the delta. it will shrink tomorrow through tuesday. and then we'll look for it to increase again. so that heat wave or that ridge of high pressure not as strong as once anticipated. that's why our numbers have been scaled back for a warm-up which is to come in the next couple of days. it's 60 in san jose. good morning, novato. 54 for you. san francisco 54. your highs in the city have been similar to what you experience at half moon bay. i don't need to tell you how chilly it's been. 56 fremont.
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we have mist and drizzle this morning as well. so with low clouds and fog extending into the valley they've grown taller, anywhere from 22 to 2300 feet. because of that it will be a little cooler today. then a ridge of high pressure builds in behind this weak little low. that's going to bring temporary warming tomorrow, monday, even into tuesday in our valleys and then another low brings the cooldown the middle of next week. the low clouds and fog all the way to the valley this morning. the mist and drizzle being shut off by about 9:00, 10:00. that's when we'll see more sun around the bay. our east bay commutes from hayward to fremont. sunshine around 10:00. north and south should see mid-80s in santa clara, san jose. not happening. and even the sacramento valley will be shy of some warmth today with 80s barely making it into the concord/livermore area. this is the culprit. an area of low pressure which
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allows the low clouds and fog to really push through the bay this morning. some response to that, the stronger sea breezes and a series of lows continue to be stacked up. once this system moves on through in the next 24 hours, then we get a ridge where this is going to bring our temporary warm spell for tomorrow, monday and tuesday. minor, 2 to 5 degrees. behind it another cooler system. so if you can follow all that, the overall trend will be for a bump in temperatures for the second half of your weekend. 73 sunnyvale with 74 milpitas and santa clara. numbers here in the low 70s by the afternoon. so basically you're looking at that wide range once again upper 50s in pacifica, san francisco. no real changes. low clouds and mist and drizzle, afternoon sun. and the breeze around the water for san rafael, sausalito, mid-60s there. you have to head up towards calistoga and ukiah to get up
6:20 am
more. afternoon sun, a little breezy union city, 69 for you. here's where we'll have more 80s. but still even on the cool side for walnut creek and pleasanton, 79. 80 livermore and around the monterey bay look for afternoon sun with 53 there. the seven-day forecast, today a little cooler and tomorrow through tuesday in our inland valleys. a couple degrees warmer. i think you'll notice the difference around the bay. the coast and inland, still not as warm as you'd like it but some subtle changes anyway. >> maybe it will make it easier for the kids going back to school. >> right. get that triple digit heat, that not in the forecast. >> coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america," more storms are forecasted in the midwest today. this is an area reeling from flooding this week. the preview from new york. it's really been some harsh weather there. >> they've had a lot of harsh weather there, that's right.
6:21 am
we're going to the midwest with wild weather making life miserable. talking tornados, violent storms and more rain already in flooded areas. plus president obama comes out in favor of building a mosque near ground zero saying it's a matter of religious freedom. we'll have the latest on that controversy. then the fda approves a new morning after pill. we'll talk to our medical contributor about the new emergency contraceptive and the questions surrounding it. plus tweet what you eat? should you tell the world what you weigh and then go public with your plan to drop those extra pounds? it's a new diet trend. we're going to check it out. i can't imagine tweeting what i'm eating or anybody caring for that matter but some people are going on there and making it public for the world to see. >> maybe put you on the spot. >> keep you accountable. >> all right. thanks. have a great weekend. >> good to see you, too. >> we're going to talk some sports now. this afternoon the wildcard leading giants will try to
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rebound from another loss to the division-leading padres. our larry beil has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody. the giants began their showdown series with the first place padres last night. jonathan sanchez channelled george zimmerman, said i guarantee. talking about a sweep. could he back up his word? sanchez would take the ball. lasted only five in the third innings. giants got off to a nice start. aubrey huff taking a fastball down the line. torres, 1-0 san francisco. top two sanchez could not get the shutdown inning. drives one deep to center. aaron going back and going back. can't get there. r.b.i. triple. padres tie it up two apiece. throws a little wide. sweet tag. not in time to get ryan ludwick perfect slide here, 3-2 san diego. bottom of the 8th.
6:23 am
giants looking to grab the lead back. huff with a blast this is is out in just about every park in the major lesion. not at at&t. caught at the warning track. strikes out aaron row wen to end it. 3-2 padres. they lead the giants three and a half games atop the west. the a's made their first visit to minnesota's new target field. outhit the twins 14-5 and somehow managed to lose this game. target field replaced the old metrodome. atap of the third. darrick barton flashes one to the right center field gap. down 2-1. later in the frame, jack going the other way. dellman young back to the wall. crashes into the wall. can't hold on. kurt suzuki races home and we're tied. on top of the suicide squeeze in the 4th. danny in minnesota goes up 4-2. he's two for 20 with men in
6:24 am
scoring position. set a record for utility. robbing kevin there. 14 runners on base and fall 4-3. little league baseball. napa two wins away from reaching the world series facing huntington beach. top of the first. the southern california kids, armando. grand slam for huntington beach. 4-0 in a flash. finally get on the board. beating out the throw to first on the r.b.i. ground-out to make it 5-1 but napa was eliminated, 5-2 huntington beach. more fog and wind championship in wisconsin. looks kind of pretty from a blimp but the weather is just wreaking havoc. tiger woods with an afternoon tee time. a two and a half hour fog delay. he's still at minus one. dustin johnson making the charge
6:25 am
on five. a par five. for eagle. four under 68 is minus 5. the leader though matt kutcher on 13 with this approach to within a few feet. setting up a birdie. kutcher with a 69 and 8 under par leading by a stroke over nick wattny, jason dutner and 3 under par and tiger woods is currently tied for 36 at one under. stunner from 49ers camp on top of bomber who was still awol. just decided to retire now at age 23. coffee was about to begin his second year with the 49ers. a third rounds pick out of alal. ran 226 yards. was having a good training camp so nobody saw this coming. coffee did not give a reason for quitting. the 49ers in need of a backup tailback. the dindy grand prix of sonoma.
6:26 am
hit the course for a little test drive. one man anxious to get back on the track. izod, power involved in a major crash. broke his back, cracked hills teeth. looking for redemption and a much safer ride this year. >> i would love to win, you know. i'd like to come back and win because it was a bad time last year. and obviously now i'm gonna really good situation and having a very good year. >> again, the car coming next week to the finnon raceway. saturday sports highlights at 5 p.m. 6:00 and 11:00. >> next at 6:30, why the government is still concerned the gulf oil leak is not properly plugged. and dogs biting mail carriers. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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♪ good morning. now to the gulf of mexico where the president and his family will be visiting the florida panhandle this weekend. the government's point man in charge of the gulf oil spill says b.p.'s broken oil well is not dead yet. abc's matt gutman explains why officials are still concerned about more oil. >> close but not yet. >> everybody is in agreement. we need to proceed with the relief well. >> the well is technically dead but may have some venom left. a pocket of about 40,000 gallons of oil may be trapped between the inner piping of the well and its outer casing. that could stall efforts to
6:30 am
remove the blowout preventer, that 50 foot tall stack of valve that failed to close at the first sign of a leak. >> we went in to remove the blt stack, would you have the potential for this static oil behind pipes to then be released. >> the department of the interior plans on raising it to the surface in hopes of discovering exactly what went wrong and who's to blame. when we motored out to the bays here in southern louisiana, crabs, some dead, some alive, scurried through this river of sludge. about 400 miles away, the first family will spend the weekend in panama city beach, florida, in an effort to convince american tourists that the coast is clear. but will the president get in the water. >> something. >> you know, i -- gotta say -- why don't we all worry about what happens -- >> panama city beach may be clear of oil but not the rest of
6:31 am
the gulf. >> dig a hole in the beach, sandcastle, you'll get oil out. >> i went out with the professor to pensacola beach about 50 miles away from where the first family will be staying. we dug a foot or so into the sand and there we found 6 inches of oil just laying there. professor lang says just because the oil is not apparent on the surface of the sand doesn't mean that it's gone. matt gutman, abc news. >> back here in the bay area there's been a break in the investigation into the death of a german tourist in san francisco last weekend. a woman killed in the crossfire of a shoot-out as she walked with her husband in the city's theater district. as leslie brinkley explains, acting on a tip the investigation has taken police to fremont. >> i was fearful because the cops were here with swat teams with their guns drawn. i just put my baby to sleep. >> neighbors described the scene right out of a crime show on this quiet cul-de-sac. over 40 officers swarmed on to
6:32 am
lake tahoe terrace 11:00 thursday night blocking traffic and telling neighbors to take cover. >> they just announced that everybody stay inside which we stayed inside. >> to witnesses it seemed as though police were pursuing a suspect. >> they sat out here, were calling him to come out and nobody came out. pulled the blinds down and dropped a ball with a camera to see what was going on in the house and sent the dog in. finally went in there with guns drawn. nobody was there. >> there were no arrests in this particular case? >> i do not know what those items are. it is part of the ongoing investigation. >> the case of a german tourist murdered near union square sunday night has been a top priority for san francisco police this week. the 50-year-old german teacher was here with her husband to celebrate her 25th weighing anniversary. she was shot in the head and died. two others were wounded. police initially took five
6:33 am
teenager boys into custody for questioning but they were later released for lack of evidence. the teens were attending an end of summer party on mason street across from the hotel where the tourists were staying. detectives appeared in fremont and witnesses say they hauled out bags and bags of evidence. >> a bunch of investigators came in with rubber gloves and taking evidence. >> again, police will not say exactly what they collected or what they were looking for. they just want to resolve this case as soon as possible. in the news room, leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> we all know the cliche about dogs and letter carriers, that they just don't get along. well, in one of our bay area communities, that old cliche has become a new and dangerous problem. a number of postal workers are being bitten there. lisa amin gulezian reports from sunnyvale. >> we have in sunnyvale here some vicious dogs. >> it's not the first thing that come to mind for most when thinking about sunnyvale.
6:34 am
but for some of the city's mail carriers, it is. >> i feel the time and the time i hear the dog bite. >> he admits he's traumatized. >> i got bit. >> it happened while working in north sunnyvale. >> the dog, she just suddenly open the door and i didn't have time to protect or defend myself. >> we've had a dramatic increase in the number of carriers injured by dog bites here in sunnyvale. >> there have been seven bites in nine months. none were very serious. some at the postal service attribute the rise in dog attacks to the recession meaning more people are unemployed and home at the time the mail is delivered. so when the homeowner comes out to pick up the mail, the dog can escape. this is all pushing postal management to mail out these letters in a few days to every single resident in sunnyvale reminding dog owners if they don't control their pets, they won't get their mail. we went back to the house where max says he was bitten.
6:35 am
the dogs lunged at the screen, and the owner said she didn't speak any english. >> most people believe their dogs won't bite. unfortunately we have a number of people here that can attest that isn't a true statement. >> dog owners agree admitting that i recall dog isn't perfect, isn't easy. >> we try to keep him under control but i still think he needs a little training. >> if a dog is out of control, an owner can be cited and sued. lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> officials from the monterey bay aquarium say a great white shark captured on video by a southern california surfer is possibly one tagged and released by researchers. this is video posted on santa cruz sentinel reports a yellow-green object on the dorsal fin is likely popped
6:36 am
free. they have tagged 38 great whites over the past eight years. and looking for some sunshine? well, lisa. >> feels like eight years since we've seen summer. for part of your weekend, how many warm and how long will it last? those answers next. >> also ahead, why the girl navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs.
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top of the morning, everyone. 6:38 now. live look at the golden gate bridge. a little traffic moving along. not too much now but you can see the fog. it's not so thick that the towers aren't there but it's definitely present making it a little chilly at the coast. a little different picture coming up. that's why lisa amin gulezian is here to let you know what to expect. >> you don't have to be a meteorologist to see that. part of the trend will continue. but we have minor ups and downs. that's why i'm here to tell you about it from our high definition emeryville camera. the fog, mist and drizzle. but we have a system that's on the way out this weekend. that will provide a minor bump up in temperatures for your sunday. and that's gonna last into monday and part of tuesday depending where you live. this morning numbers are cool, in the 50s. we have the mist and drizzle if you're headed over the golden gate bridge. also from the east bay it's a
6:40 am
little damp out there along the peninsula. 54 half moon bay. oakland 57. low 50s santa rosa and napa. we have a few more mild numbers down around san jose. cloudy skies there at 60. our highlights then, a little cooler today. did you notice it was a little warmer yesterday. we will look for that warmth to return to our inland valleys which means some more 80s for tomorrow and monday. may hit 90 in some spots and earlier clearing around the bay for sunday, monday and a portion of tuesday. temperatures though coming down after that with another pesky low headed our way. the low clouds, the fog. very prevalent this morning out in the delta, the valley. you know it's cooler if they've made their way all the way into our delta region. with that the 80s confined to the sacramento valley. more widespread 70s for our east bay communities. also into santa clara and into the north bay as well. so it's mainly the 60s around
6:41 am
the bay. but the fog will retreat a little bit sooner in the next couple of days. we've got high pressure to the south of us but more importantly it's low pressure which is moving overhead and that is providing the stronger marine push and the low clouds, the fog, the wind and in response to that, that's why we're gonna see our cooldown today. but as this moves through in the next 24 hours, the ridge of high pressure builds behind it. that's going to be our warmer spot of air for sunday, monday and even tuesday in our valleys and then this next system and the one behind it providing the cooler weather come wednesday and thursday. so we're back to what we've been used to with some mid-70s from milpitas and santa clara. even sunnyvale. it's 73. you have to get towards los gatos, the hills, saratoga for the upper 70s. the mist and drizzle with you this morning in san mateo and millbrae. upper 60s for you. low clouds and fog hanging tough in the richmond district, the
6:42 am
sunset district. 43-minute delays on arriving flights sat sfo. upper 60s there. low 60s downtown with afternoon sun. 72 petaluma, 75 sonoma. to the north, that's where you feel some mid-80s for cloverdale and clear lake. a breeze in berkley at 64. 69 in union city and 70s even extend to walnut creek at pleasanton and danville at 78 to low 80s for pittsburgh. definitely a cooler day for you. down by the monterey bay, we are cloudy, even mist and drizzle for you with 63 for your afternoon high. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, the fog clearing tomorrow. just a little bit sooner. less of a strong onshore flow. that's why the numbers come up sunday, monday, tuesday. tuesday our inland valleys and cooler after that. so it's a little bump that we haven't seen in a while. >> all right, lisa, thank you. the girl scouts of northern
6:43 am
california are facing some tough choices. a record number of girls are attending jam p this summer but scouts are struggling to find the money to keep the camps running. assignment 7 reports, dan ashley reports why bay area girl scout properties may go up for sale. >> camping has been part of the girl scouts throughout almost all of its 100 year history. there's no question camp activities have evolved over the years. but the basic idea remains. >> a lot of people think that it's just guys who go to do all like the outdoorsy stuff. but i think it's important that girls do it, too. >> this is a girl scout camp in the hills of santa clara county, 280 acres of outdoor adventure. campers learn to ride. >> i have a horse. her name's fannie and she's really nice. >> shoot bows and arrows. >> fire at will! >> we have a bull's-eye! >> and overcome challenges. >> gotta warnafter.
6:44 am
>> even when they're 40 feet in the air. >> there you go. yeah! >> but an hour away they're santa cruz another girl scout camp called hidden falls is closed for the summer. the camp needed major repairs and the scouts simply could not afford them. >> girl scouts' first priority is keep our girls safe and make sure they can have good quality program in a safe environment. >> the property manager showed us some of the problems. this is the infirmary. lots of rustic charm but needs a new roof. >> allows water making all this water damage. >> all over the camp you can see the results of deferred maintenance. last winter a huge tree came down on the swimming pool. and the final straw was a big rainstorm that washed out part of the road. >> this used to be a nice little turnout. and then a large section of it washed down. >> just over the edge is a 40-foot dropdown to a creek. a new retaining wall to make the road safe will cost $80,000. >> girl scout camp is a really
6:45 am
magical place. to bring that magic to people is really exseen stiff. we have a hard time keeping up with the tolls mother nature takes with our camps. >> it covers 19 counties. they own or operate 29 properties. most of the land is used for camps but there's buildings for indoor scout programs and office space. it costs about $500,000 a year to maintain all that property and like many nonprofits these days, the scouts are hurting. marina park is ceo. >> donations are down. and expenses are rising. we have ever-increasing benefits costs and healthcare costs. it's a challenging time. >> a record number of girls are attending camp and the scouts wanna keep it affordable so they're not considering huge hikes in camp fees. but they are considering just about everything else. increased fund-raising, more outside rentals. partnerships with other nonprofits and even selling property. >> what would it look like if we
6:46 am
had fewer properties and we invested more money in the properties that we had to make sure that they're really meeting the needs of today's girls. >> girl scouts of northern california has 60,000 girl members and 30,000 adults. they will spend about a year looking at the options. and the ceo says whatever happens, they're committed to keeping camp a part of scouting. >> our mission at girl scouts is build girls of courage, confidence and character who makes the world a better place and a really big part how we do that is getting girls outside and connected with nature. >> i loved it. it's awesome! >> that was dan ashley reporting there. in case you're wondering about cookies, the sales were actually up this year but doesn't bring in nearly enough to bring in all camp repairs. the girl scouts have done a survey about the future of camp property. we have a live to the results at under "see it on tv." don't go away.
6:47 am
"7 on your side" is next. >> the national health club chain is requiring members to be chain is requiring members to be fifififififififififififififififi
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have you tried honey bunches of oats with real strawberries? wow. it's seriously strawberry. they're everywhere. it's in the bunches, on the flakes, even real strawberries in the mix. can i have some more?
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honey bunches of oats with real strawberries. it's delicious. nobody does it quite like us. get cortizone 10 cooling relief gel. cools instantly with the strongest itch relief medicine. cortizone 10 cooling relief gel. 6:49 right now. a new finger sprint security device is being installed by 24 hour fitness. some might welcome not having to dig out a membership card to get into the gym but the critics call it an invasion of privacy. here's "7 on your side" michael finney with the details. >> at 24 hour fitness, it's your fingers that will do the talking. members have i.d.'s, scan their fingers and a cardless entry device approves admittance. it's green, no cards needed, as well as convenient and secure. >> cards can be lost, they can
6:50 am
be stolen. what members can be assured of is with cardless entry system, only they are using their membership and other members are using the club. >> the system just rolled out in the bay area and will be in place at all 24 hour fitness clubs nationwide by the end of the year. but it has some members concerned. >> they don't need my thumbprint. i mean, it's not the pentagon or a lab, it's a gym. >> cynthia cox says she's been a victim of identity theft twice and scanning her finger makes her feel vulnerable. >> because i don't trust that it won't get hacked. it's a lot easier to change a credit card number than change a thumbprint. >> but other members say the convenience makes it all worth it. >> saves you a lot of time from carrying your card around and stuff. you put your finger up there and it works really good. >> rebecca from the electronic foundation calls this a bad idea. >> i think it's a bad exchange
6:51 am
for convenience. your fingerprint is a very sensitive piece of your identity. it's not something that you can replace if it's compromised. >> 24 hour fitness says no fingerprints will be stored in its system. when your finger presses down on the device, the track will measure between distinct points. they say it will be a series of numbers. the club says there is virtually no chance of identity theft. >> furthermore, that information, if it were to get out, you couldn't do anything with it. it's literally a number. it's not an image. we don't keep the images. >> any other notion he says is a creation of hollywood. the privatesy activism says a japanese mathtician has already
6:52 am
proven byio metric systems can be fooled using $10 worth of common material. >> you could spoof somebody's fingerprint and for fingerprint readers about 80% of the time very relybly. >> 24 hour fitness says members who don't feel comfortable giving their fingerprints can enter the gym using two forms of i.d. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> coming up next, all that jazz. 1,000 musicians featured this weekend in downtown san jose for the 21st jazz festival. jaguar platinum coverage is not just a warranty.
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>> 6:55 right now. the winning numbers from the megamillions draw, 6, 17, 24, 43, 55. the meganumber 36. nobody picked all six numbers. tuesday night's draw is estimated at $86 million. the outside lands festival opens today at san francisco's golden gate park. last year's more than 100,000 people showed up for the music and arts festival. groups like kings of leon and further are expected to draw huge crowds again this weekend. now, this year's events have been scaled back to two days instead of three. the tickets are $75. the 21st edition of the san jose
6:56 am
jazz festival is in full swing this weekend. 1,000 musicians will be featured during the three-day run. here's arts and entertainment don sanchez with more. ♪ >> tony lindsay's been a bay area musical institution for more than 30 years. back home he already has the crowd feeling his music. >> if your intention is go out and then as carlos says rearrange molecules and you start touching people, man, they feel it. >> that's what this jazz festival is about, a sense of community. >> it's about bringing people together, celebrating. just having a lot of fun. >> the music reflects the diversity of san jose. the fun of george clinton. the blues of new orleans legend norma thomas. bay area's tower of power. eight stages outside and indoors. each stage embodies a style of
6:57 am
music. >> we like a reason for the stage being. the blues audience. well, how old is it? what kinds of step do we program for that audience. why don't we make it a little younger. >> expect 100,000 people during the three days. there are performances at night at bars and clubs. jazz festival research indicates it brings $18 million to the city. but the festival almost became a victim of the economy when major sponsors dropped out. >> there's certainly been issues about getting companies. >> some businesses responded and there have been increased donations. it used to be free. now they charge $15 a day. we've all felt the money crunch. tony lindsay says music offers an escape. >> you may not know the name of the artist. but you're gonna have great music for you. in san jose, don sanchez, abc 7 news. >> with all these outdoor activities, good time to do a last check of the weather. >> call it comfortably cool. mist and drizzle this morning, fog all the way into the valley. 62 in san francisco later on. just 80 concord.
6:58 am
71 fremont, 75 for the festival in san jose. look for mid-60s watsonville with the low clouds and fog hanging on till about 11:00. you notice the temperatures coming up a little tomorrow, monday and even tuesday in our unland valleys. not much but at least some 90s and cooler throughout the middle of next week. >> thank you for joining us. our next newscast begins at 5:00. have a great weekend. bye-bye! allergies put me in a fog. now i'm claritin clear. claritin works hard to relieve my worst symptoms without drowsiness... i stay as alert and focused as someone without allergies.
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