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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  August 15, 2010 8:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning. thanks for joining us. tragedy in southern california, eight people are dead, 12 others injured. several seriously after a truck plowed into spectators. 200 mile race was being held in the mohave desert. and now a report. >> as the truck raced by the crowd was dangerously close to the action. then a disaster. >> this white truck sailed over a jump landing directly into the crowd. >> it came up and caught air and went sideways. as soon as it hit it rolled on top and people were running.
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>> the truck landed upside-down on top of the crowd. an estimated 1,000 people were watching the race in the desert about hundred miles from los angeles. there were no rules on where to stand. >> they allowed us to where we wanted to stand. everyone gets as close as they can. it's exciting. >> local sheriff's deputies were the first on the scene. >> they are out in the desert and they are not near local hospitals or trauma centers. >> the critically injured were lifted to area hospitals while those left behind with the shop what they had scene. >> bodies were everywhere. people were screaming. it was horrible. >> an investigation into that incident is certainly underway. in san francisco, they are investigating a triple shooting that occurred late last night in mission district. police found all three victims
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near the intersection of mission and 17th streets just before 10:30. one was rushed to a hospital with life-threatening chest wounds. two others were shot in the leg. shooter was last seen east on 17th street. police have not released a description. also in the mission neighborhood dozens of people are homeless this morning after a suspicious fire destroyed a three story house and damaged a building next door. take a look what it looked like around 6:15 last night minutes after the fire department was first called. two firefighters were slightly injured. witnesses tell us it was deliberately set. investigators call it suspicious. >> the fire started in this house on rondel, a small alley off of 16th street. more than ten engines responded as crews swarmed the house and store fronts to scope the blaze
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from spreading. >> pg&e has shut down the gas and we did have some live wires down in the alley about pg&e making sure the wires were turned off. >> it paralyzed traffic and onlookers lined the block and rooftops. >> i saw a bed on fire and i called the fire department. >> he lives in the basement of the house where the fire started. he said he saw a mattress was on fire and all the burn others a gas stove were turned on. >> there were a lot of books in the house. it went up quick. >> you saw a bed on fire? >> yeah. >> your suspicious is? >> what i believe somebody set the fire on purpose. >> a tenant was evicted yesterday. >> neighbors called me when i was at the cafe and said the house was on fire. i came home, got my dog out. i got tons of stuff, guitars,
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computers. >> the fire spread to a second building but within an hour the fire was under control but there were injuries. >> we had two firefighters hurt. we think it's exhaustion and the second had a laceration. minor injuries and both are okay. >> all told, 43 people were displaced about from their homes and apartments. red cross is offering assistance. this morning, crews are still on the scene of a fire that gutted the downtown healdsburg post office last night. they aren't sure how it started but smoke was reported coming from the roof. now, they are tallying up the damages as 1800 post office boxes were kept inside. >> hundreds of onlookers watched as the healdsburg post office went up in flames, one block away from the town square. it started around five this
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third and burned for more than an hour stoked by a stiff wind from the southeast. firefighters from as far away as cloverdale and santa rosa rushed to stop the flames. roof caved in and likely much of the mail was damaged or destroyed. >> there was about 1766 p.o. boxes in the downtown office and all about ten of them were rented. >> james says the healdsburg post office was not a sorting center that contained mail was to be delivered. it's only a p.o. drop off center but its community place for the town of about 10,000. as for the mail that was sent to the p.o. boxes. >> it was coming from the san francisco. tomorrow the postal service will set up a temporary facility at the healdsburg postal annex
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at grove street, claims for damaged or destroyed mail will be dealt with on a case by case basis. another rally in support of convicted ex-bart police officer johannes mehserle is scheduled for this afternoon in dublin. it will be third rally for him. dublin police say they expect about 75 people today. far less than what you are seeing here, 300 supporters of mehserle and grant who verbally clashed in walnut creek last month. 'about two weeks a smaller group rallied for mehserle in san jose. san francisco supervisors will consider a proposal to spend more money to keep the water source pure and clean. water from hetch-hetchy and yosemite is so pure that federal and state agencies don't even
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require it to be filtered. under an agreement to keep it that way, puc just approved spending $30 million over five years over park programs around the reservoir. today san francisco examiner reports those costs have been steadily rising since the contract was established back in 2005. the city spent less than $3 million a year. the board of spers must still approve any additional spending. today marks the 40th anniversary of the golden gate ferry system. certainly a lot has changed but there is one thing that hasn't. transportation reporter heather ishimaru explains. >> good gate ferry between sausalito and san francisco went in business in 1970. jim garrison was hired the week before and he still on deck today, 40 years later. >> do you have any idea you have logged or tripped? >> my goodness, 40 years.
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i don't know. >> his title is deck hand but he prefers boson. he has no plans to retire. >> i like the organization. i've made a lot of friends here. >> the next ons took a ride in 1972 you bits the local that has kept it alive. larkspur terminal was built in 1976. they first got on board that same year and bringing their kids soon after. >> we were going to city a lot. with the cable cars and muni. we could get free muni passes by taking the ferry. >> ferry service on the bay dates back to 18 50s but after the olden gate bridge opened, it dwindled. for 29 years the bridge was the
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only direct roost between san francisco and marin county until planners had to address increasing traffic congestion. >> there is a lot of different studies, build a second bridge. >> the legislature cleared the way for the bridge district to go into the transit business and golden gate ferry was born. >> three high speet cat ra rans he is impressed -- high speed catamarans. >> up next, you don't see this kind of round-up often. they had to coral a pair of zebras. and golden gate park, fans are descending on the park thihihihi
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most unusual animal round-up took place in car michael. >> -- oh, my gosh. >> yes, she is freaking out about a zebra running down the street. two zebras escaped from a training facility. they got spooked by dogs and bolted out around 7:00 last night.
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sadly one zebra was hit by a car but only slightly injured. animal control officers spent about four hours to get them loaded in animal trainers. >> in golden gate park, thousands of people are gathering for the lands music festival. because of limited parking, public transportation is a must this weekend. these happy people are a fraction of about 100,000 that come from all over the country. many bay area residents decided to drive to the polo grounds. traffic slowed to a crawl especially on fulton and lynn conway. many are trying to find parking in an area with few available spaces. >> we have people asking if we can park up and down our driveway all day long. you'll get towed if you park
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that way. it's been a problem. >> this is a third year of the concert. residents tell us the crowds have so far been manageable. >> not as noisy, not as many people driving up and down the street. three times the amount of traffic we would usually get. >> the increase in traffic isn't a problem and helped sales. >> everything has been calm. traffic has been pretty good. no problems here. >> many people got the message that parking was going to be tough. one taxi dropped off people and muni buses were full. regular riders were warned that the concert would affect their travel. >> there are going to be more buses. >> muni increased service to coincide with the car. >> we know we're going to add extra service after the concert. >> that is good news, last year muni service after the concert was much too slow.
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>> after the concert, everybody is stuck waiting for public transportation. >> what happened? >> what happens is that you have all the concert goers heading out in hallways drinking beer. >> one of the broken record just continues, not breaking any weather records. >> it's the summer of stratus but we're working on sunshine in the afternoon. it's in the 50s and mist and drizzle and a bit of a warmup is on the way, too. >> also next. giants go for a much needed win against the padres.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. you have the cutest expression for the summer, the the summer bummer. >> i don't want to bum you out further. not surprised with the low clouds and fog from emeryville this morning, you can see it gray. it's sunny around the sacramento valley where they have interesting weather disturbance, it may bring it's sunshine. it's going to work in our favor
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tomorrow as an area of low pressure that heads east. 54 in the city. 57 in oakland. sunny in fairfield, sunshine in antioch at 66. sunnyvale 61. we are looking at the clouds and mist at the shoreline but elsewhere, depending on the sunshine, even at ballpark, a little warming. here a picture that the fog has burned through the delta on the way through concord, finally burning back to the coast. i think san francisco will be split with some of the city enjoying sunshine. here is a look at some of the highs. mid-60s in oakland. definitely coming in seven degrees shy of the average which is most significant readings of cooler than normal weather will be redwood city and san jose where we should see mid-80s. here the culprit, an area of low pressure bringing shower to the
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sacramento valley. it moves through california. one more day of the chilly weather and then a bump as the area of low pressure slides east and we have a ridge of high pressure warming things up monday and tuesday. monterey, at 63. 88 in sacramento. a nice respite there, as the low passes through the mountains, dry windy weather, could have some fire concerns here by tuesday. notice los angeles is warming up, but things in the south bay pretty much the same. 71 in santa clara. 75 los gatos. 69 in sunnyvale. clouds sticking along the shoreline, but sunshine for millbrae at 66. san francisco, you'll get a little bit of sun around 1:00, low 60s for you. mid-60s and a few airport delays in south city.
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widespread 70s here in north part of the bay, 73 in napa. 70 in vallejo. with sunshine, temperatures will be cool and comfortable for san leandro, 68. 69 in union city and inland valleys enjoying 78 in danville. 80 in antioch. getting into those lower 80s as you head out to the inland valleys with temperatures at the coast low to mid-60s a lot of fog through the 1:00 hour around monterey bay. accu-weather seven-day forecast, we'll look for another cool one today. numbers coming up tomorrow, tuesday and sliding back down wednesday and thursday and friday. it should bring earlier sunshine around the bay. >> you really think that september we're going to get some.... >> i really think so. >> what makes you think so? >> the atmosphere tries to get
9:23 am
equilibrium and blocking the lows. it will change. >> you heard her, folks. thank you, lisa. >> let's check out sports, 40 minutes, niners kick off their pre-season schedule against the colts. yesterday the giants played a huge game at at&t park against the division leading san diego padres. good morning. before yesterday's game the giants had lost nine out of ten to the first place padres. only victory came in extra innings, they would need it overtime again. san diego made it 2-0 in the fifth, gonzalez goes the other way and gets bomgarner and here comes tejada. sandoval with a splash landing.
9:24 am
and lead was cut in half. san francisco's scratched out a tough run out of the tough bullpen. ground out brings a run in and the game is tied. it stayed that way until 11th. with run youers on first and second, uribe gets a single but the throw home is not in time to get posey. once again they are just two and a half games back. >> every win is important. the way the guy was throwing the ball today. >> one day we can win but some days you can't win but you can't do anything about it. >> in minneapolis, a's and twins with a pitchers' dual. orlando with a sacrifice fly to
9:25 am
left and it's 1-0. that would be the only hundred given up by cahill. he allowed six hits or less. he would still get the loss because brian was better. he went the distance for career complete game, struck out four. twins blank the a's, 2-0. >> unlike the first two rounds, fog did not delay the pga xhiash let's go out to wisconsin where the weather was perfect for third round action. tiger struggled with his putter, he nails it for a birdie. with an even round, he is ten back of the lead. start the day was turned in by tom lehman. this ball will wall in for a hole in one. she one over for the tournament.
9:26 am
china's player had the round of the week, birdie on 18 gave him a course record. he is tied for fourth. he is nine under. johnson also made a move on 5, he gets this birdie put. he is ten under. leader is nick watne. he made eight birdies. he is 13 under for the tournament. watney leads by three. tiger is in 31st place and phil mickelson is one under. 49ers open up pre-season and shu will have all the highlights at 5:00. >> coming up next at 9:30. hybrid owners, free ride is about to end. a new proposal would give you more time but the significanters
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welcome back. president obama is wrapping up his gulf coast vacation today. it was a trip designed to help promote tourism in the area, but the president just cannot escape
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the controversy he created friday night in seeming to endorse muslim plans to build a mosque near ground zero. david curly reports. >> it's the picture that so many wanted to see the president swimming in the water that weeks ago was threatened by the oil spill. but his efforts to help the gulf recover -- watching his daughter get a hole in one playing miniature golf -- are being overshadowed to jump in the debate about a prayer center near ground zero. muslims have a right to build it. saturday a clarification. >> i was not comment go and i will not comment on the wisdom of making a decision to put a mosque there. i was commenting specifically on the right that people have that dates back to our founding.
9:31 am
>> many thought he was backing down. saying the president is not backing off in any way. it's not his role, they said, quote, to pass judgment on every local project. it's the local economy and environment and gulf that the president wanted to focus on. >> that is why i made a commitment i was going to stand not until the well was closed, not just until the oil was cleaned up, but until you have fully recovered from the damage that has been done. >> we want to keep our focus here. >> meeting with political leaders, he promised with the well capped he will stay on top of the cleanup and make sure bp does what it's promised and he gave his best tourism pitch. >> to americans all across the country, come on down and visit. some economic nice, the american economy has seen some
9:32 am
of the worst numbers since the so-called great recession begin. government figures on abc's this week, the number of u.s. workers seeking unemployment benefits rose to half a million. number of bank foreclosures was second highest begin. they say more help is needed for long term unemployment. >> i think we have to worry first of all about taking care of the people who are unemployed. i have supported the unemployment benefits the extension of benefits to help people maintain their health insurance if they lose their job. >> conservatives on the panel say the nation's top policy needs to promote investment instead of debt. >> thousands of solo drivers in hybrid cars are getting good news about the stickers that let's them use carpool lanes.
9:33 am
and here is more from sacramento. >> while a lot of california drivers are stuck in traffic jams, 85,000 solo drivers in hybrids with this sticker are given a free pass during the car-pool lane. those expire in a few months on january 1st, 2011. a new bill out of the senate extends the use six more months, much to the delight of hybrid owners. >> it's wonderful to be in that car-pool lane. >> after it expires they will create new stickers to start in 2012 but it will be the next generation of plug-in cars that will soon be on the market. only 40,000 stickers will be
9:34 am
made. >> we have better technology. so we have new crop of individuals that buy these cars. >> then those 895,000 with the original stickers who were on the cutting edge back then, will be kicked out of the car-pool lane and will have to drive in the regular lanes with the rest of us. that is why some lawmakers voted against the new proposal. >> more cars crowding and leaving the carpool lanes open, is not a good idea. they cost a lot of money. >> with possibly new stickers on the way, consumers may be tempted to buy the new plug-in models. >> the stick ser an added bonus and you tend to look at people in carpool lanes and it's road sign advertising. >> the proposal to create the new sticker program now heads to
9:35 am
the governor's desk. in san francisco, demolition of the old transbay terminal is ahead of the schedule this morning. work started yesterday on howard street and ramps leading to it. an overpass that was part of the original bay bridge construction came down. howard street will remain closed until 5:00 morgue. they are which cleaning up street and put it back up before the monday morning commute. >> the connector ramp between 101 and highway 1 is closed to traffic for another hour and a half until about 11:00. it's part of a 13-hour closure that will allow the off-ramp to be shifted north as part of the reconstruction project. drivers will face a complicated
9:36 am
detour. you might want to simply avoid the area if possible or expect delays this morning. we a delay in summertime weather. >> yes, we have. overcast, stratus is beginning to lift. here from mount tam, shrouded in clouds and another day of cool 70s. we're going to see a couple of 80s this week. >> thank you. also coming up a bay area researcher uncovers evidence that sheds new light on the eating habits of early human kindndndndndndndndndndndndndndnq
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learning about you. yahoo has several behind research scientists on the prowl. david louie explains what they are up to. >> as good as search engines are there is an important question that can't be answered. >> what it keeps you coming back? that is critical. >> that is why yahoo chief scientists has dozens of research scientists from yahoo labs around the world. they have studied do dating sites really want what they say they are seeking and how buying decisions are made on social networks. >> i believe social scientists will undergo big leaps in understanding human behavior thanks to the internet. suddenly it's possible to study human behavior on scales you could never imagine. >> that is monitoring internet
9:40 am
searches and talking to users. the goal is make yahoo better. >> our competitors are working hard to improve their things. >> she is a psychologist. getting people to link up with others with similar interests. >> people want to connect with other people. they want to meet up with their friends and feel good and talk with other people and find people who are like them. >> even a photo sharing site provides valuable research data. they find the most popular travel destinations. >> yahoo this year turns 15. as well established company they are looking for growth opportunities and hopes with research they hope to do so specially with emerging markets. you know there are people
9:41 am
who are enjoying this weather. for them, more of the same? >> that's right. the stratus as we normally get is being kicked on shore. another one is moving over to the north of us, northern sacramento valley. that is why we're cool today but we do have a warmup. emeryville, cloudy but the far of the bay where you are enjoying sunshine and cooler temperatures. it's already in the 60s. right now we've got widespread 50s with mist and drizzle and airport delays of 50 minutes. 57 in oakland. 61 in sunnyvale. still overcast but beginning to see it lift a little bit into the east bay. another comfortable day there, but we'll wait until the sunshine and see a sunny afternoon in the financial district and at the ballpark in san francisco. golden gate park looking more cloudy than sunny and mix of clouds.
9:42 am
a few peaks in the afternoon and then warming comes into play. the widespread low clouds and fog so that generous sea breeze allowing the fog to reach inland. it's beginning to burn back and as it does it will hang at the coast and that is where the breezes will be. 60s and 70s but it should be 70s and 80s. redwood city, only 68 today. you'll notice with that temperature, a little later burnoff for you. livermore down 8 degrees, enjoying that 80 in just and low 70s in san jose. this trough is the culprit. low pressure responsible for the chance of showers. thunderstorms to the north of us. it's holding on for just another day, then will begin to warm up. it is warm in parts of the state with warming trend getting underway to the south of us. 112 in palm springs.
9:43 am
more like 72 in saratoga and campbell. look for 69 in mountain view and palo alto. 50s at the coast. 70 in los altos. mainly today, morning hours will be cloudy and then by the early afternoon hours, say 12:00, you'll be seeing sunshine. drizzle should be winding down in the next hour. mid-70s here for sonoma and napa today. a cool 64 in sausalito oh. east bay, 68 in san he and dreo. numbers topping out to the 80s or low 80s a as you make your way through the delta. breezy around fairfield and vacaville. monterey bay, cool one there with 63. >> here a look ahead. you'll notice 50s at our coast today. upper 60s around the bay and numbers coming up about five
9:44 am
degrees tomorrow, tuesday and they begin to slide a little bit by wednesday and thursday with a stronger sea breeze. >> this is becoming the new normal? >> it is. just a couple weeks, labor day. maybe by then, things will change. this may be one of the most significant finds in years. the ancestors of modern humans may have used tools a million years earlier than first thought. a local scientist is behind that find. eric thomas has assignment 7 report. >> this area of rural ethiopia is regarded go as the cradle of mankind. scientists have been looking for clues about mankind in this part for decades. they made a major discovery. and scientists from the academy
9:45 am
of sciences provided us with this video. >> we discovered tool bones that clearly indicate they have a mark on them. >> these fossilized animal bones show signs of primitive stone tools. they were made by rocks to extract marrow for food. the oldest was about two and a half million years ago. >> we're talking about 3.4 million years ago. >> meaning that man picked up tools nearly a million years earlier than thought. not only were they able to use tools but they ate meat. >> this species, played a critical role in our evolutionary history because the species, very first homonids.
9:46 am
>> it was made from another the juvenile species was unearthed in 2000. nicknamed salam they date back 3 million years. >> no one was able to demonstrate that the species. >> the team will resume research in the coming months with a new motivation, finding the tools that may have made these early cuts. >> the findings were released in the journal of nature. >> don't go away, 7 your side is next. >> are you in on this?
9:47 am
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we all like a deal, a chance to save money on the stuff we buy is tempting. you can find many discount websites on the internet but one called group on is a real game changer. michael finney explains how it works. >> are you in on group on? every day the company sends out an e-mail with a special deal from a company local to you. here, at 75% off fitness program here 52% off of food. the whole idea with ceo andrew mason's idea. >> it's different because we
9:50 am
feature one business a day. we give people a real good deal. >> but there is a catch. a minimum number of participants are need a group to activate the coupon. that where you get a group on. >> you look whatever a daily deal might be. >> they checked because the deal deal lasts only a day at most. there are a lot of food deals, hotel discounts and too many places to a name. >> its city guide masquerading as a deal site. we think of the service, a way for people to discover interesting new businesses. >> that is part about it that yvonne really likes. >> maybe about two weeks ago, to group on the day night, where you pretty much did a san francisco tour, chinatown that was part of the deal and went to
9:51 am
one of the restaurants i got a group on. >> a good feeling but is it good for you? >> it's a win-win. >> consumer psychologist of golden gate university. >> most of the offers, what they are retailers that have been hurt the most in recession. services, restaurants, a lot of products that are suffering right now. they really want to reintroduce their product to consumers. this is way to get people in the door. once they get in the door they are coming back. >> now they are changing the business model and offering daily products at individual users in the neighborhood. >> coming up next, eat, pray, love a woman's jiornl of
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meg whitman. for a new california. take a look at the winning numbers from last night's super lotto plus. mega number 12, one ticket sold in southern california.
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book, eat, pray, love has sold 7 million copies and now back on the best-seller list with the release of the movie by the same name. it stars julia roberts as a woman on a journey. here is don sanchez on the aisle. >> you were so much trouble. >> julia roberts, she goes through a painful divorce moves in with her boyfriend and breaks up with him and quits her job in a journey to discover herself. she discovers what prayer can do in india and finds peace and love. >> focus is on self-discover, dragging it out so long you
9:56 am
begin to nod off during meditation but it's beautifully shot. expect to see in upsurge for travel reservations. it has a glossy look. and truthfully who could play a role like this better than julia roberts? like the book there is a happy ending. >> there is a built in audience for this film, the women that bought the book. they are going to undertook to the theater. this is beautifully photographed and there are some dizzy shots its search for spirit wallet but it drags. but the women looking for a chance and change i'll give you a three-quarters of a bucket.
9:57 am
we'll see you on the aisle. >> well we both bought the book but we aren't flocking to the theater yet. >> and weather outside, starting off with low clouds but it is going to brighten up in the east bay, sunshine, 80 there. 70 in fremont and 62 with sun and clouds in the city. 64 in santa cruz and look ahead at warming for tomorrow and tuesday. 90s inland and mid-70s around the bay. >> all right. thanks, lisa. next newscast starts at 5:00 tonight. have a great sunday everyone.
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