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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  August 15, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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flames consumed the attic, causing the roof to collapse. nearly 80 firefighters were on the job, two injured. the post office was closed for businesseess, except for the lobby, with more than 1700p.o. boxes, up to 4,000 letters are delivered on saturday. >> i had a p.o. box so it's concerning. i hadn't checked in about a week. >> you don't know what you lost. >> right. i have no idea what was in there. >> reporter: healdsburg not only lost a post office, it lost a cherished institution, gather spot for generations of residents. in the 1960s, this was a safeway supermarket. >> the community post office and everybody came here and you could get in and out of here. the personnel were polite. >> i was born and raised in this town, and my mom and dad were immigrants from mexico, and we
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have had our p.o. box for over 40 years. >> the building is a total loss. the cause of the fire is unknown of the fire chief says one of the possibilities could be electrical or mechanical equipment? the ceiling area. customer can buy stamps at a postal annex a half mile away. >> alan: investigators are still working on the cause of a fire last night in san francisco's mission district. fire did heavy damage to this home on rondell police and to the surrounding buildings. the red cross is helping the 43 people displaced. the fire remains under investigation. also in the mission district, san francisco police are searching for agun man who shot three men there last night. they were shot near the intersection of mission and 17th streets. investigators say the shooter fired more than a dozen shots from a handgun. one victim was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening
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chest wounds. the other two were shot in the leg. the suspect was last seen running east on 17thstreet street. police have not released an description. i. the san francisco medical examiner revealed today that the bicyclist killed this weekend bay hit-and-run driver was german tourist. he was riding on masonic avenue when he was struck and killed bay mercedes, and that driver was arrested a short time later and charged with vehicular manslaughter. he is the second german tourist killed in san francisco in a week. a woman was hit by a stray bullet while celebrating her 25th an versely near union swear last sunday. eight people were killed and a dozen more injured in the mojave desert last night after an offroad racing car hurdled into the crowd. the crowd was so close to the track, they could almost touch the trucks. rev rev --
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[engines revving] >> reporter: mayhem, moments after a truck sail off a jump and plowed into a crowd. >> rolled into the crowrksd off the race course itself, and had come to a stop on a couple -- top of a couple people. >> reporter: six people died on the track two more died at the hospital, dozen more were injured. >> people were screaming. >> reporter: it took rescue vehicles and helicopters more than half an hour to reach the remote racetrack in the mojave desert. >> a lot of commotion, people trying to assist the wounded. it was pretty chaotic, people running and scrambling, trying to help. >> i saw blood on the floor, and people trying to give cpr. everybody was trying help pushing up the truck. >> reporter: at least 1,000 people attended the race that was supposed to stand all night. the crowd standing within ten feet of the dirt track, and no
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guardrails protecting onlookers from vehicles speeding up to 100-miles-an-hour. >> everyone gets as close as they can. >> reporter: and. >> definitely alcohol involved. but this races, you can't prevent it. >> reporter: officials say the truck driver was not hurt but had to flee the scene to escape angry spectators. >> alan: also last night, semi-truck racer was killed at a race at the marysville speedway. the truck got tangled with another big rig and flipped over. no spectators were hurt. track officials say this is the first fatality in the 68 year history of the marysville speedway, and the first time they ever raced big rigs. the driver who died did not have a roll cage entitle this cab. demonstrators were out against in support of johannes milesly. he was b.a.r.t. officer who was
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con viblghted in the shooting death of oscar grant. protestors called for mehserle's immediate release. >> i don't feel she spend a[ y in jail. i think he is wrongly convicted of involuntary manslaughter and a gun enhancement. i believe that the only fair sentencing would be to release him today. >> alan: sentencing is set for november 5th. he faces five to 14 years in prison. this has been the third promess milesly rally so far. north bay commuters will find a new lane con fission racing coming off the can go can golden gate bridge into san francisco. the construction crews moved the leans lanes to the left. people heading south will now find the exit ramp a few feet-under their east. it's expected to be completed in
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late 2013. demolition crews are back out at the site of the oals transbay terminal. the eastern section of howard street will be closed until 5 tom morning. united nations secretary general puts out an urgent plea for help for pakistan. general petraeus on whether the u.s. can ever achieve success inia. and the obama administration is ready to send a billion dollars to help california schools but they may not be able to it yet. >> leigh: the bay area saw a little more sunshine today. temperatures warmed up nicely. @t@tttle more warming for
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: the united nations secretary general says the flooding in pakistan is unlike anything he has ever seen. ban ki-moon dude the devastation today. he is calling on the world community to help the estimated 20 million people who have lost their homes in the disaster. >> these unprecedented floods demand unprecedented assistance. the flood waves must be matched
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with waves of global support. >> alan: the united ed nations called for nearly half a billion dollars in relief but has only received one-fifth of that amount. the new u.s. commander in afghan afghanistan says he believes the war is turning in the right direction and coalition forces are making progress. general david petraeus made his comments today. >> the progress really just began this spring, late spring is when we started to see the operations in central province truly were starting to improve security for the people, and up and down process to be sure, taliban fighting back hard as we took away very important sanctuaries from them. >> alan: his goal is to keep extremist groups at buy -- bay. >> hundreds of bay area homeowners were in oakland today
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in hopes of getting a break on their mortgages. this is day four of a five-day mortgage modification event put on by chase bank. customers met with counselor and provided documents,, and in two weeks will find out if they can get a loan modification. they say this is their only chance to discuss problems in person with the bank. >> we have heard about so many programs and we call and call and get a different answer everytime. so we're trying to get some finality if they can help us. >> alan: chase expects to receive 2,000 applications by the end of the event on monday. a bill signed by president obama last week is expected to provide $1.2 billion to help california's cash-strapped schools. but uncertainty over the state budget could delay plans to rehire teachers or restore cancelled school days. the obama administration plans to begin distributing the money
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later this month, and obama wants school districts to use it to retain or rehire school teachers. this year school districts will likely be unwilling to make decisions about that money any they know what is in the state budget which is six weeks late. up next two zebras run wild in a northern california suburb. and will we see more warmer temperatures this week? leigh glaser coming up to tell you about it. >> mike: the giants did not take advantage of the padres this weekend. and at the pga championship, dustin johnson got called for a controversial a infraction that controversial a infraction that cost him a i dislocated both my ankles.
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- we can be boys... - cowboys. i can run again. they gave me a new heart. i am so happy to be alive. >> alan: zebras running wild. something you might only see in africa or just outside of sacramento. two seen alabama ran free, one of them for five hours through a neighborhood before authorities were finally able to get control of them. the seen zebra's owner was trying load them into a trail to take them to a ranch in oregon. they were spooked by a couple of dogs and took off. one zebra was hit bay car during
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the chase, but it got back up and kept going until he was finally caught. the vets checked him out today, and he is going to be fine. >> leigh: oh, man. >> alan: they were looking for warmer weather. >> leigh: you're right. temperatures warmed to five degrees in antioch, so we're in a roll and we're going to continue. >> alan: go! >> leigh: such a nice shot for you this evening from the high definition suit crow -- sutro cam. here's a look at highs today. antioch reached 86. we had 82 in concord. check out the 70s. napa, 77. 75 na san rafael. santa cruz, 76. the sun came out and those temperatures went up. 62 in san francisco. still cool at half moon bay at 59. right now we have 83 in antioch. 76, concord. 7 # in napa. and 68 right now and clear skies
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in san jose. low clouds and fog off the coast moves back inland testimony. will bring you some drizzle as well, and the next couple of days temperatures will warm slightly. enjoy because by mid-week temperatures will come back down. nice clearing thanks to northerly winds. and we are definitely going to go with this theme for the next several days. overnight tonight, low clouds move back inled. overnight temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60s. and low 50s near half moon bay and san francisco. i want to take you up to the sierra. north of reno, you can see near susanville, some pretty hefty thunderstorms, and light lightning strikes in reno. and it's all thanks to this area of low pressure. we were talking about this last night. stayed to the north and also prepared to bring down the north
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winds, that brought us a little more clearing today. looks like tomorrow, a bubble of high pressure will build in. so we look for more sunshine tomorrow and warmer temperatures. monday and tuesday, enjoy it, because by wednesday this low is sitting off the coast and will slide back in and cool us back down into the 60s and 70s, and bring in more low clouds and fog. so a couple of days of slight warming. here's some highs for you. santa clara, 78. 61, half moon bay, see a little more sunshine tomorrow. inland locations, redwood city, 75. men low -- menlo park, 7 4. 80 for accept rose sacks 76 for map napa. east bay, oakland, 69 tomorrow. 73, castro valley. inland, 86 for concord, 90 for antioch. and we'll go to 73 for santa cruz and 88 for gilroy. the next couple of days, a
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little bit more in the way of seasonal temperatures. still a little below. low 90s inland. 80s around the bay, and low tracks in, more cooling, low clouds and fog, mist and drizzle, thursday, friday, and saturday. >> alan: sadly we all have to go back to school in a little bit, summer is over. on to shu, and we always learn a little bit about golf. >> mike: most complex rules in school. nick watney, two-strike lead to start the day but double-bogeys the first hole and shoots 81. bubba watson caught fire. on 13, the long putt for birdie. he shoots a 4-under 68. in the clubhouse at 11-under with the lead. martin kaymer had the lead, blew it, and then makes this gusty par to join watson. then dustin johnson, now
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12-under. he needs a par on 18 to win but he pushes his par putt and would seemingly join watson and kylemer for a playoff. but hold on. a possible ruleses infraction, his second shot on 18, he grounds the club in what he say is a bunker. the rules exciteee says it is. that's a two-stroke penalty. johnson goes from 11-under to 9-under. so watson and kyleer in a three-hole playoff. watson birdies 10, kaymer needed this bogey putt to win it. gets it, winning his first major, the 92nd pga championship. >> just won my first major, and i'm just on tour since four years, and i got goose bumps taking about it. >> i never once crossed my mind i was in a sand trap. it's very unfortunate. i guess in the only worse thing
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that could happen is if i made the putt on the last hole. still, i never once thought it was a sand trap. >> mike: if the giants were wondering who is your daddy, the padres confirmed it today. buster posey, always prepared at the yard. tim lincecum struggling again in. in the second. two runs score, 4-0 padres a. timmy lasted 3-2/3 innings, gave up five. in the third, buster posey, see ya. two-run blast. but it was all san diego. former giant, torrealba, a mammoth blast to left. makes it 7-2. padres push their lead back to 3-1/2 games over the giants with an 8-2 victory. from minneapolis where the a's were swept by the twins. davis grounds into the double-play. slowey had a no-hitter through
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seven but gets pulled after throwing 106 pitches. ruff kidding me? the aye's get a hit to make it 4-0. but minnesota sweeps with the victory. >> the 49ers hosted by the colts in some preseason football. veterans trying to get their timing down and rookies trying to impress. mike singletary hoping for no major injuries. alex smith's timing just a bit off. alex is 3-9 for 37 yards and a pick. speaking of i.n.t., smith picks off painter and makes the most of it. takes it 91 yards to the house. one of four turnovers. plays like that help you make a team. david carr was sharp, macing up smith in the third. finds kurtis in the flat for six. and at runningback, suddenly in need after the retirement of
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coffee. and the ninners roll over the colts 37-17. nascar, the car carfax 200. car -- harvick wins and becomes the first driver to clinch a spot in the chase for the cup. more from that controversial final round of the pga championship at 11:00, and we hear from dustin johnson. tough year blowing two majors. >> alan: was that bunk center. >> mike: i wouldn't have thought it was bunker, either. it looked like rough. i think it was a bogus call. >> alan: thanks, shu. sylvester stallone proves he is not expendable quiet yet. [ male announcer ] whoa, the new ultimate turkey & bacon avocado.
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>> alan: sylvester a lope has proven he is not expendable at the box office.
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"the expendable's" seized number one. at number two, "eat pray love" opened with 23 million, and last weekend's top movie, "the other guys" slipped to third place with $18 million. that's it for abc-7 news at 6. thanks for watching. see you tonight at
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visitit u us s ononlli. >> michael: this week on the episode of "at the movies" -- julia roberts leads a group of mercenaries on a mission -- no, that can't be right. >> no, she stars in the movie. >> this is my experiment. i'm going for it. >> tony: also coming up this week -- >> are you crazy? >> you're welcome. >> michael: sylvester stallone "the expendables". any more testosterone in this thing -- >> what are you doing? >> tony: plus, all kinds of trouble in "scott pilgrim versus the world". >> you gave them a gift. >> michael: we pay tribute to more than three decades. >> you want to go away for a year. >> i used to this appetite for my life. it is just


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