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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  August 15, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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good evening, everyone. there has been a break tonight in the pipe bomb case that's had an east bay community concord police say they arrested a man connected with a series of pipe bombses found at newell park. lilian kim has the latest. >> this arrest was made possible after concord police received a tip from a confidential informant. timothy wilson is now in jail in martinez. police ared the 31-year-old -- arrested the 31-year-old where he lives with his mother. they say wilson was under the influence of a controled substance. this brings to a total of three pipe bombs found on two separate days last month.
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the bomb squad detonated all three devices, but police say those pipe bombs could have are jed or killed someone. police searched wilson's home and they say they found narcotics and bomb-making paraphernalia, including a pvc pipe and gun powder. they have since interviewed wilson, but they won't comment on a motive. wilson does have a criminal record. he has been arrested on multiple felony charges and possession of bomb-making materials. in the newsroom, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you, lilian. it may be mid-august, but it doesn't feel like it. san francisco hasn't reached 70 degrees in 43 days. while we can throw on a jacket, farmers and business owners are starting to grow concern. the weather was brisk at pier 23, but they were making the
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most of the situation. >> it is chilly. but i would rather be that than on the east coast where it is hot. >> the owner of this embarcadero hot spot says it has ceeld down business. >> i would say it has affected us because we haven't had as many mega big days as we usually are used to doing. august is usually a lovely month. i'm not even sure we will have a great september, october. i honestly don't know. >> these should have been another perhaps foot, foot and a half. >> farmers along the coast have been paying close attention to the weather as well. they say the wind, chill and lack of sun are stunting his crops. his corn stalks are nowhere near the height they should be. and his pumpkins which are typically ready for harvest in september won't likely be ready until mid-october. >> it will affect sales,
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definitely. but again it is mother nature and it is nothing other than mother nature. you just have to accept things the way they are. >> that's the sentiment of many bay area residents. the sun has been an infrequent guest these days, but people we talk to are adjusting. >> i love the coast. you live here and that's what you deal with. the ocean is the payoff. >> it is what you make of it. there is a lot of stuff to do in the bay area. >> and with more on these cool summer temperatures, let's go to meteorologist leigh glaser. >> yeah, and everyone is definitely complaining across the bay area about this. you know, today we actuallient up about -- we actually went up 5 degrees, but still below where we should be. check out santa rosa. the high was 73. 80 in livermore. antioch was up 5 from yesterday. you can see the average is well below where we should be for this time of year. antioch is below by 4 degrees
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and san jose down 9. livermore is down 9 and santa rosa is down 9 degrees as well for this time of year. and we mentioned this at the top of the show. a cool summer indeed, june through august and we should have at least 18 days of 70 degrees or higher. so far we have only had seven days. they are complaining and you can see why. how much cooler will we get? we will look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you, leigh. well, federal agents are investigating the fire that gutted a north bay post office. the four-alarm fire roar roared through the facility late yesterday and it burned for nearly five hours. here is more now from john alston. >> all day the area around the post office was sealed off. agents from the fbi, atf and postal inspector were takening
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the lead and investigating what happened. >> there is nothing suspicious about the fire. there were reports of people in the area. and in an area like this and this time of day. >> this is how it looked early yesterday evening when flames consumed the attic causing much of the roof to collapse. nearly 80 firefighters were on the job, two were injured. the post office was closed for business yesterday except with the lobby with more than 1700po boxes. up to 4,000 letters are delivered on an average saturday. customers who didn't pick up their mail yet were here this morning. >> i had a po box, and so it was alt concerning. i hadn't checked it in about a week. >> you don't know what you might have lost. >> no, i don't know what was in there. >> they not only lost a post office, they lost a cherished institution. in the 1960s, this was a safe way supermarket c before being converted to the main post off.
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>> it was a community post office. everybody came here and you could get in and out of here. the person was polite. i was born and raised in this town. my mom and dad were immigrants from mexico. we had our po box for 40 years. >> the building is a total loss. one of the possibilities could be electrical or mechanical in the ceiling area. beginning tomorrow, customers can pick up their mail and buy stamps a the a postal annex a half mile away. abc7 news. a two-year-old boy survived a fall out of the second story window of a scots valley home in santa cruz county. investigators say he accidentally fell 10 to 15 feet on to a parked car and then bounced off of it and hit the ground. the toddler had a chipped tooth and cuts to his lips and face. but there were no fractured bones. he was flown to a trauma
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center to check for internal bleeding. now to a sport where off-road trucks speed through the desert and spectators are so close they can almost touch them. it is one of the thrills of the sport, but that appeal cost eight people their lives. abc reports from the mojave desert. >> race fans are supposed to keep themselves 100 feet away from the charging off-road vehicles. but the carnage occurred as some were standing just feet away from the truck reaching speeds in excess of 60 miles per hour. >> people got ran over. bodies were flying everywhere. bones broken and everything. >> it is a 200-mile race, but the most dangerous section is at daredevil jump and it is called "rock pile." the driver lost control and his truck catapulted into the crowd. >> people were screaming. it was horrible. >> this racetrack is in such a remote area it took helicopters and ambulances more than half an hour to try
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to rescue the victim. the vehicle that caused the damage was flipped upside down. the driver was unhurt, but on his facebook page he writes "so incredibly lost and devastated. my thought and prayers go out to all the family and friends involved." there is not enough money for police to police the crowds, so they depend on federal and local officials to patrol the crowds. some of the races are held at night to avoid the extreme heat. >> everyone gets as close as they can. it is exciting. >> off-road racer and the regional director for the sport is worried this accident may mean an end do these races. >> california is one of the only states that allows this type of activity, and it is one of the last frontier areases that we can get out. >> abc's mike vaughn friend reporting. the chp says the driver was not drinking and they have no
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plans to arrest him. he had to run from the scene after angry fans started throwing rocks at him. the medical examiner revealed that the bicyclist killed this weekend by a hit and run drive was a german tourist. he was riding his bike along the sonic avenue when he was struck and killed by a driver in a mercedes-benz. the driver was arrested a short time later and charged with vehicular manslaughter. linca is the second german tourist killed in san francisco in a week. a 50-year-old woman was hit by a stray bullet while celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary near iewnen why square last -- near union square last sunday. up next, the monday morning deadline. lawyers defending prop 8 have until 9:00 a.m. to make a key filing before a federal appeals court. and then this -- >> it is the dumbest thing any president or candidate has said since michael due -- dukakis. >> president obama takes more
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heat over the ground zero continue@x@x@x@x@x@x@x@x@x@x@x@x
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to there is a critical deadline tomorrow morning in the battle for same-sex marriage in california. defenders of prop 8 have until 9:00 a.m. arguing in federal appeals court arguing why the same sex same-sex marriages should not be allowed to go forward. a judge ruled the voter approved same-sex marriage ban was unconstitutional. same-sex marriages are set to resume wednesday at 5:00 p.m. unless the 9th circuit court of appeals steps in and
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issues a stay of the judge's ruling. attorney general jerry brown and the city of san francisco have filed papers opposing a stay and arguing that prop 8 supporters do not have the legal right to an appeal. president obama wrapped up a working vacation this weekend on the gulf coast. he spent time trying to convince americans to support tourism along the oil-ravaged coast. but it was overshadowed by the continuing controversy over a proposed mosque near new york city's ground zero. >> president obama wrapped up a working vacation, taking the helm of a boat in the gulf's friendly waters. he will have to navigate more troubled waters back home. >> the white house, the administration and the president himself seems to be disconnected from the mainstream of america. >> the president returned to washington facing sharp criticism from republicans over his decision to enter the debate about a muslim prayer center near ground zero. fry day mr. obama told a group
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of arab americans that he believes muslimss have a right to build a place of worship anywhere. >> this is america. our commitment to religious freedom mustily unshakeable. -- must be unshakeable. >> the next day he clarified, lead something to believe he backed down. >> i was not commenting and i will not comment on the wisdom of making a decision to put a mosque there. i was commenting specifically on the right the people have that dates back to our founding. >> mr. obama was not altering his position. he just wants to avoid commenting on every local issue. the president's opponents don't buy it. >> the president is trying to have it both ways. >> it is the dumbest thing any president has said since michael dukakis said it is okay to burn the flag. >> they say it would show the world is open for business,
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but the message may have been overshadowed by the mosque debate. abc news, washington. demonstrators were out in support of mezzerly. he is the former bart officer convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of oscar grant. the protesters called for mezzerly's immediate released. >> i don't feel that she should spend a day in jail. i think he is wrongly convicted of involuntary manslaughter. and i believe the only fair sentencing would be to released him today. >> sensing sensing sentencing will be november 5th. this has been the third pro mezzerly rally. others were in walnut creek and san jose. tomorrow, north bay commuters will find a new lane configuration when they come off the bridge to san francisco. crews moved the lanes to the left so construction can continue on the doyle drive
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replacement project. now people heading south toward 19th avenue will find the exit ramp a few feet further east. the new doyle drive is expected to be completed in late 2013. now let's go to leigh glaser and i'm gonna say this right now. this bhol summer has been a complete -- this whole summer has been a complete loss. >> we did manage quite a bit of sunshine today. as i mentioned at the top of the show, some locations were actually warmer today by five degrees. you can see from the high definition east bay cam looking west toward san francisco, a little veil of fog creeping in toward the city there. livermore is reporting clear skies. 55 degrees. reporting clear skies and 56 and overcast in san francisco. speaking of antioch right now, the warm spot at 66 degrees. so we will go with more low clouds and fog tonight. even the drizzle. but i think i will keep it mainly near the coast and venture just ever so slowly in
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toward the bay. i think the inland locations will be fog free. it will be a warmer day tomorrow and tuesday and more cooling is expected as we get into wednesday and thursday. you can see pretty much the lows tonight are generally near the coast. low 50s. inland locations mid to upper 50s inland tonight. and here is the set up -- this is the low that moved to the north of us. it brought us the north winds. that's why we didn't see as much low cloudiness today as we did the past several days. tomorrow we are getting into a little high pressure and that will allow a little warming. and then as we head into wednesday or midweek, this low is actually going to creep closer to the bay area. it will increase the strong, westerly winds. cooler temperatures by midweek and also the return of widespread low clouds and fog. let me get you out the door. we will go patchy clouds inland. most of the clouds near the coast. it burns off quicker tomorrow. we will still have the northerly wind component that
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will scour it out. 50s near the coast. and then we will bump into the upper 80s and low 90s in the north bay and east bay locations. you will be close to the 90-degree mark. here is a look at the highs. 79 for san jose. campbell 82. 78 for santa clara. half moon bay and pacifica, i know you will be overcast, and you might see a little more sunshine. 61 for half moon bay. inland we will go with 73 for pal -- well, partial clearing tomorrow afternoon. a little sunshine. 63 there. in the north bay, 80 for santa rosa. 78 for sonoma. oakland tomorrow 69. 73 for union city. and it will be antioch and brentwood in the low 90s tomorrow. 86 for concord. walnut creek, 84. pleasanton 87. 73 for santa cruz and hollister to 84. my accu-weather seven-day
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forecast, mild inland for us on monday and tuesday. the low gets close to us, more onshore wind and more low clouds and fog. cooler temperatures thursday and friday. and really, alan, it looks like the next seven to eight days the temperatures are remaining normal for this time of year. >> sad, but true. thank you, leigh. next, a pair of zebras are showing their stripes after these escape into a northern california neighborhood. and this questionable rules violation may have cost dustin johnson a
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two zebras got loose in carmichael last night. take a look. one of them was loose for five hour before he was captured. the zebra's owner was trying to load them into a trailer when they were spooked by a couple of dogs and took off. one of the zebras was hit by a car, but it got back up and kept on going until he was finally caught. the vets checked him out and he will be okay. a tough chase there. shu here with the pga tournament and the rules violation he disagrees with. >> i do disagree a little bit. we had quite a bit of fun in the pga championship at whistling straits.
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dustin johnson had a chance to win on 18 and then thought he was in a playoff, but he ends up in fifth place. a two-stroke lead to start the day. the kid from ices diden outside sack -- the kid from dixon doubles the hole and shoots an 81. bubba watson caught fire. the long birdie putt. he shoots a four under 68. he is in the clubhouse at 11 under par. germany had the lead and made this gutsy par putt. then on the par 317 and dustin johnson takes the lead with the birdie, his second in a row and he is 12 under. he now needs this par putt to win it. he pushes it. he thought he would join them in the playoff. but hold on. johnson with a possible rules violation. his second shot on 18. apparently it is in a bunker. is that a bunker? it doesn't look like it. the rules committee says it is. that's a two-stroke penalty. he go from 11 to 9 under and he is out of the playoff. watson birdied the first time.
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all square on 18. his second shot and watson get wet and he double bogies the hole. with his bogey putt to win the first major and got it. he wins the 92nd pga championship. >> i just won my first major, and i'm just on tour since four years. i got goose bumps talking about it. it is fantastic. >> it never once crossed my mind i was in a sand trap. it is very unfortunate. the only worse thing that could happen is if i made that putt on the last hole. but i never once thought that it was a sand trap. >> that was a very questionable call by the pga. johnson was professional. i would have gone ballistic. that's two majors he has given away this season. we have another question, what is wrong with tim lincecum? the padres knock him around.
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nine against the padres with today's loss and san diego made tim lincecum look average. always be prepared when you are at the ballpark. lincecum struggled and tejada sparks a four-run second. timmy l.a.ked three and 2/3 innings and gave up five earned runs. his era3.9 since the allstar break. deep to center and gone. a two-run blast. his 9th of the season. the giants are now down 5-2. but it was all san diego from there. a mammoth shot to left. padres push their lead to three and a half in the national league west with the 8-2 victory and lincecum falls to 11 and 7. >> i missed my spot here and there. there was bloop hits there. hits are hits. that's what i have to look at it as. i can get better from here. >> to minneapolis. top five and he pitcheses out -- he punches out
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pennington. and then in the seventh gets davis to ground into the double play. he had a no hitter through 7, but get thrown after 106 pitches. they get a hit in the 8th, but not after the bomb in the bottom of the 7th. minnesota will sweep the a's with a 4-2 victory. 49erss hosted by the colts in the pre-season opener. veterans working on their timing while the free agent agents and cookeries -- rookies are trying to make the team. vernon davis would have been 6th. speaking of int's reggie smith picks off paynor. he makes the most of it. he takes it 91 yards to the house. four turnovers from the niners cutting the colts' lead to three. plays like that will definitely help you make a team. in the third, finds him in the flat and that's good for six. 98 yards in that score and a
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running back in need of a the retirement. dixon rushed for 100 yards. the 49ers roll over the colts 37 to 17. and kevin harvick increased his lead in michigan and clinches a spot in the chase for the cup. his third win of the season. i still say dustin johnson was robbed. >> thank you very much. that concludes another edition of abc news. i'm alan wang with leigh, shu and all of us watching. good night.
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