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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  August 16, 2010 2:05am-3:00am PST

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was trem investigators say a machine malfunctioned on the uppeor of a high rise, 30 gallondrogeroi two workers deconta injured. the flood disaster in pakistan is affecting 20 million people and the situation could get worse with monsooins continu wek the u.s. is sending more aid to pakistan, but as jim sciutto found out, it's not enough. >> reporter: u.s. army and marine helicopters are delivering aid to some of pakistan's neediest flood victims. a crucial mission which u.s. officials hope will improve america's dismal image here. >> the people of pakistan will see that when the crisis hits, it's not the chinese, it's not the iranians, it's not other countries, it's not the eu. it's the u.s. >> reporter: but the u.s. is working at an enormous disadvantage. angry at drone strikes and the war across the border in
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afghanistan, two-thirds of pakistanis view the u.s. unfavorably. to see whether these aid flights are beginning to change that view, we joined them on a trip to bahrain in the swat valley. a village cut off by the floods and now dependent on american help. residents we met were both grateful and pleasantly surprised. has this helped change the way you view america? >> america support the needy people. >> did it surprise you? >> yes, a surprise. >> reporter: american aid following the october 2005 earthquake here helped drive favorable opinions of the u.s. up slightly, from 23% in 2005 to 27% in 2006. before falling even lower, and never recovering. u.s. officials are telling me the difference this time is the relief missions are part of a much broader, longer-term development plan. $7.5 billion in aid over five years, which they hope will have a much more lasting effect. jim sciutto, abc news, swat, pakistan. swollen rivers are receding
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in iowa but 29 counties were declared disaster areas by the president. as iowa recovers from last week's record floods, more counties were added to the disaster list yesterday. the expanded disaster orders come as inspectors in ames, iowa, say the tap water is now safe to drink. with that here is your monday forecast now. flooding across the gulf coast regions, especially in new orleans and baton rouge. severe storms from the nation's capital to new england. heavy rain and flash flooding from texas and kansas into colorado and new mexico. >> more record heat in the west. it will be the third day of 90-degree temperatures from sacramento up to seattle. 80s from omaha to detroit. 99 in dallas. baltimore 92. atlanta 90. contrary to the old adage, rules are not meant to be broken. just ask golfer dustin johnson. >> this is just heartbreaking. >> this guy had a hole in one lead going into the final hole at the pga championships in wisconsin. that is when he grounded his
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club in the sand, not realizing it was a bunker. those are the rules and they forced johnson to miss out on a three-way playoff because he suffered a two-stroke penalty. >> oh, tough luck. martin kaymer took home the trophy after a three-hole playoff against bubba watson. many fans are calling foul but rules are rules. >> scott, what did you tell me, it should have been a one-stroke? it was a one-shot lead. i heard this guy in a press conference after. and you'd think he would be really upset. the basic rules are they told him ahead of time with the bunker the club can't hit the ground. he didn't know it was a bunker. so graceful. he said, i probably should have asked. i would have been like, are you kidding me? i deserved that win! very nice, though. we'll be right back with more "world news now." [ female announcer ] fact.
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welcome back. you know, people who enjoy the beach or the pool probably would be really surprised to know this fact. the second leading cause of
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accidental death in this country for children under 15 is drowning. >> countless lives can be saved by proximity and simply knowing what to look for. linsey davis reports. >> reporter: in the long-running tv show "baywatch," drowning often looked like this. and remember gidget? in real life, it can be far less obvious someone needs help. in this old home movie, two parents look on, unaware their children are silently drowning. frank pia knew what to look for. he's the lifeguard who saved them. >> drowning is suffocation in the water. since the respiratory system was designed primarily for breathing and not speech, since the person is not getting enough air in to breathe, they're not going to call out for help. that's myth number one. >> reporter: pia says even lifeguards often don't know what real drownings look like.
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other swimmers may not raise the alarm either. a recent study found half of the drownings at guarded pools happened with one to five swimmers present. part of the problem, swimmers we spoke to expect drownings to play out how they do in hollywood. >> i'll just yell loud. >> like this, splashing around. >> they try to put their hands up but they can't really get them up because they're drowning. >> reporter: we all have an instinctive drowning response. try and imagine the surface of the water is like a platform. someone was drowning. we'd use the surface as leverage to try to push their mouth out of the water so they can breathe. so for someone who's looking on, they wouldn't see arms flailing in the air, they would see what might appear just to be arms slapping the water. it may look like play but the struggle is quick. 60 seconds for adults. 20 seconds for small children. a tragedy that's preventible. some water safety tips. make sure everyone in your family knows how to swim, that you know how to do cpr.
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and it's not enough just to keep an eye on your kids. parents need to practice reach supervision where they can get to their children in a matter of seconds. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> i think the real reality this summer, a story that's presented itself, especially on the heels of that shreveport really sad situation, african-american kids, none of them could swim, none of the parents could swim. the reality is especially in that community, kids have to learn to swim. but in all communities, i think in that particular community we've seen a lot of news pertaining to that. >> the younger you learn the better. that's also important. coming up next, i am learning firsthand the challenges of getting around new york city. >> we're excited to see this
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rob has been part of our world news family for about a month. viewers want to know, what is harder, the overnights or living in new york city?
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>> tough question. coming here from new orleans has been a great ride. but learning this city ain't easy. here's a behind the scenes look now at my transition from the big easy to the big apple. >> reporter: in my new home of new york city they say that everything is here. the question always seems to be, though, how do you get there? i don't even know where i am right now. tourists and newbies like me are pretty conspicuous in the big apple. especially when it comes to navigating this sprawling maze of subways, buses, cabs, ferries and railroads. you're going to get lost, deal with it. >> reporter: we started the day with the more scenic option. a pedi cab ride through central park. the amazing diversity of new york did slow things down just a bit. but on your eighth try we did find a driver comfortable enough to do an interview. >> i think it's really popular and really attractive. the tourists come just for the pedi cab. >> reporter: the pedi cabs sometimes leave the peacefulness
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of the park to fight their way through the bustling logjam on the city streets. >> at a certain time when there's so much traffic it's always better to get the pedi cab in the rush hour, instead of staying stuck in the car and you can't even move. >> reporter: if you don't want to shell out all that cash for a pedi cab, what you're looking at now is the best way to experience new york. and that's on foot. this is definitely a walking city. in fact, on a beautiful day like today these streets are literally packed with people. i probably walked more the past month than i did in all my ten years in new orleans. a ten-minute ride and 40 bucks later, we hopped off, took some time for a short break, then plunged into the city's legendary subway system. a stranger in a strange land for sure. >> really pay attention to the signs. just ask a lot of questions. >> who's the best person to ask if i feel like an idiot down here? >> someone reading a newspaper or talking on the phone because you can tell they're from new
3:19 am
york. sir? >> no. >> reporter: i guess there are always a few exceptions. ♪ >> reporter: we eventually made our way to penn station. another hectic scene where the learning curve is also pretty steep. can i have a copy of one of the maps? it's pretty hard to hide your confusion in a place like this. but people who have mastered the system already did offer comfort. >> if somebody has a question and you look lost, you'll always find a person that can help them. >> reporter: all that may be well and good. but for this kid from suburban new jersey, i decided my favorite subway line is the c-a-b. new york is a sea of yellow cabs. thousands of them zooming and weaving their way through notoriously heavy traffic. do you drive a little crazy? >> sometimes. >> reporter: the fares can add up pretty quickly. but a funny driver makes the tab worth it.
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>> i never hit anyone. >> reporter: folks often say the journey can be as interesting as the destination. and here, that is definitely true. and no matter where you're going in new york or even how you get there, in the big apple, you'll never travel alone. >> oh, that was very cute. i hear you also are a busser? >> every now and then i will use a city bus. you never know, interesting things can happen at a bus stop in new york city. take a look at this as well. >> i've been a fan of yours for years, you do so well, an up and coming tv person, i'm wondering what your life is here, making it in the city? so -- >> are you new in town? >> yeah. about a month ago. i think i see a resemblance. >> the hair.
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>> so nice to meet you. >> welcome aboard. welcome to the town. i hope you don't get arrested, talking to signs. we're so glad to have you. >> thanks so much. >> you are truly wonderful. >> can't blame me for trying. >> completely unstaged. she was very cool, diane, to do that. that was fun, literally first time meeting her was shooting that. so that was kind of fun. getting around this town is kind of nuts. >> are you getting better now? >> i've perfected this. hey, taxi! anything else, the subway, i can't -- struggling. >> one of the most surprising things to me is new york, the off-duty hour when you can't get a cab. >> in the rain, when snow appears. it should be a fun, fun winter. this is going on all week too. we're going to talk about food, talk about sports. a lot of cool stuff coming up between now and friday. >> very cool, we're excited to
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"world news now" delivers your "morning papers." >> there's a theme to our "morning papers" today, it's animal-centered. >> good and bad. >> good and bad and please don't change the channel. this first one is really, really sad. this is basically what happened in a park. this was in florida. people kept seeing this bear that had a jar completely stuck on its head. you could see it right there. they kept calling in to wildlife experts saying, there's a bear, he's got a jar on his head. they couldn't find him. they felt like they were always 20 minutes behind. after ten days they finally got to it and they say it was not easy. this poor cub, the mom was trying to protect it. they had to tranquilize the mother bear, then grab the cub to remove the jar from the
3:26 am
bear's head. finally the mom had to be put in a trap and the cubs followed her along. it was very sad. the takeaway from this story is all the experts in this story say, if it wasn't for all these people who kept calling them and saying, there's a bear that's probably going to suffocate soon unless it's helped, they wouldn't have been able to find this poor little guy. the good news is he was okay, they were able to save him. >> ten days? >> that's what the headline says. apparently the headline said that. it doesn't say it in the article here. bear saved after ten days with a jar stuck on his head. >> oh, man. thank god for good samaritans on that one. >> poor little guy. >> if that doesn't make you hm, competition up in ontario, the clovermede bees and honeybee beard competition. literally they dress themselves -- these are real bees over their face, over their chest. there's a woman who's doing it. unbelievable here. this date backs to the 1700s when an english beekeeper
3:27 am
discovered he could create a beard of bees by tying the queen to a thread around his neck and would parade through the streets wearing the unusual costume. these are real and literally a head full of swarming bees to win. i've never seen anything like it. look at that. >> i've heard they're calm unless agitated but i could never imagine over the eyes. >> no. oh, man. >> yikes. okay, get ready to want to have some butter because you're about to see a picture of a giant lobster. at least i wanted some butter. >> p.e.t.a. may call you on that one. >> this ad was picked also out of florida. this guy said he went out, you know, lobster fishing, i don't know, lobster searching? >> i just eat it. >> lobster hunting is actually what it's called. they caught a total of 25 lobsters. this one weighed in more than six pounds. and they said it was really impressive. you can see the picture, the ratio of his body to that sucker.
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racetrack tragedy. the spectators killed watching an extreme sport. then, lean season. shrimpers return to the waters off louisiana today as investigators face challenges deep in the gulf. and "insomniac theater." sylvester stallone's action movie. and julia roberts' long-awaited role. it's monday, august 16th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> our producer was joking with us that i saw the chick flick this weekend, you saw the action movie. >> i'm chick flicked out. i can't do it anymore. although seeing 64-year-old sylvester stallone in an action
3:31 am
comedy, i mean, in an action movie, i might go back to the chick flicks. that might be where i'm headed next. >> rocky's out of his prime now? >> yes. you'll hear all about it coming up on "insomniac theater." >> good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm vinita nair. this morning a memorial marks the spot where eight people died at an offroad race in the mojave desert. >> investigators are trying to figure out if anyone is to blame in the tragic accident. mike von fremd reports from california's lucerne valley. >> reporter: race fans are supposed to keep themselves 100 feet away from the charging offroad vehicles. but the carnage occurred as some were standing feet away from the truck, reaching speeds in excess of 60 miles per hour. >> people got ran over. just bodies were flying everywhere. bones broken, everything. >> reporter: it's a 200-mile race. the most dangerous section is a daredevil jump called the rock pile where the driver lost control and his truck catapulted into the crowd.
3:32 am
>> people were screaming. it was horrible. >> reporter: this racetrack is in such a remote area that it took helicopters and ambulances more than half an hour to try and rescue the victims. the vehicle that caused the damage was flipped upside down. the driver, brett sloppy, was unhurt. but on his facebook page he writes, so incredibly lost and devastated. my thoughts and prayers go out to all the families and friends involved. the organizers generally do not have the money to police the crowds at these races so they depend on federal and local officials to patrol the crowds. and some of the races are held at night to avoid the extreme heat. >> everyone gets as close as they can. it's exciting. >> reporter: offroad racer and tal dor f sport is wod th accident may mean an en accidenthesy mean an en >> california is one of the onl states that allows is tf activity. you know, and it's one last frontier aeas wec actually get out an rac cars. i fear it could severely
3:33 am
constrain uto tnt w we can't even race. >> reporter: the driver has not been charged with a crime. after the accident, the highway patrol confirms that the crowd turned on him and police had to provide protection. mike von fremd, abc news, the mojave desert. there is both excitement and anxiety this morning along the louisiana coast as shrimp season begins. fishermen have been making preparations and taking on supplies despite concerns about low price and questionable demand. some of them told us they are uncertain what parts of the shrimping grounds are clean and which may be contaminated with oil. wholesalers fear no one will buy the catch. >> then there's talk about factories are afraid of buying louisiana shrimp. and i just hope that, you know, that the market for louisiana shrimp will pick up. >> if even a small amount of oil is found on a single shrimp the entire catch must be thrown away. several government agencies insist the shrimp will be safe to eat. while the investigation into the oil disaster moves forward, plans for a relief well remain
3:34 am
in place. that relief well should finally seal the broken well for good. but the procedure will not get under way until next weekend at the earliest. matt gutman now reports on the undersea investigation. >> reporter: there is no black box. the electronic transmissions and handwritten logs were consumed by this inferno, then sank to their watery grave 5,000 feet down along with the rig. the next closest thing for investigators is this. the blowout preventer. a stack of valves four stories high that was supposed to be the first and last lines of defense. every one of these systems failed. investigators badly want to know why but can't do that until the well has been permanently sealed. much of the heavy lifting to bring that blowout preventer up to the surface will be done by a squad of deep-sea robots. the coast guard will take the
3:35 am
leading investigative role, but a half dozen other agencies are involved. all while the blowout preventer waits for dissection at a nasa facility in new orleans. this is what investigators are going to have to contend with. this is just one component of seven that made up the blowout preventer system. stacked together they would be higher than that shed, and together weigh over 100 tons. part of this is about a criminal investigation and i wonder if learning what happened inside one of these can actually tell you who's to blame. and all those clues may be inside. >> well, it can sure narrow down the field. the equipment. you would -- we know who's responsible for certain pieces of equipment. so if there's a problem found with that piece of equipment, you know, factual information that can be used to determine the truth. >> reporter: coast guard officials tell abc news this may not be the first time a blowout preventer has been so
3:36 am
scrutinized but it may be the most important time. matt gutman, abc news, baton rouge. president obama returns to washington facing growing criticism over the planned mosque near ground zero. the first family spent the weekend on the gulf coast but ended up fielding questions about the mosque. friday the president told a group of arab americans that he believes muslims have the right to build a place of worship anywhere they want. that set off a firestorm and a political debate. >> this has taken a local issue and made it national. every democrat in the country can now be asked the question, do you agree or disagree with president obama on this issue? they know in answering that question president obama is on the minority side. most of the public disagrees with him. this is also an issue that is particularly controversial among the very independent voters that democrats need to keep in the fold if they're going to hold on to the majority in congress. >> a texas republican says the president's remarks show he is out of touch with mainstream
3:37 am
america. a chemical scare closed part of new york's times square for hours last night with emergency crews taking no chances. units of the city's fire department and hazmat teams flooded the area. up to 30 gallons of hydrogen peroxide spilled on the 53rd floor of a building after a machine malfunctioned. two workers were decontaminated. they were not hurt and the area was eventually reopened. zsa zsa gabor has been given last rites from a priest after her health took a turn for the worse. the 93-year-old actress is in extremely serious condition after los angeles surgeons removed two blood clots from her upper body. she just left the hospital wednesday after breaking her hip a month ago. gabor had been recovering from hip replacement surgery when she needed another operation saturday to remove the blood clots. elvis presley fans are remembering the king on this 33rd anniversary of his death. they held their traditional candlelight vigil and procession past his grave site last night in memphis.
3:38 am
fans from as far away as australia and japan were there. the week-long event celebrating presley concludes this morning with a concert at graceland. now here is a look at your monday forecast. showers and thunderstorms in the northeast. turning severe in the afternoon. expect damaging winds and hail from boston tsc. odim coston tsc. >> another very hot day out west. 90s from seattle to san francisco. 105 in phoenix. a mild 77 in the twin cities. 82 in chicago. 83 in detroit. nearly 90 here in new york. and 92 in miami. all right, get ready to put your fingers over your ears. this is going to be loud. it was a hair-raising pitch miss piggy and company could have heard from a mile away. >> soo-weeeeeeee! here, pig pig pig pig pig! >> the crowd went hog wild at the illinois state fair as contestants tested their skills in the annual hog-calling contest. winner kyle bart is a self-described city boy who's
3:39 am
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[ female announcer ] sorry, vacuum. swiffer sweepervac has both a powerful vacuum and electrostatic dry cloths, to trap and lock fine dirt, dust, and hair or your money back. ♪ she blinded me with science when pain keeps you up, nothing is proven to help you fall asleep faster than advil pm liqui-gels. rushing real liquid relief to ease you to sleep fast. for nighttime pain, make advil pm your #1 choice. general david petraeus is known for his successful troop surge in iraq. now president obama's hoping he can do it again, this time in afghanistan. >> the top commander in the afghan war spoke about his strategies as we highlight the sunday morning talk shows. >> from afghanistan, this is a special edition of "meet the
3:43 am
press" with david gregory. >> i didn't come out here to carry out a graceful exit or something like that. i came out here committed to achieving our objectives and doing everything that we can to doing that. >> you always say you're a realist. >> yep. >> so are we winning or losing here? >> we're making progress. and progress is winning, if you will. but it takes the accumulation of a lot of progress, ultimately, needless to say, to win overall. and that's going to be a long-term proposition, without question. >> you've faced this before. there's a washington clock. and there is talk of a deadline. july 2011 when forces are supposed to begin to come out. is your job here now as commander to try to slow down that washington clock? >> well, i think our job again is to show those in washington that there's progress being made, and to do that we've got to build on the progress that has been established so far.
3:44 am
because there's certainly nothing like irreversible momentum. what we have are areas of progress. we've got to link those together, extend them, and then build on them. >> when it is not often that a president pleases people on both sides of the political spectrum but it is fair to say when president obama said, muslims have a right to build a mosque near ground zero where the twin towers fell, it pleased many on the liberal left, and it is also fair to say that it just delighted many on the republican right. because they feel it is an issue that they can use against him, not just in the coming elections, but all the way into 2012. so i want to start there and i'm just going to poll the delegation this morning. governor rendell, did the president say the right thing, and was it good politics? >> well, i don't know if it's
3:45 am
good or bad politics but i can't imagine that any american, given the challenges facing this country, is going to vote based on what he said about the mosque. the mosque is an unfortunate situation but we do have a right to practice our religion freely wherever we choose. rights are not subject to popular vote or majority vote. >> ed rollins, you're up there in new york, you know a lot about new york politics. what's your view? >> first, it was probably the dumbest thing that any president has said or candidate has said, since michael dukakis said it was okay to burn the flag. and it was very similar. this is an emotional issue. intellectually the president may be right but this is an emotional issue and people who lost kids, brothers, sisters, fathers, what have you, do not want that mosque in new york. and it's going to be a big, big issue for democrats across this country. >> from all across our world, to the heart of our nation's capital, abc "this week with christiane amanpour" starts now. >> there are figures, governor corzine, that suggest that
3:46 am
nonfinancial companies have socked away something like $1.84 trillion in cash and other assets, but they're not spending them. they're not hiring. they're not building plants and other infrastructure. why not? and wouldn't -- don't they have a responsibility to do so in this situation? >> well, there is a gap of confidence in the economy that comes from the shock that we had of 2008 and 2009. $17 trillion worth of lost economic value in that time frame makes companies and people very, very concerned. even though we've had a major recovery and some of that valuation loss. it makes people nervous. we also, and i think your quote that you started with actually frames what is the real problem. we have both a recession problem that was the result of the great financial crisis. but we also have this great transformation that's taking place across the globe. a lot of other countries are
3:47 am
very competitive with the united states today. and we need to invest in our education system, in our infrastructure system, in our efforts to expand our exports. if we're going to be competitive as we go forward. >> again, they're supposed to be drawing down troops starting next july, july of 2011, the white house set to review the entire war in november. so some critical months ahead in that conflict. we'll see. >> certainly the president is of course touring a lot of places. he will be in wisconsin today. he'll be touring an energy factory which makes batteries and fuel cells to be used in renewable energy we're hearing more and more about. >> green energy, we'll see. a new feature we're introducing this morning about your habits online.
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it is time for "insomniac theater." i saw the boy movie, you saw the girl movie. >> i did, we switched roles this weekend. yeah. my girlfriend wanted to see this one. >> you took one for the team. >> i did. >> thank you. >> i'm a good man. >> i can't handle another chick flick. i couldn't do it. i saw "the expendables" or as i left the theater calling it, geriatrics. this movie has about every single '80s beefcake a-lister you can think of. mickey rourke's in it, sylvester stallone. dolph lundgren is in it. jet li's in it. the basic plot is, they're a group of elite mercenaries sent to a south american country to
3:56 am
overthrow a dictator. as you can imagine, with this cast there is a lot, a lot, a lot of fighting, death, and carnage. take a look at -- yes, willis, you'd be happy. take a look at one scene. >> bullets go faster than blades. >> bring the money! here, now! >> you want the money? go get it. what's that? >> getting a text. >> excuse me? >> i'd call that a tie. >> come on, keep dreaming. >> that pretty much sums up the entire movie. there are the sounds of necks snapping, there's limbs being cut off, there are unbelievably gory details. the nice thing is none of it is graphically done, it's all real fighting. i give it 2 1/2 kernels out of 5. i have to say my husband wanted me to give it 4 because he loved it. the boys will like it i think. >> i'm the complete opposite end
3:57 am
of the spectrum. i saw "eat, pray, love" with julia roberts. and basically the premise here, most people know this by now as the book is so hugely popular. she plays liz gilbert who finds herself unhappy in her marriage. she decides to go on a spiritual trek to find herself. her trip takes her to italy, to india, to bali. she meets different kinds of friends, people, spiritual advisers along the way. she attempts to find herself. this is one cool scene from when she's in italy and is tired of the whole dieting thing. >> i'm so tired of saying no and waking up in the morning and recalling every single thing i ate the day before. counting every calorie i consumed so i know exactly how much self-loathing to take into the shower. i'm going for it. i've no interest in being obese. i'm just through with the guilt. >> i may not have the right hormones to fully appreciate this movie, but it wasn't awful. in between here. 3 1/2 kernels. not too bad. worth a check. 3 kernels. >> the girlfriend liked
3:58 am
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