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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 17, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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♪ good morning. i'm theresa garcia live in san francisco where a passenger stabbed on the bus, the driver doesn't even know what happened. we'll let you know about police's search for the suspect. >> in the headlines, burlingame police investigating a fatal shooting involving one of their own officers. and an indefinite stay on same sex marriage after new ruling from the 9th circuit court of appeals. >> here's a live look this morning. the sunrise waiting to appear above the fray of clouds dropping mist and drizzle on us once again. cool weather on the way. a roller coast of temperatures
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before we bottom out. >> the toll plaza, a terrific tuesday so far. let's hope it stays that way. if it doesn't, i'll let you know. >> it is 6:01 on this tuesday. thanks for starting your morning with us. i'm kristen sze. a fatal shooting involving burlingame police. it all began just before 9:00 last night when police were called to a disturbance on myrtle road near howard avenue. a man armed with a knife began moving toward the officers. after trying to use a taser with no success, police soaped fire and killed him. his name has not been released yet pending notification of his family. the san mateo county d.a.'s office will take part in the investigation and the officers who shot the man have been put on routine administrative leave this morning. this morning police are stepping up patrols and examining surveillance video after stabbing aboard a muni bus. it happened last night near sunset boulevard and that's where we find theresa garcia with the latest.
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>> got off at the stop just over my shoulder behind me. the san francisco zoo is usually considered a nice neighborhood but clearly crime can travel and it did so last night on a muni bus. what happened is a man stabbed a passenger three times in the torso and abdomen. they were riding the 29 sunset bus. it happened 7:40 last night. the victim got off the bus near s sunset boulevard, was taken to the hospital with stab wounds. police stopped the bus a few blocks later but the suspect and female companion had already gotten off. the bus driver never knew what happened. >> this muni bus along with many, many buses do have video footage or video cameras set up on the bus. so we will be looking at that video footage to determine the circumstances leading up to this
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stabbing. >> the only suspect description so far is a male in his late teens and early twenties. they hope the video will reveal more information what led up to the stabbing. crime on muni has racked up a total of 569 incidents in the first six months of this year but muni attributes a crime decrease in the last few months to more targeted police monitoring of the more dangerous muni lines and stations. san francisco supervisors have been looking into tougher legislation that would increase the penalties for crime in and around muni bus stations and on the line for anyone carrying a concealed weapon and also aggressively harassing a person. live in san francisco, theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> theresa, thank you. for the first time since a livermore mother was arrested on charges having sex with two teenagers, we're hearing from her husband. she delayed entering a plea to
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the 67 felony charges she faces. her lawyer needs more time to review the evidence. her husband spoke to the media. >> how's your family doing >> we're doing okay. we're just taking it one day at a time. my kids are hanging tough so just telling you that. we're doing okay. >> christine hubs remains in jail on $4.3 million bail. her next court appearance is set for early next month. hayward police are investigating a drive-by shooting. officers were called to a home on the 27,000 block of terrell avenue around 10:30. the house had been hit by at least three bullets and one person inside who had been hit by one of the shots. the victim was taken top a local hospital. the injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. no word on a suspect description. planning to hold a fund-raiser for the family of a high-profile
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murder victim. 45-year-old was killed in a robbery attempt. he handed over the $17 in his wallet. the suspect shot and killed him anyway. he was in town for a job interview at google. while both suspects have been arrested kong's widow and three sons in virginia are in need of financial help. the fund-raiser will take place tomorrow from 6:00 to 8 p.m. at the asian cultural center. no marriage licenses for at least the next four months. a federal appeals court approved an indefinite stay yesterday. legal experts say these a sign that the court plans to fast track the case noting it takes much longer than four months for the 9th circuit to hear a case. the decision has encouraged proponents of proposition 8 and disappointed gay couples who were preparing to marry as early as tomorrow. >> we just wanted to make sure
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we made this window of opportunity but now the window's not there at all. we're very disappointed. >> we'll have some time to really fashion our arguments for the court of appeal and show why this one judge's ruling attempting to undo the work of $7 million californian voters are really -- it's just plain wrong. >> the couples who brought the lawsuit challenging proposition 8 say while the ruling is disappointing, they don't plan to appeal to the supreme court and are encouraged by the quick time frame the court set for hearing the case. 6:06. time to check with mike and today's weather forecast. we're going to have a huge warm-up, right! (laughter) >> is that wishful thinking on your part? >> i just want to get folks' attention. they're hearing cool temperatures for so long, you know. >> nice to spend time with the kids at the pool before they head back to school. i understand. hasn't been something you've done a lot this summer i should say. warmer? head up to seattle and portland,
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upper 80s to low 90s. that's where the warmth is on the west coast. also near fresno. our neighborhoods, yes, we have cloudy conditions. some drizzle along the coast, mist around the bay especially the higher elevations and bay bridge. pretty close, within a degree or two. no real change this morning. the change will come this afternoon. by 8:00 still everybody cloudy and in the 50s. by noon we're still seeing clouds along the coast and also around the bay. this is the change from yesterday. upper 50s along the coast, 60 san francisco. low to mid-60s through the bay. south bay, north bay, upper 60s. east bay valleys low to mid-70s. sunny at 4:00 and low 80s south bay. mid-70s, same thing in the north bay valleys but around the bay itself, mid to upper 50s.
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saturday and sunday more clouds, breezy conditions after the ocean and temperatures in the upper 50s along the coast. the warmest weather upper 60s around the bay and mid-50s inland. >> start with a look at the golden gate bridge. the clouds a little higher. gray skies above and i did have to use my wipers a few times in san francisco. that might still be the case for you. no trouble in marin county. check out 101 on the peninsula where traffic has been fine. there was major road work before 5:00 near san mateo but that's all gone and mike will keep track at flight delays at sfo. head to the south bay and check out the 101 and 880 interchange. road work on 101 has been cleared and headlights move northbound. that's looking good. 880 also fine across your screen. kristen. >> frances, thanks. it's 6:08. just ahead, the new tool i.d. thieves are using to steal your
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identity and what you need to look out for. the famed white house party crashers run into new controversy. why their tv show has some questioning of reality >> so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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bee happy. bee healthy. they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered.
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named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california. good morning. it's 6:12 on this tuesday. and you're waking up along the embarcadero to this pretty picture of a gray sky but look at the bay bridge. we're lucky to be living here, right? and you can see the top. so that means maybe not quite as drizzly or clouded over. we'll check with mike on that. we know the temperatures are dropping once again. toyota's once again rethinking the design and placement of its gas and brake pedals. the auto maker is deciding whether the setup makes drivers more likely to hit the wrong pedal. toyota recalled millions of cars
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this year because of pedal problems that led to unintended acceleration. some say the pedals are too close together making it easier to step on the wrong one. california students making progress in english and math despite school budget cuts. state test scores are up. today 52% of students are reading at grade level or above. compare that to 35% in 2003. in math 48% are proficient or advanced. back in 2003 only 35% were proficient. some educators are concerned a new round of looming budget cuts could threaten that progress. >> certainly i believe that we need more funding for public education. it's pretty obvious that you get what you pay for. if you want quality, you have to put money there. i'd like to see the state put more money into education. >> all population groups have made academic gains but latino,
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poor students condition to trail their white peers. time for must-reads. if your child is the youngest in his or her class, more likely to be labelled with adhd. researchers found youngest kids in their grades are 60% more likely to be diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder than the oldest children. the study could complicate parents' decision when to start kids in kindergarten. more identity thieves using card skimmers. local authorities have found 11 of those devices criminals put into credit or debit car readers. they steal your car's info and put it on cards for criminals to use. skimmers have been found. the country's most famous party crashers are back. "the washington post" reveals they got a u.s. park police
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escort to a party. but their show made it look like a different agency. an episode of the real housewives of d.c. made it look like salahi got d.c. police escort. the show's producers say it was bad editing that made it look that way. u.s. park police have not responded when asked why they were escorting the salahis. opens up another can of worms there. links at our website, look under the must reads tab. >> is that the new i was misquoted? >> yeah. bad editing. >> and the reality show. >> hard to believe, i know. and hard to believe the salahis are still in the news. all right. definitely still in the news. (laughter) >> yes. the drip, drip, drip of morning drizzle and mist continues this morning, kristen. good morning, everybody.
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almost 6:16 on this tuesday. look how hard it is to see parts of the bay bridge from emeryville because of the marine layer of clouds and the moisture hanging in the air this morning. coolest weather, santa rosa at 52 degrees all the way up to about san jose's 58. we have the same kind of conditions around the monterey bay and also gilroy and salinas with mid to upper 50s. we'll have less sunshine today. the marine layer is going to hang around a little longer. drizzle may develop again tonight and a cool weekend looking more likely this will be the coolest part of the seven-day forecast. take a look why this is happening. high pressure yesterday brought us the warmer weather moving away. this low taking over and that brings us the cooler breeze off the ocean and reinforces the marine layer of clouds. we have several of these. say parade of low pressure systems. every time one of these comes in, we're going to see the temperatures drop but in between them high pressure will develop and that will allow the temperatures to go up just a
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little bit. today low pressure, temperatures dropping a few degrees. mid to upper 70s in the south bay. even los gatos 81. the peninsula, millbrae the exception, 67. low to mid-70s with sunshine for everybody else. along the coast, sub upper 50s with daly city the cool spot at 57. downtown south san francisco and sausalito pockets of sunshine and low to mid-60s for you. mid to upper 70s through the north bay valleys, 90 ukiah and clear lake but upper 60s at your cloudy coast. east bay shore, mostly sunny oakland, berkeley and richmond. you will be the mid to upper 60s. sunshine everywhere else and low to mid-70s. sunshine in the east bay valleys. didn't need the a. c. yesterday, won't need it today. stretch from 87 to brentwood to 82 dublin. more clouds around monterey, caramel. low to mid-60s there. pockets of sunshine and around
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70. clouds? look how much thicker. look how much deeper they push into the central valley. that's going to mean drizzle and mist once again and low to mid-50s in most neighborhoods tomorrow morning. let's take a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast. that low passes us today. the high pressure moves in and we warm about 2 degrees tomorrow, 2 degrees thursday. next thursday chips away at those temperatures a few degrees. that last low moves in on saturday and sunday so we have a cool breeze with clouds being stubborn over the weekend. these are the warmest temperatures, mid-80s inland. >> more cars on the road but luckily not many accidents. a live shot of interstate 80 in berkeley with headlights westbound and still a 19-minute drive. can see it all the way in the distance as it makes its way towards the bay bridge toll plaza. so good from the carquinez bridge to the maze. bay bridge toll plaza pretty much delay free. the san mateo bridge also fine this morning.
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traffic is westbound on the right-hand side. looking good eastbound as well into hayward. let's head over to the north bay and check out the ride for marin drivers heading southbound from san rafael from novato to the golden gate bridge. only 21 minutes. now, there are a few spots where traffic is under the speed limit as westbound 4 lone tree to summersville and all the way to 242, a 19 minute drive. westbound 580, checkouts the drive time. 23 minutes from 205 to 680. so far a sparse muni and fairies reporting no delays. you can find if that changes by going to it's under the bay area traffic link. kristen? >> frances, does your cutie pie every get food stains on her bib? >> everywhere! >> the active summer months can be a magnet for clothes stains, especially children. michael finney shares advice how to get rid of those stains. >> good housekeeping researchers
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found catchup, mustard and grass stains top the list of hard to clean stains. >> when you get grass stain it's most likely ground into the fabric and it's protein. you want a laundry detergent that contain enzymes. >> those are good because it gets deep down. >> for condo meant stains, you don't want to rub them into the fabric. at the barbecue scrape off as much excess as you can. dip a paper towel or a cloth if you have one in cool water and dab the stain. >> as soon as you get home, put a little glycerine on any mustard stains. for catchup stains flush it from the back of the fabric with cold wart. then use a soft toothbrush and use your hottest temperature setting and a bleach that's safe for your fabric.
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>> 6:20. coming up a new health battle for a very popular hollywood actor. and the fake on face back. why security experts are warning you
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in today's tech bytes, a new scam is making the rounds on this one tries to trick members in downloading a dislike button. it's being spread in status updates with messages like get the official dislike button now. while it's spread millions of like buttons across the web, there's no equivalent when you don't like something. it's trying to trick users into sharing personal information. microsoft is hoping its new line of smart phones will become popular gaming devices. the company is announcing today it's bringing 50 x-box live titles to windows 7 this year. that includes versions of halo,
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guitar hero and bejewelled. the phones go on sale during the holidays. finally if you can't get enough rachel rayon t z- now you can take her everywhere you go. she hassan i-phone app called tasty bites with cooking tips and shopping tools that get you in and out of the market faster. that app costs $1.99. for information log on to the technology page of >> actor michael douglas says he will undergo radiation and ke chemotherapy for a tumor in his throat. he's optimistic. he's currently spending most of his time outside the u.s. he's married to katherine zeta-jones. 6:25. still ahead at 6:30, latest on a
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fatal late-night shooting involving burlingame police. plus a frightening encounter that one bay area kayaker will never forget. why officials are telling local swimmers to stay out of the water. >> and also a nice neighborhood has police on the search for a suspect. i'm theresa garcia live in san francisco. it happened on a muni bus and we'll let you know what might help police catch that suspect up ahead. >> keep an eye on sfo but still no report of flight arrival delays even with the low clouds and drizzle this morning. let's look at the heart of the
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. ♪ good morning. it's 6:29 on this tuesday, and wall street looks like it's headed for a higher open after a
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government report found new home construction edged up slightly in july. applications for building permits tumble to the lowest point in 14 months. live to the new york stock exchange in about 15 minutes. our top story this morning, police are poring over surveillance video in hopes of finding out who stabbed a man several times on board a muni bus last night. it happened near sunset boulevard. that's where theresa garcia joins us live. theresa? >> kristen, it all unfolded at the bus stop just behind me and it is strange because it's unclear even what the motive was. the victim got off the bus at that stop. the suspect stayed on it and apparently the bus driver never even knew what took place. but what happened is a man stabbed a passenger at least three times in the shoulder and abdomen while they were riding the 29 sunset bus. this happened 7:40 last night. the victim got off the bus. he asked to borrow someone's
6:31 am
cellphone to call for help. the suspect had gotten off. the only suspect description so far is a male in his late teens or early twenties wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans. >> the victim was transported to the hospital with several stab wounds that are considered non-life-threaten. the suspect believed to have been is with a female is currently at large and our officers are currently looking for the suspect. >> what may help catch the suspect is that surveillance video was rolling. police hope the video will reveal information what led up to this stabbing. this location in the sunset district close to the san francisco zoo is usually considered a safer area of the city but clearly crime can travel and does on muni. muni is attributing a crime decrease to more targeting by police of the more dangerous
6:32 am
muni stations. also community escorts in high-crime neighbors but unclear what may happen in this neighborhood. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> thanks. burlingame police are investigating a fatal shooting by one of their own officers. investigators say it all began just before 9:00 last night when police were called to a disturbance on myrtle road. a man armed with a knife began moving towards the officers. after trying to use a taser on the man with no success, police opened fired and killed him. the san mateo county d.a.'s office will take part in the investigation and the officers who shot the man have been put on routine administrative leave. oakland police are investigating what appears to be an accidental shooting that killed a 15-year-old boy. investigators say the teenager boy was with another teen on filbert street when the gun they were handling went off. it happened shortly before 8:00 last night.
6:33 am
no one has been arrested but police will continue investigating. new details coming out about the 22-year-old man charged with sexual assaults sat a walnut creek apartment complex. his mother lived next to the park regionsy apartments where the attacks happened. muton made his first court appearance yesterday. according to the district attorney, dna testing linked him to the july 6th rape of one woman. he's charged with two other attacks of women in the same complex. victims in those attacks identified him as the suspect. he faces 25 years in prison if convicted. there will be no same sex marriage licenses issued in california tomorrow as initially planned. that's because a federal appeals court has now ruled a stay on same sex marriages will remain until at least december. lillian kim has more on the latest legal twist sofer proposition 8. >> we wanted to make sure we made this window of opportunity but now the window's not there
6:34 am
at all. so we're very disappointed. >> roger hunt and rod wood of san francisco were among the couples who had everything ready for a wednesday wedding. now there's no telling when or if they'll ever get married since the 9th circuit court of appeals froze a decision to allow gay weddings to resume although state attorney general jerry brown requested the 9th circuit to allow couples to get married right away, he says he won't ask the u.s. supreme court to review the decision. >> i can't imagine the supreme court second guess willing the stay. >> but proponents are happy to hear the 9th circuit is putting the constitutional issue on the fas trak. in december the appeals court will hear arguments whether u.s. district judge vaughan walker's ruling to invalidate prop 8 same sex marriage ban thrown out. they are eager to make their case. >> good to have things settle down a little bit and not have
6:35 am
this craziness of the last couple days where it's been on again, off again. we'll have time to really fashion our arguments for the court of appeal and show why this one judge's ruling attempting to undo the work of 7 million californians voters is just plain wrong. >> rod's father is the in his eightys and time is critical. >> it would be nice for him to be around for us to have a wedding with him there. >> lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> if you want to read the entire ruling from the 9th circuit, we've posted it on our website you'll find the link on the front page. there is a shark warning this morning along the stretch of the san mateo county coast. it was posted after a man fishing from a kayak had a close encounter with a great white shark just north of pigeon point. it happened saturday. adam said the shark hit the
6:36 am
kayak so hard it rolled over. he says he managed to cling to the hull and look the shark right in the eye as it chewed on the boat before swimming away. cocoa was not injured. to come face-to-face with one, that is something to tell your friends. >> yeah. i used to be afraid of the pool after i saw "jaws" as a kid. not going near the deep end. i can't see the bottom. >> yeah, me too. >> that scarce me. not much does but that does. cloudy once again, damp, drizzle. temperatures in the 50s through 8:00. noontime temperatures, let's find sun in the east bay valleys. low to mid-70s. we'll have it southward more likely with low to mid-60s. a lot of the bay pretty cloudy at noon, the difference between yesterday and today. north bay 60 near 70. cloudy along the coast upper 50s to near 60.
6:37 am
by 4:00 we'll still have the clouds at the coast into parts of san francisco, 59 and 61. should see sunshine, a few lingering clouds oakland, 65. low to mid-70s in the south bay. north bay valleys and low 80s and the east bay valleys. these temperatures are going to run a little cooler than yesterday, about 1 degree in oakland, san francisco, san jose, concord about 2 degrees cooler. your seven-day, a few degrees warmer wednesday and thursday before the temperatures tumble once again friday with the coolest weather hanging around saturday and sunday. let's see if the traffic is anything to go gaga over! >> not at this point although it might be later on with the lady gaga concert at the h. p. pavilion at 8:00 this evening. looking at the freeway highway 87, probably will be pretty crowded. that's northbound traffic. if the 101 and 880 interchange.
6:38 am
headlights move northbound, more traffic. there are areas where you're just slightly under the speed limit. overall looking good on 101 all the way up the peninsula. that's 880 across your screen. we'll check out millbrae for you. you definitely see those clouds in the distance and northbound looking good in san francisco. southbound traffic also delay-free as you make your way through san mateo down to foster city and the bridge toll plaza. metering lights actually on. anyways why we're seeing a backup for traffic track lanes along the end of the parking lot. the golden gate bridge has been quiet. looking smooth from 101 in san rafael as well as you make your way out of the north bay. kristen. >> frances, thanks a lot. part of the one-month passion, but what about the plane. the jetblue promotion that could have you packing your bags. we have a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. a live look at the big board.
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♪ all right. time for your california forecast. let's start with the more unusual weather. scattered thunderstorms possible around palm springs, a small chance at about 101 today. yosemite the hot spot, 108. fresno slightly cooler. chico 96. sunshine tahoe and 80. sunshine in the afternoon hours, l.a. 84, san diego 73. but clouds and drizzle from eureka 61 and big sur 69. kristen. >> thanks, mike. today you might be able to get a
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new job and lunch at the same time. mcdonald's is looking for a few hundred good men and women. today they're going to try to fill nearly all of them. today is mcdonald's hiring day. most of the 1,000 jobs are part-time but employees who work just 20 hours a week can also qualify to participate in mcdonald's benefits and health is insurance plan. you can apply by talking with a manager on duty at any participating restaurant. you can also find it on our website. bloomberg reporter jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange with this morning's "moneyscope" report. jane, you can come visit us all the time here in san francisco. >> kristen, i know. i'd love to. pack up the kids and i'll be up there. good morning to you! all you can jet one-month flying passes from jetblue are back.
6:44 am
a $699 pass and let's you fly seven days a week and a $499 one for five days a week. took out fridays and sundays. the passes went quickly when they offered it last year. this year the pass is $100 more than last year. mcdonald's hosting a hiring day and people can apply for part-time positions more than 100 locations. the housing market big focus on wall street and the nation's capital. waiting to hear what speakers and panelist including what tim geithner says at the summit that the obama administration is hosting. applications for building permits at the lowest level in more than a year. so showing us the housing market still has a ways to go. also wal-mart and home depot. trading higher. both with better than expected
6:45 am
results in the forecast. wal-mart says people still very cautious about spending. we are off to a positive start on wall street there today. you can see the numbers. and the bloomberg silicon valley index, it is actually trading up as well. we all love to have a piece of, right? especially get in on the ground floor there. a western new york man says he has proof he does own a big chunk of the company. he has a copy of a $3,000 cashiers check dated 2003 that his lawyer says is proof that he paid to invest in a company called the the paper says there is a clause that gives him extra control for the launching of the site. they call that lawsuit frivolous but interesting to follow. i'm jane king, bloomberg news. >> yeah, interesting. even just talking a tiny percent. talking big numbers there. >> absolutely.
6:46 am
thanks. >> you know the most closely watched list of college rankings has now put harvard university at the top once again. topped the list by u.s. world and news report for two of the last three years. this year harvard edged out princeton. the two were tied on last year's list. rounding out the top five, yale, columbia and stanford. stanford tying with the university of pennsylvania. ivy leagues there. cal check and pasadena ranked at number 27. u.s. news says this year's rankings put higher interest on graduation rates. something freshmen don't know because of their age. the annual mindset list of 75 things teachers should keep in mind about the majority of incoming freshmen. according to this year's list, the incoming class mostly born in 1992 likely never used a phone that had a chord.
6:47 am
most have never written incurs sieve or worn a wristwatch. you remember dr. jack kavorkian, dan quayle or rodney king. we do but most kids don't. one thing the class of 2014 likely knows clint eastwood as a sensitive director rather than the gruff make my day dirty harry. cultural references they knew well may be lost on their newest students. can you imagine that? never having worn a wristwatch or writing in cursive. >> we went to the bank, opened accounts and you had to put in a space -- >> but they move around the phone well. >> yeah. let's show you what is going on outside. oh, isn't that absolutely beautiful! gorgeous picture. this morning nice to be up there above the clouds and see that
6:48 am
sun come over. underneath the clouds it is cloudy and in the 50s still. same thing around the monterey bay. you know the routine. there's mist around bait, the higher elevations, the bay bridge, golden gate bridge. drizzle around the coast. temperatures pull back just a little bit. clouds and drizzle, expect more of them tonight and the coolest of the weather should hit on saturday and sunday. 78 santa rosa again just like yesterday. oakland, san francisco, san jose slip about a degree. concord, redwood city a couple more. lose 2 minutes of sunshine today. biggest push of eastward moving clouds right now. all of us just about covered and by 8:00 you see the retreat taking place in the south bay, the north bay. by noon still clouds around the bay unlike yesterday. by about 2:00 clouds back to the coast. 60s and 70s around the bay. notice no 90s in the forecast. low to mid-80s through most of
6:49 am
the bay valleys. even brentwood 87 degrees. the east bay shore we should have richmond, berkeley, oakland in the clouds a little longer. south bay definitely sunny with mid to upper 70s. los gatos 81. san jose 75. peninsula, sunshine, cool spot. along the coast, not any sun today, upper 50s for you. downtown south san francisco, a little sunshine, low to mid-60s. areas of the north bay, upper 50s. less sunshine than yesterday. about i'd say 20 degrees warmer with mid to upper 70s in the approximate valleys. most stubborn, monterey and carmel low to mid-60s. 10 to 15 degrees warmer. hollister middle 80s. we talked about how interesting around palm springs and those scattered thunderstorms. none of that water is making it our way.
6:50 am
the coliseum, 7:05 first pitch. clouds start to roll in at the end of the game with the blue jays. 64 dropping to 60. tonight expect 50 degree weather once again just like this morning and a little moist at times. temperatures rise a couple degrees tomorrow and thursday as we're in between systems. another low drops us a few degrees and the colder flow saturday. that's why our warmer weather at the coast and the upper 50s. around the bay upper 60s and inland mid-80s. take a minute and share a couple of weather photos that were uploaded to abc 7's new report from our viewers. check out these cool shots of the moon. they were taken and uploaded to abc 7's "you report." by christopher. and he's got a nice last name. i'm not even going to try it. i'm not going to insult i like that, christopher. please send us your picture. if you have a video or picture you'd like to upload and share with us, take it or e-mail it.
6:51 am
usually i refer to frances or kristen. they're good with names. didn't that time. frances, how about traffic. >> i don't know. have to take a guess with that one. much easier ride at the bridge toll plaza. just backup halfway through the parking lot. metering lights are on. take a look at interstate 80 in berkeley. seeing more cars heading westbound but still 20 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. also check out the ride in contra costa county, 680 in walnut creek. looks good as well. southbound traffic there on the right heading towards highway 24. let's move over to the peninsula and check out 101 in millbrae. gray skies throughout but no slowing on 101. even 280 looks great all the way up and down the peninsula. check out 280 at the south bay at the 17 interchange. northbound. and that's moving well through the downtown area.
6:52 am
even highway 17. 880 is fine. westbound 4 of course sausalito the slowest spot. lone tree way 23 minutes. an earlier stall northbound 880 but 213 to the maze still a good right at 13 minutes. you can get personalized drive times by signing up at under the bay area traffic link. kristen. >> frances, thanks a lot. in iraq this morning, a military spokesman is blaming al-queda for a suicide bombing that killed at least 60 people and wounded 125 more in baghdad. it was one of the bloodiest bombings in months in the iraqi capital. the bomber blew himself up among hundre hundreds of army recruits. casting down thes on iraq's ability to protect itself before all the 50,000 u.s. troops begin heading home. police have released a surveillance video to help identify armed robbery suspects.
6:53 am
the video shows friday's attempt to hold up the metro store on north texas street. the suspects come in. one points a gun at the two employees on duty. that's when one of the workers drew a handgun of his own and fired multiple shots at both suspects. the two men ran off. no indication if either one was hit by gunfire. we also want to show you some newly posted video of people who wanted to get inside the outside lands concert in golden gate park this weekend without paying. this shows fans just rushing part of the fence along john f. kennedy drive. they tore the fence down and raced into the venue before mounted police could stop them. they don't know how many were arrested. 80,000 fans attended the two-day event, most of them honestly. they paid. if you question some of the chemicals in the products you buy, you can research them first
6:54 am
at a san francisco website. the site was designed for the city's purchasing department following an ordinance requiring the city use green alternatives. the san francisco chronicle reports they decided to open the portal to consumers. after completing the research, the website coincides with growing concern over the chemicals consumers come into contact every day from pesticides on foods to certain plastic lineings in baby bottles. if your children play contact sports, you want to listen to this story. a new study found evidence connecting head injuries in athletes to lou gehrig's disease. dr. ann mckee said she found toxic proteins in athletes that had head injuries and later died of lou gehrig's disease. they had disease that caused
6:55 am
abnormal behavior and dementia. let's recap our top stories. san francisco police going sofer muni surveillance video to see if they can identify suspects in a stabbing attack on a bus. theresa garcia is live in the sunset district with more. theresa. >> the attack happened on a muni bus but unfolded at that bus stop just behind me. this is a location in the sunset district near the san francisco zoo, usually considered a safer neighborhood but the peace was disrupted last night. it was 7:40 in the evening when a man stabbed a passenger three times in the shoulder and abdomen while riding the 29 sunset bus. the victim got off the bus. he asked to borrow someone's cellphone for help and he was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening stab wounds. the suspect and female campaign had already gotten off. the only suspect description is
6:56 am
a male wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans. police hope bus video rolling at the time will reveal more information about the motive or what led up to this stabbing. muni logged 569 incidents of crime in just the first six months of this year but is getting a decrease in that number due to a targeted increase of muni lines. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> theresa, thanks a lot. at least two burlingame police officers are on paid administrative leave this morning after fatally shooting a 20-year-old man. he came at them with a knife on myrtle road near howard avenue last night. officers were forced to shot the man after a taser failed to stop him. the suspect died at a local hospital. 6:56. one final check on weather and traffic. mike, starting out gray again. >> just in from sfo, about 50 minute flight arrival delays due to the low ceiling. you see the clouds along the
6:57 am
coast, 59. san francisco 61. slower to see sunshine richmond and oakland. that's why we're mid to upper 60s. low to mid-70s the rest of the bay. look at the east bay valleys. still mid-80s but that's cooler than yesterday. seven-day forecast, the coolest weather this weekend. frances. >> bay bridge toll plaza only backed up halfway through the parking lot but i think that's going to change. the incline section of the bridge a stall has been reported just past treasure island. you see how the brake lights are stacking up on the incline section. bart reporting no delays this morning. a fine ride across the san mateo bridge. overall it's been pretty quiet this tuesday. >> yeah. i think some people are still on vacation. >> i think so, yeah. >> that's it for this edition of abc 7 morning news. we'll be back with a local update at
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