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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 18, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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better traffic news in milpitas. an earlier major injury overturn crash southbound 880 at the expressway has just been cleared so all lanes now open. it's a common food with a potentially deadly health is issue. we're talking about eggs here. good morning. i'm theresa garcia live in santa clara. hundreds of millions of eggs have been recalled including in california. we'll let you know what to look for just ahead. >> also in the headlines, a bay
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area school district warns a growing epidemic could force them to force kids to stay away from school for weeks this winter. >> look at this picture from downtown san francisco. the clouds, not nearly as thick as yesterday. no mist and drizzle to deal with this morning. we'll talk about how much colder it's going to be this weekend when the drizzle returns. >> good attempt there, mike. good morning. 6:01 this wednesday. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. let's begin with a story you wanna hear before you make your breakfast. 200 million eggs are being recalled this morning after hundreds of californians got sick, including several dozen here in the bay area. theresa garcia joins us live from santa clara where a number of people got sick. theresa. >> certainly. about three dozen already in santa clara county, kristen, and that's what the county knows of so far. some of the eggs have been sold at stores like safeway. they have all been pulled off the shelves. the concern is if they're in
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your refrigerators this morning. federal health officials have recalled 228 million eggs from 13 brands linked to a salmonella outbreak. 250 people around the state have gotten sick. as we're saying here in santa clara, 38 tested positive for the bacteria, three so sick they had to be hospitalized. some of the symptoms include diarrhea, cramps, nausea and vomiting. santa clara county and several other health agencies were the first to alert the centers for disease prevention and control in the early summer that the salmonella outbreak was directly linked to eggs. >> a few people we could trace back to similar food or eating eggs. but the issue is because of the lab testing we know it's the same strain which is the strain in this outbreak. >> kind of a scary thought but i mean i will definitely look at my eggs. >> the cdc has tracked down the specific source to wright county egg in gulf, iowa.
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the eggs were packaged and distributed under those 13 brands which the iowa company recalled last friday. the most common in california are lacerne eggs. the package end begins with the letter "p." if it follows with 1026, 1413 or 1946 with the sell by date may 16th to august 13th discard them or you can return those eggs to the store for a refund. we have a complete list of the 13 recalled egg brands. it is on under "see it on tv." live in santa clara, theresa garcia abc 7 news. >> all right, theresa. thanks a lot. for a list of symptoms associated with salmonella poisoning and a complete list of all the brands in this recall, just got to and click on "see it on tv." the san francisco unified school district is preparing to mail letters to parents about the importance of getting their kids vaccinated for whooping cough
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also known as pertussis. health department officials can restrict students not i amnized from going to class for a minimum of three weeks if there's an outbreak of whooping cough. they say last year there were classrooms where 40% were not vaccinated. 50 cases have been reported this year in san francisco. health officials expect that to increase dramatically by the end of the year. trying to determine if there's a link between two attacks that ended with three people get being stabbed. the first attack happened around 7:30. two teenagers were stabbed in a taco bell parking lot at the intersection of payne avenue and south winchester boulevard. one of the teen's injuries are life threatening. at 8:30 a man was stabbed as he was walking to a bus stop. it appears both attacks could be gang-related. 6:04 now. the parents of a man killed in
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last february's plane crash has filed a lawsuit claiming the pilot was negligent for taking off in heavy fog. three men including the pilot were killed in the crash. all worked for tessler motors. they're suing the estate and the air company he owns for an unspecified amount. the plane struck a tower before slamming into an east palo alto neighborhood. the suit claims the pilot knew the airport and the surrounding area was shrouded in dense fog and he was warned by air traffic controllers that he was not cleared for takeoff. this morning new details about the sexual harassment that claimed to the 4th resignation of former h. p. ceo mark hurd. jody fisher claims her work was slashed after she rejected sexual advances. she was a host at customers events earning up to $5,000 per event. she was also an actress. the company says her work dwindled because h. p.'s
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marketing budget was cut. hurd denies any wrongdoing. 6:05, check with mike. certainly drier, not as misty. what does that mean for foreclos temperatures. >> that means they're a little warmer. good observation. temperatures are up a little bit. we have oakland 60 along with sunnyvale and san jose. los gatos at 51. novato at 50. otherwise the rest of us mid to upper 50s. compared to 24 hours ago, 4 degrees warmer in half moon bay, 3 san francisco, oakland, fremont, concord, san jose, 2 fairfield, napa, 1 santa rosa. slightly cooler novato and los gatos. let's see how this day breaks down. 8:00 all of us under the cloud cover. temperatures still in the 50s. by noon we should see the clouds retreat to the coast. even more sun around the bay than we dealt with yesterday at noon. low to mid-60s there. upper 60s in the south bay.
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north bay upper 60s. east bay valleys upper 60s to low 70s. by 4:00 sunshine and upper 70s east bay valleys. low to mid-70s north bay and mid to upper 60s around the bay but still cloudy with a few patches of sunshine and near 60 along the coast. accu-weather seven-day forecast, a brief warming trend, about 2 to 4 degrees warmer from the coast inland tomorrow and then we lose all that warmth on friday and get even colder. i guess you could say colder on saturday with upper 70s to low 80s inland. kristen's shaking her head. upper 60s around the bay. by the time monday rolls around, guess what, the warming trend begins. hi, frances. >> wanted to remind folks about the good news in milpitas. the earlier accident cleared. southbound 880 approaching the expressway. no slowing south to milpitas. a little slowing northbound 101. you see that little yellow there through san jose.
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we'll go outside and check doubt a few camera shots. here's interstate 80 in berkeley. westbound a little more crowded near university. we'll check the drive on the peninsula on 101. traffic flowing well in both directions. the earlier road work on 101 is clear. kristen. >> frances, thanks a lot. it's 6:08. just ahead, the federal court decision giving everyone the right to lie at least when it comes to military medals. man's best friend could be a nightmare. a new feature that could have youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
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good wednesday morning! it's 6:11. let's take a live look from the embarcadero checking out the bay bridge looking east there. you see not as misty this morning. still have some low clouds but the temperatures are certainly warmer this morning because of the lack of moisture compared to where we've been. we'll check with mike and see
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about your warm-up if we can find one and frances is watching the traffic coming up. the mother of a 20 year sold burlingame man shot and killed by police now says her son wasn't armed when police opened fire. the incident happened at a home on myrtle drive just before 9:00 monday night. officers say they were called to the area by the man's mother that he was acting strangely and had not been taking his medication. they found the 20-year-old armed with a knife and they say he charged at them. when a taser didn't work, police say they shot and killed him. now his mother claims her son was not armed and says she only called for help on the advice of her son's therapist. the knife was recovered at the scene. the police are on administrative leave while the d.a.'s office investigates. the 9th circuit court of appeals say people have the right to lie about receiving military medals. the ruling stems from the case of alva recognize who was arrested in 2007 after claiming to have won the congressional
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medal of valor. he was charged under the federal stolen valor act which makes is a climb to falsely claim to have won military honors. the court says the law is unconstitutional and violates free speech rights noting there's no proof it harms anybody. no word when prosecutors plan to appeal to the u.s. supreme court. oakland's upcoming mayoral race could be one of the most interesting in years. the tribune says the candidates, the rank choice voting system and no incumbent is going to take strategy. candidates have to do well with rival supporters to win. experts say expect a more civil campaign. better known candidates in the race include state senator per rat tow and jean qwan. a stanford study suggests genes
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that cause disease were once beneficial. they can fight infection that lead to high fever, diarrhea and death. people with rheumatoid arthritis are less likely to get tuberculosis. the l.a. times explains why tv is causing jitters in hollywood. it will combine the internet with traditional tv letting you watch shows directly from the web using tv with software. no need for cable or satellite. tinseltown is worried this will hurt the industry just like the internet hurt the music and newspaper industries. we posted a link to the complete articles on our website, just look under the must reads tab. san francisco has taken a big step toward redeveloping treasure island. the navy handed control over to the city yesterday. the city will pay the navy $55 million over ten years plus interest for the land. plans call for developing thousands of units of housing along with commercial space. >> really what we're celebrating
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here is say long negotiation where we developed a strong partnership with the navy and the private developer. where if we do well, the city, if the developer does well, then the navy does well. our federal taxpayers do well. >> treasure island was created by filling in part of the bay to host the golden gate international expo in 1939. the navy took it over after world war ii started and used it as a base until 1997. 6:15. you can tell from the shot it's kind of windy but always pretty wind on treasury yelled. >> it is. if you plan on moving there when that's developed where it's going to be windy all the time. you wonder what it will do for traffic on the bay bridge. interesting. >> worse? >> never became the airport like it was supposed to be. >> transit is an issue in that development. >> let's talk about this morning getting around. show you some of the clouds just in from sfo. flight arrival delays of nearly 45 minutes.
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check out sour flight tracker at at the bottom of the front page. our next weather coming up in about ten minutes. let's talk temperatures under the cloud deck. san jose 61. mountain view at 59, san rafael 55. most of us mid to upper 50s and around los gatos 54. that's down in the valleys, up in the hills a little warmer, around 60, 61. the monterey bay, we show increasing clouds and temperatures low to mid-50s even inland. we'll see more sunshine today but still cooler than average. the reason we see more sunshine, a cooler air mass over top of us and makes it harder for the marine layer clouds to hang around once the sun warms the ground. drier commute tomorrow but friday and the weekend mist and drizzle back and so are cooler conditions. low pressure brought the cooler yesterday, starting to move through oregon. we have this brief warming tomorrow and a lesser extent
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friday. a stronger low. looking so much cooler this weekend. for today temperatures in the south bay mid to upper 70s. we have 80 around los gatos and about 75 san jose. millbrae at 68. also 60 degree temperatures pacifica and half moon bay. low to mid-70s the rest had the peninsula. sunset about 60. downtown south san francisco, sausalito mid-60s. san rafael 72. upper 70s through the north bay valley. more 60s along the east bay shore. castro valley right around 70, 72 degrees. 90 still out of the forecast in the east bay. low end dublin 81. brentwood 87. danville 82. 80 degree temperatures morgan hill, sunshine. patchy sunshine monterey bay, santa cruz 70 and monterey 63. dry, low 50s, the cool spot. mid to upper 50s from the coast through the bay into our inland
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valleys. accu-weather seven-day forecast. 2 degrees warmer at the coast and 4 degrees warmer the bay and inland for thursday. how about we completely reverse that friday and drop it even more saturday. when we hit our coolest weather saturday, mid to upper 60s around the bay and mid to upper 50s at the coast. still breezy and cool on sunday and then warming trend, yeah. temperatures could be above average by tuesday of next week. hi, frances. >> hi, mike. breaking news in san francisco. hearing about an accident involving a chp officer who hit a pedestrian. this is an brotherhood way at arch street. it's that stretch. lanes to be blocked and waiting to find out if there are injuries. again, this is in san francisco where a chp officer hits a pedestrian on brotherhood way. so look out for this. 280 nearby so far no lanes blocked there. a lot of folks head over to 19th avenue. all lanes open as well. there's also a new accident in
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the dublin interchange involving a big rig. westbound 580 at 680. just a heads up there. they initially reported as an injury crash. now saying there's no injury. we'll check the drive time my next report. southbound 880, the earlier accident was cleared but the left lane was actually still blocked for a cleanup as they tried to clear up some debris. but it should be open in the next five minutes. however, traffic has been flowing very well through milpitas through san jose. you can always get the latest traffic information and stay on top of the accidents for your route to work by going to it's under the bay area traffic link. kristen? >> all right, frances, thanks a lot. if you have a dog and drive with it in the car, watch out. a aaa survey says 60% of dog owners have driven while distracted by pets. they can land in an owner's lap and make them crash.
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suggest drivers restrain their pets but only 17% ever use restraints. dogs should never ride in the front passenger seat because air bags can hurt them just like kids and young children. expected to make a big announcement this afternoon. several analysts believe the giant will unveil a location service similar to four square. analysts sell bloomberg news it will allow users to share information on their whereabouts as well as find their friends. it will help advertisers target customers by sending a coupon when they're nearby. it's now 6:20. coming up, a new way to find discounts at some top retailers. and a teenager gets new proof that just because santa can
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jaguar platinum coverage is not just a warranty.
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it's a belief in everything we do. it's a 5 year, 50,000 mile promise. with complimentary scheduled maintenance no-cost replacement of wear and tear items and 24/7 roadside assistance. because when you create the most beautiful, fast cars on earth, you create an ownership experience to match. they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california.
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in today's tech bytes. a new way to finds discounts at some top retailers. an i-phone app call shop kick launched today. including best buy and macy's, you'll get messages about special deals. users can get points from doing everything from entering a store to scanning items to trying on clothing. those points can be used for gift cards, music or games. shop kick will be available in new york, san francisco, l.a. and chicago initially. hbo is coming to the i-pad. the copresident of the cable channel tells bloomberg news the subscribers can get streaming movies on the i-pad and other mobile devices in six months but netflix customers are out of luck. it's unlikely hbo will make a deal to allow netflix to stream movies it owns the rights to.
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players will be able to tap into their artistic side. users make drawings and play games like pictionery. for information log on to the technology pages, >> an 11-year-old boy thought he had a good idea when his family locked themselves out of their home. he volunteered to get into the house by climbing down the chimney. a neighbor shot this video. only one problem. he was trapped about three-quarters of the way down. yep, stuck there. it took firefighters 90 minutes to blow out the back of the chimney with an air chisel. ultimately the boy was freed with no apparent injuries. the unusual new requirement thousands of north bay students will have to meet to graduate from high school. better safe than sorry. the mistake that tells locals
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they have to get revac nated. >> if you are an egg eater, check your cartons. hundreds of millions are under recall. i'm theresa garcia live in santa clara county. there say salmonella outbreak. we'll tell you what to economic for to be safe just ahead. >> i'm following two hot spots. one in san francisco where a chp officer hit a pedestrian. this is brotherhood way. the second is san accident, the dublin interchange westbound 580 approaching 680 where traffic is already slowing. >> we're still tracking those 45-minute flight arrival delays into sfo and philly has the 1x1x8;8;8;8;8;8;8;8;8;;; [ female announcer ] why choose between delicious
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. ♪ stocks look to open modestly
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higher when the target report was better than expected. there's the opening bell. retailers doing well are giving investors reassurance about consumer spending. the latest coming up in 15 minutes. let's begin with breaking news we've been following in san francisco where officials say a chp motorcycle has hit a pedestrian. this accident happened at brotherhood way. we understand there are some injuries. not sure that's to the chp officer or the pedestrian. but we'll continue to follow this story and bring you the very latest as we get it. meanwhile another story. the center of specific medical foundsdation is telling 3,000 of its patients they need to get vaccinated all over again. some vaccines were not stored at the proper temperatures so they may not be effective. the vaccines include those for hepatitis a and b, meningitis, polio and several others. officials are asking anyone who got vaccinated this year at one of its care centers in san
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francisco or lake counties to return for another shot. they say the original vaccines don't have any harmful effects but the patients may not be fully i amnized. the owners of a san francisco club plan to remain open and fight an eviction notice ordering them to close tonight. port of san francisco officials announced they would terminate the release of jellies located at pier 50 effective the end of the today. that was after a 39-year-old rich manned man was fatally shot at the dance club. the attorney says there's no evidence the incident originated inside the club. the issue will be settled in court. before you make breakfast this morning, this one you have to hear. a nationwide egg recall is underway after hundreds of californians became sickened with salmonella. a few dozen of them are here in the bay area. theresa garcia is live at a safeway in santa clara with the
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latest. theresa? >> kristen, safeway and all the other stores selling these salmonella-tainted eggs are supposed to have pulled them all from the shelves by now but really it is up to the consumers to check the eggs in the refrigerators to make sure they are not on that do not eat list. federal health officials have already recalled 228 million eggs from 13 different brands. this is due to a salmonella outbreak. these eggs have been lived to illnesses in colorado, minnesota, and california. 250 people arnold's the state have gotten sick. here in santa clara county, 38 have tested positive for the bacteria. three became so sick they were hospitalized. the common symptoms including diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea and vomiting. shoppers say they'll be more cautious now. >> i'll be buying eggs but i may not buy that brand. plus until i hear more about it. >> if you have those brands, if you bought any of the ones on the voluntary recall list, don't
6:33 am
eat 'em. >> well, the centers for disease prevention and control has tracked down the specific source to wright county eggs in gulf, iowa. the eggs were packaged and distributed under 13 brands. the distributor voluntarily recalled last friday. the most common are safeway lucerne and ralph brands. consumers should check for the plant numbers found on the package end and begin with the letter "p." if it follows with the numbers 1026, 1413 or 1946 with sell by dates between may 16th to august 13th, you need to discard those or return the eggs to the stores immediately and get a refund there. live in santa clara, theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> a group of oakland residents who say they're fed up with violence in the community will hold a fund-raiser for the family of a recent murder victim. change was shot and killed during a robbery attempt last month.
6:34 am
he was in the bay area interviewing for a job at google. the robbers got away with only $17. while two have been arrested, king's widow and three sons in virginia are in need of financial help. the fund-raiser takes place from 6:00 to 8 p.m. tonight at the cultural center. a man breaking into a church to find food is about to be a free man. a los angeles judge sentenced gregory taylor to 25 years to life under the three strikes law for the 1997 crime. last january two students from stanford's three-strike project petitioned the court to reduce taylor's sentence. yesterday a judge ordered him freed. >> i'm happy. we're just waiting so that 48 hours or when ever, so we can pick him up and bring him home. >> this is what we wanted and hoped would turn out but we weren't sure it would happen. >> taylor will be released by the end of the week. and you can hear more from those
6:35 am
two stanford law students this morning on "good morning america" coming up at 7:00. 6:34. caltrain is asking riders to help make some very tough decisions. the agency will hold half a dozen public meetings tomorrow to ask for unput on cuts and fare hikes. among the options eliminating all weekend service, cutting noncommute time weekend trains and cutting trains south of san jose. the agency's considering raising one way fares by 25 cents and increase the price of a go pass by $15. caltrain needs to close a $2.3 million budget gap. for specific locations and times on meetings, visit our website and click on the "see it on tv" tab in the upper-right-hand corner. a new requirement that must be met. last night the district school board unanimously voted all high
6:36 am
school students to complete ten hours of commute service each year in order to receive their diplomas. the plan had critics including the principal of novato saying it's only meaningful when it's volunteered. mike, it's not going to get too much hotter as the day gets on, right? >> interesting the way this happens. the clouds rolled in, got some of the warmer weather from yesterday in. but the clouds aren't nearly as thick as yesterday because of the atmosphere being cooler upstairs. because of that we don't have as much moisture so not as much drizzle. what does the cooler atmosphere have to do with the cloud cover warmer this morning. interesting how that works out. but the colder air mass leads to more sunshine this afternoon. by noon we'll see the clouds pretty much pull back to the coast. it won't be lingering around the
6:37 am
bay nearly as long as yesterday. low to mid-60s throughout the bay. upper 60s in the south bay with mid to upper 60s in the north bay valley and upper 60s to low 70s in the east bay valleys. by 4:00 the east bay the warmest. mid to upper 60s around the bay. the south bay and north bay low to mid-70s. still pockets of sunshine but mainly cloudy along the coast. 63 san francisco. compared to average, we are still well cooler from anywhere, that 4 degree average temperature below that in oakland to about 9 in san jose today. and it gets a little warmer tomorrow but still not close to average. cooler starting friday and the coolest yet will be over the weekend. frances, a lot of accidents this morning. >> uh-huh, mike. a live picture from sky 7 hd of this breaking news in san francisco where a chp motorcycle officer hit a pedestrian. they're live right now over brotherhood way. and it looks like an investigation continues right there at the scene. it might have happened right on this crosswalk.
6:38 am
this is eastbound brotherhood way and looks like one lane is blocked. traffic is able to get by in the left lane. i want sky 7 just to pull out a little bit. a lot of folks take this from 280 to 19th avenue and there's the connection right there. once traffic is there, you see nothing at all blocked and traffic there is flowing well. no problems either on 280 but look for this crash on brotherhood way where chp officer hit a pedestrian. we found out the pedestrian's actually a young male and has now a broken lower left leg. we'll bring you more details as soon as we get them. this accident in dublin, westbound 580 at 680. it looks like it's been cleared but there's some slowing approaching the scene. the drive time is now 26 minutes from 205 towards 680. kristen. >> frances, thanks a lot. we have a safety story reinvolving around the chp.
6:39 am
if you're a driver that talks on your cellphone, there's a higher chance than normal you'll be talking to the chp today. this morning the california highway patrol and all santa clara county law enforcement agencies are teaming up for another zero tolerance campaign to catch violators of the hands free cellphone law. last week law enforcement agencies ticketed 900 drivers during a similar campaign. the national safety council estimates 28% of crashes are caused by drivers using cellphones or texting. smaller i-pad on its way for christmas. trading underway on wall street. a live reported from the new york stock exchange straight head and live look here at the big board put the dow down about 43 points. a flight attendant snatching a baby girl right from her mother's hands. did she do what she should have done? is she a hero or did she go too far? signing off. a popular national radio host
6:40 am
calls it qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq
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♪ all right. welcome back. let's start your california forecast with the warmest weather. palm springs 104. no thunderstorms like yesterday. i think those will stay near vegas with 103. 103 yosemite. 78 tahoe. check out l.a. and san diego. temperatures getting back to normal. 85 l.a., san diego 78. still hot in fresno at 99. chico 93. sunshine 84 in sacramento and cloudy at the coast. eureka 66. kristen. >> mike, thanks a lot. this morning federal prosecutors are promising to retry rob blagojevich. he was convicted on a single less serious count of lying to federal agents. one juror said the panel was deadlocked 11-1 in favor of
6:44 am
convicting blagojevich on the most explosive counts that he tried to auction off president obama's vacated senate seat. blagojevich says the jury's verdict shows the case has no merit. >> we have police officers who are being gunned down on the streets. we have children who can't play in front of their homes in the summertime because they might get gunned down and we have a prosecutor who has wasted and wants to spend tens of millions of taxpayer money to keep persecuting me. >> blagojevich says he plans to appeal the single conviction. this morning it appears california republicans have denied democrats the chance to get more power in the state legislature. republican blakesly won the vacate central valley state senate seat in yesterday's special election getting nearly 49% of the vote. he beat democratic challenger of santa cruz. a democratic victory would have brought them in one vote of claiming the two-thirds majority
6:45 am
to pass budget plans and tax increases without republican support. blakesly fills the vacant seat. this morning mazda is announcing a very big recall. the auto maker is recalling 300,000 late model mazda 3 and 5 sedans because of a potential steering problem. mazda says the vehicle could have a sudden loss of power steering making it tough for the driver to control the car. the vehicles were made from april 2007 to november 2008. owners are being told to bring their vehicles to a local dealer for repairs. let's talk about general motors now. it has wall street on pins and needles as the car maker prepares to say good-bye to the government and hello to investors. jane king joins us live with more. good morning, jane. >> hi, kristen. we're on g.m. watch here over the last few days. bloomberg sources say that today
6:46 am
g.m. may file to once again become a publicly traded company preparing to sell shares in new york as well as the toronto stock exchange as soon as november. the same time the government is expected to sell some of the shares it hold in g.m. so the car maker hoping to raise up to $16 billion in this ipo and push to reduce and eventually end the government ownership. lower markets here this morning on the dow, s & p, nasdaq all trading down by a little more than a half percent here. the bloomberg silicon valley index trading down as well. new developments at apple after snubbing hbo to use the i-pad to offer streaming video. chinese newspapers say apple will introduce a new 7 inch mini i-pad this christmas it it may weigh less and have a faster cpu than the current i-pad. the i-pad saving the art of book binding in san francisco. says the case is built by hand to feel like a paper book.
6:47 am
the doe doe case is made by only three commercial book binders in the city and one of those has been able to hire ten additional binders thanks for business from this doe doe i-pad case. speaking of jobs three months into the year, california's has run through all this year's $100 million tax credit. that's according to the state film commission. 30 projects will get the tax break and 45 more productions are on a wait list. any subs to move jobs in california won't be available until about a year from now. incentives can cover 25% of a movie's production budget but facing stiff competition from tax breaks in louisiana and new mexico as well as here in new york. i'm jane king, bloomberg news. >> jane, thank you so much. it's now 6:47. if you see fighter jets over san francisco bay, there's nothing to worry about. just f-16 fighter jets practicing for this weekend's
6:48 am
wine country air show. we were there for a dress rehearsal yesterday. it takes place saturday and sunday at the sonoma county airport in santa rosa. we'll talk to mike about the weather but right now let's get to frances and get the latest on that motorcycle crash, the chp motorcycle that hit the pedestrian. >> yeah, kristen. we have sky 7 hd live over the scene on brotherhood way. they just cleared all the lanes and apparently the pedestrian hit was a young man near this crosswalk on brotherhood way. he was taken to the hospital and had a broken leg. traffic is now flowing well. no delays at owl son brotherhood way and it never impacted traffic there. you can see live there for traffic heading there toward 19th save. we'll go to the maps and check out drive times for you. westbound 580, an earlier accident slowed things down towards the dublin interchange from 205 to 680. almost half an hour. westbound 4 the normal slowing out of san yock. lone tree to 242, 24 minutes.
6:49 am
there was an earlier accident this morning in milpitas but no delays now from 237 making your way towards san jose. let's go outside and check out a live camera shot for you at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights were turned on so there's a minor backup. let's call it end of the parking lot for most of the lanes. you can always get the latest traffic information, including finding out when metering lights are turned on. it's been about 6:30 every day this past week. just go to mike? >> frances, thank you very much. i'm getting a lot of questions, e-mails about when are we going to get summer? what's going to happen to the end of the month? >> cording to the climate prediction summer, they put out their eight to 14-day outlook. this goes to august 31st. we have a good chance of being below normal. the temperatures may spike once or twice above average. may get near average. but overall all the way from now through the end of the month looks like it's going to be cooler than average around the
6:50 am
bay area and the coast. let's take a look outside, show you waus going on this morning. we have some clouds. not nearly as thick, nor as strong as they were yesterday. we'll see sunshine quicker today but because a cool air mass is above us, i don't see much of a rise in temperatures. plus mid to upper 50s most neighborhoods. about 61 san jose. around the monterey bay, pretty much cloudy conditions and mid to upper 50s even inland. straw sunshine but cooler than average. that 4 to 9 degree spread. hold off son the drizzle one more day. the air mass overturns and we start to see that damp morning with the mist and drizzle. that will lead to cooler afternoons. the coolest weather still slated for this weekend. cloud cover, notice how it's a faster retreat. by noon most of the bay clear unlike yesterday. and by 3:00 in the afternoon, pockets of sunshine along the coast and sunny for the rest of us. we'll have the spread from 50s along the coast to 80s inland. here we'll have dublin and danville in the low 80s.
6:51 am
everyone else in the mid to upper 80s. union city, fremont, newark. on the peninsula low to mid-70s most neighborhoods. millbrae slightly cooler, 68. near 60 along the coast, downtown south san francisco, sausalito mid-60s. mid to upper 70s through the north bay valleys. upper 50s at your beaches. cooler 63 monterey and near 80 morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. a day game over at the coliseum wrapping up a three-game series with the blue jays. you can get burnt today. first pitch 60, warming up to 65. we'll be in the 50s again tomorrow morning with mainly cloudy conditions. about 2 to 4 degrees warmer from the coast to our inland neighbors. lose that on friday and drop another 4 degrees saturday. temperatures quite cool over the weekend and drier and slightly warmer monday and tuesday.
6:52 am
i love getting the weather and photos that you uploaded to our abc 7 you report powered by this morning the foggy view of the berkeley hills from yesterday. we appreciate the submission and it's not quite that foggy this morning. if you have weather videos or photos, upload them or e-mail it. awesome pictures. thank you. kristen. >> mike, listen to this story getting a lot of buzz. southwest airlines is defending the actions of a flight attendant who pulled a crying baby away from her mother during a flight from dallas to albuquerque. several told the attendant the mother and father had hit the child to quiet her. the flight attendant took the baby to the back of the plane. the child's father later took custody of the baby and held her until she fell asleep. police say the flight attendant did the right thing. >> i think it was a solid move
6:53 am
on the part of the flight attendant to take custody of the child. in light of the situation, it calmed everybody down. >> authorities say there was no sign of abuse and no charges will be filed. america's teenagers are facing a new health threat. a hearing loss epidemic according to a new study released, 19.5% of american teens are suffering from at least a little hearing loss. 19.5%. that's the highest rate on record. many blame it on listening to loud music, especially with ear buds. >> the sound is so good that you don't limit the sound based on loudness. >> the ones you're sticking inside your ear drums, those hurt you. but if not, it's not damaging. >> how do you know? >> i saw before i bought these. >> according to the research, teenager girls are much less likely than boys to have some hearing loss. the study is in the current
6:54 am
journal of the american medical association. dr. laura slessen ger says she's leaving her radio show at the end of the year. it follows growing criticism after she used the "n" word repeatedly on the show last week after a call from a black woman in an interracial marriage. the woman was complaining about her husband's friends and relatives making racial comments. >> black guys use it all the time. turn on hbo, listen to a black comic and all you here, (bleep). if anyone with enough medical aanyone says it, it's a horrible thing but when black people say it, it's affectionate. >> several sponsors pulled their ads but she insists the decision to leave radio was hers alone and that she has no plans to leave the public spotlight. she told cnn's larry king she's quitting to regain her first amendment right to say what she wants. let's recap our top stories. a nationwide egg recall is
6:55 am
underway because of salmonella contamination that's made hundreds of people in california sick. theresa garcia is live in santa clara with more. theresa. >> health officials have seen a rise in salmonella illnesses since may and now there is a confirmed connection through eggs out of a distributor in iowa. safeway and others selling these eggs should have pulled them off the shelves by now. federal health officials recalled 228 million eggs due to the salmonella outbreak. they had been linked to illnesses in colorado, minnesota and california. so far 250 people around this state have gotten sick. santa clara county 38 have tested positive for the bacteria, three became so sick they were hospitalized. the common symptoms of salmonella poisoning include diarrhea, cramps and vomiting. the cph tracked down the specific source to iowa which voluntarily recalled them last friday. these eggs have been distributed under 13 brands. most common sold in california
6:56 am
are safeway's lucerne and ralph brands. here's what consumers should check for. the plant numbers on the package begin with the letter p. the recalled ones have the set of numbers 1026, 1413 or 1946 with a sell by date between may 16th through august 13th. discard them or return them to the store for a refund. if you want that list of 13 brands, it's on our website at under "see it on tv." theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> one final check on weather and traffic. yeah, still cloudy out there but, mike, warmer this morning. >> absolutely. but we have a cooler air mass waiting for us once the clouds break unfortunately. that means temperatures below average once again. let's start along the coast. pockets of sunshine but more clouds than yesterday. 61 half moon bay and mid to upper 60s san francisco, oakland and richmond. low to mid-70s the rest of the
6:57 am
bay and into the north bay valleys with low to mid-70s the east bay valleys. temperatures 4 to 9 degrees below average. as far as your accu-weather seven-day forecast, slightly warmer tomorrow by 2 to 4 degrees but that much cooler on friday and even cooler than that on saturday and sunday with morning drizzle giving way to afternoon sunshine. frances. >> final check, bay bridge toll plaza. almost no backup barely halfway through the parking lot. there were a couple of major accidents this morning, one in the south bay but that's been cleared. southbound 880 all gone where you find slowing is northbound 87 in san jose where you're close to 40 mph from highway 85 up towards 280 and a little bit on north 101. and everywhere else you can expect barely a typical morning commute. just be careful out there. avoid getting into a crash. mass transit reporting no problems. >> today the h. p. cellphone crackdown. no texting. that's it for the morning news. we'll be back with a lololololoo
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