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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  August 18, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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campaign. up next, why she believes a video game dishonors those who serve and sacrifice. and one of the largest food recalls in food history gets larger. tens of millions more eggs are on the
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they are heading out. tonight american combat troops left iraq. good evening. those fighters pulled out well ahead of president obama's august 31st deadline. meaning that u.s. combat operations in iraqi effectively ended tonight. these are the pictures america has been desperately waiting to see. troops out of iraq and into kuwait. it is the last combat briggade to leave iraq. the 4,000 men and em with of the fourth stryker briggade, second infantry division.
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after almost seven and a half years of war, there is much for thankful for. >> immense, immense relief. it is over. it is all over for us. >> the stryker briggade named for the vehicle that delivers soldiers into and out of battle lost 34 of its troops. it was at the forefront of some of the fearest -- fiercest fighting. it was in the middle of the surge of fighting in 2007. >> mixed feelings because we are going home. in spite of what everybody says, we are making history here. >> president obama set august 31st as the deadline for ending american combat operations in iraq. so while the last combat briggade has left, the official combat mission will not end for another couple weeks. >> our commitment in iraq is changing from a military effort lead by a troops to a civilian effort lead by our diplomats. >> keep in mind, there is still a strong u.s. presence in eye rack.
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50,000 troops will remain there in noncombat roles until the end of next year. this is not a movie trailer. it is a preview of a new video game that let players take on the identity of american soldiers or a terrorist that goes after those soldiers. one bay area military mother whose son died a hero in iraq is now the target of an internet hate campaign because she believes that game is wrong. lisa amin is live in san jose with the story. lisa? >> dan, gamers are calling the medal of honor game the only one of its kind that takes place during a current war. that's why they want it. that's also why one south bay military mom is outraged by it. medal of honor is due out october 12th. electronic art is betting the special effects, multi player capability and story line will be a dig bra for gamers.
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what ea may not have expected is the late lieutenant kevin ballard's mother getting involved. >> i find it disrespectful and irresponsible for ea to be putting this game out at this time. >> the time is now in the midst of the war on terror in afghanistan. gameers can decide whether to be american soldiers or the taliban. >> americans are dying. i can't imagine who would really want to sit and shoot u.s. soldiers on a game. >> in reality, there are plenty of people who can't wait for the game's released. at this game stop in san jose, the wait list is in the triple digit. medal of honor's content isn't a problem for any gamers we spoke with. >> i don't think it is anything. it is just storytelling. it is not that you are on the side of the taliban, you are just playing a game. >> at a certain point we have to look at the taliban being a taboo. it is part of our reality.
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>> her reality means life without her only son. he died while fighting in iraq in 2004, and ever since she publicly crit easy sod medal of honor the blogers have not given up. >> expro tiff deleted your son died, nice. i think he was telling me to get over the death of my son. >> electronic arts issued this statement saying, quote, i think this is all nonsense generated by people who haven't played a video game in the last 20 years. she says she does not want this game banned, but she wants it to be shelfed for a few years. live in san jose, lisa amin, abc7 news. >> lisa, thanks. a handful of california national guard troops are on the border with mexico tonight. they are working alongside border patrol agents. in diseag -- in san diego today, governor schwarzenegger
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said all 24 guards men will be on duty until the 2 1st. they will do whatever is needed for security and drug operations and even building roads. california must do more to protect the southern border since the federal government is not. state workers will be furloughed after all starting this friday. the supreme ort could stayed an appeals court ruling that furloughed the friday program. the supreme court will let the program go forward while it considers this issue. governor schwarzenegger wanted 144,000 state workers to take off three fridays a month as a way to save money until the new budget is in place. >> it is certainly for those who have families and children and mortgages. it is not easy for any of them. we will do what we can. we still go out and do our job. >> they are playing games. we thought it was going to be
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over. i don't know what to say. >> the governor's office is blaming it on the legislature which is two months late passing a budget. >> it is not something we want to do. we don't want to do furloughs. as long as the legislature failed to give a budget, we have to save money when we can. one of the ways we can do it is furloughs. >> the governor's office says it will save the state $150 million a month. california is facing a $19 billion budget short fall. out of roughly 100 bay area cities, the affluent bay area community consistantly ranks at the bottom for road conditions. the paving projects are not a top priority in an era of budget cuts. so residents are taking it upon themselves to pave the road in front of their homes. leslie brinkly reports from crest view drive. >> it is a rough road pitted with potholes and crumbling asphalt. >> our roads stink.
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>> the potholes a a problem. >> but crest view drive may be getting a face-lift because residents who lift along it are raising money. first through a garage sale and now homeowners are being asked to kick in a thousand dollars each. >> no, i am not happy about it, of course. but in order to get anything done around here, you have to do it. >> in fact, one resident resorted to taking bags of asphalt out of the trunk and filling the potholes herself until the city stopped her. and that's when she came up with the idea of pay to pave. >> this is a neighborhood initiated repair policy. >> the city council's policy permit neighborhood to raise funds while the city does the paving on their behalf. >> the policy says if they can raise 50% of the estimated project costs, then we are going to turn it into a more detailed project. we will do final design drawings and final estimates and then put it out to bid. >> repaving a two-lane residential street like this runs around $95 a foot.
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>> we are setting an example for the rest of arinda because we don't have, through the city, enough funds to repave our streets. so people have to step up and pay for it themselves. >> some residents say they can't afford to pay to pave. contributions are voluntary. several other neighborhoods are asking to follow suit jie. you are asking people to make repairs to a road that in many respects should be a local government responsibility. >> officials say the policy is not a desperate measure, but it is not desirable either. it is the only option that paves the way right now. leslie brinkly, abc7 news. >> and if you need something fixed in your neighborhood, abc7's eye team is here to help. our new segment is called "you fix it." for example if roads are going unrepaired and public services are not being delivered properly as promised, let us know about it and the eye team will investigate. send us a photo or video. up load it to you report .
11:10 pm or e-mail to you report at kgo-tv .com. we'll get right on it. today health officials expanded the nationwide egg recall from 20 million cartons to more than 30 million over fears of salmonella poisoning. already 250 people have gotten sick across california. this shows a break down of the bay area cases. matthew nuehl was one of those who got sick. >> it was pretty bad. the fever was bad. i lost almost 25 pounds. it starts with a letter p and ends with 1026, 14, 13 or 1946. dates range between may and august. this man's eggs had a plant code listed under the recall, but the wrong packaging date. >> if you want to keep it, if i exchange it i can get my money back. >> for a list of affected
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brands and stores go to it is there on our front page. but certainly check the eggs that you have at home to be sure. a memorial was held for the virginia man who was shot and killed while in the bay area for a job interview at google. the event was held in chinatown's district. it was a fund that's been set up for his widow and the couple's three children. >> i can feel the love and support within the community. that's why i need to come over here and to express my appreciation to everyone. >> kang was murdered during a robbery last month in downtown oakland. he had just $17 on him at the time. police arrested both suspects after they were caught on surveillance cameras. there they are now facing murder charges. a lot more to bring you. knowing what's on your mind is not enough for some of your
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facebook friends. the new feature unveiled today that is already pressing the privacy hot button. also ahead, parolees cutting loose from gps tracking. what the state is now doing to alert the public. and stranded on a rollercoaster. the investigation into what went wrong at six flags in vallejo today. that's all coming up. and then later on "nightline." >> i'm cynthia mcfaden. dan, coming up next on "into the line" imagine -- on" nightline" meet someone who loves someone so frozen. meet a man who loves his wife so much he is frozen when he thinks of her. and
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you can see
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to if you are on facebook, you can do more than share what's on your mind. today the social networking site unveiled the gps locator. you can check in and share it with friend. tech analysts say it is all about the palo alto company making more money off targeted advertising. >> there are people who would love to know where you go that you don't even know. people think about the stalker scenario, but in fact it is a
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bunch of intrusive little brothers who would like to see where you hang out and what you -- what your shopping patterns are and what you are interested in. >> facebook responded to privacy concerns saying you won't have to check into a location unless you don't want to. the information would only be shared with friends and not the public. the state meantime has launched a new website that alerts the public when a parolee cuts off his gps ankle bracelet. already 45 parolees are on the site, primarily gang members and sex offenders. ditching the brace lets is so easy, it is not worth the millions of dollars california spends on the program. >> once the device is cut, there is nothing from stopping the guy from walking away. it does pose a real problem. >> there is no perfect solution. anything we do will have some kind of challenge. like i said, these are dealing with, i think, evil people. >> governor schwarzenegger
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ordered the website set up after two teenage girls were attacked in southern california by felons who cutoff their ankle brace lets. there is a new state law that makes adults legally responsible forgiving alcohol to teenagers in social settings. governor shart sharts signed a bill that makes adults liable if there is a party at their house and the kid gets sick. they could face civil lawsuit if the young people are are jed or worse or die from alcohol-related injuries or factors. it was already illegal to give minors alcohol, but california was one of the states with prohibited civil lawsuits as a result. mendocino county sheriff deputies shot and killed a man believed to be a marijuana grower this morning. minutes later officers at a nearby pot garden were fired on by four armed men. the shooters ran off and no one was hurt there. they raided a series of pot gardens in marin county. you can see from these pictures from sky 7hd. authorities used a helicopter
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to lift the pot plant and hauled the stuff uh wi. >> six flags discovery kingdom did not reveal what caused the rollercoaster, the boomerang, to get stuck before 2:00 this afternoon. it took park employees to help 26 people climb off the ride and on to a catwalk. no one was hurt. the stranded park guests got bottled water while they waited patiently to be evacuated. at least it was not too hot for those folks. we have had cooler weather, but it did warm up. sandhya patel is here with the full forecast. sandhya? >> dan, temperatures came up a few degrees in the bay area. and the warm up will continue. it is a one-day warm up. look at this time lapse from the camera here. a lovely view of san francisco. and really a nice afternoon. sunshine for everyone. by the evening, clouds started to fill back in over san francisco. many of our coastal
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communities and even places like santa rosa, the usual suspects reporting gray skies already. temperatures in the 50s and the 60s. here are the highlights, warmer inland tomorrow, cool and breezy for the weekend. there are signs of warming, at least more than a day, early next week. some have been wondering, we're into summer and it has been unseasonably cool, what's going on? there is an explanation for this. the typical summer pattern features a semipermanent high pressure. and a low pressure that brings the heat with it to the inland communities here in the bay area. the coastal areas are largely influenced in thesomer time by the sea breeze and the marine layer. so when we have this set up happening, we have the hundred-degree days inland, coastal areas are in the 60s, and that's the wide range we are so used to. what has been happening is this ridge hasn't been expanding west very well, and this ridge of high pressure
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has had ripples to deal with. the ripples in the form of one low-pressure system after another, and that's why we have been dealing with the unseasonably cool weather. the trough is still hanging back and kept the temperatures below normal again today. once the trough kicks out of here, we will get slightly warmer weather. and then once the warmth peaks we will go back down. temperatures are dropping well below normal heading into the weening end. -- the weekend. in the low to upper 50s, cloudy skies by morning across most of the bay area. the clouds will give way to sun in the afternoon in sunnyvale and milpitas. mid70s there. 81 in los gatos. 77 degrees on the peninsula. it is a mild afternoon. 73 in redwood city. 74 for men low park. low to mid60s at the beaches. nice day in downtown san francisco, 66 degrees. as you look at the north bay, 61 in stinson beach, but getting into the low 90s
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around ukiah and clear lake. 78 in santa rosa. in the east bay, it is a pleasant day. 70 in oakland. 73 for union city. head inland and you will get the 90s around antioch and brentwood. we will get the warmth for a day. 85 in danville. around the monterey bay, 63 in monterey. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast -- low 60s to low 90s tomorrow. then we will bring back the drizzle. friday and saturday, nights and morningses going with drizzly conditions and cooler weather both days. low 80s at the warmest locations. sunday still in the cool mode. and then we see 90s for at least three days next week. with the inland locations feeling the summer heat. 60s at the coast. and the reason we are expecting that, the explanation i gave you, finally it looks like the ridge will build back as we head toward next week bringing the warmth back. >> sandhya, thank you very much. coming up, high style on the high seas. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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store popular in southern california is come together bay area. today the company announced plans to open seven stores by early next year in con ready could, danville, pacifica, san francisco, san jose, vacaville and walnut creek. the new stores are expected to create 140 new jobs. that's total. they are quite small operations. there is traveling in style, and then there is traveling in style. look at what we spotted near sausalito. that's no boat. it is a 390-foot yacht owned by russian billionaire. it is valued at $300 million. it has 23,000 square feet of living space, three swimming pools that can go from fresh water to saltwater with the flip of a switch. 24,000 horsepower engine. the yacht also comes with high visibility security features such as bombproof glass and a fingerprint security system. he made his for fortune in fertilizer, oil and banking.
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obviously a russian fully and quickly embracing capitalism. >> i like the one touch fresh water-salt war option. i am big on that. >> the only way to go. the giants are running into the philliess at the wrong time. the phillies can do no wrong
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good evening. bad time for a losing streak while watching the division leaders sprint away from you. that's where the giants are after two nights in philly. giants got off to a great start. here it comes and there it goes. on -- andre torres opening it up. 1-0 giants. for the second night in a row jimmy rollins killed them.
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phillies open up a 5-1 lead and never look back. three r.b.i's and pat the bat did it again for the g-men. homered against his old team. it made it 5-2, but the phils put it away. dominic brown, and this is what brown can do for you. wow. phillies roll 8-2. the giants are now two back in the wild card chase and no help from the cubs today hosting first place san diego. matt stares at age 42, aging like fine wine. a diving catch. adrian gonzalez, all he does is crush. 23rd of the year. 5-1 padres. they have won 9 of 10. they now lead the giants by six games in the west. a's and bluejays, remember freddy luis alive and well hitting 270 for toronto. who is gonna catch it? nobody. a's could laugh about it because they were cruising along bottom of 7. cocoa crisp got uh hold of it.
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this is cool and crisp. his fifth of the year. a's are 51 and 0 after leading eight innings. the jays tie it up at four apiece. but the a's win in walkoff fashion. base hit and here comes tollison. he is flying home. good night, game over, fly home safely. a's win it 5-4. upon returning to the vikings, brett favre mentioned, this is it. 2010 will be his final season and he hillary tire after this. -- will retire after this. right. he did practice and said he wanted to play sunday night in the pre-season game with the niners. he insid it was about his ankle, but the vikings are giving him 3.5 million plus 3.5 million in incentives. that somehow improves circulation. >> not that i had ever set out with a goal to play 20 years. 20 years and i'm done. this is the last year of my contract.
11:32 pm
i'm sure a lot of people are like, yes! >> what does he do when the game is done? if he had one year, two more years in him a few years from now, will he regret that that he could have kept on playing. that's what it looks like. >> it is amazing the therapeutic affect of money. >> it healed it. >> we are out of time.
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