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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 19, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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♪ good morning. i'm theresa garcia live in santa clara where a message scrawled on an elementary school door is drawing out police. we'll let you know what the concern is up ahead. >> also in the headlines, caltrain will ask riders today to help make some very big budget decisions that could include cutting all weekend and some weekday service. >> but if you're driving, traffic is looking great this thursday morning. kind of a summertime pattern for traffic. we haven't had a lot of problems at all so far. >> yes, weatherwise again this morning starting off with clouds, a little mist around the bay. we'll talk about slightly warmer weather before a big cooling trend this weekend. >> good morning, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze.
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police are accepting up security at a south bay elementary school and parents are getting warnings after a threat of something terrible happening tomorrow, friday. he theresa? >> that terrible threat is some type of explosive device could be detonated at this campus tomorrow. while it is unclear if it is a juvenile prank, police are taking it seriously, investigating and adding security. the santa clara unified school district superintendent said it discovered the threat scrawled on a school door two weeks ago august 4th. the device would be set off tomorrow, august 20th. on monday, the first day of school, the district superintendent sent a letter advising parents of the threat and the security devices they're taking. it will be a business as usual school day but certainly the
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parents of the nearly 400 students who attend here will now be on high alert. in addition to the watchful eyes and ears of parents and the usual officers assigned to this campus, there will also be extra police patrolling the residential area around this 12-acre campus. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> theresa, thanks very much. the widow of a man murdered in oakland says she's moved by an outpouring of support from the community. kang's widow came from virginia for a memorial last night for her husband. people were encouraged to donate to a fund set up for kang's family. >> i felt love and support from the communities here. that's why i feel i need to come over here and express my appreciation to everyone. >> he was murdered during a robbery last month in downtown oakland. he had just $17 on him at the time. he was in the bay area for a job interview at google. police arrested both suspects
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after they were caught on surveillance cameras. >> it's 6:02. later this month san jose firefighters get a chance to vote on reducing pay and benefits on the hope of rehiring firefighters laid off earlier this month. the firefighter's union originally said it would not allow its members to cut the total compensation package by nearly 9%. the union has now changed its mind and said members will vote on whether to pay more for health and retirement plans. 49 firefighters lost their jobs, and san jose closed several stations to help close its budget deficit. union leaders warn abc 7 they received no guarantee that sean laid off firefighters will be rehired even if the pay cuts get approved. >> one bay area military mother whose son died a hero fighting in iraq is now the target of an internet hate campaign because she believes a new video game is wrong. electronic arts will soon release medal of honor where players take on the identity of
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an american soldier or the terrorist that take on those soldiers. her son was killed in iraq in 2004. >> i just find it disrespectful and irresponsible for e. a. to be putting this game out at this time. americans are dying. i can't imagine who would really want to sit and shoot u.s. soldiers on a game. >> medal of honor is due out on october 12th. redwood shore based electronic art issued this statement saying i think this is all nonsense generated by people who haven't played a video game in the last 20 years. >> a contract dispute between drivers and management of a. c. transit is heading back to the courtroom. the board of directors voted to appeal a court ruling that ordered the agency into arbitration. it prohibited the agency from imposing new working conditions. that could be new delays for
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transit riders. before the previous ruling overturning a. c. transit's work rules, 150 drivers called out sick every day forcing the agency to cancel some routes and delay others. >> today caltrain will ask its riders to help make some very tough decisions. the agency will hold public meetings tonight to ask riders for input on a series of potential cuts and fare hikes. among the option, eliminating all weekend train service, cutting all non-commute time weekday trains and cutting all trains south of san jose. the agency is also considering raising one-way fares by 25 cents and increasing the price of the go pass by $15. caltrain needs to close a $2.3 million budget gap. for specific locations and times of the meetings, visit our website click on the "see it on tv" in the upper-right-hand corner. >> it's 6:05. this morning outside gotta use those windshield wipers in some places again, huh? >> yeah, i guess so. i didn't notice it in the north
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bay but you come up from the peninsula. >> yeah. >> mike, what's going on? >> looks like there's mist out there along the peninsula and the coast but everybody else dry this morning. let's talk temperatures as we get our thursday going. we have low to mid-50s up in the north bay valleys. upper 50s around the south bay. the hills around los gatos about 62 degrees. the rest of us mid-50s. let's talk about how it's different from yesterday. slightly cooler around the bay and especially the east bay shore and san francisco. the peninsula, 1 to 2 degrees warmer sunnyvale and menlo park. clouds around at 8:00 and temperatures in the 50s. by noon a pretty quick retreat of clouds again today. already 76 at concord. the low 80s in livermore, antioch. low 70ss south bay and north bay valleys with mid to upper 60s around the bay and low to mid-60s along the coast and downtown san francisco. pockets of sunshine along the coast by 4:00. 61 half moon bay, 66 san
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francisco but around the bay low to mid-70s with the south bay and the north bay upper 70s. look at mid-80s in the east bay valleys. that's probably the biggest jump in temperatures today. starting tomorrow morning, expect more mist and drizzle as that cooler air mass arrives. temperatures drop 2 to 4 degrees everywhere and another 2 to 4 degrees on saturday as the coolest weather takes over. it will be cool and breezy on sunday and warmer, sunny and even calmer for monday, tuesday and wednesday. frances? >> hi, mike. it's been a great commute in the interest bay area. had to go to boulder creek to find a problem. a car ran into a car. if you're driving in boulder creek you may want to hold on until then. outside you'll find good looking traffic. a live shot of the san mateo bridge. the drive time 14 minutes from 880 to 101 and vice versa. the only slow spot we have now is a little slowing westbound 4 in antioch.
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that's it. terry, kristen. >> yeah. you have to look that far for a problem, pretty good. good start for ya. thanks, frances. >> first it was ticket fees and baggage fees. a new fee coming for some airline passengers. >> a grocery store chain to bring new jobsssssssssssssssssss
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>> welcome back, everybody. looking at beautiful -- that's mount tam. the fog out over the ocean and a fantastic, spectacular morning. don't actually forget we actually live in heaven. >> reminded of that every day. every day. >> more from mike in a few minutes. >> more news now. a judge refused san francisco's request for a moratorium on the installation of pg&e's smart meters. in june the city and county
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petitioned the state public utilities commission to put a freeze on the installation of smart meters. yesterday a judge said he would likely make a ruling in two to three weeks after an independent group hired to examine the meters releases its findings. >> i think the commission should wait to see the results of the independent investigation. and at that time determine what action, if any, is necessary. >> we think there's enough evidence in the records. we don't think pg&e has disputed that evidence sufficiently. >> pg&e says it has already installed 6.5 million smart meters around the state. they admit 43,000 had problems including people saying they were mischarged. >> fresh and easy. a grocery store chain popular in nevada and arizona is now coming to the bay area. just announced it plans to soap seven stores by early next year in concord, danville, pacifica, san francisco, san jose, walnut creek. the new stores are expected to create 140 new jobs.
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>> there's something new to charge airline passengers for today. american will charge 19 to 31 dollars for passengers to sit in what it calls express seats. the first few rows of the coach section. includes the right to get on the plane in the first general boarding group of passengers. several other airlines also charge extra fees for special seats. or you can just have a baby. people with babies get to board first two. >> one way around it, folks. certainly up to you. let's talk about the weather. the sun coming back. >> yeah. >> what! (laughter) >> yes. we have all -- it's been fun. i mean, just the ebb and flow of trying to find where it's going to be cooler today, warmer. could both things happen around the bay at the same time? yes. will we ever get some summer? i think so. it may be next week but that's kind of been the battle cry all summer long.
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wait until next week! let's talk about the beautiful pictures from ballmer peak this morning. back looking towards mount diablo. let's talk temperatures. coolest around san rafael at 52 degrees along with the hills around los gatos. the rest of us mid to upper 50s can clouds and mist along the coast and peninsula. temperatures around the monterey bay are in the mid-50s. also around gilroy and hollister. and salinas. check out what it looked like yesterday at ocean beach. pretty nice view. get a little sun burn there if you're not too careful with the sunscreen. gorgeous. sunshine along the coast again today. temperatures low to mid-60s. let's talk about the highlights. sunny and warmer weather this afternoon but a cool breeze this weekend will touch all of our neighborhoods. for today an area of low pressure pulling away that small bubble of high pressure brought us the warmer weather yesterday. it's still holding today, especially our inland valleys of
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the north bay and also the east bay. as we look to tomorrow and into the weekend, this stronger low will reinforce the sea breeze, bring moisture with it and cooler conditions. about as warm as it's going to get the next three or four days. san jose at 77. campbell at 78. near 80 saratoga and los gatos. on the peninsula sunshine, low to mid-70s for everybody. low to mid-60s along the coast today with those pockets of sunshine developing. sausalito, sunshine to mid-60s. novato the warm spot with 80. clear lake low to mid-90s. sunshine at your beaches, low 60s. over on the east bay shore we have richmond and berkeley upper 60s while low to mid-70s dominate rest of your neighborhoods. brentwood the warmest spot to the east. the rest of the east bay valleys, upper 80s, excuse me, 80 hollister, about 73 santa cruz and 63 in monterey.
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for tonight clouds once again. more widespread mist and drizzle, especially around the coast, bait and the higher elevations of the santa cruz mountains. low too mid-50s in most neighborhoods. mid to upper 50s around bait and into the east bay valley. accu-weather seven-day forecast with the extra clouds and the cooler air mass. temperatures drop 2 to 4 degrees tomorrow and another 4 degrees on saturday. it will be breezy and not quiet as misty sunday morning. you can see the dry and warmer weather starting monday, tuesday, wednesday with temperatures even warmer across the board than what we're dealing with today. have a great day. frances, pretty smooth. >> really smooth. i'm having a hard time finding any slow spots for you. the bay bridge toll plaza, delay free now. heading through the maze, a live shot as well. all three freeways westbound 80, westbound 580, north 880 all looking good at this point. the north bay, a quiet ride across the golden gate bridge.
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you can still see the fog there in the distance as you make your way out of marin county. no trouble there out of marin county though at all. let's check out 101 at the peninsula. that's northbound traffic heading towards sfo. in the south bay you'll also find a smooth ride on 101 in san jose. that's 880 right across your screen. there's road work going on southbound 280 in san bruno. might find lanes blocked 7:00 this morning. mass transit off to a good start. ace, bart reporting no delays. get the latest traffic as it changes by going to our website it's all under the bay area traffic link. kristen. >> frances, thanks a lot. a beauty, a beast, even a hot flash. >> that's not entertainment! (laughter) >> a hot flash! we have it all in today's what's
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hot. >> a broadway musical classic back in san francisco. beauty and the beast with great visuals and a timeless romantic story in the golden gate theater. the band is still time. gaining national attention. and eclectic mix of rock friday night at slim ♪ nothing i can do 'cause it sticks like glue to my thighs. ♪ >> back with mood swings, wrinkles and food binges. downtown san jose ♪ >> a dazzling array of talent and a supergroove. the festival in downtown oakland has it all with tony, tony, tony. hammer and tons more. for the 300 small wineries. tasting for family wine makers sunday and monday in fort mason
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>> electrifying. a new show for the man who's the world's longest running man for the opera. it's a celebration of squeeze box music. the annual accordion festival. the celebration of the unique american art form it have tap dance. on stage at hertz theater. don sanchez, abc 7 news. >> all right. ever post what you're eating on or twitter? it could soon get you a free meal at a healthy fast food restaurant opening in new york city. customers will be asked to share what they're eating on social networks and websites. if their idea is a hit, they can soon be eating for free. >> you can create and design your own burger and you can name it and it gets placed on a leader board in the restaurant. if people order your burger, you
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get a coupon yourself. the more people that eat the burger and you share it on the social network, the more money you make. they are shaped like doughnuts. you can pick a filling for that hamburger with the hole in the middle. avocado. >> why not actual use doughnuts for the buns. maybe krispy kreme doughnuts. never have to pay for food again with that restaurant. 6:20. >> the celebrities you want to make sure you don't look for online. >> how far would you go to be an idle. the chance of stardom that has dozens h@
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it's 6:23 this is this morning new reports google will launch its new tablet computer the day after thanksgiving. the tablet is expected to have a
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10.1 inch screen and cost around $300. it will reportedly include a multitouch screen, at least 32 gigabytes of storage. google is teaming up with verizon and taiwanese electronics giant hsc to promote the advice. >> computer security company makafee inc. has come up with the new list of dangerous celebrities to search online. cameron diaz, brad pitt, tom cruise. criminals believe these celebrities are the perfect lures to sucker people to clicking on malicious websites allowing criminals to steal online banking passwords, e-mail passwords and more. >> this morning hundreds of people wanting to be celebrities are gathering outside at&t park. ♪
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>> pretty good. dozens of star hopefuls have singing, chanting, cheering and shivering in hopes of becoming the next "american idol." at 8:00 this morning producers audition contestants for the next season. some of those people have been camping outside the stadium two days or more and come as far as away as sacramento. they'll need to impress a new judge. steven tyler has signed on to be the newest judge. word out of hollywood is tyler and jennifer lopez are supposed to replace simon cowell and ellen degeneres. however j. lo is being held up with her demands, her dress being room compound. >> ahead at 6:30, something stinks in san jose's airport terminal literally. has airlines threatening to stop paying their rent. >> the last american combat
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mission leaves iraq. i'm john hendron in washington and i'll have more on that coming up. >> school is back in session but one message scrawled on a door is far from educational. i'm theresa garcia live in santa clara. we'll let you know what is drawing police out that has everyone on high alert up ahead. >> all is quiet in our major airports across the lower 48, even sfo. storms heading up the even seaboard could cause delays d.c., baltimore and philly this afternoon. >> bridge toll plaza, no delays if you're heading to the "american idol" auditions. ñ@@ [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. ♪ good thursday morning. 6:29. the opening bell is about to ring to start the trading day on
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wall street. is that sylvester stallone at the new york stock exchange? i believe it is. promoting expendables, the movie kind of the number one movie at the box office. >> kind of? >> it is in fact! the bell ringing there. we've got big news out of silicon valley. intel has agreed to buy computer security software maker mcahave i for nearly $8 billion. also today's stock futures are falling off unemployment applications reached the half million mark last week for the first time since november. how investors are reacting in a live report from the new york stock exchange in 15 minutes. >> this morning a major sign the war in iraq is beginning to wind down. the last u.s. combat troops left overnight crossing the border into kuwait for flights back to the u.s. john hendron from washington with the latest. good morning, john. >> good morning, terry. as the u.s. military leaves iraq, the obama administration claims to fill the void with an
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army of civilians bringing the mission to a close. the last combat brigade is gone from iraq. >> we're going home! we won! it's over! >> the fourth striker brigade crossed over into kuwait last night. as the u.s. mission officially turns from war to diplomacy. >> our commit in iraq is changing from a military effort left by our troops to a civilian effort led by our diplomats. >> comes after the august 31st deadline to end combat operations, not a day too soon for many troops. >> no one else can get hurt. and, two, i'm going home. >> for troops of that done two, three, four or more tours here, it's time to exhale. >> immense relief. all over for us. >> and time to celebrate. for iraq security forces still
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battling weekly, sometimes daily insurgent explosions, the struggle continues. there are still 59,000 american troops in iraq with a goal of reducing that number to 50,000 by the end of the month. >> john, thanks very much. >> it's 6:32. back here at home, the 39th military police brigade stationed in folsom returned home from iraq last week after severing 11 months. bringing dean general says it seem unbelieve blg the mission in iraq is over but he believes it's about time. he says the mission in the last year was to prepare the iraqi security forces tactically and technically to protect their own people and country. >> and i feel very comfortable as i leave or as i left that they had reached those capabilities. they can do what they need to do technically and tactically. politically is a different
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issue. a lot of what police do in a local community is driven by politics. it's driven by community standards. and they have a ways to go. >> general courier says his troops will be helping to secure the california border with mexico next month. >> a message threatening violence at a santa clara elementary school has police on alert this morning. abc 7's theresa garcia joins us live from briarwood elementary with the story of a threat police are taking very seriously. theresa. >> absolutely. this threat is an explosive device would be detonated here tomorrow. with so many documented incidents of violence at schools nationwide, the columbine shootings over ten years ago, there's no way school officials or police could not take this seriously. so indeed they are investigating and adding extra security. now, the santa clara unified school district said it
6:34 am
discovered the graffiti scrawled on the door august 4th. the message threatened that device would be set off tomorrow august 20th. while it's unclear this say juvenile prank, school officials are taking it seriously. mondays, the first day of school, the superintendent sent parents a letter advising them of the threat and the extra security precautions briarwood is taking. in addition to the usually assigned officers, police will monitor the residential area around the campus. school today and tomorrow here at briarwood elementary will remain open. it's going to be a normal school day except that now you've got the parents of 400 students who attend here notified and certainly they'll be on high alert as well. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> theresa, thanks a lot. it's 6:34. authorities say raids of pot gardens in west marin county are expected to continue today. departments with federal and state drug agents raided several locations in the foot hills
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around mount tam yesterday and as you can see from our video, they used a helicopter to lift the pot plants to a waiting truck. it went on all afternoon. the investigation began after park rangers discovered the growing areas a few months ago. officials won't say how many marijuana farms they've raided or how many -- or how much pot they have hauled away. if you have business at the dmv or another state office tomorrow, you'll want to make sorry plans. the california supreme court has stayed an appeals court ruling that stops governor schwarzenegger's furlough friday program. as a result, 144,000 state workers will be forced to take three unpaid days off a month starting tomorrow until there's a state budget. workers say they're being punished for the legislature from not doing their job. the furloughs will save the state about $150 million a month. >> something stinks at the newly renovated san jose international airport and if the airport can't figure out what it is, it could
6:36 am
soon cost city officials a lot of money. mercury news reports employees at the newly renovated terminal a have been complaining about a sewer-like stench in the airline office behind the ticket counter. that has been going on five months. they have run several tests. can't figure out what it is. they brought in special machines to kill the smell. nothing has worked. they threaten to withhold hundreds of thousands in monthly rent payments to get the city's attention. >> let's check with mike at 6:36 to see what the day holds. >> talking about a little warming trend, especially our inland valleys. good thursday morning to you. let's take a look and see what we have. oakland 70 again today. redwood city, san francisco, probably 1 degree warmer yesterday. concord about 5 degrees warmer. up to 87. how we get there, well, with cloud cover through the morning hours and temperatures in the 50s, even a little mist along the coast and higher elevations around the bay but it's very minimal. by noon seeing sunshine around
6:37 am
the bay. still pretty cloudy at the coast, half moon bay, san francisco. mid to upper 60s around the bay. south bay low 70s. seeing upper 70s to low 80s in the east bay valleys. 4:00 upper 70s in the south bay and north bay. low to mid-70s around the bay. pockets of sunshine around the coast and low to mid-60s from half moon bay to san francisco. this will be the warmest of the next several. cooling trend, it begins tomorrow with a stronger push of cool sea breeze air. a deeper marine layer with drizzle in the morning. same thing on saturday. by saturday temperatures will drop 4 to 8 degrees from the coast to our inland valleys. breezy and slightly drier on sunday. and sunny and warmer monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. hey, frances, can you sing? (laughter) >> mike, i can't. and you don't want me to. but a lot of folks with gonna try to do that today in san francisco. in fact, this is our first
6:38 am
traffic jam of the morning. it's for folks heading to the "american idol" auditions at at&t park. we're hearing that king street is jammed now as you make your way off 280 to the park. look out for that. if you don't need to be in the area, you may want to avoid that and possibly third street as well. just got report of a new accident in fremont 880. car is facing the wrong way blocking a lane. look out for that. just the normal slowing now in antioch. lone tree way 242, 23 minutes. a little sluggish through the altamont pass. a nice ride elsewhere. crowded here in berkeley. delay-free from carquinez bridge to the maze. 680 and walnut creek looking good down to the san ramon valley. and bay bridge toll plaza at this point, still delay-free. looking pretty good on the peninsula and in the south bay. terry, kristen, can you guys sing? (laughter) >> can we? yes. can we sing well?
6:39 am
that's another question! trading underway on wall street, 6:38. a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. a look at the board. the dow down 29 points right now. >> caught on tape, a crowd goes from watching a bull to running from it. the sporting event that turned into a fight for survival. >> talk about a heated commute. a fas trak with phone sex? why you get much more than you bargained for. >> roll down the window. it's steamy here, dear. concern grows about a multi-state salmonella outbreak. what you need to look out for. south of laredo, there's a place...
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so hot, rattlesnakes combust. ♪ but we go, cause ya gotta eat bold. [ male announcer ] subway fiery footlong subs. the bold-acious new turkey jalapeño melt and buffalo chicken. subway. eat bold!
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♪ welcome back. time for your california forecast. still pretty cloudy along the
6:43 am
coast. lots of pockets of sunshine though. 61 eureka, 62 big sur. looking how it's warmer once you head inland. sacramento 90. upper 90s chico, fresno. even l.a. 91 with sunshine. palm springs the warm spot at 104. tahoe sunshine and 79. terry? >> thanks, mike. a group of california national guard troops are on the border with mexico working alongside border patrol agents. the first contingent of 224 guard members there until september 1st. they'll spend the next year doing whatever border patrol needs, even building roads. california has to do more to protect its southern border. the governor ordered the guard to start training last month after president obama proposed beefing up border security with 1200 national guard personnel. >> business news now. two major silicon valley companies are about to join forces in what may be the biggest tech deal of the year. >> the latest job numbers are out and don't look good.
6:44 am
>> let's check with bloomberg reporter jane king with the "moneyscope" report. jane? >> does look like companies starting to lay off more workers. the weekless jobly claim data shows unemployment benefits rising to the highest level since november. there was a spike in jobless claims in california with layoffs increasing in the service industry. here's how the market's starting off today. here we've got the dow trading down a little here, s & p, nasdaq, all trading slightly lower at the moment. and the bloomberg silicon valley index trading slightly lower as well. that big deal you were talking about, intel, sunnyvale over $7.5 billion. the decision will help intel expand its security software for wireless devices and comes as intel is trying to get into mobile phones. here's how those stocks are reacting to the news here this morning. intel trading a little. in the premarket it was up 60%. probably up strong here this
6:45 am
morning. keep an eye on williams sonoma, the cookware giant coming up with better profits than expected. will make even more money than expected. shares reported better than expected profit as well. later on today, we'll be getting quarterly results from the gap and hewlett-packard and hewlett-packard has hire aid high-profile executive search firm as it hunts for a new ceo to replace mark hurd. plans to open stores in asia. launching outside the u.s. more drama. the l.a. times says for years the california public employees retirement with private jet trips and financial firms of the fund they were doing business with. kept quiet about the perks. they have changed that travel policy. got the information from a portfolio manager.
6:46 am
this is part of pre-trial testimony. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king, bloomberg news. >> jane, thanks a lot. >> a stunning turn of events at a bull fight in madrid, spain, is sadding new fuel to the debate to ban the bloody tradition. a bull takes a turn around the ring and then jumps right into the crowd. one man was gored. a ten-year-old boy was seriously injured after the bull fell on top of him. you see that happen. other people suffered minor injuries. after several terrifying minutes, officials used say crane to pull the bull out of the stands. this when the country is debating whether bullfighting should be completely banned in that country. >> something you need to check before you pour that milk on your morning cereal. a recall over salmonella concerns this morning. the milk is made by umqwa dairies and was sold in northern california, oregon and washington. all their milk, buttermilk and
6:47 am
fruit dinks with expiration date of september 5th or earlier. at least 20 people have been sickened by the milk. for more information, our website under "see it on tv." >> health officials are now expanding the nationwide egg recall from 20 million cartons to more than 30 million over fears of salmonella poisoning. here's a breakdown of the bay area cases are. matthew newel is one of the people who got sick. >> it was pretty bad. the fever was real bad. i lost almost 25 pounds. >> codes on recalled eggs begin with the letter "p" and ends with 10, 26, 1413 or 1946. packaging dates between may and august. for affected brands and stores go to it's all there on the front page. >> you've got the milk, the eggs. >> exactly.
6:48 am
dry cereal, i guess. >> oh! split pea soup maybe. (laughter) >> sloppy outside, yeah. looks great. look at some of that oatmeal falling across the east bay hills today! >> what an imagination. >> i know. looks like milk more than oatmeal. >> ice cream. >> yogurt. (laughter) >> here we go! >> we'll talk about the temperatures underneath the cloud deck. mid to upper for us except los gatos. let's talk about some sunshine. warmer weather this afternoon, especially the farther away you are from the coast to the bay. the cool breeze returns for the weekend dropping our temperatures significantly on saturday and a warming trend will hit again next week. for today looking at cloud cover everywhere except concord now
6:49 am
reporting a clear sky. all this come back to the coast by noon and then hangs out at the coast, even pockets of sunshine developing there. that's why the 50s, gone, 60s and 70s around the bay with 70s and a few 80s the south bay and 80s and 90s the east bay valleys. everyone else the mid to upper 80s. low to mid-70s, south bay mid to upper 70. everybody on the peninsula in the low to mid-70s. low to mid-60s abeing lo the coast, downtown south san francisco and sausalito mid-60s with sunshine. 80 in novato. everybody else mid to upper 70s in the north bay valleys. temperatures around 60 degrees. we'll have 73 at santa cruz. about 63 monterey. the 80 degree mark hollister with mid-80s in morgan hill and gilroy. game first pitch at the coliseum
6:50 am
7:05. temperature 64, dropping to 60 and continue to drop as the mist and drizzle develops tonight. temperatures 60 fortes all of us. cooler air mass will brings us the mist and drizzle not only friday morning but saturday morning and drop our temperatures 4 to 8 degrees by saturday. breezy and slightly drier sunday and calmer, sunny and warmer for monday, tuesday and wednesday. you guys have done a great job sending us some video. we would love to have more. upload it to thank you. here's frances. >> good news now. the earlier accident reported in fremont has been cleared. northbound 880, no lanes blocked. mass transit systems reporting no delays. back to san francisco, where a lot of people are heading to at&t park for the auditions. traffic jammed from 280 on to king street as well as south
6:51 am
bound embarcadero out to the park. a lot of folks heading there. just making your way into downtown san francisco where we have a love shot of the toll plaza. delay-free. nice and quiet. we'll head to the south bay and check out the 280 and 17 interchange. no slowing through the downtown area. a pocket on north 101 where you're under the speed limit, just the usual. check out the golden gate bridge, the north bay commute. just a bit foggy but not slow at all. get the latest traffic conditions as they change by going to and you'll find the bay area traffic link under abc 7 extras. kristen. >> ryan seacrest actually tweeted about shooting idol in san francisco. a number printed on fas trak may get a recording directing them to a phone sex line.
6:52 am
s transponders issued by the transportation commission before 2002 has an old phone number printed on it. that number has since been taken over by a 99 cent a minute hot talks line. the transponders issued after 202 have the correct fas trak number. couldn't say how many fas trak accounts currently in use have the wrong number on it. >> that's why they call it life in the fast lane. the boom rang roller-coaster at sixflags will be back up and running today. the coaster got stuck yesterday on an incline. nobody was hurt but took park workers an hour to get them to climb up a line to a catwalk. >> they waited the whole ride. because we were on the ride and waiting in line, two. people were stuck up there the entire time sitting there. >> sixflags says people on the ride received a bottle of water while they waited to be
6:53 am
evacuated. a new state law this morning that makes adults legally responsible for giving alcohol to teenagers in social settings. governor schwarzenegger signed a bill yesterday making parents liable. the adults could face civil lawsuits if the young people are injured or worse if they died from alcohol-related factors. california was one of a handful of states that prohibited civil lawsuits. >> if you wondered what it was like to cruise the bay in style, here's your chance to dream. what we spotted in sausalito yesterday. a 390 foot yacht owned by a russian billionaire. it's valued at a mere $300 million. yep. here's what the interior looks like. the yacht features 23,000 square feet of living space, three swimming pools and a 23,000 horsepower engine. comes with bomb-proof glass and
6:54 am
a fingerprint security system. he made his fortune selling a lot of fertilizer. >> police are stepping up security at a south bay elementary school after finding a threat scrolled on a campus door. >> theresa garcia is live in santa clara with more. theresa? >> good morning. the campus is in a quiet residential area. but today and most likely tomorrow people will notice much more activity around here, that of more police officers patrolling the area and the reason is a bomb threat. a graffiti message was found on a school door that threatened an explosive device to be set off tomorrow, august 20th. the santa clara unified school district discovered the threatening message scrawled on a door august 4th. while it's unclear whether this is a juvenile prank, police are taking it seriously, investigating and adding security. monday, the first day of school
6:55 am
the superintendent sent parents a letter advising them of the threat and the precautions they're taking. the watchful eyes of parents and officers, police will monitor the area around the 12-acre campus. briarwood elementary will remain open but certainly perhaps it will be a little more tension now that you've got the parents of 400 students here notified and most likely they'll be on high alert. live in santa clara, theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> theresa, thank you. >> all dmv locations and other state offices will be closed tomorrow as a result of a california supreme court ruling reinstating governor schwarzenegger's furlough friday program. he's ordered 144,000 state workers to take three unpaid days off a month until there's a budget. government and democrats are at odds how to eliminate a $19 billion deficit. >> the last american combat troops have pulled out of iraq well ahead of president obama's
6:56 am
august 31st deadline. the 4th striker brigade crossed over to kuwait last night after seven years of war. >> one last check of weather. let's check with mike. >> still gray out there. >> it sure is. and we have a little mist abeing lo the peninsula and along the coast. 32 minute flight arrival delays into sfo and 55 a very popular number. napa, fairfield, concord, san ramon, oakley, pleasanton. san jose 59, novato 52. this afternoon we will see the 90s return. antioch and also clear lake with upper 80s around cloverdale, concord, fairfield, livermore. mid-80s around morgan hill. you notice how it gets cooler closest to the bay. san jose about 77. napa and santa rosa, nice. mid to upper 60s san francisco and richmond. 64 half moon bay. we'll see pockets of sunshine around the coast today. tonight clouds roll back in and
6:57 am
a moist air mass that will bring us more mist and drizzle and reinforce the cooling trend tomorrow and even more so on saturday. the warmer day of the weekend sunday but still cooler than average. next week we could be back to normal. >> chp heading to a new accident reported in the mcarthur maze westbound 580 at highway 24 blocking the right lane. here's the bay bridge toll plaza. it's been so quiet this thursday morning. no trouble at all headed into san francisco via the bay bridge. but there are a few slow spots for you. here the top three slow drive times. lone tree way to 242, 26 minutes. westbound 580 about half an hour now from 205 as you make your way through the altamont pass through the 680 interkhan and slowest traffic heading to downtown san jose and traffic is jammed heading to the america idol auditions at at&t park. now we're hearing go stalls at northbound 280. a lot of folks headed there. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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