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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  August 20, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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neal karlinsky, abc news, at joint ♪ in the news this friday morning an american airlines flight to new york sits on the tarmac at sfo for hours after a threat. turns out to be bogus but passengers are still trying to get to their destinations this morning. >> $150 million and counting. police find hundreds of pounds of narcotics in a home in gilroy. the home turns out to be a lot more than they expected. >> notice parts of the bay bridge, stronger sea breezes here. kinds of cool and misty this morning. how much cooler it's going to be this weekend. >> even though it's friday, there have already been a few accidents earlier this morning. here's the 280/17 interchange where traffic is light but lanes are blocked due to an earlier
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problem. >> and state offices across california are closed today. the first of what could be many furlough fridays. state workers are being forced to take unpaid days off because of the budget battle in sacramento. good friday morning, everybody. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm kristen sze. topping our news this morning, some travelers who are passengers on a new york-bound flight that was grounded at sfo are still waiting to leave. authorities now say the hijacking phone threats turned out not to be credible and some are wondering if the f.b.i. reaction added up to racial profiling. here's wayne friedman with more what agents have learned. >> sonya, her parents and sister would have been arriving home in the south of france right now. they are refugees from american airlines flight 24 that spent most of the day on the tarmac with 163 passengers on board. >> the pilot came on a couple times and eventually said there was a security threat that they thought was credible.
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>> a little scary, yeah. we didn't know exactly what was happening. >> the crisis began across the bay in alameda at about 9 a.m. with an unanimous call to the hampton inn and suites. >> my desk clerk received the phone call. lasted about 45 seconds. the phone call went on like say rant. very jumbled. kind of made no sense. the only thing he was able to gather from it was american airlines flight 24 and hijack. >> the hotel called police who alerted sfo police who stopped the plane before it could take off. they sent it to a remote part of the airport, boarded from the rear and removed two passengers in handcuffs. matthew hoffman took these pictures. >> they came in and came in rather quickly and went straight to that individual on the other side of the plane. spoke to him a little built. asked him to stand up, asked if he had belongings with them. >> then as we see in this
4:33 am video from new yorker jay sears, police took passengers off six at a time, frisked them and put them on buses to a holding area. seven hours after leaving the gate bound for jfk they returned to the terminal at sfo where ticket agents booked them on to new flights. among them the two passengers police removed from the plane in handcuffs. not a threat after all apparently. >> from sfo, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> santa clara county federal agents have put an immigration hold on three men. investigators believe they are members of the mexican drug cartel after authorities seized 400 pounds of crittal methamphetamine and more than four pounds of cocaine yesterday in gilroy. this is video by the gilroy dispatch. drug agency still in buckets and with the purest highest quality form of meth. the drugs have a street value of between 100 and $150 million. the sacramento county sheriff's department led the bust after launching the investigation more
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than a year ago. federal agents believe the house was the center of a massive drug raid. >> say lot of dope. when you're talking about 400 pounds and that's pure. that's about 95 to 98% pure methamphetamine. that could have messed up a lot of people's lives. >> authorities also raided six other locations in sacramento and modesto yesterday, all tied to the three suspects at the gilroy home. the santa clara sheriff's department released those photos of the suspects. they're being held at the santa clara county jail. the suspects are all mexican nationals who have been living at the home about a year. >> it's 4:34. san francisco police investigating the city's third fatal shooting in less than 24 hours. this latest homicide happened just after midnight. we're told an 18-year-old man shot at the sitting housing complex on alameda boulevard and died nearby. no word from police about suspects or motives. last night a 19-year-old man was killed in the oceanview neighborhood and yesterday
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morning a 26-year-old man was fatally shot during on argument in the tenderloin district. >> police hope witnesses will lead them to two men who walked up to a 16-year-old boy and shot him to death at a bus stop in broad daylight. it happened while the victim waited for his mother to pick him up on west mcdonald avenue in the iron triangle. just finished a student orientation at the high school. the passengers had just pulled away before the shooting and there were many other potential witnesses. >> this is a very busy, major thoroughfare. 10:00 in the morning. so a lot of people out. that's why we're hoping that we'll get some witnesses and some people who actually come forward and tell us what happened. >> i saw a man run by and he had a gun and i described him to the police, 25, 30 and blue jean and a black hoodie. >> police did find a gun about a block away from the scene and are conduct the lab tests to see if it was used in that shooting. >> the santa clara county
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sheriffs office is investigating the death of a concertgoer last night in the mountain winery in saratoga. witnesses say a man jumped off the roof near the lighting rig and dove on to the stage landing next to the lead singer. some thought it was part of the act. doctors in the audience tried unsuccessfully to revive the man. >> furlough fridays return to california today and that means you're going to see closed signs hanging in places like the dmv. 150,000 state workers are being forced to take an unpaid day off, this comes after the state supreme court rules furloughs can resume while they decide governor schwarzenegger has the authority to impose them. he believes the furlough days he's forced workers to take save the state $150 million per month. they will hear more argumentless next month. >> it looks like menlo park will lose the bid to move the rail from the peninsula to the east bay. the two cities wanted the routes to come up but stopped short of
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most of the peninsula by turning east at the dumbarton bridge. in a tentative ruling yesterday, a judge said he intends to deny the request. oral argument were expected for today when the judge expected to issue a final ruling. the high-speed rail authority is applauding the decision. >> firefighters making progress against a brush fire in riverside county. the fire burning south. plans have spread over 25 acres and the fire's only 15% contained right now. the blaze broke out shortly before 8:00 last night near the communed of willedmarch. it threated half a dozen homes but has burned southwest away from the buildings and they are no longer at risk. the course of that fire is under investigation. >> outside to our cool weather. >> yeah. reducing that fire danger. looking for the positive, mike. >> absolutely. yeah, we haven't had to worry about it whatsoever. and we may have to a little next weekend when the temperatures start to climb once again. but for today bearing right
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down, the cooling trend as we look for the weekend. clouds rolling in right now bringing mist along with some drizzle, especially at the coast. temperatures coolest up in the north bay valleys, low to mid-50s here. mid to upper 50s in most of our neighborhoods, sunnyvale 60 and the hills around los gatos 67 degrees. compared to 24 hours ago, we're cooler in napa by 4 degrees, santa rosa 2 because the clouds are getting a slower start there. same thing around concord and livermore. pretty much around the bay and the coast we're going to feel the same as we did yesterday morning. we have mid to upper 60s this afternoon, san francisco, oakland, richmond. cooling trend because the clouds will take an hour and a half, two hours longer to get back to the coast. not as much sunshine today, 59 half moon bay. low to mid-80s in the east bay valleys. your seven-day forecast, temperatures drop about 4 to 6 degrees today, another 4 degrees tomorrow. breezy and not quite as cool on sunday and then our warmest days
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monday and tuesday but then another cooling trend begins on wednesday and thursday. frances, you have an accident already? >> yeah, mike. we had a few early this morning but we just checked with the chp and one has been cleared. southbound 280 at 10th street all lanes now open following an accident that happened quite a while ago. northbound 280 at 87, you will find an accident where a car drove off the freeway and down the embankment. and westbound 24 heading to the caldecott, an earlier accident cleared right there. we'll check out the golden gate bridge. the chp did issue a fog advisory for the golden gate bridge but right now you can see fairly well across the span. traffic is pretty light. terry, kristen. >> frances, thanks very much. >> still ahead on the abc 7 morning news, a south bay family who lost their young son to a drunk driver helps launch a dui crackdown with a tearful plea. >> the turn of a key reduces a a
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welcome back, everybody. 4:41 this friday morning. looking from our camera out in emeryville. you can see that we've got some overcast. you can see that the traffic's moving nicely and we're going to have much more on both of them coming up in just a couple minutes. >> an end of the summer crackdown on drunk drivers underway in two counties. santa clara launched avoid the 13 campaign yesterday with an emotional plea of a boy killed by a drunk driver. he urged people to think twice before they drink and drive. >> my family's not the same. because we miss our son very much. because he was a very happy child. >> in addition to the crackdown
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in santa clara county, 25 contra costa law enforcement agencies will be out in full force looking for drunk drivers as well as starting today both campaigns run through labor day weekend. >> a letter carrier is a little shaken but otherwise okay after the mail truck she was driving exploded when she turned on the ignition. take a look at these pictures from sky 7 hd. not much left. the explosion happened yesterday afternoon. this happens in los altos's hills. >> it was a natural gas leak directly under the vehicle. pg&e crews were aware of it and actually responding to take care of the issue. >> the postal service tells us it will notify people who may have had letters and packages aboard that truck. the carrier was at the end of her route and the truck contained about 100 pieces of mail. >> good thing she's okay. >> she's okay, yeah. >> 4:43.
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still ahead on the abc 7 morning news, the major new effort being announced today to try to bring peace through israel and the palestinians. >> bringing democrats and republicans together in sacramento. coming up what lawmakers are doing to rein in outrageous government pay. >> and the benefit the bay area's getting from this unusually cool weather. >> there's another one. and the popular drink that new research says may give women an this is the back to school list. the cost always makes mom freak. mommy. mom, the back to school list is here. looks expensive. graphing calculator, flash drives... that was easy. [ male announcer ] get back to school and back to savings on everything on your list at staples.
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all right. welcome back. let's take a look at some temperatures if you're traveling across the lower 48. portland 76, phoenix 108. focus on dallas. we talked about it a lot lately but every day this month but one their temperature has been over 100 degrees. and that's not factoring in what it feels like when you add the
4:47 am
humidity. let's talk about severe weather. there's a possibility minneapolis, kansas city, st. louis, chicago and milwaukee. right now no delays at major airports across the lower 48 but when you're traveling or when we're not on, you can go to our flight tracker at kristen. >> mike, thanks a lot. israel and the palestinians are getting ready to talk again for the first time in two years. "the new york times" reports today secretary of state hillary clinton will announce negotiations in the peace process for the first time in 20 months. the times says president obama will invite officials from both sides to the white house next month to begin the talks. >> we should find out today if singer whitecliff sean will be allowed to run for president of haiti. the hip-hop artist said he is hopeful the electoral council will rule in his favor and let him run for president. the problem is his residency. haiti requires a presidential
4:48 am
candidate to live in haiti five years before taking office. john moved to new york when he was nine, says he meets that requirement. >> the outrage over exorbitant salaries paid to public officials in a small town. that kind of abuse of public money never happens again. but they're still not able to agree on the overdue state budget. abc 7's capital correspondent nanette miranda reports. >> from republicans -- >> and we are trying to do our best -- >> to democrats. >> that government should never be done in the dark. >> state lawmakers show bipartisan outrage over the excessive pay the stid of bell gave its leaders, including former city manager robert rizzo who made nearly 800,000 a year. sacramento is pushing a package of six bills preventing other cities from offering similar compensation. >> bell officials violated that trust, abused their privilege
4:49 am
and committed an unforgivable offense. >> the crackdown on excessive pay includes requiring charter citiless like bell to be penalized for paying more than allowed for traditional cities. anything above would be slashed with a 50% personal income tax banning automatic raises and limiting severance pay to no more than one year's salary. but some wonder why lawmakers can't come together the same way on a state budget which is now almost two months late. california is on the brink of issuing iou's again. a new round of furloughs begins and public schools are starting without knowing how much they're getting. members of the disabled community blocked a major capital street to protest budget cuts to their services. no budget means they don't know what to plan for. >> they definitely should be working on the budget. no question about it. when people's lives and their whole family situations are at stake, then the budget needs to be worked on. >> state leaders point out they can work on multiple issues at
4:50 am
the same time. >> i don't think that we should hold out creating these reform that is are essential just because we haven't resolved all the elements of the budget yet. >> the scandal came to light just a few weeks ago when the speaker vowed that crackdown proposals will be approved by the end of the month. he couldn't say the same for the state budget. nanette miranda, abc 7 news. >> bay area residents who like hot summers may be disappointed with the one we're having but they went be disappointed to learn the cooler weather translates to a cleaner air. get this. the nine-county bay area is on pace to enjoy one of its least smoggy years on record with not once violation of the federal public health standard for smog. it's also the first year without a single spare the air advisory in the warm season. then again, the warm season goes until december 30th so still time for one of those but so far, so good, so clean. that's the up side to the cooler
4:51 am
summer. >> keeping on eye on that with my weather blog and blurb in the mercury news. we're not out of the woods but definitely not looking good for us to have very many, is it. >> no. let's take a deep breath and enjoy it. >> getting hot. is that why you got your haircut. >> it looks nice. >> thank you so much. but i like your forecast. pretty cool? >> thanks for mentioning the haircut. appreciate that. >> she wanted to mention it. >> looks very nice, kristen. >> thank you. 4:51 this morning. going to get a little warmer next week. trying to get kristen to the pool a couple more times before the kids go back to school. you know we have clouds out there, a little mist and drizzle. and we're still stuck in the 50s. now the valleys around los gatos are 52. we give you both temperatures sometimes in the hills like we did last time where it was still in the 60s giving you an idea
4:52 am
how the cold air sinks at night and allows the warm air to rise. always warmer, about 2500 feet in the morning this time than down at the ground. here's a look at monterey bay and inland. clouds on the increase. low to mid-50s also. highlights, we have afternoon sunshine today and a cooler breeze arrives to keep news that clean air. cloudy tonight, mist and drizzle will develop in more areas around the bay and the coolest weather tomorrow. the warmest right after the weekend, monday and tuesday. let's talk about today. notice the clouds still making an eastward push through 8:00 and then they start to retreat. but notice how at noon they're still hanging around the bay. that's the difference between yesterday and today. then we head to the afternoon. we have clouds along the coast. let's sunshine than yesterday and about 5 degrees. 60s and 70s around the bay, 70s and 80s inland. the 90s from yesterday all but gone. even brentwood, 89. we'll add oakland to those areas
4:53 am
that will stay in the 60s today along with berkeley and richmond. the rest of the east bay shore throw mid-70s. still possibly near 80 in saratoga and los gatos. millbrae back in the 60s today, 68. everybody else low to mid-70s on the peninsula. 60s along the coast but downtown, sausalito, pockets of sunshine, still mid-60s. upper 70s north bay valleys. 90s around clear lake and ukiah. 72 santa cruz. low to mid-80s with sunshine in our inland valleys. around the state we're going to hit the 80s tahoe. about 100 fresno. yosemite 104. quick look at tonight's forecast for the a's and the rays. cooler than it was last night. 7:05 first pitch, about 63 degrees. into the game about 59. look at tomorrow. a little struggle for our warmest temperatures that only hit 80 inland.
4:54 am
mid to upper 60s around the bay. about 6 to 8 degrees warmer monday and tuesday where the heat peaks mid-90s inland and upper 60s at the coast. frances, good morning. >> good morning, mike, everyone. we start with a live shot of bay bridge toll plaza. you always see a few folks trying to beat the 5:00 rush before the tolls go up to $6 so they'll save a couple bucks. a minor backup for some of the cash-paying lanes. the san mateo bridge, traffic is fine. no delays in either direction. that's westbound traffic moving towards the high rise. let's head to the north bay now and check out 101 for you. southbound traffic looking good. northbound 101 at roland, an earlier car fire has been cleared. in the south bay we'll show you the 101 at 880 interchange. the southbound lanes traffic is light but there may be lanes blocked from 880 until 6:00 this morning for road work that's been scheduled. you can always find out if there's anything that will slow you down on your way to work, accidents or road work, just go
4:55 am
to terry? >> frances, thanks a lot. police across the bay area say they issued more than 1600 tickets during a zero tolerance crackdown on texting and cellphoning while driving. 1,542 citations were issued for talking on a hand-held cellphone. folks, one day. this is just wednesday. 77 drivers were ticketed for texting. and one for reading the newspaper while driving. >> how convenient. >> was anybody watching tv? who knows? the fine is around $150 depending how many times you've been cited before. officers issued 2500 tickets. one thing to remember dialing a number on the phone keypad and talking on the car blue truth is a zero tolerance law violation. you can only make voice-activated calls while driving. >> good to know. >> you did not know that. >> the center for diseases control says it expects the number of salmonella cases from
4:56 am
tainted eggs to grow. 2,000 cases have already been reported. the cbc expects a recall of at least another 100 million eggs from iowa's wright county egg company. 380 million have already been recalled. the fda says the source of the salmonella may be contaminated chicken feed. to see if the eggs in your fridge are reflected in the recall, go to we have the planted numbers and dates on "see it on tv." women looking for more mental muscle might want to try a glass of wine. according to a recent study out of norway, wine gives women a bit of an intellectual edge over men. >> make you a genius. >> hey, the so-called study tested more than 5,000 men and women over seven years. the research shows women who dank wine four or more times over a two-week period were better on cognitive tests than those who drank only one glass during that same time. one reason may be due to polly
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fennals or antioxidants in wine. another reason could be the alcohol itself which helps blood circulation. of course, you know, i don't drink. maybe that's my problem. >> abc 7 news at 5:00, the environmental end run san francisco leaders are trying to make to beat the deadline for the america's cup bid. >> a massive methamphetamine bust shocks even veteran drug agents. theresa garcia live in gilroy, this is a bust that goes beyond the county, even beyond this country. we'll explain what they found just ahead. >> and hijack threats sends a jetliner into isolation at sfo. still ahead, the four-hour drama that ended with a coupl ♪ [ female announcer ] yoplait's real fruit and the goodness of dairy... gives you a little slice of happy. and happess comes in 25 delicious flavors.
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