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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 20, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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good morning. i'm theresa garcia live in gilroy where a massive drug bust goes down. it has links to a mexican drug cartel. this could be the largest bust in northern california history. we'll explain what they found just ahead. the santa clara san francisco's department has stopped its search for pot farms after new information is revealed in a police shooting. >> a suspected dui driver leaves an early morning path of destruction on a quiet street. >> we're watching the clouds roll in this morning. they have mist, they have drizzle and they have cooler weather for our weekend. an update on that and also the warming trend for next week.
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>> all right. live shot bay bridge toll plaza. still looking good. friday light but a new accident that came in on westbound 80 for folks coming out of davis heading towards the bay area. i'll have those details coming up. >> good morning, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm kristen sze. thank you for joining us. our top story, three suspects are being held in santa clara county jail charged with running one of the largest methamphetamine operations local drug agents have ever seen. theresa garcia joins us live from where the bust took place and a new discovery agents made late last night. theresa. >> parking lot sacramento county sheriff's department actually launched this investigation more than a year ago and they led to the bust. they believe this house here behind me was the center of a massive drug ring with connections to mexico. the illegal activity here wasn't just limited to drugs. they also seized evidence of cockfighting and made three arrests. now, here are the pictures, the
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booking photos of the suspect. they're all mexican nationals who have been living at the gilroy home about a year. federal agents have put an immigration hold on the three who this morning remain in custody at the santa clara county jail. this is exclusive video taken by the gilroy dispatch. it shows room after room filled with buckets and bins of the purest highest quality form of crystal methamphetamine. during the thursday early morning bust at the home, drug agents from multiple agencies seized about 450 pounds of meth, 40 pounds of cocaine and four firearms. the street value of the drugs seized is massive, between 100 to $150 million. neighboring residents had no idea this was going on behind closed doors. >> i'm shocked. there was hardly ever any traffic here. there was hardly anyone out there. i'm really surprised. >> typically these guys are all carrying guns and being much more brazen about protecting
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their investment. >> investigators believe the suspects arrested are mid to upper level players in a mexican drug cartel which they're not naming. they also believe cockfighting was going on in the backyard. the cages and chickens were also seized at the home. they raided six other locations in sacramento and modesto, all tied to the three suspects in gilroy. investigators are saying this is probably one of the largest busts in northern california history. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> an investigation has determined a man shot and killed by santa clara sheriff deputies and during a marijuana raid last month was armed with a pellet gun. mercury news reports the sheriff's department has halted all exploratory missions to find marijuana growing operations while it reviews procedures. they were scouting near morgan hill when they came across a man of east palo alto. he did not drop his rifle as
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ordered so they opened fire. unable to tell the pellet gun was not a rifle. >> police detained a suspected drunk driver after he smashed into three parked cars, a tree, an awning and a house overnight. the suspect was traveling at high speeds and lost control of his s.u.v. just at 12:30 on sequoia avenue, a quiet residential area. the house did not suffer structure damage. the family was home at the time but fortunately nobody inside was hurt. the driver was taken away by paramedics and ultimately given a citation by police. no other injuries. extra security for the santa clara police department at briarwood elementary. graffiti found on the door at the school on august 4th included a threat to create an explosion of some kind on campus today. earlier this week the superintendent sent letters to parents telling them about the threats and the extra precautions. school officials say they expect classes to go on as normal.
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>> oakland police are investigating a report by a woman who says she was raped in a downtown parking garage right behind city hall yesterday about midday. the victim thinks she may have seen her attacker recently near lake merit and 14th street. she describes him as missing a front tooth, also wearing large, dark sunglasses and large black head phones around his neck. >> the first known medical marijuana dispensary has opened in central and eastern contra costa county. herbal essence is in concord in a one-story building with no signs advertising the dispensary. the business licensed as an alternative healing center is providing medical pot. the city has banned dispensaries. the city is investigating legal options since california law allows medical marijuana. the federal law bans it. >> 6:05 right now. san jose officials say the
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nonprofit group that runs several downtown buildings has been cut off from public funding after allegations of mismanagement. team san jose has a cd to manage several buildings including the san jose convention center, the center for performing arts and the san jose auditorium. officials restrict access to public funds after the group unexpectedly overshot its budget by $750,000. >> san francisco officials are trying to get an exception to state environmental law to meet a deadline to bid on the america's cup race. san francisco has six weeks to present a formal proposal to host the america's cup race. the cup considered the most prestigious title in sailing was won by oracle chief larry he will son's team in february. mayor newsom has briefed environmentalists on a proposal to host the next race. the proposal includes plans to create shoreside facilities for yachts, gear and support services.
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the mayor says it's likely the city would not be selected to host the cup without legislative help. >> i have a friend in san diego who was around when they hosted the cup and she was saying it changes everything. it means so much to the community and its lasting effect. major money. >> we'll see if we get lucky, fingers crossed. let's check with mike and see if we can get lucky with the weather for those of you who like it cool. >> definitely your day today. tomorrow if you like it warmer, we have that in the forecast, too. if you're heading out now, sunnyvale, 61. hills around los gatos 60. the coolest temperatures in the valleys where we see the cloud cover move in a little later this morning, napa, santa rosa 51. mid to upper 50s to the bay and 52 half moon bay. compared to yet, you can see where the clouds took the longest to move in. that's why it's cooler in santa rosa and napa. 2 degrees warmer in sunnyvale.
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outside the north bay, things where they were yesterday other than the fact the clouds have a little more moisture. more mist around the bay bridge, the golden gate bridge. along the coast even by 8:00. by noon everything's dry. clearing with mid to upper 60s around the bay. already mid to upper 70s. still cloudy at the coast into san francisco with upper 50s to near 60 degrees. we drop about 4 to 6 degrees today, another 4 to 6 degree tumble tomorrow with our coolest conditions. then we'll start warming on sunday and by monday we're nearly 10 to 15 degrees warmer than we were just 48 hours ago. have a great day unless your traveling. frances, accident? >> a couple new ones. one involving a motorcycle. it's a little farther north out of davis, westbound 80, highway 113 north. this one is now in the center divide. hopefully it doesn't cause too much trouble but this accident
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in the napa area sounds pretty serious. a head-on collision. not on a highway but on solano avenue on hoffman lane. lanes will probably be blocked for some time. you may not want to travel now between woodside and la honda. there's an earlier accident. they're trying to clear it but it is blocking all lanes on la honda road at glass ranch. >> the record find for one of the world's largest airlines. >> dialing for dollars. the program that could have you paying for groceries with your smart phone. >> new
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good friday morning. it's 6:12. if you're just getting up, a live look outside. nice way to wake up. gorgeous shot of the embarcadero here. traffic moving. gray clouds as you can see, a little misty again for drivers
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out there but we've got beautiful temperatures coming our way that mike is eager to tell you about coming up. >> all right. way to sell it. american airlines will be fined a record $25 million or more for maintenance problems that forced it to cancel thousands of flights in april 2008. this according to the "wall street journal." the fine stems from improper electrical wiring around the landing gear of many of american's planes. it was forced to ground its entire fleet of md-80 jets while mechanics fix that problem. >> time for the must-reads. the l.a. times says republican excitement in the government's race is reined in by concerns over candidate meg whitman. gop members are gathering in san diego beginning today for their state party convention and some say they're worried because whitman has moved to the left on illegal immigration and climate change since winning the primary. >> the san francisco chronicle reports a state agency allowed
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welfare recipients to get cash benefits at gambling places. governor schwarzenegger has known about this from 2006 when it first considered banning the practice. there is now a ban but it's rarely enforced. the governor's office says he had no idea until a news report back in june. >> we posted a link to complete articles on our website, >> the days of the paper savings bond are coming to an end. the last paper bond will be issued this year. all savings bonds will be sold, kept and redeemed from now on online. all part of the treasury's plan to save money and go green. the change will most affect those who buy bonds through the payroll savings program and grandparents who light to give it to their kids, mail it to them at christmastime. they will need to set up an account an they will have the opportunity to buy any of the bonds sold on
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the site and not be restricted to the savings bond. a big test is am could go for the so-called digital wallet. bank of america and visa plan a test program to let customers pay for purchases with smart phones. the trial will begin next month in new york. customers would simply bump or wave their phone at checkout. major u.s. banks, technology company and cellphones are jockeying for the lead in technology and some say to become a primary means of every day purchases. you had an interesting observation. >> no, if the phone were so smart, i want it to stop me from making purchases i'll regret. talk to me! do you really need to spend that money? >> three hundred bucks for a sweater, are you kidding me! >> don't enable me, stop me! talk to mike about the weather forecast. i said roller-coaster but technically you have to go up
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first. >> we went up yesterday. now we're going to down and hit bottom tomorrow. we'll go back up again monday and tuesday as the summer swing continues. quite a bit of temperature swings we don't normally associate with summer. but the summer hasn't been normal, has it. clouds getting thicker by the minute as that new sea breeze strengthens and increases the moisture. that's why we have mist and drizzle this morning and temperatures mid to upper 50s from the bay into the east bay valleys. about 60 san jose. low 60s up in the north bay valleys and along the coast. along the monterey bay, same kind of conditions. temperatures a little cooler. low to mid-50s. here's a look at our highlights. we'll have sunshine this afternoon when that cooler breeze arrives. cloudy tonight, more widespread mist and drizzle for your saturday morning and saturday afternoon will be the coolest in the forecast and the warmest monday and tuesday. how quickly we turn it around. sunday the transition day. we had high pressure yesterday. warm weather but now being
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replaced by this tropical low pressure steering this cool front and its counterclockwise wind and bringing that cooler sea breeze into our forecast today and more so tomorrow. in fact, let's take a look at temperatures in the south bay. mid to upper 70s. 82 los gatos. or saratoga, 83 los gatos. 77 san jose. on the peninsula we drop down into the upper 60s in millbrae. low to mid-70s for the rest of us. back to the upper 50s along the coast. downtown south san francisco mid-50s. upper 60s your north bay beaches but mid to upper 70s in your valleys. along the east bay shore, richmond, berkeley, oakland in the 60s with low to mid-70s elsewhere. may hit 89 in brentwood. that's the closest we'll get to 90. wid spread 90s from yesterday gone. low to mid-80s hollister, gilroy. mid-60s around monterey. 72 in santa cruz. for tonight cloud cover, more
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widespread. temperatures still in the low to mid-50s. through the north bay into the bay, into the east bay valleys and also out at the coast maybe mid to upper 50s in the south bay. your accu-weather seven-day forecast. drop about 4 to 6 degrees today. drop another 4 to 6 degrees tomorrow. guess what? sunday's a little drier, the breeze a little warmer. we add those 4 to 6 degrees. warmest day of the weekend and monday and tuesday mid-90s inland. upper 60s along the coast before temperatures settle down about 4 degrees for wednesday and thursday. have a great weekend. frances following several accidents. >> yeah, mike. one of them westbound 80 out of the davis area at highway 113 north. it's in the center divide. in the distance with this live shot of interstate 80, you can see those gray clouds but westbound 80, traffic looking good down to bay bridge toll plaza where there are no delays right now. friday light. well, okay, i take that back. a slight delay for some of the
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cash-paying lanes. maybe one or two lanes halfway through the parking lot. san mateo bridge looking good in both directions. now, on the peninsula, the earlier accident on la honda road has finally been cleared. no delays between la honda and woodside. let's check out the golden gate bridge. traffic light. 101 fine in san rafael as we show you that live shot as well. the drive time now from novato to the golden gate bridge from highway 37 is just 20 minutes. the south bay, 101 and 880 interchange. no problems at all in the south bay. there are a few slow spots, of course. westbound 4, lone tree way to 242. not bad. 16 minutes. you can get more drive times by going to our website, it's under the bay area traffic link. terry, kristen. >> frances, thanks a lot. >> as summer draws to a close we all consider what needs to be done including cleaning out the gutters to get ready for the stormy season. >> cleaning gutters isn't just a
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nasty job. working on a ladder can be take russ. 200,000 people land in e.r.'s with ladder-related injuries. >> gutter guards that promise to free you from climbing up to clean those gutters. >> installing gutter guards on your home is supposed to spare you the hassle of cleaning your gutters. professional installer sayless without guards you can run into trouble. >> gutters clog, they overflow. you don't have them cleaned now, you're ruining the siding on the building. you got water in the basement. >> hooked up hoses and pipes to simulate different amounts of rainfall. outdoors for more than a year. there were several times. >> we had a surface tension pipe which is really a cover. this laws the water to follow the surface and go into the gutter and the debris falls to the ground and doesn't get in the gutter. >> the surface tension guards "consumer reports" tested had a hard time handling a severe downpour. another type, this made of foam,
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is inserted into the gutter. >> the inserts weren't good for keeping out debris and that can lead to clogging. >> there were streams from big holes. this let debris in. this collapsed into the gutter. which guards did work well? this plastic screen from amermack, model 85198. very good keeping debris out and water in. consumer report says paying to have someone install your gutter guards will run you between one and $500. that's far less than paying for a proinstallation system. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> 6:21. coming up, the safest h@h@
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the most powerful half-ton crew in america has a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles. chevy silverado half-ton a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings around $5,800.
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welcome back. a vallejo company has unveiled one of the largest eco friendly buildings. meyer corporation unveiled its warehouse in fairfield yesterday. builders made use of recycled materials in the construction of the facility. check it out. a network of cranes can move cargo pallets to where they're needed in a warehouse. it can house up to 66,000 pallets. it was built of steel storage racks higher than other facilities to reduce the amount of horizontal space the building will occupy. meyers sells kitchen products. >> one of the safest cities in the countries for kids. wisconsin number one. san francisco number three, followed by virginia beach and spokecan, washington. one heft least safest, jacksonville, florida, number one. bakersfield is 4th, modesto
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fifth, fresno number 8. has factors including the death rate of kids agents 5 through 14. >> 6:26. still ahead at 6:30. the return of a key that turned some bay area mail into ash. the case of an exploding postal truck. >> racial profiling and some passengers still awaiting to leave sfo after a plane is halted after a hijacking threat. the latest on the investigation coming up. >> why a trip to the dmv would simply be a waste of your time today. >> also drugs and chick conditions all partly of a massive bust in gilroy. we'll explain what the connection is to a mexican drug cartel and what this drug bust means up ahead. >> good news out of sfo. even with the clouds no flight delays but should be some soon and delays
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> good morning, the bell is ringing to start the trading day on wall street. investors continue to sell off over worries about the pace of the economic recovery. investors are finding little reason to buy today. we'll check in at the new york stock exchange live in about 15 minutes. >> the story gets more disturbing this morning after local drug agents busted the largest methamphetamine operation they've ever seen. theresa garcia is live in gilroy where the investigation continues. theresa, you're hearing investigators made another discovery last night? >> oh, yeah. it wasn't just drugs, terry. there were also chickens involved and this they believe was evidence connected to cockfighting. the investigators do say this could be one of the largest busts in northern california history.
6:31 am
the street value of the drug seized, 100 to $150 million. they also made three arrests. we're going to show you exclusive video that comes from the gilroy dispatch. it shows rooms in the house filled with buckets of bins of the highest quality form of crystal methamphetamine. drug agents and multiple agencies seized about 450 pounds of meth, more than 40 pounds of cocaine and two firearms. they also seized cages and chickens from the home and believe cockfighting was going on in the backyard. as for the drugs, investigators say their finds may have saved lives. >> a lot of dope. you start talking about 400 pounds and that's pure. that's about 95 to 98% pure methamphetamine. that could have messed up a lot of people's lives. >> the sacramento sheriff's department led the bust after launching the investigation a year ago. investigators believe the house was the center of a massive drug ring which begins in mexico and the suspects are mid to upper
6:32 am
level players in a american drug cartel which they're not naming. these are the booking photos of the suspects. they're all mexican nationals who have been living at the gilroy home for about a year. and the federal agents have put an immigration hold on the three who this morning remain at the santa clara county jail. investigators also raided six other locations in sacramento and modesto and they all are tied to the three suspects in this gilroy home. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> thanks a lot. it's 6:32. san francisco police are investigating the city's third fatal shooting in less than 24 hours. the latest homicide happened after midnight. a man in his twenties was shot and killed outside the housing complex. police have been canvassing that surrounding neighborhood trying to find possible witnesses. it's the third deadly shooting
6:33 am
in 24 hours. last night a 19-year-old man was killed in the city's oceanview neighborhood and early yesterday morning a 26-year-old man was fatally shot during an argument in the tenderloin district. >> police hope witnesses will step forward and lead them to at least two men who walked up to a 16-year-old boy and shot him to death at a bus stop in broad day late. happened when the victim waited for his mother to pick him up in the city's iron triangle neighborhood. he finished a new student orren station. considering the time of day, they're hoping to find many witnesses. >> this is a very busy major thoroughfare, 10:00 in the morning. you see a lot of people out. that's why we're hoping we'll get witnesses and people to come forward and tell us what happened. >> i saw a man run by and he had a gun in his hand. i described him to the police, 25, 30 and blue jeans and a black hoodie. >> police found a gun near the scene and are running tests to see if it was used in the shooting. >> authorities are trying to
6:34 am
find the first who called in a hijacking threat that delayed more than 100 passengers for hours yesterday. the threat which investigators say is not credible identified an american airlines flight at sfo. authorities isolated the new york-bound flight on the tarmac for about three hours before finally boarding the plane taking a pakistani couple off the plane in handcuffs. they searched all 153 passengers on board. officials say the threat was originally called in to a desk clerk at the hampton inn hotel in alameda. we spoke with several passengers about the long wait on the tarmac. >> the pilot came on a couple times and eventually said there was a security threat they thought was credible. >> everybody knew something was wrong but nothing was wrong. we're safe. >> the two taken in handcuffs were quickly really leased and face no charges. a passenger believes racial profiling led to the arrest of
6:35 am
the couple. >> investigating the death of a concertgoer at the mountain winery in saratoga. it was a concert of a folk band, the swell season. witnesses say a man jumped off the roof near a lighting rig and dove on to the stage landing next to the lead singer. some people thought he was part of the act. doctors in the audience tried unsuccessfully to revive the man. >> closed signs hanging up again at every dmv and many other state offices. 150,000 state workers are being forced to take an unpaid day off after the state supreme court said furloughs can resume until it decides whether governor schwarzenegger has the authority to i am polls them. the governor believes the furlough days he's ordered workers to take will save the state $150 million a month. the supreme court will hear oral arguments for and against furloughs next month. >> this morning an end of the summer crackdown on drunk drivers is underway in two bay area accounts.
6:36 am
santa clara county launches a campaign yesterday with an emotional plea from the father of a four-year-old boy killed by a drunk driver last month. he urged people to think twice before they driven and drive. >> my family's not the same. because we miss our son very much. >> because he was a very happy child. >> in addition to the crackdown in santa clara county, 25 contra costa county law enforcement agencies will be out enforce looking for drunk drivers starting today. both campaigns run through labor day weekend. >> 6:36. firefighters are making progress this morning against a brush fire that broke out in southern riverside county. the fire was burning south of lake elsenor. flames are spread over 25 acres and the fire's only 15% contained this morning. the blaze broke out shortly
6:37 am
before 8:00 last night. it had threatened about a half dozen homes. overnight it's burning away from the buildings and they're no longer at risk. the cause is still under investigation. >> one thing we're talking about -- two things. one is the reduced fire danger because of the cooler weather this summer. >> yeah. >> and the air is much cleaner. >> no air alerts. yeah, mike. >> haven't had any all summer compared to 14 last summer. so something we've been keeping an eye on with my weather blog and blurb with the mercury news. last year the tallies per month, most in september. 24 hour temperature change. that's the big story today. it's cooler everywhere. san francisco down 2. oakland, santa rosa 4. redwood city 5, concord and san jose 6 degrees cooler than yesterday. here's how it breaks down. clouds getting thicker by the
6:38 am
moment. 8:00 they'll be all over our neighborhoods with mist and drizzle mainly around the bay and at the coast. by noon seeing sunshine especially the east bay with upper 70s there. south bay low 70s. same thing north bay near 70. by 4:00 should have sunshine just about everywhere except along the coast, upper 50s to near 60, san francisco. mid to upper 60s around the bay with mid-70s the south bay. so that 4 to 6 degree temperature drop, we will do it again tomorrow but reverse that on sunday and looks like monday and tuesday temperatures nearly 10 to 15 degrees warmer than they were on saturday. frances. >> we have a new stall just reported for the bay bridge. let's take a look at the backup in a minute. a serious accident in the napa area. a head-on collision. apparently took down some power lines. power may be out in the area and the chp will provide traffic control through the intersection.
6:39 am
so expect delays if you have to drive through there. also expect big delays this weekend for the indegrand prix. plan on extra time highway 37 and 121 and highway 12 heading to sonoma and napa. ace, bart, caltrain looking good. go outside and check out that bay bridge toll plaza. even though still delay free, we'll keep an eye on that if things get worse. walnut creek fine so far. southbound through the sunol grade an earlier accidents at castlewood may still be off to the right-hand side side or the center divide. kristen. >> frances, thanks a lot. a laurence berkley lab reacher is among one of the scientists that will release gas into subway tunnels. they aim to quickly minimize an
6:40 am
attack. boston has the oldest of the nation's 15 subway systems. >> 6:40 the time. trading underway on wall street. a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. a live look at the big board showing that the dow is down near 55 points right now. >> plus a judge deals a big setback to two peninsula towns fighting to change the route of the california high speed rail. >> why getting an intelligent edge may be as simple as picking up a glass of grapes. at least for women. >> a water park goes to the dogs. the first of a kind amusement park for man's best friend. force force south of laredo, there's a place... so hot, rattlesnakes combust. ♪ but we go, cause ya gotta eat bold.
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fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california.
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welcome back. california forecast, even with sunshine around eureka, 62 degrees. drizzle around big sur and 64. not too bad, sacramento 93 but warmer chico and fresno 100 degrees. up in the sierra through the weekend, going to get cool and breezy in tahoe. cooler i should say. 80 today, 74 sunday. 104, yosemite, 98 sunday. temperatures upper 80s to low 90s l.a. and mid-70s san diego. kristen. >> mike, thank you so much. 6:44. for the first time in nearly two years it appears israel and palestinians are getting ready to talk peace again. the times says president obama will invite officials from both
6:45 am
sides to the white house next month to begin the talks which have a one-year time limit. >> we should find out today if sing singer wye-clef will be able to run for president in haiti. the problem is his candidacy depends on his residency. haitian law requires a presidential candidate to live in haiti five years. he moved to new york when he was nine but he says he still meets that requirement. >> pizza hut is slashing prices and high unemployment is having an unexpected impact on workplace safety. >> bloomberg reporter jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange with this morning's "moneyscope" report. good friday morning, jane. >> hi, terry and kristen. happy friday to you too as well. as you mentioned, pizza hut, the
6:46 am
young brand company slashing pizza prices starting sunday. most medium pizzas will be kept at $8 bucks and the largest to ten. as unemployment rises, one thing falling, the number of people who die on the job. fell 17% last year to a record low. the bureau of labor statistics says fatalities of those working at construction companies rose 16%. a drop in commodity and metal prices. that is driving stocks down and you can see there the dow and s & p and nasdaq extends yesterday's losses. h. p. shares getting some attention. the palo alto-based company sticking to its profit and sales forecast even though analysts say meeting that forecast is going to be tough. in the middle of looking for a replacement of ceo after a probe
6:47 am
of sexual harassment charges led to inaccurate expense account reporting. bed bugs making their way into cubicles. one in five exterminators found bed bugs in office buildings. that's according to a recent survey of a management association and university of kentucky. the parasite infiltration is costly. small businesses often pay thousands to get rid of these bugs. large offices can easily pay six figures. i'm jane king. kind of itchy now. >> that's terrifying news. really! i guess thanks. (laughter) >> all right. more news for you. it looks lying atherton in menlo park will lose the bid to move the high-speed route to the east bay. they wanted to the route to come up the peninsula. it missed them by turning just before east at the dumbarton.
6:48 am
in a tentative ruling yesterday, the sacramento judge intends to deny the request. oral arguments are scheduled for today when the judge is expected to issue a final ruling. the california high-speed rail authority is applauding the position. >> the man of the hour mike nicco with your forecast. >> thank you very much, terry. how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. just wondering if we're going to see another cooldown. >> yeah. >> seems like the temperatures are just turning down every weekend. >> that's true. seems like every weekend we get the coolest of the weather. this won't be an exceptions to that. let's talk about san jose. i write a san jose weather blurb every day. this august average high 76 degrees. the coolest average high ever in august is 80 degrees. so right now we are living through history down in san jose. it's the coldest august ever as far as high temperatures. we only cracked 80 on the 6th and 83 yesterday.
6:49 am
we haven't even had a temperature that's close to your our average should be until yesterday. let's talk about what's going on outside. that's beautiful. the clouds have reached sfo and now they're causing flight arrival delays. check out our flight tracker. let's see the temperatures under the cloud deck. low 50s the north bay valleys. around the bay, inland and 60 san jose. around the monterey bay and inland, low to mid-50s with a little drizzle and mist like we're dealing with here in the bay area. cool breeze arrives. cloudy tonight with more widespread mist and drizzle. coolest tomorrow but the warmest is monday and tuesday so it's a quick turn-around sunday. cloud cover still pushing to the east. by 8:00 it stops. by noon it's still hanging around the bay and the coast. everybody else should be seeing sunshine. by 2:00 sunshine everywhere except the coast. more clouds than yesterday. 50 dry weather. 60s and 70s dominate the bay.
6:50 am
brentswood 89. if you didn't need the air conditioner yesterday, don't need it today either. low 70s for the rest of the east bay shore. in the south bay, mid to upper 70s with saratoga and los gatos the warm spot and low 80s. low to mid-70s the rest of the peninsula. upper 50s along the coast. downtown, south san francisco and sausalito mid-60s. clear like near 90. mid-80s morgan hill and gilroy. 63 at monterey. 7:05 the first pitch tonight. the a's and rays. another 4 to 6 degrees of cooling tomorrow. monday and tuesday 10 to 15 degrees warmer than we are on saturday. if you have any video you'd like share and we have enjoyed what you've cents so far, upload it
6:51 am
to or e-mail it. frances? >> mike, we have a stall reported on the bay bridge so we have a live shot for you right now. we're looking at the incline section. although it's kind of clouded in the fog out there, you can see there are some brake lights heading towards the treasure island tunnel. another live shot from the toll plaza. looks like they turned the camera around. jammed on the incline because of the stall. a couple minutes ago they isn't turned the metering lights yet. see if there's a backup at the toll plaza. let's head to the san mateo bridge next. if you have a choice between the two, this one might be an option for you. no trouble at all across the san mateo bridge. in fact, 880 is still fine threw oakland and hayward and 101 is also delay-free on the peninsula. here's the big problem we've been following in napa, a head-on collision to hoffman lane. look out for this power may be out in the area because it did
6:52 am
take down some power poles and emergency crews at the scene providing traffic control through the area. you can get the latest at >> thanks, frances. local postal officials are trying to determine whose mail was destroyed after a postal truck exploded after the driver turned the ignition. this is wild. you can see, there's almost nothing left of the truck. it's in the los altos hills. walked away without any serious injuries. >> as we dig a little more, we understand there was a natural gas leak directly underneath the vehicle. pg&e crews were actually responding to take care of the issue. >> the postal service tells us it will notify people who may have had letters and packages aboard the truck. the carrier was at the end of
6:53 am
her route and the truck carried about 100 pieces of mail. zero tolerance crackdown on texting and cellphoning while driving. almost all the citations were issued for talking on a hand-held cellphone, just 77 for texting and one, one for reading the newspaper while driving. the fine is about $150 depending on the counties where you're stopped. one thing to remember, dialing a number on your phone key pardon and talking on the car's blue tooth, that is a violation of the zero tolerance law because you took your eyes off the road to use the keypad. you can't do that. >> got it. the centers for disease control says it expects the number of salmonella cases from tainted eggs to grow. 2,000 cases have been reported including dozens here in the bay area. the cdc expects to recall at least another 100 million eggs from wright county egg company. 380 million have already been
6:54 am
recalled. the fda says the source may be contaminated chicken feed. to see if the eggs in your refrigerator are affected, go to we have the plant numbers and dates under "see it on tv." protein from eggs builds muscles but if it's mental muscle you want, ladies, try a gas of wine. wine gives women a bit of an intellectual edge. the research shows that women who drink wine four or more times a week over -- actually a two-week period -- scored better on cognitive tests than those that drink only one glass. one antioxidants in wine. the other reason could be the alcohol itself which helps blood circulation. >> in southern california there's a piece of doggie heaven for canines that need a break
6:55 am
from the heats. the first water park from dogs in the san fernando valley city of sun. the pooches can also learn to surf. they have water falls and geysers to keep them cool. their dogs gave them the idea because their canines love to go to the beach to play and swim. >> police say a mexican drug cartel is behind a major operation out of a home in gilroy. >> theresa garcia is there live with the latest. >> well, the illegal activity found at this rural home i want just limited to drugs. authorities found evidence of cockfighting and made three arrests. investigators are saying this could well be one of the largest drug busts in northern california history. the drug's street value between 150 and $150 million. we have exclusive video from dispatch. rooms in the house filled with buckets and bins of the purest highest quality form of crystal
6:56 am
methamphetamine. during the thursday early morning bust, they seized 450 pounds of meth, 40 pounds of cocaine and firearms. also seized cages and chickens and believe cockfighting was going on in the backyard. seven locations were raided yesterday but investors believe the gilroy house were the center of a drug ring. here's what they look like. the three arrested. they're all mexican nationals who have been living at the gilroy home for about a year. federal agents have also put an immigration hold on the three who do remain in custody this morning at the santa clara county jail. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> all right, theresa. thanks very much. >> checking one other top story, millbrae police detained a suspected drunk driver after he smashed into three parked cars, a tree, awning and a house overnight. the suspect was traveling really
6:57 am
fast and lost control of his s.u.v. he was taken away by paramedics and ultimately given a citation. no other injuries. >> one last check of the weather. here's mike. >> flight arrival delays into sfo. about 30 minutes. check out our flight tracker at slower sunshine and cooler breeze mean mid-60s. mid to upper 70s the south bay and north bay. even cooler weather tomorrow before a warming trend begins on sunday. frances. >> mike, a new overturn crash in santa rosa. apparently 101 in the santa rosa avenue area or the on-ramp to north 101 so look out for that. the earlier stall on the bay bridge is being cleared. it's sluggish on the upper deck but no delays. look out for a head-on crash in nap. >> that does it for the show. we'll be back in 20 minutes with more news for us.
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