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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  August 20, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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how could a bay area man bust in 10 times -- busted 10 times at least for dui still be allowed to drive? and why authorities are answering uncomfortable questions about yesterday's hijacking scare at sfo. [ george ] this is state farm pocket agent larissa buerano. and i'm actual agent larissa buerano. larissa can tell you how you can get discounts of up to 40%. but so can your neighbors. they can also tell you how state farm's new pocket agent iphone app can help you manage your account, find the nearest gas station, or even -- even help you call a tow truck.
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and those are just a few of the perks experienced by the 40 million drivers insured by state farm. so, talk to your neighbors. then call a state farm agent, like me. ♪ that's a nice picture. thank you. tonight police in the bay area are launching one of the biggest crackdowns of the year. just because the cops get tough, doesn't mean the courts will do the same. you are about to hear more about this local man. he has been arrested at least 10 times for drunk driving going back to 1976. lilian kim is live at a dui checkpoint in sonoma. lilian? >> reporter: this is the beginning of an 18-day dui crackdown in sonoma county. and police are hoping to catch more habitual offenders at the checkpoint.
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we are along highway 12 and lomita avenue and officers are closely monitoring every driver who passes through. drivers who give any sign they may have been drinking are being pulled over right away and tested. the dui crackdown comes one day after petaluma police arrested 52-year-old james mccrowhan, a huh -- a habitual dui offender. the judge issued a felony warrant for his arrest. it goes back to 1976. his most recent arrest happened last month after a crash in petaluma and this past tuesday after two separate collisions in marin county. disordered record keeping allowed him to slip through the cracks. >> we don't have all of the answers. he may have more than 10dui's. we are looking into that. right now the most important thing is we are able to get him back off the street. we want to keep him safe and everybody else on the street safe. >> i think it is sad that we let somebody do this this many time.
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>> mary from mothers against drunk driving buried her 22-year-old son matt years ago today. her organization is lobbying for the installation of breathalyzers for anyone convicted of a dui. right now they are only mandatory in four counties including alameda county. >> we want to stop the behavior in the beginning. it is easier to break a behavior when they are first starting. that's why it is important to do it on the first conviction. >> police will continue to do their part. leading up to labor day is the most dangerous part of the year, and they hope to crackdown now. >> we want to help motorists make smart decisions about drinking alcohol and then getting behind the wheel. >> a judge ordered rowhan to
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install a breathalyzer. police say it hadn't been installed when he crashed on tuesday. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> lilen why, thanks. -- lilian, thanks. and if you are wondering how someone could have a valid driver's license after so many duh i's he requested a license suspension hearing which demands a stay and the dmv gave him a temporary license. police are looking into a shooting in pacifica. it happened just before 8:30 at the shell gas station near parkview circle amount of clerk was wounded when the suspect opened fire. there are reports the suspect drove off on highway 280 south. new information tonight about the why a couple was singled out and detained during the highing gentlemaning hoax at sfo. a flight attendant on american airlines flight 24 hold police the man and woman who happened to be from pakistan were acting suspiciously, and that
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to some that now amounts to racial profiling. lisa amin is live with more. lisa? >> dan, because of what's happened, civil rights complaints will go against the tsa, the fbi and san francisco police. they say they want an investigation, but they want to leave this country first. >> they are very, very shaken and very traumatized. they couldn't believe this would happen: >> reporter: she is with the council of american-islamic relations. she is speaking on behalf of the pakistani couple in these photos as they were taken off american airlines flight 24 yesterday. the plane was held in a remote part of sfo after a high jacking threat. police focused on this couple after a flight attendant pointed them out. >> for some reason, two people more than others alerted the suspicions. >> they said they were not doing anything suspicious. one was sleeping and the other was trying to rebook their flight with their airline in
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english like various other individuals on the plane. >> tonight the couple is still in the bay area. they are afraid to speak publicly. but they do say while passengers were taken off the plane and searched, they were kept apart and forced to sit in separate police cars under the belly of the plane for roughly three hours handcuffed. police read them their rights and questioned them more, and then after four hours finally released them. >> self-passengers were interviewed yesterday. every passenger was released. there were no arrests. >> they were hand you have cked. they were m ry andized and they were detained. that is in essence an arrest because they were not free to leave. >> reporter: the couple insists no one else was held or questioned or cuffed. san francisco police stand by their actions. >> everybody looks equal to the police department in this situation. so we treat everybody as a suspect until we determine otherwise. >> san francisco police does say that the couple can
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contact the office of citizen complaint if they want and the fbi is in charge of the investigation. they are trying to track down the caller who phoned in the threat. lisa amin, abc7 news. >> lisa, thank you. a safe ending to an amber alert. it began at 2:00 in oakland when police got a call that a two-year-old girl was abducted by her father from an apartment. he then threatened to kill himself and the child. the chp posted a statewide amber alert. police spotted the suspect's car in san pablo and talked him into surrendering, thank goodness. leon sanders was taken into custody. the girl is in good condition tonight. she is okay. several hundred people are without internet and cable tv and land lined phone service after thieves stole copper wiring in larkspur. at&t says the crews will have to replace about 7 hundred feet of cable. they will do the workover
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night. the outage affected 500 homes near larkspur along with redwood high school. they knocked out the website along with the phone systems for the high school district. police want to hear from anyone who might have seen anything that was suspicious. the copper wiring because the price has gone up is now sometimes a target for thieves. u.s. park police hope you can help find a man who stabbed a dog several times. the injured dog named lenny is recovering at an animal hospital after several hours of surgery. his owner told police she was walking lenny with a group of dogs when theyen unit could erred a man walking his pittbull. she asked the man to restrain his dog. that's when he pulled out a knife and stabbed her american bulldog four times. >> it was absolutely shocking. who carries a concealed weapon at a dog park? and who physically assault had a dog with a weapon? let alone at all, but with a
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weapon? >> investigators have good leads. they say the suspect visits often with his dog named denali. anyone with information is urged to call police. a teenager received a 50 year to life sentence for the shooting death of a 15-year-old girl at a park in alameda. the jury convicted tony tran in the killing during a robbery attempt at alameda's washington park on halloween night in 2007. ecko went to the park to hang out with friends. they call the sentencing, quote, absurd. they believe he should have been tried as a juvenile instead of an adult. he was 16 at the time of the crime. five other teenagers have been convicted of the murder in juvenile court. san francisco police chief george gascone is shocked over the lack of public outcry about the murder of a german tourist near union square two weeks ago. >> the the attention that was
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given to this, often for minor incidents i get inundated with e-mails and phone calls. i was shocked by the fact that i did not get a single e-mail of anyone concerned about the fact that this woman lost her life in the way she d. >> you may remember the 50-year-old died after she was hit by a stray bullet near mason and gary streets on august 8th as she walked with her husband. police believe the shooting might have been connected to a party for teenagers being held in nearby hull. they detained five people after the shooting, but they were released for lack of evidence. the government closed eight banks today, including four in california. in the bay area, sonoma valley bank was forced to close. they had $314 million in bad loans. the three branches will be taken over by west america bank which is based in san rafael. it is the 118th bank forced to close just this
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year. a lot more to bring you this friday night. a half billion eggs, a massive recall widening still. how the salmonella bacteria spreads. and then this -- >> this is ridiculous. i'm tired of it. >> outrage at the dmv. closed as furlough fridays kick in. what the governor and law i can makers are doing to solve -- lawmakers are doing to solve the budget stalemate. and up loading your photos can be exposing more than you bargain for. that's coming up. and then later on "nightline." >> dan, coming um exin, we go to mcdonald's headquarters to meet the four star chefs and find out what it takes to get the seal of approval. and the world is obsessed with the kardashians. we try to
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to as predicted, the massive egg recall has grown. another iowa egg producer has recalled thousands of eggs, millions in fact. as the number grows, so will the cases of salmonella. that's the word from officials now.
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alex stone has the latest. >> the nationwide egg recall continues to expand. now half a billion eggs affected following the announcement another iowa producer has been distributing contaminated eggs. >> the investigation is nowhere near complete. there is a possibility that this contamination can spread to many farms. >> they are recalling over 170 million eggs after lab tests confirmed salmonella bacteria. it was sold under hillendale farms and sunny meadows and distributed to grocery stores in 14 states. that's in addition to the 380 million eggs recalled from nearby distributor wright county egg earlier this week. >> the fever was real bad. i lost almost 25 pounds. >> all right over a thousand people have been sickened. >> i woke up in the middle of the nightstick to my stomach and horrible stomach pains. >> what caused the outbreak could boil down to two possible possibilities, tainted feed or young hens
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that could already be infected. until the cause is known, officials fear thousands more could get sick. >> you are putting at risk senior citizens and the very young. >> meantime, grocery stores are not taking any chances disposing of thousands of cartons. >> it is a scientific matter. >> alex stone, abc news. some international news for a moment. for the first time in almost two years there will be face-to-face peace talks between israel and the palestinian authority. netanyahu and abbas will arrive on september 1st. they will meet separately with president obama. the next day all three are scheduled for a joint negotiating session. egypt's president and jordan's king will also attend. those countries already have peace deals with israel. election officials in haiti say hip hop artist wyclef jean cannot run for president. he was told he did not meet the requirement of living in
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haiti for the past five years. he was born there, but grew up in the united states. jean concedes his residency in haiti has been intermittent, but he reminds them he has been active in the country over those years. california's furlough fridays kicked in again as you may have found out by surprise. since the court ruling didn't come until wednesday it didn't give them much time to get the word out to people. that took the calf californians who took the day off to head to the dmv, furlough frustrated. >> this is ridiculous. >> i brought two books. i was ready. i was prepared to wait. now i have to go home and be like, okay, i still don't have my driver's license or the vehicle registration. >> the furloughs are supposed to save the state $137 million a month. the governor says the furloughs will last until the state has a budget. it was due july 1st. no sign it is coming anytime soon. governor schwarzenegger posted this picture on twitter
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showing him working on the spending plan today with assembly speaker john perez and senate president darrell steinberg. the process continues in sacramento. the weekend is here. the weather will be alt weird the next few days. it sound like spencer christian. >> yes, it will be mixed. we started with a cool down. there were warm spots as we looked at some of today's highs. it was 7 degrees cooler than yesterday's high. 87 in antioch. 4 degrees cooler. virtually all locations except half moon bay saw a drop in temperatures today. that drop will continue tomorrow. here is a time lapse view of the incoming clouds from our high definition south beach camera looking eastward across the bay. the clouds are getting lower and thicker as the afternoon and evening wore on. readings in the 50s just about in all locations except mile 61 in sunnyvale and 60 in antioch. these are the highlights. low clouds with areas of drizzle. it will turn sunnier sunday afternoon, and we will see much warmer weather early next
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week. the satellite image is showing a pool of cool air uh companying this trough, this dip in the jet stream. that will reinforce the cooling. tomorrow will be an exceedingly cool day with temperatures well below average for this time of year. overnight, we will see the clouds, fog and drizzle moving inland. the clouds will move to the central valley before retreating a bit. tomorrow, there will be sunshine in the inland areas tomorrow. lots of clouds along the coast and drizzle around the bay and along the coastline. temperatures even under sunny skies will be well below average. overnight we will see lows mainly in the 50s. up north at cloverdale you will see it in the upper 40s. tomorrow under sunny skies in the south bay we will see temperatures in the low 70s. 71 in santa clara. pleasant, but below average. we won't see any location except lossal toes out of the 60s. 68 in palo alto, 67 in redwood
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city. low clouds and fog and high temperatures in the upper 50s at pacifica and half moon bay. in and around san francisco, highs of 58 in the sunset district. 61 downtown. north bay, high temperatures only reaching to the 60s and 70s for the most part. 69 in petaluma, 72 in sonoma and 74 calistoga. north we will see 81 at clear lake and 82 in you ukiah -- in ukiah. in the near east bay, breezy and cool with highs mainly in the 60s, 63 in oakland and 64 san leandro and 67 in castro valley. off the hills to the inland valleys where we would see 80sand 90s this time of year we will see highs in the 70s. the warmest, 78 in antioch and 79 in brentwood. monterey bay, highs in the 60s. inland mid70s. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast, warm upstarts on sunday under breezy conditions. and then a heat up on monday
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and tuesday as highs move into the mid to upper 90s. that's more summer like. 80s around the bay and upper 60s on the coast. and temperatures will gradually moderate as we get into the week next week. great summer-like week next week. >> coming up next, why the canadian mounties think pot ñrñrñññññññññññññi
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listen to this. in canada authorities say pot growers may be using bears to guard their crops. mounties found two marijuana fields near the washington state border and they say there were 13 black bears wandering around the fields. there is one. authorities say the bears were docile and used to interacting with people. the property owners were ared on charges of production and possession of a controlled substance. they are not certain if they used them to guard the pot fields or liked having them around as pet. and a warning about a gadget that you probably use regularly. it turns out for crooks and creeps, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. almost all smartphones and gps cameras have things called geo
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tagging. a simple right click on many photos can reveal a lot more than you realize. >> geo tagging embeds the exact location where the photo was taken within about 15 feet. that's pretty accurate. >> let's assume you want to stalk somebody, can you do it? shockingly enough, yes you can do it, and it is pretty easy. >> a website called i can stalk you scans twitter posts with pictures with geo tags. privacy experts say you can turn off your device's ability to geo tag, but if you do keep in mind it may disable all of the gps functions. that's a little scary. next, all the sports. >> yeah, giants are righting the ship the last couple game. good pitching beats good hitting any day. that's an old baseball saying. if you watched the last few games, it seems to be true. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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jonathon sanchez applied the tor gnaw ket to the three-game slide. he is taped with keeping the pressure on in st. louis. cardinals losers of four straight coming in. baumgardner with skills at the plate and a chopper up the middle. he scores the game's first run. and where has this been? it is his 10th of the year, and just like that it is 3-1 giants. two on and one out. he coaxes matt holliday into the double play. the kid was tough as nails. two runs allowed and struck out five. huff sat out last night. a monster shot in the 7th. number 21 on the season. the giants win it 6-3. with the padres lost, they are now five back in the west. they with one back in the wild card race. do i like this hot dog?
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do i not like this hot dog? i don't know. a little girl likes when jack does this. a's and rays. solo shot and the game tied at three. tampa bay has an answer in the seventh. i see your fast ball, and i will crush it. 4-3 rays. from hero to goat. cliff pennington is safe. kouzmanoff scores what could be the game winning run. 5-4 the final and a's have won four straight. the vikings coach brad childress made it official. brett favre will start against the 49ers at candlestick park. it will be his only visit to the bay area in his farewell tour. favre will hand it off to a familiar face, the second round pick is third as tale back. when he was watching sesame street, fav re was an nfl rocky. >> i was a huge brett favre
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fan. never would i have thought i would be playing with him however many years down the road it is now. >> how about 17 years down the road? that's the age twens -- age difference between them 2. the earthquake signing is a big deal. the 30-year-old is available to play tomorrow when they host landon done vaw van with the -- donovan with the galaxy. he has had stops with bar saw low gnaw and manchester city. fists of fury. the world championship tune up between the greeks and serbia. she plays for the nba. she goes on the offensive with the old throw the chair maneuver, right there. ouch. she spent the night in jail before being released. like i said this game had no
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meaning. >> i understand he will be appearing soon on jerry springer. >> he has been booked. >> that is what is happening this friday night. i'm dan ashley. thank you for watching. we appreciate your time and hope to see you on the weekend edition. have a good evening. @ú@ú@ú@ú t t tgx
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