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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  August 22, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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>> smoke and flames rose high over a san jose apartment complex today. crews had the fire knocked done quickly but not before two homes were destroyed. fire officials say the three-alarm fire caused more than a million in damage. the fire was caught on a cell phone video by a resident who watched his own home burned. 20 people before displaced. the fire began after 10:00 this morning. crews were on the scene seven minutes later because they happened to be par participating
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in a training nearby. neighbors think the fire was caused by a appropriate -- propane barbecue grill. the residents who owned the barbecue recently moved in. neighbors say they used the girl for a family party yesterday. we're tracking a developing story in the north bay. a three-acre grass fire broke out just south of novato on highway 101. crews have the situation under control now. we want to show you some viewer photos taken earlier and taken eye you report. at least four vehicle withinvolved in a nasty crash in san francisco, near the golf club. four people were rushed to the hospital. the severity of injuries is not known. investigators are still piecing together exactly how the accident happened. tomorrow will be the first
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"spare the air" day of 2010. and the bay area regulators issued the alert this afternoon with air quality levels forecast to be especially bad on monday. people are being asked to use less energy and avoid driving if possible. however no free public transit is being offered. there will be no burning ban in place. if you want to receive "spare the air", alerts go to our web site. san francisco police need your help finding a miss 14-g-year-old girl. tiffani alvarez is 5'10", weighs around 180 behinds. her family believes she may be headed to houston with a man in his 30s who she met on my spas. -- myspace. that man is thought to be driving a silver toyota tundra pickup truck. a dog that was stabbed at a
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popular san francisco dog park is out of the hospital. lenny underwent emergency surgery. the park police know who is responsible for the attack but need to investigate it more before making an arrest. today, california's republican party decided not to endorse arizona's controversial immigration law. the state g.o.p. wrapped up its fall convention? san diego. conservatives propose the resolution as a way to show the party was committed to fighting illegal immigration, but moderates were worried the resolution would alienate latino voters. the battle of the proposed muslim mosque is now been fought on the streets of new york. hundreds of protestors turned out to make their voices heard. [chanting] >> on an overcast sunday
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morning, protestors arrived to join the demonstration against a proposed muslim community center two blocks from the site of the 9/11 attacks. just around the corner, counterdemonstration to support the project. [chanting] >> reporter: at issue for many of the demonstrators, how close to ground zero is too close for this proposed islamic community center. opponents say you can't put it so near to hallowed ground, but supporters say this is the perfect spot to build bridges. >> this man is on a state sponsored trip to the middle east promoting religious freedom. his wife says dropping the project in the face of protest is not an option, but -- >> we want to build bridges. we don't want to create conflict. >> reporter: a sentiment echoed by the leader of another religious community center leader. >> clearly want this whole controversy has unleashed is a tremendous amount of
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misinformation, lack of knowledge, about islam that we need to address. >> reporter: if todays protests are any indication, the furor over the project while not quiet down anytime soon. abc news. >> dan: for mother u.s. troops will today today in afghanistan. three died in a battle with insureties and another was killed by a home-maid -- homemade bomb. it's the deadliest month in afghan during the nine-year long war. afghanistan's president spoke on "this week". during the interview, hamid karzai defend evidence his recent decision to disband private security firms. private guards are used to protect convoys traveling through afghanistan but they have also been accused of corruption. >> i'm appealing to the u.s. taxpayer not to allow this hard-earned money to be wasted
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on groups that are not only providing less help but actually are god knows in contact with mafia like groups, and perhapsles funding militants and insurgents and terrorists through this funds. >> dan: the u.s. government says it's concerned that afghanistan's police and army are nowhere near ready to take over security duties in the country. president obama will address the nation next week about the situation in iraq. the address comes after this week's withdrawal of u.s. combat troops. we now have the story. >> reporter: as the last u.s. combat brigade from iraq folds up their flag, president obama plans to show he has fulfilled a campaign promise. mr. obama will mark the end of the u.s. combat mission in iraq with a major speech, after seven bruising years of war, and the loss of more than 4400 soldiers, commanders on the ground say
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iraq is moving forward. >> it's moving forward a little bit economically. its security forces are improving. its diplomatic efforts are improving, so they're head in the right direction. >> reporter: the iraqi government says its forces are ready to take over security. but some in the country's government acknowledge many challenges remain. >> you have security problems, services, unemployment, 40%, under poverty level. of course, there's dangers. >> reporter: dangers iraq to return to a military dictatorship because politics can't agree on a national government. >> 55 u.s. troops will remain in iraq for 15 months to advise and assist, and if they're needed longer, the u.s. may have to stay, some in congress admit. >> i don't think most americans would care if we had troops in iraq as long as they're safe and
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secure. >> reporter: for the troops returning to u.s. soil issue it's an emotional homecome, all across america, scenes like this. >> dan: still to come, fears that that dethe devastating flood waters in pakistan may be spreading. and miracle at the mine. more than 90 miners trapped underground for two weeks may still be alive. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. finally it looks like our summer @x@x@x@x@x@xfs@i@çtv"x(x-ñ-ñ-ñ.t droiiiid.
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the next generation of does. >> dan: 33 millioners attend in an underground mine in chile for more than two weeks are alive. the president showed off a note
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from the miners today with the good news. a probe was sent 2,000 feet into the copper mine. the miners said the found an emergency shelter and are receiving food and supplies through a tube that leads to the surface. it could take four months to get all the miners out. there are new fears in pakistan that flood waters that have destroyed the country are now spreading south. major evacuation and sandbagging efforts are underway there to keep the damage to a minimum. we have this report from pakistan. >> reporter: the waters from the harshest monsoon season in pakistan's history are now sweeping south. destroying towns and villages, and the lives of those in its path. i prefer to die, said this man. it is better than surviving. everything has been washed away. people living in this province in the southeast of the country
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have been evacuated to higher ground. 4 million people are now homeless in this region alone. only one-tenth of the rev -- refugees are no camps. the rest are living on roadsides, wherever there's space. >> she was forced to give birth in this refugee camp. there was no doctor or health worker, she says, and asked god to protect her. aid is beginning to arrive, but for this man, and millions of people here, life may never be the same again. because bridges and roads have been destroyed by the flood waters, cutting off so many here, the aid thates pouring into the country is not making its way to those in desperate need of food and clean water. abc news. >> dan: groups are being organized across the bay area in hopes of getting flood relief to
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pakistan. we caught up with these volunteers yesterday in milpitas. if you want to help, we have links to charities sending aid to pakistan on our web site. goss goods to and click on "see it on tv." students at uc berkeley move into their in the home just in time for the spall -- fall semester. a warm day today but expected to get hotter tomorrow. leigh glaser that the forecast.
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>> dan: at uc berkeley, thousands of students started moving into the new dorm rooms this weekend. 6,000 undergraduates are moving into residence halls, another 1200 students are moving into university run apartments and family housing. classes begin on thursday. students will be taking a variety of campus tours and atakenning orientation workshops, lectures and receptions. food-lovers brought their appetite to san francisco to the street food festival yesterday in the mission district. rob lewis, 56, shot this video and sent it to you -- ureport. if you have something to share, upload it to or e-mail it to ureport at kgo tv what a day out there. >> leigh: everyone is just out and about, and the heat wave is
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going to begin monday, just in time for kids to get back into the classrooms. check out this picture. what a fabulous day it was today. wasn't it? highhigh definition sutro cam looking down on almost a cloud, free bay area. the wind starting to set up. talked about this last night. and starting to scour all the low clouds and fog to the south. check out these highs, 85 right now in antioch. livermore, 86. 86 in concord. san francisco, 67. half moon bay seeing sun, 63. 83 in sunny sail and 80 in san jose. i'm going to keep it clear tonight. slight offshore winds will pick up over the east bay hills tonight, a good sign that the heath is going to -- heat is goe on for the next couple days, and
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tomorrow is a "spare the air" day. here's our closest satellite, and you can see the clouds that were there, those northerly winds pushing it to the south. lots of sunshine today. and warmer temperatures. in fact, here's a look at some 24-hour temperature changes. we're all up by 13 degrees. concord was up 14. 16 degrees warm fer livermore this afternoon. up eight degrees in san francisco, and novato, topped off at 18 degrees before this time yesterday. so, with the warmer temperatures we're going to keep it warmer for you as well, keep the heat in clear skies, and temperatures mid-to upper 50s across the bay area. antioch, 60. this is the setup for the next couple of day is. high pressure starting to build in. will generate those warm offshow winds so the heat will be on through mid-week. you can see these temperatures.
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monday, 92. 95 on tuesday. and start to decrease those numbers a little bit on wednesday. check out livermore, 102 degrees expected on tuesday. 98 on wednesday, and even san francisco will get into the 80s tomorrow. 82 for monday, and 84 for tuesday. so, finally looks like the summer is here. here's a look at the temperatures for tomorrow. san jose, 9 2. even the coast, yes, 72 tomorrow for half moon bay. the next couple of days, great beach days, finally. palo alto, 88. san francisco, 82 tomorrow. in the north bay, a lot of 90s. 92 for santa rosa. napa, 90. east bay, oakland, 87. 92 for fremont. inland locations, near 100 degrees. brentwood, 99. 97 for concord. 98 for danville. 84 for santa cruz tomorrow and 96 for gilroy. the heat wave is here through tuesday, with 102 expected inland in some locations, 90s
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around the bay, 70s at the coast, and when the sea breeze returns, things cool down thursday, friday, and saturday, and then more low cloud's fog. >> dan: i like it. tough day for the baseball teams. >> mike: a's and giants taking it on the chin today.
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>> mike: the jient giant ares struggling, tim lincecum struggled, and today, barry zito got the beatdown. woodie can't make the place, and like woodie, the giants didn't make any players. the single to left, ryan scores, and st. louis goes up 1-0. the fourth, allen craig, drills one to left. see ya. two-rub shot. 5-0 cards. zito lasted 3-2/3 innings. his counterpart, garcia, was brilliant. the rookie goes the distance, allowing three hits, walking none, striking out six. giants lose 9-0. a's and rays in oakland with a match chum -- mapup -- matchup of two pitchers who through
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no-hitters this season. both guys pitched well today but braden ran into trouble. bartlett scores. the relay home not in time to get carl crawford. 3-1, tampa bay. a -- garza out. the double play, now 3-2. got wouldn't get past second. soriano, gets pennington to end it. a's fall eight back of texas. took a lot of will power today up in infineon raceway to get the checkered flag. your winner, will power. power won a record eight knock poll this season here at infineon. dan welldon, flips his car but he is okay. j. r.'s car would stall and he exits the race. six lops to go, scott dixon
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trying to make a move on power, but power holds him off and he takes the checkered flag. the irl points leader has now won three of their last five races. soccer, the gold pride dancing with chicago. the gold pride got right to work. 8th minute, marta finding the back of the net. 8th minute, game tied. a handball in the box. marta takes the free rick. easy money. con verdicts, and the gold pride win, improving to 13-3-4. they're in the playoffs. let's tee it up. final round of the jeld-wen in sunriver, oregon, fred funk for birdie and the lead. got it. he drops to 12-under to 18, lui needs to hold this chip for the
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lead. just misses at 11-under. and he drains it. a 3-under 69, funk captures his third senior major championship. great story on today's pga tour. bring it to you at 6:00. and favre in town with the vikings. have those highlights for you
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>> dan: coming up in a half house sonoma egg producers are trying to reassure bay area agency consumers that local eggs are safe to feet. join us at 6:00. and finally tonight, many of oakland's home grown music stars came together for a free festival this weekend. ♪ >> dan: it was just a great lineup. the tenth annual art and soulfest is wrapping up in oakland. headliners include mc hammer -- how about that -- alternative rockers, r&b stars, and the event also featured art, food, rides and games for the kids. that does it for us at 5:00. thanks for joining us. see you at 6:00. captioned by closed captioning services inc.


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