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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  August 22, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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the man wanted for stabbing a dog self-times at a popular dog park. good evening. i'm dan dan noyes. it didn't take long for san francisco dog walkers to name the suspect. as of tonight, there was no arrests. and lilian kim joins us with more on this case. lilian? >> the u.s. park police say the u.s. attorney's office are trying to figure out what charges are appropriate. once it is out, they plan to make an arrest. lenny is now back at home, recovering from stab wounds he suffered on thursday. regulars at this off leash dog park are still in shock over the attack. >> i never seen so many problems. the people are nice usually. >> u.s. park police now know who is responsible. they are not yet releasing his name, but have contacted his
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attorney, and an arrest could come as early as monday. the break in the case came while police distributed these fliers. it shows photos of the dog resembling the pittbull that belonged to the stabbing suspect. a short time later, police received tips from the public. >> it only gives pittbull owners another bad name. we could sure not use the bad rap, but any violence towards dogs is not acceptable. >> police say the attack happened after lenny, an american bulldog and the suspect's pittbull were behaving aggressively. then he asked if his dog was neutered, and that's when the suspect stabbed lenny four times. sanford johnson was among the few friends who helped lenny get emergency aide. >> he lost his spleen. he had other organ damage. you know, he is a strong and well-cared for dog who gets lots of exercise, so he has a very good chance of a full recovery. >> dog owners say they can now rest easy knowing the attack
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wasn't fatal and the alleged attacker will soon be arrested. they were also hoping this was an isolated incident. >> all the dogs are well be behaved off leash. if your dog is not well behaved, you know not to come here. >> in addition to losing his spleen he had damage to his liver and lung. in the newsroom, lilian kim, abc news. >> thanks, lilian. police in hayward are searching for three suspects in a shooting that happened in front of saint rose hospital. they say victim was shot two to three times before 6:30 this evening. the victim's injuries are not life-threatening. investigate you ares are looking for three suspects in dark clothing and hood des who fled on bicycles. police still don't know the motive. after all the cool weather we have seen this summer, we are about to see a dramatic switch from fog to smog. the bay area air quality management is predicting unhealthy air tomorrow. they are calling for the first spare the air of the season. managers aren encouraging
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everyone to drive less and reduce energy use. unlike past years there will be no free public transit. leigh glaser has more on what is causing these smog gee conditions. >> you are right. after a whole summer of basically onshore winds, tomorrow the high pressure will really start to build in bring bringing us the offshore winds. the high also brings us the sinking air. and any of the particulate matter the past several days, this high will push the sinking air and push the particular matter to the cur surface and obviously tracking it closer to where we breathe. that's why they issued the spare the air alert for the entire bay area. tomorrow more than likely because the heatwave will stay with us for three days. we will continue to see the pollute tents trapped to the surface for the next few days. so something to be advised about. we will look at how hot it will be in your neighborhood coming up a little later. >> sounds good, leigh, thanks. s . there is good news, somen credible news out of chile
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tonight. 33 workers who were trapped in a collapsed mine for more than two weeks are alive and well. rescuers drilling at the site 500 miles north of santiago heard sounds from deep in the mine early sunday. and tonight we are seeing the first video of the men deep in the mine. but as ab t.j. winick reports, their ordeal may have just begun. >> relief, tears and jubilation followed the news their prayers had been answered. the chilean president held up a sign with red letters "all 33 of us are fine in the shelter." people, friends and officials climbed a hill in the desert to celebrate, planting 33 flags and sing the national anthem. the miners have been trapped more than 22 feet down since august 5th when a tunnel collapsed in the san jose golden copper mine north of the capital, santiago. officials hoped the men were able to get to a shelter in the mine, but there was believed to be enough air and
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food to last only 48 hours. rescuers drilled repeatedly 17 agonizing days trying to reach the shelter. on the eighth attempt, they heard hammering sound. crews came back up with the two notes. one by the miners and going to the president and the other to a man's wife. they will send in food, oxygen and water. and sound equipment so they can communicate with family and rescuers. rescuers say they may not be able to get the miners out in christmas. t.j. winick, abc news. jelly fush stings have stopped an attempt to cross monterey bay. she was trying to swim 23 miles across monterey bay this weekend. she was swimming for about four and a half hours when she was stunning by hundreds of jellyfish. only one other swimmer has made it across the bay. her swim was part of a charity effort to build $50,000 to
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build a school in afghanistan. a three-alarm fire ripped through a townhouse complex damaging five units and displacing 20 people. fire investigators spent all day at the scene searching for clues about how the fire may have started. here is abc7's cecilia vega. >> it is an image recorded by a resident who watched his own home burn. san jose firefighters say the cause is under investigation and neighbors have their own ideas. >> basically what i saw from my perspective is there was a propane from the barbecue probably ignited the fire. >> he says he saw the fire burning near the barbecue. the remains of the melted propane tanks and the charred skeleton of a grill could be seen in the courtyard where investigators say the fire likely started. >> it quickly spread to the inside of the first unit. it got into the common attic space and extended to the
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second unit. >> neighbors say the residents recently moved in. they used the grill for a family party yesterday. they are now out of town. neighbors say no one has been able to contact them to tell them about the fire that in a you will displaced 20 people. they will come home to find the townhouse they called home for eight years destroyed. >> i heard the next door neighbor's dog crying and so i woke up. i looked toward my curtain and i saw the shadow of flames. >> this charred wallet was all she was able to salvage. my dad's room is completely gone and the garage is completely gone. >> residents of the complex were warned of the dangers of using barbecues in the past. the homeowners' association president says there may soon be a new policy in place. >> we are probably going to have to pass a rule that says we will enforce people barbecuing in backyards and they have to be -- they have to actually ask them to put
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their barbecues out. >> the fire started at 10:14. it took firecrews just 7 minutes to get here. thisy were on the scene by 10:21. that's because san -- san jose firefighters were a few miles 8 way when the fire broke out at a practice drill at a nearby park. reporting in san jose, saw veal yaw vega -- cecilia vega. two demonstrations about a block from ground zero. police separated the groups, one opposed and one in favor of the islamic community sever -- center. there was some nose to nose confrontations. the leaders of the mosque project are defending their plans. >> [inaudible] >> we want to build bridges. we don't want to create conflict. >> another of the islamic center's leaders say organizers may eventually be willing to discuss an alternative site.
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we learned today president obama is now working on a speech he will deliver to the nation to mark the withdrawal of u.s. combat troops from iraq. today the general said it would take it, quote, complete failure of the iraqi army and police for the american troops to return to combat mode. >> i think they are now capable of dealing with the internal security. although we still have terrorism, they are able to protect the people for the most part so the government can move forward. >> the iraqi government said in a statement over the weekend that its forces are ready to take over security. but some in the country's government acknowledge that many challenges remain. the first lawsuit is expected in the massive egg recall. up next, local egg producers try to reassure consumer itself won't happen here. and new credit card rules go into uh fekd today. how the new rules could help you. and not getting enough z's?@t
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to the companies at the center of the massive egg recall will begin the week facing new lawsuits. a lawyer plans to file one of the first tomorrow on behalf of an 11-year-old southern california girl who got sick after eating eggs in early july. food and drug administration investigators have yet to pinpoint the cause of the salmonella out outbreaks at the farms. that could take months. as many as 1300 cases have been linked to the egg recall in the bay area. a sonoma county egg producer is reassuring consumers they are doing everything in their power to prevent a similar problem here. we have a list of the egg brands affected by the recall and all of the lot numbers at
11:15 pm just click on see it on tv. new rules went into affect to give credit card users a chance to payoff cards without incuring massive fees or going over their limit. the protections are the third phase of the credit card act of 2009. the law bans card companies from imposing inactivity fees or increasing rates without explanation. it capses late fees at $25. if payments are not late more than once in a 6 of h -- 646 -- 6-month period. and it allows them to lower rates for consumer who have been in good standing for six months. are you not getting enough sleep? well now there is an ap for that. abc7's richard hart reports on the drive to discover. a home invasion of -- a home version of a medical sleep clinic. half of us don't get the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep. >> society is more sleep
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deprived than people appreciate. >> he over saw the transition from bulky wires and printers to polly somnograms that gather 32 channels of information with video and infrared light so as not to disrupt the patient. this pay -- patient is in an unenvironment, so now they do it at home. >> we were extremely tired students. >> he and his partner spent five years developing this. it is an alarm clock that collects your brain waves through a wireless head band. in the morning it reveals how much deep sleep you got and light sleep and rem, how many times you woke up summarized in a number called your zq. pop out the sd memory card and you can up load week's worth of data to a web ap called my zio. based on your data and diary, it gives you advice. >> if it is not a medical
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device and can't cure insomnia, what is it in it cose associates the things during the day to help with your sleep from the head band to the display and the internet and to this. the ap delivers all of the web coaching and data to your smartphone where you can keep a log. the company has opened a programming interface so any of us can tinker with our own sleep data. >> i no longer am sleep deprived. i get an average zq of 77. >> you don't need a sleep monitor to tell you you are sleep deprived. you have to figure out what are your priorities. >> richard hart, abc news. crewses are battling a fierce wildfire north of san luis obispo. the fire has burned 1500 acres. it is now 20% contained. several camp grounds have been evacuated, but no structures are threatened at this point. firecrews spent the day digging a containment line about 450 firefighters working on the blaze. it includes water dropping air
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tankers. the cause of the fire is under investigation. leigh is back now with our full accu-weather seven-day forecast. >> yeah, you know, we are going to be experiencing our first real heatwave of the summer so relative humidities will be coming down. it is a drier air mass. no red flag advisories or watches or warnings right now, but that could change as the offshore winds develop overnight tonight and definitely for the next several days. a beautiful shot. no fog in sight. no low clouds either. we have clear skies uh -- across the bay area. this is from our sutro cam looking down toward san francisco and market street. the temperatures are holding heat from today. 72 in antioch. concord is a mild 68. 59 in san francisco. half moon bay is clear, 55. 63 in napa. livermore 67. definitely it will be mild. those slight offshore winds will pick up over the northern east bay hills. and of course that will mean
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hot temperatures for us tomorrow. near 100 degrees inland the next few days. and as we mentioned at the top of the show, it is a spare the air day for the bay area tomorrow. clear skies on the close up satellite. all of the fog is being pushed well off the coast thanks to higher pressure building in. temperatures are upper 50s to low 60s across the bay area with the clear skies. and this is pretty much the set up. we had low pressure the past several days bringing us the cooler air mass. it kicked off toward the east allowing higher pressure to build in the sinking air. the rotation around the high clockwise and bring bringing us the warm to hot winds. the summer heat will definitely be with us. it really kicks in tomorrow and stays with us tuesday and wednesday with inleft-hand temperatures near -- with inland temperatures near 100 degrees. the temperatures may fluctuate one or two degrees, but this is how we are seeing it right now. livermore 97 tomorrow.
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on tuesday, over 100 degrees. still holding the heat wednesday in the upper 90s to near 100 degrees. santa rosa may see some slight cooling on wednesday and even san francisco will enjoy the warm up monday and tuesday with temperatures there in the 80s. we start off tomorrow morning cloud free and plenty of sunshine which means temperatures will really warm up quickly. upper 90 had inland and -- upper 90s inland. here is a look at selected cities. san jose, 94 -- 94. check out half moon bay, 72. actually a great week ahead. 88 for palo alto. san francisco will warm to 82. in the north bay, it will get warm to hot with 93 for santa rosa. 91 for napa. east bay, oakland 87, 89 for castro valley. concord, 97. 99 for brentwood and antioch and even gilroy in the mid-nineties with 96 there.
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my accu accu-weather seven-day forecast, the heat is on. over 100 inland. 90s around the bay. 70s at the coast. then we get a wind shift by thursday and friday. onshore winds, cooler wind direction and temperatures will start to come down. >> sounds good. thank you, leigh. next, are you just out of high school and it is your first week at cal. what thousands of new students are doing this week. and the 49ers looked sharp beating the vikingses for their
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in berkeley, thousands of students started moving into the dorms as the new school year gets underway at cal. about 6,000 undergraduates are moving into campus residents halls at uc berkeley. another 1200 under grad and grad students are moving into university-run apartments and family housing. classes begin on thursday. between now and then students will take a variety of campus tours and attending orientation workshops, lectures and receptions. so exciting. >> those were the days. >> seems like a longtime ago. >> i can't remember that far back. let's talk football. the niners hosted the vikings. they looked solid. i know it is only the pre-season, but this team is starting to look like a
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contender with all of the pieces falling in place. alex smith is playing like favre on his first drive. he hits walker and first down. he was 9 for 13 and 88 yards. it sets up dixon who gets to the corner for six. the rookie rushed for 51 yards and it is 7-0 niners. favre played just four plays. willis pounds him into the turf on one of them. fav re was one for one and 13 yards and let's move on. nate davis trying to inwith the back up quarterback job. check out the arm from this one yard line. 60 yards later and it that leads to a field goal. 49ers win it 15-10. >> i guess i felt better going out there and reacting. i felt like i moved a lot better. when you are in ota's in camp and you have a black jersey all the time, you kind of forget. >> we have been joking about
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it since last year. i was standing around the pile and he brought knee and knocked me down -- brought me and knocked me down. >> all right, a little baseball. giants' cy young award winners are struggling. tim lincecum lost his fourth straight in st. louis and today barry zito was beat down by the cardinals. an albert pujols foul ball almost hit reader in the head. woody can't make the play and like woody giants take make many plays. pujols drives a single to left and it scores ryan 1-0 st. louis. and then ricky alan craig, a former cal standout drills one to left. that's a two-run shot. 5-0 cards. barry zito lasted just three and 2/3 innings allowing five runs. and the rookie goes the distance allowing three hits and walking and striking out six. it was a 9-0 beat down. great day for baseball at the
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coliseum. he ran into trouble in the 6th. longoria rips one down the left field line. bartlett scores. the relay home and not in time to get crawford. tampa bay up 3-1. a's trying to rally. it was just inside the first bag bag. kurt suzuki and 3-2. but gross wouldn't get past second. soriano gets pennington swiping to end it. his league-leading 38. a's back of texas. the pride clinches the regular season title in women's soccer and will power claims the grand prix of sonoma. a race he watched from you can see
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back during a practice run at infineon and watched from a bay area hospital. today on the same track he showed will power winning the grand free of sonoma. dan weldon didn't stick around long. he flips his car. his day is done, but he is okay. as for jr hill daw brand 450e collides into him on lab 38.
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his car stalls and he is gone. scott dixon trying to make a move, but he holds him off. he lead 73 of the 75 laps. they won three of the last five races and after breaking his back at qualifying in sonoma last year, today's victory was extra special. >> a year ago lying in hospital and watching the race from there and to come back and win it is fantastic. >> women's pro soccer and the first place gold pride dancing with chicago. the gold pride get busy. off the great feed. her 14th goal of the season. second half and 78th minute and the game tied at two. you can see the handball in the box. that's easy money. 3-2 and gold pride win the title with a 3-2 victory. as a result they will host a championship game on september 26th. it is a tradition on the seniors tour.
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first monday qualify yes, sir to win a pga event in 24 4 years. >> the niners look good. >> they do. it is pre-season, and i think a lot of it will come down to alex smith at quarterback position. second year in a row he has had the same offense. i say they get back to the playoffs, and i'm saying it now. >> exciting. >> which means they probably won't. >> every year he says this. >> i know ?ie. that does it for us. i'm dan noyes for mike and leigh, have a great night. and look at this live picture of the moon, full moon tuesday. )ñ)ñ)ñ)ñ)ñ)ñ@ú t
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