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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  August 23, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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twhaurnz many call a california stop. abc 7's vic lee was the first to report on red light camera problem there's and is live tonight with the latest on this story. vick? >> this is is where two cameras are located. tonight, city council will address a county grand jury report which questions the effectiveness of the cameras. now, some people are calling these cameras right turn cameras. >> i can of the tickets. >> even the mayor of redwood city was nabbed for making a california stop on a right turn. in other words he didn't make a full stop, fined about $450. the court ceo says the mayor is one of many red light camera violators. >> the majority are nonfull california stop, right turns.
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>> city officials say when first installed two years ago waits to catch drivers who blew through red lights. >> we never intend a righthand turn. a report indicates two cameras have not had much of an impact. >> there hasn't been a significanty decrease. >> city councilman ina bane its not improving traffic safety. >> a recent grand jury report questions whether or not the kramz are more successful as cash cows for those cities that operate them. and they should be did safety, not money. >> this lawyer bruce simon filed a lawsuit last week against two companies that installed red light cameras in the county. simon says they're violating state law, including a so called cost neutral pro vision in the contracts. he says that the camera makers reimburse cities when they can't make enough from tickets to pay for operational costs.
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>> can't be for them. the companies will makeup the difference and picking intersections which are going to be susceptible to tickets. >> and there have been court challenges to the cost neutral clause, several peninsula cities have dropped it. others are in the process of dropping it among them, redwood city. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> thank you. vick. >> and a clipper card is supposed to make traveling on transit easier. but at this use has grown so, has the number of problems associated with it. here is more. >> reporter: the clipper card is a preloaded fare card working on five bay area transit agencies. it was first called trancelink, now, clipper. since last year, use exploded from 27,000 boarding to 93,000, with growth has come problems.
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>> this is usually seeing funny stories but i would say in the last two months about 25% of the stories that we've received br clipper problems. >> muni diaries help reach denise cho, reaching a story. and this and she could have submit to it higher ups. i may or may not hear back and pending and there is a problem with clocks on card readers in buses and working to figure out how wide spread the problem might be. three of the five agencies in the clipper system have buses. >> this is part of a system upgrade. there are electric shorts in some. the clocks are running too
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fast, or too slow. >> another common problem is card readers not working at all. and told operators treat it like a broken fare box, let the rider board without paying cash saying most go smoothly but is hoping to correct a variety of problems within the next 30 days. >> and there we worked on this story with the help of cloggers to read more bit go to muni >> heat is on in the bay skpaer so is a warning about poor air quality. today marked the first spare the air day of the summer and another is on tap for tomorrow. air quality management district issued this alert because of the unhealthy smog levels in the air. and this is trouble some for young children, seniors or
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those with heart conditions. some residents are doing their part to spare the air. >> this is sometimes sl tl is small fires on the backyard. >> fire danger is higher on days like today. this 10 acre fire burned off interstate 5806789 crews were able to put it out fairly quickly. 50 we're not going to get a break from the heat for lail while longer. >> and there is a look at just how hot it got today. >> this is not just a day of extreme heat burke record heat. sfo airport, and san jose, moffett field at new high temperatures for this date z in fact, oakland air part shattered the new high of 88 degrees and readings into 90s today and this is tomorrow, temperatures well above 100 in locations. and temperatures go up, air quality goes down z tomorrow
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will be a second spare the air day and looking for poor air quality in santa clara valley. and we have heat advisory in effect, temperatures into mid-90s around the bay. 106 degrees in hottest areas and of course, heat sensitive individuals should take the necessary precautions. heat just continues to go up, dan. >> and off duty paramedic and surfers being called heroes tonight after rescuing a 14-year-old boy who nearly drowned at ocean beach, swimming off shore on the vicinity of slope boulevard. surfers noticed he was in distress. it appeared the boy stopped breathing to a off duty paramedic performed mouth to mouth res taigs. a witness describes what she saw. >> he couldn't swim and got get in. he was out. i saw his head bob out like this dot far away. and so i called around.
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is anyone here a strong swimmer? i could go get him but wasn't going to go by myself. >> authorities say looks like the boy is okay but they took him to the hospital. >> and strong reaction here in the bay area to a ruling that temporarily blocks federal funding of all embryonic stem cell research. the judge said human embryonic stem cell research destroys embreeys. last year, don read and his son watched the president sign executive order expanding stem cell research. >> this is a huge blow. obviously it's something that will be overturned but every day of delay is research is people suffering now. and we've got to get this out of the way. >> the judge says federal law for bids use of taxpayer dollars to destroy a human embree yo. the california institute for reagain ra tiff
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medicine calls the decision deplorable. >> the state legislature's failure to deliver a budget plan is about to start hurting some of the vulnerable people. health clinics that treat the poor are about to run out of money. abc 7 is live in sacramento with a cause and affect. >> there is four million relie on the clinics and visit about four times per year. the care could be challenging in the coming weeks. maybe months. >> this is doing our best to be open. >> a thousand community health clinics under trouble. just today, the state issued the last medical check that's can during a budget stalemate now in its 54th day. clinics have within staying afloat using state $2 billion emergency fund, but had now run dry. doctors say they'll put back and hope they won't have to
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shut down. >> and there is skeleton coverage. the care is going to be minimized. and patients goring to sufr this family is on medical. the stalemate forced her to go to four clinics because many won't take new patients as long as the state isn't paying. she worries this clinic might close. >> we don't got finances to, you know, get sick or anything. so stay sick, i guess. it's sad. it's sad. >> negotiations have been paying slow. and there is democrats can't stomach anymore cuts and want to raise taxes to help save them. >> and we recognize the great pain in the clinics... not getting the payment they needed and deserved it's a worse out doum eliminate clinic autos the governor refuses to entertain pro foes poesals raising taxes in this recession. >> this does not in.
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>> such strong stands cause further delay, hurting californian who's aren't even part of the budget process. >> we're the ones that get, how do you say it? the short end of the stick. >> the latest state budget ever was september 23. the controller told legislature public schools will not be getting their $2.5 billion payment as lng as there is no state budget. live in sacramento, abc 7 news oo. and we wait. new tu very much. >> still to come an unusual theft in a bay area church. >> we need a bill. these day nose one uses a bell. >> and up next a disappearance of a 600 pound bell that vanished in the night. >> and a concern in a ranch over the nationwide egg recall. you'll see what it does to make sure its eggs are safe. >> pg&e apologizes for yet
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. we want to update you on the breaking news at the top tonight. a grass fire burning in contra costa county. sky 7 is overhead now. the fire is so close to highway 4 officials have just shut down one of the eastbound lanes here in the middle of the community. and there, you can see how 4 and all smoke as a result of
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the fire. and no evacuations have been called but crews have been called to the scene. we're going to continue to keep you updated. sky 7 now overhead. >> quite a smoky one. >> tourism is the number one indugs story. and street performers are part of the drop. some say they're being target bid police this summer. and there is a living entertaining tourists at this cable car turn around in san francisco. >> not everyone appreciates the music. lee says a police officer confronted him. >> i have been told that i need a permit to do what i'm doing and there is no permit to do what i'm doing. >> is a classic catch 22. only permit available for musicians is $440 a day.
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if they're using amp flyers. -- amplifiers. he's not. neither is the bucket man. and the deputy director of the san francisco entertainment commission says she hear from street performers every day. but there is nothing they can do. >> they're asking to protect from folk who's might chase them off the streets. 50 police say they're responding to complaints usually about noise or public safety. >> this is other businesses that is around. >> with tourist driving economy why aren't there regulations to keep everyone happy? there is one neighborhood in san francisco where performers are organized and licensed. it's here at fisherman's wharf. it's a program by the port of san francisco in 2008. >> it should be simple path to get a permit system if place. it took three years and about
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30 meetings. and 35, 40 performers and there is a diverse program. >> and so far, port is only entity taking on this challenge. >> and the congregation of a korean catholic church is baffled by crime. who would stel a bell part of a church more than 100 years. and don sanchez reports, the bell survived earthquakes and remodeling but not thieves. >> this is just not the same. the 600 pound brass bell stolen in the night a week ago. >> i'm not kind of upset. not quite upset, upset, but wondering. why someone took our bell. who needed a bell? >> someone looking for money, perhaps? police tell me the well could
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bring close to $1,000 may be melted down, investigators in contact with scrap-metal dealers. the church built in 1880s, the bell hoisted into a tower staying there until 1964 when the church was modernized. it was moved in front, and that is where it rested until last week. >> you don't think too much about something when it's there all the time. but when it's gone, like... wow. >> and so taken for granted no one has a photo of it. the church almost put a statue where the bell was. there is a sense of loss. >> it's not the same as it could have been had they taken a picture or a statue of a saint or mother mary. but this is still kind of distraught. >> this is a feeling best
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expressed by the church secretary. and this is like losing a member of the family. they don't know whether they'll replace it f they do, with what? >> and that is a shame. >> kids are heading back to school. the heat is on. >> there is just a summer of cool temperatures up until now. and there is the heat is on. and here is a record view looking over san francisco. and this is a cloudless sky, you can see right of center of the screen, there is hot, dry now. we're fortunate there is no word. taking a look at current temperature readings now, it's 66 degrees in half moon bay. we've got 80s and 90s everywhere else.
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and there is is a warm to hot day. san francisco, oakland warmer than yesterday. so you can see we've had a draw matting crease in temperatures from yesterday to today, another hot day tomorrow, and of course there is a heat advisory and second spare the air day, tomorrow there, is our satellite image showing clockwise circulation. this is a flow with down sloping winds combining to give us heat we're experiencing now and will continue to experience, tomorrow there is warm as some of the highs from last week. and there is parts of last week, 58. the low is santa cruz. and there is overnight tonight and we'll see mid-60s in other
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locations so will be a warm, and in places uncomfortable overnight. speaking of discomfort how about tomorrow's highs? south bay, sunny skies, 98 in san jose. 98 in campbell z 101 in sarah to goa. mid-90s virtually everywhere on the peninsula and there is highs tomorrow 90 degrees downtown. and there is 78 into the sunset district. 80 in stintson beach. moving inland we'll see numerous 100 degree plus readings and in the near east bay, low to mid-90s, mid to upper 90s in spots and going over hills, all locations there tomorrow we'll see highs between 102 and 106 that is intense heat. mid 70s in monterey. 93 and inland, morgan hill there is all over 100 degrees.
6:21 pm
it starts to cool down on the coast bens there is some locations topping out. but take a look at the highs into low 80s inland and into 70s inland over the weekend gochling from record heat to temperatures far below average by weekend. so there is these draw matic swing autos overnight, too. >> let's update breaking news there is is a grass fire is a fire so close to the highway officials have shut down one of the lanes. and there is no he vac orders, one thing helping is that it's not too window ut there. it's good news for
6:22 pm
firefighters. and this is awe fly fli out out there, too. >> and honoring innovation offff
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there's a couple months in between parts. so, one at a time. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when it's time to save. ♪ a celebration of young people. >> there is teenagers here at home and across the globe and
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the bay area. >> and in san mateo he came up with an idea to make his school district the greenest in the nation. >> i noticed recycling wasn't great. there is a crazy idea to do solar he lobbied the school board, today he's a sophomore in stanford, they will begin installing solar panels. >> this is given by the helen diller family foundation. the award come was a $36,000 check. and this is a expression meaning prepare the world. this is to further develop projects. kyle white is a senior in danville, 13 when realized the need for soccer fields in
6:26 pm
poverty-stricken african countries. >> this is bringing happiness is and people together. makes them happy. giving people joy. >> this project is called fund to field. today he's helped build seven fields in uganda and south africa. using award money to expand the project. these are the kinds of students top universities are looking for. >> you don't summarize the students in two, three numbers. these is the report sort of young people we want to attract. >> there is five winner autos this is her vision to say yes to these teens to let them know in a world some people say no, that she's saying yes. there is a power to make change.
6:27 pm
>> great work. still to come, and new at 6:00 tonight nationwide egg recall. we're going to take a look at impact on local egg producers and what they do to keep eggs safe. >> new rules now in effect to protect you against credit card abuses. >> and i said it doesn't make sense. it's too much. it's a bill not correct. >> and there is a billing
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>> and there is sky 7 hd afwhuf grass fire burning in contra costa county. there is one eastbound lane still closed today but as a buffer for fire crews and trucks that are working this
6:31 pm
fire. there are no homes threatened but it's not contained. last official estimate had acres burned at least 10. you can see there is is certainly beyond 10 acre autos and there is a head of the fda says the agency must have better prevention measures, that admission came way warning do not eat runny eggs. there is abc 7 reports they're following strict standards to make sure this doesn't happen here. >> in petaluma it's never been a question of which came first. this egg just always seemed to keep coming. and now, question is whether customers will keep coming back for more. >> there is my concern is that
6:32 pm
consumer confidence. >> sun rise farms is part of a collective providing nearly all of the eggs sold in grocery stores. now covering about half a billion eggs. as head of the association of egg farmers they fear consumers might not know, or care. >> i'm disappointed this happened and that this industry allowed that to happen. >> the fda said it appears out break is linked to a pair of iowa farms. >> this is a first major food safety issue that i'm aware of, associated with his companies. >> investigators still trying to determine what caused this contam maigs. -- contamination. fda acknowledged federal government may have been slow to respond. california growers say they've long been ahead of the curve.
6:33 pm
>> we have been doing salmonela testing 15 years. >> for protective measures hens see a vet more than most humans see a doctor. four times per year. eggs are washed down before shipped to stores, and birds are kept out of contact with feces. fda warns against eating runny yolks this life long egg man isn't change his ways. it's sunny side up for him, and lots of them. >> five every morning. >> are you serious? >> yes. i'm serious. my cholesterol sat 185. >> and there is a engineering fire will pay out $52 million to settle lawsuits from a 2007 bridge collapse in minnesota. the corporation conducted on that bridge that collapsed killing 13 and injuring 145 others. urs has been sued by 100 people accusing the company of missing warning signs before
6:34 pm
the disaster. and the company says it's engineers didn't know about a design flaw that made it vulnerable. and did not admit fault and says it was necessary to avoid lengthy litigation. >> and some consumer news. rules in affect to protect people against credit card abuses, the third phase of the act of 2009. and the law bans card companies from imposing inactivity fees or increasing rates without explanation and caps late fees at $25 and payments are not late mer than once and bans fees longer than debt held. ate lous card issuers to lower rates for consumers in good good standing after seeing their rates increase for late payments. >> there is a passing to report tonight. dave mackelhadden has died. and he passed away this morning. the oakland native retired
6:35 pm
from the anchor december income 2000 after nearly 25 years on the air. prior to that working for kcbs radio in various roles including host of the call in radio show. and overdue a move to an all-news format in. he was
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an apology from pge to a condo owner whose power was nearly turned off. >> there is a now with the story. >> pg&e has acknowledged several mistakes. first, under billed this woman, then, overbilled her before threatening to cutoff power. the utility says now, it's sorry. >> and obviously we apologized. >> it's been a long ordeal from janice. >> i'm just tired. i'm just tired. i'm tired. >> she first notice aid problem receiving this bill in january and this is for $255 nearly three times more than the previous month. >> so when i saw that, i thought, oh, my gosh. >> she made several calls. and it seems pg&e had underbilled her prior month and added under billed amount on to the next bill.
6:39 pm
>> i said this is bill is not correct. >> she was right. and putting both there was a higher-paying tier. pg&e adjusted the bill. >> we wanted to as we've done with this customer arks poll jiz. >> this is is one of many apology autos we weren't as responsive as we should have been. it's unacceptable wex apologize. >> so we've reached out and apologized to them. >> we do want to apologize to customer autos this business professor says pg&e gets good marks for mastering art after polling. >> there is something lovable to consumers about an apology. >> however, she says apologies
6:40 pm
only go so far. and that company needs to get its act together. >> so if a company makes a mistake over and over again, there is. >> for janice, it didn't put an end to problems there. was a past due reminder threatening to cutoff power if the past due amount was not paid. >> that is lifted and she says months went by and no one would give her explanation. >> i was stunned and thought i'll send a letter to michael finney. it worked. >> he we got her a full accounting and she's satisfied. >> thank you for, you know... getting me information i'd been trying to get. >> and in case you're
6:41 pm
wondering she did not have a smart meter, pg&e says it's learning from the mistakes and that this summer service is improving. if there is a issue let me know bit. go to abc 7 and click on 7 on your side. >> that is pg&e stepped up. >> there you go. >> thank you very much. >> they're the driving force behind a summer camp. >> coming up next, two women share in a mission of love doing all they can to help children with aids.
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you can see
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tonight we're going to take you back to a summer camp for children that is based here in the bay area. and you're going hear from two women brought together by an unstoppable passion to help children with the aids virus. you're also going to hear from some of the children whose lives they changed. and abc 7 reports on camp arroyo. >> i was born positive, will be celebrating my 25th birthday in january. health is great. i'm happy in life.
6:45 pm
>> and i'm going live longer and have more fun. >> so this is like, why not increase the chance of winning? >> how do you like camp? >> i love it and these young people are working with other children and siblings. this counselor is in training and reuniting with two young women to create a save place for children to enjoy summer. elaine and her husband started this family foundation in lir more with a modest event. >> interest there is a fund-raiser. i never thought we'd be here. >> this is a terrible time of fear. >> parents were frightened to let their children know they
6:46 pm
were positive. or let the children know they were positive. this is because they were afraid children won't be accepted into schools. >> there is a week of free summer camp here. waits the dream of elaine taylor raising money in late 80s for outings and special care for children. and jerry brooks was paying out of her own pocket. and there jerry told me in 1989 i was the first tv reporter on the west coast to hold a child with aids. and elaine met jerry on abc 7. >> this is a miracle. she was in the community who is interested in and compare about knowing more. >> there is the camp built 10 years ago for children with
6:47 pm
aids virus but commitment to health and happiness started 20 years ago. >> we are building 150 beds. >> now, celebrating two decades of helping children. and there is children with other live threatening illnesses are now invited along with their families. >> we do bring two heart camps there is two asthma camps, five autism camps. 40,000 children, 70,000 siblings and parents. >> this camp means a respite for everyone affected. whether there is a program for them with others that can talk about what is going on, or gives parents a little bit of free time to just have a little break. >> for jerry brooks it's reward for a lifetime of hard
6:48 pm
work. >> this is just seeing them coming back to camp, being counselors. this is really wonderful. >> for shirla, camp had become a lifetime commitment. >> i love all of the counselors, staff, children, everyone here. they're my family. and this is a important thing in my life. >> this is a magical place and program. >> and there is a this sunday at 11:30 live and silent auctions will be there. for more details log on to our web site. >> just an mazing place they've created. >> there is new information just in to our newsroom on a grass fire burning on the south side of highway 4 now. >> there is a number that
6:49 pm
keeps growing. >> no homes or any other buildings are threatened. there is a is is a protective move. >> let's go to spencer christian to tell us what whether conditions are like its hot and dry. if there is any good news is that wind is calm. there is virtually no wind but it's hot and dry. there is humidity at 20% there is is winds in higher elevations because there is a little witness of a breeze but not at surface. that is good news. it's going to get hotter tomorrow. these proper jekted highs for
6:50 pm
tomorrow compared with records for the data. you can see there is san franciscoel, oakland, san jose breaking highs for tomorrow. it's going to be hot again. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is 106 tomorrow, low 70s on beaches. starting to cool down around the bay and coast wednesday and there is cooling later in the week. >> 106 tomorrow, wow. >> and just ahead she's a world class thrill speaker. >> the bay area
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join me tonight at 9:00 coming up at that time, lose head scarf or injure job. disneyland employee suing her boss for discrimination. >> then at 11:00 water weight, connection between dropping pounds and drinking water. this is coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> last night's win over the vikings. i know, it's only preseason.
6:54 pm
but pieces seem to be coming together and there is alex smith looking comfortable. he has same phones for the first time niz career. and there is leading to a touchdown in the first drive without the big three of michael crabtree. >> there is he has to play without crabtree but to me, if you have receivers you play with them. and have to make the situation better. so i don't look at what he d you may not have them. >> and there is next story is about a real life dora the explorea. she returned from climbing mount everest, and accomplished something no
6:55 pm
american woman has ever done. >> what i is adventure grand slam. all seven summits and sking to north and south pole. >> she loves adventure, we profiled her when she took a female expedition, and after two months turned back. in 2004, she took on north pole, then, 2008 skied to the south pole. >> i don't like routine. i like not knowing what is coming down the skprood trying different thing autos she completed her grand slam and reaching 29,000 foot. >> i got to the summit waiting for ashton kutcher to jump out and tell me i'd been punched. >> she spent a half hour taking pictures add mayorring
6:56 pm
flags then, reality this, is only the halfway point. >> just have to pull it together. and realize you need strength toj get back down. almost all accidents occur on the way back down. >> making decisions is tough with lack of oxygen but keeps you out of life threatening situations. not everyone reaches a summit. >> only failure is to not come back alive. >> and she will be in west point this fall and ponders her next adventure. did she get a plaque? >> i'm thinking denny's might give me a free sland gram breakfast. i don't know. i haven't talked to them now. >> and she pushes the envelope
6:57 pm
and human spirit to the limit. >> and this is just remarkable. >> thank you. >> and that is this edition of abc 7 news at 6:00. >> and we'll leave with you another look at the live shot of a grass fire burning tonight. >> there is 55 acres but no homes have been threatened. and there is updates tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. >> good night for now, everyone. for constipation relief... nothing works better than miralax. it's the one. the one recommended by more doctors. only miralax is clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax is the only one. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax.
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ioioned by closed captioning services, inc. this is the "jeopardy!" college championship. here is our first group of semi-finalists-- a junior from the university of minnesota... a junior from washington university in st. louis... and a freshman from santa clara university... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex trebek! thank you, johnny gilbert. ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our show. after friday's program,


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