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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  August 23, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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>> and furry casualty of the economy. growing number of abandoned cats and kittens. 7 economy. growing number of abandoned cats and kittens. 7 news begins
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>> single day of hot dry weather meant conditions were just right for this. >> brush fire gave people in the east bay quite a scare tonight. flames started in a field at avenue road and san marco boulevard in pittsburgh. laura is there live tonight. lauren? >>reporter: hi dan. we can probably still quite wind and warm. that said firefighters do have this fire 100 percent contained at this hour. i'm standing in front of the san marcos villa. these are an apartment community that really represents the homes that were closest to this fire at the height this afternoon. now the fire never quite made it over the hillside here to these apartments but the smoke and flames did make for some anxious moments for residents.
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in all the fire burned 70 acres and took about 85 firefighters from cal fir and the contra costa county fire department several high pressures to contain. now cal fire also fought this flame from the air. county crew know this windy grassy hillside well. it is right next to highway 4 and residents they don't take any fire here for granted. >> just it was really close. top of the hill. it was just so klochlts i could see like the little, like the sparks, i guess. but they were getting it contained. it was a lot of firefighters out there. >> potential out here is pretty big. typical winds come right through this willow pass area and the fact that we have a lot of open range going in the old naval weapon facility we really want to jump on it and try to cape it as small as we can so we don't spend time chasing it counsel there andb. in the subdivision and back of concor concord. >>reporter: now in the enthe only structure threatened were several cell phone towers and
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some construction equipment and buildings no of those though were damaged. fire crew plan to stay out here until well into the night to keep an eye out for hot spots. also using a bull dose tore continue to cut a line around the fire. in the mean time investigators know where the fire started. they said it was right next to highway 4 here but still trying to determine the exact cause. live in pittsburgh, abc 7 news. thanks very much. >> now quick response kept this grass fire in livermore from spreading. 10 acre fir broke out among the wind mill off interstate 5 80 interthe pass. never threat and any homes. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> the heat and light winds also committed unhealthy smog levels. today regulators declared this the first spare the air day of the summer and already issued a second one for tomorrow. sandy is here now with the latest the. >>reporter: thaevrment first
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i'll show the new record today san rafael 97 degrees. previous record was 94. set back in 1974. you lack at oakland airport and it shattered its previous record of 88. 95 degrees today. sfo 92. san jose 95. moffitt field up to 93 degrees and salinasçó was 89 today with heat like this ground level ozone pollution obviously a problem tomorrow so another spare the air for tuesday. for air quality in the inland east bay and santa clara valley and moderate air quality for the rest of the bay area. heat advisory are up for most inland communities and also for the bayshore line as you will notice here from noon through 8:00 p.m. mid 90's bayshore line up to 106 degrees inland. if a particularly sensitive to heat you weren't to take precautions. today was not the hottest day by far. we are lacking at even hotter conditions as we head that tomorrow putting tomorrow as the hottest day of the summer season.i'll be back with the
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temperatures coming right up. >> thanks sandy gentleman because of this pg&e is asking everyone to reduce the amount of power used during the hottest part of the day tomorrow. pg&e issued an energy alert for the hours between 11 in the morning and 6 at night. that's a call to save electricity with simple things such as turning off lights. wait to go do the laundry and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. that helps free up more power for fans and air conditioners. >> there is some delevoping news in oakland where police are searching for a gun man who shot a man in the chest 13th and broadway. happened just before 9:30 tonight. victim staggered that the nearby news stand. witnesses say the shooter ran toward 11th and broadway and may have boarded an ac transit bus. there is in word yet on a motive for this attack. and off duty paramedic and group of surfers saved a young life today at san francisco ocean beach. they rescued a 14-year-old boy drug lipping in the surf off sleep boulevard. the surif you are brought him
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to shore. paramedic performed mouth to mouth resuscitation. listen to a witness. >> he couldn't swim and couldn't get in. he was out. i is saw his head bop up suddenly. lick a little dot. really far away. and so i call around. anybody a strong swimmer because i could go get him but i wasn't going to go by myself. >>reporter: the teenager seemed okay but was sent to the hospital for observation. major set back for supporters of embryo stem cell research. federal judge halted all federal funding saying taxpayer dollars can not be used to destroy human embry o. lillian is in the newsroom with the impact of this rule and what happens next. lillian. >> this ruling came as quit a shock to scientist. for more than a year they have been receiving a steady flow of federal funding but that is now in jep dichlt researchers say the field is now in a state of turmoil and those who devoted
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is paralyzed from the waist down. >> every day of delay is research deny cure deny. people are suffering now. we have to get this political nonsense out of the the way. >>reporter: it was just last year when president obama signed an executive order expanding embryo stem cell research. since then the numbers of stem cell line nearly quad rhymed but today u.s. district judge lambert pwlbingd federal funding and rule the obama administration violates the amendment. law passed amly by congress that bans federal financing for any research in which a human embryo or embryo are destroyed, discard or knowingly subjected to risk of injury or death. the obama administration argued federal money isn't used to destroyed embryo only used after the stem cell created. the judge disagreed and right to life groups are claiming victory. >> we are thrilled with the decision because we belief that life begins at fertilization and so we see an embryo as being a human beingp.
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>>reporter: allen is president of the calf institute for regeneration medicine. voter approved 3 billion dollar agency that doles the money to research project throughout the state and says the federal ruling won't affect the funding practice but worry scientist will ultimately lack for a more steady line of work. >> that's whether i think is what might happen in this area about scientist may move because of the difficulty of keeping tenuous funding. >>reporter: the national ibs substitute of health and white house decline to comment on today's ruling. they say the justice department is reviewing the decision. supporters of embryo stem cell research are hoping for an appeal. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. thank you lillian. >> country first muslim university opens its doors in berkeley tomorrow. classes will begin as www. just 15 students. 4 year liberal arts college is hoping to enroll 2000 students decade from now. tonight there was a complication off campus for the student body.
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>> our vision and mission is clear. we understand there is no free lunch in america. we have to struggle to makec our own place on the dinner table. >> the college is offering degree in islamic law, theology and arabic language and although the inaugural students are muslim the college is open to student of any religion. it is seekinging accreditation of the same organization that license school such as berkeley and saint mary college. >> there is more fall out tonight from the state budget stalemate. governor schwarzenegger says california will begin withholding nearly 3 billion dollars a month in payments to school districts and counties next month instead of in october. that's so the state cap meet pension obligation as budget talk drag on. tomorrow is 55 days without a spending mrachbility the budget stalemate also means nearly 1,000 state funded community health clinic are about to run out of money. they receive the last medi-cal checks today until a budget
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deal is reached. clinic have been operating by using the last of the state 2 billion dollar emergency fund many. doctors say drastic cuts and some clinic may have to shut down. >> law enforcement news. sonoma county sheriff's deputy destroyed more than 100 marijuana plants this morning at the winery property in guerneville. authorities say the growers cut down 15 redwood trees, 60 feet high in order to provide sunlight to the 2000 square foot pot patch. growers also dam nearby creek with tarp and rock then ran a plastic water line to water the plants. deputy also found a fully stocked camp site there. cat season even more complicated than usual l this summer. up next. new adoption crisis in bay area shelter. >> also ahead. empty spot left by a heavy duty theft at a bay area church. >> later. drink up and drop weight? new research on the water connection. >> then later on "nightline". >> if coming up next on
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"nightline". former safety director blows the whistle on sea world. claiming that the park negligence caused the trainer's death. >> plus we bring you a story of survival of resilience and the >> plus we bring you a story of survival of resilience and the power of a mother's devotion.
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>> closed captioning brought to >> they have more cats than they know what to do with. 2 animal welfare agency in san francisco say they are swamped and once again down economy could be to blame. here's lee. >> it is really overwhelming. overwhelming because the cats are crying for attention and you can't reach them fast in. because there are so many of them. cholesterol to 100 katz cats now cared for animal care and control. some a came to themselves. others bunk with a few more and keep coming in. abandoned cats even whole litter. >> just in the strays last friday alone there was 60 cases there was 57 cages full. speed limit of those had multiple animals. >>reporter: across the street at the spca the same story. too many cats. between pevt agencies they have taken in 400
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in the past few weeks. the agency say they typically see an increase in kitten during the spring and summer but now they are seeing more pets being abandoned. >> the 2 are owner surrendered. this is an owner surrender. >>reporter: rebecca believes a lot going on here. more abandoned pet due to people leaving the bay area and increase in the fairly population and the economy. people out of work. they can't feed her pet or afford vet care end up here. >> minor health issues are harder and harder for people to afford. the vet care for them. so we do see animals come in with very treatable ailment but the people who are surrendering them don't have the funds to treat them. >>reporter: animal care and control says it costs them 50 dollars a day just to take care of one cat. with so many of these animals coming in that could potentially put them over their budget by 10%. the agency says they will tray and
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place as many healthy animals in new home but with so many they will need the public's help. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> for mr. information on the shelter or the animals lee mentioned we have limping for you at abc 7 under see it on tv. >> retired presbyterian manipulate sister tried tomorrow by her kitchen for prae siding over same sex marriages. reverend jane spar is accused of repeatedly violating church dock trn when they officiated at the wedding of 16 couple. took place between june and november of 2008 when same sex marriage was legal in california. 11 of the couple are expected to testify on her behalf at the trillion that takes place in nap a-3 weeks ago a federal court judge ruled this proposition 8 california bap on same sex marriage is unconstitutional and now being appealed. san francisco church bell that survived earthquake and remodeling has fallen victim to thieves. 600 pound brass bell stolen in the middle of the
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night a week ago. bell is more than 100 years old. four feet high and four feet wide at the mouth. parishioners at saint michael korean catholic church are puzzled by the crime. >> i'm not quite upset. no quite upset. but wondering. wondering why somebody took our bell. who need a bell? >>reporter: investigators are in contact with scrap metal dealers who say the bell could bring up to 1,000 dollars if melted down but it is so distinctive it may be difficult to sell. >> 600 pound not easy to move. >> no kid snag talk about the heat. warm day but really getting hot. talk about dangerous heat tomorrow. >> very high pressure. let's check in with sandy. >> try as high as 106 degrees tomorrow in the hottest inland locations. we are talking about serious heat.i'll show you what is causing the warmth to build. look at the time lapse from mount tamal pie as camera. this fire broke out early in the day. the smoke
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strain up into the sky an indication that there wasn't any wind. it was pretty light of course the offshore flow allowing the temperatures to really soar. how hot it got today. 99 degrees in concord. up in 97 in gilroy, livermore, santa rosa was a record i mentioned earlier. move it field 93. 95 in san jose all record today. 88 degrees in san francisco. hottest day so far this season. and only going to get hotter. half man bay 75 degrees. right now here's where the numbers stand. we still have warm readings close to 80 in antioch. mid 70's for fremont. san jose compared to 24 hours ago temperatures are much warmer. 11 degrees warmer so we are maintaining the heat in san jose. 14 degrees warm interoakland only going the mean one thing and that is a mild to warm night tonight. record high again tomorrow and we have the heat advisory and spare the air for your tuesday.
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here's the set up. higher pressure over the pacific northwest. we have high pressure over the pacific ocea ocean. nasty down sloping wind. this offshore flow bringing the dryer warmer air down towards the coast line and that is what is alug to us warm-up. underneath' area of high pressure you get sinking air or compression of the air that is warming us up. so tomorrow look for the air mass to warm even more as the ridge strengthens and we get the sin sinking air. sea breeze non-existent until late in the afternoon temperatures at the coast on the warm side. hot in some instances like san frachbility warm tonight in antioch. 72 degrees. looking at 60's across most of the rest of the the bay area except right near the immediate coast where we look at mid to upper 50's. tomorrow afternoon it ace steamy day in the south ba bay. 102 in los gatos. look at san jose. campbell 98 degrees. looking at 95 in
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sunnyvale and palo alto and mountain view, menlo park you have to head to the beaches. mid 70's there so nice looking day there. downtown san francisco getting hotter than today. 90 degrees. 91 in south san francisco. up towards the north bay plenty of triple digit there. sonoma, santa rosa 101 degrees. 104 in ukiah a.east bay communities with temperatures like these he we'll probably shatter some more records. 93 in oak land. 95 union city. inland communities all triple digit so sizzling summer day. no doubt about it. 106 for fairfield and for the upon the ray bay warm beach day. 93 degrees. 102 gilroy. 101 holster inlan inland. here's the 7 day forecast. up to 106 degrees inland tomorrow. toasty summer day for you. 70 at the beache beaches. temperatures start to moderate agent bit on wednesda wednesday. triple digit inland and cooling on thursday. much
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cooler heading into the weeken weekend. we drop about 30 degrees from 106. warmest inland location we are talking drizzle on in the morning on saturday and well below. >> dramatic changes coming. >> thanks. coming up something to remember you are stuck in some bay area grid lock. >> the 9 day traffic jam. some bay area grid lock. >> the 9 day traffic jam. after
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>> we complain about traffic around here a lot. if you think you have a rough commute check this out. this is scaibd as world worst traffic jam in beijing. estimated 40,000 cars and trucks have been backed up more than 60 miles for the past 9 days. stranded drivers are playing cards along the highway to pass the tie. then vendors have sprung up. drawing some criticism for charminging hay prisons for tea and noodles but it is supply and demand i suppose. road construction project that caused this mess is expected to last for another month. >> medical news now. many successful dieter swear by
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drinking water and now research that backs them up. study out of virginia tech university finds people who started their meal by drinking 16 ounces of water lost more weight than dieters would didn't. water drinker dropped more than 15 pound. non-water drinker lost about 11. researchers say the reasonfá may be simple. water makes people fuller so eat les less. >> that makes sense is that sure does. drink up. >> i have some over here. l l lost 3 straight series to the padres. phillies and cardinals an can't afford to lose 2 so returned home. took it 0out on baker. all ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñx
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>> giants return to the park after losing 2 big steers on the road to the phillies and cardinals. all they needed was home cooking as they rocked the reds. this woman not impressed with the jaints offensive out burst. san francisco teeing off on this 1st inning. middle of the wall dead center.
11:29 pm
torrez score and buster will motor around to score. just lick that we have a two nothing ball game. the the sanchez 4 hit and double score with sandoval. 5 nothing giants. still in the first. shortest outing of the career. two-thirds of' inning. leading 5-2. torrez deep for the 13th time this year. the for once mat given plenty of offense. strikes out the side in the seventh. tenth win of the year. up came close in the third and eighth. 22nd giants offense alive with 11-2 victor victory. frainers are 2 and o in pre-season play last night win over the vikings and yes only pre-season but the pieces seem to be coming together. they make a run in the play offs since 2002. quarterback smith is the key and looking comfortable. i have seen him in a forty-niner uniform. mostly due to the fact he has same offensive for the 2 years in a row. 5 of 6 for 59 yards leading the team to touch down
11:30 pm
in the first round. did it without the big 3 of frank gor gore, davis or crabtree. >> smith has to play without gore. has to play without burnham and without crab tree but to me you have receivers you play with them i think you have to make the situation better. if you are a good quarterback you have to make the situation better. so i don't ever look at washington he did without those guys because at some point in time during the season you may not have them. >>reporter: mane while nate davis second quarterback in the game and coach wanted to see him against some veterans. he had some moments including this 60 yard strike to ted that led to field goal. ended the day 7 of 16 for 114 yards. replaced david car second but the coach still not sold on nate just ye yet. >> he's a guy that has a lot of flash. big arm. like a lot of kids. a lot of young kids but you have to learn how to play the position. you have to learn how to command the huddl
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huddle. he is still learning how to could that. why how long it is going to take. the i don't know how much time we have. >>reporter: monday night football. vince young and titan taking on the cardinals. johnson picked up where he left off last year. 8 yard touch down. ran 7 fchlingt look at hawkins. leapfrog cardinal defender in the third quarter. gain of 22 yards. go on to beat arizona tonight 24-10. tune in tomorrow at 6:00 introduce to you san jose state head football coach mike mcintire hands full opening the season with alabama and wisconsin. >> that's a tall order. >> a lot of money to the program but that's a tall order. >> that's tough. >> i'm ready for some football. >> feels like summer. first warm day we have had. >> get the heat for a change. >> move on to football. >> that's what is happening "nightline"is next. >> next newscast begins tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> we'll be back with you in
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