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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 24, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland. a major antigang summit convenes in this city today. a who's who on law enforcement from washington will be here as two more people are gunned down on the streets of oakland overnight. the story in a live report. >> here's a live look from our roof cam. warm temperatures this morning. spare the air day. record highs yesterday. even more records today. hottest day of the year. show you what the heat advisory is, how long it will last and
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how it will be 30 degrees cooler by the weekend. >> a mechanical problem has shut down the vallejo ferry service this morning. all the details in a few minutes. >> great white sharks and stinging jelly fish one of the challenges as one man tries to swim across monterey. i'm theresa garcia live. >> he's the coolest guy in the area right now swimming in those waters. because it could be a hot one today. 6:01 this tuesday morning. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. our top story hours from now, oakland's top cop will convene a summit of law enforcement brainstorming a solution to deadly violence in oakland. a reminder how important that summit is after two men were fatally shot in separate incidents two hours apart. terry mcsweeney is live at the oakland police department with more. terry? >> yeah. this is an anti-gang summit convened by chief anthony bass and he's bringing together the
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dea, the f.b.i., the department of justice and other federal agencies. together they're teaming up to go after gangs. those two shootings you spoke about may be gang-related. the investigation continues. the first homicide happened in a very public place, 9:30 at night at 13th and broadway. there was a fight. a man grabbed a gun, opened fire. the victim staggered into a news stand and collapsed and died a couple hours later at the hospital. two hours later, at 34th and eddie street, an industrial part of town, a man was shot and killed there. he we don't have much more information on that. back to the gang summit, oakland p. d. have tried a number of suppress tactics over the years including gang sweeps but today's gang summit is inspired by the success of what police in salinas accomplished. down there a few years ago they teamed up with state and federal law enforcement, went after violent street gangs. they reduced the number from 26 in 2008 and again in 2009 down
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to four so far this year. so there is a way to do it. oakland's going to be trying to find it out today. it starts at the oakland zoo this morning. it's a two-day summit and the press is not going to be allowed in. it's city officials, oakland p. d. and the federal law enforcement agents because much of the information they're discussing is highly sensitive but it begins today. live in oakland, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you very much. 6:03 now. two men face weapons charges after being arrested while leaving a class with guns in their backpacks at laneny college in oakland. 20-year-old reginald battle had a loaded pistol and christian williams had an unloaded tech 9 handgun when they were arrested on campus. in addition to being students at the commune college, both men are known members of an east oakland gang. >> the san carlos city council has approved a new city budget that includes dissolving the
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city's entire police department. last night the council approved the $53 million budget. it includes phasing out the 32 member san carlos police department and phasing in a contract with the san mateo county sheriff's office. the current deal also calls for the sheriff's department to hire every one of the current san carlos officers. the move will save an estimated $1 million the first year and $2 million each year after that. >> a state appeals court has upheld the conviction of a san francisco woman whose dogs fatally mauled her neighbor's nine years ago. they took her dogs into the hallway of the apartment building. the dogs attacked and killed her. sentenced to life in prison for second degree murder. >> the san francisco district attorney has launched a criminal investigation into the san francisco school district missing grant fund. a community partner of the district first alerted the school board to the missing money. the examiner is reporting several school district
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employees have been put on paid leave. if the community group itself is also being investigated. the school board will only say the missing money doesn't come from the general fund and is not tied to recent teach or program cuts. >> 6:05 now. right now a santa cruz native is trying to do something so difficult only one person on record has ever accomplished it. he's trying to swim from santa cruz to monterey. that's 25 miles in chilly water. abc 7's theresa garcia was there as he began his marathon swim just about two hours ago. theresa, besides jelly fish and sharks and the distance, this shouldn't be so tough. >> you know, no, not that tough. 55 degrees, what the heck. the ocean water just a little chilly. but this is a man who has accomplished many marathon swims. he swam the 21 mile length of lock tahoe. he's an instructor on the side. he has a different set of challenges.
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4 a.m. we saw the boat support crew arrive at santa cruz's main beach to help prepare 44-year-old rut ner chase start his swim across monterey bay. they brought him ashore in a kayak to launch the swim from the beach. he's an ocean advocate from santa cruz. he now lives in new jersey and is on a mission to raise awareness of healthy oceans and promote marine sanctuaries in the u.s. his first attempt to swim this last august ended because jelly fish actually stopped him halfway through. >> i'm not worried about sharks. i guess the only -- the biggest thing for me is the jelly fish. because i know i'm not allergic to them but if you get stung a lot, the toxin builds up in your body and affects the ability to stay warm. if i can't stay warm and balanced, it slows me down. that's a deal breaker. >> he's following english channel swim rules which means no wet suit.
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only wearing a thin swim suit and body lathered with lanolin to protect him from the cold water and jelly fish stings. rescue swimmers and lifeguards will feed him along the way. they're scouting for safe routes to avoid swarms of jellies and the stinging nettles. if chase accomplishes the swim, he will be welcomed at san carlos beach in monterey and kick off the blue ocean film festival and conservation summit. if you want to follow his 14-hour swim you can do so on twitter. we linked it on on "see it on tv" section. >> all right, theresa. lathering up with lanolin. >> he tweeted about ten minutes or his team did saying he's holding a steady solid pace as daybreaks. earlier they tweeted there were sea lions following him. so far so good, no jelly fish
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following him. >> the weather forecast, that chilly water sounds pretty good compared to the high later on. >> the coast will have the cleanest air and also the coolest conditions. the farther inland you head, the worse the air quality's going to be. santa clara valley, inland areas of the east bay valleys, that's where the poor air quality will get those the most susceptible, the young, elderly and respiratory problems. everyone else fairly decent air today. the heat could get you. between noon and 8:00, look at the area shaded in orange. that's the bay shore, mid-90s to our inland valleys where it could reach 106. so in the shade it's going to feel like those temperatures. in the sun it's going to feel at least 10 to 15 degrees warmer. we're starting warmer this morning. that's one of the keys to the forecast. we have mid-50s santa rosa, napa at 8:00. mid to upper 60s through most neighborhoods to 75 antioch toss by noon mid-70s along the coast. low 90s in the south bay.
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north bay in the mid-90s already at lunch. that means by 4:00 we're well over 100. down in the south bay upper 90s. upper 80s to mid-90s from san francisco to 89 to fremont at 96. only 76 half moon bay. seven-day forecast, cooling hits the coast tomorrow and moves through the bay on thursday and into our inland neighborhoods on friday. temperatures could be 20 to 30 degrees cooler by saturday and sunday. not everybody's able to take mass transit today. what's up, megan? >> we have a problem with the vallejo ferry service. the ferry service has been cancelled due to a mechanical problem on the vallejo ferry. it affects the 7:00 ferry out of vallejo and the 8:00 ferry that leaves out of san francisco. the vallejo transit buses will be in effect to replace the ferry service. we're following a crash in danville. it's northbound 680 at diablo road. a car slapped right into the fast lane in the center divide and is facing the wrong way in the fast lane. emergency crews on the scene there. going outside, a live look at
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the bay bridge toll plaza where there's no problems making your way through the tolls and heading right on into san francisco. eric, kristen. >> megan, thank you very much. >> just tweeted a minute ago. an update, he says the jelly fish report, it's very heavy now one hour into the swim. >> 25 miles from santa cruz to monterey. >> the vote coming that could create a whole new parking problem for hundreds of high school students, parents and teachers in the south bay. >> plus lose the scarf or lose your job. the one employee suing disney. the one employee suing disney. >> years of concern over lead in
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>> welcome back. a new school year could mean new parking problems for parents, students and teachers at two
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high schools in los gatos. tonight the city council will temperature parking restrictions that will ban parking on neighborhood streets around mountainview high and los gatos high. the ban will effect everyone, even neighbors from 8:00 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon. residents are tired of people using neighborhoods as parking lots. >> country's first ever muslim university opens its doors in berkeley today. classes will begin at the college with just 15 students. the four-year liberal arts college is hoping to enroll 2,000 students a decade from now. last night there was a convocation off-campus for the student body. >> our visions and mission are clear. struggles and we understand there's no free lunch in america. we have to struggle to make our own place at the dinner table. >> the college is offering degrees in islamic law, theology and arabic languages.
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they're hoping the students of any religion. the same organizations that license the school as u.c. berkeley and saint mary's college. >> a restaurant hostess is claiming her boss won't let her wear a muslim head scarf in front of customers. disney says she can wear a hat and bonnet. you see pictures here instead to fit in with the company's strict dress code. the specifically designed hat is called an embarrassment and refusing to wear it. she's refusing to take a new job at disney away from public view. disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> anxiously awaiting to finds out today whether we'll be a winner in the second round of the obama administration school reform grant competition. they will award $3.5 billion as one of 19 finalists. encouraging new teacher accountability, policies and
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lifting state caps on chatter schools. several big districts have signed on including san francisco. tennessee and delaware were winners in the first round in march. >> bristol palin is following in her mother's footsteps cashing in on the speech circuit. the unmarried teenager mother is being paid $14,000 to speak at a september fund-raiser in kentucky. it's for christian home for unwed moms. guests will pay $125 a person to hear the palin speech. meantime the father of her baby, levi johnson, has just filed papers to run for mayor of the alaskan town palin once lead. his run will be part of a reality tv show. >> of course, it will. >> sarah palin, $100,000 for her speeches in. >> that's what we understand. for free you get the weather forecast but it could be a hot one. >> let's take a look outside.
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beautiful picture from the east bay looking back at the full moon as it's about to set. notice how calm the water is around the bay. that's the high pressure, the sinking air. the reason why we're going to heat so much today. one more beautiful picture. this one santa cruz thanks to theresa's crew down there. we appreciate that beautiful picture. sure we'll get an update how the swim's going. at least she'll be able to see a little better now. let's talk about temperatures and how cool along the coast. 48 half moon bay. jump to mid to upper 50s, fairfield and santa rosa. low to mid-50s most neighborhoods. fremont and los gatos, 72 and 75 right now. around the monterey bay, speaking of santa cruz, 60. other neighbors, watsonville, 61. and 53 gilroy. highlights, the record heat and the poor air quality. they dominate the highlights today. won't be quite as hot tomorrow and by friday all of us, even inland below average and we keep falling through the weekend. a lot like fall.
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you thought last saturday was cool, wait until you see this weekend. our air quality, let's touch upon this one more time. unhealthy in the east bay and also down along the santa clara valley. try to stay inside during the afternoon hours when the ozone builds up to its highest level. a heat advisory once again for dangerous heat. mid-90s around the bay to 106 inland. heat advisory from noon until 8:00. heat exhaustion a big problem or could potentially be. the pacific northwest, that clockwise flow and that land breeze bringing us that dry air from the central valley and the heat because we don't have cool our nor clean air for that matter from the ocean. record highs today, san jose, millbrae, downtown san francisco 91. through the north bay valley, san rafael, napa and santa rosa, upper 90s to low 100. richmond, oakland, hayward low to mid-90s there. concord 103, should set a report
6:19 am
high. gilroy 102 and salinas at 90. tonight coolest weather along the coast once again. 56 half moon bay, 58 santa cruz and up around santa rosa 58. napa at 61. low to mid-60s for the rest of us. even upper 60s in san jose and about 73 antioch. what do you say we take a look at some of those cooler conditions if you don't like the heat. we will drop nearly 6 degrees tomorrow everywhere. still about 100 inland. drop about another 6 to 8 degrees on thursday. another 6 to 8 degrees on friday. you'll notice the clouds will come back in the morning on thursday. they'll be thicker friday. thicker saturday and sunday with breezes and afternoon clouds that will drop our temperatures nearly 20 degrees at the coast from today to 30 degrees around the bay and inland. good morning, megan. you have an update on the crash? >> we're following a crash on northbound 680 in the danville area. we're going to start with a live look at walnut creek at southbound 680 where traffic is
6:20 am
moving nicely heading into the san ramon valley. the crash is the northbound direction blocking the fast lane after a car slammed into the center divide and is now facing the wrong way in the fast lane. emergency crews are on the scene there. let's go to maps and take a look at road work through solano county and interstate 80. both directions have a couple lanes blocked between sassoon valley road and air base parkway. the vallejo ferry service is cancelled this morning due to a mechanical failure on the ferry. there are transit buses in place to replace the ferry service. outside a live look sat interstate 80 heading through the berkeley area. headlights are moving westbound. right now the drive time in the carquinez bridge to the maze, just a light 19 minutes. for the latest traffic updates, go to and click on the traffic link. kristen. >> megan, thanks a lot. it's 6:20.
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we've heard a lot in recent years about the dangers of lead in children's jewelry. michael finney reports despite all the publicity, the danger may not have subsided. >> this jewelry may look cute but good housekeeping warns it could also poison your child. >> we recently came upon some jewelry that we were a business suspicious and decided we were going to investigate. >> the magazine sent the jewelry to an outside lab and tested for heavy metal. >> we found a set of disney princess earrings and necklace at wal-mart. it had lead not permissible by the government. >> seven times the amount of lead allowed and the next las 40 times the amount. a necklace at target tested 14 times above federal limits. good housekeeping strongly recommends you not buy
6:22 am
inexpensive jewelry for children. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> coming up a sour song. the new scam that could have i-tune users singing the blues. plus... >> i've just been hit by an individual! >> a very literal run-in with the law.
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>> i've just been hit by an individual! 1050! >> dash cam videos showing you a scary moment for the utah highway patrol. a drunk driver driving the wrong way slammed right into the officer's cruiser.
6:26 am
fortunately neither driver involved in the crash was seriously hurt. the wrong-way driver was arrested. >> this morning a new warning of an online scam involving i-tunes and paypal. scammers have apparently found a way to buy thousands of dollars in i-tune songs and charge it to other users' paypal accounts. one racked up $4700 on an unexpecting user's account. >> 6:26. still ahead at 6:30, the new rules thousands of richmond high schoolers can expect to face as they head back to school today. >> plus the mystery of the vanishing 600 pound bell. that lady talking about the incredible theft that has investigators crashing their heads. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakla oakland. a two-day summit convenes as two more are gunned down on the streets. there's a controversy about the
6:27 am
summit. i'll tell but it in a live report. >> the wildfire that sparked worries for east bay homeowners and why today's heat could mean we see more of them. >> and check out new york. flight arrival delays. everybody else running on
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♪ >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. 6:30. the trading day getting underway on wall street. investors worldwide continue to worry about the pace of a global recovery. bracing for a disappointing report on the housing market later today. a live report from the new york stock exchange coming up in about 15 minutes. >> you know what could be falling around here today, record temperatures. >> i was going to say not the temperatures themselves. >> no. the records could be falling. check with mike for a look at the forecast. >> get the erasers out. change the record books today
6:31 am
because yesterday set the example. let's show you what we're dealing with. san rafael, oakland at the airport, sfo, san jose, moffett field and salinas some of the areas that set record highs and all are in the 90s, salinas 89. that was yesterday. today will be even hotter. hottest day of the year. we'll have even more records and even more poor air quality, especially the east bay valley. if you have respiratory problems, stay inside. that would be best. heat advisory from around the shore to inland valleys. even hotter in the direct sunlight. cooler forecast in a minute. here is kristen. >> thanks a lot. the hot, dry weather means higher fire danger. near pittsburgh keeping watch for hot spots after this fire burned 70 acres yesterday. it started along highway 4 just before 5:00. still trying to identify the cause. 85 firefighters in the air and
6:32 am
on the ground were able to keep the flames away from homes along san marco boulevard. they also managed to stop the fire from spreading over willow pass into the concord area. >> as the temperatures rise today, pg&e is asking everyone to reduce the amount of power they use. the utility is issuing an energy alert between the hours of 11:00 this morning and 6:00 this evening. every customer is being asked to save electricity by turning off lights, waiting to do laundry and using stairs instead of elevators. those simple actions will assure the grid can handle the increase in fan and air conditioner use today. >> hours from now oakland police along with federal law enforcement will hold a critical summit looking for new ways to keep the city safe. the summit just hours after the latest example of the violence plaguing the city. two men shot and killed just two hours apart. terry mcsweeney live with the latest on the summit and the
6:33 am
violence. >> those killings overnight may be gang-related. police are still investigating, certainly not ruling it out. today oakland police chief is going to be meeting with a slew of federal agencies to do something about the problem in this city and do something about reducing gang violence in the city. looking at those two killings, the first broadway and 13th. a busy street. a man shot about 9:30 at night. he goes into the news stand, collapses there. dies at the hospital. the second killing, 34 and eddie street. nobody around there. not much information from police on that killing. oakland police today going to be meeting with the f.b.i., dea, other department of justice officials, the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms to figure out a counterattack against gangs. the model is what went down in salinas. a few years ago police met with state and federal agencies, came up with a plan, put it into
6:34 am
place and it's working dramatically reducing the number of killings down there gang-related. one controversy though here in oakland, what took so long to have this anti-gang summit. the u.s. attorney general says that he called mayor ron dellums two years ago. he never heard back from the mayor. a couple months ago police chief anthony bass calls him up and says let's have a summit, let's have that summit and today it begins. a two-day summit at the oakland zoo. the media is not invited. this is a very, very sensitive material they're going to be discussing and don't want any of it getting out anywhere in the public. it begins today here in oakland. live in oakland, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you very much. more fallout this morning from the state's budget stalemate. governor schwarzenegger says california will now begin withholding nearly $3 billion a month for payments to school districts and counties next month instead of waiting until
6:35 am
october. that's so the state can meet pension obligations. today marks 55 days without a spending plan in place. the budget stalemate also means nearly a thousand state-funded community health clinics are about to run out of money and may have to close. those clinics have now received their last medi-cal checks until a budget deal is reached. for the past few weeks those clinics have been operating by using the last of the state's emergency fund. there will be drastic cuts and some clinics may have to completely shut down. planned parent hood clinics are hoping to keep services intact now that they won't use the planned parenthood name anymore. the provider is cancels its affiliation because of financial and administrative problems. the local clinics will still provide services but may have to pay suppliers more.
6:36 am
>> just hours from now a retired presbyterian minister will be put on trial by her church for presiding over same sex marriages. the reverent jane spar is accused of repeatedly violating church doctrine when she officiated at the weddings of 16 couples. they took place between june and november of 2008 when same sex marriage was legal in california. 11 of the couples are expected to testify on her behalf at the trial in napa. three weeks ago a federal court judge ruled that proposition 8, california's ban on same sex marriage, is unconstitutional. >> a church bell that survived earthquakes, weather and remodelling has fallen victim to thieves. the 600 pound brass bell was stolen in the middle of the night a week ago. it's more than 100 years old and 4 feet high and 4 feet wide at the mouth. parishioners at st. michael
6:37 am
korean catholic church. >> wondering why someone took a bell. who need a bell? >> that's what investigators are trying to figure out. they're in contact with scrap metal dealers who say the bell could bring up to $1,000 if it's melted down but the bell is so distinctive, it may be difficult to sell. >> school begins today for students in the west contra costa school district and kids caught cutting will have a trip to court. richmond police estimate about 100 students cut school each day. some commit crimes, others end up becoming crime victims. the law requires anyone caught cutting school and their parents to appear in court. the hearing could help pave the way for services like drug counseling for true truants and their families. >> hoping to get a legal okay to ban pg&e from installing smart meters in their area. today the board getting the
6:38 am
opinion of county attorneys on how or even if they can do that. one supervisors tells the san jose mercury news he gets calls daily from people worrying about the smart meters. those meters allow pg&e to get readings and control the flow of power by remote control but smart meters have generated a lot of complaints off overbilling and other inaccuracies from customers. >> speaking of energy news, later when you get home and turn up a. c.'s, a lot of people doing that. we could need to conserve. let's take a look with mike. >> power went off at my house briefly. we all freaked! we were like no! this is not happening! >> oh, no, they didn't. >> but it was brief thankfully and we're all fine. appreciate you asking. mid to upper 50s around fairfield, napa, novato, vos, men low park. some so areas cooling. still relatively warm, san
6:39 am
francisco, oakland, concord, antioch, livermore and san jose in the low to mid-60s. 72 fremont and 74 los gatos. those temperatures are anywhere from 11 degrees warmer from yesterday in fremont to 8 in san francisco. about 4 in novato and santa rosa. and also menlo park. 7 los gatos, antioch a little cooler this morning. by 8:00 we'll have sunshine and temperatures won't change much from where we are right now. if anything they'll jump about 2 to 3 degrees. that's how fast a start we'll get off to. by noon mid to upper 80s san francisco, san rafael, oakland, palo alto. low to mid-90s elsewhere. by 4:00, 100 santa rosa, napa, fairfield, morgan hill with mid to upper 90s fremont and san jose and upper 80s to low 90s san francisco, oakland and palo alto. only 76 at half moon bay. 6 to 8 degrees less hot tomorrow and then the cooling will hit the bay and the coast on thursday and then we'll see the marine layer clouds get thicker
6:40 am
and the temperatures drop even more through the weekend. good morning, megan. you have an update? >> yeah. all our earlier accidents have been cleared. you should have a nice commute awaiting you. metering lights were just turned on a few minutes ago and already starting to see say slight backup to the end of that cal tran parking lot. a live look in san rafael. this is 101. headlights moving southbound out of novato making way towards the golden gate bridge. traffic moving nilesly here. once you reach the golden gate, a beautiful ride making your way into san francisco from sausalito. a check of drive times for your tuesday morning commute. starting to see brake lights as you make your way westbound on highway 4 from lone tree way to 242. that's a 23 minute drive time. westbound on 580 through the altamont pass from 205 to 680, 26 minutes. if you're commuting through rio vista today, a couple things to tell you about, about highway 12 is going to be closed for road work in both directions between
6:41 am
highway 160 and interstate 5. it's closed today through thursday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.. eric, kristen. >> megan, thanks a lot. it's now 6:41. ahead, a massive legal setback for supporters of stem cell research. >> trading underway now on wall street. a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. a live look here at the big board. the dow down 118 points. >> also it was supposed to be one man's golden ticket. instead, a series of what he said were ansel adams negatives have gotten him a one-way ticket to court. >> the worst traffic jam you could ever imagine. 40,000 drivers waiting for days. why they'll still be waiting in the same spot months from now. >> and what a beautiful day for an ocean swim. how about a 25-mile swim. i'm theresa garcia live in santa cruz. one man is on a mission now to complete that. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 lightly sweetened calories. more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios.
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>> chico, sacramento, fresno well over 100. l.a. flirting with 100. big sur 85. 83 tahoe and 74, that's where it's comfortable in eureka. eric? >> mike, thank you very much. 6:45 now. two south bay p. w. market stores are set to close today raising more questions about the future of the grocery chain. stores on the expressway and supervalley road in san jose will close their doors leaving only four p. w. stores open and customers have reported seeing empty spots on store shelves in those. company officials deny reports calling it quits but 200 workers have been laid off. analysts say it's getting tougher for small local chains
6:46 am
like p. w. to compete with national chains like wal-mart and safeway. >> say federal court judge ordered a stop of federal funding for stem cell research. all funding should be halted because the government failed to prove it was protecting human embryos from being killed or injured during experiments as prescribed by federal law. california stem cell research gets separate state funds. there's concern scientists will shy away from the field due to its political uncertainty. >> because of the difficulty of continuous funding. >> right to the life groups are praising the ruling. it overturns last year's presidential order allowing federal funding for stem cell research. the government is reviewing the addition and may appeal. >> wall street this morning, worries about the housing market and the battle over fremont-based free park continues. >> jane king joins us live with the "moneyscope" report.
6:47 am
jane? >> eric and kristen, good morning. waiting now for these latest housing numbers. these are from the national association of realtors. they'll be coming out with what's expected to be a pretty ugly report about july existing home sales. this is not new construction. comes out at the top of the hour. economists say the sales probably fell off a cliff as tax credits phased out. we've got the dow down more than 100 points. the s & p, nasdaq, everything down more than 1% so far this morning. and the bloomberg silicon valley index in fact is trading down as well. watch for dell to up its offer for fremont-based. it is preparing a sweetened bid. makes cloud computing systems and allows companies to offer services over the internet instead of having clients store the data themselves. last week dell offered more than a billion dollars but then yesterday hewlett-packard came out and topped dell's offer with
6:48 am
a $1.6 billion bid. shares this morning, up on all this news. higher again today. triple the last six sessions with this take-over talk. fees airlines are charging for checked bags. offering to reimburse guests up to the $850 in fees for checked bags. consecutive weekend nights. >> jane, thanks a lot. >> get a load of this. you think your commute is kind of rough. look what's being described as the world's worst traffic jam. 40,000 cars and trucks backed up 60 miles for nine days now. stranded drivers are playing cards along the highway to pass the time. vendors have sprung up but they're drawing criticism
6:49 am
charging high price for tea and noodles. the construction project that caused the mess? it's expected to last another month. >> oh, my god. and you know there aren't enough porta-potties. >> clean, closed. oh, my! >> like survivor. >> it is! it is like survivor. >> out there with a camera. survivor with smog. >> that's grate concept. >> smogviver. >> we have smog to deal with ourselves. after this beautiful sun rise. some of the sun. yeah, it is absolutely gorgeous right now but it will be a hazy, murky, icky looking sky. those susceptible to high concentrations of ozone and lower levels in the atmosphere could have problems this afternoon breathing. also the heat might get you,
6:50 am
too. heat advisory continues from noon until 8:00 this evening. mid-90s around the bay. you see it highlighted in orange to our inland valleys. also highlighted in orange where it could reach 106. heat exhaustion could be a big problem today. when's it going to change? tomorrow won't be quite as hot. we'll be well below average by friday. in fact, you thought last saturday felt a lot like fall? wait until you see this weekend's forecast. start with what it feels like outside. hitting the 50s around santa rosa, napa, fairfield. half moon bay the cool spot. low to mid-60s mainly around the rest of our neighborhoods. monterey, temperatures around 60 all the way to salinas. about 63 gilroy. 24 hour temperature change. it's going to be even warmer today, warmest day of the year. record-setting heat. oakland, san francisco, concord, san jose and santa rosa 4 degrees warmer and fremont 6 degrees warmer. notice all these areas in the
6:51 am
90s to 100. in fact, i color-coded or put an asterisk next to the area i think that's going to set a record. not every town has a record. so you may set a record or something by your local standards but according to national weather service, concord 103 today will set a record high. record high richmond 90, oakland 93 and hayward 94. san jose record high, mid-90s. on the peninsula, millbrae 93, record high. along the coast a real nice day, sunshine. upper 70s to near 80 in daly city. downtown san francisco, 90, record high. north bay, san rafael, 98. napa 101 and santa rosa. gilroy and salinas also going to set record highs today. heading to the park tonight, at&t about 84 the first pitch down to around 78. temperatures drop 20 degrees at the coast by the weekend, 30
6:52 am
degrees around the bay and inland. yesterday we asked you to sends us your weather videos and weather photos showing us how you beat the heat. these are some of the more proper ones we can show you. and you responded. one of our viewers uploaded this video of the beautiful day at san francisco's ocean beach. this is -- (laughter) you report powered by if you have whether video or pictures you would like to share upload them tastefully or e-mail them. megan? >> good morning. (laughter) okay! well, we have a problem with the vallejo ferry service. a mechanical failure has shut down the vallejo ferry, the 7:00 from vallejo and the 8:00 ferry leaving from san francisco. there will be vallejo transit buses in place to replace the ferries. outside for a live look at
6:53 am
walnut creek for the ride at 680. the north main exit, fro problems southbound into the san ramon valley. commuting along the east shore freeway, a live look interstate 80. a little crowded as these headlights move southbound. from the maze about 20 minutes. once you reach the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights have been turned on, backup to that caltrain parking lot. a 10 to 15 minute wait time. commuting through the south bay this morning, a live look at 280 at the 17 overcrossing. traffic's flowing nicely here through the downtown san jose area. you can get drive times delivered to your mailbox at click on the traffic link. kristen? >> all right, megan. thanks a lot. a fresno man faces a lawsuit from a group representing ansel adams' estate after he tried to sell prints and posters under the name of the famed nature photographer. he claims he bought glass
6:54 am
negatives of adams' work at a garage sale. the estate wants to block him from using adams' name, likeness and trademark. the lawyer insists his client even had authenticators determine the negatives he bought for 45 bucks were adams' work indeed. they they claim it's the work of another photographer, early brooks. >> recapping our top stories, law enforcement leaders gathering in oakland to come up with tactics to fight the city's gang violence amid two new murders overnight. >> terry mcsweeney is live outside police headquarters with more. terry? >> yeah. this is an anti-gang summit in oakland like no other this city has ever seen. heavy hitters and federal law enforcement are in town. they're meeting in just a couple hours. the first killing last night that may come up on their radar screen may be gang-related. police still investigating. happened 9:30 at broadway and 13th. that's a pretty busy street. a man got into a fight, someone
6:55 am
pulled a gun. a man, the victim goes into the news stand and collapses. he died a couple hours later at the hospital. the second killing was in an industrial part of town, 34th and eddie streets near mcarthur maze. not much information on that one. oakland police today are meeting with the f.b.i., dea, bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms and others to figure out a counterattack against gangs. and they are inspired by what happened in salinas. a couple years ago police there called in state and federal law enforcement. they had a conference, came up with a plan and it's really working down there. today's two-day conference begins out at the oakland zoo this morning. let's go to theresa garcia. good morning, theresa. >> good morning. doesn't the ocean water behind me look inviting? we know one man who decided to jump in for a morning swim. not just any morning swim. he won't end until the early afternoon. it's a 25-mile journey. only one person from santa cruz
6:56 am
to monterey has ever accomplished this before. looking at some of the video, about 4 a.m. when a boat support crew arrived at the main beach to bring the 44 chase ashore in a kayak. he attempted the same swim last august but stinging jelly fish ended it halfway through. only wearing a slim suit, googles. his body lathered with lanolin to protect him. he's an accomplished marathon swimmer and ocean advocate now living in new jersey. on a mission to raise awareness about healthy oceans and promote the 14 marine sanctuaries in the u.s. his swim will launch the blue ocean film festival and conservation summit. if you'd like to follow chase's marathon swim on twitter, we have it on the last tweet we heard, he is
6:57 am
definitely come aupon some jelly fish. >> see how pretty it is in santa cruz. mike? >> a good place to go to stay cool as it will be 93 on the beach but in the water the mid to upper 50s. poor air quality east bay valleys, also in santa clara valley. we have heat advisory, heat xau xausa -- 30 degrees cooler by the weekend. >> spare the air day. commuters are encouraged to take mass transit but we're having ray problem with the vallejo ferry system. a mechanical failure shut down the ferry system. the 7:00 out of vallejo has been cash registered. the 8:00 leaving out of san jose has been cancelleds it had there will be transit buses in place. >> we'll be back with a local update at ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ññ
6:58 am
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