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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  August 24, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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district. >> thanks for joining us what. is the biggest challenge you're facing now? >> just enjoying the terrain and remote area trying to get crews and cal fire to try to knock this down. >> how many crews or on the scene right now? >> i do know we have resources from all three jurisdictions as well as you know assets in the air air tankers and helicopters, fixed wings. so we're getting in on this. >> and as we look at a live picture at this fire more than 100 acres is near mount diablo. this is smoke coming off this fire. do you expect this to continue to spread for the time being? or as night wears on? >> we're hoping the weather continues to cool down that
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we don't see fire or wind activities. we're just trying to get a handle and ahead of it getting it knocked down as quickly as possible. so it doesn't get to a stage where we're concerned about it good enough kimberly french thank you fosh coming on with us. we'll keep you updated. our reporter is nearby. we'll hear from her shortly as well. >> the conditions that are fueling the fire are likely to be the hottest temperatures of the year. there is term ters reached well into the hundreds this afternoon. and triple digit temperatures as well today we took these pictures in downtown this afternoon. and there the coast was warm jant cruz temperatures reaching into 80s there today spencer are we expecting another hot one tomorrow? >> another hot day inlnld. this will start to cool a little bit. the heat is so oppressive n
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the area of the fire is 100 degrees official measurement it's higher in other ire humidity is in single digits and is dry. winds are light about six miles per hour now. that sheping not so spread the fire there. is a look at record high temperatures napa san francisco is high today was a record for the month of august. there is 98 degrees and there is santa cruz and monterey a high today of the all time record high of month of august. heat is excessive and oppressive. and there is going to start cooling a little bit tomorrow and around the bay. heat advisory continues for inland valleys tomorrow until 8:00 tomorrow night.
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heat-sensitive individuals should take precautions and the heat goes on. >> it sure does, thank you. >> and as many as 200 homes now lie in the path of this fast-moving 100' acre wildfire in southern kern county and residents have ordered to evacuate. this fire broke out just 60 miles northwest of los angeles efforts being hampered by 100 degree temperatures down there as well. >> and back here now heat is taking a toll on transportation stimsz. cal train has been forced to slow trains down because of the threat of heat damage to its rails sm. gates are malfunctioning as well from what we understand. bart has delays about 20 minutes because of the heat. it's causing computer problems in stations in san francisco daily city and dublin. bart switching trains near those stations and lowering speeds from 70 miles per hour down to about 25 miles per hour.
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and you know on this side of the heat we worry about electric supply but not this time. this chart from state power regulators shows the grid has more electricity available at the top line there than we used today. that is the bottom line in red. how did we make it through today? with no electricity problems? abc 7 reports on what has changed. >> cal iso says supplies are ample. can go to places like san jose city hall. the heat wave triggered power savings. two thirds of the light fixtures were turned off. room temperatures were raised. and there is the deputy director of general service autos a few minutes a day may be more uncomfortable bebut end savings can be up to 20% of our electrical use for that particular time period. >> what power city hall doesn't use is available to others.
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conservation creates a savings. this city haum electric bill runs almost $1 million per year. steps like turning off heat overnight. >> we're able to shut those systems down and take advantage of that and use that for energy savings off the bat. >> it was 93 degrees outside at noon but city hall using only 5% of one chiller to cool the building. two other chillers were off. neighboring santa clara operates a yu timt power and didn't call for cut ak backs pointing at late spring snowfall. wrunoff used to produce electric power. >> there has been a moderate summer snowfall happening may which created llt of water this year after three years of drought, a lot of that water is still available for use this late in the season. >> there is california
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continues to grow but per capita use has been flat. the numy plant shut down this year and emmy -- empty offices dot silicon valley. >> the heelt is causing problems in the east bay. and there is a fire now burning near mount diablo. >> we have cal fire division chief on the line for us. we understand there is an update? >> yes. 125 acre autos 125 now. and is this still spread something. >> there is right flou currently zero percent containment. and this is any word on homes threatened? or burned from this? at this point? >> from bha we understand is that we do have structures
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threatened. and there is currently i'm in kmerg command center. i don't have that. >> if this does spread does that put homes or structures in danger? do you know that? >> currently i haven't got a word back from the commander yet. >> okay. >> so and chief thank you very much. >> well fire people are in the hospital some with critical injuries after being struck by an suv in a san francisco bus shelter at san bruno and arletta streets. the dryer says her ford explorer lost power including ability to steer and break. and the victims range from age from 30 to 80s. and three in serious condition tonight. investigators say it could take weeks to determine what
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went wrong with that suv. >> in santa barbara a runway truck hauling tons of travel killing a man woman and child inside, you can see the home was threatened. the truck lost brakes and careened into the neighborhood and the patrol says the driver may have been trying to avoid hitting a hotel. >> and we're go tg try to education news. and education lost out on a round of another round of dollars and would have brought it millions for school reform. and 16 out of the 19 finalists. education leaders say $700 million could have helped pay for major el school changes. those included tying teacher evaluations to test scores firing staff at low-performing schools and allowing failing camp campuses to convert to charter schools. >> absence of the money means
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many reforms contained will be more difficult. and it will be slower to attain. >> some critics that i a lack of support from teacher unions killed california chances in this competition. the unions say they were not consulted and not convinced reforms will work. california is hoping to try again for money during a possible third round of funding. and to make matters worst state has decided to delay payments to school districts. the means schools and welfare programs will be left short changed by $3 billion. and now a look at impact it's going to have. leanne? >> reporter: important thing here is that services will not be affected because the school districts will find ways to wor borrow that money or will dip into cash reserves if they have any. so simply put districts will be robbing peter yes to, pay paul. in september school districts i were supposed to get money from the state. but will have to wait longer.
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in the meantime people and services will still need to get paid. >> you're going to use that to pay for your clairical custodians and teachers and you pay utilities and insurance it's funds of the district. >> there are things districts can do. dip into cash reserves which few have or get loans. >> they can do borrowing short term. so if they have a bonld or a parcel tax money coming in regularly, they can do an interfund transfer if the districts can do that it's least expensive thing they can actually do. >> there or borrow from banks sign who signs off on loans? local county office of education. it's up to that office to make sure districts can repay the loans. like many direction there is a cash flow problem. wilt now have to borrow money
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to makeup the difference. this way services will not be affected. >> it's kind of like you're own personal finances you know? there is one month you m may have to borrow from savings but next month, you'll be able to replenish that. >> if lawmakers are tibl agree on a budget. educators say this puts more pressure on skrikts to come up with money they're owd. >> it's just masking the problem. we need to have budget settled and plorpt amount of money goesing to the schools and to classrooms. >> so right now districts are trying to calculate how much they'll need to borrow. in the past they may have used reserves but today they don't have that so there is 20% less revenue today dan than it did, three years ago. >> thank you very much. >> and still ahead here tonight breaking news that
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fire burning wildfire burning near mount diablo. a san francisco sandwich shop facing eviction and a court house paper work error given last minute reprieve. >> later tonight, same-sex marriage that presbyterian church puts a minister on trial for performing legal gay weddings. >> and how many others are receiving a rebate? why isn't she?)ñ)ñ)ñ)ñ)ñ)ñ)ñqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqceeeò úúúúpxpxpxpxpxúúúúúúbúbúbúbúbúbúbúbúbúbú
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francisco supervisor was told today they cannot run for reelection this fall. she was appointed to her post
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in 2004 now serving six years in office. today a court ruled she's sublt to the city term limits law, prohibiting her from serving more than two terms. her attorneys have promised to take her case to the state court. >> this was expected to be the last day of business for hik's place. the controversial shop in san francisco. some lawyering is keeping ike's up and running. at least for now. abc 7 is live to explain how this last minute reprieve happened. >> there his attorneys found a technicality over who is being named in that suit. so for now it's not the end of the lichblt this is known for huge sandwich was colorful names. and dina waited in the hot sun
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for two and a half hours. >> this better be really good is what i'm think oogt first timer joined a long line of regulars. the shop is popular with foodies but not the building landlord. and he discovered the owner does not have proper city permits food to -- suing to evict him this morning he lost his case in san francisco superior court this afternoon sh his lawyers found a technical error, now he's back in business. >> they evict immediate and my mother. but they didn't evict ike's place. >> how does that work? >> well, it's a comp raigs. >> corporation. >> soit buys ike, and his fans time. >> this is an iconic place. it's unfortunate the neighbors don't see that it way. >> the neighbors living up stairs have also filed suits
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tired of the crowds and noise and smells their attorney says i think it was curable if people had been witnesswilling to sit down and talk. the merchants association likes ike's. the president told us of the 400 members, there is no opposition. and there is thousands hoping for compromise. >> i am looking for other locations in san francisco. >> and there is a lot people trying to help. and the recz park department called talking about options. ike has a phone order business but says his heart is here in san francisco. and there is calls and e mails to the attorneys were not
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returned. >> thank you very much. >> and we want to take you back out live now with sky 7 hd over wildfire burning in mount diablo burning 125 acres in this area. >> it's very hot on the fire lines. and so that is helping. >> it's into single digits. there is a report of of 3%. and there is a dryness and heat contributing to this. we're fortunate there is no winds to speak of. five six miles per hour. so nothing to fan flames and spread fires. and as lng as this hot and dry there, is a risk of fires like this, taking a look at reegds there is numerous readings all around the bay area from south bay to east bay. and north bay z around the bay temperatures into 90s 99 in
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menlo park now. 87 in san francisco. and some of the readings are down a little bit from the peak. so heat holds on earlier then areas starting to cool down thursday getting a return of the marine layer. let me show you y there is an area of high pressure bringing us hot weather and a off shore flow is weakening now. high pressure area moves inland, the flow begins to waken, lessening the heating of our atmosphere. animating maps at 7:00 this evening, we'll see that by afternoon we'll have a cooling sea breeze developing to begin cooling down the coast. so high temperatures mere the coast will be peaking out around mid day then hi bithursday morning fog returns ask that will push cooling of cooler air inland and i don't think those of us asking for a warm up had this
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in mind. low temperatures doont will be into 6 ows some locations will be lows into 50s which is more comfortable range. napa is seeing lows into 50s tonight z there is another warm day tomorrow warm to hot. we'll see mostly mid to upper 90s 96 in san jose. triple digits in sarah to goa. we'll see hot weather again highs into mid 90s and this there milder in and around san francisco, warm but not hot like today there. is a high downtown of 85 degrees tomorrow. and there is north bay will be sizzling with numerous readings around the area and on the coast things start owe to moderate. and near east bay still warm but not likely to be
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record-setting heat tomorrow. highs from upper 80s to mid-90s inland valleys still very, very hot. readings expected in all locations and south bay and around monterey bay we'll see mid to upper 70s in carmel and monterey. inland triple digits. here is the accu-weather forecast. one more day of the triple digit heat inland. temperatures cooling down, at least moderating tomorrow all areas will be cooler thursday heading into weekend looking at this. extremely unusually cool weather with a chance of drizzle overnight friday night into saturday morning, saturday sunday will be coolest days in the forecast with inland highs only into mid-70s, that is about 30 degrees cooler. >> yes. yes. >> and that will be a change. >> thank you. >> and coming up here next from 7 on your side a woman eliminated her lawn to save water but how she could have saved money, too, if she'd just followed rules.
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>> and we'll continue to watch that fire burning in the foothills tonight. 125 acres and growing. @t@t@t@t@t@t@t@t@t@t7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-:ñ/x:ñ:ñ?s?s otmlmlmlmlmlmlmlmlmlwgwgwgwgwgwg?gmtmtoñoñoñoñoñoñoñoñoñoñoñoñoñoñoñoñoñoñoñoñoñoñoñoñoñoñ/tbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbñbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtñ@ñ@?
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dscaping. >> knowing rules could get you thousands of dollars from the government. >> that is right. and.
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>> there is local water districts want to you rip out your grass so much they'll pay you for it. but lmz you have to know what you're doing. if you don't follow rules there will be no debate. >> here is what it looks like now. drought resistant, it atestimonies not to waste a drop of water. >> they call it california desert. because it looks like... everything is gone. just plants and wrok rocks are just growing there. >> six weeks after putting in landscape this explains how the drought-resistent lawns were becoming a big thing because the government was offering cash incentive autos it says jant clara valley water district will give up to a $3,000 rebate to those who
6:26 pm
pull up their lawn. i thought that is great. let me find out if i can get the money. >> she couldn't because the water district didn't see the lawn beforehand. she complained to me i checked rults, they're unforgiving. still, i went to the water district and made a pitch explaining she was just six weeks behind the curve. >> this looks like a desert mainly crushed gravel. and low watter-use plants. >> from what i understand she never get a preinspection. we have no way of verifying what was on the site before she changed out the landscape. >> on the other hand it just seems unfair. >> if there is other thing whaefr do, we have to do for everybody. if we make exceptions for this case we're going to have to
6:27 pm
do it for everybody. that is opening the door for people getting free public money from the district which is not what we want to happen. >> like i said rules are unforgiving. and those who do follow rules get money back. >> we called our water supplier and they came out measured land and told us with about 1900 square feet, we can get 75 cents per square foot of rebate if we took out the lawn. >> $1500. she knew my pitch was a long shot and in large part complained to me so you won't to. >> if i can't be helped maybe other people will know and find out and if they have the idea of water conservation, and maintenance less maintenance, maybe appearing on channel 7 deciding i better
6:28 pm
call before i get it done. >> now you've haired it on channel p. you can get rebates so check with your districts before you do anything. and that is a lesson here. >> thank you very much. >> still head tonight continuing here on abc 7 news there is live updates for you on that fire burning out of control near mount diablo has potential to grow to 500 acre autos also tonight a showdown over same-sex marriage. a minister goes on trial for performing legal gay weddings. >> where have the oil gone? in the gulf in a researcher has the surprising a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
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>> and we'll begin with an update on a wile fire burning near clayton now. it's now
6:32 pm
grown to 125 acres but authorities say it could spread to about 500 acres this is the area in a rural area incurry canyon road. some structures are threatened. and we're not sure if they're called. it's a rural area of the county. power lines have come down. we're not sure how many people have lost power but looking at live pictures you can see that it continues to burn out of control. there are pictures from earlier as well. >> these were taken in this area. starting out about 50 acres burning grew and conditions there hot in triple digits and low humidity. spencer tells us into single digits in that area. >> there is all working fire
6:33 pm
lines tonight. and there is the fire burning now. >> religious trial of a san francisco minister married same-sex couples began in the north bai. and gay marriage was legal though it was at the time. this retired minister is accused of violating church policy on marriage officiating weddings of 16 same-sex couples when same-sex marriage was legal in california. and this trial began today nrk napa. the prosecution says she violated the church constitution which defines
6:34 pm
marriage as a civil contract between a woman, and a man. >> and there is our clergy are free to pronounce they're blessing but this, is a very important but... we newn't call it marriage. that statement didn't make sense in california in 2008. and these couples weren't coming to get a blessing or civil union them were coming to get married. >> her dissent says she was faithful to the gospel. >> to god no one is second class. we all have a chance. we all have a chance. it's to me... an eternal gift and ann will be testifying. >> it wasn't enough to be married by a judge. because we're people of faith.
6:35 pm
and so we wanted to have that recognized not only by the faith but by our church. >> a commission of six ministers and church elders will decide whether spar should ab quitted censured or order nation revoked. a lab researcher says oil from the deep water horizon spill is now gone and he knows why. saying a brief qusly unknown species of microbe degraded the oil. and that researchers have known about this for years. >> there is an equivalent of an exxon valdez spill going into the gulf of mexico. every year. that has been going on millions of years. these folks have been quite adapted to degrading that oil.
6:36 pm
>> and this team says there is no evidence of long term damage, which is encouraging to hear. it should be noted that the team began researching oil degradation four years ago through a grant from bp. >> just head clean up of one of the polluted places on the planet. it's a rare look inside northern california iron mountain. >> more from fire lines. 125 acres and still spreading. in triple digit heat. back in a moment. the most powerful half-ton crew in america has a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles. chevy silverado half-ton a consumers digest best
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>> tonight you're about to learn about a toxic place on the planet and it's here in california. the watt yefr that runs constantly from iron mountain mine is as acidic as a car battery. and for years that water ran directly into the sacramento river. the source of drinking water for millions of people. tonight, we're going take you inside of iron mountain for the very first time. iron mountain mine has been called the beast. a place where water is so toxic, scientists had to come up with new methods to measure it's aciddy once the largest copper mine in california closed in 1966 and has been off limits ever since. rick shagerik is the project
6:40 pm
manager for iron mountain for epa. >> they mined from 1890s until the 1963 and throughout that period they wanted proit dused. throughout a lot of it's life it produced acid for refine -- mining industry. >> i yorn zinc occurred naturally, it's exposed to 100 inches of rain. undisturbed won't pose a problem it flushes through the mine, into the river autos overflows from a dam built in 1960s he jeopardized wildlife. state fish and game biologist has been monitoring runnoff since 1986. >> amounts of copper, and skpimpk can -- zinc can kill fish them have to breathe it. >> this discharges a ton of iron and zinc each day.
6:41 pm
>> like having 100 refineries in one location. >> for years, i have to go out every four hours in the rain and inform the rain go,ing out lowering bottles down taking samples to see how bad water was in the sacramento river. >> scientists estimate this will continue to shed it's toxic mess for at least 3,000 years. epa took over operations in early 90s declaring it one of the toxic super sites. since then they've made strides in cleaning thup mess. including construction of a treatment facility built in early 1990s. >> we've been able to take 98% of the contamination out of what is going into sacramento river. >> it's a lengthy process. water running into the mine is captured downstream then piped down to a treatment plant, and then into the largest sludge thickener in the nation. here is a toxic goo is
6:42 pm
separated out and sent to ponds to dry. at the end of the summer, will be trucked back up the mountain and connaind this massive storage area. it's lined to keep toxic waste from making its way back down the mountain. >> we've diverted clean water around the mine so a lot of the water that could have been contaminated flows fresh around the mine site in. >> june epa was able to dredge removing sediments built up downstream. minimizing the residual environmental impact. the project was slated to take four years to clean up. and thanks to funding from american recovery and reinvestment act were able to move faster. >> we're able to condense that down to 13 month autos this is cost about $100 million. and there is one exception. >> this is loaded with copper zinc gold silver skporj
6:43 pm
elements. >> this 89-year-old bought the mine told reporters he's been battling to resume operations making money off investments. and floated ideas to placing a 230 foot tall statue of jesus on top of the mountain. >> idea is taking this mine 3,000 acres and making it all a garden of eden. >> this year a federal judge ordered him to pay the government $57 million. and this direct jerz collecting money seems unlikely. >> the current owner doesn't have the financial where with all to meet those obligations impose bid the court. next step we'll kneel need to work through the courts ask determine what outcome will be. >> and that may mean the government takes over
6:44 pm
ownership. it will be up to a judge to decide. >> quite a story. >> sky 7 still live over a mount diablo now. we're folding a wild burn burning almost two and a halfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 202ò úúúúúúúúúúúúúúúxúxúxúxúx
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6:47 pm
live over the fire burning in contra costa county east of mount diablo grown to 150 acre was phone toshl spread to 500 acres. the state park closed because of this. >> and there are structures that and self fire agencies are responding. humidity is quite low which does not help. heat is high which does not help. good news is that at least wind is not significant. not a real factor. >> we do understand there are 57 people without power in the area but they're not sure at this point if it's related to this fire. we do know power lines were down. that could be a phone shall hire. and there is more on conditions in this area. >> we don't expect significant
6:48 pm
changes. temperatures over 100 degrees pointing out it's dry humidity is into single digits. and that is not likely to change in the next hour or so. begin -- again good, news is that there is virtually no wind to speak of. so nothing to fan flames. >> that could change? >> not likely to change. you know normally evening hours, we do see a little bit of increase in winds f n.this kind of a pattern we've had a big high pressure overhead you can see smoke plumes there aren't moving. we don't get much of an increase in winds. so until late late perhaps overnight. it's not likely winldz goring to pick up and again it women remain very, very warm and dry. and over the next several hours that doesn't help matters much. >> end of tomorrow talking about hawaii temperatures tomorrow, starting to get a sea breeze into afternoon hours, locations near the coast ask around the bay. and in not cooling down, at
6:49 pm
least moderating tomorrow. and will be hot inland and in the accu-weather forecast giving an idea of what is going on here triple digits tomorrow, and only mid-70s on the coast z there is warmest readings and getting to weekend inland highs into mid-70s, 50s on the coast z there is a chance of overnight drizzle friday night into early saturday morning. >> that should bring fire conditions down to a cool level? >> yes. >> thank you. >> okay. >> and santa cruz native made made history 25 minutes ago becoming only the second person to swim across the bay. the 44-year-old began his swim around:30 this morning. his body coated with lanolin. he made the swim to bring awareness to ocean health. >> no matter where we live we're connected to this
6:50 pm
occasion. >> for him it's making a connection everybody understands how important ocean is and how it touches your life. >> a chase began some n.just a swimsuit following english channel swim rules but had to put on a wet suit an hour into the swim after running into a school of jelly fish. his sister tells axe bc 7 news he felt finishing was more important than adhering to rules. he made it halfway last year before severe jelly firn stings forced him to stop that attempt. >> glad he made ate cross.]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]x]xjqjqjqjq ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñdñdñdñdñdñdñdñúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúoúo
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join me tonight at 9:00 coming up listen to this the robot that could climb walls how this could be used in space. >> and then, at 11:00 another unwelcome side affect of the bay area heat. rattlesnakes on the move. its coming up aat 9:00 and 11:00. >> and we'll continue to follow that fire as well. >> looks like oakland a's missed the heat. >> yes. mike shumann is here with the road trip. >> and there is a 10 game trip longest remaining of the season. starting off in cleveland, three games with geo gonzales
6:54 pm
on the hill. goat help. junior in ready position. he needed a outfield if he wanted to dach the ball. and there is a two run bomb in the second. his first of the year had to be a thrill. moving ahead to fifth this thing gets out in a hurry. there is his sixth of the year. geo gonzales seven scoreless innings and oakland home run for us continued with jack deep in the 7th. a's going on to win it. there is a new era in san jose state. mike mcentire taking over as head coach. the new coach is up for the cal yempk of coaching spark autos final game for the coach is storied career coming to an end. >> it's a good challenge. i feel like the future is bright this, is the coach's first experience as the head coach at 20 years in the profession. he knows he has his hands full
6:55 pm
with this program. >> probably the first biggest challenge is making sure they keep fighting to realize how good of a program we can be. it's a process not just trying to build a team and program. >> players team to have bought into the coach's style of no excuses no, regrets. >> i would say i'm an energetic disciplined coach. that really pushes a young man. i tell them i care more than anyone else. i make sure doi the right thing and make sure that i push them. >> a coach is only as good as the staff this, coach brought in bryant young to help out. >> squeeze. get off the block. >> bryant doing a great job. he's a great football knowledge. and players respect him. he's doing a great job. a huge has asit for us. >> sparks want to run the ball will take advantage and play a 4-3 on defense. their schedule has no cream puffs them pick up the season against top ranked alabama.
6:56 pm
>> this is a great opportunity for young men. i think it helps us recruiting this year. but... it's a tough flow to open with. they're an excellent team. >> upsets do happen. >> it can be done. and he have to believe you're going to win every game you go into. >> and they get wisconsin the week afterwards. all right? warriors guard made team usa 12 man roster for the world championships. there is a sprained ankle managing to make the final cut. and the tournament begins august 28th running through september 12th. injuries are always a kurn. let's hope the ankle holds up z speaking of injuries raiders wide receiver chaz shilens may need knee surgery. missing first eight games after breaking his left foot still caught 29 passes for 369 yards two, surgeries on his foot. and missed preseason games if
6:57 pm
he gets this scoped he should be ready for season opener. >> let's hope that happens. >> yes. >> thanks shu. >> updating fire lines going on near mount diab lo. o tonight. the fire about 150 acres and spreading. >> very hot temperatures. here, you can see out buildings in the area we're told there are several out buildings and rural homes that are threatened. there is no word whether these burned. >> we'll keep you updated throughout the evening at 9:00 and 11:00. thanks for watching. i'm dan ashley. >> we'll see you tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. >> so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go.
6:58 pm
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