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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 25, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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♪ i'm terry mcsweeney live in contra costa county where firefighters are slowly getting the upper hand on a fire that has blackened nearly 400 acres. i'll tell you how they did it coming up in a live report. >> and you can see the smoke bringing us a pretty colorful sunrise back to san francisco. i'll show you the conditions terry's dealing with, what the firefighters have to deal with later this afternoon and one more day of dangerous heat. >> and that extreme heat is not only causing the sweat to drip but the computers and the a.c. systems to crash, too. what it meant yesterday for bart is the a lot of delays. it could be that way again today. we'll talk about this up ahead. >> good morning. no delays yet at the bay bridge toll plaza. a full traffic report in a few minutes. >> 6 a.m. on this wednesday morning.
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another hot one. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. much of the bay area will get no break from the heat. fans will be working overtime. >> a cooldown heading our way and mike's gonna tell us when it's going to get here. >> looks like some areas today, along the coast and to a lesser extent around the bay. the fire at diablo, 86. that's the temperature. humidity 22%. here's were the firefighters have the a fighting chance, winds at 4 mph. around bait and our inland valleys, that's where we have the extreme heat. for the north bay, east bay and the santa clara valley. temperatures there hit 100 once again. kristen, eric. >> top story, firefighters in eastern contra costa county are racing to completely contain a
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wildfire before temperatures really begin driving again today. with blazes near the intersection of morgan territory road and curry canyon road southeast of clayton. terry mcsweeney is live near the fire. terry? >> yeah. a little bit of luck and a whole lot of man power really helping out firefighters this morning. i just got done talking to battalion chief mike martin of cal fire. he tells me this fire is 80% contained, burned 375 acres. they don't think it's going to burn anymore. take a look at pictures we have of the fire yesterday and was a big concern yesterday, obviously an extremely hot day, dry grass, bad combination there. you can see the smoke from san francisco. this thing started incurry canyon. the possible cause of the fire, a downed power line across the road which kept fire trucks from getting to the scene. a home was threatened for a while. so was a massive power line. both were saved. >> what we call light fuel areas. once we get further to the
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hills, notice a lot of brush and trees and timber. right now the fire's involved in the timber areas where the crews are but thing back fires in place. >> battalion chief martin telling me they did stop the trucks from getting in immediately but they've got six air tankers and three helicopters hitting this fire in the first hour. and he says had that not happened, this thing could have burned 1215 acres. that downed power line is certainly a suspect. we know the firefighters are out here. 200 have been fighting this fire overnight setting back fires and knocking down the fire as best they can. the latest numbers, 80% contained. conditions are favorable. they do not expect much in the way of wind today. they don't think it's going to be spreading any further than the 375 acres are it has burned already. live in contra costa county, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you very much. this morning bart is warning its riders there could be more systemwide delays and
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uncomfortably hot trains today after its computer nerve center overheated. fuel the debate how to spend a budget surplus. theresa garcia is live at the lake merit bart station in oakland. theresa, i'm sure some passengers are saying why don't you spend it on air conditioning. >> you can bet they will. you know, bart has been debating what to do with some $5 million surplus. ideas like a temporary fare reduction, perhaps cleaning the cars. after yesterday's extreme heat, i'm sure you're going to get passengers say why don't you fix the a.c. system so the trains can run properly. it was the overheating that caused equipment that monitoring the movement of bart trains to temporarily fail around 4:00. this switched the system into a manual safety mode which means trains that normally travel at speeds up to 70 mph slow to 25. the bay area systemwide slowdown caused at least 20-minute delays right during commute time.
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a.c. failures on a quarter of the fleet on train cars. extra surplus money could help fix it. >> we have $7.5 billion with a "b" worth of need. we've got the control rooms, you've got cars that need retrofitting. so many different needs that, you know, the surplus is -- is really just a small contribution but it is there. >> bart has some 50 train control rooms. it says about a half dozen of them overheated. one of those rooms where the computer monitoring equipment failed is located in dublin. the crews there helped cool is down by propping open the door. this morning no heat-related problems expected to affect the commute. bart says later today the hot weather could cause more systemwide failures and -- on the trains as well as the control rooms if it overheats and crashes. perhaps passengers today might
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want to carry their own personal size fans. maybe bring some patience, too. >> pg&e is urging customers to reduce power use from 2:00 to 6 p.m.. it's creating heat-related issues at five regional power plants. it's not a statewide shortage of electricity as we sometimes see during an extended heat wave. managers of the power grid say there's plenty of electricity available. the hydroelectric power generated. >> because there's been a relatively moderate summer, a lot of that snowfall that happened in may which created a lot of water after three years of drought, a lot of that water is still available for use this late in the season. >> well, million bay area companies are still conserving. >> regional park in san jose closed today.
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there are topped 100 degrees yesterday. park officials will make a call what to do for the rest of the week on a day-to-day basis. both the cal fire and local fire departments determine when conditions are too dangerous for the park to open. >> the high temperatures have had a slithering side effect in the north bay. rattle snakes are becomes more active. animal control officers in sonoma and marin say there has been a spike in the past week. rescue services have been getting a lot of calls saying rattlers are showing up on people's property after wandering out in the open to bathe in the summer sun. at least five have also been spotted on the novato campus of the college of marin. experts say the best thing you can do if you encounter a rattlesnake is keep your distance and call in an expert. >> even five years of tech support couldn't save marin county's five-year-old extra computer. the county decided to scrap the $30 million system.
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critics say it never worked right, cost $9 million more to operate than the old system and would cost another $24 million to fix. the computer was supposed to do payroll and revenue and other basic financial functions. the county is suing the company that designed the system for $30 million. >> 6:08. kind of tough to sleep last night. never cooled down. >> yeah. run the air conditioner overnight, something we don't like to do normally but this is one of those times it was worth it, mike. >> at least you had power to run the air conditioner. >> oh, don't be bitter now, come on. (laughter) >> because he often talks about those smart meters. >> you think it's because i have a smart meter. where's dan noyes. dan, dan! let's look what's going on at 8:00 this morning. it's warm. if you have grouchy neighbors or coworkers it's because of the heat. a lot of people didn't sleep well last night and tonight a
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different story but we have to get through another hot day before we get there. upper 60s most neighborhoods by 8:00. noon 100 in antioch, 97 livermore, low 90s concord, morgan hill into the mid-90s. same thing napa santa rosa. keeping san francisco at 76 at 4:00 but you will spike up to 85 before that happens. oakland, you'll reach 88 and pull back to 80 during the afternoon hours and that sea breeze is stronger. upper 80s to low 90s through most of the bay to mid-90s the south bay. upper 90s north bay valley and upper 90s to near 100 in the east bay valleys. at&t park afternoon game so you'll be sitting in the heat. 12:45, about 84 degrees. but it will drop a little down to 78 by the end of the game. accu-weather seven-day forecast. check out the drop tomorrow, 6 degrees cooler, 10 degree drop almost everywhere on friday and
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temperatures nearly 20 to 30 degrees cooler we'll a whole lot more clouds saturday and sunday. megan, what's going on? >> good morning. right now road work the only thing that might slow you down. no accidents, no major slow spots. commuting through contra costa county, a live look at walnut creek. 680 at the north main exit. taillights problem free heading into the san ramon valley right now. we have a repaving process going on in solano county that has a couple lanes blocked in both directions of interstate 80 between sassoon valley road and air base parkway. that should be cleared up 7:00 this morning. >> megan, thank you very much. 6:10. >> the new reason why scientists say thousands of gallons of spilled oil in the gulf of mexico has disappeared. former details about tiger woods. >> the change that could have drivers waiting
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good morning, everyone. it's just about 6:14 on the abc 7 morning news. this is about the coolest part of the morning you're gonna see. and it's, what, mid-80s, mike? >> so far. >> so just brace for another day of really hot weather. but there's a change on the horizon. mike's gonna tell us about it coming up. >> we just keep looking at that picture. it's just so pretty. >> we can but folks at home should probably get more news. you do the news and i'll stare at that. >> great plan. here we go. laurence berkley lab researchers says he knows why nobody can find all the spilled oil in the gulf of mexico. terry hazen says a previously unknown species of microbe has digested the oil and it happened at a faither rate than anticipated. the speed which it's happening with the spill is new. >> there's equivalent of an
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exxon valdez spill going into the gulf of mexico from natural seeps every year. and that's been going on millions of years. so these have become quite adapted to degrading that oil to the only carbon source. everything else is gone. >> the team of 25 researchers began studying the spill in late may. so far no evidence of long-term damage. it should be noted they began researching four years ago through a $500 million grant from b.p. >> now, if you're looking for something in the water, google earth is introducing another major upgrade. the service includes google earth underwater. shows what the earth looks like beneath the ocean surface. you get it with an app that's only available with android phones. hundreds of photos from contributors that can't wait to share their undersea adventures. if you have an android phone and
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have that app, my brother lost a watch in the '60s in the navy. see if you can find that. a destroyer, doing work and it fell right in the ocean. if you see a watch, it's my brother's. >> upper 50 degree water, it feels pretty nice when the temperature was 98 yesterday into san francisco. the free air conditioning was turned off and will be for most of the day today but it will come back late this afternoon and especially tomorrow. we'll see more clouds in this picture as we look from downtown san francisco back to the southeast. notice also a little bit of the orange due to the application from the smoke that is -- from the fire i should say over around diablo. the high heat is the big story once again. temperatures climbing well over 100 in the north bay, east bay, and in the santa clara valley. that's why you're under a heat advisory until 8:00 and it's day
6:17 am
three. that's the day normally if you're going to succumb to it your body is worn down. 77 fremont, low 70s mountain view, san jose, san rafael, antioch. 58 half moon bay while the rest of us mid to upper 60s. around the monterey bay, upper 50s to near 60 degrees. dangerous heat inland. first highlight, second one the cool breeze that returns to the coast later this afternoon and spreads through the rest of our neighborhoods tomorrow all the way through saturday. still looking at that 20 to 30 degree temperature drop by the weekend. record highs possible in the south bay again today with mid to upper 90s, saratoga and los gatos touching 100. along the coast, mid to upper 70s. 80 before the temperatures drop this afternoon. downtown south san francisco and sausalito, while much cooler
6:18 am
yesterday, mid to upper 80s, pretty warm. petaluma upper north bay valleys, citizen son beach low to mid-70s. the sea breeze could make it to oakland holding you in the municipaled 80s. will not maybe it into the east bay valleys. breeze well over 100. same thing gilroy. 98 hollister. watsonville 90. santa cruz 92, excuse me. monterey 78. easier night to sleep. mid to upper 50s north bay valleys. low to mid-60s the rest of us. take a look at tomorrow, especially around the bay where we drop nearly 60 degrees while the rest of us at the coast and inland drop nearly 10. drop about another 10 friday and another 10 saturday. especially inland areas where we'll be low to mid-70s over the weekend. mid to upper 60s around the bay and mid to upper 50s at the coast. look for clouds tomorrow, more so friday, saturday and sunday morning and even into the
6:19 am
afternoon. megan. >> good morning. it's been fairly quiet on our bay area roadways for your wednesday morning commute. a live look at the east shore freeway. this is interstate 80 heading through the berkeley area. these headlights are moving westbound. right now the drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze about 20 minutes. once you reach the bridge toll plaza, metering lights not on yet. no die delays. headlights moving eastbound into hayward. now, if you're commuting through the rio vista, caltrain plans to close highway 12 from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. today and tomorrow. highway 12 will be closed in both directions between highway 160 and interstate 5. mass transit looking good this morning. no delays on ace, bart, caltrain, muni, vta or ferries. for the latest traffic updates, go to our website.
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it's eric? >> megan, thank you very much. we are a couple seconds away from 6:20. california pedestrians are going to get more time to cross the street. that means drivers can expect a bit longer wait at red lights. the state is implementing new federal standards meant to accommodate older walkers and people with disabilities. crosswalk signs will be timed to give people one second to travel 3.5 feet. 8 seconds longer. >> the newly single ex-wife of golfer tiger woods is speaking out for the first time two days after their divorce became final. tells peop"people magazine" she been through hell since learning about his infidelity but never hit him. she and tiger tried for months to reconcile but in the end a marriage without trust or love
6:21 am
wasn't good for anyone. and there will be more on this on "good morning america" this morning. >> 6:21 let's make it. coming up, a viral video leads to an angry mob. what one woman was caught doing on camera which now has police outside her home for protection. >> and bob dylan keeping ticket prices lower. there's a catch. could means am
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welcome back. 6:24. police are stationed outside a british woman's house in england protecting her from an angry mob that gathered after a video that shows her throwing a cat in a trash can. the cat's owner put the surveillance video on it shows a woman gently petting the cat then grabbing her by the
6:25 am
scruff and tossing it in the trash. the cat's owner say she was trapped for 15 hours before they found her. authorities are now investigating. >> bob dylan fans will try to not overheat standing in line for tickets. tickets sold today only day of show as opposed to in advance. the reason? dillon's camp wants to serve the fans by eliminating ticketing charges and preventing brokers and scalpers from buying huge blocks of tickets. concertgoers can line up at noon. they must pay for their $60 in cashing. take water. >> the call that can affect anyone who shops for the nation's largest grocery chain. >> he did it. we've got the conclusion of a historic marathon swim in santa cruz. the big change the santa cruz native had to make mid-swim. >> more heat today could mean system overload crashing for
6:26 am
bart. i'm theresa garcia live in oakland. the high heat caused a.c. failures. we'll let you know what it means for commuters up ahead. >> bart wasn't the only transit agency with issues. >> your commute may be slow if you're going to new york. flight arrival and departure delays in a couple of their airports. other major airports, flight tracker, it has those delays specific to your airline in flight at >> we have a new crash in hayward. it's southbound 880 at highway 292. we'll have all the dedededededee
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. ♪ good morning. 6:29. opening bell ringing right now
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to start the trading day on wall street. and some futures fell after the report on durable goods added to concerns about the pace of an economic recovery. investors are also cautious ahead of a report today on new home sales. we'll go live to the new york stock exchange in about 15 minutes for a live report. >> all right. 6:30. this story for you. in contra costa county at this moment firefighters say they're making great progress battling a wildfire that's burned nearly 400 acres east of mount diablo. >> the fire started yesterday near the intersection of morgan territory road and curry canyon road. hand crews are working to contain the fire and aircraft will rejoin the fight within the next two hours. the fire is now about 80% contained and crews say they're hoping for full containment by late today. officials say the combination of rugged terrain, no wind and low humidity have kept the fire from growing too quickly. investigators are trying to determine if a downed power line sparked the fire.
6:31 am
let's get more on what firefighters can expect today from meteorologist mike nicco. mike? >> they can expect pretty hot conditions once again this afternoon. but the wind, that's the key to the forecast. there isn't much wind. let me show you what's going on. yesterday -- or this morning when i stepped outside, i apologize this picture isn't any clearer but i didn't have power. i was using a flashlight. this is ash i found on my car this morning from the fire out in -- around mount diablo. if you live in contra costa county or alameda county just southwest or south of mount diablo, this is exactly what you're going to find on your car this morning. let's take a look at those conditions. right now still very warm. 86 degrees around that fire and humidity low as 22% but notice the wind 4 mph in the northeast. that's the key to the forecast. hot inland north bay, east bay and the santa clara valley. danger rules heat. it's day three. your body will start to feel it. more on this and the cooler weather in a second. here's eric.
6:32 am
>> bart couldn't beat the heat yesterday. and the same problems could affect your commute today. overheated computers slowed down the trains and overwhelmed air conditioners meant a sweaty trip for many. theresa garcia is live at lake merit bart. theresa, this could have an affect how bart should spend that multimillion dollar surplus they've been talking about. >> sure could. a lot of people probably say you know what, get the a.c. system working. no heat-related problems this morning but with more heat on the way you can get steamy trains due to the a.c. system overheating and crashing. bart commuters may want to bring an extra bottle of water and patience. the equipment that monitoring the movement of trains failed around 4:00 yesterday. this switched the system into a manual safety mode which means trains that normally travel of speeds up to 70 mph slowed to 25. the bay area systemwide slowdown
6:33 am
caused at least 20-minute delays right during commute time. the passengers also suffered through a.c. failure. a problem that won't go away without the transit agency spending some money. >> about a quarter of our fleet, the temperatures reach above 95 degrees, the air conditioning will just shut down in many of those cars. and so what we'd like to be able to do is spend about $26 million or so and put in a temporary patch until we can replace all the train cars with a whole new fleet. >> bart has some 50 train control rooms. it says about a half dozen of them overheated. one of those rooms where the equipment failed is located in dublin. crews have kept the control room doors open in order to cool it all down. bart has been debating what to do with nearly $5 million of budget surplus. they've had ideas like a temporary fare reduction. maybe clean those train cars. but i'm sure with this high heat, passengers are now going
6:34 am
to say fix the a.c. system so the trains with run properly. live in oakland, theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> all right, theresa, thanks a lot. 6:33. the heat caused a big slowdown on caltrain. trains were running 20 to 40 minutes behind schedule during the evening commute. officials were worried the heat could soften the rails exposing them to possible damage. they ordered trains to slow down to reduce pressure on the tracks. could see similar problems today. >> more than 500 firefighters are working to contain a 1300 acre wildfire that's burning in a mountainous air of curry county. that fire started yesterday afternoon west of i-5 near the pass about 60 miles northwest of l.a. 200 homes have been evacuated but residents have now been allowed to return to their homes but they've been warned they could be forced to leave again quickly. temperatures are in the forecast close to 100 degrees in the area today and the cause of that fire is still under investigation. >> this morning berkeley and
6:35 am
u.c. berkeley police officers are teaming up to cut down on crime on campus. the contra costa county times reports that the officers will ride together patrolling the areas around campus. the area near the south part of knews says more crime in recent years including 19 sexual assaults where women were approached from behind and had their skirts lifted. >> san francisco police now say a driver who lost control and krashld her vehicle into a group of people at a bus stop did not have a license. the accident happened yesterday morning in visitation valley. the 24-year-old driver says her ford explorer lost all power including power steering and brakes. that's when the vehicle slammed into five people. she was cited for driving without a license and released. all the victims are in the hospital, two in critical condition, and three in serious condition. >> all right. 6:35. don't know if you had any problem falling asleep with the heat. i did in my house.
6:36 am
actually had to camp out downstairs, you know. >> that can be fun with the kids. >> they actually liked it. sleeping bags, flashlights and all that jazz. >> camping at home. 6:36 now. i'd rather have the a.c. >> i would have, too. (laughter) >> all right. you lost power, buddy. >> nothing worse than waking up and i'm going to turn the fan on because it's getting hot in here and going i don't have any power. >> where's the fan. >> no power, no alarm clock. enough of my complaining. i'm in the same boat. feeling your pain this morning. look at the 24 hour temperature change. start with yesterday. every city on here, the star represents a record high yesterday. while it won't be nearly as hot today, the heat peaked yesterday and temperatures are going to drop anywhere from 3 to 13 degrees. 85 san francisco. still warm. that was 94 redwood city, 88 oakland and 96 san jose and santa rosa and concord touching the 100 degree mark once again. 8:00 this morning off to a
6:37 am
warmer start, the warmest start probably all year. by noon already in the upper 80s to low 90s heading into the south bay. low to mid-90s the north bay and east bay valleys with 77 san francisco. the sea breeze kicks in, san francisco 76 at 4:00. 80 oakland, upper 80s to low 90s around the bay and mid to upper 90s most of our valleys. cooling. it takes over all of our neighborhoods tomorrow. back to average friday and cooler than average with lots of clouds over the weekend. megan? >> good morning. we have a new crash in hayward. it's southbound 880 at highway 292. right now commuters are reporting that the slow lane is blocked. waiting for chp to arrive on the scene and confirm that. speeds moving at the limit through the area so not causing slowing yet. big rig in menlo park to be on the lookout for. southbound 101. the big rig blocking the ramp to westbound 84. commuters getting by on the right-hand side shoulder. slow drive for your wednesday
6:38 am
morning commute. it's slow making your way out of antioch on westbound 4 from lone tree way to 242. that's a 24 minute commute time and allow almost a half hour making your way westbound through the altamont pass. no delays in mass transit this morning. let's go outside for a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights on. already a backup to the west grand overcrossing. also two stalled cars on the bay bridge right now. that is going to slow things down. eric, kristen. >> yes, it is. it's 6:38. >> trading underway on wall street. a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. a live look at the big board. the dow down 23 points. >> also ahead, an unusual warning for north bay college students. watch out for rattle snakes. the dangerous side effect of the heat that should have everyone in the north bay watching where they walk. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in contra costa county where firefighters have gained the upper hand on a fire that has blackened nearly 400 acres.
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welcome back. notice the clouds just south of big sur. that is the sea breeze that will come back late today and more so tomorrow, bring us cooling. but until then still over 105 through the central valley and yosemite and palm springs. l.a. and san diego 95 and 84. 85 with sunshine in tahoe and 73 eureka. eric? >> mike, thank you very much. it's 6:42. the state senate unanimously approved a bill to increase time in prison for a high risk sex and violent offenders. follows the rape and murder of a san diego area teen by a convicted sex offender earlier this year. the bill now goes to the state assembly which must approve the changes made by the state
6:43 am
senate. governor schwarzenegger promised to sign this bill and if it becomes law, the worst sex offenders would receive life in prison without the possibility of parole. >> the department of agriculture says roast beef and ham sold in wal-mart's premade deli sandwiches might be contaminated with listeria. the products were all labored as grab and go sandwiches. the packages contain the vendor number 398412808. and have use by dates between august 20th and september 10th. no illnesses have been reported. we have a full list of the sandwiches under recall at our website >> complaints of engine stalling on detroit corolla sedans and matrix hatchbacks have caught the attention of safety regulators. government officials say they're stepping up their investigation but have not yet ordered a recall. the highway safety
6:44 am
administration says it's received 163 complaints of stalling engines in the cars. the new probe covers 1.8 million corolla and matrix models from the years 2005 to 2007. >> there's more bad news about the economy this morning on the heels of a negative housing report. >> bloomberg's jane king joins us now from the new york stock exchange with the morning's "moneyscope" report. i know the markets are not too bright but give us some jane king brightness. thank you. (laughter) >> you know, i'll try. i'll do my best here, eric and kristen. we talked about that big drop in home sales certainly pushed stocks lower yesterday. today the record or durable goods. these last more than a couple years hopefully like refrigerators. they were increasing slightly, way less than expected. if you take out autos, orders actually shrank. we'll get more data in a few minutes at the top of the hour. people have a sandwich during that time. see what that number brings
6:45 am
after tomorrow. a lot of people nervous about. the markets a little lower, trading downward. the bloomberg index down quite a bit. 2.75 points. sources tellings bloomberg apple's in advance talks with offering tv shows on demand on i-tunes. it will be a 48-hour rental. they are in talks for a similar arrangement. all this puts apple in direct competition with netflixes. apple unveiling 99 cent version. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king,
6:46 am
bloomberg news. >> jane, thanks a lot. >> time now 6:46. a new way to save money by cancelling prison visits. corrections officials say the state prisons will be closed to most visitors on labor day, september 6th. that should save some $325,000 in overtime. lawyers will still be able to visit their clients. so will relatives of terminally ill prisoners and juvenile offenders. labor day has the fewest visitors of any holiday. >> another warning of this heat wave. the higher temperatures are luring rattle snakes out of hiding and into the sunlight. laura anthony has advice in case you should cross paths with a rattler. >> all of a sudden i heard a -- >> santa rosa's bob pitchler knew it as soon as he heard it. the netting with the backyard tomato plants with a rattlesnake.
6:47 am
>> i did consider grabbing scissors and cutting it free. once i had a closer look, it was really caught up. >> they called the sonoma county reptile rescue service. she videotaped what wolf did next, meticulously free the snake without having the nervous animal turn on him. it's dangerous work. wolf has been bitten 11 times in 21 years. >> here's the one caught in the netting today. >> the snake was one of nine wolf rescued today. he went into a holding pen with three dozen more taken in this week. >> once this warm weather hit rattle snakes are on the move. >> the marin society had their share of rattler calls. the best advice for anyone who finds a rattlesnake, keep your distance and call an expert. after a short stay here, these snakes will be set free far away from anyone's backyard. >> you make sure they have a good rocky hillside, good watery stream, a lot of lizards, a lot
6:48 am
of food, give them a good life so they won't see people again hopefully. >> laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> at least four rattle snakes have been spotted at the college of marin indian valley campus over the past week. campus police are warning people to be on alert and stay on paved path ways and stay away from wooded areas. >> if you want to be really away from snakes, a helicopter would help. thank you, indian jones. let's check with mike for the forecast. >> the helicopter answer, right. why we're talking about that, because the helicopter's above the fire. here we are around mount diablo where the fire continues this morning. but the good news, the winds continue also to be light northeast about 4 mph. humidity's 22%. but still very hot for the firefighters. it's about 86 degrees. so we'll keep an eye on that. hopefully they get it completely
6:49 am
contained. hot once again and this is the reason why. check out these temperatures. still 81 los gatos, 77 fremont. still the low 70s mountain view, san jose, san rafael, antioch. low to mid-60s north bay valley. 50 degree temperatures, near 60 around the monterey bay and inland also. dangerous heat. that's our number one highlight. even though the heat peaked yesterday, it's still going to be hot in most areas again today. cooling breeze returns to the coast this afternoon and spreads all across our neighborhoods tomorrow all the way through saturday. let's start in the east bay valleys where concord could set a record high and all of your neighbors will be over 100 today. hayward 92. notice the breeze though. it may keep richmond, berkeley and oakland in the mid to upper 80s while the rest of the east bay shore is the low to mid-90s. close to record highs in the south bay with near 100 saratoga and los gatos. low to mid-90s from san mateo southward but millbrae, that sea
6:50 am
breeze will keep you at 88 this afternoon. mid to upper 70s along the coast. daly city 80. downtown south san francisco sausalito, mid to upper 90. san rafael, vallejo upper 90s. record high napa 100 degrees today. 102 and morgan hill 100, gilroy. 90 watsonville, 78 monterey, 88 salinas. that would be a record high. notices sea breeze. notices clouds. the marine layer back. mid to upper 50s in most north bay neighborhoods into san francisco. high pressure moving to the east. we're still on the tail end of it but the sea breeze is weakening. i should say the land breeze or offshore flow is weakening. watch as the clouds creep up and down along the coast and eventually squeeze us. that will be the big key. if you wake up to clouds tomorrow morning, you know you're into a big temperature drop. the marine layer back. we'll drop 80 degrees at the coast tomorrow, 16 around the bay and 10 inland.
6:51 am
drop another 4 to 10 degrees on friday and about another 10 degrees on saturday. temperatures will be 20 to 30 degrees cooler with a whole lot of cloud cover the next couple mornings and even into saturday and sunday afternoon. if you have video you would like to share, you did a great job with that fire, we sure appreciate it, upload it had to youreport at or e-mail it. sure looks like more people may be driving today, megan. what's going on? >> the bay bridge toll plaza, already a backup into the maze which is at least a half hour to make your way through the tolls and head into san francisco. this is partly due to stalled cars on the bay bridge. this is interstate 80 heading through the berkeley area. these headlights are moving westbound. the drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze about 23 minutes. a big backup at the bay bridge today. commuting through contra costa county, a live look at walnut
6:52 am
creek. this is 680. taillights southbound now, a nice ride as you make your way into the san ramon valley. on the san mateo bridge, traffic moving nicely near both directions. headlights moving eastbound into hayward. for our commuters in the south bay, a live look in san jose. this is 280 right at the 17 overcrossing. as you can see, no problems now making your way through the entire downtown san jose area. for the latest traffic updates, go to and click on that traffic link. >> it's 6:52. a cult san francisco sandwich shop too popular for its own good has received an eviction reprieve because of a paperwork error. it was expected to close for good after the building's owners evicted them over neighbor's complaints about long lines, aroma of the sandwiches. now it looks like ike's is saved for a little while by a legal technicality. the eviction notice named ike
6:53 am
and his mother but not the company they formed to run the store. they have 48 hours to file new papers asking for another court date. >> yesterday we told you about the santa cruz residents becoming only the second person on record to swim 25 miles from santa cruz to monterey bay. this morning we're happy to report he made it. 44-year-old chase plunged into the 55 degree water in santa cruz at 4:20 yesterday morning and finally reached monterey bay just after 6:00 last night. he did it to draw attention to the importance of national marine sanctuaries like monterey bay. >> you gotta be out here. take a look what's out there. and if more people get out in the ocean, i think we'd have to spend less time trying to protect it because those people would view it as their home. >> chase began swimming in just a swim suit following so-called english channel swim rules but ultimately he had to put on a wet suit after running into a school of jelly fish. his sister tells abc 7 news, he
6:54 am
felt finishing the swim was more important than adhering to channel rules. it's not about my ego. there was a larger purpose. congrates to him for finishing. >> a little sore for a while with those stings. residents of the east bay can expect smoky skies to go with the hot temperatures today as firefighters continue batting a brush fire burning near mount diablo. >> the latest on their overnight progress. terry? >> the latest we have, 80% containment. firefighters have been setting back fires and battling this fire all night long but they have the upper hand. the only wildcard in this whole thing is the wind this afternoon. take a pictures of the fire burning yesterday. this is curry canyon. firefighters responded when they saw the smoke. you can see the smoke all the way to san francisco. firefighters come out. the road into this canyon is blocked by a downed power line. they couldn't get in. they wanted pg&e to kill the electricity in the that power line but they did call in six
6:55 am
air tankers and three helicopters in that first hour, and the battalion chief mike martin telling me a short time ago that made all the difference between a 375-acre fire like we have now and maybe a 1200, 1500 acre fire that we could have had. pg&e cut power to 57 homes but keep the main line from burning. everything okay with almost all the customers out here in this area. the firefighters on the scene now. the question is this afternoon winds expected to kick up. they're hoping if they have those lines around the fire strong enough, when those winds do kick up it doesn't jump the lines and start spreading. live in contra costa county, terry mcsweeney. another top story of the morning, let's go to theresa garcia in oakland. good morning, theresa. >> good morning. the heat doesn't just make those wild fires tough to deal with, it's hurting the commuters using public transportation and on
6:56 am
bart. experiencing delays and it could happen again today. causing tracks and equipment to temporary fail yesterday afternoon around 4:00. bart says about a half dozen of its 50 train control rooms overheated. one of those is in dublin. crews cooled down the equipment by propping open the doors. it switched the system into a manual safety mode which means trans that travel 70 mph slow to 25. the bay area systemwide slowdown caused 20 minute delays during commute time. the passengers also suffered riding on hot train cars. on many of the cars, the a.c. shut down when the temperature reaches 95 degrees. bart says it would cost about $6 million to fix the system. with more high heat today, it might be another day where the commuters want to bring a bottle of water, maybe a personalized
6:57 am
fan and definitely patience as well. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> thanks, theresa. >> not necessarily in that order. final check on weather and traffic. >> hot just about everywhere today, just not as hot as yesterday. the heat will be most dangerous in the north bay, east bay and santa clara valleys and that's until 8:00 tonight. temperatures run from about 85 degrees in san francisco, 88 oakland to 96 san jose. the triple digits in the north bay and east bay valleys. accu-weather seven-day forecast, 8 to 16 degrees cooler tomorrow. megan. >> thanks, mike. the bay bridge toll plaza is our slow spot now. metering lights, traffic backed up into the maze. a half hour wait time to make your way through the tolls. our other slow spot, westbound 4 making your way out of antioch and through the altamont pass. >> thank you for joining us for the abc 7 morning news. >> we'll be back at 7:22. join us at 11:00 and stststststt
6:58 am
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