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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 26, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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i'm terry mcsweeney live in redwood shores where crews have been working all night and they continue to work on fixing a broken sewage pipe that sent raw sewage into the street, into the bay and into people's homes. there may be another one. i'll tell you about it in a live report. >> people are trying to be trashy in san mateo county but it's happening here. i'm theresa garcia. trash is piling up. there has been a work stoppage for two days. we'll let you know what it means to residents in this area just ahead. >> say live look from emeryville back to san francisco. the sea breeze that kicked in yesterday along the coast as we talked about, now the rest of us will get our dramatic cooling today and it will continue through the weekend. i'll show you where we can drop nearly 30 degrees. >> and a new injury crash in san francisco, northbound 101. i'll have all the details coming up. >> good morning, everyone. it's thursday, 5 a.m..
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cooling down thank goodness. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. yep, some of us waking up to much cooler, much more comfortable conditions this morning. that fog a welcome sight, clouds. >> we've been waiting for that cooling, mike. it's begun but we haven't seen anything yet, right? >> oh, no. today is the big day. yesterday kind of hit the coast. you noticed in the afternoon san francisco starting to get a breeze. now that breeze has pushed through most of our neighborhoods and it is going to take a big tumble to our temperatures. 10 degrees cooler in san francisco, 15 redwood city to 76. concord after setting the record high 72 degrees. san jose set a record high, 18 degrees cooler today, 82. santa rosa record high yesterday, 23 degrees cooler and 80. eric? >> mike, thank you very much. we'll check in in a few for an expanded forecast. officials are trying to figure out how much raw sewage spilled from an accident at a pumping station last night.
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it's leaving some redwood shores residents with a smelly cleanup job today. terry mcsweeney is live in redwood shores close to but hopefully not uncomfortably close to the problem. terry? >> we're keeping our eyes open, absolutely. thanks for the advice. we're out here with the redwood city crew on the scene. they've been here since yesterday when a 14 inch sewer line broke. they're over there right now. they've got the big vacuums down in the ground pulling out raw sewage. told now there may be another. as they work to fix the pipe that broke. take a look at the pictures from a few minutes ago. you can see the crews out here putting huge vacuums into a hole, 14 inch sewer pipe ruptured about 3:00 yesterday afternoon. hundreds of gallons of sewage spilled into the streets and into people's homes and into redwood shores lagoon which accesses san francisco bay.
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public works owe officials say they're on top of the situation. >> we took quality samples and we'll do analysis and we'll continue to do analysis on the lagoon until we're sure it's back in a safe condition. >> folks here were notified by the red alert phone notification system in redwood city. raw sewage only got into people's garages. we are told nobody left their home, that they all stayed put. they're not be allowed to clean it up. in fact, they're going to have a cleaning crew come out here and take care of the mess left behind. crews working trying to fix the pipe hoping they don't have a repeat. live in redwood shores, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> thanks a lot. the peninsula is dealing with a different kind of stinky problem, a garbage strike that began with a handful of workers is leading to trash piling up in four cities. theresa garcia is live in san carlos to show us what's happening.
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theresa? >> all right. it's a two-day strike, not long but certainly long enough for garbage to pile up and smell. we're going to show you here. this can packed full in an italian restaurant in san carlos. this is impacting commercial commerce, restaurants and health facilities. those affected in san mateo county include the cities of san carlos, san mateo, burlingame and hillsborough. about 500 trash collectors, sorters and drivers who work for allied waste industries call a 48 hour sympathy strike in support of coworker that is walked off the job yet at the ox mountain landfill in half moon bay. they have been working without a contract since december. their negotiation disputes over wages, health insurance and pensions. while that's sorted out, customers trash sit curbside waiting for pickup. allied waste said they weren't prepared for so many of their
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workers to walk out. >> we're doing everything we can to resolve say situation that was out of our control and a surprise to us. >> our refrigerator broke and all our stuff is in the garbage now. so it's not gonna be very good for a couple days. >> they have every right to be angry. the only thing we hope that they will understand that all these 12 employees want is a fair contract with fair conditions. >> customers affected will have their trash service delayed by two days. so wednesday's bins will be picked up friday. today's trash collected saturday and so on. the service is expected to get bach to normal by monday. the police departments have been e-mails and texting residents non-emergency public safety messages informing them that the trash service by allied waste, that delay is due to work stoppage and then they have the schedule when they can expect service to resume. >> a pair of 22-year-old men may
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face felony charges for a laser strike on a police helicopter. investigators claim that the two blasted a green laser light into the cockpit. they found the pen-size laser pointer in one of the suspect's cars. the men were arrested about two days ago. nationally there have been more than 1200 laser incidents so far this year, a third in california. san jose international airport has the fifth most reported laser strikes on planes. oakland is 4th. >> pg&e is working to fix the damage thieves caused to underground electricity to ucsf medical center. they stole copper wire in post street in san francisco. the hospital is using backup generators now to provide power. pg&e says it will provide additional generators to the hospital while crews we place the stolen wires. patient service is not being affected by the power
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interruption. >> lawyers for marin general hospital will go to court later to sue a big hospital chain for $120 million. marin county took control of the hospital this summer after it was operated for years but sutter healthcare. lawyers for marin general said sutter took $30 million a year out of the hospital's reserve funds starting in 2006. the suit also says sutter never took more than $3 million a year until the county announced it was gonna take over the hospital back in 2006. sutter is withholding comment until it sees the lawsuit. >> 5:07. in emeryville, dozens of residents are expecting to voice their opposition to an expansion plan submitted by ikea. the swedish furniture giant wants to develop a 60,000 square footwear house on hollis and 53rd street. they want to build it so customers can pick up large items. it will free up additional space at a store now a few blocks away. residents say their neighborhood will be disrupted by additional
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traffic and noise and it would also lower their property values. a planning commission meeting is being held tonight at 6:30. >> we've been telling you about the caldecott tunnel drilling. today it's supposed to begin in earnest. two weeks ago we got a look at a large drill called a road header that will be used to create a fourth bore. it will drill 6 feet of rock a day. another drill will serve the oakland side and eventually they'll meet in the middle. it is expected to open in 2013. can't wait! >> and i bet those workers out there all week working on the project couldn't wait for the cooldown. >> i was driving towards the caldecott heading westbound and driving up looking into the fog and going it's here. >> yea! >> the cooler air is finally here. i didn't behind the heat. i actually kind of liked it. it's nice to switch things up. but i know those that didn't
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have air conditioning are going to feel better today and tomorrow. if you're stepping out, oakland, concord, antioch, sunnyvale in the 60s. los gatos and the rest mid to upper 50s. these temperatures are considerably cooler than yesterday. 10 in concord, 14 antioch, 21 degrees cooler in fremont. 14 san jose, 18 degrees cool ner los gatos. 8 in oakland and santa rosa, 9 novato and 3 degrees cooler in san francisco and menlo park 5 to 7 degrees. today's temperatures, notice the lack of red. there are 90s left but they're the outskirts, cloverdale, fairfield and antioch. we have 80 degrees around santa rosa, 86 concord. oakland at 70. san jose 82. san francisco 64 and cloudy in half moon bay and 59. temperatures will tumble more tomorrow and again on saturday. in fact, saturday will be the coolest day with drizzle possible in the morning. temperatures warm about 4 degrees on sunday. the marine layer banishes and we warm 10 to 15 degrees by next wednesday. here's megan with an update.
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>> we have better news for that crash in san francisco. it was northbound 101 at silver and it has been cleared, no longer blocking any lanes there. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's a beautiful ride making your way through the tolls and heading into san francisco. if your commute takes you along the east shore freeway, let's get a live look at interstate 80. headlights moving westbound. right now the drive time in the carquinez bridge to the maze, just a light 19 minutes. if you're a contra costa county commuter, a live look at walnut creek. this is 680. no problems heading southbound into the san ramon valley but commuting through the sunol grade there is a stalled big rig at androtti blocking the slow lane. >> if you're traveling labor day, you'll have company. >> giving pet owners' peace of mind if their animals get sick. >> maybe it's time to buy a new
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld welcome back. 5:13. a bill on the governor's desk would require pet insurance companies to detail the benefits and limitations of their coverage. assemblyman dave jones says he offered the bill after angry pet owners complained about being misled about what pet insurance covered or not. >> the bill says you gotta tell people that before you buy their product. it requires them to list what fee schedule they will cover and
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provide other information so consumers can make informed choices. >> governor schwarzenegger hasn't indicated if he'll sign that bill. >> are there new i-pods in the offing in apple e-mailed an invitation in san francisco next week. it shows a photograph of a guitar. the company isn't revealing anything specific. with the "moneyscope" headlines. >> good morning. we begin your "moneyscope" report with the weekly jobless claims report. investors are jittery about this morning's report. last week's report showed a number of americans filing for first time jobless claims reaching a nine-month high. economists are predicting the number will be down this time but not enough to show that the job market is getting stronger. the agriculture department says food prices are likely to remain stable at least for now. the price of food will go up between half a percent and 1.5% this year. that's the slowest increase
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since 1992. wal-mart is appealing to the u.s. supreme court to have a massive class action discrimination suit against it thrown out. the suit began as a sex discrimination case filed by a group of female employees nine years ago. its class action status means it represents more than a million women who either work or worked for wal-mart or sam's club. more americans will travel over labor day weekend this year than last. aaa estimates that 10% more people will take a holiday weekend getaway. that's nearly 34.5 million americans. most will travel by car or plane but concerns about the economy will keep them closer to home. that's your "moneyscope" report. i'm rob nelson. >> the next 30 days could be the best time to get a good deal on a new car. expects dealers who slash prices in the next month as they try to move current model cars to make way for new inventory. the next model year is estimated
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as 20% of the inventory is unsold. premium luxury cars are among the models expected to have the greatest dills count. >> google is getting into the internet telephone business. it will allow g-mail users to place calls to cellphones or land lines almost anywhere in the world. calls within the u.s. or canada will be free until at least the end of the year. skype charges 2 cents a minute for domestic calls from p. c. to phone. g-mail users should see the new phone feature in the chat section within a day or two. >> free. that gets folks to try it. speaking of free, give it to us. >> free air conditioning, it's back. here we are with our roof cam, downtown san francisco. you can see some of the fog to the port of oakland and the coolest weather you'll feel when you step outside. only concord, an york, san jose in the 60s. the rest of you guess mid to upper 50s. the clouds crept in yesterday.
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temperatures mid to upper 50s even inland. a dramatic drop. talking from 10 to 23 degrees cooler and no more record highs. no more 90s for the most part. cooler tonight. the cooling trend continues all the way three the weekend. back to yesterday morning we were tracking the southerly surge of fog. by midday talked about how it would climb up the coast during the afternoon hours and sure enough it did. it's pushing in as it did during the overnight hours and bringing that cooling breeze with it. mainly the north bay around the bay but into the east bay valleys and south bay kind of missing out on the fog this morning but you'll get it tomorrow. in the south bay, temperatures low to mid-80s today. 87 los gatos, the warm spot san jose about 82. that's the temperature in los
5:18 am
altos. cloudy conditions downtown south san francisco, sausalito mid to upper 60s. mid to upper 70s for san rafael, vallejo, petaluma. low to mid-80s the rest of the north bay valleys. your beaches will be mainly cloudy with temperatures upper 50s also. richmond and berkeley, mid to upper 50s. the breeze will keep you cooler than everybody else. oakland 70 all the way to 79 fremont and castro valley. east bay valleys, mid to upper 80s. fairfield, antioch and brentwood some of the few areas that will see 90. low to mid-80s, hollister, morgan hill with sunshine. clouds linger, low to mid-60s there to 70 with sunshine and santa cruz. tonight we'll have cloud cover once again. the only areas around 60, concord and antioch. low to mid-50s in the north bay valleys. mid to upper 50s for the rest of us. here's your accu-weather seven-day forecast. notice how much more we drop tomorrow away from the coast. another 4 to 6 degrees and again about another 6 to 10 degrees on saturday with some morning drizzle and then sunday a little
5:19 am
more sunshine, about 4 degrees warmer. about 8 degrees warmer on monday and about another 6 degrees warmer on wednesday with temperatures next week above average. a lot like today in some areas. megan, good morning. >> good morning. commuters are reporting a car fully ungulfed in flames in pleasanton right now. it's eastbound 580 approaching 680. the slow lane is blocked and emergency crews are on the scene. we have road work in this area. a few lanes are blocked on eastbound 580 between hacienda drive and airway's boulevard. that should be cleared 6:00. road work in solano county between highway 12 and air base parkway. outside for a live look at the commute on the san mateo bridge. traffic moving nicely here in both directions. headlights are moving eastbound into hayward. you can get drive times and traffic updates delivered right to your mailbox by going to our website. it's just click on the traffic link under abc 7 extras. eric, kristen. >> megan, thank you very much.
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it's 5:19. >> all right. you know how the divorce settlement is supposed to prohibit tiger woods and his ex-wife from speaking out but they're telling it all to the media. that's next. >> and take a look at this. the culinary creation that let's you eat and drink at the same time.
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welcome back. it's 5:23 this thursday. tiger woods is speaking to the media for the first time since his divorce became final on monday. he's playing in the bark clees tournament in new jersey. his ex-wife told her side to "people magazine." she said learning about tiger's
5:24 am
extramartial affairs left her in disbelief. they said i felt stupid. how could i not know anything. tiger says he's trying to help his children handle their divorce. >> i wish her the best and everything. it's a sad time in our lives. and, you know, we're looking forward to in our lives and how we can help our kids the best we possibly can. >> asked whether he had any regrets, he replied i certainly made a lot of errors in my life and that's something i'm going to have to live with. >> the lottery finding a new well to sell scratcher tickets. it's teaming up with the san francisco 49ers to offer prices like season tickets, road trips, luxury suites and tailgate parties not to mention cash prizes. the idea is something that appeals to football fans and lottery players. the new promotion from september 3rd and continues through november 28th. >> a new frontier in state fair
5:25 am
food. this is a fried beer pretzel pouch. it's filled with beer that is dumped into hot oil. it's one of eight delicacies. is that the word? for the big tex choice awards at the state fair texas in dallas. introduced us to fried butter. a fried frozen margarita and fried texas caviar. that's black-eyed peas for the rest of the world. >> where are the healthy entries. >> those are! you should see the bad stuff. >> it's a state fair, i forget. >> a texas state fair! >> still ahead, the vote that could give bart riders some relief at the fair gates. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in redwood shores where crews are trying to fix up and clean up after a pipe broke sending raw sewage into a lagoon and into people's homes. now there's a new concern. >> and oakland's police union claims crime is up in the city
5:26 am
since the layoff of dozens of police officers. >> across the country temperatures are returning close to normal. in fact, we start in the pacific northwest, 67 seattle, portland 71. mid to upper 80s for d.c., new york, boston still about 92 in new orleans. flight arrival delays, we have none and no organized areas of severe weather expected but severe weather expected but otototototototototototototototot
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>> hundreds of gallons of raw sewage has spilled into the lagoon, into people's homes. the latest in the a live record. >> here's a live look from downtown san francisco. notice the clouds. notice the flag waving on the right side of your screen. the sea breeze is back. temperatures drop nearly 23 degrees in some areas today.
5:29 am
>> also in the headlines, releasing documents relating to sarah palin's controversial appearance in june. that includes the contract that reveals how much she was paid. >> there may be a major break in the killing of a german tourist near union square. san francisco police think they've identified the suspect. >> good morning. a car is fully ungulfed in flames on eastbound 580 in pleasanton. all the details coming up. >> it is a thursday morning. a little cooler than the day before thank goodness. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. that's why we have the air conditioner going, the natural one, the cooldown that mike has been predicting is starting to take over. >> so it's going to get dramatically cooler over the weekend, mike? >> we'll drop 10 to 20 degrees today and by saturday the temperatures coolest. feel like fall then. stepping out as we head up on 5:30, pretty much in the 50s until you get to oakland, concord, antioch, sunnyvale.
5:30 am
about 70 in the hills around los gatos. temperatures from 21 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago in fremont to 10 in concord, 8 degrees cooler in santa rosa and 14 san jose. san jose one of the biggest drops, 82. 64 san francisco and about 80 in santa rosa. i'll have your complete seven-day forecast in a minute. here's kristen with the news. >> cleanup and testing work in the peninsula community of redwood shores after a main line failed throwing raw sewage into the lagoon and people's homes. terry mcsweeney is there with the response. >> the signs up and the crews out here on the scene trying to fix this ruptured sewage pipe. the sign here unsafe water, may contain raw sewage, avoid contact. tells you all you need to know about this lagoon. right over there is where the crews are concerned that as they try to fix this pipe, there may be another raw sewage spill.
5:31 am
if it happens, that's where it's gonna happen. take a look at the pictures we have from earlier this morning. crews are vacuuming the sewage out from underground. the aboveground sewage has been cleared away but hundreds of gallons of it spilled yesterday afternoon when this 14-inch sewage pipe ruptured. some folks had the sewage go into their garages, not into their homes per se but into their garages which is bad enough. some went to the redwood shore lagoon and that can access san francisco bay. >> a large spill so the lagoons have been impacted and it's gone into the lagoon. we don't want residents to come in contact with the lagoon. >> now, we are told that no one was evacuated and everyone stayed put. the water quality of the lagoon and the bay is being tested right now. results are going to be coming out later this morning. right now work underway to fix the pipe. and they are hoping that as they
5:32 am
work to fix it they don't have a repeat, at least a smaller version of the hundreds of gallons spilled yesterday. >> our time now 5:32. this morning oakland police are investigating the shooting death of a 13-year-old boy. it's the fifth homicide in the city within the last week. it happened around 9:30 last night at bancroft and 62nd avenue. police have no suspect description. they've not identified the victim. this is the city's 58th homicide of the year. that pace though is still below the number of homicides at the same point last year. this morning the oakland police union says statistics show crime is increased in the city since 80 police officers were laid off. our media partner, the oakland tribune reports, statistics released by the union show robberies and assaults rose 8.5% between july 13th and august 13th. the number of burglaries or vehicle thefts also increased during that time.
5:33 am
but department officials and city council members say one month is not enough to gauge what is happening. a more accurate evaluation would be year to date statistics. in june the council voted to lay off 80 police officers to cut $31 million out of the budget. >> there may be a major break in the killing of a german tourist near union square. san francisco police chief george gascon told the police commission meeting last night he believes very strongly the suspects have been identified. 50-year-old shore was shot to death august 8th when two groups of men opened fire on mason street. she was caught in the crossfire. police arrested an 18-year-old san francisco man but prosecutors decided there wasn't enough evidence to charge him then. police later served a search warrant on a fremont home without making an arrest. >> 5:33 now. bart has spent more than $6 million dealing with the aftermath of the fatal shooting of oscar grant. $1.5 million went to grant's six-year-old daughter as part of a civil settlement.
5:34 am
according to the san francisco chronicle, almost as much went in overtime and special pay for the officers that investigated during the protests. they found mehserle guilty of involuntary manslaughter in july. he's scheduled to be sentenced in november. >> today bart directors will consider a proposal to delay planned fare increases for six months. the transit agency has an unexpected $8.8 million budget surplus. according to the san francisco examiner, the board's president wants to use some of that surplus to defer a scheduled inflation rate increase that's instituted every two years. early projections have fares increasing by just 2% in january it have 2012 because of the struggling economy. if the proposal is approved, the increase wouldn't take effect until july 2012. >> california state university status law is under court order to release documents relating to sarah palin's appearance back in june. the county superior court ruled
5:35 am
the school must turn over details of the appearance which would include how much the former gop vice presidential candidate was paid and where that money came from. a group called californians aware filed a lawsuit in april after csu refused to disclose those documents. >> firefighters should have a brush fire near mount diablo fully containted today. it broke out late tuesday near curry canyon and morgan territory road. the blaze quickly grew to almost 400 acres fueled by high temperatures and low humidity. no buildings were lost. fire investigators are still trying to pinpoint the cause. >> 5:35 now. one thing firefighters favor, the temperatures are coming down. >> that's right. let's check with mike and find out by how much and who's going to cool down first. >> temperatures coming down and humidity going up and the biggest drop in temperatures today range from 10 in san
5:36 am
francisco where we see the coolness yesterday spill into today, 64. redwood city 76. concord down to 86 today, that's a 17 degree drop. oakland set a record, down to 70 today. santa rosa 103 yesterday, record high, down to 80 today, a 23 degree drop. here we are at 8:00 this morning. fog lingering around the bay and definitely around the coast with temperatures upper 50s to low 60s. lunchtime temperature is full of upper 60s and mid to upper 70s in our valleys. upper 50s to low 60s abeing lo the coast. cloudy at the coast and 59 half moon bay. 68 oakland and mid-70s for most of the bay. upper 70s to low 80s in the south bay and north bay and mid-80s in the east bay valleys. here's your accu-weather seven-day forecast. the temperatures continue tumbling tomorrow and saturday. in fact, by saturday we could be
5:37 am
around 10 to 15 degrees cooler than today and a warmer trend will start monday and head into the middle parts of next week. good morning, megan. you have an update? >> yeah. eastbound 580 is our problem spot. we have a car fire, road work and i just got reports of a motorcycle crash all on eastbound 580 through pleasanton. starting with the car fire, that eastbound 580 as you approach 680, a car's fully ungulfed in flames. right now blocking the slow lane. emergency crews on the scene. a couple lanes blocked for road work in that area until 6:00 and just got reports of a motorcycle crash eastbound 580 at hacienda. that's in the center divide now. eric, kristen. >> thank you. our time 5:37. >> still ahead, the protest today against pg&e's smart meters. why some santa cruz county residents say not in our backyard. >> the new effort to win the release of three u.c. berkeley graduates being held captive in iran. >> the lighting change that san francisco is considering that coululululululululululululululul
5:38 am
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. it's 5:40. a well respected islamic leader from africa is helping to win the release of three u.c. berkeley graduates jailed in iran over a year. the families said the chairman of the organization of the islamic conference has agreed to intervene in their case.
5:41 am
the family said he is working with iranian authorities at the highest levels. they believe his involvement will help move the case in a positive direction. the americans have been jailed in iran since july of last year after being captured while hiking along the iraq/iran border. iran accuses them of spying. >> another outcry against pg&e's smart meters is expected this morning in santa cruz county. the wireless meters are due to be in stalled by wellington energy. some residents are planning a protest at 7:30 this morning outside the company's office. just this week watson vil banned smat meters because of health concerns about the wireless technology. a dozen other cities and counties are doing the same or looking to ban the meters. >> san francisco could move closer to putting better light on the city's taxi cabs. the municipal transportation agency is considering new fixtures called tattle
5:42 am
taillights on all the city's 1300 registered cabs. a taxi might have a green light on if it's available for hire and a red light if it's not. the red lights turn on when meters aren't running or they could be out of service or on a break. >> sometimes the sunlight it's just hard to see if those lights are on. 5:42 now. painting and caulking are replacing high-end home renovations. the bloomberg business report straight ahead. >> the vote beginning today that could lead to rehiring dozens of laid off firefighters in san jose. >> the money offered in contra costa county to protect homes and businesses from wild fires. >> and a food fight of epic proportions. the annual festival that encourages thousands to throw things at each other. it's pain relief without the pills.
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welcome back. here's a look at the temperatures across the state. notice that it's cooler along the coast. 71 big sur, eureka 61. sacramento 92 but still hot in the other areas. 100 chico, 106 fresno, 104 in palm springs with scattered thunderstorms. a storm possible tahoe and 81, los angeles about 86. >> thanks a lot, mike. it's 5:45. >> we're taking a look at the stories we're following this morning. residents of redwood shores are warned not to come into contact with the lagoon after a sewage spill in a pump station last night. public works officials say a 14 inch main failed sending sewage flooding into garages after
5:46 am
several homes. >> another smelly problem on the peninsula. another day of trash piling up in san carlos, san mateo, hillsborough and burlingame. hundreds of garbage collectors have walked off the job. the strike is set to end today but trash pickup won't be back on schedule until next week. >> statistics show crime has increased in the city since 80 police officers were laid off. the figures show robberies, assaults, burglaries and vehicle thefts increased between july 13th and august 13th. department officials and city council members say one month is not enough time to gauge what's actually happening. the very latest on all these stories at 6:00. starting today san jose firefighters will get a chance to vote on a pay package that might bring back some laid off workers. last month 49 firefighters turned in their gear after lots of back and forth between the city and union failed to produce a deal. firefighters will now get to vote whether they would accept a 9% compensation reduction and
5:47 am
retirement cost increase. even if that's approved, there's no guarantee it will bring back the laid off firefighters. >> now that fire season is clearly upon us, the term defensible space is nor important than ever. in contra costa county, one organization is offering grant money to community groups that need help funding their fire safety projects. laura anthony reports from walnut creek. it's hard to see how a swim club could be a fire danger. but with all the trees and brush around it, walnut creek sunny hills aquatic club is just that this time of year. >> we have a large overstory here as well as things that need attending to. >> it's an expensive job given that sunny hills only has 30 members, raising the money to pay for the creation of defensible space is a huge challenge. but now thanks to a $5,000
5:48 am
supplemental grant from the fire safe council, sunny hills can afford to do the work. the club is one of six fire safety projects recently approved for funding for the nonprofit. >> neighborhood groups will do tree removal but they have no way to dispose of it so they use our dollars for chipping. several projects go in and do more fuel removal. >> even with the grant money, making the property fire safe is no simple task. there's six varieties of trees here. >> just because you want to limb a tree or take out a tree doesn't mean that you can do it. there's a permit process. >> gary vanness lives just uphill. he's relieved the swim club is going to clean its property. >> the fire danger is a real issue. if they can get a grant to clear some of the dead growth off the trees and stuff, i'm for it. >> the diablo fire safe council still has another $70,000 to dole out. just in time for the height of fire season.
5:49 am
in walnut creek, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> if you're interested in one of these defensible space grants, you can get details through the link we posted on our website, >> thank goodness we didn't have the wind to go with the fire danger but we had everything else. >> exactly. but the winds are the real key. if the fire starts and there's no wind it doesn't spread that much. if the winds are there to fan it, the one in diablo could get out of control. >> the heat and the low humidity. >> and we'll always have that in the summertime along with the fuel because it's dry. haven't had rain in months. let's take a look outside. now we have humidity and cooler conditions. but we'll have the breezes and that's what's bringing back the humidity. and look at the conditions. a look at sfo. see the cloud deck. we haven't talked about flight arrival delays at all this week. maybe today is the day that changes. let's talk about temperatures and how much cooler it feels this morning when you step outside. only concord, antioch, mountain view, san jose. the low 60s.
5:50 am
the rest of us mid to upper 50s. cloud cover over the monterey bay, also with temperatures mid to upper 50s. our first highlight, the big change in temperature. dramatic. talking about 10 to 23 degrees cooler than yesterday. more clouds, even cooler weather tonight. the cooling trend will continue into saturday. that's when it will be coolest with some drizzle possible in the morning. strong cold front coming down from the gulf of alaska for the weekend weather. today the clouds are making a little eastward push. trying to make it into the east bay valleys but by 8:00 they'll stop and quickly retreat to the coast where they hang there from noon into the afternoon hours keeping you in the 50s, 60s and 70s around the bay. 70s and 80s inland. even a 90 is possible. that's our extreme though. talking antioch, brentwood and fairfield with mid to upper 80s for rest of us. oakland 70s. 80 castro valley and fremont. the breeze keeps richmond upper
5:51 am
60s. south bay today, sunnyvale and milpitas, 80. los gatos at 87. on the peninsula we'll start millbrae. the cool spot at 70. warm up about 78, palo alto, heading into the south bay. downtown south san francisco, mid-60s. sausalito 68. upper 50s along your beaches. upper 70s to low 80s in your valleys. 70 santa cruz, the warm spot the monterey bay. tonight everybody back into the 50s with low 50s up in the north bay valleys, concord and antioch the exception, 60 and 62. your seven-day forecast, notice away from the coast about another 4 to 6 degrees of cooling tomorrow and about another 6 to 10 degrees on saturday. sunday we'll see a slight warmer trend and monday, tuesday and wednesday temperatures near average if not above average
5:52 am
with sunshine just about all day. have a great day. here's megan with an update. >> good morning. the earlier car fire on eastbound 580 in pleasanton has been put out. the car's been cleared from the roadway. we have a motorcycle crash in that area. it's eastbound 580 at hacienda. it's an injury motorcycle crash in the center divide and emergency crews are on the scene. it's early enough this is not causing delays yet for your commute through that area. a live look at the east shore freeway. interstate 80 heading through the berkeley area. headlights are moving westbound and the drive time in the carquinez bridge to the maze about 20 minutes right now. once you do reach the bay bridge toll plaza, you'll find no problems making your way through the tolls and heading into san francisco. you can get drive times and traffic updates delivered right to your mailbox by going to our website. it's click on the traffic link. eric, kristen. >> megan, thank you very much. our time 5:52. >> just getting this in from the associated press.
5:53 am
dell says santa clara based 3 par has accepted acquiring the data storage company. >> the weekly jobs report shows new unemployment claims dropped for the first time in four weeks. >> here's jane king with the "moneyscope" report. >> good morning. it's getting tougher to find a bank where we won't end up paying extra to keep our money safe. average interest on savings, checking, money market and certificates of deposit accounts fell below 1% in july. the first decline below 1% in a decade. that's according to the market researcher race insight. banks have been raising fees and adding new ones and that may drive consumers to to smaller banks and online banks. putting plans on hold as the housing market sputters. that's the joint center for housing studies. the pullback is hurting companies large and small from home depot and lowe's to building contractors and design
5:54 am
shots. as a result they're choosing to paint and recaulk themselves. time to take a look at the markets. stocks rose yesterday. one speculation that recent declines have been overdone. at&t executive tells us tablets are the future. the next five years tablet computers costing between $300 and $1,000. these prices and tablet technology will soon make laptops obsolete. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> california has approved large rate increases for nearly a million people who buy health coverage from anthem blue cross and blue shield. the california department of insurance says blue shield's customers face an average hike of 18.5%. we're talking about people who buy as individuals. anthem blue cross customers face an average 13.4% increase. anthem wanted rates to go up as high as 39% for some
5:55 am
policyholders but the company with drew its request after public outrage and government scrutiny. >> whooping cough is spreading around california. 200 more cases have been confirmed over the past week bringing the total number of californians who have come down with whooping cough, also known as pertussis to 3300 this year. eight babies have died. they were all too young to take the full series of vaccinations given in their first few years. more than 300,000 low income students who rely on cal grants to pay their college tuition won't get them until the state has a budget. both u.c. and cal state system say they'll front the $1500 grants to their students then get reimbursed when a budget is signed. most community colleges say they can't afford to do that so their students are on their own until lawmakers pass the budget. >> for students who can pay the money themselves, they will basically be reimbursed when cal grants arrive, again no penalty.
5:56 am
>> the budget is now 57 days late with no compromise in sight. >> in spain they're cleaning up tomato juice and pulp from the streets of a village after the annual food fight festival siesta. it's a siesta and festival all in one. it's estimated 40,000 people stood shoulder to shoulder in yesterday's event in the village 25 miles north of valencia. 100 tons of right fruit were thrown during the one hour of food fighting. it's rumored to have started in 1945 when a group of young friends began throwing their lunch to each other one day at a vegetable stand on town square. they met again the next year creating the annual tradition. >> i think getting hit by one or two tomatoes will be sufficient. you can leave after that point. >> they're loving it. injuries and all, bruises. >> yeah. the bay area airports making the
5:57 am
top ten of a list they'd rather not be on at all. >> plus find out why right now may be the best time all year to buy a car. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in redwood shores where truly exhausted crews are still working to fix a broken sewage pipe that sent raw sewage into the lagoon, the streets and into homes. we have the latest
5:58 am
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