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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 26, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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i'm terry mcsweeney live in redwood shores where hundreds of gallons of raw sewage has already spilled into the streets and into people's homes. and crews are concerned there's the possibility of yet another spill. that story coming up in a live report. a strike is leaving garbage pilled up in sparts of san mateo county. >> sea breeze is going to drop temperatures 10 to 23 degrees today and more cooling on the way for the weekend. >> we're following a motorcycle crash on eastbound 580 in pleasanton and just got reports of delays. we'll have details in a complete traffic report. >> a lot of news going on on this thursday. 6:00. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. a lot of that news is kind of smelly on the peninsula anyway.
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trying to figure out how much raw sewage spilled from a pump station. leaving redwood shores residents with a smelly cleanup job. terry mcsweeney is right in the thick of it in redwood shores. terry? >> this is a cleanup job that residents are being advised not to do. public works tells me that redwood city is going to send out a professional cleanup crew because of the toxic nature of that raw sewage in people's garages out here. meantime if you look right over there, you'll see redwood, the redwood shores main pump station. and that is where the break occurred. the trucks that are out here have been brought out to capture the raw sewage as it comes in right now. they're trying to cut off the sewage coming into the main pump station at manholes nearby, load up the trucks and get the raw sewage out of here.
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if there is a mistake along the way, there could be another spill out here. pictures from earlier, crews working those manholes, putting huge vacuums down there taking out the raw sewage where the 14 inch sewage pipe ruptured yesterday. hundreds of gallons spilled into the street and home's home and the lagoon that access san francisco bay. a local out here this morning for a jog didn't know about the sewage pipe break. >> oh gad! makes me wanna go home. i didn't smell anything bad this morning until just right there. >> as for homeowners out here closer to the spill, we've been told that raw sewage went into their garages, not into their living areas which is i guess some consolation. and we're also told that no one left; that they all stayed put. that was from the public works official. as far as the officials know
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anyway. residents are told not to clean up because a crew's going to come out and do it right and do it as disintexttant as possible. the trucks are hauling away the raw sewage coming down the pipes while crews get new pipe out here and try to fix what is called a major rupture of this sewage line. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry thanks a lot. another unpleasant problem for peninsula residents this morning, a sudden garbage selector's strike has left some cities a stinking mess. the strike began yesterday and will last until tomorrow but your trash may not be picked up for days. amy hollyfield has more. >> brian burgess was surprised when he got home from work and found his garbage can was still full of garbage. >> i thought what's going on. it's unusual. atypical. my garbage is always picked up on wednesdays so i wondered what the heck. >> the strike is a big concern
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for restaurants. the owners of gango sushi are worried about the smell their food scraps will create the next couple days. >> i don't know what should i do. >> they have every right to be angry. the only thing we hope is they will understand that all this 12 employees want is a fair contract with fair conditions. >> the 12 employees who walked off the job work for allied waste injuries near the landfill at half moon bay. when they decided to strike hundreds of garbage collectors joined them in support. they'll be back on the job friday. it all caught company officials off guard. >> we are doing everything we can to resolve a situation that was out of our control and really as a surprise to us. >> the 12 workers haven't had a contract since december and say recent offers from the company are not acceptable. >> offering only 3% wages. and then they had a lot of wage
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on the health insurance, they want the workers to pay more for health insurance. >> finding sympathy from customers will be tough. >> now's not a good time for that. i think it's freeze time. is my -- that's my mode. >> our refrigerator broke and all our stuff is in the garbage now and so -- it's not gonna be very good for a couple days. >> the trash is expected to start getting picked up on friday but it could take a couple days to catch up. in sar carlos, amy hollyfield. >> in san jose a pair of 22-year-old men may face felony charges for a laser strike on a police helicopter. the two blasted a green laser light into the cockpit. they found the pen-size laser pointer in one of the suspect's cars. those lasers have the ability to temporarily blind pilots. nationally officials say there
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have been 100 this year with a third in california. oakland has the fourth highest number of so-called laser strikes in the entire u.s. san francisco international airport is fifth. >> ucsf medical center is working off generators because thieves knocked out the main power source. someone stole copper wires from the vault at the campus in san francisco yesterday. patient service has not been affected yet but officials say it could take the better part of today to fix the problem. pg&e crews are providing additional generators to the hospital to make sure everything runs smoothly. lawyers from marin general hospital will go to court later this morning to sue a big hospital chain for $120 million. marin county took control of the hospital this summer after it was operated for years by sutter healthcare. marin's lawyers say sutter illegally took $30 million a year out of the hospital's reserve fund starting 2006 after
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the county announced they were taking over the hospital. sutter is holding comment until it sees the lawsuit. >> today the real drilling set to begin on the new fourth bore of the caldecott tunnel. we got a look at the large drill called the road header that will create a fourth bore. those where they gave the ceremonial first scrape of the new bore. today that drill will start the real digging. it's expected to go about 6 feet a day. another drill will start soon on the oakland side and eventually they'll meet in the middle. the new bore is expected to open late 2013. >> i've got my watch synchronized and all that stuff. we're waitin'. 6:07. also going to be easier to sleep at night because those temperatures are coming down. >> let's talk about that, mike. >> yeah. we'll start with my journey through the caldecott as i was driving up to it heading west. i looked up. there it was. the fog. and the cool weather comes with
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it. if you don't like the heat today's the day everything changes. if you like the heat, you have to head deep into the central valley. right now 60 degree temperatures oakland, concord antioch, sunnyvale and los gatos. mid to upper 50s for the rest of us. temperatures from 20 degrees cooler in los gatos san jose 13 a 19 degree drop in fremont, 8 concord, 7 oakland 9 degrees cooler in novato and even san francisco 4 degrees cooler than yesterday along with sunnyvale. let's look at 8:00 temperatures. clouds around parts of the bay and definitely the coast. still upper 50s to low 60s. by noon clouds back to the coast. upper 50s to low 60s san francisco and half moon bay. upper 60s around san rafael oakland, low to mid-70s the rest of the bay and mid to upper 70s the valleys. by 4:00 80 san jose. low to mid-80s the east bay valleys. upper 70s to low 80ss north bay valleys and mid to upper 60s around san francisco and oakland. as we talked about the beginning of the show this is just the beginning.
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away from the coast we drop another 4 to 6 degrees tomorrow and about another 6 to 10 degrees as the coolest weather settles our neighborhoods on saturday and even morning drizzle is possible. temperatures start warming sunday and it will feel like summer again early next week. megan, do you have an update? >> we are still following the injury motorcycle crash in pleasanton eastbound 580 within the center divide and still have that car on fire eastbound 580 at 680 blocking the right lane. just got reports of muni delays. there's no light rail service now between west parttal and the zoo. outside to a live camera shot. this is 280 at the 17 interchange. there's reportedly a large structure fire burning near del monte. it is visible from the freeway. traveling on 280 throughout the san jose area you may see smoke. there's report of a few other fires, smoke reported near winchester and the lawrence expressway and also the 280 and
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17 interchange. you'll be looking out for that on 280 this morning. >> we'll continue to follow the san jose fire. it's now 6:10 megan. >> the new app that could make students' backpacks a whole lot lighter this school year. >> a big box store in the east bay but this is a store that already exists. the ikea expansion some are battling
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the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. 6:13. breaking news to bring to you. a live picture of one of two fires burning in west san jose right now. this one the smoke rising is a two-alarmer that firefighters are fighting at 920 rockdale drive near cherrywood in west san jose. the other fire is actually even bigger. a three-alarmer at del monte
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place and lynn oaks. sky 7 and our theresa garcia are headed to the scene there to bring you the very latest. we'll keep following these fires burning right now in san jose. >> in emeryville tonight, dozens of residents are expected to voice their opposition to an expansion plan submitted by ikea. the swedish furniture giant wants to build a 60,000 square footwear house on hollis and 53rd streets. ikea wants to use it as a pickup point for large furniture and would free up additional space at the company's store a few blocks away. opponents say the plan would bring unwanted additional traffic and noise to an already crowded neighborhood. it would also lower their property values. both sides are expected to present arguments during a planning commission meeting that begins at 6:30. >> the next 30 days could be the best time to get a good deal on a new car. expects dealers to slash prices in the next month as they try to move current model cars to make way for new
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inventory. it's estimated 20% of the 2010 inventory remains unsold in this tough economy. large s.u.v.'s, vans and premium luxury cars are among the models expected to have the greatest discounts. >> google is giving telephone companies a run for your money. the company's announcing you can now make phone calls from your g-mail account. it can reach land lines and phone calls. it is in direct competition with skype. skype charges 2 cents a minute for domestic calls from p. c. to phone. >> the app used on the i-pad is looking to replace text books by making them more interactive. a student could highlight a piece of text in his i-pad and other students or professors could comment on it. >> one of the neat features is the ability to have a conversation with your classmates or professors.
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if you all have the same text book open on your i-pad and your professor takes a note, all will see that note. the same respect students can take notes they share with other classmates. >> let's them find the section of the text book instead of the whole book. >> kids are not happy going back to school. think about football practice yeah, all going on in the heat. the kids weren't used to it even the adults. it's over. look at this. different! look at the fast-moving clouds from ballmer peak pushing into the east bay hills. mount diablo off in the 50s. the cool weather hits the monterey bay first yesterday. that's why you're all stuck in the 50s even inland this
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morning. dramatic drop to our temperatures today as we talk 10 to 23 degrees. more clouds and cooler, comfortable, good sleeping weather conditions tonight. the coolest highs they'll hit this weekend. let's go back to yesterday as we -- we're talking about our midday show watching tracking the southerly surge of clouds and the sea breeze. by noon it was into the monterey bay. it moved right up the coast into san francisco by about 6:00 and the squeeze play continued during the overnight hours even pushing the clouds into the north bay around the bay and as you saw there trying to push it into the east bay valleys. it will keep pushing to the east until about 8:00 and then it quickly retreats to the coast by noon leaving us with sunshine in the south bay and low to mid-80s like 82 san jose and cupertino. on the peninsula nice day 70 millbrae. 78 palo alto. downtown south san francisco the mid-60s.
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actually cooler than average. sausalito 68. san rafael vallejo and petaluma 70s. low to mid-80ss north bay valleys. bodega bay and stinson beech upper 50s. oakland starts a run at 70s all the way up to 79 at fremont and castro valley. into the east bay valleys we'll have mid to upper 80s here. brentwood around 90. low to mid-80s hollister gilroy morgan hill. cooler with more clouds towards the monterey bay with 68 watsonville, about 70 in santa cruz. check out these temperatures tonight and turn the air conditioning off, open the windows if you can. low to mid-50s up in the north bay valley. 62 antioch. let's see how far those temperatures are going to drop. even more so from the coast tomorrow by 4 to 6 degrees. saturday when it's coolest after that morning drizzle low to mid-70s inland. mid-60s around bait and upper
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50s at the coast. 4 degrees warmer sunday 8 degrees warmer monday and about another 6 degrees warmer and temperatures should be above average and away from the coast the middle part of next week. good morning megan. another update? >> good morning. we have two fires burning now in san jose both visible from the 280 freeway. we have a three-alarm structure fire burning at del monte place and lynn oaks drive, a two alarm fire at cyprus avenue. both are visible from 280 near the 17 interchange. check this live shot. you can see large amounts of smoke. this will affect the morning commute as this area through downtown san jose can get quite busy 280. here's a live look at traffic through the area. everything is moving at the limit. a little early. it's not affecting the commute yet. we have an update on the earlier muni delays. they've been cancelled. everything in mass transit is running on schedule. problem spot eastbound 580
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through pleasanton. a motorcycle crash. emergency crews are on the scene there. still have this car fire blocking the slow lane eastbound 580 at 680. for the latest go to and click on the traffic link. eric kristen. >> wow you said a mouthful megan. 6:20 now. >> why a luxury suite at a
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6:24 am
three-alarmer at del monte place at lynn oaks and sky 7. theresa garcia is headed there. we know there was a possible explosion in a garage there. that's led to two homes catching on fire there. the problem is you can see both these fires from 280 through the busiest 280 san jose downtown area so traffic could be affected as well as firefighters fight these two blazes. >> reports on a fire on rockdale drive may have started in a garage as well. you see the billowing white smoke. usually that's a sign that firefighters are getting the upper hand as opposed to the thick black smoke you see at the beginning of fires. 6:24 now. california has a new plan to let you bet on the 49ers sort of. for the first time the state is teaming up with the san francisco 49ers to offer prizes like season tickets, road trips luxury suites and tailgate parties, not to mention cash. the idea is offer something that appeals to football fans and
6:25 am
lottery players. >> there's a new frontier in state fair food. this is fried beer! a pretzel pouch is filled with beer and dumped in hot oil. one of the awards at the state fair of texas in dallas. past contests introduced to the world to treats like fried butter. this year a fried frozen margarita and fried caviar, that's black-eyed peas to you and me. >> hope they've got a defibrillator there. it's 6:25 now. still ahead at 6:30. the very latest as oakland police investigate the fifth homicide in five days. this time the victim is a 13-year-old child. what witnesses say led up to the recent shooting. >> the bay area community willing to pay you to make your home a little more fire resistant. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in redwood shores where the efforts
6:26 am
continue to fix a broken sewer pipe that spilled raw sewage into a lagoon into streets and into homes yesterday. i'll have the latest on the effort coming up in a live report. >> and first it was too hot -- it was too cold then too hot. new worries about the wine grape crop. >> everybody could be happy at least about the airports. the weather's not affecting any of them. we are clear all throughout the lower 48. >> we're following two large fires burning in san jose near 280. we'll tell you how that will affect
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stock futures rose after a drop in job claims. the claims remain much higher than they would be in a healthy economy. we'll see how investors are reacting in a live report from the new york stock exchange in five minutes. >> right now we have breaking news for you. san jose firefighters are on the scene of two big house fires. they're about a mile apart. abc 7's theresa garcia joins us live from del monte place. that's the bigger of the two fires. theresa, what's going on? >> they're both in the vest we'll neighborhood about two miles apart actually. the fire started only 4 minutes apart. take a look behind me. this is del monte place. we're literally around the corner from it but you have engines and fire crews completely surrounding it. you see some of the smoke billowing up. this home was built 1960, about 2200 square feet. one of the big problems, they put out a safety alert it
6:31 am
they're worried about a gas line leaking. earlier some of the residents said they think they heard an explosion. what we've heard is they're certainly on the defense, meaning it is too unsafe to go inside. crews surrounding it. i did see a pg&e vehicle also pull up. obviously they'll be working on gas lines and/or shutting off things to keep it safe around here. as for that other fire which is about two miles away, that started at 5:33 this morning, actually just 4 minutes earlier than this one. we have yet to see the pictures over there but sky 7 has been above and can get a better glimpse of this neighborhood which is the west valley neighborhood in west san jose. mostly a suburban area here. we're just south of the 280 area and 17, also near the community of campbell. this is a scene that is still early. just the past hour this fire beginning. so obviously crews will out here a while. you've got many residents on the street taking a look what
6:32 am
happened. as for one nearby person i spoke with didn't think they lived in the house, don't see people coming and going but we're going to find out further about the residents of that home and we'll keep you updated. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> thanks a lot. she's going to get the latest on those firefighting efforts and injuries involved with those two san jose fires. today cleanup crews will try to determine how much damage was done in the peninsula community of redwood shores after a main sewer line failed spilling raw sewage into a lagoon and people's homes. terry mcsweeney is live with the emergency response. terry? >> crews are making pretty good progress out here but the pipes that broke spilling hundreds of gallons of raw sewage in the lagoon behind me here is still broken right now. if you take a look here you can see one of the five, six trucks coming here all morning long getting the raw sewage coming
6:33 am
down the pipe and hauling it out of here. take a look at the process. this is the main pump station for redwood shores. and when the sewer pipe broke yesterday, raw sewage started coming out not only into the lagoon but into the street and into people's houses. it went into their garages. also went into the lagoon which ties into san francisco bay. one resident we talked to was very concerned about wildfires. >> you were smelling it? >> yeah. but i was thinking endangerment -- i know there's seals that live here and jelly fish and stuff like that. sure it's not good for them. >> we are told that no one was evacuated from their homes even though raw sewage went into their garage. the water quality of the lagoon and san francisco bay is being tested. we expect to have results from that sometime later this morning. right now work underway, and they are rotating five six trucks in and out of this area right now trying to cut off the
6:34 am
raw sewage at nearby manholes so that there can be a work space, a chance to fix that broken 14-inch sewer pipe that sent the raw sewage into the street into the homes and lagoon here on redwood shores. live in redwood shores terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. it's 6:34. this morning oakland police are investigating the shooting death of a 13-year-old boy. it happened last night around 9:30 at bancroft and 62nd avenue. witnesses say the shooter killed the teen then ran off with his wallet but investigators have not confirmed that. police have not released a suspect description. the victim has not been identified but this is the city's 55th homicide of the year. >> 6:34 now. meanwhile this morning the oakland police union has released new statistics showing crime has increased in the city since 80 officers were laid off just over a month ago. the oakland tribune reports the statistics appear to show robberies and assaults rose 8.5%
6:35 am
since august 13th. but department officials and city council members say one month is not enough time to gauge what's happening besides the numbers rise during the summertime. they say a more accurate valuation would be to look to year to date stats. they laid off 80 police officers to cut $31 million from its deficit. >> there may be a major break in the killing of a german tourist near union square. police chief george gascon told a police commission meeting last night that he believes very strongly the suspects have been identified and an arrest is imminent. the 50-year-old was shot to death on august 8th when two groups of men opened fire on each other on mason street and she was caught in the crossfire. police arrested an 18-year-old san francisco man but prosecutors decided there wasn't enough evidence to charge him. police later served a search warrant on a fremont home but so far they have not made any new
6:36 am
arrests. >> bart has spent more than $6 million dealing with the aftermath of the fatal shooting of oscar grant. $1.5 million went to grant's six-year-old daughter as part of a civil settlement. according to the san francisco chronicle, almost as much went to overtime and special pay for officers who investigated the killing or worked during protests. the jury found former bart officer mehserle guilty of involuntary manslaughter in july. he's scheduled to be sentenced in november. today bart's directors will consider a proposal to delay planned fare increases for six months. the transit agency has an unexpected $8.8 million budget surplus. the board's president wants to use some of that surplus to defer a scheduled inflation rate increase that's instituted every two years. early projections have fares increasing by just 2% in january of 2012 because of the struggling economy. if the proposal is approved the
6:37 am
increase wouldn't take effect until a few months later, july 2012. >> another community outcry against pg&e smart meters is expected this morning in santa cruz county. the wireless meters are due to be installed by wellington energy. some residents are planning a protest at 7:30 this morning outside the company's office. just this week watsonville banned smart meters because of health concerns about the wireless technology. a dozen other cities and counties are doing the same or looking into delaying or banning the meters. >> this morning firefighters say the brush fire burning near mount diablo is over 90% contained and cal fire says it expects full containment today. the blaze broke out late tuesday afternoon near curry canyon and morgan territory road and quickly grew to almost 400 acres. no buildings were lost but three firefighters have suffered minor injuries. still no word on the exact cause of the fire. in san jose, fire concerns are prompting park officials to keep allen rock regional park closed
6:38 am
again today. entrances to the park will be blocked and no activities of any kind will be allowed during the emergency closure. the park is expected to reopen tomorrow but park officials won't make a final decision until they determine if the fire risk has decreased. >> grape growers in the bay area are finding they can't get a break this summer. we told you earlier this week about some growers harvesting earlier because the damp summer caused mildew and mold to form. this week's sudden extreme heat wave has scorched some leaving them with extensive crop loss. the amount of damage hasn't been assessed. it will be worse on vines just trimmed back to fight the mold. >> the breaking unless you of those two fires in san jose but with our weather changing the fire danger in the bay area should be going down. >> check with mike about that. >> absolutely. cooler conditions higher humidity. good morning, welcome to thursday. welcome to a change. check out these temperatures. it's going to be 10 degrees cooler in san francisco, 64.
6:39 am
redwood city, 15 degrees cooler at 76. concord set a record high yesterday, 86. today a 17 degree drop. oakland set a record high yesterday. 70 today and 18 degree drop. san jose for the third day in a row, yesterday set a record high. you're 18 degrees cooler at 82. santa rosa record high at 103. that's a 23 degree drop from yesterday afternoon. here's how we get there. clouds around the bay at the 8:00 hour and definitely along the coast with upper 50s to low 60s. by noon the clouds back to the coast. upper 50s to low 60s from half moon bay into san francisco. upper 60s and low 70s oakland, san rafael and palo alto and mid to upper 70s for the rest of us. 4:00 our warmest weather, east bay valleys, mid to upper 80s. near 80 san jose. mid to upper 70s in the north bay valleys and upper 60s to low 70s around the bay and about 64 in san francisco. this is just the beginning. we will be cooler tomorrow and even more so saturday with some
6:40 am
morning drizzle. temperatures in the low to mid-70s inland. mid-60s around the bay and upper 50s along the coast and much warmer next week. here is megan with an update on the fire. >> we are following two large structure fires in san jose right now. both visible from 280. here's a live look from sky 7 hd flying over a three-alarm fire burning at del monte place and lynn oaks drive spewing out large amounts of smoke visible from 280. let's go to a live shot of 280. this is another two-alarm fire in san jose burning at park and cyprus avenue. if we can go to maps, i can show you that even though there's a large amount of smoke burning that you can see from the freeway, as of right now these speeds are still green which means they're traveling at the limit. not causing delays yet through your downtown san jose commute. mass transit we have a bart delay. bart delayed ten minutes between sfo and the east bay. this is due to a problem on the
6:41 am
tracks here at the civic center station. about a half hour to make your way westbound on 580 through the altamont pass from 205 to 680. we have delays making your way on eastbound 580 through the pleasanton area. that's due to an earlier motorcycle crash that's still in the center divide. emergency crews are on the scene there. eric kristen. >> thank you very much megan. it's now 6:41. >> busy morning. trading's on at wall street. a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. a live look at the big board. the dow up slightly, about 16 points. >> seeing red. the annual festival encouraging thousands to play with their food and throw things at each other. >> also the state decision that will now have nearly a million californians paying a lot m
6:42 am
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and check out the coast. the cooler conditions from eureka to big sur. 61 to 71. the cool breeze sacramento 92 and 100 or higher, same with yosemite and palm springs but we have a chance of thunderstorm around calm springs and tahoe 81. sunshine, 86 in l.a. >> now 6:45. cal state university is under court order to release documents relating to sarah palin's appearance in june. the superior court ruled the school must turn over details of the appearance contract which would reveal how much the former vice presidential candidate was paid.
6:46 am
palin typically makes $100,000 per speech. >> californians are about to pay a lot more for health insurance with a rate increase for anthem blue cross and blue shield. blue shield customers will face an average hike of 18.5%. anthem blue cross customers will face a 13.4% increase. anthem previously wanted rates to go up as high as 39% for some policyholders. the company with drew that request after public outrage drew government scrutiny. >> the markets get a boost after the labor defendant says few americans filed for first-time unemployment claims. jane king live with our "moneyscope" report. >> that's right dell out this morning sweetening its offer for three par as the bidding war heats up. now, dell upping its cash offer
6:47 am
to $24.30 per share. that's 30 cents more than what h. p. offered. three-par says it will accept that. let's see how the shares are trading on all three companies involved. three par down a little here today. now, also h. p. amorning announced it will acquire a database application automation company in denmark. cisco systems on the silicon valley index, trading up a little this morning. cisco announcing acquiring extend media, manages the entire life cycle of video content. terms of the deal were not disclosed. over to the economy. central focus on wall street today better than what economists had forecast. now still the number of americans filing first-time
6:48 am
jobless claims high by historical standards. but down 31,000 last week. that was a bigger drop than what we had expected. we were thinking maybe even 500,000. some were concerned about that. so that's causing a little relief on wall street so far this morning. dow, s & p and nasdaq all trading slightly higher so far today. lastly apple could be close to finding a solution for the i-phone antenna problems. a liquid metal product ten times stronger than titanium may help solve that i-phone issue. apple made a patented license agreement on august 10th. i'm jane king bloomberg news. >> all right, jane, thank you very much. it's 6:48 now. new numbers show whooping cough is spreading quickly around california. state health officials now say 200 additional case ises have been confirmed in just the past week bringing the total number of californians who have come
6:49 am
down with whooping cough. eight babies have died. >> starting today san jose firefighters will get a chance to vote on a pay package that might bring back some of their laid off coworkers. last month 49 firefighters turned in their gear after lots of back and forth between the city and the union. firefighters will now get to vote on whether they would accept a 9% compensation reduction and a retirement cost increase for them. even if it's approved there's no guarantee it will bring back the laid off workers. of course, firefighters in san jose very busy at the moment with two fires burning right now that we're keeping an eye on. >> they're house fires. the wildfire danger though is coming down a little bit because of the cooler temperatures. >> and the higher humidity. we'll take a look and show you the changes. there you go. you can't see the top of some of our tallest buildings in downtown san francisco as we look from the south from our studios here at front and vallejo street.
6:50 am
the temperatures you notice when you step outside are cooler this morning. some cases 10 to 20 degrees cooler with concord, antioch redwood city and mountain view in the low 60s the rest of us mid to upper 50s. monterey bay temperatures in the mid to upper 50s even inland to gilroy and salinas. it's a dramatic drop in our temperatures today. more clouds and even cooler weather. nice sleeping weather tonight. and our coolest highs this weekend. it's going to be a real fall flavor to the forecast especially saturday. let's take a look at the cloud cover. the sea breeze is back pushing into the south bay the north bay and making it into the east bay valleys by 8:00 and quickly retreating to the coast by noon. it will hang out there keeping you in the 50s, 60s, 70s around the bay. 80s in our inland valleys. no 90s and no 1 hundreds and no record high temperatures today. the extreme antioch, brentwood fairfield near 90. the rest of the east bay valleys mid to upper 80s. may get away without turning the
6:51 am
air on today. berkeley sea breeze keeps you -- becomes bay breeze keeps you mid to upper 60s. 79 fremont and castro valley. cupertino at 82. los gatos and saratoga around 86, 87 degrees. pleasant day on the peninsula. sunshine, low to mid-70s. warmer menlo park, upper 70s to low 80s. the coast upper 50s. downtown south san francisco afternoon sunshine and mid-60s. sausalito 68. san rafael vallejo and petaluma the mid to upper 70s. low to mid-80s the rest of the north bay valleys with your beaches cloudy mid to upper 50s. monterey 66. santa cruz 70 and low to mid-80s with sunshine from hollister up to morgan hill and gilroy. look sat tonight's temperatures. you can see low to mid-50s in the north bay. mid to upper 50s around the bay and 60 around concord and 62
6:52 am
antioch. more clouds tomorrow. they'll be stubborn. that will drop our temperatures away from the coast another 4 to 6 degrees. low water mark saturday with morning drizzle. low 70s to mid-70s inland. mid-60s around the bay. upper 60s the coast. warmer than average tuesday and wednesday of next week. megan. >> good morning. we're following two large structure fires burning in san jose right now. both of them visible from 280 near the 17 interchange. this live picture from sky 7 hd shows a three-alarm fire burning at del monte place and lynn oaks drive. another live camera shot of the other fire. this is a two-alarm fire burning at cyprus avenue. as i said both of these fires, the smoke is visible from 280 in san jose. let's go to maps and see how it's affecting traffic. that green means that speeds are traveling at the limit right now. so as of right now this is not causing major delays on 280 through the san jose area. if you're taking mass transit this morning we have a bart delay, a ten-minute delay
6:53 am
between sfo and the east bay. this is due to an earlier obstruction on the track. let's go outside for a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where metering lights are on. we have a backup now to about west grand overcrossing. 15 minute delay making your way through the tolls and heading into san francisco. for the latest traffic updates, go to our website just click on the traffic link. eric, kristen. >> megan thanks a lot. 6:53. >> seeing really big mops because they're cleaning up tomato juice and pulp after the annual food fight see f siesta. >> the village 25 miles north of valencia. the fruit was thrown during the one hour of food fighting. rumored to have started in 1945 when a group of young friends began throwing their lunch to each other one day near a vegetable stand on the town
6:54 am
square. >> 6:53. recapping our breaking news. firefighters battling two separate house fires in san jose right now. >> theresa garcia live at the scene at the largest blaze with the latest. theresa. >> they both those house fires started within a few minutes of each other about two miles apart. we are at the scene where it's the larger location. behind me there are crews still here working away because this is an active, dangerous scene. from sky 7 above you can see the home on del monte place 910 del monte place. it is a total loss they're telling me. and the two homes adjacent to it also burned and when the firefighters arrived they did get that under control. i came across the homeowner who lived there, one woman. she said she was out walking one of her three dogs. she felt an explosion. she went to her house not knowing what it was and when she went inside, she said it was too thick, that smoke to go in any further so her two other dogs inside she was not able to save and they did die there.
6:55 am
she lived in this home since it was built in 1960. she has no idea that went on but there is a ruptured gas line leaking so they're fixing that. pictures of the fire happening at rockdale 921 rockdale. that's just a couple miles away. what happened is the firefighters were on that fire first. it was a ten-minute delay getting anyone to this one because they have so many fire engine companies about five down here in san jose. we know they've had about 49 firefighters laid off. there was that delay. they say it definitely is related. it took ten minutes to get to the this fire. whether or not they could have saved this house still remains to be seen. again, this is an active scene with a ruptured gas line. we'll update you through the morning. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live at redwood shores where crews are still on the scene trying to fix a broken sewer pipe. it broke yesterday afternoon sending hundreds of gallons of
6:56 am
raw sewage into a lagoon san francisco bay, and into houses as well. take a look at some pictures from just a few moments ago. crews have been circulating trucks through here all morning long. what they're doing is they're collecting the raw sewage as it comes down this pipe which can no longer handle it themselves and hauling it away. they're hoping to make it possible for crews to repair the broken pipe. a 14-inch sewer pipe that ruptured about 3:00 yesterday afternoon. again that sewage went into the streets, people's homes and into redwood shores lagoon. the water's being tested. we hope to have results later this morning. as for homeowners, we have been told that raw sewage only got into the garage of the homes not into the living space. and there were no evacuations ordered. residents are told not to clean it up themselves, that there are going to be professional crews to clean it up. it's a toxic situation as you can imagine and they don't want people trying to do it themselves. right now they're would go working to get it fixed.
6:57 am
it's going to be a while. it's a serious and major rupture of this 14-inch sewer pipe. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thanks a lot. >> quick weather and traffic. >> 64 san francisco oakland 70. upper 70s through the rest of the bay to 82 san jose. rose 80 and mid to upper 80s in the east bay valleys with concord at 86. temperatures will be 10 to 15 degrees cooler by saturday. megan. >> thanks, mike. at the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights on, backup to west grand and mass transit bart delays ten-mine between sfo and east bay. >> megan thank you very much. thank you for your work this morning and thank you for joining us for the abc 7 morning news. >> that's a lot of thanks. and thank you, too! >> and you as well. (laughter) join us at 11:00.
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