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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  August 26, 2010 10:00am-10:30am PST

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theresa? >> what a busy day it really was out here. people wondering what's going on. you can see smoke from one end two miles away. there is another. as you were saying, yes, two dogs did die in the del monte place fire. they have found cages of birds and cats inside. they're still investigating what happened here but a gas line did rupture. that had the whole court evacuated. it's since reopened and the investigation continues here. >> across the street i heard this big boom. i thought what the heck. >> shirley was returning home with one of her dogs when she heard an explosion. she didn't see any fire until she went inside. >> then i noticed in the garage smoke seeping through. i thought uh-oh. then i thought i came outside. i couldn't use my phone. i went over to my neighbor's. >> i heard like banging on the door, ring the doorbell. answered. we called the fire department.
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>> everyone got out safely but shirley couldn't save two of her three dogs from the burning home. flames were spreading starting to singe the two adjacent houses and it took ten minutes for the firefighters to arrive. >> there's a firefighter at rockdale. fire companies had to move up to cover this area. >> i wonder why they were taking so long. >> four minutes before shirley's house fire, firefighters were called to one on rockdale drive two miles away. in that one the family also lost their home but not their lives because their pitbull smoky woke them up. to cover the second fire, emergency dispatchers had to send an engine from further way downtown. no one closer was available partly because budget cuts downsized the city by five engine companies and 49 firefighters. >> the sooner you can get to a fire the better in regards to how quickly the fire spreads and the damage that it can cause. >> but today two families and their neighbors just two miles
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apart still call it a lucky day. and at 80 years old, shirley told me she's learned one of the biggest lessons of her life, that material things are not what's important. she got out alive although she's devastated she lost two of her dogs. the fire department does tell me they try to respond within 8 minutes 80% of the time. obviously here it took ten minutes and things could suffer a bit with those cuts. >> you mentioned the layoffs of those 49 firefighters earlier this month. today san jose firefighters and union leaders are meeting to get more information in advance of their upcoming vote on a pay package that the city says will lead to the rehiring of all the recently laid off firefighters. the package includes a nearly 9% compensation cut and an increase in how much they pay into their pension. >> oakland police need your help in finding whoever gunned down a
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13-year-old star athlete who was about to start his freshman year next week. he was shot around 9:20 in the 6100 block of bancroft avenue. >> this killing has just shocked this neighborhood. as i mentioned jaman park was about to start high school on monday. he was going to go to skyline high. he and another teenager were walking here in this area in east oakland near 61st and bancroft just before 9:30 as you mentioned when he was killed. now, very few details are being released. police don't know the motive for the shooting and no arrests have been made. homicide investigators say it appears the gunman approached these two teens and began firing as they were walking along bancroft. the second teenas not injured. jaman was dead at the scene. it was unclear what he was doing last night but the high school is right around the corner.
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he has a twin bother. it's unclear whether it was his brother walking with him when they were shot. >> they did everything from track to basketball to street hockey. you name it, can i do this? they were asking can they do more things. to see something like this happen to a young man that was so energetic, you know, in other words so full of energy, it's heartbreaking. >> that was his p. e. coach we just heard from. you are looking at a photo of jaman that the school released. he was a track star and champion sprinter. of the relay team, one they recalled he recently beat teaches in a relay race. he was supposed to start high school on monday. it's the 6th homicide in this city over the past week alone. there's a $15,000 reward.
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anyone with details is asked to call the oakland police department. abc 7 news. >> thanks a lot, cecilia. meantimement oakland police union says crime has increased in the city since 80 officers are laid off. statistics released said assaults rose between 8% between july 18th and august 13th. vehicle thefts were also up during that time period. department officials and city council members say one month is not enough time to gauge what's happening. in june the oakland city council voted to lay off 80 police officers to cut $31 million from its budget deficit. water quality experts are busy testing water in san francisco bay after hundreds of gallons of raw sewage spilled from a broken sewer pipe in a peninsula community of redwood shores. abc 7's terry mcsweeney is live in the neighborhood where the sewage also got into some garages. terry? >> yeah. that raw sewage came to the surface right across the street from where i am. you can see the backhoe over
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there trying to make repairs to that pipe. some raw sewage went into the garages in the townhouses on the right, some into the lagoon on left. here we are on sky complicated process to go through which explains why 20 hours after the break that pipe still hasn't been fixed. crews have been out here all night and will stay out here until the broken pressurized sewer pipe, the one that forces raw sewage to the treatment plant, can be fixed. >> the pipe has basically kind of collapsed, the bottom of the pipe has collapsed. i don't know what the cause is for that. we're estimating it's probably about 8 feet of pipe that needs to be replaced. >> this man who did not want to talk on camera says he planned to move out of his townhouse rental tomorrow but wants to know who's liable for his items in the garage. apparently redwood city will foot the bill. >> we have a company that we work with that comes out and works with the residents to
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assess the damage. and they will oversee the cleanup. >> for the time being, trucks are collect being the sewage as it comes in and driving it to the waste treatment plant. some of the sewage found its way into the redwood shores lagoon which connects with the san francisco bay. several neighbors are very concerned what impact this spill might have in those locations. >> we have a lot of swans and rays and stuff. i worry about being affected. >> seals and jelly fish and stuff like that. not good for them. >> we asked folks how they feel about a raw sewage spill close to their homes. most seem to take it in stride. >> you don't like to see that happen but folks seem to be working on it pretty hard so -- >> the cause of this break is under investigation. first they want to figure out why it happened. officials for redwood city say they do expect some level of biocontamination in the lagoon next-door, at least there, maybe in the bay as well.
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we'll wait for those numbers to come in. live in redwood shores, terry mcsweeney. >> thanks very much. on the peninsula the second day of a two-day garbage strike means trash continues to pile up in thousands of homes and businesses. three00 delivered collectors walked off the job yesterday. that means little or no gadge is being collected in san carlos, san mateo, hillsborough and burlingame. it could take all weekend to catch up on the trash backlog. >> floor mats and sticky pedals. now toyota has an engine problem. >> the first new york city police seeing if the attack on
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a 21-year-old honor student is in custody in new york city for the violent attack on a cabdriver. he's charged with attempted murder and a hate crime. he asked the driver if he was a muslim. when he said yes, the police say that enright repeatedly shot him, said this is a checkpoint, i have to put you down. he said he does not understand the rage. he says he moved to new york because of its diversity.
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>> we are all together. i don't know what his -- why he did this. seemed to do this to me. >> new york's cab drivers union rallied around him just moments ago calling for tolerance and just met privately with mayor michael bloomberg. he's looking to ease muslim tensions by the planned islamic center near ground zero for the terrorist attacks september 11th. he recently returned from afghanistan where he filmed a documentary about front line troops for his senior thesis. he also volunteers with the church group dedicated to promoting peace and tolerance. but authorities say enright was extremely intoxicated when he was arrested and had a personal diary filled with anti-muslim comments. >> said he was joking when he said house speaker nancy pelosi might get sick and die before he decides whether to vote for her as lead are next year.
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bobby bright was speaking at an event wednesday night when he was asked about his decision to support pelosi as party leader after his 2008 election. in response, bright said pelosi could locals her re-election, decide against running for speaker again or get sick and die. he insists it was a joke and the remark drew laughter from the crowd but also field rumors of a growing divide within the party item a house committee is calling on the owners of two iowa companies involved in a massive egg recall to testify before congress next month. the two farms recalls more than 550 million eggs after they were linked to more that will a thousand cases of salmonella poisoning. dozens got sick here in the bay areas. the committee wants answers along with the food and drug and agriculture department. >> firefighters expect to have the filed fire burning near mount diablo fully contained today. the fire broke out late tuesday near curry canyon and morgan territory road and quickly grew
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to almost 400 acres. no buildings were burned. three firefighters suffered minor injuries. >> meteorologist mike nicco ahead with the forecast. >> starting to break up but i guess the damage has been done to the heat wave. it's over. good way to put it. show you where it's a little cloudy, temperatures 46. no more flight arrival into sfo. talk about how much colder it's going to get this weekend. >> mike, thanks. with our roller-coaster weather, first it was too cold, then it was too hot. new worries about the bay area wine grape crop. >> new documents may unlock mysteries surrounding a recent appearance sarah palin made. [ female announcer ] mission presents well-rounded family meals for $10.
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bay area finding they can't get a break this summer. we told you earlier this week about growers harvesting early because the damp summer caused mildew and mold to form. now with this sudden extreme sheath wave has scorched some
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vineyards leaving them with crop loss. it will be worse on vines just trimmed back to fight the mold. >> we're on a roller-coaster. went up, time to go back down. let's take a look at temperatures and why they're dropping so quickly today, especially compared to yesterday. emeryville back to alcatraz and maybe you can see the golden gate bridge way off in the distance and the fog. let's take a look at sfo this morning. the clouds are breaking. sunshine. but look just to the north and east. you can see some of the clouds still lurking along the peninsula. that's why it is still chilly along the coast and up to san francisco in the upper 50s. we have low 60s around oakland, low to mid-60ss north bay. mid to upper 60s throughout the bay and south bay and where the sunshine hit first, san jose to the east bay valleys. low to mid-70s. around the monterey bay you can
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see the clouds keeping you upper 50s. salinas 64. gilroy 70. check how much cooler now compared to 24 hours ago. fairfield and santa rosa 27 degrees cooler. concord 22. look at that, 18 fremont, sunnyvale, oakland, san jose, menlo park, 16 degrees cooler in san francisco 11 degrees cooler. the big story is the 24 hour temperature change. the high today in san francisco 64. ten degrees cooler than yesterday. concord, oakland, san jose and santa rosa with the star means they set a record high yesterday. san jose was the third day in a row. temperatures here 15 to 23 degrees cooler this afternoon. that's our first highlights. drama temperature drop today. comfortable sleeping weather tonight. coolest over the weekend. south bay hit the low 80s. cupertino, san jose 72. menlo park southward may hit
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upper 70 to 80. upper 50s along the coast, downtown south san francisco. sunshine, mid-60s. sausalito 68, 78 pet. low 80s the rest of the north bay valleys. richmond and berkeley under the breeze, mid to upper 60s there. inland east bay valleys, looking at temperatures in the mid-80s to near 90 antioch, brentwood and fairfield. low to mid-80s hollister, gilroy, morgan hill. the clouds will keep monterey at 66 and santa cruz 70. tonight here you go, 50s up in the north bay valleys. mid to upper 50s throughout the bay and south bay. maybe 60 concord and 62 antioch. much easier to sleep tonight than the last couple nights. the area of low pressure that brought the southerly surge yesterday to the coast and now all getting that free air conditioning. to the north jet stream's where it should be across the u.s./canadian border but coming from the gulf of alaska, that
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will drop temperatures 4 to 6 degrees away from the coast. another 6 to 10 degrees on saturday when the temperatures bottom in the mid to upper 50s along the coast. low to mid-60s along the bay and low to mid-70s inland. may be drizzle saturday morning. sunday 4 degrees warmer, nearly 10 degrees warmer monday and hot again but nothing like we just dealt with next week. >> mike, thank you. california state university is now under court order to release documents relating to sarah palin's appearance in june. the county superior court ruled the school must turn over details of the appearance contract which would include how much did the former gop vice presidential was paid and exactly where the money came from. an open government group called californians aware filed a lawsuit in april after the university refused to disclose the documents. >> we have another toyota recall to tell you about. the auto maker is now recalling more than a million corolla sedans and matrix hatchbacks
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because the engines may stall. the affected vehicles were sold in california from the 2005 to the 2008 model year. three accidents and one injury have been reported. federal regulators are investigating that problem since december. toyota has recalled more than 8 million vehicles worldwide this year over problems with accelerator pedals and floor mats. >> you have the chance to see the musical them.eis no
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you can see >> today on oprah at 4:00, celebrities return to fair first job. at 5:00, the no bare shoulders
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conservationists in monterey bay. the biggest car show in the west. the alameda county fair grounds. ♪ >> western ballet company of mountain view is holding scholarship auditions on saturday. dance could be a break-through. food, wine, huge auction. a benefit for the camper royal for children with life-threaten the illness sunday in livermore. >> the island. >> this is when i interviewed before the show aired. now the sixth and final season of the revolutionary show is on blu-ray and dvd. >> sunday. oprah: tv's big stars go back to their first jobs. miss paula deen is rolling in a different kind of dough. >> do you trust me with your money? oprarararararararararararararara
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