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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  August 26, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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crew members shouted for everyone to get out. the plane is still behind me. all 86 passengers and five crew members escaped safely but one harrowing afternoon foremost passengers. >> this sf very scary. >> 86 passengers on jet blue flight 226 had to escape by inflatable slides. the air bus made a hard landing upon arrival at sacramento international airport. >> all of a sudden they said get out, we had to jump out. and it was scary but we're okay. >> reports say there were issue was brakes. the plane blew two tires causing a fire. >> we got out, one of the wheels was on fire. it was on fire. >> reporter: one passenger says he felt like something was wrong back in long beach. the tires didn't feel right to him. >> we just started out and
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n.long beach. then, ready to go up into the air. i felt there was a flat tire. >> reporter: airport officials say there were 15 injuries and five were taken to the hospital. many told me it was from sliding down the emergency chute. >> because of the slide. falling down the slide and everything. >> not everyone was scared. >> we had to cut down the chute. it was exciting. i'm only 89. i think it's a thrill! >> and back here live at the runway, will be hours before this is removed. the national transportation safety board will be investigating this incident again, initial reports are that the plane had problems with brakes according to jet blue. live at sacramento international airport, nannit miranda, abc 7 news. another night of violence,
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sadly on the streets of oakland. a young teenager, a star athlete was killed. the 13-year-old was shot walking with his brother near 61 in east oakland last night. and is there solid leads from police? >> reporter: no leads, no suspects and no known motive why he was killed. it happened around 9:30 last fwhi. these unknowns right now, his family and friends are left with nothing but unanswered questions. this scrap of tape is the only visible sign that this was the place where he was murdered. now for young people in this east oakland labored, it's another corner, like others where they lost a friend. >> he was a cool kid. he didn't bang nothing. he went to school. >> reporter: he was a track star and a champion runner with an identical twin brother. >> he ran track in sports
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festival. beating the teachers. we don't do it. it was fast. >> reporter: he was killed just blocks from frick middle school, it's a school now mourning a loss of a life taken too young. >> to see this happen to a young man so energetic, you know? that was so full of energy is just... heart breaking. >> reporter: police don't know the motive for the killing. >> heard about six, seven sho.s i heard people screaming and making noise. >> reporter: his rumpkel said off camera a friend called jamon and needed help with his car. the shooter fired from behind. his brother was not injured but witnessed the whole thing. >> right now we have minimal information and do not have a motive for this crime. we're asking the public for help in this case. >> reporter: this tragedy struck the school just days before school starts next week.
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>> my friends, like, they're just crying -- dying left and right i just hope to god none of my other friends die. >> reporter: this group of students was on their way home from the funeral of another friend. a 15-year-old boy who accidentally shot himself. they happened to walk past the spot where their friend, jamon was killed. >> i just said it's hard times out here. i just got to watch over myself and pray to god that i can live another day, every day. >> and there is poignant words about the reality of the streets. jamon, it turns out was the sixth person to be killed here this week alone. and there is a $15,000 reward for information to an arrest in this case. abc 7 news. >> and thank you, and stay in the county another moment. the sheriff's department says a badly decomposed body off
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niles canyon road may be linked to a cold case investigation. investigators say they're not sure yet how long the body was there. >> and there is firefighters say three fires stretched them to the limit today. a plant was follow bid two destructive house fires. altogether, fires zwroid homes, killed two dogs, and caused minor injuries among residents and did more than $1 million in damage. one resident was unable to save her dogs from the burning home. >> and wondering why they're taken so long. >> reporter: in order to kump the fires emergency dispatchers had to send an engine from downtown. firefighters expressed concerns about budget cuts reducing the force by five engine companies. officials say response time would have been the same because fires happened so close together.
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>> we said before and saying now, this will cause losses of property, and possibly life. and... it wasn't a maybe. it was -- it will happen. it's started to happen. it's going to get worse and worse. >> firefighters are voting today and tomorrow on whether to take a nearly 9% cut pay skpf benefits. >> another fire broke out this afternoon in san jose county park. this video sent to us via you report powered by you tube by a viewer identified. the flames went to 50 acres before being brought under control. no one was injured and no buildings were threatened. crews are still there, working on it now. >> and on the peninsula, folks in redwood shores being told to stay away from a lagoon that is contaminated with raw sewage. a broken pipe spewed thousands of gallons into it as well as streets and garages.
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here is where the problem with s.with the type. -- pipe. abc 7 is there, there is a bit of a smelly mess there. >> well, cheryl, that smell doesn't give you an appetite, i can tell you that. and as you can see there is a lot of activity behind me. the ruptured pipe is in that excavation there what. they're doing now is prepping for repairs. they've got the parts you can see. there is a new replacement pipe, they've got to saw that down and put knit there. what you're seeing is beginning of the repair work. public works officials estimate the ruptured pipe flushed 5,000 gallons of raw sewage into the lagoon which winds through redwood shores. signs went up warning people not to go into the water. the lagoon was the main concern among residents we spoke with. >> we have a lot of swauns and rays and stuff. i worry about being affected by it. >> reporter: the 14 inch die yat meter pipe blew out around
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3:00 yesterday afternoon. the rupture buckled asphalt. the nasty untreated waste overflowed on to a nearby parking strip. crews worked throughout the night controlling the spill, but not before the sewage seeped into six garages. this resident didn't want to talk on camera but many of the possessions were in boxes because he's moving out this week. the neighboring garage was also filled with boxes. this owner just moved in days ago. the pipe is the biggest in a chain two of dozen so called list stations. since much of redwood sthors is below sea level, sewage needs to be pumped up through pressurized pipes, through lift stations and finally to a treatment plant. workers spent most of the day digging, trying to expose the pipe while sewage was being pumped into tanker trucks. by afternoon, the pipe was exposed. once replaced the new pipe will be tested.
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>> well, residents we spoke with say that they've not been inconvenienced by this repair work. as for the cause of the break, city officials don't know and that is why they're conducting tests. and by the way, again, you can see this pipe behind me. you'll have to cut it and put it back into the excavation. as for the cause, well, i'm sorry. they say this work will be completed sometime this evening. vic lee abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. and also on the peninsula, garbage is piling up in thousands of homes and businesses in san carlos, hillsborough and burlingame. 300 trash collectors of al yid waste walked off the job yesterday in support of a strike by a dozen landfill workers. the strike ends tomorrow but will take all weekend long to catch up on the backlog. >> bart officials voted to
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delay a fare increase until the middle of 2012. the board has been debating for months now about how to give riders a small financial break in this economy. the agency is expecting a combined budget surplus for this year and next of $8.8 million. next auto matic fare increase scheduled for january, but that is now postponed until the middle of the year in july 2012. >> and coming up, a government pin points a source of the nationwide egg salmonela outbreak. >> the story, and a stolen truck chase in oakland leaves suspects hung up with nowhere to run. >> i'm sandhya patel. draw maticly cooler today and we're not done with downward trend in temperatures. i'll have the weekend accu-weather forecast coming up. >> plus, one night only. abc 7's arts and entertainment reporter takes us behind the scenes of a hit musical "dream
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. here is a picture, take a look at how a high-speed chase ended in oakland. a truck was stolen. the truck hit a car at 20th street. three people in the car, innocent bystanders were injured. three in the stolen pick up were not but they're under arrest this evening. >> and fda says it found of source of salmonela that caused an egg recall, salmonela in chicken feed sold to two farms that distributed those eggs. tests say it's possibly not the only source. more than 550 million eggs from the farms were recalled this month after being linked to nearly 1500 cases of poisoning across the country. >> first it happened in a bay
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area apple store, now there is another report about a store that won't take your cash. >> what? also, more problems for people who own toyotas. michael finney is here. >> this toyota story is a switcher yoo. there is another toyota recall but not for sudden acceleration this, is for sufd stalling. the auto maker is recalling because engines may stall. we're looking at model years between 2005 and 2008. all sold in north america, three accidents and one injury reported so far. regulators have been investigating since december, toyota previously, you may remember recalled eight million vehicles over problems with accelerateor pedals and floor mats. camp grounds for labor day weekend are usually booked by this time of the year but this isn't your average year. so if you're in the mood for a vacation among strees there
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are still openings for rvs and tents all over california and nevada. california association of rv parks and camp grounds has 83 parks with vacancies. many offering activities for kids. locations from deserts to high sierra. and i posted a link where you can reserve a spot. go to our web site and once you get there, click on 7 on your side. >> you know some stores have a no credit card policy but this may be a first. a convenience store in fort wayne, indiana announced a no cash policy. the owner decided to make the switch after an armed robbery last week. there, a female was robbed at gun point then tied up and left in the bathroom. >> we decided to come up with a policy we'll take no cash, there will be no cash in the store. for anyone to rob. we'll take credit cards, debit cards, checks. and deal with it that way. >> kind of hard to argue. he says the new policy will be
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safer for everyone and estimates three quarters of the business is already cashless and he doesn't think this will hurt business. you may remember apple computer came under fire after reported the company had a no cash policy for selling ipads. and following our report, the policy was rice reese yinded by apple. >> and you think about those clerk autos sure. >> san francisco italian heritage parade going on as planned this year thanks to a big donation, bank of america presenting official was a $25,000 check today. and say if the bank had not come forward, the parade may not have happened. >> bank of america founded on bank of italy on columbus avenue. it's roots here in north beach. and in a very real sense, he
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left left north beach. >> and this makes it oldest italian american civic event in the country. taking place october 10 beingth, sunday before columbus day. a production of "dream girls" opened in san francisco. the show first launched at the apollo theater in new york. and there is a look tonight at the show and it's american idol star. it is a classic broadway musical back stage as a 60s girl group struggled to become pop stars. the trial, skplof deceit. >> everyone can relate to having a dream. and... the feeling of finding yourself and wanting to know, you know why am i here? what is the purpose? >> so dina, diana ross-like roll. she's been studying since
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she's a child, second runner up in season 7. >> it was a lot of pressure. it was very nerve wracking. i don't know how i got through it. >> but this was a learning experience, she says she found herself. she's working on an album, helping others involved with a gang prevention program and building homes for habitat for humanity you know what it feels like. you want to reach out to give back to someone when you have. so if i have, i want to help. >> this is a show with a lot of flash. high tech touches and glamour. >> they beefed up the wardrobe department. we're back stage. there are 465 costumes, 205 wigs. the costumes have been designed for quick change. >> with all of that it's still about how the show affects an audience.
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>> they're moved and motivated to do something good for their lives. that is really why i do this. >> an emotional classic. dream girls is here through september in the theater, abc 7 news. >> great music so oo and sandhya patel has a look at the accu-weather forecast. >> finally real break coming from the heat? >> music to your ears, right? we saw temperatures drop quite a bit. especially inland. i'm going to show those to you in just a moment. let's show you a live picture from santa cruz at the beach there is a nice, mild sunny afternoon. and interest there is some people there, at the beach. not a hot day, so comfortable weather. there is a live picture from emeryville camera looking across the bay. you can see marine layer is well established now 1400 feet deep. this is along with a stronger
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sea breeze has helped to bring our temperatures down today. and there is 90s in places like antioch. 50s near beaches. compared to 24 hours ago, down 21 degrees in fairfield. livermore 17 degrees cooler. there is 15-18 degrees cooler than yesterday. and coastal fog and drizzle, sunny in all areas tomorrow, cooler and breezy conditions for your saturday. and there is a satellite picture from this morning. there is fog around. there is expected this. it's been a gray day with cool conditions. inln areas enjoying sunshine but not as warm as what we saw yesterday. here is what is coming up. we have a cold air coming out
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of the gulf of alaska. this is going to combine with a system here, they're going to work it down towards the northern california area tomorrow morning we start out with drizzle across coastal areas and then, watch what happens taking you into after the foon. skies clear out. so everyone will enjoy sunshine tomorrow after the noon. warmer along the coast with the additional sunshine. also in the north bay there is a few degrees warmer, and there is a system coming down, we'll see drizzle into the morning. showers in northern california. and this sierra nevada will see a chance of showers saturday and sunday. and around 8500 meet and can't rule out the possibility of snow flurries. you heard right, snow flurries. there is a system holding together, and we'll watch it
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and bring you up to date tomorrow. low to upper 50s tonight. going to be a nice day in the south bay. and on the peninsula, early sun tomorrow morning coming up to 72 degrees. it's warmer at the coast. downtown san francisco, 65 degreeses in the north bay. looking at the east bay up to 70 in oakland. and inland areas low to mid-80s. around the bay, 64 degrees in monterey. so some of you up tomorrow, some of you down. low 60s to mid-80s with morning driz yismt and there is mid-70s in inland communities. temperatures do start to come up heading into next week. and there is nowhere near we were a few days ago.
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>> still ahead it's strictly business here. @ú@ú@ú@úgsatatpx
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bare shoulders out in the state assembly no matter how hot temperatures get in san francisco. the sargeant at arms began notifying women of this new policy requiring them to wear something over their shoulders in the chamber, it's unwritten policy but the point is for all guests to dress professionally as lawmakers do. appropriate attire for men there is a coat and tie. >> california state university stanislaus must now release -- release owe documents relating to sarah kbrainl aez visit in june, has to turn over details of the appearance contract including
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how much the former g.o.p. vice presidential candidate was paid and where that man came from. a group filed suit after csu refused to disclose documents. palin earns $100,000 typicicicic
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new tonight at 6:00 strange weather in wine country tonight growers filting moyer and mold facing extensive crop damage from the heat z she had health insurance one week, then two, weeks later, she didn't. showing us a loophole in the health care reform act that could impact young adults and a device helping veterans cope with an invisible wound of war. >> thank you very much. and well, there is a unique combination of sea business


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