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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  August 27, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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america this morning.a ♪ the bay area school district takes a stand against a controversial ballot proposal that would legalize marijuana. >> friends, family and complete strangers gather in oakland to remember a teen gunned down trying to help a friend. >> despite opposition from neighbors, the emeryville planning commission gives ikea the okay to build a giant warehouse a few blocks from its door. opponents say the battle is not over. >> we'll see thicker clouds and drizzle this weekend and cooler temperatures on the way. >> we have a major injury crash in palo alto right now. two left lanes are blocked on left bound 101. we'll have the details in a few minutes. >> 4:30 on this friday. thank you so much for ending
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your week with us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. topping our news, this morning a local school district hopes to start a trend by coming out against proposition 19. that's the ballot measure that would legalize marijuana for recreational use in california. theresa garcia is live at san mateo union high school district headquarters. they hope to have more school districts join them? >> they absolutely do. most people would think it is a natural for schools to take a stand against adult recreational use of marijuana but actually many schools have not gotten politically involved and now there is a change going on here. san mateo union high school district has voted unanimously to passry resolution that takes a stand against it and they are encouraging other districts statewide to join them and not be silent about it. san mateo union high school district board members met last night to discuss whether to form an official opinion about proposition 19. that's the ballot measure which
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aims to legalize adult use of marijuana. the heart of the discussion whether it would hurt students, staff and schools. people can start growing pot inside their homes which may be near a school. also unlike alcohol, there's no way to measure how high someone is at work. and anyone over 21 could legally have an ounce of pot in their possession. >> proposition 19 only prohibits adult consumption, not on school campuses. position 19 allows adults to have marijuana on our school campuses. >> that's right. really don't think this proposition in any way endangers school kids. >> founder of the san jose cannibis collectors believes pot should be handled responsibly and doesn't think adults should bring it on campus unless it's medicinal use. he think it would not affect the students. prop 19 has certain rules to
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written in to keep adult use separate from anyone under 18. what contra costa county is also now taking a stance saying they are going to look into the issue of passing a resolution that vocalizes their opinion. these are many large districts in the bay area. many others will probably jump on board if the schools finally decide to get involved and politicize on this and it could make a difference come the november ballot. live in san mateo, theresa garcia. >> it's 4:33. police in oakland say there's a reward of up to 15,000 for information to lead them to a teenager boy's killer. clark was gunned down wednesday on his way home from trying to help a friend. laura anthony has more on the effort to catch his killer and a vigil held to remember the victim last night. >> first there were just a few. then many more people gathered on oakland's bancroft avenue until the crowd spilled into the
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street. they came to pay their respects to 13-year-old javan clark gunned down here 24 hours earlier. many were classmates of javan at the middle school. >> why him? he was minding his business. >> i know him. >> i just heard gunfire. >> this woman told us she heard five or six gunshots and then the sound of footsteps running from where the boy's body lay on the sidewalk. >> people are just actually walking the streets shooting people. >> a star track athlete, javan was supposed to begin his freshman year next monday. on wednesday he would have turned 14. >> he was a cool kid. like he really didn't get nothing bad. he always got good grades and stuff like that. >> to see something like this happen, happen to a young man that was so energetic, you know,
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that was so full of energy. it's heartbreaking. >> hard times out here, that's all. just gotta watch over myself and pray to god that i can live another day. >> javan and his 15-year-old brother were walking home of a trip to a gas station. a relative said just before he was killed he received a call from an acquaintance asking to get help for a stalled car. >> we have minimum information. >> while police look for leads, javan's friends search for answer east whoever did this, they need to be found. >> laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> it's 4:35 now. a livermore soccer coach is in custody this morning charged with possessioning and distributing child pornography. police found dozens of lewd photos on his home computer. they've been investigating him for three months.
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he's held on $40,000 bail. none of the photos appear to be of local children but investigators are still examining the photos. >> a group of fires in san jose yesterday fueling the debate over recent firefighter cuts and the time it takes to respond to a blaze now. a house on del monte place was destroyed and pets inside were killed during the worst of the early morning fires yesterday. no one was hurtna blaze or in another that destroyed a home on rockdale drive. fire also damaged a construction company. there's debate whether it took crews too long to move between the fires. meanwhile we should learn later today about a firefighters union vote in san jose that could help restore some jobs. last month the city laid off 49 firefighters. their union is voting on whether to accept a 9% pay cut and changes in requirement. if it passes, city officials say all 49 firefighters will be rehired. >> for the first time in nearly two months, governor schwarzenegger called in capital leaders for a budget meeting. the governor met yesterday with
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democratic and republican leaders from the senate and assembly. the meeting lasted less than an hour. words to describe it included positive and no progress. the state is looking at issuing iou's because of an impasse what to do about a 19 $billion deficit. >> residents say they will appeal a planning commission's decision to allow swedish home furnishing giant ikea to open a warehouse from its existing store. last night the planning commission voted 4-3 to allow ikea to move forward with its plan. some don't want the store to expand into their neighborhood. they say the warehouse will cause more traffic in their neighborhood and pose a safe risk to cyclists and children. >> there's no way it's not going to drastically reduce our quality of life. >> we've always worked with the city. we've always acted in good faith with the city. >> the residents say the fight is not over, and they plan to appeal the decision to the city
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council. >> 4:37. stepped outside this morning, thought i must be in a whole different country compared to what it was like earlier in the week. >> the cooling finally got to your neighborhood. >> the cooling, the wind got to my neighborhood. mike, it's a totally different thing. >> some areas dropped 30 to 40 degrees between tuesday and yesterday. look at the comfort outside now. we're in the 40s in the north bay valleys, santa rosa, he novato. 56 san francisco. los gatos 67. the rest of us pretty much in the upper 50s. these temperatures compared to 24 hours ago, they're all cooler from one degree in concord and antioch, 2 oakland and fremont, san jose to 12 in santa rosa. this afternoon temperatures a lot like yesterday. maybe a little warmer at the coast because we'll see more sunshine. 61 half moon bay. mid to upper 60s for san francisco, richmond, san mateo and low to mid-70s through the bay into the south bay. mid-70s around san rafael to
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near 80 napa and santa rosa and we'll have low to mid-80s in the east bay valley. let's take a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast. the cooling continues. it will be breezy tomorrow. a little drizzle in the morning and temperatures drop about another 6 to 8 degrees. won't be quite as damp say sunday. temperatures still cooler than average. monday back to average and by tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next week temperatures 10 to 15 degrees warmer than over the weekend. let's turn it over to megan for your first look at traffic. >> we have an injury crash in palo alto. it's northbound 101 at the oregon expressway. two left lanes are blocked. there is an ambulance, fire crews and a tow truck on scene right now. it's early enough that we are seeing speeds still moving at the limit through that area so that's not causing any slowing yet. a sigalert through the watsonville area. northbound 101 closed between highway 156 and who will listster road. this is due to a crash involving
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an overturned big rig and detours are in place. eric, kristen. >> megan, thanks say lot. it's 4:39. >> the toxic problem that's closed a popular swimming spot. >> a dispute who will run the next maverick surf competition. >> how in the world did this mmmm. you don't love me anymore do you billy? what? i didn't buy this cereal to sweet talk your taste buds it's for my heart health. so i can't have any? if you can deprive me of what can help lower my cholesterol... and live with yourself. right. mmm, i worry about your mother. cry herself to sleep every night over my arteries, but have yourself a bowl. good speech dad. [ whimper ] [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and its whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy.
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two competing groups vying for the same permit to run the maverick surf competition might reach a compromise and merge. they have feuded about how the california coastal surf contest should be run. the san francisco examiner reports the two may have reached a compromise that could delay a september 1st decision by the county that was supposed to determine which group should control the competition. >> in south san jose, alma din lake will remain off limits for swimmers the rest of the summer season because of a toxic algae bloom. they closed the lake last month hoping to reopen it in two weeks after the bloom dissipated however it has not gone away. playgroundses are still open. >> two in custody after a high-speed chase in oakland that came to a dramatic end. they were in this pickup truck reported stolen. the driver took off when the officer tried to pull the vehicle over. police chased it until the truck hit a car at 20th street and 14th avenue. the truck ended up with the rear
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portion as you can see sticking up in the air. three people in the car were injured. the three in the stolen pickup were not hurt but were arrested at the scene. >> 4:44 now. still ahead on the abc 7 morning news, the bendy straw stipulation in the sarah palin status law. >> well, a thrill or you can call it a frightening experience. making the best of a plane emergency in sacramento. more than a dozen people were hurt. >> also the thousands of people finding work in the clouds. find out how you can land a stop-gap job in this tough economy. >> and trapped alive a half mile un since i've been doing roller derby for the last thr years, i'm more brash, more confident and i love this. can i use my hands? is that alright? i take good care of my body and i do it so i can do this. [ male announcer ] to keep doing what you love, keep yr heart healthy. cheerios can help. the whole grain oats
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denver's pretty hot, 97. atlanta 88 degrees. we'll take a look at airports, the major airports across the lower 48. nothing going on. no organized areas of severe weather expected but storms across the southeast could cause delays there. flight tracker, >> mike, thank you very much. it's 4:47 now. 15 passengers on board a jetblue flight are recovering from injuries they suffered during a hard landing at sacramento international airport. investigators say the plane experienced a problem with its brakes and blew two tires as it touched down on the runway. the tires briefly caught fire. the 86 passengers and five crew members on the airbus 8320 had to escape by the inflatable emergency slides. five people went to the hospital with moderate injuries. some passengers though took the incident in stride. >> we had to come down the chute. it was pretty exciting. i'm only 89, and i think it's a thrill. (laughter) >> the national transportation safety board is investigating.
4:48 am
one passenger says during takeoff in long beach, the tires just didn't feel right to him. >> power's back on to a thousand pg&e commerce after an underground volt fire. it happened just after 6:00 last night beneath 15th street. that's in downtown oakland. power was out to homes and businesses in the area for about two hours. there's no word what caused the fire. >> there's a reversal of the dreaded outsourcing trend taking place now in the bay area. a local company helping people find virtual work they can do from their home is finding most of its workers right here in the u.s. "moneyscope" reporter david louie shows you how. >> the recession has a lot of people pounding the pavement in search of jobs. one exception is paul guinness. after a series of jobs in the silicon valley after the past 20 years, he decided to freelance and he finds his jobs online. >> there's a whole menu of tasks that you can do.
4:49 am
any given task can be done in just a few minutes, maybe just a few seconds depending what it is. >> cloud crowd is where job seekers link up with companies with work to be done. it's an example how the cloud, the virtual work space on the internet, has become the new labor market. >> we're available to the stay at home mother, the retired professor, the precocious teenager. there's a lot of people that in any economy are really kind of locked out of tradition-like employment because they just can't fit it into their lives. >> cloud crowd has $35,000 workers registered, 80% in the u.s., the rest could be anywhere in the world. a high-tech nerve center tracks the work flow. >> the white dots represent people checking out tasks. that will take off. the work has been submitted and is now awaiting review. >> a peer review process sets it apart from other cloud job sites. it can run from a penny per task
4:50 am
such as validating links on a website to $10 for writing a video script. your paypal account is credited the next day for work. it's a way to make money during free time. she edits documents. >> and it is movie reviews. medical reports. an anesthesiologist. >> the next year or so can help determine if so-called cloud sourcing will be successful, whether companies see it as say long-term way to keep costs down and whether workers can make a viable living by doing what is essentially piecework. david louie, abc 7 "moneyscope." >> no way to outsource the weather forecast. gotta get it locally from this guy here. >> it's cool. he's cool. >> it is cool. >> yeah, reflect the weather. >> no, a heat wave? >> not thinking hot this week, thinking cool. >> okay. (laughter) 4:51 this morning.
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thank you, kristen, for that compliment. i appreciate that. a fun week of forecasting. i say thank you for the compliment, too, but he took it back, said i'm not hot. (laughter) we'll look at the clouds hangin' around. downtown san francisco all the way over towards the port of oakland. 48 santa rosa, the cool spot. 63 antioch, the warm spot. the rest of us mid to upper 50s with partly to mostly cloudy conditions. gilroy low to mid-50s. highlights, sunny today everywhere and slightly warmer at the coast. clouds and drizzle, they are in the forecast tonight and a breezy and cool weekend. much warmer and calmer next week. let's take a look at the east bay valleys. low to mid-80s today with sunshine. on the east bay shore, richmond and berkeley in the low 60s. the south bay, excuse me, mid to upper 70s. here cupertino, san jose 75. los gatos the warm spot as usual
4:52 am
about 80. millbrae, san mateo in the upper 60s. pacifica, half moon bay in the low 60s. redwood city, low to mid-70s. from sunset daly city to the bay side, downtown south san francisco, low to mid-60s for you. 67 sausalito. san rafael, vallejo and petaluma, mid to upper 70s and near 80 for novato, napa and santa rosa. santa cruz today, sunshine to 72. sunshine around monterey and 64. 69 watsonville, near 80 gilroy and morgan hill. around the state today you see the more cooling through the central valley with 84 at sacramento. mid-90s chico and fresno. breezy tahoe and 76. 82 today in los angeles with a few more clouds than yesterday. bring it back home for our temperatures tonight and sporadic cloud cover and drizzle that will develop. low to mid-50s north bay valleys. mid to upper 50s for the rest of us. that accu-weather seven-day forecast, still about 4 to 8 degrees cooler tomorrow with the
4:53 am
clouds being pretty stubborn in the morning, especially with that drizzle falling from time to time. it will continue to fall possibly along the coast into the early afternoon hours. a little drier sunday and a few degrees warmer. we jump in about 6 degrees warmer monday and about 4 to 6 degrees warmer by wednesday and thursday with temperatures a little above average then. here's megan with an update. >> good morning. we are off to a rough start on this friday morning commute. starting in palo alto, we have an injury crash northbound 101, oregon expressway. emergency crews are on the scene there and the two left lanes are blocked right now. it's early enough we're not seeing slowing yet along the peninsula. elsewhere a sigalert to be on the lookout for, also northbound 101 heading to the watsonville area. northbound 101 is completely closed between highway 156 and hollister road due to a big rig crash involving an overturned big rig. detours are in place there. for the latest traffic updates, go to our website, it's
4:54 am just click on the traffic link under abc 7 extras. kristen. >> megan, thank you so much. it's 4:53. csu has released its entire contract with sarah palin from her june speech. it's the result of a judge's order. this is the first time the entire nine-page document has been made public. in april some students found some five pages detailing palin's travel plans in a trash bin. they do match the released document which lays out palin's $75,000 speaking fee. the contract stimulates the vice presidential candidate be flown in for the speech either first class or a large private aircraft. part of the deal has her podium with two unopeneded water bottles. they have determined the source of the salmonella that determined the egg recall. fda officials say they found salmonella in chicken feed sold to the two iowa farms that distributed the eggs. tests show the contaminated feed
4:55 am
is the source of the outbreak but possibly not the only source. more than 550 million eggs from the farms were recalled this month after being linked to nearly 1500 cases of salmonella poisoning nationwide. former president jimmy carter is heading back to the u.s. this morning from north korea with the american teacher he went there to free. mr. carter's departure was festive. a little girl gave the former president some flowers and dignitaries smiled and waved as he boarded his plane. a north korean spokes woman said he agreed to grant amnesty to gomes of boston at carter's request. gomes had been jailed since january when he was arrested for illegally entering the country from china. he had been sentenced to eight years of hard labor. seeing video of 33 miners trapped underground in chile.
4:56 am
this miner says he's calm because he knows he'll be rescued. video released last night provides the best look yet at the conditions faced by the 33 men who have been trapped a half mile underground since the mine collapsed on august 5th. they gave a tour of where they eat, pray and brush their teeth. there was a bore hole for communications. another small hole was for food and a third provides ventilation. it still could take up to four months to rescue them. 4:56. a raw sewage spill made a mess of a peninsula neighborhood. just ahead on abc 7 news at 5:00, why it's taking longer than expected to clean up the stinky leak. >> i'm terry mcsweeney in oakland where police continue to investigate the murder of a 13-year-old boy. plenty of controversy. all in a live report. >> meg whitman's media barrage
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i care about youfiber too. i have for while. ok, carl. why don't you care about her fiber? hey carl. [ male announcer ] fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes. i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland where police are asking for your help in finding the person who killed a 13-year-old boy on the streets wednesday night. the story in a live report. >> what's brought to schools that may not be legal but now school districts politicizing against any usage as all, even if it's legal in the


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