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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  August 27, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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the warrants. as they did, suspects opened fire, and as a matter of fact, you can see casings from the shells on the streets. and the officer hit -- oakland police know that officer. in the city of fremont there is a a lot of concern about that officer. >> of course this is a shock. it's getting tough out there on the streets. there are a lot of shootings. it's -- a lot of wear and tear on us and officer autos he's a tough guy and a good cop. and all the help in the world. >> he seems to be doing fine, he's in serious condition but surgery is over. the suspect ran from the scene and tried to hijack this car. a man was driving it at 90th and mcarthur. the driver shattered the window. glass went flying. the driver was hurt and put a bullet into the passenger door. the driver man you'red into a store parking lot.
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the suspect then went after another car, he stole it and drove out of the neighborhood eluding lease. so he still is out there. let's show you once again. this picture. the 20-year-old is five seven, 240 pounds. he has a pat tath yoo on the back of his neck. dakoto at that time yooned on his neck. here is a look at the car we've showed you. the one he stole. it's a 1999 green mazda 626. and you've heard this before, of course, this man is obvious. it's armed and dangerous. you can see the car, call the oakland pd. it started here in this neighborhood. the just be aware, be on the lookout for him.
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>> thank you very much. and the officers family is with him now at oakland hospital. highland hospital. so are fremont police chief says the officer is in his late 30s, married and has children. they're not releasing his name yet. the officer worked in fremont for six or seven years before, that with the newest police -- newark police department. >> this is very unusual for freem yonlt. i've been chief there 19 years this, is the first officer shot since i've been chief. it's not an event we're accustomed to. >> there also a strong showing of officers from oakland, chief bass met with ron dellums outside of the hospital briefly telling us what he learned about the condition. >> his family is up there. he's in surgery thoichblt that is all we know. we have an outstanding suspect. the mission is to see if we can locate that suspect. >> the officer part of a task
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force working with the oakland. we're going to bring you developments in this breaking story. >> and in san jose firefighters rejected a proposal that would have allowed the city to rehire 49 laid off firefighters. vote asked union members if they'd consider make a 90% pay cut. firefighters voted 88% against the pay cut. union leaders say it was rejected because of a lack of guarantees for the firefighters in future contracts. >> i say we're going continue to get it back. and clearly the city doesn't. >> this is hard facts. he don't have enough money to keep firefighters we v costs are out of control. >> the city faces a $10 million deficit. the mayor tells axe bc 7 news temperatures need to share the burden. 1800 others have taken cuts to
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help balance the books. a retired presbyterian minister pledges to take her case to a higher level in the church. a six person panel censured the reverend jane spar by 4-2 today. spar conducted marriages while california permitted same-sex marriages before voters passed prop 8 in 2008. the church aloud ministers to bless same-sex union buzz not to quote, state, imply, or represent they're marriages. spar was accused of violating that policy. >> and i went to church not to vote on our lefs but because we're their children and grandchildren. they're them, they're us. we are the church. >> spar identifies herself as a lesbian, founding a church group nearly 20 years ago for gay presbyterian autos turning to business news now there.
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is a furious bidding war by two computer rivals to buy a small company though everybody else is talking about the recession. david louie joins us now to explain why the stakes are so high david? >> it's a big change happening the computing world. soon you won't be storing e mail, documents or movies or music on a hard drive. media is going to be residing in a massive storage facility. dell and hp both see writing on the wall. they realize they can make a lot of money providing that service. so they're both furiously going off a fremont company that can help make that happen. the bidding war is over 3 par. a company making servers and software to ayou lou large amounts of data to be stored and retrieved. dell thought it had a deal. hp offered more, turning a series of counter offers. the latest has ph paying $30 per share or close to $1.9
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billion. >> these two companies want it. they think it's valuable. they're willing to keep ratcheting it higher, they can afford do so without hurting their balance sheets. so they can continue to go ought ought. >> dell and hp are trying to expand into a fast-growing tech field called cloud computing. using the technology to create data centers to consolidate information so it's accessible anywhere, on any device. about $16.5 billion was sent on cloud computing last year, four years now, spending expected to more than triple. palo alto based vm ware is a major player, helping companies move to the cloud. this is corporate video of a data center. chief marketing officer rick jackson says the field sex ploding because of how people are using their computers and mobile devices. >> i use my phone to get my e mail. i use the phone to keep up with friends and family on
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face book. very information and applications that i access via my fochblt when i go home, i put the phone away, and i pull out my ipad. and very the same applications, same information all available to me because it's no longer stored on the devices. it's stored up in the cloud. >> dell and hp have tens of billins of dollars of cash on hand. >> with hp's $30 bid, next move will be up to dell, dell has right to counter anything offered by hp. it's going to be an interesting test of wills. in san jose, abc 7 money scope. >> no kidding, thank you very much. and some of the biggest names in silicon valley being sued tonight. microsoft co-founder filed suit against google, apple, yahoo, ebay, face book and net flix claiming they're
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violating patents held by a company he owns, claiming they're fundamental to e commerce and searching the internet. filing suit to protect his quote, investment. a san jose woman admitted her role in a mortgage fraud scheme the i team has been following. she pleaded not guilty today to one count of fire and mail fraud. she was an escrow officer indicted for hiding large sums of money. she admits conspiring with a suspected mastermind of the scream, james mcconville in custody. three others pleaded guilty in this case. >> and in sacramento, time is rung out. the pressure is really on now for a piece of legislation that would protect homeowners from foreclosure, some believe it is a critical step. and as abc 7's nannette miranda reports, critics say this is a mistake. >> this is like a no brainer, ban lender prz from
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foreclosing if boworrers under the process of applying for a loan modification arks louing homeowners to sue lenders if they took the property anyway. >> working overtime. they've got deep pockets. >> the lending industry is out making sure the bill gets killed. the center for responsible lending counted 20 lobbyist as plying pressure to lawmaker weerz trying to protect those foreclosures which can be avoided. >> the assembly is the final hurdle and lawmakers rejected it this way. they insist their no vote wasn't influenced by lobbyists. they didn't think the bill was needed since it prevents foreclo shurs. assembly woman diane heartford have former banker. >> if we don't allow the market to achieve a level where it's at the bottom, and we keep holding it up artificially, it's just going to pro long the pain. >> and pointing out more needs to be done.
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reality track found nearly one in 400 homes received a foreclosure filing last month. worse in california with one in 200 homes. from modesto, ground zero for the crisis is one in 102 homes. james power gonz through a loan modification wishd he wore protections offered in this bill during his eight-month application process. >> every day, this is all you worry b you know? using the house. >> time is running out. senator leno must bring the bill up before the legislative year ends, on tuesday. >> still ahead tonight, lessons of the levy. and the heavy system in our own backyard remains ripe for a major disaster. >> the spiralling affects and why unemployment could get worse before it gets better. >> you won't think four cents
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could get you into trouble. it can, and it did. that story is coming up on 7 on your side. >> i'm spencer christian. weather about to become more unaugust-like. clouds, wind and a chance of showers.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. today is the firgs anniversary of hurricane katrina and the massive destruction of new orleans from levy failures prompting concerns here in california about our own aging levy system. tonight we're in west sacramento. laura? >> hi, cheryl. after hurricane katrina lawmakers did take some action
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in the form of passing a comprehensive flood protection package. we won't see results of that for probably 20 years. in the meantime, the state's 100-year-old levies remain very fragile. >> we can have our own hurricane katrina here. >> uc davis geologist has sounded alarms for years. and this is about california's crumbling levies. despite wake up calls saying the system is vulnerable as ever. >> i think from a hurricane katrina style disaster, right behind is the city of sacramento that. remains number one worry for flood control in california. >> in 2006, governor schwartzeneggar declared a levy emergency vowing to pump $500 million into upgrading the system. since then, about 100 of the most critical sites have been approved. many more, untouched. >> folsom dam being upgraded. the levy is lax.
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we authorize, you, and i authorize bonds told. -- sold but folks can't get their act together to raise money to pay for the bonds. >> congressman says it's not just state officials who failed california. and also, federal. >> one of the problems here is where the corps of engineers? you don't touch these levies or do anything around these waters without the corps of engineers. they're simply absent. they're in afghanistan. a catastrophic failure could take many forms. >> the worst case for california is a major earthquake in the delta during summer. because what happens there is that you bring salt water in from san francisco bay, shutting off water project and central valley project. >> the supply for 25 million callins would be cutoff. and there is neighbor that's could be under as much as 2
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feet of water n west sacramento, these homes could flood up to the sacramento story. >> i feel that that is not going to happen here. >> barbara lived in this subdivision 10 years in the shad yof a huge levy. >> i feel secure that they're repairing levies that this is a firm and that there is a is a watchful eye on it. >> there is would cost about $20 billion to retore the levies to the condition they were in 50 years ago. >> thank you very much. and there is hundreds of hurricane katrina victims wound up in the bay area after the storm. many are still here. including 83-year-old new orleans native lor yetta anderson. and she still has relatives in new orleans.
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>> it's my number one priority. my children are still there. and of course i see them, they come to see me. so... that -- that is not the same. >> you can tell she misses home. president obama will travel to new orleans sunday to commemorate the disaster and reaffirm his commitment to the gulf coast. >> spencer is here with the accu-weather forecast. go ahead throughout the weekend. >> there is a cool down continuing despite appearance of lots of sun today. this is a live view now from emeryville looking west. we can see golden gate now. there is some spots along the coast. clouds did hold on told. it's cool. there is 59 degrees in san
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francisco. there is 60s in locations around the bay and pushing inland. and there is a antioch with a reading of 78 degrees and independence windy around the bay area. there is 22 miles per hour gusts in nef vatto concord, 26 miles per hour gusts, breezy to windy around the area. there is a image of clouds pulling away, and holding on along the county coastline. we did see good bit of sunshine today. not an area wide warm up. not going to see that and here comes our next cool weather is tim bringing cool air down, riding jet stream moving at us for the weekend. here is what is going to bring to us follow time line starting at 5:00 in the morning. clouds pushing through tomorrow. there is a chance of spotty showers tomorrow morning up into the north bay. clouds continuing to push through the bay area with some breaks tomorrow, intervals of
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clouds and sun. overnight into sunday morning, chance of more spots of precipitation developing. this is mainly into the east bay and south bay. most locations actually will not see any showers over the weekend. but there is a chance of spotty showers. and in the sierra, the system bringing some showers from tahoe down to jos sem ti valley higher elevations, 8500 feet there, could be snow showers. no need to carry chains tonight there is lows from upper 40s to low 50s so relatively cool night, lots of clouds around. tomorrow, high temperatures into south bay reaching into upper 60s to low 70s. so there is a cool day in the remainder of the bay area as well. and just mid-50s on the coast. near san francisco there is a range of upper 50s to about 50. there is very cool day.
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east bay, highs into 60s, low to mid-60s and upper 60s in freem yonlt. and near monterey bay, low 60s in carmel andmont rai. low 70s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. after a much-cooler than normal weekend for this time of the year, we start to warm up sunday, monday, rather, and tuesday, then, wednesday, thursday, friday of next week will be into, i guess the seasonal zone. >> high temperatures at the average level inland. low 90s thank you. >> coming up next, those pesky pot holes in pinole. a brand new roadway in need of repair. >> tonight we launch a new few turk you fix it. send us video. we'll help you get it fixed. 1i1w
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>> you've probably seen spots running on abc 7 asking you to send us videos of thing that's need to be fixed in your neighborhood. >> it's part of our collaboration with you tube. tonight, i team reporter dan noyes is wheer a story about unusual pot holes. >> here is the point. want to take an issue to get to the bottom of it? tonight pot holes are a problem expected on all streets.
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not on a brand new road. the city of pinole paid a contractor $250,000 to repave this stretch of seamus avenue. >> we're very happy. waits going to be beautiful. it was for about two, three days. >> but she says just days after the job was finished in november, these pot holes appeared at the intersection. >> everybody has to go. >> she took this video and e mailed it to us at abc 7 news. >> i guess antilocking brakes take affect. and then, you block. there. >> she says drivers are swerving into lanes to avoid pot holes. and creates a dangerous situation for children and others who cross to get to the swimming pool. >> i'm worried someone will be avoiding pot holes and not see a person crossing the street.
6:25 pm
>> she called public works to complain. she says nothing has been done. >> i'd like them to tell us what are the plans? and why is this taking so long? >> there the roadway began to unravel. >> he says the city filed a lawsuit against the contractor in this complaint, the city alleges the sex amus avenue project has defects expected to get worse. and this demands the contractor redo the job. >> and this is we're going get a brand new roadway. what we have not that. >> and one attorney tells us the contractor has not been served with a lawsuit. on the same day we started to ask questions, the council
6:26 pm
voted to pave another contract while the lawsuit move heads. construction scheduled to start in september saying sooner the better. >> i'd like to be as soon as possible. there is is going to get worse. >> if you have a problem on a government service that isn't working, up load it to our web site. and don't forget, include a phone number and e mail address. >> we can send information to you? >> yes. yes. >> and there is it is. >> shoot it. >> new at 6:30 tonight, vishis spiral facing u.s. economy. the jobs depend on growth, growth depend on jobs. so which will happen first? >> also an update on a big dig. a giantqáqáqáqáqáqáqáqáqáqáqáqát fiber one chewy bar. how'd you do that?
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the federal reserve says it's prepared to boost the fragile economy in it slips more. a report shows economy didn't grow as much as people hoped. the head of the fed says he will use unconventional measures if things get worse. and leanne is here to explain. >> gross domestic product numbers were out and of course they were not good. that is why he said there is extra am nation, if you will, seb saved up. the criticism is that he used tools in the past, here we are again with serious challenges. to measure the state of our economy we must look at the gross domestic product. it's everything produced by all people and all companies in the u.s.. that number rose by only 1.6%,
6:31 pm
everyone was expecting 2.4%. and not enough production means a slower recover rye they say if it's down for two, fwheer a recession. sure feels like it to millions of people that don't have jobs out there. that is the bottom line. >> here is a current unemployment cycle. fewer workers, u.s. then puts out fewer good g.s and services, down goes gdp. and also, money is not being spent by consumers then may lead to more unemployment. fed chairman says long term unemployment has phone toshl push the economy off the rails. if that happens, he'll step in with so called unconventional measures like buying more treasury bonds. >> fed pumps up the market for treasury bonds lowing your mortgage rate. >> the fed could reduce the
6:32 pm
amount it banks when they park money overnight at the central bank, forcing banks to find other places to keep their money, like lending to it businesses and to you. on the political front, house g.o.p. leader criticized democrats for trying to do way with soon to expire bush tax cuts for healthy. which, they claim could help stimulate the economy. >> worse things get, wagons get circled and continue to and nancy pelosi remind everyone mr. bush's poll says are partly to blame. >> an agenda took us to financial crisis and deep recession. >> so here is what the future may look like. next week there is unemployment numbers for august. i can tell you this, everyone
6:33 pm
is waiting for that. and he expects the economy to recover by at a modest pace. he says families have more in savings and two, they have lower credit debt, hopefully means they'll be in the mood to spend. >> and stock prices began to climb after a two and a half week slide, dow jones finished 164 points up today, nasdaq add 35. s and p 500 gained 17. and even intel stock went up. and this is down by $400 million. mexicoa airlines has gone belly up, suspending some flights and stopped selling tickets. today mexico transportation
6:34 pm
minister says mexicoa is halting all operations as of midnight tonight z toy story 3 now sold $1 billion in tickets around the world. making the walt disney studios only one in history to have $2 billion movies in one year. the other is "alice in wonderland". disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> take offs and landings are going to be smoother at san francisco international airport. officials celebrating completion of a runway improvement project. $14.5 million went into leveling and repaving two runways and two taxi ways. the money came from last year's economic recovery act. >> these are a good example of how recovery act funds have gone to keep key sections of the economy working smoothly. >> this is just the first of several projects financed by
6:35 pm
stimulus dollars at three airports, another $22 kblinl planned in coming months and years. >> in east bay kault y yi -- called yi cot tunnel project digging has now begun. and caltrans says soon, drilling will be going on nearly all day and all night. at the east port yalg, a massive drill is digging its way west. it's called a road qlaerd, built just for this job. >> this is brand new. state of the art. this is probably the largest in the united states. it's world class job here. you have to buy the best equipment. >> it can be operated from a cab or from a better view of the work outside with a ream yont yoet control, taking a day and a half to excavate
6:36 pm
first five feet. after that, portal walls and face had to be sprayed to stabilize the soil and rock. now, they're ton next section. >> we're going to be 1.4 meters. and put up what we call bracing. and then, we'll stock greet that. and they'll -- that will be day-to-day. >> it's been a training week for four men who will run the road header next week, working over two 10 hour shifts, monday through friday. there is every three hours, sharp tips are inspected and repraised if it's chiched. wednesday a manager was injured. the road header hit a steel do youel. >> there was a piece of steel supposed to be in there. it's flew off and hit someone in the leg. >> next month, a smaller road header starts digging at west portal. >> this is another road going about a third of the way. >> this drawing shows how west
6:37 pm
portal looks now and how it will look when finished. it's expected to be open to traffic three years from now. >> and there is two road headers supposed to meet after 260 days of drilling. >> the cost of the project is $420 million. >> 7 oner side is up next. with a bank dispute over four cents that makes no sense. >> michael fibby put his two cents in to solve this woman's problem. stay with us.
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does your bank charge you a fee with a woman goes below a minimum balance. >> and. >> you will after you see this story. there is a four cents can be enough to start an aftera launch she withdraw 100s skpdz closed the account.
6:41 pm
nine months later told she owed 44.96s oodz saying there was a four cent balance on the account when you took out $100. i said why didn't you tell me? why didn't you give me00s skpdz four cents? too zp that was an interest payment that elaine didn't know about. the bank never closed the account because that four cents was still there. instead, wells fargo began charging her fees. $44.96. elaine called the bank and said keep the four cents and close the account. >> shen, she said there is nothing more we can do for you. you will just have to contact the collection agent and make arrangement forsz payment. i said i'm not going to pay 44 over four cents. >> now, elaine worries credit could be worried. >> there is a over four cents.
6:42 pm
>> and and i finally said, i'm calling 7 on your side. >> reporter: she d we contacted wells farg yochl it took achblgts and reversed charges and promising it would not appear on a credit report. the bank believes there was opportunity to better serve miss pete there. is more to the story, we must respect the privacy of the customer. wells fargo makes a mistake, we strive to make it better, thank you 7 on your side for bringing this to our attention. >> i'm very grateful. grateful to channel 7 for this wonderful service. because they would be like everybody else, not knowing what to do. >> the lesson is it's not enough to just withdraw the remaining money in the account. make it clear to the bank you're closing the account. wells fargo tells us customers
6:43 pm
should not go teller but to the bank officer for each account closure that, way, they know what it is you're up to. >> that is great. thank you. >> sure. >> and coming up here next, the arts of flower power. >> what is that? we're going to bring you the buzz surrounding an artist and process to droiiiid.
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bay area is filled with talented aartists but some have more unusual techniques than others. one man whose work can only be described as natural, electric, and eclectic. >> there is a pro verb saying whoever infer loves and understands a garden will find contentment within. the practice requires effort. >> it's what i have to work with. >> work being the word. on this morning, robert has entered his yard with an eight by 10 frame seeking inspiration from a perfect plant. >> this is poison hemlock. >> so be it. because this is where his
6:47 pm
takes an turb turn. a few years ago, even vistas began to feel like dead ends. >> i can see that my future would look like my past if i continued to practice black and white landscape work. >> now, he confines work to plants. you might notice he entered red light of the dark room, he's yet to use a traditional camera and never will. he lays the plant on a piece of photo paper, hooks it up to a charge, zapping witness 40,000 volts. >> when it does so, the air is giving off light in the form of an energy field. >> the results unique. it caught his wife, jauly off guard. >> were you surprised?. >> yes. >> my wife as a saint for 11 months and 28 day autos i didn't know what he was talking about for a very long
6:48 pm
time. >> she sat me down and said that i needed to get focused on what i was going to accomplish and get on witness. >> when people say robert's work generates a buzz, the photographs are like ink blots. and by now, robert heard a few of them. >> there is old man in the clouds, noem in the knees -- trees. face of god. >> do you buy into that? >> everybody i have to say is bounded by the four sides miff presents. >> that is not an answer. >> no. it's not. >> and i think that art that is powerful poses more questions than it answers. >> in robert's case this answers a question what do you do when you're tire of
6:49 pm
shooting landscapes? you make a pretty good living by shooting them in the macro. they sell around the world. >> it's great work if you can find it. >> inspiration is outside of his door. >> i have a big yard. >> from montera, abc 7 news. >> nas fas nating. >> the prints sell for up to so,000s skpdz on display at the wine bar at princeton by the sea. we have a link to our web site under see it on tv. >> those are extraordinary. >> do you know what? the weekend is here. >> it is. let's celebrate, already. the winter like weather system coming our way. there is a live view of some shower activity off the north coast. and there is some showers may move through here. and will be spotty.
6:50 pm
and there is the accu-weather forecast. cool, breezy going into the weekend. lots of clouds. and there is clearing up, warming up with highs by next week into low 90s. >> interesting. >> very cool. >> thank you. >> okay. >> thank you. >> and he tore up the courts yesterday whach a difference a day make autos find out what happened to tiger woods at theee
6:51 pm
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hope you can join me tonight at 9:00. coming up, a look at five fastest growing occupations in the united states. not one of them will make you rich. then, baby bust. how recession is bringing fewer bundles of joy these days. >> and there is -- talk about sports? >> football. yes. >> and there is two local teams coming up tomorrow night. should be interesting. we're going to see starters on both sides of the football going to see limited action. there is still plenty to look for. 49er fans, you can get a look at wide receiver michael crabtree, and running backs
6:54 pm
frank gore and brian westbrook. as for raiders both darren mcfadden and bruce gradcowski will play, and there is just an exhibition, they do care who wins. >> we see them all the time in preseason. you know? but the fact they're going to get them again, you want to put out a good effort the first time you see them just out there. and understand it gooding to be a big game. >> whoever wins this game, it's going to be up for raiders schbl you want to go out and play well. and this is coming a few weeks later. >> seven weeks. drive for show, and how true sismt right? tiger woods among the leaders in driving accuracy but put skbrer triggor happy photographer have him frustrated. >> not in my play, come on,
6:55 pm
guys! >> yeah. until a photog snapped, he was two under. and on five misses, he was four over the final eight holes for a two over 736789 now four shots off the lead. and there is an approach. finishing minis six. there is a birdie putt on five. he trails leader jason day by a stroke. and there is a second round, of 67. let's go to chambers bay. there is a quarter enfinals u.s. amateur. there is and has to be frustrating. and this is just too good. there is a defending set and
6:56 pm
there is chung with one up on 18. and birdies or buries the birdie putt. and eight and a half back of texas with 36 games to go. and there is rangers team mascot cruising around. is that legal? can he or she see? brett anderson first inning david murphy opposite field finds a gap in left center. there is a following inning. never down to third base line. anderson allowing four runs in two innings. and there is josh hamilton, so much for the come back quest mentioned. there is 7-0 rangers. they're the most three feared words, tommy john surgery.
6:57 pm
and steven strosburg needs it, injured saturday on that pitch. kun for the rest of the season. could be side lined for all of 2011. and there is one of the three things will happen. dodgers will let manny go, dodgers can decide to keep him, or two teams can complete a trade. deadline is tuesday. stay tuned. and thank you. >> that is what happens at this edition of abc 7 news. thanks for watching tonight. >> have a great evening. from all of us, see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. for constipation relief... nothing works better than miralax. it's the one. the one recommended by more doctors. only miralax is clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects.
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