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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  August 28, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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after authorities confirmed andrew barrientos' arrest. they started searching this district this morning. members of the s.w.a.t. team left the duplex a short time ago. police, the s.w.a.t. team and several other agencies blocked off eighth street and a number of other streets in the neighborhood. the suspect used to live just a few blocks away and is a known member of the decota gang. teams searched and questioned residents. this woman says she knows the suspect and is shocked by what happened. >> i know the family. i really did. the family -- comes from a very, very nice family, this young boy. i've known him since he was a little boy. i know the family. it's really sad to hear this happened. >> reporter: barrientos stole a green mazda yesterday after the
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shooting. that car was found today across from tennyson park in hayward. police are gathering evidence from it. as for the officer, he is in critical but stable condition at highland hospital. he was shot in the groin area yesterday while serving a search warrant. police tracked barrientos through his cell phone signal. when the chp stopped him, he was armed and had another person in the car with him. both men war -- were arrest evidence without incident. >> dan: prison guards fired on inmates to put down a large riot that broke out at folsom state prison last night. it was brought under control after a half hour. no injuries are considered to be life-threatening. >> we fired three glass disspeakers grenades, and 20,
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40-millimeter lethal force rounds. >> dan: it's unclear exactly how the riot started. a dead body was discovered in oakland near the corner of 89th and g street, half mile from the coliseum. early reports are the victim was a woman. police are still investigating how the body got there and who may be responsible for the death. >> today, governor schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency in a thousand can acre grass fire in yiewb ya -- yuba county. is broke out yesterday afternoon in the tahoe national forests. about 30 homes have been evacuated. so far none has been destroyed. >> simple concept. you remove the fuel, cool the fire with water, or you smother it, remove the oxygen, and what we do here is we take the fuel away from being burned. >> dan: the governor's state of emergency clears the way for personnel and equipment from
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around the state to be deployed. two muni buss collided in chinatown. the driver says the problem started when he went to investigate a malfunctioning wheelchair platform. the bus rolled 100 feet down the hill and crashed into a second but. we want to show you a photograph of the accident we found today on twitter. two passengers on the bus that lost control were slightly hurt. a fremont-based 3par corporation has accepted a $2 million takeover bid from hewlett hewlett pack hewlett-packard. in a bidding war with dell. they're interested in 3 par's growing cloud computing business. users can use the internet instead of local hard drives. allied waste believes it has picked up all the garbage piled up on the peninsula during a
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strike by employ years near half moon bay. the workers returned to the job yesterday. allied waste serves 36,000 homes and businesses in redwood city, men low park, and the unincorporated parts of san mateo county. iraq on high alert with concerns about terror attacks. >> at a candidate for this office, i pledged i would end this war. as president, that's what i'm doing. >> the president talks about getting out of iraq in his weekly youtube address. then this. >> we, as individuals, must be good so america can be great. >> dan: the glen beck rally in washington. more church picnic than rally. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. after a cool and windy
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> dan: tens of thousands of people rallied on the national mall in washington, dc, calling for a religious rebirth for
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america. it was organized by glen beck. the timing of the even has drawn fire. >> reporter: it was all glen beck's dream. >> america! >> reporter: conservative activist from around the country, rallying for the restoration of america. they gathered at the same spot with dr. king king -- dr. king king delivered his speech. today, not a call for civil right's, rather, call for renewal of faith there was prayer. >> there was you, lord god, that was declared as the one who created all equal. >> singing. ♪ >> and other speakers. >> stand together, let's stand with honor and let's restore america. >> but the day belonged to the organizer, conservative commentator glen beck, who said the nation has wandered in the darkness. >> we must be better than what we have allowed ourselves to
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become. >> that drew sharp trit criticism for civil rights leaders for holding the rally on this date. >> beck said it was a coincidence. al sharpton and civil right leaders said beck had a right to have a rally, not r just not a right to distort the message. >> sharpton and others held their own rally. >> we the children of dreamers that took the most powerful country in the world and never fired one shot but turned the social order upside-down. you don't know who you messing with. >> there were only minor clashes. the day was peaceful. the best we to honor dr. king's message. >> dan: former oakland a's manager and danville resident, tony larussa, also spoke during glen beck's rally. he sprinted albert pujols with an award for his charity work.
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>> what separates albert is his total commitment to his life in and out of baseball. his commitment to his family. deidre and their kids. his commitment to his faith, and also his tireless in and out of season commitment to community. >> dan: the cardinals are in d.c. this weekend to play the nationals. iraq's prime minister has put his country on its highest possible alert for terrorist attacks. it follows intelligence that suicide bombers have entered the country and plan to strike several tarrings over the next few days. already this week more than 50 people have been killed in a series of shootings and bombings across iraq. the attacks coincide with the united states pulling its forces out of the country. president obama used his saturday to highlight the fact
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that all u.s. combat troops have recently been culled out of iraq. >> but the bottom line is this. the war is ending. like any sovereign independent nation, iraq is free to chart its own course. >> dan: the troop withdrawal fulfills a campaign promise made be the president. president obama is planning a major speech on iraq on tuesday night, and we will carry that live right here on abc-7. tune in for a special report starting at 5:00 on tuesday. coming up, how america will mark the fifth anniversary of katrina. it looked a lot like fall. leigh glaser tells us what to expect for the weekend. >> mike: the 49ers got reinforcement, and we had a cal
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stanford matchup at the u.s. amateurs.
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>> dan: president obama heads to new orleans tomorrow to mark the fifth anniversary of hurricane katrina. >> reporter: a funeral for katrina. inside the coffin, notes, cards and letters written by victims of the hurricane, pouring out their memories, anger, grieve, and frustrations, five years after the monster storm devastated new orleans and the surrounding gulf coast. >> but the haunting images, human suffering remain with us. >> never been through like nothing like this in any life. [chanting] >> it's anarchy. it's crazy. i've never seen anything like it. >> over 1600 people died. the lives of those who survived, changed forever. >> just human destruction. not physical. it's human. it's their souls are gone.
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>> reporter: but years of hard work and tens of billions of dollars later. >> things are much better than they were five yours ago. we really have focused on rebuilding and restoring, and now we're moving on to the next chapter. >> reporter: the healing continues. >> rate going -- it's going to require the attention for this country for a long time. >> president obama expected to re-affirm that promise on a visit on sunday, reassuring a region whose economy and way of life are under attack again after the b.p. oil spill. abc news. new orleans. >> dan: the largest airline in mexico is grounded tonight because of financial problems. mexicana suspended operations effective today. passengers rushed to catch flights before the last flight left around noon. passengers are being districted to their web site. the airline was in a state of technical bankruptcy last week. mexicana recently underwent an
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joanership change. public health workers in alameda county hope their efforts will save the lives of babies. they offered free whopping cough vaccine. many folks seem unaware it has reached end dem nick levels. >> not as much as for h1n1, because with h1n1 it was a national problem, and there was just a whole lot of press. and the more press and the more billboards, we get more people. >> dan: the state provides whopping cough shots to all mothers of new bores free of charge. doctors point out that anyone who comes in contact with infants should receive the shot. >> leigh is back now with the forecast. >> leigh: it was a windy day, almost felt fall-like out there. a lot of cool temperatures. we're going to warm up. beginning tomorrow, and really next week looks pretty good. here's a live shot from the high
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definition east bay cam looking best, the bay bridge and you can see the cloud gathering near the coast. that's will funnel interest the bay overnight. temperature right now, 69 in antioch, and fairfield, napa, 66. 61 in san francisco. oakland, 67. and san have say right now, sunshine, 68 degrees. showing you the wind as well. they are starting to come down. you can get a sense that it was just a very windy day. northwest at 16. san jose. gusts to 23 at hayward. gusts to 20 in oakland. those are down 15 miles-per-hour from an hour ago. novato, down to 17 miles-per-hour, and fairfield, 43 miles-per-hour. and as we head through the course of the evening, the system passes through the north and will ease a bit, and that's when i'm looking for the winds to come down. so cool temperatures overnight, breezy conditions, warmer day for sunday, and then the warmup
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even more so the first part of next week. you can see the clearing overnight. but we still have clouds off the coast, and those will move inland tonight. in the north bay, cool. mid-and up 40ers. 53 for san francisco. livermore valley as well, overnight temperatures in the low 50s. this is the area of low pressure, and a pretty strong cold front this time of year passing to the north of us, clock wii wind direction around the low as we help to funnel in some very gusty winds today. but this low is actually produced a little rainfall north of the bay area. you can definitely see redding, a little of the wrap-around moisture, around lake tahoe, they're expecting at the extreme higher elevations, maybe a light dusting of snow tonight. and temperatures will be cold. 73 expected high for san jose tomorrow. 57 for pacifica.
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a little more sunshine for you. san francisco, 64 degrees tomorrow afternoon. and sun and clouds. north bay, santa rosa, 74. 72 for napa. east bay, oakland, 68. 72 for fremont. inland locations, concord, 74. and 76 tomorrow for gilroy. the seven-day forecast, things start to warm up mid-week, back into the low 90s inland. 80s around the bay. and even some mid-60s at the coast. so, cool today and then gradually warm up. >> dan: shu hires now with sports. >> mike: the 49ers got reinforcement as abray you -- abrayow franklin ended his hold out. he is no dummy, when you play nose tackle, there's no relief on any given play. but he is happy to be back and says he is in great shape. >> like i said, i did some
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things in the offseason this year that weren't able to do -- to allow me to do because i had to come back to training. the individual time, boxing and other things, it's going to benefit me a lot. >> mike: baseball. a's and rangers in progress. highlights courtesy comcast, and barton goes deep. it's 3-0. and the score as we speak, a's lead 4-0. and we will have highlights tonight at 11:00. let's tee it up. pga playoffs at the barclays. a lot out stake. round 3 at the ridgewood country club in new jersey. tiger got off to a brutal start. tee shot an 1. 50 yards offline. into a parking lot. he would triple bogey the hole. but he rallies on the back nine with three birdies, including here on 18.
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a 1-over 72. 112th in the standings. top 100 advance. jason day had the lead on 10. long birdie putt. minus-9. dustin johnson bouncing back after last week's heartbreak. 7-under 64. also at 9-under par. or your leader, martin laird. par-3 10th. check out the shot. to within a few feet. laird cards a 65 today. 12-under. have a three-stroke lead entering sunday's final round. semifinals of the u.s. amateur championship in chambers bay in washington. an defending champion with 600 -- 6ure. he was 3-up through 6. chung charges back. check out the flop shot.
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risky but pays off. heals the hole. on 16. chung for birdie. trains it to go 1-up. first lead of the day. an would answer on 17. par putt. gusty. gets the match back to all square. an runs into trouble and chung did not. this long putt for birdie. doesn't make it but gets it close enough to win the hole with a par. david chung takes the match 1-up and plays in the finals tomorrow. >> he started off 6 under through 6. i felt like i was in a similar situation, trying stay patient. >> mike: lpga tour, canadian women reside open. michelle wie with the lead. her tee shot. had a hole-in-one in this tournament. almost had another. on 4 , wie with the short putt for bird. no problem. shoots an even par 7 2.
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tied for first with shin. looking for her served lpga title. a little hoops for you. world championships, team u.s.a. and croatia. united states looking to end a 16 world championship drought -- 16-year, that is. america couldy a big second quarter to pull away. out outscores proacha. curry, pretty turn-round in the fourth, the filthy crossover. 98-66 u.s.a. coach k liking it. moments later, curry again. americans roll, 106-78. they play slow slow same ya -- slovenia tomorrow night. the 49er game is at 9:00. a tape delay because it did not sell out. >> dan: both teams are showing
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promise. >> mike: no question. don't be surprised if they both make the playoffs. >> dan: really! a suspect is under arrest in the shooting of a fremont police officer. we will recap our top stories up next.
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>> dan: as we told you earlier, police have arrested the suspect in the shooting of a fremont police officer. andrew barrientos was captured by the mexican border this afternoon. the police tracked barrientos through his cell phone signal
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has he drove south. when stopped, he was armed and had another person in the car. the injured officer was identified as 39-year-old todd young. he is in critical but stable condition tonight in an oakland hospital. that does it for this edition of abc-7 news. thanks for joining us. see you tonight at 11:00. captioned by closed captioning services inc. 1i1i1i1i1i1i1i1i1i1i1i1iñwñwñwññ
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