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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  August 29, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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>> carolyn: good even. people across the bay area are stepping up to help a fremont police officer who was shot. he underwent a second round of surgery this afternoon. we're live with an update. >> reporter: carolyn, the officer remains in critical but stable condition here. he is still in the intensive care unit. he underwent a second round of surgery today. as that was going on, not far away there, was an outpouring of support from people from around the bay area who were lookingino
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do anything they could to help. >> one of our family has been injured, and we're doing everything we can. >> he wanted to go to the hospital to be by his friend0s side, but he came to the blood bank instead. >> i feel the need to do something, and just can't take any visitors, so this is something i can do with him in his name, and if the blood doesn't go to him, it will go to somebody else. >> reporter: many others had the same idea, and at times the wait lasted two hours. this blood bank in pleasant hill is the only red cross location open on sundays. the outpouring of support here lasted all day and came from those who know every todd young and many who don't know. >> he was a fellow officer and needs blood. >> the easiest thing i can do. >> she never met officer young, but the shooting brought back memories of the day last year when four of her own were shot and killed in the loin of duty.
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she was on duty friday when young was shot. she rushed to the scene. >> trying to get the officer to the hospital, get him taken care of. >> after a massive 24-hour manhunt, police arrested andrew barrientos near the mexican border. lupe works with officer young. >> part of their work. they good out and get calls for one thing or another, and just don't know how the day is going to go. >> young remains in critical condition. as he faces more surgeries, the need for blood and donors remains, too. >> the red cross issued a critical appeal to the public, and we haven't had this kind of turnout.
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its unfortunate it takes home the need for blood. >> that call for doughs for remains in place as young is a expected to need even more surgeries throughout the coming weeks. he was shot twice in the pelvic area. he is 389 years -- 39 years old, the father of three, veteran bay area officer, and his wife has been by his bedside ever since he was shot on friday. abc-7 news. >> carolyn: have much more information on where you can donate blood. go to our web site, and fine that under "see it on tv". >> a shootout on san francisco's bay view district between police and gunmen. undercover officers responded to a public housing complex after receiving a report of a suspicious person with a gun. a group of three or four men started firing when they arrived. no officers were hurt, neither were the gunmen who got away. a woman jumped to her death
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after her highrise apartment caught fire today in san francisco. he body was found this morning along ofarrell street. a second person in the unit that caught fire was taken to the hospital with burns. he is expected to survive. crews put out the fire before it spread to any other units. a san jose firefighter discovered an indoor marijuana operation at a home that caught fire today. the fire was reported just after dawn along plains view court. investigators belief it was sparked by faulty wiring that had been rigged to help the marijuana growers avoid detection. firefighters have discovered marijuana farms in three other homes that have caught fire. police in the east bay are asking for help looking for a man missing with alzheimer's disease. he was last seen at the diablo country club yesterday. he was driving a white infinity suv with license late number
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4mzp80. he could be wearing a black leather jacket. a group of san francisco tourists received quite a scare when their bus collided with a car in the north beach neighborhood. >> we were wait can to cross so obviously the bus run passed, and then a massive bang, and suddenly the massive crash happened. >> carolyn: at least one passenger was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the cause of the crash is under investigation, but witnesses say day saw the car run a red light before it slammed into the bus. today marks five years since hurricane katrina tore through the gulf coast, killing 1600 people and devastating new orleans and beyond. in memory of the tragedy, residents focused on healing and a visit from the president. >> reporter: residents of new orleans still hurt lower ninth
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ward, marched in remembrance of the fifth anniversary of hurricane katrina. >> it's been five years. a slow, slow process. anything we have to do is create and leave this the hands of god. it's we have to do. >> reporter: new orleans may be on the road to recovery but some residents feel left out. president obama said he will stand with new orleans as work continues to make the city whole. >> i wanted to come here and tell the people of this city directly, my administration is going stand with you and fight alongside you until the job is done. >> reporter: the aftermath of katrina overwhelmed the federal government are which struggled to send help. the corpses on the streets, evac wees on rooftops, enranged americans. five years later, much has been restored. the city is one of the fastest growing in the u.s. still, some want the rebuilding
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accelerated. >> i'm definitely not held. >> the federal government didn't stay and do everything they could. the federal government made it very, very difficult. >> president obama hopes a social investment in healthcare and education in new orleans can heal the wounds. >> together we are helping to make new orleans a place that stands for what we can do in america. not just for what we can't do. >> reporter: a project should be finished to reinforce the levee system, so something like katrina krohn never happens again. care care here in san francisco, new orleans native screened her documentary about the aftermath of hurricane katrina tonighted a glide memorial church. in the movie, the man returns to new orleans to document the lasting impacts the disaster had on her family. >> you see what has been happening through the eyes of my family, and i guess what i would like to take from it is that
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human beings have been faked. not just numbers. >> carolyn: the film includes moments with al sharp tone and then senator barack obama. >> still to come, five people are murdered near the california border. plus, the search to find a california couple who mysteriously vanished. the obama administration promises new help for americans fighting to stay in their homes. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. some sunshine for sunday. temperatures up a few degrees. get ready for a nice, slight
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>> carolyn: five people were shot to death in a home invasion along the arizona, border. a gunman shot six adults inside, killing five of them. he then fled back to california. brian diaz was found this morning. he had shot himself. his children, four-year-old and a 13-month-old are both safe. their mother was among the shooting victims. investigators in southern california are trying to solve a mystery surrounding a couple married nearly 40 years. first, the wife disappeared. and after being questioned by police, the husband has vanished as well. we have this story from rancho santa margarita. >> investigators handed out fliers and questioned neighbors. desperately trying to solve a disturbing mystery. 61-year-old marcy ya forceberg, a retired writer and cancer
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survivor, disappeared in february of her husband of nearly 40 years, richard, college administrator, told neighbors she had gone away. >> they would give us a date when she was supposed to get back, and that date would come and she wasn't back. then we would ask then. then after a while he then said they were having marital problems and they were on a trial separation. >> we heard that she had gone to see some friends in arizona. so we didn't think anything of it. >> reporter: when weeks of calls and e-mails went unreturned, those friends wrote letters to neighbor, asking if anyone had seen marcia. finally last week they called police. richard forceberg told investigators he had last seen his wife in match but didn't report her missing. when the police returned the next day, richard was gone, along with his wife's car. >> not been to work in a couple days, which is unusual. been no cell phone activity on his cell phone, and needless to say no cell phone or financial
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transactions on marcia, the missing person. >> investigators searched the home and seized richard forceberg's car. while neighbors grow suspicious of the man who told them he recently started taking a survival course. police searching for the couple, called richard a person of interest but say he is not suspected of any crime. >> carolyn: the obama administration is launching two new programs aimed at kick-starting the slumping housing market. one refinancing program would happen borrow ares whose homes home doesn't -- >> in july, we all expected the home sales numbers to go down as a result of the end of the tax credit, but they were clearly worse than we expected. >> carolyn: the new programs are expected to begin over the next few weeks. housing and urban development secretary is promising more
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federal assistance for renters. still to come, a hurricane has its sights set on the caribbean. and crews gain ground on a large wildfire burning in the sierra. and there's another warmup in our the most powerful half-ton crew in america has a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles.
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>> carolyn: crews appear to be making progress against a large wildfire burning tonight. the 100-acre fire is 20% contained. evacuation ordered were lefted and most roads have re-opened to traffic. the fire prompted the governor to declare a state of emergency in yuba county yet, clearing the way for resources to be rushed the area. people in the caribbean are bracing for hurricane earl. it's forecast to hit the northern islands this evening. the storm is expected to
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strengthen as it moves over warmer waters. puerto rico pakistan and -- puerto rico and the virgin islands are also in its path. here in the bay area, we're enjoying a pardon meup. >> leigh: not as much wind today as what we had to contend wid yesterday. a nice shot looking towards the west, and you can barely see the golden gate bridge out there, as we do have the clouds moving on in. but, yeah, few degrees warmer today. let's good back to that hurricane we were talking about. hurricane earl. you can see it passing just to the north of the leeward islands. those winds have picked up to 85-miles-an-hour, west-northwest at 14. we have hurricane watches up for the u.s. virgin islands for the next 24-36 hours. we'll keep a close eye on this, and the path projection is going to take this -- maybe curving it
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here, here's mainland u.s. and possibly near the carolinas. for us today, it has been a warmer day, 78, antioch, and fairfield. 58 with the sea breeze moving into san francisco. 66 oakland. nap passion 73. and san jose right now, 74 degrees. we will go over passing clouds, warmer on monday, and then warm to even hot inland as we head into the mid-and latter part of our work week. today the clouds moved on out. a few sitting off the coast so at lowe's for tonight we look for partly cloudy conditions. we have low pressure passing to the north. you can see what it's degree. lake tahoe reporting rain. you can see a little pink right there. a light dusting of snow in little wintry mix with temperatures cool before the 8,000 level. and thunderstorms, you saw the lightning strikes there. cool lows, upper 40s in the
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north bay. mid-to-upper 50s well and -- elsewhere and passing clouds. tomorrow this low will pass to the east. after that high pressure builds in and we'll warm up tomorrow into mid-week, and by thursday and friday, inland temperatures back up into the 90s. we start off tomorrow morning with some overcast that burns back to just the coast, and then temperatures come up a little bit. look for 80s in the east expwai north bay communities. here's a look at highs for you for tomorrow. san jose, 76. 61 for half moon bay tomorrow. with some sunshine there palo alto, warm to 74. san francisco, 65. 60 at ocean beach tomorrow. 72 for petaluma. sonoma, 76. 72 for vallejo. 73 for union city. and then east bay, valley areas, that's when temperatures will climb into the low 80s.
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very comfortable, though. antioch, 83. livermore, 83. 80 for walnut creek, and 68 for santa cruz, and 83 for gilroy. my seven-day forecast, warm days ahead. into the 90s. and the warmest day or hottest day will be thursday. inland temperatures mid-90s. 80s around the bay. and 60s at the coast. >> carolyn: looks lovely, leigh. the dog days of summer at the ballpark. mike: that's right. it was bring your dog to the park day. always a favorite. trying to avoid a sweep by the d-backs, played
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>> mike: the dog days of august coming to a close at at&t park with bring your dog the park. close to 800 dogs at the game, including this one in a kayak costume. cruelty to animals. sandoval, fining his stroke. deep to right center off the bricks. one of his two hits, aubrey huff scores and the dogs are loving it. the d-backs rally. laroche down the right-field line. and suddenly the pooches are pouting. but the giants rally. geeup up the get. giants up 7-6. the dogs go home happy, the giants win, a game and a half back in the wild card.
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>> on to arlington, the a's looking to take the series from the rangers, and that's a game face. top four, game tight at 1. ellis ending a 15-game homerless route. a's take the lead. then in the fifth, still 2-1. curt suzuki. chops one to luis. throw to second is just a little outside. 3-1. 6th. kevin kouzmanoff, piling on. deep to left center and gone. a's are now 7-1/2 back of the rangers after the victory. last year ben an from cal won the u.s. amateur. this year, david chung, a stanford player had his chance. 18th hole of the day, par-5. peter all line, -- uihlein, goes 2up. it comes down the slope. and watch this.
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he holes it. but amazingly, would only halve the hole to remain 3down. the birth day boy was too good. peter uihlein wins the amateur championship, 4 and 2. >> fedex cup playoffs, final round of the bark barclays. start on 17. laird takes the lead. on 18, laird would just have to two-putt to win. after his first putt, can't make the comebacker, three-putt. his wife can't believe it. so laird heads into a playoff with matt kuchar. kuchar punches a 7 iron from the rough. and was this go, all the way to the back of the green. catches the slope. ended up a few feet from the hole and would tap in for the birdie and his first victory of the season. >> final round of the canadian women's open, michelle wie
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leading wire-to-wire. on 15 for birdie. shoots a 2-under 70 today to capture her second career lpga victory. stay tuned. the world basketball championships, team u.s.a. facing slovenia. curry, a triple from the corner. watch curry the transition to westbrook. a pretty assist. the americans roll, 99-77. meet brazil tomorrow. >> the raiders with some key injuries last night. we hear from the giants and a pretty good day all around in sports. >> carolyn: thinks. television's biggest night is this evening. we have much more on the red
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>> carolyn: coming up on the news at 6:00, more on the effort to save a fremont officer shot while serving a warrant on a known gang member. and a volcano in indonesia eruns for the first time in 400 years. join us for those stories at 6:00. the annual emmy awards are getting underway in los angeles. celebrities strutting the red carpet included hidy klum, and musician jewel, who is performing tonight. conan oboundary is up -- o'brien is up for


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