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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  August 30, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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to be delivered in a couple week autos thanks for joining us. >> have a good evening. tonight on "world news" -- tonight ws" -- rricane alert -- earl, now a monster storm, takes aim at the east coast. when could it hit and where? coast. terror trial run -- terror tri two men on an american carrier flying from the u.s. with cell from the u.s.o a pepto-bismol ottle. pepto-bismolarsal? >> and shocker -- hear what inspectors found at that plant producing recalled hear w eggs. we and -- we examine the examine theactor. the big rally became a religious call to action, so what next? in the friends for real -- some little league players and friends who win the world series of love. good evening. good urricane with hurricane earl.
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because it is growing fast and aiming straight for the aiming straigh carolinas tonight. a category 4 that could hit shores by thursday. federal emergency officials blastingnotice, headlined, "danger close." the earl is already blasting through the caribbean. 135ds of 135 miles per hour. sam champion is standing by for by for later.oing to bring us up to ithe on what's happening. st let's start with sharyn parade of this parade of hurricanes off the east coast the ripthe rip tides that forced hundreds of struggling swimmers struggling swi. >> reporter: up and down the downcoast, communities are y'reing for earl. earl.rned the hurricane could hit near cape hatteras, north carolina ckingina, as early as thursday, packing winds upwards of 130 miles per hour. the storm is already dumping heavy rains in st. kitts, san juan, flooding parts of st. martin and s watnique. fema is watching it all. today, urging states from north orth ina to new england to even new englar potential l acuations.
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evacua even if earl doesn't make landfall, officials say it will kick up dangerous surf along the even if coast again. coast in florida this weekend, a aughter caught in the rip current. the rescue caught on tape. >> i was like, give me your surf surf that guy's drowning out there, so i just took off. >> rep >> reporter: saving his life. the surf the surf churned up by hurricane danielle, creating g powerful, s and powerful, fast-moving rip currents. rip currents so fast they can pull a swimmer eight feet a swimm. >> yesterday and the day before it definitely was one of those srazy days. daysporter: along the jersey jere, lifeguards pulled more eguards0 people from the water this weekend. this weekend. in ocean city, maryland, more than 400 people rescued from rip rents.ts. lifeguards now watch and wait ds now watch and wai earl. they're actually hoping he hell hit. will hit the one labor day visitor that could keep sunbathers off the beach and out of the already dangerous surf. e aryn alfonsi, abc news, beac manasqua, new jersey.
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and, as we said, sam champion our abc weather editor, is in miami, tracking earl's every move. how does it look at this hour? sam? we're heading >> diane, it's a monster storm. we're heading just up to the it's the ç=ç=ç=ç=ç=ç=ç=rricane season. year.the kind of storm you would expect this time of year. let me show you a 3-d high-definition satellite image that will take you right over tellite imaghis. formed eyet perfectly formed thisnd eye wall on this monster hurricane earl. look at the feeder bands at the top of the clouds there. now, let me show you -- by the way, this storm is passing north of puerto ç=co overnight tonight. path. 70 mile hour winds, 10 inches of rain expected ç=ç=ç=ç=ç=ç=ç= uncertainty,ç=ricane area, because i not the pat right up to the ç=ç=ç=of the carolinas thursday by 2:00, afternoon. ç=ç=ç= this cone of uncertainty, widshaded area, because it's not the path right up the center o follows normally. it's a path that's a wider kind of breach on either side of hatt. ç=ç=ç=ç= in that wide zone can be in the path of this ç=ç=ç=ç=ç=ç=ç= that includes the coast of the ia.olinas. new jerseyia., new jersey. new york city. cod.cod. long island.
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boston, massachusetts. ll watching this. and for folks who think a for folks gland, ne can't make it into new england, we show you pictures of bob. bob was a hurricane in 1991 that ed within 35n 35 miles of the carolinas andarolinas and moved right on shore in rhode island. diane. >> you call it the cone of of rtainty. nd there's a kinre's a kind of eail mary system that might move it.and stop it. hat would that be? >> it would be this cold front hat's coming out of new england ing o now. that's what everyone's hopes are righ on.ed on. hurricanes like this are only sheared by big weather systems weathere's a strong cold front marching towards the shoreline. by thursday, it's supposed to connect with the storm. and if you remember the old pin if y in ballchines, it would be like the bumper, that takes this machines, hurricane and bumps it out to the atlantic. that's what everyone's hoping, atlantic. you, sa >> hoping for the front to move mn. thank you, sam champion, from miami tonight. and we want to turn now to the late report today on the arrest of two men who flew out ofchicago on a united airlines nitedt. .utch police stopped them, du charging them with preparing a errorist attack. our chief investigative
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ross has dent brian ross has been bout it. ing the story ane, there may tell us about it. >> reporter: diane, there may be a perfectly innocent explanation for what happened but lots of concerns make federal law makecement officials believe law may have been a dry run, a est of american security. custody in theght in the hetherlands are two men, both natives of yemen, who lived on the u.s. legally. ahmed al soofi and hezem al hezem al they started their flights in birmingham and memphis yesterday, flew to changed atcago o'hare and changed plans right at o'hare but sent their eir bags on to aarate flight. they flew to the netherlands but the bags were going on to dubai. it was what was in the bags that concerns law enforcement authorities. the security people in security. birmingham realized that al soofi had $7,000 in cash, bulky bulkyng. but, in addition, in the bags, cell phones taped to a pepto-bismol bottle. ce ol bottle.mock explosive. what's the fbi is saying onight. three other cell phones taped together.
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watches taped together. box cutters. and three large knives. all in the checked baggage. cu a lot of things went wrong checked ot ofast getting those bags on without the passengers on board. tell me once but tell me once again, they're from yemen but they were in this country legally? >> one was living legally in detroit, another somewhere else in the u.s. detroit, ano they were here under a legal provision. but they were going back e going ba to yemen with their final destination. apparently to it's not clear why they shipped all these things in the bags. bags.t has raised serious raised seripecially with the approach of the september 11th with the approach hey may have bee been a kind of dvance team coming here? >> that is a concern. >> thank you, brian ross. >> t shockd a real shock today from inspection inspection of those two iowa egg farms at the center wa egg farms at thwide recall of more than half a billion eggs. eggs.nella has been linked to the contaminated feed. the but the report based on two geks of inspections that just t justd up today provided a long provided a-turning list of ilthy conditions. here's chris bury. filthy >> reporter: what fda inspectors
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>> r fda inspearms owned by two big iowa egg producers after that iowa egg almonella poisoning can only be described as disgusting. gg ands is shocking. it's an industrywide practice that has to stop. >> reporter: at wright egg and quality egg, owned by the same ice any, fda inspectors found live mice inside the egg laying houses. and and dead flies and maggots too numerous to country. at hillandale farms, inspectors found 65 unsealed rodent holes uid liquid manure streaming out f a gap in a door. in a statement, wright county in a gg said, the vast majority of fhe concerns already have been addressed. the lackthe lack of sanitation these massiveve factory farms that can lead to just the kind th of food-borne illness problems we're seeing. of . reporter: the iowa farms >> share business ties with egg baron jack decoster. his companies charged with
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multiple violations ver the years. uding a $2a $25,000 fine after undercover video revealed this nt of heatment of hens at a farm he owns in maine. he own inspectionsections are the serst ever at these farms since new standards took effect in new july. dministration hasation has idered inspectors to all the biggest egg producers in the producersreventing another thererous outbreak. chris bury, abc news. and, now, at the white and, house, vacation is over. vacationstart of a very big s ek. aday, appearing in the rose garden, the president said there actions thatthat will help the economy but are stuck in congress. economy. and the republicans should, quote, end the blockade. jack taper is at the white house tonight. good evening, jake. go >> reporter: good ing,ing, diane. that's right. .uring this week full of presidential events dedicated to presid issues other than the economy, president obama today struggled to convey to the american people that he's on top of the economic crisis, even as he didn't have much of an answer as to what he can do
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to get us out of it. the rose gar arranged event in the rose garden this afternoon -- ood ood afternoon, everybody. >> reporter: president obama >> reporte tried to convince the public that he's on top of the economic crisis and will be presenting new ideas in the coming weeks. he also scolded republicans in coming w congress for obstructing legislation to help small businesses create jobs through ore loans.nd more loans. holding this s bill hostage is directly detrimental to our economic growth. onomic growth.conomists we spoke to agreed that small businesses to agreed thatthey can start hiring again, but they didn't think the president's need legislation would do much, nor did they think there are any , sy answers. but they d >> it's a lot easier when you can pull out a theory book and ey think there iption like a doctor and say, "here, you're fixed." fill the ou're ere is just nothing out fixe there that allows us to do that llows us to do t >> reporter: many economists believe there's little the government can now do. trillions have been spent and many say the problem now isn't
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policy, it's policy, it's public insecurity, fear itself keeping consumers keeping business keeping businesses from hiring. roviding ad of providing reassurance, today's event could be seen as a metaphor for the aphor for the 's struggle to get a hold of the problem. technical snafus symbolized the communications problem the president has had. president , how are we doing guys? on sound, guys? >> reporter: failing to convince consumers, investors, or businesses that the worst is over. >> can you guys still hear us? okay, let me try okay, let me tryme. >> it's very difficult to get your message through like that get the economy continues to your m suffer the way it is. >> reporter: and, diane, the maysident's hands may be tied. .emocrats on capitol hill ats on capitut spending fatigue spende of public concerns about he national debt. diane? >> thanks, jake. .nd as you indicated, tomorrow indicated, tomoroval office, the theident will deliver an ess on the end end of america's combat role in iraq after 7 1/2 er 7s. oday, vice president biden arrived in baghdad. on wednesday, he'll preside over he'll nge of command that will
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leave 50,000 u.s. troops in a the support role. leave troops in ared, what does all support role. the ordinary wonle and their day-to-day life day-tq? dan harris, on his isventh trip there, decided to knock on some doors. reporter: we chose the intersection of two small baghdad backstreets. let's start with this apartment s apartment ht here. ding right here. car bomb went off. it was aimed at a church across the street, but it shattered the apartment building, with the hussein family inside. how's it going? .ice to meet you. we recently went to their rebuilt home and met their daughter, dima, who was blinded in one eye and still needs more surgery. violence is way down since the urgery.s. at the height of the war, in ar,tember of 2006, 3,389 iraqi re ilians were killed. kill this month, 270. which is why we saw some hopeful signs on these two blocks.
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like this new building going up here. and in the building across the street, this man named fadel recently opened a pickle shop. wi ght there are serious problems with basic services. right here is a huge generator that provides power to local families who can afford to pay for it because the city power is , people in e. before the war, people in baghdad had power 16 to 24 hours a day. now, it's about five hours a day. the system is so antiquated that the system is there are live power lines ernging alarmingly low right over the sidewalks. over t we have all these children here. childrene of these children jumped up and touched the wire, ould be ld be killed. kill yes, she says, anybody could be killed. another basic service they're lacking here -- trash removal. here we are in a pretty wealthy l.ighborhood. here w why is it that there is trash all over the place? "local officials are lazy and careless," he says. by almost any measure, life on these two blocks, and in all of
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baghdad, has improved vastly rk days of the days of the sectarian madness. but people here are still so worried about their future that many of them asked us for help to move to america. to move to ame why do you want to leave here? [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporteod? why not? she searches for a word to explain what's not good. and then, in arabic, says "everything." and then, in a dan harris, abc news, baghdad. >> and we will have live >> and we coverage of the president's address on iraq tomorrow night ad beginning at 8:00 eastern right ere. still ahead on "world news," glenn beck's huge rally which rld news,"ind of religious rally which what he said it all meant today. all meathe little league champions with baseball angels right by their side. champions with baseball angels right by their side.
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it was the event everyone was talking about this weekend. glenn beck on the steps of the lincoln memorial. and the crowds who gathered, estimated at anywhere from 87,000 to more than 300,000. and, for those who expected beck's patented focus on liberals and the deficit, a confounding surprise. a kind of call for a religious awakening. what was this about? some thoughts from john donvan.
5:47 pm
>> praise be to god. >> reporter: and lo the multitudes gathered near a shining water -- >> just pray, but pray on your knees. >> reporter: and a man with a preacher's demeanor fed them, with words anyway. >> feed, what the lord is putting in front of you now. >> reporter: and if glenn beck did not serve the usual supper of stimulus plan stabbing and obama's socialist singing that many of his followers perhaps had come to see -- >> it is time to start the heart of this nation again and put it where it belongs. our heart with god. >> reporter: this gentle nonpartisan swag to the day, beck told the crowd, was not what he had originally planned. >> i thought it was supposed to be political. >> reporter: but then he says he spoke to god. and that is how this happened. >> this day has nothing to do with politics.
5:48 pm
it has everything to do with god. >> reporter: there was not much obvious attack going. which the author of the new book about beck has not seen before. >> the idea of him presenting himself as a religious figure as opposed to a libertarian leave us alone figure, that's a new development. >> reporter: still, just because it was called a day for god does not mean that god and politics are easily separated in the world of glenn beck. not when, the day after the rally, he complained that president obama -- >> he has told, mainly students, that your salvation is directly tied to the collective salvation. that's not something that most christians recognize. >> reporter: the president, when asked about the rally -- >> i think that mr. beck and the rest of those folks were exercising their rights under our constitution exactly as they should. >> reporter: and does any event that wedges in an appearance by sarah palin who left only 15 minutes after speaking, really get to be called nonpartisan? tonight, beck was back on the air, where he told viewers --
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>> everyone has a purpose. find what yours is. >> reporter: preacher words? perhaps. political? perhaps that too. john donvan, abc news, washington. and still ahead, the "tie tan tannic titanic," a new view. waking up with morning pain drain the energy right out of you. fight it with (new) bayer am. it combines extra strength bayer aspirin to treat pain plus an alertness aid to help you get off to a running start.
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ongress about using steroids. here, our first look at clemens' mug shot. he pled not guilty to all six counts. me cy youngime cy young rd rd winner then flew to south carolina to play in a golf tournament. american-born muslims have launch add video campaign to what boutt we're they call a rising tide of fearmongering ry to muslims. in it, they want to say, they say, they love this country too. >> i am here -- >> and have been here for >> i am here -- >> and have been here for generations. >> wanting the same thing you do. >> wanting the same thing you >> the chance to pursue -- >> life -- >> liberty -- >> peace -- >> and happiness. >> >> and happiness. >> piness.sponsors are urging other muslim-americans to make their own ads and start posting them muslim-ameri posting and, an expedition to the "titanic" have produced some amazing new images of the doomed ocean liner, including the first nggh-definition, 3-d video ever taken. t shows some of the railing and and you in remarkable detail. and you can even just make out
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finally, there was a major little league game this weekend you might not know about. you kids from new jersey and texas have the heartsarts of champions, even if they sometimes need a little help ith the body. the score, victory for everyone who saw it. it.e's jeremy hubbard. >> reporter: this is little league for kids who never feel like part of the team. >> i love it! >> reporter: it's challenger all where scooters and wheelchairs are no problem. where scoote w good job, yeah, yeah! >> reporter: where kids with down syndrome and autism are rears. where, for the first time in down s heir lives, these children are llowed to run like the wind, hit like a-rod and throw a fastball like the pros. fastball like thood swing! >> reporter: some 30,000 kids round the world now play in this special league. this speci ing able to feerie they have, being able to feel that they are welcome and they're not we outcasts. ou le on his he smile
5:57 pm
on his face -- does it all. >> reporter: and outdoors with them, real-life frie angels in the outfield. members offering on-the-field encouragement. baseball buddies like chase .ere. his sister ashley has a chromosome disorder. im playched him play baseball for so many years until finally getting a shot of her own. toyou never really get to go anywhere because it's usually me and this is cool for her because she loves playing l for her >> reporter: some of these orter: some ofeen out here for ars, through ghrough good times ond bad, trying to lift up kids g through aough a lifetime of feeling discouraged. > she lacks the confidence, you now, of talking to people one on one, but she gets in that dugout and on the field, those thetations are gone. orter: at the t the championships, there are no winners, no losers. everyone gets a medal and lots f attention. something charlie, who has
5:58 pm
ourrgers, a form of autism, doesn't seem to mind. autographs >> i might be going over the top. kids might ask us for our autographs. >> reporter: a group of players and buddies proving that when you're thrown a curveball, there's no reason you can't take a swing. >> 1, 2, 3! >> reporter: jeremy hubbard, abc reporter: jeremy d, super stars. it's great to begin a new week with you. starwe're back together again a newow night. withnight. you. hope we're back together again tomorrow night. this marin county man being daysed and now, taking his case to a judge. tonight, stories only on 7. >> muni workers losing a big bonus. you'll hear from disgruntled
5:59 pm
driver autos then, his storic pledge to feed bay area classrooms tonight. granting the online wish list of every school in the state. >> tree top teams going to straight heights to save california redwoods from global warming. >> you're watching a man being taised in his living room. his wife pledz for a deputy to stop. is this a case where law enforcement went too far? >> that will be for a judge and jury to decide. a man filed suit for an agonizing experience he suffered. the story you'll see only on 7. >> his name is peter mcfarland and he


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