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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  August 31, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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america this morning. >> get more from abc news, on ♪ i'm terry mcsweeney live at san francisco international airport where a jet loaded with 200 people or more has to make an emergency landing after its engine blows and catches fire. i'll tell you about it and you'll hear from passengers in a live report. >> two men from the u.s. arrested after landing in amsterdam with suspicious items in their luggage. authorities are trying to determine if there's a terrorist connection. >> the most incredible thrashing bloodbath you've ever seen. >> a frightening shark sighting off a bay area beach prompts an warning to swimmers and surfers. >> live look from downtown san
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francisco. notice we can't see the top of the bridge. warmer air on the way. i'll talk about how much cooler your labor day weekend will be. >> what to be on the lookout for headed to san francisco on the bay bridge this morning. were tell you how many lanes are blocked in a few minutes. >> it's 4:31 this tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. topping our news, while you slept, a flight from australia returned for an emergency landing after a engine blew a massive hole. >> the 747 with hundreds of people on board took off from here about 11:10 last night en route to sidney. 45 minutes later it was back here at sfo and looking very different. take a look at some pictures of what happened to the 474, a huge hole in engine number 1. one of four engines on the 747.
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passengers say they were about 45 minutes out over the pacific when they heard what they described as a thud. that was all about a gaping hole in the engine and the engine housing. it wasn't the thud that frightened some passengers. it was what happened next. >> sittin' on the plane. and a thud. i just turned to my right and i could see a stream of sparks flying out from the foot of the plane. obviously one of the engines. >> people sitting on the jetliner say there were sparks on the engine. the captain got on the p.a. and said we have a problem. we're going to be heading back. we have to dump our fuel and they did. they came back. i talked to like seven or eight
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passengers. all was calm. there was no panic. they landed and got off just a few minutes ago. they got on a bus and went to hotels arranged for by the airlines. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you. it's 4:33 now. dutch investigators are questioning two men arrested at amsterdam's airport as u.s. authorities found suspicious items in their checked luggage. both men are charged with preparation of a terrorist attack. abc 7's lillian kim has more. >> muhammad and amarisi are under arrest in the netherlands. sources tell abc news the pair flew from chicago o'hare to amsterdam after having packed mock bombs in their luggage. they found a cellphone taped to a pepto-bismol battle and several watches taped together, a boxcutter and three large
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knives. >> it seems it was some sort of test in the fact you start to tape together cellphones and carry cutters, it's an attempt to see if this will be picked up. >> the items did raise suspicions earlier on among airport screeners in alabama where he was boarding hills connecting flight to chicago but none of the items is considered illegal for checked luggage. in facted, sources tell abc news he also carried $7,000 in cash which also wasn't breaking any law. but when they boarded a plane to amsterdam after having checked their luggage on a different flight to dulles, u.s. officials decided to step in. they ordered the plane back to the gate and retrieved their luggage. dutch officials detained the two men as soon as if he arrived in amsterdam. >> just one more wake-up call in this very sear useless threat of terrorism. >> according to "the new york times," a cousin of one of the
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men say the items were probably designated to loved ones at home. it's common to bind items together for the same recipient. >> police are investigating two recent attacks at the naacp in hayward. a window at the office has been broken the past two since. august 22nd somebody fired a pellet gun there into a number of offices and storefronts in the area of second and b streets and last sunday it happened against when a rock was tossed through the window. police are investigating the incidents as vandalism and say there is no evidence so far of a hate crime. >> attempted murder charges are expected to be filed today against the gang member accused of shooting a fremont police officer. he was arrested saturday at the mexican border for shooting fremont police officer todd young. police say the 20-year-old suspect nicknamed dough boy has already confessed to shooting officer young while young tried to serve an arrest warrant friday in oakland. >> our investigators did fly
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back to san diego to interview barantos. he did give admissions to the crime. we are still in the process of having him transported up to alameda county to face charges. >> meantime officer young's condition is said to be improving. he remains in intensive care but he's been upgraded from critical to serious condition. >> in sacramento, the senate has rejected the bill that would have made it illegal to carry unloaded guns in public but lawmakers will give the bill one more try today. it was introduced after a series of demonstrationings of gun rights organizations at coffee shops and other businesses across the east bay. they encourage people to openly carry unopen weapons. they can carry a rifle in a handgun in a holster if it's not loaded. the measure would make it a misdemeanor. chelsea's law, after the rape and murder after a san francisco
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area teen raped by a sex offender earlier this year. governor schwarzenegger promised to sign it. the worst sex offenders would receive life sentences in prison without the possibility of parole. >> for the first time this year police are posted warning signs at a popular pacifica beach after witnesses say they saw a great white shark attack a sea lions close to shore. it happened near linda march beach. this is a look at the shark from his san pedro point home. police say two surfers swimming 300 yards out also saw the shark attack. >> and one surfer told the other one, look, there's a shark attacking a seal. the one surfer turns around and looks and that's where they see the shark flashing out of the water with the seal. >> was the most incredible, thrashing bloodbath you've ever seen. >> shark experts say it's not
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uncommon for sharks to swim off our coast this time of year. they hunt for seals who feed on salmon heading to the sacramento river. >> circle away and circle and turning. >> i'm just thinking about the word bloodbath. a great way to start the morning. >> yeah. congratulations over your break. 4:38 now. let's get to a nice, calm subject. sort of zen. mike, how about the weather. >> all right. let's talk about the temperatures this morning and some clouds. good morning to you. the cloud cover has kept our temperatures up this morning in oakland. sunnyvale and san jose we're near 60. we have 62 novato, otherwise mid-to upper 50s around. from 8 degrees warmer, napa. 5 novato, 2 oakland, 1 san francisco, 9 sunnyvale to 6 livermore, 4 concord. this afternoon we'll jump about that same amount to stay about 3 to 8 degrees. we'll still have some clouds around the coast and 62 half
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moon bay but low to mid-70s san francisco, richmond all the way through the bay until you get to fremont, 78. 80 san jose today. mid-80s the north bay valleys and mid to upper 80s in the east bay valleys. here your accu-weather seven-day forecast. about 8 to 10 degrees warmer by thursday. and that does include the coast. we'll peak near 70 there thursday. mid-80s around the bay and upper 90s inland and the cooling hits the coast and bay on friday, inland saturday and we keep cooling for sunday and monday. megan with your first look at traffic. >> cal tran hard at work for your tuesday morning commute. if you're heading westbound on 80 the two right lanes are blocked between the incline and treasury island. should be cleared 5 a.m.. working in oakland, westbound 24, the ramp to northbound 13 is closed until 5:00 and road work in pleasanton, a couple lanes
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blocked between hacienda drive and the boulevard. that yellow means you have speeds of 40 mph throughna area due to the construction. eric, kristen. >> megan, thanks a lot. >> national guard troops on patrol along the u.s. mexico border this morning. >> city leaders with the estimate of the sewage spilled by a ruptured pipe on the peninsula. >> as if meg whitman doesn't have enough to do, forced to [ female announcer ] to do well, kids need to eat well. and eating well means getting enough whole grain and calcium. and general mills big g kid cereals can help. did you know it's the only leading line of kid cereals with at least 8 grams of whole grain and a good source of calcium? cereals they already love, like lucky charms and cinnamon toast crunch. give your kids more of what they need to be their best. grow up strong. with big g kid cereals. ♪
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city was nearly ten times worse than first reported. official is estimated 5,000 gallons went into the redwood shores la going after a pipe ruptured last wednesday. they revised that to 48,000 gallons. cleanup of streets and garages flooded during the spill is almost done. cleanup of the lagoon is expected to begin in the next week or so. >> this morning national guard troops are joining the border patrol in southern california. they are trying to deter drug and human trafficking. they ordered training before president obama signed the $600 million measure earlier this morning to beef up border security. >> apparently not even running for governor can excuse you from jury duty. she got called yesterday. whitman showed up and filled out the jury questionnaire, spent time chatting with other potential jurors. whitman lives in atherton,
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wasn't picked for a jury but she is still in the pool and might have to come back on thursday. >> so her excuse can't get us out then the rest of us can forget about our excuses. >> that's right. you can't use your governorship and your money. forget go it. >> all right. hurricane begins packing a punch. a man tased in his own home after calling for help for a medical emergency plus... >> we're just trying to run a successful business. >> frustrated san francisco business owner says it's crimping his success. >> the restaurant's grading [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings. that's why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm flaky pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two boxtops for their school.
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>> d.c., new york, phoenix 99. pacific northwest comfortable, 62 seattle, 62 portland. right now all of our airports, at least the major ones are quiet. minneapolis, you can see storms rolling through and chicago and st. louis this afternoon. kristen. >> a marin county man is suing the sheriff's deputy for tasing him repeatedly in his own living roof after he call 9-1-1 for help. peter is a cancer survivor with a heart condition. he's still traumatized by what happened. >> june 29th last year just before midnight. 64-year-old peter mcfarlane and his wife pearl were returning from a fund-raiser. mcfarlane injured himself as he
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stumbled and fell down the long steps to his front door. >> my knee, the fronts of my leg, my shins. >> his wife called paramedics who helped him into the house and treated him. as the paramedics were leaving two deputies and arrived. all of a sudden they showed up and came here like there was a fire going on or some gun fight. >> the video you're about to see is from a camera mounted on the deputy's taser. you can see the laser from the gun targeted on his chest. the deputy tells mcfarlane he's going to take him to the hospital because he may be suicidal. >> take you to the hospital. >> mcfarlane tells abc 7 news it was just hiyperbole. he was in pain. he tells him to get up or else. >> put your hands around your back or you're going to get tasers. >> mcfarlane keeps refusing.
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the wife pleads with them not to taz him, that he has a heart condition. mcfarlane tells the deputies and in no uncertain terms to leave. >> it's my house! >> then as he gets up to go to bed, he's tased. not once but three times. >> sit down! hands behind your back! put your hands behind your back! (bleep) put your hands behind your back! (screaming) >> stop resisting! stop resisting! stop! stop resisting! stop resisting! i'll do it again. stop resisting! stop resisting! stop resisting! >> john scott is mcfarlane's
4:50 am
attorney. >> there's gotta be a problem in terms of training and/or supervising deputy sheriffs in the county. it's hard to imagine something this shocking could happen. >> mcfarlane says he never had any suicidal thoughts. in fact, he says he's lucky to be alive. >> i'm a survivor of pancreatic cancer. so i feel very fortunate and to have this kind of situation happen -- i'm sorry if i get a little emotional about it. still. >> scott says his client was arrested, jailed and charged with resisting arrest. a judge later dismissed that charge. scott says the deputies and had no search warrant or legal reason to enter mcfarlane peace home. and even if they thought he was drunk and suicidal, scott says the tasing was excessive force. our calls to the sheriff's office were not returned. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> it is now 4:50. minutes ago president obama's press secretary said he cannot
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for see a circumstance where the u.s. would have to sends combat troops back to iraq. president obama will address the issue tonight as he marks the end of the u.s. combat mission in iraq. he will face troops at fort bliss texas. he's fulfilled a campaign promise. the president will also say the iraq drawdown has made possible the surge in afghanistan where the security is unstable. fewer than 50,000 u.s. troops are left in iraq. their role is train iraqi soldiers. you can watch the address live at 5 p.m. here on abc 7. >> hurricane earl has strengthened to a category 4 storm. the max stained winds are clocked at 135 mph and the storm is expected to maintain its current intensity. so far it skirted just east of the bahamas and florida but kicked up showers and thunderstorms over southern florida which are expected to continue today. forecasters all along the east coast keeping a close watch,
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mike, on this one. >> absolutely. let's take a look at it. we have a track that shows it's a category 4, a dangerous storm. but thankfully you're getting the southern edge of it dominican republican and haiti. you don't want to be in the northeast quadrant in this case because that's where the fastest winds are. let's look where it's going to go the next couple days. it's going to go up the seaboard and resuffer on the outer banks of north carolina thursday into friday morning and could skirt even new england. you know for sure that we'll have some dangerous waves from those systems. all right. let's take a look outside, show you what is going on here. clouds, maybe a little drizzle along the coast and that's because the marine layer is back. also the reason the marine layer is back, the high pressure is starting to move in and capped the atmosphere. once we get rid of it, a whole lot of sunshine and warmer weather the next three day.
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san jose 60. same thing monterey bay and inland. upper 50s with cloudy conditions. afternoon sunshine today, warming trend. the warmest afternoon's tomorrow and thursday. the cooler air will hit the coast thursday into friday and then for the rest of us throughout the holiday weekend. here's a look at the clouds and the winds that are blowing them on shore. just about all of us will be cloudy by about 8:00 this morning and then you can see how quickly it retreats back to the coast by noon. you'll see pockets of sunshine along the coast today with 60 degree temperatures, 70s and 80s around the bay with 80s and even 90s in our inland areas. hit probably 90 in brentwood. low to mid-70s the even seaboard with temperatures upper 70s. even a few sprinkles of 80 in the south bay. low to mid-70s throughout the peninsula. mid to upper 60s downtown, south san francisco. could see 70 in a few areas. mid to upper 70s throughout the north bay valley. don't be surprised if you see a few 80s. upper 60s to low 70s around the
4:54 am
monterey bay and low to mid-70s morgan hill and gilroy. the warmer weather starting to move back to the central valley. fresno 87, sacramento 89, chico 91. 73 over tahoe and 81 los angeles. back home tonight taking on the rockies at at&t park. clear and pretty comfortable, 66 first pitch at 7:15 dropping to 62 degrees. look at those temperatures pop out the mid to upper 90s inland and lingering in friday where we'll see mid to upper 80s the next two days. near 70 along the coast for wednesday and thursday and again a drop on friday and temperatures drop another 10 degrees by labor day weekends. hi, megan. >> good morning. road work is the only thing that might slow you down. let's start at the bay bridge toll plaza where there's no delays making your way through the tolls. that road work on the upper deck of the bay bridge should be cleared within the next five minutes. should be a nice ride heading
4:55 am
into san francisco. commuters, let's get a live look in walnut creek. this is the north main exit. no problems now. taillights move southbound into the san ramon valley. we have road work to be on the lookout for in pleasanton. a couple lanes blocked on 580 right now. this red means speeds under 20 mph due to the road work. between hacienda drive and airway boulevard. for the latest go to our website just click on the traffic link under abc 7 extras. eric? >> all right, megan. thank you very much. it's 4:55. a battle is brewing in san francisco's union street neighborhood pitting some residents against a new business. it's a story that was sent to us at a sunroom turned into an open air patio but the owner had to suspend work because he started it without the proper permits.
4:56 am
some neighbors hope the work will never be finished. they fear the noise from the elevated patio and open doors will be disruptive. >> perfect, that's how it always was. for 32 years it was enclosed which is respectful to the neighbors. >> we came in here and saw an opportunity to make a new restaurant, restore life to this end of union street. >> the planning commission will be taking public comment until september 9th and they've then scheduled a hearing to decide the fate of the brick yard's patio. >> you probably already know if you look at the gas mileage sticker of a new car you might be considering. but soon you could look at a new fuel economy rating. the environment agency is considering. most new cars now being sold will be graded in the b to c range. e. p. officials say a rating system would give car shoppers a simple way to compare vehicles.
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>> it's 4:56 now. looking for a job, don't go anywhere. just ahead on abc 7 news at 5 a.m. find out where you can apply for hundreds of jobs waiting to be filled. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live at san francisco international airport where awe 747 seas engine catches fire over the pacific. the jet has to make an emergency landing here at sfo. we'll hear from passengers and we'll hear from passengers and you may be surprised how would i make school a beer place? field trips to the zoo! more basketballs. soccer balls. and a museum! [ growls ] more basketballs. soccer balls! more books. yeah. like just a ton of books. [ girl ] and boo about soft this. soft and slimy. [ female announcer ] now clip double box tops for education. from totino's pizza rolls and party pizzas. and make their school a better place.
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i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco international airport where a jetliner makes an emergency


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