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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 31, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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blowing an engine out over the pacific. we will show you more of the damage and we'll hear from passengers comin' up. >> also in the headlines, berkeley police make an appeal. >> cloudy as we look from downtown san francisco this morning. but high pressure is comein' in and guess what, it's going to get hot once again. we'll talk about where the areas we'll see the biggest heat and how much cooler it will be for the holiday weekend. >> road work causing delays. all the details in a few minutes. >> state lawmakers set to vote on two competing budget measures two months after the deadline. optimism is low that either one will get enough votes. it's a tuesday at 5:00 this morning. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. right now hundreds of nervous passengers are on their way from sfo to bay area hotels after their flight to australia was aborted when a engine blew up
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over the pacific. terry mcsweeney is live at sfo with more details. i guess more accurate to say it blew out. terry? >> yeah. some passengers were -- had their eyes swollen from crying out here when we got out here an hour and a half ago or so. they have now been taken to bay area hotels. we're hearing from most of the passengers it was calm aboard this jet after the engine blew out over the pacific. take a look at the damage that was caused when the engine blew. a gaping hole in the number one engine. passengers say there was a thud that was followed by a shower of sparks. all this about 45 minutes after the jet had taken off from sfo bound for sidney, australia. we hear from two passengers now, one about the flames, another about the reaction from passengers. >> a shower of sparks. and just one of the others passengers, they say there was a bit of flying.
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>> some man behind was like all right! i wondered what they were talking about. just looked out the window. because the aisle of three, i moved over to see what was happening. and i didn't panic. i thought, well, everybody's gonna be in the same boat. >> well, they were. and by all accounts the pilot was very calm. he said we have a problem. we're going to have to drop our fuel and head back to san francisco international. and that's exactly what they did. and the plane landed without incident, without injuries. the passengers say that there was surprising calm aboard that jet. it was afterwards that some people are telling me that they broke down in tears reallylizing they were 45 minutes outside on the pacific ocean. there was teetering as they
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dropped the fuel. but all things considered it was ace very calm group. the pilot and the passengers. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thanks a lot. authorities are questioning two men who flew from chicago to amsterdam after u.s. authorities found suspicious items in their checked lug began on a flight to dubai. sources tell abc news that the two men are charged in the netherlands with preparation for terrorist attack but officials in the netherlands haven't confirmed anything. the pair flew from chicago to amsterdam after packing mock bombs in their luggage. authorities found a cellphone taped to a pepto-bismol bottle and three cellphones taped together. officials found several watches taped together, a boxcutter and three large nif knifes. >> it seems it was some sort of test. you carry cutter and, an attempt to see if this will be picked up. >> after being discovered, the
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pair changed their flight plans and flew directly to amsterdam while their luggage went to washington d.c. the men live in michigan. investigators are searching their homes for more evidence. >> attempted murder charges expected to be filed against a gang member accused of shooting a police officer. he was arrested saturday at the mexican board are for shooting officer todd young. the 20-year-old suspect nicknamed dough boy has confessed to shooting officer young while young tried to serve an arrest warrant friday in oakland. he's still in intensive care but has been upgraded from critical to serious condition. >> berkeley police need the public's help to find a person who returned a wallet to his rightful owner. it could become evidence in the prosecution of two men. police need to find the person
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who found the wallet and mailed it this year. it included a note saying it was found on san lorenzo avenue while gardening but there was no return address. the state legislature is expected to vote on competing budget bills. neither is expected to get the two-thirds vote needed to pass. california is in day 62 of the stage budget stalemate and there is no end in sight. no new negotiations scheduled with the governor. the budget is now the fourth latest in california history. more than 100 san francisco park employees who assist city gardners may lose their jobs at the end of next month unless there's an extension to the jobs now program. recreation and parks department is one of dozens of city agencies that's taking advantage of the federal stimulus money that will pay for employees during the economic downturn. the san francisco examiner reports the jobs for 122 workers are at risk until they're hired
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back with city money. mayor newsom and his staff has a meeting with officials from other counties to push for an extension. >> the california's job journal are hosting a job fair. 400 positions are up for grabs at 13 different companies. one, lens crafters, is firing 50 management positions for it's two dozen bay area stores. >> we are interested in people that are very outgoing, enjoy working with people. and ideally they don't have to have optical experience because we will be training them. >> laurence berkeley national lab is hiring 160 workers. >> kind of an effort here at berkeley lab to not only attract the best talent available but also want to have a work force by recruiting and retaining a work force that reflects the diversity of the local community. >> today's california jobs
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journal hire event takes place at the hilton garden any in emeryville from noon until 4 p.m.. in addition to the other jobs there will be a special section on healthcare. you can get more information on our website. go to >> the gentleman showing up in a nice suit. they won't be sweating so much today. >> that's a good thing to point out over breakfast. 5:07 now. >> you don't have the problem. >> i don't. thank you so much for noticing. mike with a look at the forecast. >> let's talk about how you may sweat a little for the next couple days but because of the heat, not because of any type of situation you may put yourself in. here we're talking about temperatures. come on, computer. running a little warmer than they were yesterday at this time. that's due to the cloud cover, the blanket effect. we'll talk about mid to upper 50s in most neighborhoods, even 61 oakland, 60 sunnyvale and san jose. a little cooler in novato, about 52 degrees. let's break down this tuesday. cloud cover around 8:00 in most
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neighborhoods still the mid to upper 50s. by noon most of the clouds back to the coast and notice the quick warming from the mid to upper 70s in santa rosa, napa, concord, fairfield, antioch, livermore, morgan hill, san jose to the upper 60s to low 70s around the bay. san francisco 65 at lunch. 4:00 we'll hit our peak probably 2:30 and drop back 67 san francisco. low to mid-70s through the bay. mid to upper 70s in the south bay are low to mid-80s in the east bay and north bay valleys. pockets of sunshine and 50 half moon bay. temperatures jump 3 to 8 degrees today but about 10 tomorrow and the heat will peak on wednesday. a slow cooling trend after we hit the upper 90s inland on thursday. we'll be down to 80 by monday. megan, good morning. >> good morning. off to a quiet start for your tuesday morning commute. cal tran is working in pleasanton right now. eastbound 580 you will find a
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few lanes blocked between hacienda drive and airway boulevard but should be cleared by 6:00. this yellow means 40 mph through the road work area. taking mass transit, no delays. everything running on schedule right now. let's go outside for a live look at the north bay commute. this is 101 in san rafael. headlights are moving southbound coming out of novato making their way towards the golden gate bridge. right now the dive time from 37 to 580 is just a light nine minutes. eric, kristen. >> megan, thank you. it's 5:09. >> getting down the volume on noisy motorcycles. the new law heading to the governor's desk. >> what really happened when a muni bus lurched out of control. why the driver is telling the truth. >> making money on a two-day strike on the peninsula. >> the new feature google going up today to add more power to your e-mail in box. [ male announcer ] itchy dry scalp?
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good morning, everyone. it is 5:12 on the abc 7 morning news. live picture of the bay bridge toll plaza here. is that what that is? kind of a different view of that it looks like. you see traffic moving up right along without problems here. metering lights obviously not on at this point. megan is checking traffic around the area. she's going to have the latest on the trouble spots in a couple minutes. >> more news. a muni driver's account of a weekend collision with another bus is in dispute. the driver reported he was checking out a malfunctioning wheelchair platform when his bus rolled 100 feet down a hill crashing into the other bus. however, witnesses told the website muni that the driver was actually getting coffee when the bus rolled away. two passengers on that bus that lost control were slightly hurt. >> some state lawmakers want to turn down the volume on noisety motorcycles. the california senate passed a
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measure yesterday that would make it a crime to ride a motorcycle built after january 1st of 2013 that doesn't meet federal noise standards. supporters of the bill say there are thousands of modified motorcycles out there that create a public nuisance with excessive noise and increased emissions. critics say they're being unfairly targeted. the bill heads to governor schwarzenegger for his signature. as you probably know, the governor is an add viv motorcycle rider. >> california drivers will get the opportunity to drive in the carpool lane. 4,000 more environmentally friendly cars can drive so low in the diamond lanes. the measure covers plug-in hybrids and hydrogen fuel cell cars. new models are included. g.m., chevrolet and volt and toyota prius and nissan leaf. drivers who have already gotten permits to drive also got their extended. some lawmakers were opposed saying carpool lanes are already
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too congested. >> trash collectors in san mateo county were paid overtime to make up for missed pickups when they supported a two-day strike at a peninsula landfill. 250 employees with allied waste walked off the job in support of a strike by a dozen landfill workers. it affected 36,000 homes and businesses in the county. the san jose mercury news reports the trash collectors worked overtime to pick up the accumulating garbage. >> google is making it easier to manage your in box. it's rolling out a feature called priority in box. it will organize your messages based on things how often you e-mail someone. it splits your in box into three sections, important, unread, starred and everything else. the product launched is important for google because it will put its automated technology to the test for millions of users and you guys would always be in the important
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box. >> when e-mailing you, right? >> yeah. >> because when i e-mail my wife, she deletes it immediately. don't know why that is. >> you have the same problem? >> what time is it? yes! (laughter) >> i'm kidding. let's move on to show you what's going on. thanks for putting me in that box. >> anytime i help, you let me know! >> look at the low clouds hanging over the bay bridge this morning. the marine layer is back but that doesn't mean cooler weather. that's high pressure trapping the moisture in the lowest layers and high pressure's going to bring us the warmer weather the next 72 to 96 hours. let's take a look what's going on. san jose 50. monterey bay temperatures in the upper 50s. that does include gilroy and salinas with cloud cover over your neighborhoods, too.
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let's talk highlights. kind of mentioned we'll have aftersunshine. warmest afternoon always tomorrow and thursday. probably the air conditioners in some areas. a cooler coast by friday. all that will start to move inland over the weekend where temperatures drop significantly for the holiday. low pressure passes by yesterday and starting to take the cool winter air with it. saw a lot of sunshine and temperatures well below average but that will start changing today, especially tomorrow and into thursday as this bubble of high pressure and the warm weather brings with it, starts to move on in. mid to upper 70s from milpitas, cupertino. on the peninsula today low to mid-70s. as you head to the south bay, los gatos about 78. near 70 downtown and south san francisco mid to upper 70s sausalito and san rafael. low to mid-80s through the north bay valleys. low it mid-60s ayour beaches.
5:18 am
once you get around union city, fremont, castro valley, hercules, upper 70s for you. low to mid-80s san ramon valley up 580 to livermore and highway 4 to pittsburgh. once you get to brentwood though, about 90 degrees. low to mid-80s hollister, gilroy. low to mid-70s watsonville. carmel mid to upper 60s for you. lack of cloud cover so maybe slightly cooler than this morning. mid to upper 50s for the rest of us. that lack of sunshine means the high pressure here and so is the warmer weather. 8 degrees warmer across the board tomorrow. about 2 degrees warmer on thursday. the temperatures top out in the upper 90s inland. mid 80s around bay, near 70 at the coast. drop 10 degrees on friday as will the inland areas on saturday and by monday down to 80. inland 70 around the bay, upper 50s at the coast. good morning, megan. >> good morning. i'm happy to report we have no accidents right now on our bay
5:19 am
area roadways if you're getting ready to leave the house, you should have a nice commute awaiting you. start with walnut creek and a live look near the north main exit. taillights moving southbound. everything looking great as you make your way into the san ramon valley. commuting along the east shore, a live look at interstate 80 heading through the berkeley area. headlights westbound and the drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze about 19 minutes now. the south bay commute in san jose, this is san jose 218 at the 17 overcrossing, very light traffic making your way through downtown san jose. commute being around the san mateo bridge, moving nicely in both directions. headlights moving eastbound into hayward. you can get drive times delivered right know your mailbox by going to click under the traffic link under abc a7 extras. >> megan, thank you very much. it's 5:19. >> you know, controversy in southern california. the must reads are next.
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>> gnarly. >> and there they are. the new cast of "dancing with the stars." we'll go through the list for you coming up.
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oprah: you're here! >> i'm here. oprah: what took you so long? i am blown away by this man. hi, babies. are men intimidated by you? would your mother be happy that you were sitting here talking to me? the interview of a lifetime. >> after the moments we'll always remember --
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get 80% savings on final markdowns, including 80% off clothes, shoes, accessories, and 80% off home! did we mention our red zone clearance final markdowns are 80% off? who knew shopping could be so rewarding? jcpenney. >> welcome back. abc has announced the new cast of "dancing with the stars." contestants include sarah palin's daughter bristol. florence henderson from "the brady bunch." mtv jerseysy shore. retired cardinal's quarterback kurt warner. michael bolton. former l.a. lakers mcfox. dirty dancing actress jennifer gray. hasselhoff of baywatch fame.
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singer brandy norwood who goes just by brandy and partridge from the hills. "dancing with the stars" begins september 20th here on abc 7. this is not from the show and this is not one of the contestants but if only the stars dance this well, we couldn't resist showing you this video of a dog seriously dancing and really well, don't you think? >> i'm fixated on the skirt, sorry. >> cute! >> cute! >> the video lasts 3 minutes and the dog never, ever misses a step. not sure about the human partner but the dog, hmm. (laughter) >> oh, my! okay! all right. dog-eat-dog world out there. 5:24. must reads. the san jose mercury news says environmentalists are crying foul over a bill speeding through the legislature without
5:25 am
the normal public review. the bill would exempt retailers from california's tough environmental protection law if they move into existing buildings rather than build a new one. critics say the measure is going through a crowded docket today because it's through a powerful retail association. this is the last day to be passed by the governor this session. >> a mexico drug smugger using tactics to bring narcotics across the border into the u.s. smugglers are wearing stolen uniforms to dodge law enforcement. disguised as police and fedex drivers. >> the source of a big gnarly controversy. the botanical society commissioned the $120,000 statue next to the beach but surfing immediately weighed in. they say the statue has bad form. he looks like a wanna-be.
5:26 am
he's not even surfing the wave. they've even taken to dressing the surfer as a clown, a ballerina and putting a pumpkin on his head. surfers say they should have been consulted first before that statue was put there. going to the link at >> lesson learned there. always consult the source. >> ask the surfers. >> 5:26. naacp office is attacked by vandals not once but twice. that's next at 5:30. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live at san francisco international airport where a 14-hour flight to australia only lasted 19 minutes last night when an engine blew over the -- >> the clues found in bags that police say point to a test run.
5:27 am
>> let's take a look at the pacific northwest where seattle 62, portland 66 but sitting the century mark in phoenix and dallas. all this means that the change in the season and that cooler air slamming through minneapolis with severe thunderstorm. thunderstorms possible in chicago and st. louis. if we have delayings our flight tracker will have [ female announcer ] there's complete. and then there's most complete, like what you get from centrum ultra women's, the most complete multivitamin for women. it has vitamin d, which emerging science suggests supports breast health, and calcium for bone health. centrum ultra women's. pediatrician recommended pain reliever for children. plus, children's advil® brings fever down faster than children's tylenol®. choose children's advil®. relief you can trust.
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i'm terry mcsweeney live at san francisco international airport where a jet carrying more than 200 passengers had to make an emergency landing earlier this morning after an engine blew and sent a shower of sparks into the night sky. the story comin' up. >> also making news, two men from the u.s. are arrested after landing in amsterdam with some suspicious items in their
5:30 am
luggage. authorities are trying to determine if there's a terror connection. >> and a scary shark sighting off a bay area beach prompts a warning to swimmers and surfers. >> check out sfo this morning. low clouds but tracking delays that may pop up. i'll let you know. let's talk about mild conditions this morning and hot weather the next couple days before a cool holiday weekend. >> no problems heading into san francisco on the bay bridge this morning. road work the only thing that may slow you down. we'll have a complete traffic report in a few minutes. >> good tuesday morning. 5:30 a.m.. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> passengers are getting some rest finally after a frightful flight that began at san francisco international airport overnight. a plane headed to australia had to return for an emergency landing after an engine fire over the pacific. terry mcsweeney is live at sfo with the latest. terry? >> yeah. 212 passengers on board this flight plus crew and they all
5:31 am
have a very scary story to tell as an engine blew about 30, 45 minutes into a flight to australia. but we are hearing from these people, there was no panic from anyone on board that flight. take a look at what caused the engine to blow or what happened afterwards. we have pictures of the hole in engine number one, one of four engines on the 747. passengers say they were a short time into this 14-hour flight when they heard what they all described as a thud. you're looking at what that thud was all about, a huge hole in the engine and the engine housing. it wasn't the thud that frightened some passengers, it was the massive amount of sparks that came out of the engine. >> had been thumps and the same kind -- uncertain for a period of time until the captain announced a engine blew. >> seemed to be shocked. but the staff kept everybody
5:32 am
quiet. and in the end the captain came on and assured everybody that the plane was, you know, still relatively safe. >> it's the relatively part of that that would concern me. the pilot also said we're going to dump our fuel and as they did that, the weight, balance of the plane shifted and there were rocky moments that followed. but the pilot got the plane back to sfo. no one was injured. the people left here about maybe 45 minutes, an hour ago, scattered to different hotels around the bay area and hoping to book them on the next available flight certainly to get back home. live at sfo, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you very much. a white house spokesman says the two u.s. residents held in the netherlands because of the suspicious items found in their checked luggage were not on any terror watch list. the u.s. is investigating whether the men were conducting tests for potential terror attack. lillian kim has more.
5:33 am
muhammad and amarisi are under arrest in the netherlands. sources tell abc news the pair flew from chicago o'hare's airport to amsterdam after having packed mock bombs in their luggage. they found a cellphone taped to a pepto-bismol battle. officials found several watches taped together, a boxcutter and three large knives. >> it seems it was some sort of test in the fact you start to tape together cellphones and you carry cutters in your luggage and things, obviously an attempt to see if this will be picked up. >> the items did raise suspicions among airport screeners in birmingham, alabama where they were boarding connecting flights but none of the items are illegal for checked luggage. he was also carrying $7,000 in cash which also wasn't breaking any law. but when the two boarded a plane to amsterdam after having
5:34 am
checked their luggage on a different flight to dulles, u.s. officials decided to step in. they ordered the plane back to the gate and retrieved their luggage. dutch officials detained the two men as soon as they arrived in amsterdam. >> the american people in the united states, just one more wake-up call in this very serious threat of terrorism. >> according to "the new york times," the cousin of one of the two men says the items found in the luggage were probably designated to loved ones at home. in their culture it's common to bind together items meant for the same recipient. lillian kim. >> 5:34. police are investigating two recent attacks at the naacp chapter in hayward. a window at the office has been broken the past two since. police say august 22nd someone shot a pellet gun there in the area of second and b streets. then last sunday it happened again when a rock was tossed through the window. police are investigating the
5:35 am
incidents as vandalism and say there's no evidence so far of a hate crime. >> attempted murder charges are expected to be filed against the gang member accused of shooting a fremont police officer. he was arrested saturday at the mexican border for shooting police officer todd young. the 20-year-old suspect nicknamed dough boy was arrested friday in oakland. >> our investigators did fly back to san diego to interview barontos. he did give admissions to the crime. and we are still in the process of having him transported up to alameda county to face charges. >> meantime officer young's condition is said to be improving. he remains in intensive care but has been upgraded from critical to serious condition. for the first time this year police have posted warning signs at a popular pacifica beach after witnesses say they saw a great white shark attack a sea
5:36 am
lion close to shore. this is a look at video captured from jason from his pedro point home. two surfers swimming 300 yards out also saw the shark attack. >> and one surfer told the other one, hey, look, there's a shark attacking a seal. the one turns around and looks. that's where they see the shark flashing out of the water with the seal. >> was the most incredible thrashing, bloodbath you've ever seen. >> shark experts say it's not uncommon for sharks to swim off our coast this time of year. they hurt for seals who feed on salmon heading to the sacramento river. >> you may not want to be swim being around there not just because of the shark sighting but not that warm. >> that's chilly water throughout, mike. >> usually always is, temperatures mid to upper 50s. but when we get to the upper
5:37 am
90s, some people may want to jump in like we did last week with all that heat. check out temperatures around 4 degrees warmer in santa rosa to oakland at 5. we have 6 degrees warmer this afternoon in san jose to 7 in san francisco to concord at 8, fremont the biggest jump, 9 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. here's how our tuesday plays up. temperatures holding steady in mainly the mid to upper 50s. by noon should have sunshine except the coast where the clouds are hanging on. low to mid-60s from half moon bay to san francisco. mid to upper 70s in the south bay, the north bay and even a few 80s starting to show in the east bay valleys. by 4:00 sunshine everywhere and pockets developing along the coast till about 60 half moon bay. san francisco 67. low to mid-70s throughout the bay into san rafael. low 80s in santa rosa, napa with mid 80s in the east bay valleys and upper 70s in the south bay.
5:38 am
jump another 8 degrees tomorrow and the heat will peak thursday with about another 2 degrees of warming. megan. >> good morning. nice and quiet. actually hey on the road in castro valley is the only thing out there blocking any roadways right now. i think it's just about ready to be cleared. start out in san jose with a live look at 101 with the 880 overcrossing. no problems northbound heading up the peninsula. let's get a live look at the golden gate bridge where it is a beautiful ride. look at that, nobody out there making your way into san francisco from sausalito. there is road work in pleasanton on eastbound 580. eric, kristen. >> megan, thank you very much. it's 5:38 now. >> california national guard troops are on patrol along the u.s./mexico boarder this morning. that's next. >> city leaders dramatically revise the estimate of the sewage spilled by a ruptured pipe on the peninsula. >> and as a gubernatorial candidate, meg whitman doesn't have enough to do, why she was ordered to appear in a san mateo
5:39 am
county court.
5:40 am
5:41 am
>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome 5:41. raw sewage in redwood city worse than first reported. first estimated 5,000 gallons
5:42 am
went into the redwood shores lagoon after a pipe ruptured last wednesday. they revised that estimate to 48,000 gallons. cleanup of streets and garages flooded during the spill is almost done now. cleanup of the lagoon is expected to begin in the next week or so. >> this morning national guard troops are joining the border patrol in southern san diego. hundreds of groups are joining patrols with the border to determine drug trafficking and human trafficking. >> apparently not even running for governor can excuse from from jury duty. ask meg whitman. she showed up and fill out the jury questionnaire. she spent time chatting with other potential jurors. whitman wasn't selected but remains in the pool and might
5:43 am
have to report back on thursday. >> running for governor. can you be fair and impartial? yes. okay, you're up. that's my version what happened. why the government may crack down on cough medicine makers. >> just trying to run a successful business. >> the neighborhood rules of frustrated san francisco business owner says are cramping his style, success. >> hurricane earl now category 4 and growing stronger, getting closer. i'm emily schmidt in washington. that story coming up. >> an expert was sure these >> an expert was sure these photos were undiscovered ansel
5:44 am
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and 80% off home! did we mention our red zone clearance final markdowns are 80% off? who knew shopping could be so rewarding? jcpenney. welcome back. time for your california forecast at 5:46. you see some clouds along the coast at 68 big sur, eureka at 64. sunshine around san diego in the afternoon at 73, l.a. at 81.
5:47 am
warmer through the central valley. mid to upper 90s to 91 in chico. 73 tahoe, 94 yosemite and palm springs. kristen, eric. >> thanks a lot. 5:47. >> a look at the stories we're following. a quantas had to make an emergency landing after one of its engines caught fire over the pacific. 200 people were order board. no one was hurt. the passengers were booked into nearby hotels and will be leaving on a flight sometime later today. dutch police are questioning two men after u.s. authorities found suspicious items in their checked luggage in chicago. the white house says the pair are not on any terror watch list. authorities found a cellphone taped to a pet tow -- pepto miss mol battle. >> attacks in hayward, a window
5:48 am
broken the past two since. police are investigating the incidents as vandalism. there's no evidence so far of a hate crime. the latest coming up at 6:00. >> storm watchers are keeping a close watch on hurricane earl. it's a category 4 as it swipes past puerto rico. it's to brush the east coast late thursday. emily schmidt reports. >> looks to be a labor day weekend traveller, a category 4 storm hitting the caribbean now on a path that could go straight towards the u.s. >> people really need to pay attention what's going on over the next couple days. >> early sustained winds of 135 mph in puerto rico overnight. crews were shipped, airlines cancelled flights and the storm is already more powerful than 85% of all hurricanes and expected to get stronger. >> right in the path. british virgin islands are going to have a very close approach
5:49 am
from the eye wall of the hurricane as it goes by them. >> it's fair warning for foul water conditions all along the u.s. east coast, already impacted by last weekend's hurricane danielle. >> we're vising people not to swim. >> gets scary out there. >> lifeguards from florida to new jersey have rescued hundreds of people in deadly rip currents. ocean city, maryland, one swimmer is missing, one may be paralyzed. now one of the summer's busiest beach weekends is just a few days away and potentially so is earl. >> you hate to lose the last weekend. >> fema is already urging people from north carolina to new england to prepare for potential evacuation. abc news. >> tell us more about earl and the track. >> category 4 so a major hurricane. let's take a look. winds 135 mph. that's usually the northeast quadrant. you can see the southern part,
5:50 am
puerto rico, dominican republic and haiti and cuba the next 36 hours. moving west-northwest which puts it angle lo the eastern seaboard. it may clip the outer banks of north carolina and also the cape of massachusetts. but it looks like for the most part the bulk should stay out to sea but rip currents dangerous along the east coast this entire week. let's talk about how calm our weather is now. the fog back because of high pressure and calmers conditions. the clouds have kept us a little cooler -- warmer i should say this morning than the last couple mornings. we're talking about temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. even near 60 mountain view and san jose. monterey bay, temperatures upper 50s and also inland. this afternoon sunshine. see it just about everywhere today. warming trend. warmest afternoon tomorrow and thursday. cooler at the coast friday and that coolness will spread into
5:51 am
our neighborhoods around the bay throughout the hold weekend. we have a little breeze pushing the clouds all wait to their deepest location from now until 8:00 which is just about all of our neighborhoods. look how quickly though the winds and clouds pull back to the coast by noon and even patches of sunshine develop there with 60s, 70s and 80s around the bay. even 90s he showing up in brentwood for the warm spot. low 80s around danville and dublin for the cool spots in the east bay valleys. low mid-70s richmond, oakland 74. union city, fremont, castro valley, upper 70s for you. mid to upper 70s milpitas, santa clara. look at saratoga, los gatos, campbell and san jose, low to mid-80s for you. on the peninsula sunshining. low to mid-70s for you. daly city at 64. downtown south san francisco near 70. sausalito and san rafael in the
5:52 am
mid to upper 70s. with sunshine low to mid-60s at your beaches. carmel, monterey bay, mid to upper 60s there. low to mid-80s inland for hollister, gilroy and morgan hill. another look at our california forecast in case you're heading around. yosemite 94 today with sunshine. game at at&t park, 7:15 first pitch, clear, 56 dropping to 62. temperatures 50s once again and they'll be less cloud cover tomorrow morning. that extra sunshine will help our temperatures jump 8 degrees. about 2 more degrees of warming thursday when the heat peaks. lose about 10 degrees around the bay and the coast on friday. about 10 degrees inland by saturday and all of us lose another 10 degrees by monday. going to get cooler the holiday weekend. hi, megan. >> hi, mike. good morning. no need to rush if you're getting ready to leave the house. should have a beautiful commute waiting you. a live look at the east shore freeway. interstate 80. headlights mooching westbound,
5:53 am
the drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze about 19 minutes. once you reach the bay bridge toll plaza, you'll find -- look at that! no problems making your way through the tolls and heading into san francisco. if you're commuting through the north bay this morning, let's get a live look at san rafael at 101. headlights moving southbound heading out of novato towards 580. the dive time from 37 to 580 just a light 9 minutes. san jose at the 880 overcrossing, a beautiful ride making your way northbound out of morgan hill and heading up the peninsula. for the latest traffic updates go to our website at click on the traffic link. eric, kristen? >> megan, thank you. 5:53 now. >> the bears hit the stock market and movie ticket sales tumble. >> good morning. you're not the only one finding it easier to get a seat at the movies. summer movie ticket sales at their lowest level since 1997.
5:54 am
that's because there aren't enough exciting movies to draw to the theaters. hollywood studios and theater owners, they're pocketing record revenue even with fewer tickets being sold. meantime might be harder to buy cough syrup. panels are going to meet to consider whether to restrict robe sus seen and johnson and johns johns johns johnson cough medicine. offering shots for free if you buy $30 worth of products from proctor and gamble. latest report on prices coming as sales tumble now that the tax credits ended. stocks dropped yesterday. that extended loss for the dow and s & p to more than 4% for
5:55 am
august. hewlett-packard agreed to pay $55 million it overbuild the u.s. government, the government earlier settling former allegations involving ibm and other tech companies. >> a battle is brewing in san francisco's union street neighborhood pitting some residents against a new business. it's a story that was sent to us at when the brick bar and restaurant opened a few months ago it opened a sunroom to a patio. but they had to suspend work because he started it without the proper permit. now some neighbors hope the work will never be finished. they're concerned the noise from the elevated patio and open doors from the bar will be disruptive. >> for 32 years it's been enclosed which is being respectful to the neighbors. >> we came in here and saw an opportunity to make a new restaurant to kind of restore some life to this ends of union
5:56 am
city. >> the planning commission will be taking public comment until september 9th and then schedule say hearing to decide the fate of the brick yard's patio. >> an art expert now says he made a mistake when he concluded that negatives bought for $45 sat a fresno garage sale were the work of ansel adams, lost work of ansel adams. first reported the development last night. the expert is a former cure rater at boston's museum off fine arts. robert changed his mind after examining similar pictures owned by an oakland woman who said her late uncle had taken them. >> still ahead on abc 7 news, where you can get access to dozens of employers looking for new employees today. >> plus it appears striking workers who left trash piling up on the peninsula last week have now found a way to cash in on the problem they helped create. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live at
5:57 am
san francisco international airport where more than 200 passengers have quite a story to tell after the plane they were in had to make an emergency landing out here. its engine catching on fire out over the pacific. their story in their words coming up ♪ ♪ yes! ♪ oh my gosh, are those the jeans from last year? how'd you do it?
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