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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 31, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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passengers that took off for australia last night are back in san francisco this morning after an engine blew while they were out high over the pacific. their story in their words coming up in a live report. >> also in the headlines, two passengers now being detained and questioned as potential terrorists after some suspicious items were discovered in their luggage. officials say it's possible they were trying a dry run of a terrorist attack. >> california now faces the fourth budget delay in state history. voting on two competing budget deals today. >> here's a live look at downtown san francisco. the clouds back. don't expect them to hang around long. high pressure and a significant warming trend the next 72 hours before a cool holiday weekend. >> and it's a nice commute on southbound 680 through contra costa counties. a complete traffic report in a few minutes. >> it's 6 a.m. on this tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. topping our news, overnight a
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jet gowned for avenues carrying hundreds had to make an emergency landing in san francisco after an explosion in one of its engines. terry mcsweeney joins us live at sfo. you got an incredible look at the hole left in the engine. >> these are devastating pictures but there they were, 212 passengers and 19 crew members, 45 minutes out of sfo out over the pacific en route to sidney, australia when all of a sudden they heard a thud. take a look at the hole. these pictures are truly amazing. what was left behind after that thud. passengers said that thud was followed by a shower of sparks and some saying they saw flames inside the engine. one of four engines on this 747. all this again about 45 minutes after the jet had taken off bound for australia. that's about a 14-hour flight. passengers describe the in-flight fireworks display and passengers' reaction. >> could see just a shower of
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sparks and just speaking to the other passengers later, they said that there was a bit of flying or central flame. >> young man behind me saying all right! and i was wondering what they were talking about. just looked out the window because obviously the aisle of three, and i moved over to see what was happening. and i didn't panic. i thought, well, everybody's gonna be in the same boat. >> many passengers complimenting the attendants for being so calm and pleasant during the entire scary flight. no one is saying i hate qwantas. the captain dumped the fuel, landed safely. no injuries. just a terrifying evening for more than 200 passengers hoping to get to australia sometime today. hoping to find a jet to bring up here to take them back to australia. live at sfo, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you very much.
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it's 6:02. u.s. officials now say investigators are looking into whether two men arrested in amsterdam were conducting a dry run for a potential terrorist attack. the white house says the men were not on any terror watch lists. they were arrested after thirties found suspicious items on their checked luggage on a flight to dubai. the two men were expected to be charged in the netherlands with preparations for a terrorist attack but officials in the netherlands haven't confirmed anything. in the luggage, authorities found the cellphone taped to a pepto-bismol bottle, a boxcutter and three large knives. >> it seems as if it was some sort of test in the fact that you start to tape together cellphones and you carry cutters in your luggage and things. it's obviously an attempt to see if this will be picked up. >> the men live in michigan. investigators are currently searching their homes for more evidence. >> attempted murder charges are expected to be filed today against the gang member accused of shooting a bay area police
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officer. andrew barontos was arrested saturday at the mexican border for shooting fremont police officer todd young. police say the 20-year-old suspect nicknamed dough boy has already confessed to shooting officer young while young tried to serve an arrest warrant friday in oakland. meantime officer young's condition is improving. he remains in intensive care but has been upgraded from critical to serious conditions. >> this is california's 67th day with no budget. governor schwarzenegger plans to give an update during his speech in san francisco. party lead he weres say they will call for a vote on two opposing budget proposals but neither is expected to get the two-thirds vote needed to pass. there are also no new negotiations with the governor's schedule. >> more than 100 san francisco park employees who assist city gardners may be out of a job within the next month unless there's an extension to the federally funded jobs now programs. the recreation and parks
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department is one of dozens of city agencies taking advantage of the federal stimulus money that paid for employees during the economic downturn. the san francisco examiner reports the jobs of 122 workers with rec and park are at risk of losing their job unless they're hired back with city money. mayor newsom has been meeting with other officials to push for an extension. >> the california job journal consponsoring a job fair in emeryville. 400 positions up for grabs at 13 different companies. one, lens crafters, is hiring 50 management and sales positions for nearly two dozen bay area stores. >> we are looking for people that are very outgoing, enjoy working with people. and ideally they don't, do not have to have optical experience because we will be training them. >> laurence berkley national laboratories hiring 160 workers and you don't necessarily have
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to be a scientist to get a job. >> part of san effort here at berkeley to not only attract the best talent available but want to enhance our work force by he recruiting and retaining a work force that reflects the diversity of the local community. >> today's california job journal hire event takes place in emeryville from noon until 4:00 at the hilton garden inn. in addition to the other jobs, there will be a special section on healthcare. >> a muni driver's account with another bus this weekend is being disputed. muni confirms its investigating witness accounts of this crash in chinatown. the driver reported he was checking out a malfunctioning while chair platform when his bus rolled about 100 feet down a hill crashing into the other burst. witnesses told the website that the driver was actually getting coffee when the bus rolled away. two passengers on the bus that lost control were slightly hurt. >> this morning we're learning
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that trash collectors in san mateo county were paid quite a bit in overtime this weekend while cleaning up piles of backed up garbage after missed pick-ups. that's according to the mercury news. the issue is those piles of garbage built up because the same men walked off the job to support a two-day strike at a peninsula landfill. 250 employees were allied waste walked off the job last wednesday and thursday in support of a strike by a dozen landfill workers. it affected some 36,000 homes and businesses in the county. >> all right. 6:07. mike's been busy working keeping tracks of ups and downs in the forecast. >> up slope. coldest day may have been yesterday -- well, actually saturday but as far as this work week, probably yesterday. working on some data that i'll try to get to you in the next half hour but just about across the board one of the coolest augusts even, even with those three days of record heat.
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let's talk about today. santa rosa 4 degrees warmer, oakland 5, san jose 6. san francisco 7, concord 8 and fremont 9 degrees warmer than yesterday. cloud cover at 8:00 this morning. clouds retreat by noon, back to the coast where we have 60 half moon bay and mid to upper 60s san francisco, san rafael, oakland, palo alto with low to mid-70s fremont into the south bay. mid to upper 70s the north bay and east bay valleys. by 4:00 looking at sunshine everywhere, even pockets developing along the coast, the half moon bay 60. san francisco 67. throughout the bay low to mid-70s. upper 70s in the south bay. you see low to mid-80s in the east bay valleys and also the same thing up in the north bay valleys. let's take a look at your seven-day forecast. everybody warms about 8 degrees tomorrow and the heat peaks with a couple more degrees on thursday, then we start dropping around 4 to 10 degrees friday and about another 10 degrees by the time monday rolls around.
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megan, good morning. >> good morning. no major problem spots on our bay area roadways. let's start with a live look at the san mateo bridge. traffic moving nicely here in both directions. headlights eastbound into hayward. a check of drive times for your tuesday morning commute, westbound 4 out of antioch into contoward. 19 minutes there. fast commute westbound 580 from 205 to 680 looking good at 24 minutes. taking mass transit this morning, no delayses, everything operating on schedule. eric, kristen. >> megan, thanks a lot. it's 6:09. >> just ahead, worries over window treatments. seven on your side looks at whatever parent needs to know before buying window shades. >> plus the complaints about pg&e's so-called smart meters. >> why you're about to see a lot more solo drivers in california's carpool lanes. >> as we go to break, let's take a live look at president obama heads out to fort bliss, texas, to thank troops personally ahead of tonight's oval office speech
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you can see
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good morning, everyone. it's 6:13 on the abc 7 morning news. a beautiful picture of what? ballmer peak in the east bay looking east towards mount diablo. see the orange glow. pretty! all we need is a huge maraschino cherry on top like a big
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dessert. >> hungry this morning? more news right now. berkeley police need the public's help finding the person who returned a wallet to its rightful owner. here's a picture. it could become evidence in approximate the criminal prosecution of two men charged with robbing and stabbing a man 25 times back in 1996. but in order to make their case, police need to find the person who found this wallet and mailed it july 13th. the wallet included a note that said it was found on san ran men zo avenue while gardening but there was no return address. >> the california public utilities commission has been severely underreporting the number of complaints about pg&e smart meters. in fact, the number of complaints being reported by state regulators has just doubled in a matter of days. as recently as ten days ago, the public utilities commission told "7 on your side" it had received just over 2300 complaints about the smart meters.
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now it has issued a correction telling us there have actually been more than 4100 complaints filed with the state. totals up to now have not included complaints filed with the cpuc's consumer affairs branch. they say those complaints involved around rates and service and are not as relevant as those complaints received through other channels. they didn't complain why they wouldn't be as relevant. consumers complain the meters are inaccurate and lead to higher bills. they're scheduled to release findings on thursday. the cpuc says the investigators have been given accurate complaint totals. >> millions of window shades have been recalled because of strangulation dangers. but the type of shade in question continues to be sold. 7 on your side's michael finney has important information for any parents whose child could come in contact with the shade. >> a child dice every two weeks after being entangled in a
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window-covering chord. the danger he recalls aren't as obvious as you might first thing. >> a lot of people know about the pull chord which is the cord that raises and lowers the shade. the inner cord is what is the problem on blinds. children have been known to get their fingers in here and pull on this cord creating a loop which they put around their neck and strangle themselves. >> as a safe alternative, considering buying honeycomb shades. the inner cords are still there but children can't get to them and that eliminates the risk. a link to more safety times at i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> 6:16. starting to climb up with our temperatures. >> it's going to get warm once again. paying pg&e a little extra coinage i think. take a look outside. step you through what's going on. marine layer clouds. normal we associate that with cooler level but we're trapping the moisture in the lowest
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layers. that's what's creating the cloud cover. notice once the clouds leave us, we have a lot of sunshine in store this afternoon. 6:17. temperatures 60 in mountain view and san jose. we have mid to upper 50s in most other neighborhoods. 52 santa rosa with a quarter mile visibility due to fog. san rafael 55. and a little fog in your neighborhood also. around the monterey bay and inland we have cloudy conditions in upper 50s. our first highlight, sunshine this afternoon and the warming trend begins. our warmest afternoons are tomorrow and thursday. the cooling will hit the coast on friday and sweep across the entire bay area as we head through the holiday weekend. in fact, temperatures could be nearly 20 degrees cooler by monday in some areas. satellite radar. we're seeing that low pull away yesterday that allowed all the sunshine to roll in. here's a look at the cold air it took with us as the jet stream rolls away it allows high pressure to fly in its wake. that's why we see clear sky and that extra sunshine.
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the next couple mornings we may not have these clouds. wide range of temperatures in the south bay, 75 milpitas to 80 san jose to los gatos and saratoga around 85. low to mid-70s abeing lo the peninsula. los altos, 70 degrees. daly city 64. the sunset at 65. south san francisco near 70 which is closer to average for us. sausalito, san rafael mid to upper 70s. look at the low to mid-80s through north bay valleys and pockets of sunshine at your beaches and low to mid-60s. richmond 70, warm to 74 oakland and break out the upper 70s union city, fremont, castro valley and hercules. danville and dublin 82. 90s in brentwood. morgan hill mid-80s. sunshine, a few clouds around the monterey bay but i think you'll see sunshine, too and mid to upper 60s for you in carmel.
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tonight look at the lack of cloud cover. maybe a little cooler to start tomorrow because we have the blanket effect from the clouds. patchy fog possible. mid to upper 50s for the bay in our inland valleys and 52 half moon bay. here's a look at your seven-day forecast. everybody, including the coast warms 8 degrees tomorrow. inland will warm about another 2 degrees on thursday. we'll hit the upper 90s there. mid 80s around the bay. near 70 at the coast. lose 10 degrees around the bay and the coast on friday. then about another 10 inland by saturday and about another 10 inland by monday. megan. >> good morning. a stalled big rig slowing down the commute throughout the altamont pass on westbound 580. was blocking the middle lane at grant line road. got word from chp they have cleared it to the shoulder. this yellow means we have speeds under 40 mph through the area and the drive time now from 205 to 680, 25 minutes.
6:20 am
heading north bound on 101 from 280, highway 237, that's 11 minutes. no delays making your way out of antioch to 242. 19 minutes. a 9 minute commute time on westbound 24 to the caldecott tunnel. east shore freeway starting to get a little crowded as headlights make their way westbound on interstate 80, the drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze about 22 minutes. metering lights have not been turned on. no delays heading into the tolls and san francisco. south bay commuters nice on 280 making your way through the downtown san jose area. for the latest go to and click on the traffic link under abc 7 extras. kristen. >> all right, megan. thanks a lot. it's 6:20. more california drivers will get the opportunity to drive in a carpool lane. governor schwarzenegger signed a measure allowing 40,000 more environmentally friendly cars to go so low in the diamond lane.
6:21 am
the measure covers plug-in hybrids and fuel cell cars. g.m.'s chevrolet volt and the new toyota prius and nissan links. those who have permits also got their extended. some lawmakers were opposed saying carpool lanes are already too congested. >> 6:21 now. some sing, some talk, some act but they're all gonna dance. >> a look at the stunning lineup ççççççfs@i@çtv"x(x(x(x(xpç-ñ-ñ]x
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>> it's 6:24. google is trying to make it easier to manage your in box. the mu view based company is
6:25 am
rolling out a feature for g-mail called priority in box which organizes messages based on things like how often you e-mail someone. it splits your in box into three sections, important, starred and everything else. >> who will be trying to wow the judges on the next season of abc's "dancing with the stars.." >> sarah palin's daughter bristol, florence henderson with "the brady bunch." mtv's jersey shore, retired arizona and st. louis rams quarterback kurt warner. michael bottle ton, margaret cho, jennifer gray, the hassle half, david hasselhoff of baywatch fame. >> karl matthews, singer brandy and the hills. season 11 of "dancing with the
6:26 am
stars" begins september 20th. we can ask kobe bryant if brandy is a good dancer. they winter to school together. >> let's see hasselhoff, if he can dance. the new numbers showing a sewage spill in san mateo county may be a much bigger concern than anyone realized. >> one bay area community warning people to stay out of the water today. >> and this east bay attack by vandals. is it a hate crime? >> i'm terry mcsweeney live at san francisco international airport where 200 passengers took off for australia last night but they never made it. they're back here in san francisco after blowing an engine over the pacific. their story in a live report. >> and good news if you're traveling by plane. all our major airports across the lower 48 doing well but look for
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. ♪ trading is getting underway on wall street at 6:30. investors watching two important economic reports, the standard and poors index and consumer confidence likely to remain at low levels in august. a live report from the new york stock exchange in 15 minutes. >> it was short and not very sweet. it's a flight more than 200 passengers will never forget. a jet bound for sidney, australia, was forced to turn and make an emergency landing in san francisco after an explosion
6:31 am
in one of its engines. terry mcsweeney with the stunning pictures showing exactly what mechanics found after the plane touched back down. >> yeah, the 747 took after last night about 11:00, 212 passengers, 19 crew minutes. 19 minutes back and with a big hole in it. how big a hole? take a look. you can see for yourself from these pictures of the hole in engine number one, one of four engines on the 747. passengers say they were maybe 45 minutes into a 14-hour flight when they heard what they describe as a thud. and you've been looking what that thud was all about, a gaping hole in the engine and the engine housing. that thud was followed by a light show of sparks and some fire inside the engine. one passenger told us what happened. >> look and see just the shower of sparks. speaking to one of the other passengers later, they said that there was a bit of flying.
6:32 am
>> it was remarkably calm. i was surprised that during the whole sort of fireworks show that there was no screaming and no obvious signs of panic. >> the pilot then dumped the fuel out over the pacific and while he was doing that, there was some bouncing around as the weight aboard that plane shifted. the passengers again throughout all of this stayed calm. right now qantas is trying to find a jet to bring up to san francisco. it has found actually hotels for the 212 passengers. they were here until about 3:45 this morning going through this entire process. they were beat. some were drained emotionally but most were calm and got through it okay. no injuries. live at sfo, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you. police are investigating two recent attacks at the naacp chapter in hayward. a window at the office has been broken the past two since.
6:33 am
police say august 22nd someone fired a pellet gun and into a number of offices and storefronts in the area of second and b streets. then last sunday it happened again. when a rock was tossed through the window. police are investigating the incidents as vandalism and say there's no evidence so far of a hate crime. palo alto police are warning residents not to leave valuables inside their cars following a string of burglaries over the last two weeks. the police department has increased patrols in areas near downtown and the stanford shopping center where many of the break-ins have occurred. police investigated 28 auto break-ins between august 16th and last friday. the thieves have been taking laptop computers, gps units, cellphones and other electronics. >> a white house spokesman says the two u.s. residents held in the netherlands because of suspicious items found in their checked luggage were not on terror watch lists. the u.s. is investigating whether the men were conducting
6:34 am
a test for potential terror attack. lillian kim has more. >> muhammad and amarisi are under arrest in the netherlands. sources tell abc news the pair flew from chicago's o'hare to amsterdam after having packed mock bombs in their checked luggage. u.s. officials found a cellphone taped to a pepto-bismol bottle and found several watches taped together, a boxcutter and three large knives. >> it seems as if it was some sort of test in the fact that you start to tape together cellphones and you carry cutters in your luggage and things, it's obviously an attempt to see if this will be picked up. >> the items did raise suspicions early on in alabama. but none of the items is considered illegal for checked luggage. sources tell abc news he was also carrying $7,000 in cash
6:35 am
whiches will wasn't breaking any law. but when they both boarded a plane to amsterdam after having checked their luggage on a different flight to dulles, u.s. officials decidedto step in. they ordered the plane back to the gate and retrieved their luggage. dutch officials detained the two men as soon as they arrived in amsterdam. >> the american people in the united states, just one more wake-up call in this very serious threat of terrorism. >> according to "the new york times," a cousin of the one of two men says the items found in the luggage were probably designated to loved once at home. he said in their culture it's common to bind together items meant for the same recipient. >> it is 6:35 now. turns out last week's raw sewage spill in redwood city was nearly ten times worse than anyone initially thought. at first officials estimated 5,000 gallons went into the redwood shores lagoon after an underground pipe ruptured
6:36 am
wednesday. the revise the estimate, 48,000 gallons. cleanups of streets and garages almost done. cleanup of the lagoon is expected to begin over the next few weeks. >> for the first time this year, police have posted warning signs at a popular pacifica beach after witnesses say they saw a great white shark attack a sea lion close to shore. it happened yesterday. this is a look at the shark from video captured by jason from his pedro point home. police say two surfers swimming 300 yards out also saw the shark attack. >> one surfer told the other one, hey, look, there's a shack attacking a seal. one one looks and that's where they see the shark thrashing out of the water with the seal. >> was the most incredible thrashing bloodbath you've ever seen. >> experts say it's not uncommon for sharks to swim off our coast
6:37 am
this time of year. they hunt for seals who feed on salmon heading to the sacramento river. >> it is almost 6:37. let's check with mike for a look at the forecast. >> starting off cloudy this morning. a good morning to you and drizzle along the coast. temperatures pretty mild, even warmer than yesterday with mid to upper 50s holding steady through about 8:00. a quick reveal of sunshine. by noon i think the clouds are back to the coast keeping you around 60. mid to upper 60s for san francisco, san rafael, oakland, palo alto. low to mid-70s for fremont down into san jose and morgan hill. upper 70s around napa and upper 70s to near 80 already in the east bay valleys. in the east bay valleys the warmest with sunshine at 4:00 with low to mid-80s for you. low to mid-70s bay, san francisco 67. san rafael 74. pockets of sunshine along the coast but 60 half moon bay. talking about how cool this august. we're running about 1 degree below average in santa rosa.
6:38 am
3 oakland. 4 san francisco. about 5 degrees warmer or afternoon highs have been below average in livermore and still san jose if we don't get up to 80 this is going to be the coolest august ever right now. our average high about 79. let's take a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast. everybody gets in on the warmth tomorrow. inland peaks a couple more degrees warmer thursday. lose about 10 degrees at the coast and around the bay friday and cooling spreads inland. by monday all of us down around 10 to 20 drizzle from the coast and to the bay. a cool fall-like labor day weekend. good morning, megan. a new problem? >> a new crash in san bruno. it's westbound 380 on the connector ramp to north bound 280. the fast lane blocked. a tow truck on the scene. although a stalled van has been reported on the san mateo bridge westbound at the flat section. the right lane is blocked there. a check of slower drive times for your tuesday morning commute making your way out of antioch from westbound 4 heading into
6:39 am
concord 22 minutes there. also a 25 minute drive time on westbound 580 through the altamont pass from 205 to 680 and no delays in mass transit right now. let's go outside for a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where metering lights have just been turned on and we've already got a backup right to the end of that west grand overcrossing. at least a 15 minute delay heading into san francisco this morning. eric, kristen. >> megan, thank you very much. it's 6:39 now. >> still ahead the stomach-churning discover ris investigators made as they tried that eggs that led to a california salmonella outbreak. >> trading underway on wall street. a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. first a live look at the big board. you see the dow is currently down 48 points putting it below 10,000. >> the civic duty that kept gubernatorial candidate meg whitman off the campaign trail yesterday. >> the east coast braces for what could be the worst hurricane to hit the region in nearly 20 years. the latest on the now category 4
6:40 am
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♪ welcome back. 6:43 on this tuesday. let's talk about the temperatures along the coast. we'll see pockets of sunshine, mid to upper 60s for eureka and big sur. sunshine l.a. and 81. san diego 73. warmth building through the central valley with upper 80s sacramento to low 90s chico.  sunshine over tahoe and 73. yosemite 94 and sunshine and 94 palm springs. eric. >> mike, thank you. 6:43 now.
6:44 am
this morning nato says four more american troops have been killed in a roadside bomb explosion this time in eastern afghanistan today. in total 18 service members have been killed since saturday in a total of 53 killed this month. >> president obama's press secretary said he can't foresee a circumstance where the u.s. would have to send combat troops back to iraq. meanwhile president obama will address the issue tonight as he officially marks the end of the mission in iraq. tonight the president is expected to say he's fulfilled a campaign promise. the president will tae the iraq drawdown has made his troop surge in afghanistan possible. less than 50,000 u.s. troops are left in iraq and the remaining troops are tasked with supporting and training iraqi soldiers. you can watch the president's address live on abc 7. >> a heads up for you. you might want to walk away from your breakfast plate for just a moment. we're getting the stunning
6:45 am
results of the federal inspection of two iowa egg farms at the center of that huge nationwide recall of more than a half billion eggs. here's chris fury. >> what fda inspectors found in farms owned by two big iowa egg producers after that salmonella poisoning can only be described as disgusting. >> this is shocking. it's an industry-wide practice that has to stop. >> at wright egg and quality egg owned by the same company, fda inspectors found live mice inside the egg-laying houses, live and dead flies and maggots too numerous to count. at hillendale farms, inspectors found 65 unsealed rodent holes and liquid manure streaming out of a gap in a door. in a statement wright county egg said the vast majority of the concerns already have been addressed. >> it's the lack of sanitation in these massive factory farms that can lead to just the kind
6:46 am
of food born illness problems we're seeing. >> the iowa farms share business ties with egg baron jack da costar. his company's charged with multiple violations over the years, including a $25,000 fine after undercover video revealed this poor treatment of hens in a farm he owns in maine. the fda inspections are the first ever at these farms since new standards took effect in july. now the administration has ordered inspectors to all the biggest egg producers in the hopes of preventing another dangerous outbreak. abc news. >> it appears the value of america's homes is on the rise and san francisco is leading the way. >> bloomberg's courtney donahue is here to explain. >> good morning. good news for san francisco. the s & p case-shiller index that came out earlier, an index of 20 metropolitan cities and shows it rose 2.43% in june,
6:47 am
that's more than forecasts compared to a year ago and shows the government tax incentive is working and stabilizing the housing market before sales plunged in july. san francisco leading the pack, 15 out of 20 cities showed a year over year increase and san francisco saw 14% gain in home values. but not so good news for first-time home buyers. less affordable to buy a home and that's according to the california association of realtors. san francisco, only 49% in the second quarter and that's from the first three months of the year. taking a look at stocks. we're seeing some pressure on them this morning. that's even with the better than forecast home price index. as you see now, the dow down 24 points, the s & p down 4 and nasdaq down 11. and your bloomberg silicon valley index, that's lower with the broader market. focusing on hewlett-packard, the company settling with the united states government for $55 million. the company brought in the general services administration and other federal agents.
6:48 am
and hewlett-packard's former ceo mark hurtt, takes another blow. says that hurtt has not been nominated for re-election as foreign director. hurd had been on the board since 2008 and stepped out from h. p. earlier this month after inquiry revealed inaccurate expense reports. that's business news at the new york stock exchange. >> courtney, thank you very much. >> more news now. in sacramento the state senate has rejected a bill that would have made it illegal to carry unloaded guns in public. the lawmakers will give the vote one more try today. the bill was introduced after a series of demonstrations by gun rights organizations at coffee shops and other businesses across the east bay. they encourage people to openly carry unloaded weapons. state law let's gun owners carry a rifle or handgun in a holster if it's not loaded. the measure would make it a misdemeanor. the state assembly has sent chelsea's law to the governor.
6:49 am
the legislation was written following the rape and murder of chelsea king, a san diego area teen who was murdered by a convicted sex offender earlier this year. governor schwarzenegger has promised to sign it if the bill becomes law, it would allow state law to sentence some sex offenders to life without parole. >> strengthening to a category 4 storm as it barrels to the east coast of the u.s. earl has maximum sustained winds of 135 mph. so far it has skirted just east of the bahamas and florida but it has kicked up showers and thunderstorms all over southern florida and it could create huge swells up and down the eastern seaboard. >> all right. so forecasters on the east coast for next couple days will be watching. >> really are. it may come in during the weekend and holiday weekend. a lot of people at the beaches. the beaches are gonna get hit no matter what with dangerous waves even as earl stays offshore.
6:50 am
sustained winds of 135 mph. moving to the west-northwest pulling from puerto rico. if it does get close to the coast, the weaker side will hit the coast. the eastern side is always the one with the faster winds. you can see it gets close to cape hatteras and close to massachusetts, also, and heads up into nova scotia by the beginning of the weekend. so something to keep an eye on and so will we in case your traveling or have relatives. low clouds have kept temperatures warmer than yesterday. still 61 mountain view, 60 san jose with mid to upper 50s for the rest of us. monterey bay, cloudy conditions. even inland with temperatures in the upper 50s. all right, so we'll have sunshine this afternoon and the warming trend will begin. warmest afternoon tomorrow and thursday and the cooler air hits the coast friday, spreads throughout the bay all the way into the weekend. the coldest bay could be sunday
6:51 am
and even labor day monday. this morning a light onshore breeze putting clouds in all our neighborhoods. the high pressure moves over, that breeze will start to wane and you see how quickly the clouds get back to the coast by noon. the afternoon we see some clouds dissipate, some sunshine develop along the coast. 60s there, 70s and 80s dominate most of the bay. even 90 brentswood. rest of the east bay valleys mid to upper 80s. along the east bay shore, richmond 70. oakland 74 along with hayward. about 78 fremont for one of the warmer spots. around the south bay quite a change in temperatures from 85 saratoga, los gatos. 80 san jose to 79 cupertino. 75 milpitas. peninsula, low to mid-70s for you. low to mid-60s along the coast. south san francisco near 70. mid to upper 70s for sausalito and san rafael but low to mid-80s through most of the north bay valleys. we'll head to the monterey bay. monterey at 68, 76 santa cruz. 10 degrees warmer in gilroy at
6:52 am
86. baseball game tonight, clear and comfortable. not as breezy. 7:15 first pitch. game time ends with 62. 8 degrees warmer everywhere. that means the coast too tomorrow. couple degrees warmer as the heat peaks thursday and drop temperatures friday 10 degrees around the bay and the coast. 10 degrees inland by saturday and another 10 degrees by monday. all right. we have a beautiful picture. take a look at this latest whether video. uploaded to abc 7's youreport powered by this is what it looked like 22 avenue and this morning, too. the same as san francisco fog. if you have any whether video like this we sure appreciate it or any photos you'd like to share with us. we'd love to see them to youreport@kgo. megan has a new accident. >> we have a new crash on the nimitz freeway.
6:53 am
southbound 880 at davis street and the two right lanes are blocked there. also so far a crash in san bruno. westbound 380 on the connector ramp to northbound 280. the south lane blocked there and a tow truck on the scene. that should be cleared shortly. a stalled car on the san mateo bridge in the westbound direction. the right lane is blocked. also a tow truck there. that should be cleared any minute now. let's go outside for a live look at the contra costa county. southbound 680 at the north main exit. taillights moving south. traffic moving nicely. commuting along the east shore freeway, a live look at interstate 80 heading through the berkeley area. headlights westbound and the drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze about 20 minutes. once you reach the bridge toll plaza expect to come to a stop. metering lights have been turned on. a backup to the west grand overcrossing. for the latest traffic updates, go to and click on the traffic link under abc 7
6:54 am
extras. >> megan, thanks. listen to this. popular cancer braceleting causing a major controversy in schools. students in fresno began wearing plastic brace lets that say i love boobies. they're used to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. fresno school district officials confiscated them before returning them after parents supported the children wearing them but the district banned the bracelets saying they're too sexually suggestive. still allow similar one that is say live strong and just say no to drugs. >> meg whitman had some time off from her campaign for governor yesterday. that's because she spent her time in redwood city where she had to report for jury duty. campaign official says she was not selected for a jury but is still in the pool and might have to report back on thursday. >> next time you eat out, remember this. half is the new whole. the center for science and the public interest doled out that advice as part of a new study on
6:55 am
portion sizes at restaurants. for example, the olive garden's dinner size serving is about three and a half cups, 840 calories. the fda says one serving of pasta should be only one cup. a bagel weighs about 4 ounces. the fda recommends 2 ounces. starbucks cookies checks in at 3 ounces. though hard to east just one-third of a cookie. >> oh, yes. i think you gotta do the whole thing. 6:55 now. recapping our top stories. a jet bound for australia carrying hundreds was forced to make an emergency landing at sfo after an engine blew. terry mcsweeney live at the airport with the latest. terry? >> those 212 passengers finally got out of san francisco international airport about 4:00 this morning and first to a variety of hotels after the flight to australia was aboarded after the engine blew. when that engine blew, take a look what happened.
6:56 am
a huge hole was left in the engine and the engine casing. one of four engines wiped out by the explosion in mid air. aboard the 747. passengers say there were about 45 minutes into a 14-hour flight when they heard a noise. many describe it as a thud. it left a gaping hole as you can see. the thud was followed by a light show of sparks that went on for some time. some say there was a fire inside the engine. what we're hearing from people aboard that flight, nobody panicked. the captain got on the intercom, said we're dumping our fuel, everybody stay calm and they did. a lot of people talking about how fantastic the flight attendants were. they were cool, calm and collected and everybody followed suit. the plane landed. nobody injured. qantas trying to find a jet to get up here, all these people, bring them out here and fly them to australia. a day late but no injuries.
6:57 am
terry mcsweeney. >> terry, thanks. >> a final check on weather and traffic at 6:45. >> you saw the clouds in terry mcsweeney's shot and behind you guys. we're still not seeing any flight arrival delays even with that fog and low cloudiness this morning. oakland, sunnyvale, san jose 60. rest of us minute 60s. expect degrees warmer. hottest temperatures tomorrow and thursday. megan. >> thanks, mike. metering lights on. a backup to the west grand overcrossing. we did just get reports of the a stalled car blocking the right lane heading into san francisco on the upper deck. treasure island following a crash in san bruno. westbound 380 on the ramp to northbound 280. the fast lane blocked there. that took out a light pole. cal tran repairing that are for a while. >> local update at 7:22. join us for the midday news at 11:00. have a great day and see you back here tomorrow morning. south of laredo, there's a place...
6:58 am
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