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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  August 31, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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abc 7 a written statement today. saying charges of excessive force are taken seriously. the department said it's deputies go through training on the use of force. this 64-year-old peter mcfarland with a heart condition was tased repeatedly in june, last year it was excruciating. it. >> it didn't appear he was a threat to himself or others. it was disturbing and made me shudder. >> reporter: dr. byron lee is a cardiologist and has done research on the lethal affects of tasers. it has real risks. if you get tased in the right place it can cause sudden cardiac arrest. >> mcfarland had just been treated by paramedics. soon after two, deputies
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showed up. >> the sheriffs ran up stairs into the room like a bunch of cowboy autos this video have a camera mounted on the taser. the lace jer targeted on mcfarland's chest. the deputy says he's going to take him to the hospital because he may be suicidal. >> we're going to take tout hospital for an evaluation. >> mcfarland said it was a crack he made because of the pain of injuries. the deputy orders him to get up, or else he'll tase him. his wife tells deputies he has a heart n condition. then, he gets up, he's tased three times before he's handcuffed. >> hands behind your back! >> stop resisting. stop resisting.
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>> stop resisting or you're going to get it again. stop resisting. >> reporter: mcfarland says hes never resisted. >> i was spastic, flipping around like the fish out of water. >> reporter: the sheriff says the reaction can be influenced by using only small selected segments of a lengthyer video. that better depicts the complexity of the event in question. well, we have the widow posted on our web site abc 7 and it's right on the front page so... take a look. you be the judge. vic lee abc 7 news. california streets are safer tonight after a major operation to crack down on a
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notorious gang. the some of the leaders direct gang activity from inside pelican bay state prison near crescent city, but that just became harder to do. we're live where authorities gave details of operation street sweeper. >> it took 250 federal, state and local officers to get to this point. the arrest of more than 30 gang members, many of them high-ranking members. this is today nrkt central valley thorkts seized 12 guns, 15,000s ndz cash, and methamphetamines, cocaine, and marijuana. they say this dealt a major blow to the gang. these are the faces at the highest level of one of the notorious, and dangerous gangs. david dc cervan text s is on the top.
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from what is supposed to be a state prison, pelican bay, authorities say he and three generals gave orders to kill. thanks to smuggled in cell phones sometimes by lawyers and family members, he's commanders receive orders and carry them out on the outside. >> it calls shots in proiz ons and neighborhoods in california. >> reporter: jerry brown announced a crack down on the gang and has dangerous connection was the sects around the state. in the central valley, agents arrested 34 gang members including four commander was links to the gang. >> we have never been able to do this in such magnitude to cause them to be disrupted. >> the bus is part of a year long operation and included a
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salinas bust this year, brown says the gang's long arm reaches bait area as well. >> i don't think any place is save from this kind of criminal enterprise. >> authorities say inmates are able to smuggle cell phones in sometimes in body cavities and sometimes, through creative means like baked goods brought by relatives and friends. >> criminal threat posed is significant and calls for a response, it's what we've been doing, what we did today whark we'll continue to do. >> now, the highest-ranking leaders are already serving life sentences skppl kept in isolation 24 hours per day, and still ef able to get their messages out. some of them could be facing a combination of state, and federal charges and may be looking at spending their lives behind bars, in prison.
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abc 7 news. >> and officials have charged two men, declined to file charges against a woman in a shooting of a fremont police officer. a 20-year-old was arrested saturday near the mexican border charged with arrested murder of officer todd young when young tried to serve an arrest warrant friday. he's charged with car jacking, shooting into vehicles, carrying a roaded weapon and transporting marijuana. gustavo silva has been charged with being an attempted accessory after the fact. a 40-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion and let goed to and has not been charged with crime. >> as for officer ung young, he underwent surgery today, remains sedated and listed in serious but stable condition with more surgeries this week, young's wife sent us an e mail
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and expressed her gratitude going ton say thank you for your words of support, prayers and blood donations. there are no words to express my gratitude during this time. and there is blood donations red cross saying there were twice as many donors and today has been busy as well. and you'll find locations at abc 7 some open until 7:30 this evening. >> ugly accusations being made about city leaders in san jose. temperatures accused about lying and something officials deny. the latest on an ongoing and hostile contract dispute. >> the union says the man who designed the dynamic deployment system to move fire equipment around to cover gaps in resources warned the city manager that's idea was unproven. and there is a audio tape
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played in florida. kate says he could not promise it would mitigate or offset firefighter layoff autos one of the things very not committed to is how much mitigation will turn out of this. and there is an idea to not kmilt to mitigation. >> the tape caught the city off guard. and the city manager says there will be an investigation. >> so as we speak, my staff is sorting out the details of who said what to whom, then, i think importantly, what context. because comments can be taken out of context. >> the mayor says the city has never tried to whitewash impact of budget cuts on response times. when the union won't take a 9% cut in pay and benefits, the city laid off 49 firefighters and cut five engines. >> i don't think anyone
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believes you can do the same amount of work with 49 firefighters. >> the city promised deployment would be one tool helping move resources where they needed to be in the event of a fire. so this system is only partial fully place. >> we're examining and doing this for the first time. it's going to take time to get go throughout process and let the public know whether this is working or not. >> the union says deployment gives people a false sense of security. and the mayor says the union is using scare tackics to avoid pay cuts that other unions have taken. >> in sacramento the state legislature did the expected today. failing to reach agreement on a new budget. assembly overwhelmingly rejected a plan and later the senate democrats failed to get the two thirds majority
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required to pass their budget plan. democrats childed rinz for their caught to cut social service autos really we're going get rid of child care? really? we're going to starve the people? really? that is what this budget is? really? this is really our proposal for california? this is how we're going to restore the promise? really? >> in san francisco, the governor accused democrats of wasting billions by failing to enact key reforms, changes he says needs to be included in any budget reaching his desk. >> i would not sign a budget if we don't just have reform, this if you don't do pension reform. >> latest legislative session ends at midnight with no new talks planned. the budget is now 62 days past due and ious are just around the corner. >> still to come tonight on
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abc 7 news mountain lion spotted roaming streets of berkeley overnight. people who saw it and cops who killed it. >> also, coming up, we have exchoosive new photos of the damage to a quantitias airlines jet forced to make a hasty return overnight. a san francisco business owner fell for a fraud. a phony fund-raiser and good samaritans helping bring it down. >> someone else's personal information winds up in your computer. )ñ)ñ)ñ@ú@ú@ún[ t
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[ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland, but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. berkeley police say they
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had no choice with you bu to shoot and kill a mountain lion. police swarmed the area just after 2:00 this morning. a neighbor spotted the big cat. officers tracked it until one shot and killed the 100 pound female on the 1600 block of walnut street. >> and of course, very pro animal. and i wish they could have caught it. and maybe in a zoo, or... at least, you know take it into a reserve, or something. and a mother mountain lion. >> possibility a community member would step out of the house early to go to work. we have different life styles. owe so they felt this mountain lion posed a significant public safety hazard. >> so why did they kill it? police say they don't have tranquilizer guns and officers are not trained to trap mountain lion autos flames and flying sparks sent a passenger
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jet back to san francisco international airport for an emergency landing. quantitias airways flight 74 left san francisco last night bound for sydney, australia. it had to turn after just 45 minutes and make an emergency return to sfo. >> engine shuddered perhaps 10 seconds we can see spark autos bill crabtree reads from what he hopes will be his most draw matic facebook posting. today, the crippled 747 sat on the tarmac. the engine failed half an hour after takeoff, bound for sydney with 21 passengers and 19 crew. crabtree and his wife sitting over the wing and saw sparks 60 feet long. >> the girl next door to us started crying and said are we going to die? i said no. we've got three more engines. >> the faa calls it
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uncontained engine failure, abc 7's ron wilson says that means whatever failed blew through the engine wall taking a half of hour of circling to dump enough fuel to make a safe planned landing. >> that airplane weighs 850,000 pounds. and it holds 60,000 gallons of fuel. they've got to dump a good, probably 35 or 40,000 gallons. >> today, weary passengers were rerouted through los angeles. divided up on united, delta and american airlines, early morning by the time they got off the plane. >> we weren't treated as aliens. we went out 20 minutes and u.s. customs allowed us not to go through paper work. that was appreciated. thank you, customs. that would have been a nightmare on top of the drama. >> and we got to the hotel and got off the plane and everything. and now... we'll survive.
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>> the faa says it will not be in charge of the investigation because it's a foreign carrier. >> getting around san francisco on a bike just got easier. the city unveiled a section of bike lanes opened since a judge lifted a court-imposed injunction two weeks ago that stalled a project for four years. and new lanes run along both directions near fisherman's wharf. >> this is important connection. for people coming from embarcadero and downtown going out to the marina and golden gate bridge well. haven't had a good path through near fisherman's wharf, now, we do. >> and this is the first of 20 miles of bike lanes added over the next year. >> just a lovely day to get out there and ride. >> and ride, walk, run, whatever you wanted to do. >> beautiful day f you're
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going ride tomorrow, count on a warm ride. and there is really hot inland there. is a live picture from sutro camera. blue skies and there is nothing to worry about. coastal areas into 50s, inland communities you're into 80s so just a comfortable evening tonight. hot inland, warm at the coast. much cooler weather for labor day weekend. so this morning, measurable drizzle, low clouds and fog, and this afternoon, the fog layer remains pretty shallow about 800 feet deep. that shallow you know it's going to burn off quickly. tonight we're going to see a northerly wind scouring the fog out. by morning, just patches of
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fog along the coastline here z there is a quick day of clearing that will lead to a hotter day inland. there is patches of fog along the ko. it's a mild start. not going to take long for temperatures to head up. especially with north wind it's a down sloping wind really causing temperatures to sore tomorrow. inland areas there is 80s around bayside communities and 70s at beaches. so there is a warm to hot day for wednesday. and highs for wednesday into south bay, mid-90s for campbell. los gatos. there is upper 80s for redwood city. mid-70s at beaches. you're into 50s this afternoon. so warm up 74 in half moon bai. downtown, going up 10 degrees 82 degrees there.
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there is santa rosa, 98 in cal stoga. oakland 86 degrees. and newark, new 90s this is where you'll feel that sizzle. there is 88 degrees in santa cruz. definitely a beach day. here is the accu-weather forecast. poor air quality across parts of the bay area tomorrow. it's a spare the air day for wednesday. and the heat is peaking thursday with triple digits inland. temperatures starting to moderate friday. and there is low 80s by labor day weekend. and we're going to go from triple digits to low 80s. >> fight. >> dropping drawers as carolyn
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a well known organization helping the homeless says is the victim of fraud. tonight the san francisco coalition on homelessness is warning scam artists are illegally collecting money in their name. >> this sole yigs on homelessness has an been advocating nearly 25 years.
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this organization pushes for housing treatment and welfare reform, now, seems someone is trading on the reputation to commit fraud. >> they've probably figured they can probably play on heart strings to get donation autos this coalition director says scam artists hired solicitors who then call local merchants reading from a script that says in part if we close, homeless problem with return to the streets and business will be affected. >> and it sounded legit. sounded like... someone that was passionate about what they're doing. >> just hours after the call, someone showed up at least one mission district store. >> we never go door to door. >> most people mail in donations in the newspaper.
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they contribute on the web site. jonathan seigel got a call. >> they said they're funds are cancelled for the government and they were asking for donations. >> the coalition found out about the fraud. and two alerted the organization. >> we called the direct attorney and let them know what is happening. our fear is that they may stop on us. and then, just switch to a new name of a different organization and then, fund raise on behalf of that organization. >> the direct attorney says sez anyone thinking their victims of a scam should call police. >> and dozens of men took off their clothes today in the name of fighting unemployment. and they're encouraging other men to give the suits off their backs for the national suit drive. it's the largest in the countsry designed to help the
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unemploifed dress for success. the suits go to local charities to distribute. >> oh, my. >> and still coming up there is a surprise salute to his predecessor, now, on to restoring economy. >> tonight there is positive news for those of you embarking on a desperate search for job autos new signs of life in technology. jobs coming to an
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good evening, once again. tonight president obama declares it's time to turn the page on the war with iraq. the president declared an end to the united states combat mission in iraq and
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acknowledged the war's staggering cost. >> we per receive yeared because of the a belief out of the ashes of war a new beginning to be born in this cradle of civilly saigs. should this remarkable chapter in the history of the united states and iraq we have met our responsibilities. now, it's time to turn the page. >> the. >> president says it's time to face other pressing problems including the struggling economy. >> our urgent task is restore our economy putting millions of american who's lost their jobs back to work. this will be difficult. and in days to come it must be a central mission as a people. >> the president stopped short of declaring victory in iraq and presidented president bush in the body of the speech but failed to credit for the troop
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surge as many wanted him to do. a poll shows few people share the president's optimism about the economy. of the thousand people, 89% rated the economy poor, or not so good. 73% said the same about climate for making purchases. and the overall consumer comfort index stabdz at minus 45, only nine points above the low. >> and there is signs of improving confidence did improve stocks but the dow jones remained flat today up just five points ending with a decline of more than four%ent. and home prices rose for a third month. the bay area had the country's biggest gain in the nation. 14.3% and the u.s. banking
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industry posted highest numbers, $22 billion. still, 54 banks failed during that same time period. >> if this job fair is a economic barometer, shows people are looking for work. a thousand people turned out for today's event. and on the bright side, companies are hiring, once again. >> this light extend nootd parking lot of the hot yes. hundreds pechl hoping to talk to recruiters from 13 companies, 400 jobs, available. >> a lot of management and technical. it. >> there is lawrence berkeley national laboratory. >> we've got about 200 positions open now. >> this is about selling. on both sides of the table. >> what are you looking for?
6:33 pm
>> administrative position. >> i think the job fairs are better because it's eye kachblgt you get to talk to someone. this is rather than sitting behind a computer. >> it's very imimportant. >> this is new for jeff medina laid off a little more than a month ago. now, he's here to sell. >> and this is when where you can come sell yourself. >> there is a chance for a new beginning. ken 30 years in sales, three years without a regular job. >> struggling. it's very, struggling i'm recently married my wife is gainfully employed, thank you. but we're still struggling to make ends meet. >> this is a is a chance tochl pand, everyone left resumes hoping for a call back from a company. >> and next job journal event is stom toem from noon to 4:00
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at nelson community center. for more information you can call. and go to abc 7 slash job autos one part of the bay area economy is showing positive signs in terms of job growth and influx of new companies. there is a is an area some of now calling silicon valley east. >> there is one company trying to move from its area. >> we want to be close to silicon valley with the right mix pechl for a company like us. >> there is another company moving to pleasanton. >> this tech companies bring other tech companies. so software companies want to be near other vendor autos still, since 2006, the number
6:35 pm
of jobs in pleasanton dropped 11%. in 2008, the city lost 1200 when wamu closed a call center. in dublin, job loss is mostly coming in retail like when mervyns closed. but there is a package of incentive autos we've lowered traffic impact fee, establishing a fee deferal program. >> in all, relocations from other parts of the bay area are expected to bring about 600 new jobs. big moves here to pleasanton are encouraging commercial vacancy rate commercial rates remains higher than it was. >> larger market is down rising. >> i think what we need into this is that we're close to the bottom.
6:36 pm
and hopefully, you can see there is businesses that work with larger companies starting to grow. >> this rate is now about 20%. compared with just 12% five years ago. >> and there is a 3.2 earthquake that shook concord just a short time ago. >> a number of people shot this. no reports of damage or injuries you're not expecting any with a earthquake that is call. again there is a number of people that felt knit conk yortd area. >> michael finney is up next with puzzling tale of the misdirected exmail autos a man kept getting someoneeeeeeeeeeee@
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many of us worry computer hackers might get ahold of our personal information. >> what if you were the one receiving someone else's personal information? >> yeah. you know, at first for this guy, it was a a.noiing. and then, it was... puzzling and then, scary. this man couldn't stop, someone else's e mail from entering his computer so he came to me for help. reuben rubio is a regular best buy customer with a store account often receiving e mails from the company. nothing unusual until one day, ruben receive aid different customer's e mail. >> i don't know why this is
6:40 pm
coming to meechl my name is not virginia black. >> ruben's exmail contained a receipt for a product he didn't buy. the purchase made in michigan. by a woman he didn't know by the name of virginia black. right away, ruben figured the worst. >> oh, god. you know? identity theft. someone took my card. someone making purchases on my card in my name. >> reuben called best buy. the store assured him no one used his account and promised to find out why it received someone else's e mail, however, that was only the beginning. >> i received e mail after e mail after e mail and e mail was all of her purchases and geek squad orders and times for pick ups. everything, cameras, lap tops, to you power supply autos best buy kept promising to fix this problem. but virginia black's exmails kept coming. soon, ruben folt like he knew the woman. her buying habits and taste in
6:41 pm
electronics. troubling, he had her best buy member id number. and in the wrong hands, he figure that had could be misused. >> implications that could happen if her information was to be leaked and they point a finger towards me saying you gave this information out when i didn't. my concern is getting rid of it. >> months went by. misplaced e mails still coming. best buy sent ruben a $20 gift card. after that, he received nine more virginia black e mails. >> who is virginia black? i'm seeing this information. and it's weighing on me now off months. i said what i have to do to stop this? >> that is when he called 7 orn your your side wech contacted best buy. the company says technicians were working on a software problem apologized and sent ruinen another gift card for $50. finally, days after we got
6:42 pm
involved the e mails stopped. best buy would not say how the mistake occurred nor whether virginia black was notified. it said while we cannot comment on the specifics of account issues we can ensure the customer privacy is taken seriously and no confidential information is contained in exmail communications. reuben sf well, he's relieve i'd feel better like someone put a blanket offer me. >> so can you be held liable for receiving someone else's information? our legal analyst says no. this was best buy's mistake. ruben did everything right by notifying the store. a word of caution, if this happens to you put that kind of notification in writing and that will protect you in case anything comes back. >> good idea. thank you. >> and coming up next, we're going to introduce you to a new medical innovation called a glide cycle.
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>> it's a new exercise this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard.
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a bomb squad has been sent to san francisco city college. a truck driver was about to tow the pick up away. the owner told him there were explosives in the back. police had to take it to a nearby parking lot. this is using a robot, as you can see to investigate pe. have been told it could be hours before they can get them out. >> there is some health news now. there is an exercise option for people that can't put stress on joints. it's being use bid everyone needing to lose weight. >> i sat between the seats and ran the simulation. >> lynn remembers her high flying days but says her weight doubled from 150 pounds she used to slip into that flight suit. >> i need to lose back to
6:47 pm
that. i need to drop another 100 and i need to drop another me. >> to drop the weight she's turned to this exer cycle. knee surgeries left her unable to run. she's gliding. >> running. and gliding. >> this is a saddle taking weight off knees instead of pedaling users trot along. >> this peels like you're gliding in water like upside down swim strek but there is more resistance. >> in five minutes she's worked up a sweat she says she can never get from walking. >> heart rate comes up immediately z finishing a stroke, you get a big glide out of it. there is a reward there, you can't to weep going. >> and there is nompblg
6:48 pm
version using to treat amputees. therapists putting victor through the paces oo. and this patient has an opportunity to experience movement, range of motion with their knees and hips. and this is without weight. >> dr. levin believes the technology is helping to speed times without endangering the joints. >> this is getting a lot of exercise. and. >> back in her workout course, lynn is setting a goal, she glides across pavement. >> i'd like to see 50,000 come up right away. i'm going to be able to exercise better, more effective lie this is made by a company in oregon. the price? about 1500ses today $3,000. you can find a link on our web site e.
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>> that is clever. >> and it's warming up again. >> yes. >> sandhya patel is here now beginning with earl. >> hurricane earl is eyeing the east coast. there are two storms here, there is fiona, and there is no threat to the u.s. mainland just yet. hurricane earl is a category four storm. packing winds of 135 miles per hour and this one is moving northwest at 14. there is a storm has hurricane force winds extending 90 miles from the center of the storm expected to brush by neerp bahamas into morning rm and this looks like could be impacting north carolina coastline. this is hurricane watches are up towards virginia border. this is a major hurricane. we'll be watching this carefully. this could impact east coast,
6:50 pm
in the bay area, hotter tomorrow. it's a spare the air day tomorrow. thursday, triple digits inland. 70s at beaches. and there is cooler heading towards long holiday weekend. >> thank you. >> and you know know what he's going to say. a tennis star proved today. >> his answer is up next in ports sports. tttttttttx
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here is a look at top seven stories on our web site. you can stay connected abc 7 >> and hope you can join me tonight at 9:00 on table channel 13. coming up, sea lion pups aband beyonded at pier 39. their home, mom, and efforts to get into the swaim of thing autos then at 11:00 the people who look and act like police officers and don't face the same liabilities. san francisco cracking down on
6:54 pm
patrol specialists. it's coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and now on po sports. there is larry beil here now. >> this is a college football starts this week. and cal is home against uc davis saturday. there is bears success may come down to the life of kevin rielly. he's up, down, in and out of the line up. and riley just has not blossomed into a star. there is riley if he has his way, they'll surprise people. >> this is going to be a great season. i know it is. i said this is my last year. and maybe ever playing football. i'm going to go out with a bang. >> there is the best camp i've ever seen heempl he's not going to be perfect. no quarterback is perfect. he's doing a great job. i have a lot of trust in him.
6:55 pm
>> san jose state got a bit of a break today. and there is will not have their trophy winner. without ing gram, is favored by 37. on to nfl. it's a make or break year for alex smith. and there is nothing but instability around him, running same offense for two seasons in a row, if you can believe that. former number one pick in the draft knows he's under more scrutiny than anyone else in this team. >> i was young and felt like i still had to earn it. and there is no hesitation from me, now. gone through a lot. it's an opportunity i've been
6:56 pm
waiting for. going to take advantage of it. >> a's continue with yankees in the bronx tonight. a's pitching has been good. and this nick swisher with an assist here in the first two, outs. there is 2-0, yankees, swisher, hello. he's admiring his work. there is way out, and swish, and there is yank qees down on the fourth. mark tesh yeara with a three-run homer. and there is 9-3 yankees leading in the 8th. at u.s. open, the hot new york weather, temperatures into upper 90s taking their toll. the bottom of the screen you're able to stave off two break points in the fourth.
6:57 pm
and jokavich fighting his way on to a fifth set. and jokavich prevails, then, listens to what a relieved j. okavich had to say. >> how nice was it to get shade in the fifth set? did that give you energy? >> it was like... i don't know. sleeping with my girlfriend, i guess, kind of feeling. >> and hey now! >> yes. >> that what the shade brings? is that a compliment for her? i'm not certain. >> and live interview sndz. >> thank you. >> that is our report. thanks for being here. thanks for being here. >> g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g for constipation relief... nothing works better than miralax. it's the one. the one recommended by more doctors. only miralax is clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax is the only one.
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