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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 3, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, america. i'm elizabeth vargas. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. it's friday, september 3rd. and we have breaking news overnight. hurricane earl smashes against the carolinas. 105-mile-per-hour winds. waves up to 30 feet high. flooding the outer banks. the storm threatens to swamp beaches all the way to maine. eastern long island and massachusetts are next in its path. and will face hurricane conditions within 24 hours. sam leads our team of correspondents, live from the storm zone. also breaking overnight, a suspicious package grinds miami's airport to a halt. the bomb squad called in, as thousands of travelers are evacuated and a suspect is arrested. and not again. another oil rig explosion in the gulf, flinging 13 oil workers into the water.
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an eerie reminder of the deadly bp disaster. what went wrong this time? you see the surf there. hello, everyone. we hope you're set for a fun labor day weekend. robin is starting hers a little early. it's nice to have elizabeth vargas here with us. welcome back from your vacation. >> thank you. we were just leaving the ocean as it was churning in the storm. you could see earl coming offshore. >> it's going to define labor day weekend for so many on the east coast. 26 million in its path right now. luckily, for a lot of us in the northeast, it's losing some of its steam. it's now a category 2 storm. we're going to show a live picture of virginia beach. the storm is just offshore there. sam champion is there. you see the waves kicking up. it was a little tough ride in north carolina. >> overnight, earl came within 85 miles of cape hatteras, with wind gusts up to 78 miles per
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hour. that is hurricane force. and it may be a sign of what's to come further north. over the next 24 hours, hurricane earl is expected to give a second punishing blow to eastern massachusetts. that's montauk right there. the waves have been very high there already. hurricane warnings are all up for cape cod and martha's vineyard and nantucket. boats being pulled from the water. shelters being set up in some areas. fema, sending supplies and telling people not to be lulled into any sense of security. >> being prepare said what they're saying. we have our correspondents in the storm zone, up and down the coast. we lead off with sam champion on virginia beach. hey, sam. >> good morning, george. good morning, elizabeth. this is a category 2 hurricane. there was some weakening overnight. when you talk about hurricane-force winds at 74 miles per hour, 78 miles per hour up against the outer banks, you know you're talking about still a powerful, nasty storm.
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look at the skies here. look at the clouds. they're spinning around us. this storm is about 120, 125 miles straight off the coast of virginia beach here. and the waves are breaking about 10 or 15 feet. there, there's an additional five or six feet of spray on top of the waves. it's an incredible sight to see here. this track is good news for the mid-atlantic. it is not good news for the northeast. let's show you what the hurricane center is saying about this, as of this morning. so, we've got a smaller storm. we've got a category 2 storm. 105-mile-per-hour winds right now. as this storm continues to pull away, the big thing overnight was when does it make its turn? east-northeast turn is what we're looking for. we've got that now. it's pulling away from the outer banks. it's parallel to virginia beach right now. directly right off our shore. then we'll watch it pull away from and much better conditions for the jersey shore. looking pretty good. delmarva, as well. the storm is far away from you.
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eastern long island, a little concern about that. cape cod, though, very concerned about this storm, earl. this is it. hurricane earl's winds and waves on the shores of north carolina. category 2 hurricane is now in the fast lane, racing up the east coast at 18 miles per hour. top wind gusts of 74 miles per hour. that's hurricane speed, as was reported in nags head, north carolina. and a 78-mile-per-hour wind gust in cape hatteras. winds so strong, that all that's left of this american flag are the shreds. by 10:00 p.m., atlantic beach, north carolina, was already getting pounded. >> as you can see, we're getting pretty good rain now. >> reporter: it's about 4:30 in the morning. hurricane earl is about 130 miles off our coastline here. high, sustained winds, about 105 miles per hour. here, peak wind gusts 33. well away from the center of the storm in south carolina, earl's winds dashed this boat against the pier, splitting it in half. the majority of the east coast, from north carolina, to canada, is either under a tropical storm
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watch or a hurricane watch. rhode island, virginia, maryland, massachusetts and north carolina, all under states of emergency, following hurricane earl. to be ready, fema is sending 400,000 liters of water, 300,000 meals and 54 generators to ft. bragg, north carolina. and over 160,000 liters of water, 213,000 meals and 41 generators to massachusetts. there will be wind and waves and water on virginia beach for a while longer. but the big -- well, the big concern will be eastern massachusetts, cape cod and that coast of maine. george? >> okay, sam. thanks. we're back at the smart screen right now. we want to use google earth to give you a little better sense of the winds being created by this hurricane and the storm path. the highest force winds are that purple, about 100 miles per hour, right near the eye of the storm. then, it spreads out to tropical storm winds in the gray and yellow. you see as we move up the coast,
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as sam was saying, when you get up to massachusetts again, the red is going to hit. the red and the purple has a good chance of hitting massachusetts, as the storm moves up the coast. we want to show you where the storm has already hit. it's creating storm surges. one of the things we talked about yesterday. down in north carolina, you see this stretch of highway 12 between frisco marina and scotch bonnet marina, has been closed, by 8 inches of storm surge slashing over the highway. that has been closed. steve osunsami is just up the coast from there in nags head, north carolina. >> reporter: good morning, george. this morning, earl is bringing us high winds. you can hear it high in the air and feel the sand as it slaps against your skin. i can even feel it in my teeth. it feels gritty because the wind is blowing it around so. it's been a long night. the winds are picking up, upwards of 40 to 50 miles an hour and you can feel the rain moving sideways, hitting you in the face. it chili feels like little pin
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needles hitting you, because the rain is moving so fast. we expect it to get worse. it's 2:30. and it's much worse. sustained winds at about 20 miles per hour, according to my little reading here. and the waves are thrashing high up on the beach. we're told that highway 12 in and out of the cape has been closed because of high water near the bonnet bridge. we now -- it's 5:30. and the wind is still blowing. surprisingly, the power and the lights are still on. the wind is now blowing to the south. it appears that as the storm is making its sort of counterclockwise turn, it's blowing the wind this way south to us. and it's really strong. we'll get a good look around
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today as the sun comes up and much of this clears away. george? >> a rough night for steve osunsami. let's go back to elizabeth. you're at the weather wall with where the storm's going next. >> right, george. earl is the most powerful hurricane to threaten the northeast in nearly 20 years. the storm is causing major travel delays, during this busy holiday weekend. at least 50 continental flights have been canceled from newark. and amtrak has canceled trains from newport news to parts of virginia. the northeast is anxiously awaiting earl's blast. we go, now, to john berman on montauk, on the eastern end of long island, the way earl is affecting things there. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. well, no wind here yet but some serious waves. this beach i'm standing on right now is one of the best surf spots on the entire east coast. we have no surfers here. several came by and they said, not me. not today. the waves are already ten feet high in some cases. one of the big concerns on
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beaches like this is erosion. when the storm gets going, the water will come up and cover the entire beach. cover where i'm standing. go past even where our camera is set up. and the concern is, we could lose some of this beach permanently. one other concern in this part of long island, power. they could lose power here. they're staging 1,600 extra utility workers nearby to repair these lines if they go down and get the power back up as soon as they can. george? >> john, thanks. we're going to cape cod. the storm could come closest to shore there. and linsey davis, it looks great. it looks calm and beautiful now. but officials are preparing for the worst. >> reporter: good morning, george. why don't we start out with good news. that is that earl is not expected to hit cape cod during high tide. but we're bracing ourselves for the potential of 20-foot waves here. that obviously has people concerned about beach erosion. and if you happen to be a
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homeowner here in one of the low-lying areas, you're concerned about water damage to your property. this home on the edge, they have the first line of defense with this stone wall. but look at their neighbors. nothing protecting them. no barrier between the water and their homes. they seem to be taking more of a fingers crossed, if you will, approach. on top of the water, there's the concern about wind. and the bridges that connect cape cod to the mainland are expected to be closed if winds exceed 70 miles per hour. officials were telling people, yesterday was the day to go. if you didn't plan on sticking it out here, this morning would be a good option as well, elizabeth? for the latest information, we're joined live by bill read, the director of the national hurricane center in miami. good morning, and welcome. earl has been downgraded to a category 2. but it's still the strongest hurricane to threaten the northeastern part of the united states since 1991, with hurricane bob. fair to say we're not out of the
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woods yet. >> that's correct. this is playing out pretty much on script. the forecast we've had in the last two days has been uncomfortably close to the outer banks, which we're leaving today. and southern new england, which we're heading to overnight tonight, in the early morning hours tomorrow. i wish i could say we could make a perfect forecast and guarantee it that far out in time. but again, we're still looking at a close approach to cape cod. >> you can still feel the impact of hurricane earl, 70 to 90 miles away from the hurricane's eye. how close do your current tracking models show the storm coming to the east coast as it brushes up? >> the graphic i just put up here shows the likely scenario for the center of the storm. and if it goes right down that line, which we've been doing pretty close to, or anywhere in that area, certainly martha's vineyard, nantucket and the outer-most parts like chattham, on cape cod, will be close to where hurricane-force winds are. and regardless of that, there's going to be high seas, beach
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erosion, rip currents and a wide swath of tropical storm-force winds, where the trees and the leaves will cause the power outages and such that occur with that. >> fema has warned all the people up and down the eastern seaboard, not to be lulled into any sense of security. what can you add to that? >> well, today, a day later, we're moving away from the mid-atlantic. the carolinas and virginia will see improving conditions throughout today. and we'll probably start peeling back the watches and warnings with advisories that start coming out at 11:00 and into the day. the real concern now should be for the areas in new york and new england, for any kind of minor change in the storm, if it were to come farther to the west, we'll have a bigger impact. than if it went right down the line. bill read, busy day for you. thanks for joining us with the latest on hurricane earl. >> and for more on hurricane earl, we'll be checking back in with bill read and our correspondents. we want to go to bianna golodryga who is at the newsdesk
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for juju chang. and she has all the morning news headlines. good morning, bianna. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with a story in miami, where much of the airport was shutdown. we're told a scientist was detained at the airport and is being questioned this morning after security screeners found a medal canister in his luggage that looked like a pipe bomb. it's unclear what the canister was for or if the man will face charges. the airport is back up and running. officials shut down four of the airport's concourses and a hotel only as a precaution but again there's no known threat at this hour and the suspect continues to be questioned by authorities in miami. turning to the gulf of mexico, where an investigation is under way on what caused an explosion on an oil platform about 200 miles west of the bp spill. the 13 crew members leapt into the water. there was no time for lifeboats. all were rescued. and there's no evidence of oil leaked. yunji de nies will have more on
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the explosion in the next half hour. bp says the cost of the oil disaster reached $8 billion. and bp warns it may not be able to cover all of the damages if congress limits the company's production in the gulf. mideast peace talks have cleared their first hurdle. israel's prime minister and the palestinian president have agreed to meet again in two weeks. secretary of state hillary clinton will be there, as well. but skepticism remains, especially with the freeze on building in the west bank expiring this month, which could derail any progress. new details about the violations at the iowa egg farms at the center of the national salmonella outbreak. two former workers say they complained about rodents and manure piled 40 feet high. but the agriculture department ignored them and told them to go back to work. federal officials deny receiving such complaints. and finally, a kitchen nightmare hitting home. how clean is your kitchen?
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a new study finds only about 60% of home kitchens would get an "a" or "b" if put through the inspection that restaurants face. 14% would fail. the study was based on an internet survey. researchers believe the actual failure rate is even higher. the next time someone invites you to dinner -- say sure -- >> in your morning coffee. >> start breaking out -- >> thanks. let's go back to virginia beach. sam is there with the rest of the weather. >> hey, george. good morning, george, elizabeth. bianna. we're talking about 33-mile-per-hour peak gusts we've seen on the beaches of virginia beach. let's get to the boards. i want to show you the wind profile. it's a computer model that will take the storm and move it along the coastline. the arrows show you the direction of the wind swirling around the storm. look for the colors of red. red indicates wind speed more than 74 miles per hour. we believe some of those winds will get toward the cape cod area.
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look at the heat in the southwest. these temperatures inland california, all the way toward las vegas, will again be above 100 degrees. there's the big board, quick look.
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>> that we >> that weekend getaway forecast was brought to you by serta. we'll have more weather in the next half hour. we're live on virginia beach, as hurricane earl is about 120 miles behind us. george? elizabeth? >> thanks, sam. during his oval offense address on tuesday, president obama planned to pivot from the war in iraq to the economy. the unemployment report shows we did lose another 44,000 jobs. that's better than expected. but unemployment rose 9.6%. 16 straight months. weighing in, nobel prize winning economist paul klugman. good morning. in your column this morning, your advice to the president, be bold. give us the bullet points.
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>> well, the basic point is, the stimulus, the plan he laid out at the beginning of last year, has worked when it was tried. but it was obvious from the beginning that it was too small. he clearly needs more, the economy needs more. we need a real, real effort to get the economy moving. not a half-hearted push that we got. all of the scare stories, that it's going to drive up inflation and interest rates turned out to be wrong. he should go for another round of cash to get the economy off the stalling speed it's at right now. >> you say he should propose it, even though you know this congress is no way they're going to prove major new spending. look how long it took to get unemployment benefits. >> that's right. at this point, he has to lay out the issues. you've got to put it down there. we has to get the american people to say, am i going to support the people who say we mustn't do anything? we have to go back to the policies of the last decade and try and reproduce that. or are we really going to do something about the economy?
7:19 am
there's no point in -- pushing through a tiny package that is not going to move the economy is not worth it. >> well, "the washington post" is reporting this morning that the president may be considering a fairly different direction, major business tax breaks. a tax holiday. making a research and development tax credit. what do you think of that? >> well, at this point, it's not mdeatrat but if he can get a payroll tax holiday, that's really, largely -- it's on paper. a tax cut for businesses. but it would flow to workers. it would give a reason to employee more workers. i'll take it. if he can get one of sufficient scale, but it has to be one that's really big. >> you'll take anything that spends more and taxes less, which is echoed, i guess, with cristina roman, the council of economic advisers. i wonder how you square that with the president's plans coming into the fall, to allow the bush tax cuts on the wealthiest americans to expire. why does it make sense to have any kind of a tax increase in this environment?
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>> because those tax cuts are intended or were intended by bush and intended by the republicans, to be permanent. so, this is a huge, long-term drain on the u.s. government, on the budget. a huge blow to the deficit. and if you postpone that, the people least likely to spend the windfall, the people least likely to spend a tax cut that they think is not going to last are the wealthy. they're the people who have plenty of cash. they're not living from paycheck to paycheck. there comes a point when you say, this is going to add to the deficit. it's going to worsen our long-run position. and it will do very little for the economy. this is one that's below that line. >> as you know, republican leaders have pointed out that almost half of small business income goes to these -- hits this group. >> that turns out to be extremely, extremely misleading. the vast majority of small businesses are not in the high end. how many -- you want to bear in mind that the bulk of what we're talking about here is really
7:21 am
going to the top tenth of percent of the population. people with incomes of several million a year or more. how many small business owners are in that class? also, a lot of the alleged small businesses are doctors and lawyers, partnerships. if you're talking about small businesses you're thinking of, hardly any of them are affected by this. and, by the way, i think you have to deduct points for just playing dishonesty. when they try to sell this about being about small businesses, that should be a strike against them. >> so, there's some talk that the president might give up on this. you think he should continue to fight? >> yeah, he should. because the game here, what they're trying to do, they're trying to string this out and eventually make it permanent. they're trying to make the tax cuts, which were never affordable, become part of the permanent structure of the population, to a benefit of a tiny small of eopl a tiny numbpeo we cannot afford this. >> okay. paul krugman, thanks for your
7:22 am
coming up in just a moment, we're going to switch gears. the innoceictre a complete stranger throws acid into the face of a young woman. she's speaking out about what happened. and up-to-the-minute coverage of hurricane earl. we'll have it all morning, as we [ female announcer ] imagine skin so healthy, it never gets dry again. can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno.
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southbound highway 101. right now the freeway is closed heading southbound. you won't be able to get by. amazingly the pilot did not suffer any major injuries. this helicopter was carrying water and crashed upside down on the freeway. now, this will affect your travel plans if you're heading out for the holiday weekend towards monterey, carmel or big sur. major delays out of this area and doesn't look like it's going to be cleared anytime soon. the bay bridge toll plaza, no delays heading into san francisco. eric? >> megan, thank you very much. about 90 minutes hercules police and other officers will search a pittsburgh landfill for a possible fifth victim in a string of murders involving a hercules man who was shot and killed earlier this week by chp officers. they're looking for the body of 35-year-old frederick salas. his father was murdered last week and the primary suspect in that case valdamoro was shot and killed by the chp on tuesday night.
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welcome back. poor air quality possible in the east bay valleys and the santa
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about 4:30 in the morning, it was pretty much the worst earl could offer. when north carolina seemed to say, this is all you got? some came out to greet earl. >> you have to love jim dolan. he is in kill devil hills, north carolina. >> was that trash-talking? >> hurricane earl, battering the shore and pounding waves. fierce storm. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> i'm elizabeth vargas. robin roberts is off this morning. a lot of people saying, we sort of dodged a bullet. there's severe conditions up and down the east coast and yet to come. >> you never know if it will shift course.
7:31 am
we also have quite a story of a gruesome crime. a devastating injury and no reason why. a stranger threw acid into this young woman's face. walked up to her on the street. >> and despite her injury, she says it could have been much worse. we're going to hear from her in a moment. first, to sam champion, on virginia beach, as earl works its way up the east coast. good morning, sam. >> good morning, elizabeth. good morning, george. just on that jim dolan trash-talking, it's fine, when the storm is pulling away from you. we have 120, 125 miles straight off virginia beach. let me show you the waves. they're breaking about 15 feet. but look at the curl and the spray. you can see how strong the winds are, because it picks up the spray and blows it another 10 or
7:32 am
15 feet. we have strong wave action. and good winds associated with that storm. here's is good news about the track. it curves away from the atlantic from the middle atlantic shoreline. you're right in saying, george, this thing could change track. we have to watch it every day. right now, that's good news for the mid-atlantic. not so good for the new england coast, though. we feel it will be a hurricane working its way there. we're going to turn to the scary moment yesterday in the gulf of mexico. another oil rig. another explosion. just 200 miles from the bp disaster. thankfully, this turned out to be far less damaging. all 13 workers thrown from the rig survived. but the explosion calls the safety of all the rigs into question. and yunji de nies has the story. good morning, yunji. >> reporter: good morning, george.
7:33 am
governor bobby jindal visited the worker at the hospital where they were treated yesterday. it was a horribly familiar sight. a plume of smoke billowing from the gulf of mexico. all 13 crew members jumped into the water. only 12 had life vests. so, they held each other up, waiting to be rescued. family members of the workers say, unfortunately, this kind of risk comes with the job. >> it can happen any day. it's the kind of work they're in. >> reporter: denise did not want to show her face. but did want to share her relief. >> it's always been all three of us. my dad and my mom, we love each other so much. >> reporter: mariner energy owns this rig. they were quick to point out that this differs greatly from the bp explosion. >> this isn't a blowout, by any
7:34 am
means. it's a fire that was contained on the facility. >> reporter: and unlike bp's drilling rig, which harvested oil from a mile beneath the surface, this platform is used to transport oil, from wells over 300 feet deep to the shore. the coast guard says, so far there are no signs of any oil leaking into the gulf. but the governor says, he's taking nothing for granted. >> one very, very important lesson, unfortunately a lesson that louisiana has learned over the years. you hope for the best and prepare for the worst. >> reporter: and all 13 crew members have been released from the hospital. everyone is okay, thankfully. now, mariner energy is trying to figure out what exactly sparked that fire. george? >> thank goodness they are all safe. when we first heard that news yesterday, it was so frightening. >> such a deja vu moment. now, to that shocking crime. a stranger throwing acid into the face of a young woman for no reason. perhaps the most amazing thing is that bethany storro's desire
7:35 am
is to forgive. she spoke with us from her hospital room in washington, a day after her surgery. mike von fremd has more. >> reporter: bethany storro remains bandaged, stern. but her will is unbroken. >> i have an amazing family. >> reporter: this is what the 24-year-old looked like before the attack. this is her face when she was first brought to the hospital on tuesday. the attack happened in daylight, at downtown vancouver, washington. bethany's mother described the horrific incident. >> a woman approached her. said hey, pretty girl. and she turned around. and she asked if she wanted something to drink. and my daughter said no. >> reporter: the attacker splashed acid directly into bethany's face. >> once it hit me, i could hear bubbling and sizzling on my skin. it was the most painful thing. my heart stopped. i almost passed out. >> reporter: bethany says it's a
7:36 am
miracle that she bought a pair of sunglasses just 20 minutes before the attack. she says they saved her eyesight. >> i normally don't wear sunglasses. i just don't like them. for some reason, i had this feeling i need to buy sunglasses. >> reporter: in march 2008, a similar attack happened to stunning model katie piper in london. a stranger with a coffee cup splattered her face with sulfuric acid. and she was not wearing glasses. >> i thought i was -- i couldn't see. i lost sight in both eyes. >> reporter: there's shocking incidents of this happening in the arab world, to women. sometimes this happens when a woman refuses an arranged marriage. in vancouver, washington, bethany's parents cannot understand why a stranger could be so cruel. >> who wakes up in the morning and says, i'm going to burn somebody's face with acid?
7:37 am
it's pretty bizarre. hopefully they catch her. >> reporter: the attacker is described as an african-american woman with slicked-back hair. >> in time, i'm going to forgive her. if i don't, it's hard to move on. >> reporter: bethany knows recovery is going to be painful. but this is one, courageous woman. for "good morning america," mike von fremd, abc news. >> unbelievable. >> she had the premonition to buy the sunglasses, was incredible. >> the other case of a woman in london, that was a stranger hired by a former boyfriend. >> this seemed so random. >> random and inexplicable. time for weather. let's go back to sam champion on virginia beach. hey, sam. >> hey, george, elizabeth. i'm telling you, we're watching this storm. category 2. yeah. look at these waves. this thing has just really churned up the ocean. and it's going to be this way all the way up the eastern seaboard, all day long. probably less effects on the
7:38 am
jersey shore, than people were thinking. but still, looking at a bad storm. everyone should keep an eye on it all day long. let's get to the boards. this system and a cold front will break the heat wave in the northeast. we had ten record-high temperatures set in the northeast yesterday. but the numbers from d.c. to boston, will be in the 80s today. and into the 70s by the time we get into the weekend. cincinnati, nashville, memphis, parts of the south, included. shreveport, all the way to houston, will see scattered storms. there's a look at your big board. and the winds will come today, in bursts like this. we have a gusty
7:39 am
and all that weather was brought to you by the amazon kindle. george? >> thank you, sam. the floodwaters in pakistan are finally receding, but the number of homeless and ill, is as much as ever. dr. besser traveled to pakistan and he joins us from islamabad. >> reporter: good morning. the numbers here are absolutely staggering. 18 million people who have been displaced. 8 million who are still in need of aid. and 2 million children who are going hungry. when you look at the situation, the numbers don't really tell the story. more than a month into the disaster, it is now the children most at-risk. how are your babies doing? we met jenas and her babies. twin girls, born just eight days before the floodwaters came. they're living with extended family. and the whole family is living with little or no access to clean water.
7:40 am
you see the dirty water? that's what we are drinking. little kids are sick and dying, says their uncle. they're among many families who have yet to receive help. and the babies are among the 2 million children thought to be at risk of dehydration, a leading killer of children. we visited a hospital in southern pakistan, near the heart of the flood zone. a place where children are getting care. but the doctors are overworked. the children keep coming, with malaria, pneumonia, meningitis. and case after case of severe diarrh diarrhea. >> there's no water sanitation. nothing. >> reporter: still, for all the trauma, despite the fact that they arrive in such poor condition, we saw many children, including a girl named wahida, show science of improvement, after a few hours of the most basic treatment. it's incredible, an hour after
7:41 am
receiving fluid, she looks like a different girl. without that fluid, she would have died. across pakistan, there are now thousands of camps for the flood victims. here, we found the children, trying hard, just to be children. the floodwaters are receding. but this crisis is far from over. in the long-term, it's going to depend on whether pakistan can rebuild its farming and provide safe water. and the dollars we send, they make a big difference. >> okay. rich besser there. it's such a crucial country for our national security. >> sure is. on so many levels. when we come back, hillary clinton's big moment on the world stage. can she succeed where so many others have failed? i was short of breath,
7:42 am
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7:45 am
peace between the israelis and palestinians. but hillary clinton is trying her hand at diplomacy. and claire shipman joins us now with more. >> reporter: her poll numbers shows he remains one of the most popular members of the administration. but he's tended to avoid the spotlight. now, she's back, squarely center stage. and we looked at how she may bring something different to this middle east peace process. for a secretary of state who has been very much, head down, nose to the grindstone, it was a fervent moment. >> i firmly believe that the two men sitting on either side of me, that you are the leaders that can make this long-cherished dream a reality. >> reporter: peace talks back on track, she's hard on the trail of a dream that's eluded so many before her. and those that know her well, says she brings a special touch to wooing both sides back to the table. >> the people of israel, and i,
7:46 am
as their prime minister, are prepared to walk this road. >> translator: the road is clear, in front of us. in order to reach peace. >> reporter: it's a trademark recipe of pragmatism and discipline over ego. no high-profile shuttle diplomacy for her, for example. >> secretary clinton, unlike some of her predecessors and unlike previous presidents, chose to marshal her resources and guard them jealously and wait for the right moment. >> reporter: the other asset she wields, female e.q. and an astute political instinct. >> he's been in the arena. this gives her a credibility that helps relate to leaders. >> reporter: it doesn't hurt, of course, that over the years, she's perfected her ability to shift gears in an instant. hard-working hillary, suddenly transforms once again into international political celebrity. >> he's a multidimensional
7:47 am
public figure. she's part global rock star. part everybody's friend because she goes by hillary more than secretary clinton. >> reporter: and her hair is back in the headlines. she's getting rave reviews on her longer, cool, new do. >> it's time to get to work. >> reporter: george, not the hair again. of course, ultimately, she will be judged not by her appearance. but by results in this process. there's a lot of hard work to be done. the two sides are hoping to talk to each other as frequently as every week. and hillary clinton is hoping to have another high-profile meeting in the middle east, as early as september. >> and they're facing a deadline at the end of september, whether or not to continue building settlements again. >> reporter: exactly. and so many worry that could put this process in jeopardy again. >> claire shipman, thanks very much. next up, the latest on hurricane earl. live coverage from all along the east coast. new wisk, with our breakthrough stain spectrum technology
7:48 am
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and coming up on "good morning america," i couldn't believe this when i heard it. if you're looking for love, can a gps lead you in the right direction? it's the latest in high-tech dating. is it safe? we hit the streets to find out. and we have everything you
7:52 am
need to make this your best labor day weekend ever. from the best movies in the movie theaters to the best holiday sales. there are plenty. to the hottest back-to-school fashions, as some go back-to-school. others starting next week. >> we're going to continue to follow the path of hurricane earl, as well, as it moves up the east coast, heading towards long island, massachusetts, cape cod, all the way to maine. ♪
7:53 am
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federal officials will begin their investigation this morning into what caused a small plane to crash into redwood shores lagoon killing all three people on board. the plane had just taken off on san carlos airport for a short flight to san martin when it went down yesterday. two of the three victims are still inside and cannot be removed until the nstv arrives today. >> it's going to be a hot one. a little cooling trend today with 72 in san francisco, 79
7:57 am
oakland, 76 richmond, low to mid-80s through the bay. mid to upper 80s south boy and north bay. about 20 degrees cooler by wednesday. >> bart delays 10 minutes at the richmond station and this is the millbrae direction due to an equipment problem on the track. better news for the helicopter crash in salinas. one lane of traffic is now open. southbound 101 at airport
7:58 am
7:59 am
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hurricane earl is moving up the east coast. it went by north carolina overnight. that is atlantic city, new jersey. the storm approaching there right now. we have correspondents up and down the east coast this morning. sam champion, leading our coverage in virginia beach. we're going to get to all of that, this morning. we say, good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm elizabeth vargas. robin roberts is off this morning. and, boy, that storm is feeling -- people all along the eastern seaboard will feel the impact. they 26 million people could feel some sort of impact from hurricane earl. we'll have the latest in a minute. >> by the time it hits cape cod, it could be very strong again. >> even though it's weakening, it's still a major hurricane. don't take this lightly. coming up this morning, gps
8:01 am
technology can get you where you want to go in your car, for example. but can it put you on the road to romance? we'll show you how the latest dating craze is bringing singles together in a new way. they use the gps to other like-minded singles. people with whom they have something in common. >> boy, that's something that makes you feel old. >> no more trolling if nightclubs, looking for the right guy. he might be just down the street. we have a special fashion show for back-to-school. we have the young stars from "desperate housewives" and "the middle" here, with the coolest back-to-school trends. we have the hottest movies. the tastiest recipes. all the things to make this labor day weekend the best labor day weekend ever. first, we do want to keep track of earl. let's go to sam champion, who is live in virginia beach, with the very latest on the path of this storm. good morning, to you, sam. >> we are here in atlantic city -- i'm sorry. we're here at virginia beach.
8:02 am
i'm watching this kind of come at us here. hurricane earl just about -- >> as you can -- >> on the cape, in north carolina, 74-mile-per-hour winds and 30-foot waves offshore there. here, about 15-foot waves and a 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts. there's plenty left in earl, a category 2 storm, as it moves north. we're keeping an eye on it as it moves north. our ron claiborne is in atlantic city, new jersey, this morning. good morning, ron. >> reporter: good morning, sam. we're getting just a glancing blow. the actual hurricane is about 200, 250 miles away from here. but it's still churning up the sea here. look at that. it's practically boiling. it is a rough sea. about 12-foot waves right now. they're expected to go to 16 feet. i saw a guy swimming earlier. i would not go in that water. it is dangerous rip currents. one man did go into the water last night north of here. he is now missing and now presumed dead. we're expected to get tropical
8:03 am
storm-force winds, sustained winds later today, of about 40-mile-per-hour. there's also a possibility of coastal flooding and even power outages. elizabeth? >> all right. ron claiborne. thanks for the update. stay out of the waters. the beaches were closed on long island, one day before the storm came ashore. now, to bianna golodryga, in for juju chang with the morning's other headlines. >> good morning, everyone. this morning, wall street is reacting to better-than-expected news in the jobs market. 50,000 jobs were lost in august. but most of them were government census jobs. if you look only at the private sector, 67,000 jobs were created. the unemployment rate inched up slightly to 9.6%, as people tried to jump back into the workforce. there's no evidence of an oil leak. and everybody onboard is safe.
8:04 am
now, the question is, why did an oil platform in the gulf explode without warning on tuesday? the rig's owner says it has no idea what caused the blast. there's some confusion whether taking bone-strengthening drugs could increase your chance for cancer. a study found that taking the drugs for several years may slightly boost your risk for throat cancer. but another study that examined the same list of questions, did not make a link. federal investigators have cleared the way for new diapers. nearly 5,000 parents complained that their babies developed skin rash and blisters, using pampers with so-called dry max technology. but safety officials have found no connection between the diapers and the rashes. now, to the awkward silence from arizona's outspoken governor. the woman who championed her state's controversial immigration bill and went head-to-head with the white house, found herself at a loss for words, when she needed them most. here's david muir. >> reporter: arizona governor jan brewer called it a
8:05 am
brain-freeze. an awkward silence at the beginning of the first televised debate of arizona's upcoming gubernatorial election. >> we have done everything that we could possibly do. >> reporter: on the radio, she explained it this way. >> my opening was not the finest hour. the longest 16 seconds of my life. >> reporter: but that debate turned from awkward to contentious, when her opponent turned to something that the governor had said, when talking about her immigration bill. speaking of beheadings in the arizona desert. >> it's a good bill. we cannot afford all this illegal immigration and everything that comes with it. everything from the crime, to the drugs and the kidnappings and the extortion and the beheadings. >> which beheadings in arizona were you referring to? >> our law enforcement agencies have found bodies in the desert, either buried or just lying out there, that have been beheaded.
8:06 am
>> reporter: when one of her opponents asked her about it. >> jan, i am calling you to say there are no beheadings. that's a false statement. uh it needs to be cleared up right now. >> terry, i will call you out. i think you ought to renounce your support -- >> reporter: she did not address it. and afterwards -- >> address the question. why won't you recant that? you still believe that? come on, governor. >> thank you. >> reporter: the night was over. for "good morning america," david muir, abc news, new york. and that is the news at 8:06. now, back to weather and sam champion, at virginia beach. looks like the waves are picking up. >> we just got hit with a heavy blast of rain and wind through the area. i don't know if you can see the sand moving along. let me show you why this has been such a good storm for virginia beach because it could have been terrible. the beach used to be about ten yards wide here.
8:07 am
but they went through a beach replenishment. now, it's about 40 yards wide. and on the other side of the line here, this is kind of a seawall, which is also the boardwalk. we're in front of the hilton hotel here. it gives you 40 feet of stretch here for all of that ocean to connect and still not run into the community. they've had some bad storms through here before. but this time, all the water's been held kind of to the beach. let's get to the boards. we want to show you what's happening with the storm today. always waiting for it to make a connection with the cold front. right now, it's skirting the edge of an area of high pressure in the atlantic. and it's being nudged by the cold front. waiting for the storm to make a north-northeast turn was everything for the forecast. and it has made that turn this morning and weakened just a bit. that's good news for mid-atlantic states, which will still see some coastal flooding and beach erosion. here are some cool, beautiful temperatures, although a little
8:08 am
showery, anywhere from minneapolis to chicagoland and points between, as well. and a big look at your weekend fly-by. most of the country, almost every square inch of the country is gorgeous for your holiday weekend. for new england, we just have to get through hurricane earl, which will be a hurricane, as it passes by the northern shore of new england, overnight tonight. we'll have more weather in the next half hour. george, i don't know if you can see it. but the sand is getting sandblasts.
8:09 am
it's blowing all on top, even through the rain here. >> oh, wow. >> it looks like a desert wind going by. >> we can see it sweeping right across the shore. okay. sam, thanks very much. the path of true love takes twists, turns and often runs into dead-ends. that's why you may need a little direction. believe it or not, there's an app for that, too. bianna golodryga is here for the latest trend in high-tech hookups. gps dating? >> reporter: gps dating. people say the love of your life could be right around the corner. thanks to technology, you don't have to depend on fate to find out. all you have to do is follow your heart and your gps. >> you've got mail. >> reporter: when online dating made its debut in the 1990s, it spawned a hit hollywood movie, dozens of websites and a whole, new way to meet and fall in love. but now, say a growing number of singles, those once-modern sites are so last century. there's a new dating game in
8:10 am
town. gps dating. you heard that right. gps, the technology responsible for the sound of this -- >> in 0.1 miles, turn left. >> reporter: is now responsible for the sound of this. ♪ brian gettleman used a gps dating application on his cell phone when he was buying a cup of coffee in the warner shopping center. turns out aisha was using the same application and saw his profile. >> i saw his picture. it was very handsome. >> she was two floors beneath me, kind of on a break at work. she was, come on down. come say hi. >> reporter: whether you're at a farmer's market, a park, or out with a group of friends. singles can now find out who else in their immediate vicinity is looking for a love match. and if a profile is appealing, a
8:11 am
would-be romeo or juliet, has to send someone a text. if there's a mutual interest, they can meet in just minutes. brian and aisha says it doesn't take as much time as internet dating. but internet security experts warn that the potential disadvantages are considerable. >> someone knows your location. they tap you on the shoulder. all of a sudden, you're having a conversation with this person. you don't realize how they know about you. >> reporter: christian is the founder of scout, one of the gps dating sites servicing 2 million people. he says scout takes pains to make certain that the exact street address where a user is messaging is not determined. >> one of the features is that no one can figure out exactly where you are. you have to tell the person where to meet up. >> reporter: still, he says to use common sense when using gps
8:12 am
dating. like when agreeing to date or like meeting in public locations. and when in doubt, meet dates with friends. to find out how effective gps dating is, we recruited four women to use the new technology. within minutes, they found dozens of suitors to use the new technology. moments later, comes the first message. he's commenting on her name. while there was plenty of flirting, our ladies didn't find anyone they actually wanted to meet. we spoke an hour ago. you were open-minded. willing to try it out. you still open-minded? willing to pursue it? >> yeah. i mean, sure. >> reporter: as for brian and aisha, two years after meeting on a gps-facilitated whim, brian flew aisha to paris and proposed, presenting her with his grandmother's diamond ring. >> i would never have thought this could have happened like this. i never thought i might find someone. >> found the girl that i love. >> reporter: so, this is a trend that's picked up steam in cities like san francisco and new york.
8:13 am
and they're expecting it to spread throughout the country. >> do they like it? >> reporter: it's interesting talking to them. they talk about how hard it is to date in new york. they're exhausted and desperate. at this point, they might as well try anything. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: the same guy that tweeted one and messaged one was doing the same with the other. saying he's five feet away. >> they're exhausted. >> reporter: and beautiful, great girls. >> okay. what do you think of all this? go to our site,, and weigh in. >> weigh in. when we come back, back-to-school fashions. we have the stars of "desperate housewives" and "the middle." they are here. "desperate housewives" and "the middle." they are here. they're oven-baked flatbread crisps. ♪ with the tastes of sea salt and olive oil. ♪ or sprinkled with italian herbs. ♪ townhouse flatbread crisps. they're perfect for snack time, party time, any time.
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♪ a, be, c and for your best labor day ever, we're showing you the hottest fashion. quentin kelly is here to tell us
8:18 am
how kids of all ages can look cool on that first day of school. the kids from the hit abc shows "desperate housewives" and "the middle." good morning. great to have you. >> good to be here. >> some of us have kids starting school now. some have kids starting next week. what are the trends overall that you're seeing? >> the biggest trend is not to look like you're wearing an outfit that your mom put together for you. it's not about matching. >> so, we're not the cool ones? >> not at all. your kids know everything. take your cues from them, quite frankly. and it's about mixing and matching. kids are their own personal stylists. they don't want to look like somebody else put the outfits together. >> we have four, great models for us. you probably know our first model as the awkward middle child as sue heck, of "the middle." she looks anything but awkward this morning. welcome in eden sher.
8:19 am
>> isn't that a great look? >> i love the look. >> i don't get star struck a lot. but i love "the middle." when i met eden, it was like, oh, my gosh. for eden, we did a look that's about mixing tough and tender. this is a new trend. you take things that are girlie, like a floral print dress, and that's by material girl, madonna's line, at macy's. and you mix it with the leather. it's about mixing patterns and prints and textures. we have zebra and snake skin in the flats. >> show the bracelet. >> and eden's earrings are from her friend, cara. it's about putting everything together in one outfit. >> you look great. do you like it? >> i would wear it. sue wouldn't wear it. >> sue wouldn't wear it. >> poor sue. eden, thanks so much. next, we have eden's tv brother.
8:20 am
this is axle heck. he likes to walk around the show in boxer shorts. thankfully charlie mcdermott -- thank you for putting clothing on for us. >> no problem. >> tell us about charlie's look. >> the biggest trends in young menswear is gray and flat. he said, let's go with the gray. we did a utility jacket by american rag. it has a little military influence. it has some on the shoulder and pockets in the front. and you've modelled before, charlie. >> do the spin. >> exactly. pivot, yeah. nice. nice. >> i like the jeans a lot. and tennis shoes, too. >> the jeans are great jeans by levi's. gray jeans are big right now. and the high-tops by guess, as well. and the graphic t-shirt.
8:21 am
>> it's a great look. and looking casual, it doesn't look scruffy. >> that's a good point. >> as a parent, you don't want to send your kids to school like you slept in it. >> it's a fine line for teenage boys. they don't want to look like they tried too hard. but they don't want to look too sloppy. >> charlie, you're a ten. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> all right, our next celebrity model can be recognized as gabby's sassy daughter on "desperate housewives." and you may have heard of her big sister, demi lovato. become madison. >> how cute is madison. she's doing the back-to-school boho look. that's a great floral top. and a cardigan by american rag. and then, we did jeggings, which are in right now. and we put in a leopard print
8:22 am
flat. you want to get the rippled effect on the bottom. >> you want them not to be straight all the way down? >> sometimes you can stack them up. >> i love the necklace. >> a big, chunky necklace. >> and everybody needs a pop of the metallic. we did a big gold bag. >> you are cute. this is my favorite outfit so far. finally, we'll get your little brother. actually, susan and mike's adorable son, m.j. on "desperate housewive." mason cotton. how old is mason? >> 8. >> 8. he is so cute. >> mason is doing the modern prepster look. we paired an argyle sweater by tommy. and a plaid shirt also by tommy. and skinny jeans.
8:23 am
this is a big trend. >> also gray. >> and young boys are wearing skinny sxwraens i want this outfit for myself. but i'm too big to wear skinny jeans. >> i thought nobody was too big to wear skinny jeans. >> can you turn around, mason? >> even mason is mixing patterns and prints and making this look all his own. all these pieces are from macy's. >> all of the looks can be found at macy's. "the middle" and "desperate housewives" premiere. you can see the kids and their fashions on gre. [ laughs ] this is it! [ all ] 10...9...8... a new school year has so much potential! any resolutions? my resolution is the same as always; keep her full and focused with my fiber. [ all ] 3...2...1... happy school year! [ female announcer ] this school year, make a resolution to give your kid kellogg's frosted mini-wheats cereal. an excellent source of fiber from 100% whole grain.
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bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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8:27 am
♪ we are following developing news in salinas where a helicopter crashed on highway 101. the crop dusting chopper went down and landed upside down in the southbound lanes of the highway near salinas airport. take a look at the wreckage. this happened two hours ago. the pilot was able to walk away with only minor injuries. the latest on the traffic situation, here megan marlena. >> the good news is we have one lane of traffic getting by now. throughout the morning both of those southbound lanes on soy 11 were closed. one lane getting by. delays heading out of town near monterey, salinas area. toll plaza, metering lights on but no problems heading out of san francisco. >> thank you.
8:28 am
this morning hercules and other agencies search a pittsburgh landfill in a string of murders involving a suspect shot and killed by the chp. they're looking for the body of 35-year-old frederick salas. his father was murdered last week and the primary suspect in that case and several other mercedes benz, valdamoro was killed by chp officers following a high-speed chases
8:29 am
>> welcome back. we have some foggy and cloudy conditions. temperatures running in the 50s menlo park.
8:30 am
70 antioch and the hills around los gatos. a hot day but mainly the east by valleys with mid to upper 80s around most ♪ everybody's working for the weekend ♪ [ cheers and applause ] good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and, elizabeth vargas. a great crowd here on this labor day friday. everybody getting ready. >> also, the girl scouts of america here, as well. >> right. >> you're so excited about that camera. >> yeah. >> there's the answer. we are going to make this the best labor day weekend ever. that's our theme for this half hour. we have a bunch of things throughout the studio. >> we've been talking with elisabeth leamy. she's been tirelessly tracking the web's rock-bottom deals from toys to travel. there's plenty of unbelievable
8:31 am
sales this weekend. >> lots of sales. and lots of movies out, right now. we have ben lyons over the labor day weekend. also, what you may have missed over the summer. and sunny anderson has a labor day menu to please every one of your guests. she's a big hit when she cooks for us. >> she made this menu for the vice president, his wife, jill, and some of the veterans. of course, hurricane earl, moving up the east coast. let's go to sam champion on virginia beach with the weather. sam. >> good morning, george and elizabeth. elizabeth, i saw you doing a fashion segment. the kid put up the hood. we had ours up, too. we got punched with a heavy rain and wind blast from earl. even though this storm is pulling away from the atlantic coast, it's still got powerful bands that are sweeping onshore. so, it's nothing we can give the all-clear to yet. wind is still whipping the sand straight down the beach and whipping up those waves. they're even larger than they were at 7:00 this morning. let's get to the boards.
8:32 am
we'll show you what's going on. as earl makes its track up the eastern seaboard, we're expecting a really close path for new england. and this storm has always had the idea in a it would turn on somewhere around maine. make landfall in nova scotia or maine. we'll be watching this carefully tonight. on the weekend, the big weekend fly-by map, shows how gorgeous america will be this weekend. just about every place has beautiful weather. and that's good all that weather was brought to you by the buick regal. elizabeth, i'm trying to tweet. but the blackberry's in a plastic bag. it's not that easy.
8:33 am
>> i can't imagine why not, sam. it's looking rough out there. stay safe, please. if you're looking for bargains this weekend, this could be the best labor day ever. consumer correspondent, elisabeth leamy, has been combing the web for the best deals you can take advantage of right this minute. hello, eli. and you hit up your mommy bloggers, right? >>, are finding deals all the time. >> let's start with steals. right now, there's a lot of things to trade in because of consumer recalls. >> toys "r" us is helping people get old, outdated items off the market. car seats, strollers, bring it in and get a new one. labor day deal, 25% off. >> i bring in my old stroller, even if it's working just fine. i get 25% off a new one. >> that's right. you can trade in as many items as you want. while you're there, for the older kids, some great deals.
8:34 am
buy one, and get one half-off, lego. and zhuzhu pets. >> this is a big deal, right? >> yeah. >> toys for the big guy. >> yes. this is a lot of fun. this is the coleman road trip grill. check it out. it is on wheels. it was designed by -- american chopper fame. he knows his wheels. the idea is you can use it at home. but take it to the game, out on the road. this thing was $229. yesterday, we saw it for çó$179. if you go to facebook and make coleman one of your likes, they'll send you a promo code so the deal is, $129. >> this folds up. >> and you need knives to cut up
8:35 am
the meat. >> if you're grilling out steak or whenever. neat website. the more people that sign up, the lower the price goes. the 14-piece knife set, normally 100 bucks. this is this sunday's deal. and the labor day deal is, $22. plus, we know about a promo code to get the shipping for free. so, go to our website. we'll give you that. >> and if enough people buy this, will it go down further? >> $22 is the bargain price. >> we also have meals. this is a weekend when you can shop for deals at restaurants. >> absolutely. and partners with 15,000 restaurants around the country to offer discounted gift certificates. but this weekend, wow. labor day deal -- come on. here we go. you get a $25 gift certificate for just 3 bucks, if you enter the promo code savory.
8:36 am
that's on our website if you forget. >> that's like getting $22 free dollars. >> 15,000 restaurants. some local. some chains. sign up for your favorite chain restaurant's e-mail list, and you get all sorts of freebies. we have bob evans. and outback. labor day deals on those. they are free. >> what? >> just for signing up. you can take advantage of that right away. >> that's fantastic. here we have vacation -- travelers. >> yeah. everybody's griping about the fees you have to pay when you check a big bag. so, the ihg hotel group, which owns everything from holiday inn to crown plaza, came up with a solution. if you stay at any of their hotels, for a two-night weekend, they will reimburse you. pretty neat.
8:37 am
labor day deal. 50 bucks. it starts this weekend and goes to the end of the year. you could get $850. >> won't go away? >> until the end of the year. >> those of us staying home. >> for the staycation. movies can be expensive. i'm always amazed. >> exactly. >> i remember when they were 5 bucks. yeah. what you do, instead of buying -- here we have our moviegoers. aren't they go? instead of buying tickets from the theater, go to they offer discounted movie passes, often times, as much as, 50% off. sometimes 40%. at major movie theater chains. if you want to go more high-brow, another neat one to mention, target and bank of america, sponsor free cultural events. from the spring preserve in las vegas, to the currier museum of art in new hampshire. the link is on our website. speaking of our website, i also
8:38 am
compiled promo codes for 15 stores, ranging from the great outdoors to justice for girls. they're on our website. deals that a lot of people don't know about. >> ladies, enjoy your movie. coming up next, which movie
8:39 am
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our best labor day ever continues. it's a great time to head to the movies this weekend. especially for those on the east coast that might get rained out by the hurricane. we're joined by our special contributor, ben lyons here to talk about the movies. first, the ones coming out this weekend. >> "the american" stores george clooney. i work at the e! channel. so, we love all things george clooney. they're selling its as an action movie. and it's not. he plays an assassin with a mysterious past. he meets a beautiful girl. and it takes his time. and the tension builds. he's a wonderful character. >> is it kind of like a "michael clayton" vibe? >> a little different. i don't see michael clayton
8:42 am
shooting people and building a gun with his bare hands. here's another example of great material. >> they've been incredible characters. >> switching gears with drew barrymore and her on again, off again, boyfriend, justin moore, "going the distance." here they are, in a raunchy film. you wouldn't -- >> really? >> it's r-rated. language and drug references. but funny and smart. a modern love story. talking about facebook and texting and how they stay in touch. >> i was reading there's kind of a recession sub text. >> absolutely. you would think they would be able to get on planes and go back and forth and see each other, but they can't. it's a modern love story. christina applegate plays her sister. and jason from "saturday night live" is great in it. >> there's so many comedies that have flopped this summer. >> it's a smart one. and it includes the guy's point
8:43 am
of view. in romantic comedy, the guy can be thrown to the side. it's more justin long's movie than her. >> what were your favorites this summer? >> i enjoyed "the kids are all right." it's a great movie. annette bening and julianne moore, a lesbian couple raising a daughter on their own. she wants to go and find the sperm donor, who is mark ruffalo, who is one of my favorite actors. he seems to be in the zone these days. he was recently cast as the new "incredible hulk." but this is funny and sharp. we don't live in times of the modern american family of two kids, a picket fence, and a wife and husband. it's the new family. it's different. and in embodies that. >> you also really liked "inception." >> "inception" is one of those movies that stays with you when you leave the theater. you end up talking to friends about it.
8:44 am
director, christopher nolan explores the human subconscious. big blockbusters that are intelligent and engage the audience. early oscar buzz for christopher nolan, the director and dicaprio, as well. >> looking ahead to the fall. there's a lot of buzz about the movie "catfish." >> it's great. it's a documentary. aerial's brother is a photographer. one day, he received a painting in the mail from a young girl in michigan who saw his photograph. he befriends the family over facebook. the mother and the daughter. and he says, i want to meet the family in michigan. when he get there's, it's not what you would expect. it's creepy. it's weird. it's strange. it's the kind of film that gets underneath your skin. and one of the more talked-about films at sundance. they're going to be releasing that this fall. it's a good time for the movie because of the documentary dealing with facebook. >> and the facebook movie.
8:45 am
>> "the social network." a story of how facebook came to fruition. and rooney marrow, who just got the part of the girl in "the dragon tattoo." great cast. >> before we go. big fall for ben affleck, as well. writer, director, star. >> ben affleck, as a director. the bank robbery movie in boston. blake lively who stars on "gossip girl" is tremendous in every scene. she plays the local girl. a tough role for her. and there's oscar buzz for her, as well. >> that's fantastic. looking forward to it. >> exciting fall. and great labor day weekend with stuff to see. >> i'm going to get my discounted movie tickets online that eli told us about. >> i'm excited for so many of them. that was great. thanks so much. when we come back, sunny anderson is here. she has s s s s s s s s s s s s
8:46 am
[ female announcer ] it's the jcpenney labor day mattress sale! all gold premium mattresses 50-60% off
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[ cheers and applause ] hey, george. how are you doing? >> almost missed the segment. i am here with sunny anderson, who has a great story to tell this labor day weekend. you were at walter reed hospital, visiting wounded soldiers coming back from iraq and afghanistan. you run into the vice president. tell us about that. >> it was kind of like that. the vice president and dr. biden, his wife, were at walter reed, visiting some people. he said, you have done so much for america. we would like to have you over for a picnic. they were like, yeah, right. a couple weeks later, after lots of planning, with food network magazine, the bidens and i, with their chef from the navy, put on a picnic for the troops. around their pool. to hon or them and their servic.
8:49 am
>> you're from the military, right? >> i am. my dad is a former army. and my uncle works at the 82nd. and i come from a long line of military members. it was an honor for me to go there with "food network" magazine. and serve and say thank you. >> tell us what you have. >> i'm going to make my barbecue pulled pork sandwiches. in my bowl, i have spicy brown mustard. i throw in hungarian paprika. some garlic goes in. and some sweet, with honey. i give it a nice stir. this is what it looks like right here. i have my -- it is so good. it is so good, right? imagine that after hours on this big, pork shoulder here. you go to the pitcher. they're going to trim off the skin and the fat. >> all different flavors.
8:50 am
>> thank you, george. it's something that's simple. you have all of the ingredients probably in your pantry. some mustard. honey. garlic. paprika. and you brush it right on your pork shoulder here. on all sides. what you want to do after you slather it with the yummy marinade. >> all sides. >> i just don't want to get my hands messy. you wrap it up with plastic wrap. and you can let this sit in the refrigerator overnight for up to six hours. it's key in a you do that. >> the longer the better? >> the longer the better. at some point, you're going too far. two or three days, it's overkill. it will soak into the connective tissue and make it flavorful, in a couple of hours. then, i get it right into my pan here. this is what it's going to look like. cover it with aluminum foil. and get it back to a grill. you can do this outdoors. right here, don't want you to burn yourself. this is what it will look like after you put a little moisture into it. every couple of hours or so,
8:51 am
you're going to go in and add moisture. in order for this to be pulled pork, it needs lots of moisture. >> medium? >> 250 degrees. you want it slow and low. that's what the barbecue is all about. it comes out like this, after many hours of checking. and it gets to the temperatures. you start to pull it apart, with your fork here. you like it? that's just the marinade and the love from all of the charcoal and the grill and everything. you're going to have pan juices. i like to pour over the pan juices over the pulled pork. make it nice and wet. and my special barbecue sauce, really simple. apricot jam, brown sugar, ketchup, lots of onions. make it nice and juicy. these were going fast. this is what it will end up
8:52 am
looking like, right here. and we can make our sandwiches. hey. >> when there's food, we're always here. >> i love that. that's the great thing about food. "food network" magazine has all of the recipes available in the september issue. you have pork on yours. >> the bidens made a salad, as well. >> yes. it was a first time that the bidens combined their recipes with their chef's recipes. this is their caprese salad. it has everything, plus the pasta. mozzarella, tomatoes. and a quick vinaigrette. >> almost out of time. tell us about the dessert. >> it's the berry trifle. it's angel food cake, with berries, water, juice and almond extract. you mix it with cream cheese, sugar and a dash of heavy cream.
8:53 am
>> beautiful. >> fresh berries. good to go. >> sunny, thank you so much. >> thank you, guys. >> so good. >> we have a few more recipes on our website, as well.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
we have had a great kickoff to labor day weekend. sam you're doing great coverage of hurricane earl. but duncan is here to take your job. we'll have continuing coverage all day long on our website. and also tonight on "world news." we hope you have a terrific holiday weekend. sunny, thank you so much. >> thanks for having me.
8:57 am
8:58 am
traffic is slowly returning to normal in salinas following a helicopter crash. the pilot lost control of the crop dusting chopper in the fog and it ended up upside down on
8:59 am
the highway near salinas airport. it happened 6:30 this morning. the facility was able to walk away with only minor injuries. but take a look at the wreckage. faa officials have arrived to investigate the accident. >> good morning. for this helicopter crash in salinas, we have better news. a southbound lane is now open. earlier this morning both lanes had been blocked off but one lane is getting by. we have a backup though in the area. expect delays if you're getting ready to head out of town towards caramel or big sur. bay area, northbound 87 between highway 85, 15 minutes. westbound 580 heading towards 980, ten minutes. a check of weather with mike. >> good friday morning to you. temperatures hot but only in the east bay valleys with mid to upper 90s there. low to mid-80s around bay. must 80s in the north bay and also the south bay. as far as our temperatures this weekend, a holiday weekend


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