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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  September 4, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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next at 4:00, one word and a major change. craigslist gets rid of a controversial cat category. investigators searching a landfill for a missing man. and earl heads to canada. >> the search continues.
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police are conducting an inch-by-inch investigation of a pittsburg landfill, looking for signs of the man they fear is the victim of a bizarre crime spree. >> reporter: the search is taking place up the hill behind me. now, just when the volunteers will be back tomorrow and the search could last a full week. that's because no new evidence has been found. >> there is a lot of debris here. it is very time-consuming. >> reporter: sifting through one acre of land and 3,000 tons of trash is taking days. the landfill is the strongest lead. >> looking for -- >> we're looking for anything. >> reporter: fred lick -- frederick is still missing. his father was found bludgeoned to death in this home.
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the owner of the home is dead, too. police believe one man attacked the man and his son because he felt one of them might be involved with tran. police are think the man strangled his girlfriend before he was shot to death in a confrontation with police tuesday night. now four days later, investigators still need answers. they're hoping to find them here. 15 search and rescue volunteers and one ca cadaver dog are sifting through the debris. >> you have to search small areas at one time. with the dog, it's very difficult because there are very many different scents. >> reporter: the only other place police have to turn is here. the lockup.
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the man used to say with risenhouse. the police found allen and her friend dead on tuesday. riddenhouse is charged with housing small amounts of explosives in his house. his attorney says he is not involved in murders. >> i have reason to believe the bodies were put there on the day of his arrest. >> reporter: the russia the police came to this landfill, because the car that he was last season driving, which was owned by allen, was dumped at a shopping center. all the trash from that center comes right here. live in purse burg. lisa amin gulezian lease. national transportation safety board investigators are examining the wreckage of a small plane that crashed on thursday. the plane was brought to shore overnight. the bodies of two victims were
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still inside when the aircraft when it was pulled from the water. the body of a third victim was recovered on thursday. the ntsb says the flight controls on the small plane were in the correct position. >> so we're going to section the aircraft, do a closer investigation into the flight controls, put it on a trailer, truck it to a facility and do a thorough examination. >> alan: investigators don't expect to release a final report of the cause of the crash for at least six to nine months. craigslist has shut down the adult services section and replaced it with a one word editorial comment the link that used to connect users to ads is now just a black bar that says "censored" the link no longer works ask -- and the adult ads are gone. craigslist was asked to remove
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the sakes, saying it involved prostitution and child trafficking. it's not clear if the shutdown is permanent. it appears to affect only craigslist sites in the u.s. bay area congress woman released a statement saying the site is down but not forgotten. child sex trafficking continues and lawmakers need to fight future internet sites that pedal children. president obama will reveal targets proposals for jump starting the economy wednesday in cleveland. we got a preview in this morning's radio and youtube address. mr. obama says he will be working through the holiday weekend to finalize the strategy. >> this labor day we should recommit ourselves to our time are honored values and this truth. he need bustling main streets and a growing, thriving middle
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class. that's why i will keep working day-by-day to restore opportunity, economic security, and that basic american dream for our family and future generations. >> alan: one of the president's advisors sat down with abc news for an indepth interview. she says we can expect the speech to focus on revitalizing small business. >> small business lending, the president talked about how important to continue the tax cuts for middle class families. something that's good for them and good for the economy. we are seeing this summer dog a lot of infrastructure investment for the recovery act. we see it in today's employment numbers. i think with construction doing better, especially heavy construction. the question is, there are measures like that, that can help us, again, another shot in the arm to help the private sector come back.
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>> alan: yesterday was her last day in the white house. after 22 months in d.c., she is returning to uc berkeley. she always said she planned to spend two years in washington, then come back to the bay area. if you're one of the many people in the bay area looking for work, we want to let you know about the job fair sponsored by abc-7 and the california job journal. it will be later this month on tuesday, september 28th,ty hotel whitcome in san francisco. look under "see it on tv" on our web site. remnants half hurricane earl have moved on. tropical storm earl is now soaking nova scotia. here's a report. >> reporter: earl didn't live up to its billing as a monster storm. for days, those in its path prepared for the worst.
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>> the public should continue to take precautions. in particular, stay indoors and off the roads during the height of the storm. >> reporter: many were baffled by the hoopla. >> last night, honestly, slept like a baby. like nothing even happened. been through a lot worth. >> reporter: while earl didn't pack a major wallop, it caused significant damage, flooding streets, knocking out power and damaging buildings. still unknown is the economic tallout as vacations were shortened and cancelled in coastal resort areas. >> i thought maybe it was a menace too. many calls telling to us evacuate. >> powerful rip currents caused the death of at least one swimmer in new jersey, and another remains missing. many in earl's path are simply grateful it wasn't worse, and would likely agree with the assessment of north carolina's governor. >> we dodged a bullet. purely and simply, north carolina dodged a bullet.
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>> alan: it was a beautiful holiday weekend in the bay area. leigh is coming up. >> leigh: right now we still have low clouds and fog near the coast. temperatures down a few degrees today, but for the rest of the holiday weekend, we're warming up. >> alan: first, they're not gone after all. the citing that renewed hope for an endangered northern california fox. and also ahead, feast for the eyes and a feast for the
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>> alan: for the first time in 20 year there's been a confirmed sighting of a rare fox feared extinct. it's the sierra nevada red fox. a motion activated camera
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captured an image of an animal like that soghts of -- south of reno. it -- scientist confirm the dna tests are saliva from a chicken which the fox bit and licked. residents in tahoe are dealing with aggressive bears. there's been a rash of break-ins and there was dna testing to track down the offender. we have this report on the problem and how it's being handled. >> reporter: there's lots of home video on youtube of bears coming to neighborhoods and campsites in the tahoe basin and helping. thes to people food. normally california fish and game gets one or two reports of bears, but this year the number of incidents has jumped. >> we have had nine or ten of the same calls where a bear has made harmful contact with a person. once they get our food, they
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don't want to go anywhere else. >> reporter: a mother and her cubs were freaking the fallen life camp ground, swiping at a man and injuring his arm. they were captured this week and a lap compared saliva from the animals to a yogurt cup. >> the dna test came back positive and the bear was euthanized. >> wildlife officials hope that makes the weekend safer for visitors. this family is upset the state took such drastic accident and the mother shouldn't have been united states niced. >> we're innovating them, and i think it's a shame they did that because now there's a baby. >> it's a tragedy. i. >> reporter: some animal rights groups don't think that bears have to be euthanized. they say people are the ones responsible for leaving out food and even feeding the bears. >> you have to keep it locked up
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and in a way that is bear proof. you're in nature, and to be among these animals could lead to this situation. >> reporter: the state estimates there could be mass ann as 500 bears in the tahoe basin. >> alan: in southern california, whale-watchers are getting a real treat. >> there's the mother. she may be teaching her calf how to feed. >> alan: there's an unusually large number of blue whales off the coast, as big of a school bus. the largest living animals in the world. this is video from a whale-watching tour near los angeles. experts say they're chasing food and likely following crill. all right. and leigh glaser -- labor day weekend.
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how is it shaping up? >> leigh: today, temperatures were actually down as much as ten degrees in some locations, but we are definitely going to be warming up issue especially as we head into the labor day on monday. nice shot from the high definition tam cam. you can see the sutro tower poking out above the cloud deck there, and all of this is advancing inland towards the bay. warmed up a little bit in antioch. 9 3. livermore today was 90 degrees. 87 in concord. that's the current reading. 57 in san francisco. much cooler there thanks to the low clouds clouds and fog. it's 80 in santa rosa. these temperatures down a few degrees. down five in livermore, as well as oakland, down seven in san francisco. and napa was down 11 degrees. here's a look at highlights to take you through the rest of the labor day weekend. some patchy clouds overnight, mainly near the coast.
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a warmer day on sunday, and labor day, monday, the holiday, and then tuesday, wednesday, and this thursday, we will cool down. and tonight we keep low overcast. temperatures near the bay in the mid-to-low 50s. inland, where you have clear sky and holding heat, antioch tonight, 61 degrees. here's the setup for the next several days. a little lower pressure to the south kicking off towards the east. high pressure is going to be building in tomorrow, and that's going to set the stage for north winds and that's going to push the low clouds and fog off the coast. so look for temperatures to climb a few degrees tomorrow as we head into holiday monday. that's when those offshore winds pick up and temperatures will definitely start to climb. heading to sausolito, the fair there -- festival, that is,
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sunday and monday, temperatures mild there. the art festival continues with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 6 sovmentz here's the highs for sunday. 84 for san jose. 85 for campbell. at the host, half moon bay, more sunshine tomorrow. so 63 degrees in your area. inland locations, san mateo, 76. 79 for redwood city. san francisco tomorrow, bumps up to 70 degrees. 88 for santa rosa. sonoma, 87. 85 for napa. oakland, 75. inland locations, brentwood, 93. 90 for concord. 91 for danville. and 75 for watsonville. the forecast, that holiday monday, slight offshore winds, and even the coast warms up even more so with temperatures near 70 degrees. 80s around the bay.
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mid-to upper 90s inland, and then everything reverses, the drizzle, mist, comes back tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, and it cools down. >> alan: i know you're excited because football season has started. so, let's talk to shu. cal -- >> mike: that's right. ole miss, texas state, our alma maters. total team effort by davis in cal's opener. i ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú út
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to
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>> mike: cal kicked off their regular season hosting uc davis and the rout was on. cal could not be stopped. led by riley, vereen, and the new receiver. the only time cal didn't score, taking the field. first quarter, bears on the move. 7-0 cal just like that in the second, more from riley. hits jones. 4-yard post route. around for 258 yards and three scores. later in the second, allen takes the handoff on the reverse. looks like he's going to throw it, but he tucks it away. looks like he will be a special player. turns on the jets. 18-yard for his first college touchdown. the rout was on. in the second, vereen, dancing in from eight yards out. 35-0 cal at the half. second half, cal's ball.
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riley hits allen, and the kid will weave and bob to a 48-yard touchdown. are you kidding me? this kid is going to be special. let's go to the swamp. the post tim tebow era. opening for the fourth ranked gators, florida hosting. missing tebow big-time. one of three turnovers. fortunately for the gators they were playing miami of ohio. no calls, please. fourth quarter, jeffrey nearly tripling the offense. the gators win 34-12. jim fisher era. play of the day, second quarter, greg reed fields the punt at the 26. feels the need for speed. 74 yards to the house. the sell seminoles roll.
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and brian kelly leading notre dame against purdue. the irish couldn't ask for a bet are start. a dart to jones. the irish defeat purdue, 23-12. anytime the diamond, a's hosting the angels, and both teams trying to keep pace with the rangers in the west. cahill became oakland's first 15-game winner in the win over the angels. we will have highlights for you. check in on the rest of the pac-10, u.s. open and some golf coming up later good to have college football back. >> alan: how does that feel not seeing your old coach bobby bowden? >> mike: that was kind of strange. >> alan: the bizarre killing spree that has led authorities back to an east bay landfill, and craigslist responds to outrage of the adult services
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section with a one word about free speech. @
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>> alan: here's a look at some of the headlines this saturday. craigslist has closed the adult services section of its web site, replacing it with a black bar that simply says, "censored"
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last week a group of states attorney general called on craigslist to shut down the section, saying it promoted prostitution. authorities are back at an east bay landfill searching for a missen man. it received trash from a business park where the suspect, valdemora worked. police belief valdemora killed two women. police shot and killed valdemora after a chase. >> federal investigators say the flying controls were in the right position on a plane that crashed in redwood shores. investigators plan to transport the plane to sacramento to investigate. all three people on board the plane were killed. >> the ewan won nor san francisco's muni operators say
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it's not behind a flier that enciewrnlings -- encourages drivers to stage a sickout. the flier called on muni operators to called in sick september 14th through the 17th. muni is restoring more than half of its service cuts made in may due to budget short falls. they will go ahead with restoring service on the k and m light raillines. the f market street cars will run more frequently, and so will the late night owl service. local funding makes that possible. >> b.p. crews worked saturday to raise the blowout preventer that failed to teen -- keep oil from leaking into the gulf of mexico. the government is trying figure out exactly what rent wrong.
4:32 pm
we have more on that story. >> b.p. still blowout preventer continue is trits to -- its trek to the senior fast. >> it will be transported to other vessels for transfer to the area where the ball preventer will be taken into custody. >> the 450-ton blowout preventer was supposed to about the last line of defense and should have sealed the well pipe, preventing oil from escaping. it didn't. and more than 200 million gallons of oil spilled into the gulf of mexico, causing the worst environmental disaster in u.s. history. the leak was capped in july, and engineers have placed a new blowout preventer on the well. >> i'm pleased to announce, this well does not constitute a threat to the golf of mexico. >> the preventer is one piece of the investigation. the government is also looking at why a bubble of methane gas escaped from the well and ignited. the explosion on april 20th
4:33 pm
april 20th killed 11 workers. the evidence could prove vital in lawsuits if equipment was poorly maintained, b.p. or its contractors could be found criminally negligent. been has set aside $20 million. >> the government is investigating another offshore facility. this one where a fire broke out on thursday, forcing 13 crew members into the water. they all survived and there were no signs of leaking oil. abc news, washington. >> alan: the remnantses of hurricane earl have moved on. now tropical storm earl is soaking nova scotia and canada. the power is out in parts of california and there's street flooding. all in all, people in the storm's path feel they dodged a bullet. earl made landfall near halifax this morning. >> residents of christchurch new
4:34 pm
zealand spend an uneasy evening as a 7.1 quake earthquake rocked the area. about 120 inner city building were damaged. rescue workers set up shell tiers. >> we have had 95 people turn up, and 60 stayed here overnight. police have evacuated certain areas. >> alan: the prime minister says it's a miracle no one was killed. it could be months before a full extent of the damage is clear. initial estimates.the cost of the quake at $1.4 billion. four people are under arrest after antiwar protestors hurled shoes and eggs at tony blair at a book signing in ireland. it was blair's first public
4:35 pm
appearance for his book. the book gives a sense of his invasion of iraq. he said radical islam is in the greatest threat for global security. they called in one after another. next, just released 9-1-1 calls from this week's discovery channel hostage situation. and what the audio tells us about how police moved
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>> alan: a former fairfield -- the police gave everyone a $100 gift card for everyone who
4:38 pm
turned in a weapon. the buyback was found in honor of a man who was killed in 2008. >> we know that unwanted weapons, when they are stolen, when they are left unattended or left unsecured appropriately, are those that can get on the streets and can cause carnage in our city. >> alan: more than 55 weapons were collect fed the first half of the buyback. the 9-1-1 tapes from this week's hostage crisis at the discovery channel have just been released. they reveal the hysteria and panic at the scene on wednesday. there's some insight into how the police went about taking down the gunman. >> it was a hair harrowing four hours when the man walked into the discovery building, armed and ready. >> 9-1-1, what's the problem. >> i work at discovery and there's a man with a gun in the
4:39 pm
lobby. >> he shot in the air and i ran. >> gunshots in the main lobby. >> tapes from the ordeal have been release. one after another, employees called 9-1-1. >> i saw a man on the ground. i see a security guard with his hands in the air. a lot of children inside. >> reporter: the sucksman was an ecoan anarchist who said the network did little to save the planet. when his own programming pitches were rejected, he became enraged, ranting, and making bizarre claims. >> looks like he has bomb in his backpack. it looks like a little harness. it has two yellow bottles and a red one. >> he has seven kinds of probane. you're going to need a sniper. >> police were on the scene in a matter of minutes, eyeing lee. >> like a minibackpack and
4:40 pm
canisters on the outside. like a propane battle -- about until the inside. >> in radio transmissions you can hear how at the team assembled. >> i have visual contact on the suspect. he is in the lobby. >> police found lee pointing a gun at one of his hostages but were able to take him out before anyone was hurt. >> let's go. let's move. >> and we're learning now details about the extent of his plan. inside his rent room investigators looked for clues to see how he might have prepared for the attack. a roommate says lee kept to himself. >> the guy? >> police found materials like this empty gas can used to test out explosives, devised that were eventually detonated. >> alan: that was abc's report. next, it's not much bigger than your hand, but this ucsf device
4:41 pm
could make a huge difference in the lives of kidney patients. and the george clooney movie is not what you think.
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oprah: "american idol" winner fantasia takes on the rumors. what happened to all the money? then, once over 700 pounds, >> alan: a breakthrough technology under development in the bay area could free kidney patients from die al less. the device would be designed to handle kidney function inside the patient's body. the story from carolyn johnson. >> reporter: david anderson knows this drill well. after a transplanted kidney gave out in 2007, he spent three days a week every week hooked up to a die -- dialysis machine.
4:44 pm
in the near future, thousands of patients could be freed from dialysis by technology being developed at ucsf. >> it has a filter. >> reporter: this is a prototype of what could become the world's first implantable arts official kidney. the device use nano fill ters, sheets of silicon etched with pores. >> only the toxins and the wastewater go through them. the rest of the blood will not. >> reporter: after it's purr identified, the blood flows through a second chamber. the cells perform many of the same functions as a healthy kidney, including regulating blood pressure and producing vice minimum d. >> researchers believe it could free patients from dialysis and treat them in ways that traditional dialysis machines cannot. >> the kidney does two main
4:45 pm
things. so one is it filters all the blood in the body. and then it fine-tunes the chemistry levels in the body. so what we do with dialysis, we do the filtration part, and we can't really fine-tune the chemistry levels very well. >> she is david anderson's doctor, and a professor at medicine at ucsf. she shade patients experience a variety of symptoms in between dialysis, and some need drugs. >> i think the most significant thing would be that we would be able to adjust the chemistry level all the time, and that should make them feel a lot better. >> and unlike the mockups in his lab, the implantable model would work with the body's natural blood pressure and without electricity, it could be implanted in patients for the long-term. >> probably for years at a time. we have to do a lot more
4:46 pm
testing, but the lab experiment suggest twoz months to a year. >> potentially providing a breakthrough alternative for dialysis, which is 6% of all the money spent by medicare. >> they're very difficult and very expensesive. but they're cheaper than $20,000 a month for dialysis. >> alan: carolyn johnson reporting. the doctor believes with adequate funding his team could have the artificial kidney ready for clinical trials within five years. let's talk to leigh glaser about your labor day weekend forecast. i. >> leigh: a little on the cooler side. we cooled off a few degrees today, and we warm up sunday, and definitely for that labor day holiday as monday. all eyes on san jose right now. beautiful shot there. blue skies. 78. we have 93 in antioch. 90 in livermore. and 69 right now in oakland.
4:47 pm
57 in san francisco. napa, 71. and these temperatures, while they are mild to warm, they are down from that heat that we experienced on thursday. and also friday, down seven in san francisco, down five in oakland. napa, down 11 degrees, and down seven degrees in san jose. we're going with patchy coastal clouds overnight. a warmer day on sunday, and then temperatures climbing back up into the 90s inland on monday. and then after that, we look for cooling to move in by mid-week. you can see the fog stacked up near the coast. some will venture in towards the bay overnight, and inland locations should remain clear. go with 61 for antioch, 53 for vallejo, san francisco, 53 tonight with the areas of overcast for you and half moon bay, 52. here's going to be in the setup for at least the next several days. high pressure slowly starting to build in, and tomorrow it will
4:48 pm
bring us those winds out of the north, and that's just going to have to push the low clouds and fog to the south. so even the coast will see a little more sunshine tomorrow. mild temperatures across the bay area, as we head into the holiday on monday, offshore winds develop, and temperatures will warm up even more. so, tomorrow, nice day. for sunday, 84 for san jose. beaches, more sunshine, as the low clouds and fog will be pushed off the coast. so half moon bay, 63. 80 for palo alto, san francisco, you warm to 70. daly city, 64. 88 for santa rosa. on the east bay, oakland, 75. hayward, 75. and the valley areas, temperatures will start to warm up a bit with brentwood, 93. 92 for antioch. danville, 9 1. livermore, 92. and santa cruz, 93 degrees. the seven-day forecast, we will warm things up even more so as
4:49 pm
we head into labor day on monday. maybe even upper 90s inland. 80s around the bay. mid-to-upper 60s at the coast. should be a nice beach day on monday, and then the winds shift tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, and cooler temperatures. >> alan: a holiday weekend film, "the american" is more dark and introspective than explosive and adrenaline fueled. don sanchez has his review on the movie. >> it begins in sweden. >> what's going on? >> you have a gun? >> forget about whatoff seen. we're not told who she and is why clooney there is. someone is after him. his boss says, fade.
4:50 pm
i don't know. don't make any friends, jack. >> is that guy a face you can trust? clooney's character lives in a shadowy world. he sets into an italian village. the priest tells him americans live for the present and try to escape history. george's assignment is making an assault rifle for a woman. how will she use it? maybe on him. but he is attracted to a prostitute. she spends considerable time out of costume. >> if i ask you to come away with me, would you? >> despite what you have seen, this is not an action-filled spy thriller. it's bleak. it moves slowly. lots of scenes, contemplation, and minimal dialogue. at first i was put off by the pacing of the film, and then i realized it's a throwback the european films of the 60s and
4:51 pm
70s. sometimes they make no sense. it's an art film. my initial impression was, what is this? but there are images still sticking with me. i have to give it three quarters of a bucket. don sanchez, see you on the aisle. >> alan: leigh is fired unbecause it's football season. >> mike: and you know how i am. uc davis may have found the century star of the future. he can do it all. run, pass, and score, and he is only a a a a a
4:52 pm
so why are over a thousand people a day switching to chevrolet? room for eight and all sorts of space behind the third row. they just thought of everything. it just feels like a really solid car.
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that should come in handy. it's the chevrolet summer event and anyone can get the traverse they want. nah-uh... this one's mine. get 0% apr for 60 months on the 2010 traverse with an average finance savings of around fifty seven hundred. the switch begins at mike meek the >> mike: the cal bears put the pac-10 on notice they can score
4:54 pm
points. keenan allen had senior level skills. the only time cal did not score, taking the field. vereen goes 23-yard for the score. then more from riley. threw for 258 yards three-quarters td. later in the second here, the freshman, keenan allen takes the handoff. wants to throw but tucks it in, keeps it himself. going to speak special. reverses field. finds room. 18 yards, 21-0 bears. the rout was on. in the second, vereen, dancing in from eight yards out. cal led 35-0 at the half. second half. cal's ball. riley hits allen on a quick drop. watch this. 48-yard touchdown. are you kidding me?
4:55 pm
bears are 1-0 with a 52 un3 victory. >> wildcats bill schneider and rick neuheisel. 29 yards out but ucla could not convert. they're down 2. after k-state recovers the kick, third and one. they ice the game. daniel thomas for the 35-yard touchdown. he has 234 yards rushing, kansas state beats ucla. the wildcats' 18th straight home opening victory. >> oregon entertaining new mexico. ducks were without michael james. the kid barner made sure that didn't matter. second quarter, takes the screen pass and does the rest. barner rushed for 147 yards. also had a 60-yard touchdown catch. the ducks, 720 yards offense and a 72-0 victory.
4:56 pm
to the diamond. a's trying to keep pace with the rangers. cahill gave up four hits, walked a career high six. u.s. open, last grand slam of the year. federer, in the far court, break point. a beautiful back han winner down the line. then on that point, unforced error at the net. federer moves on with a straight set victory. also today at flushing meadows, maria sharapova facing beatrice capra. sharapova with a big winner. faces the top seed coaz woke naki.
4:57 pm
the deutsche bank, tiger woods, 6-under 65. minus five, makes the cut. phil mickelson also posting a good score. on 7, his third. gets up and down for birdie. a 65 for lefty. 8-under. for back of co-leader jason day. this approach on 17 from the rough. going to like this a lot. to within five feet after a 6 today. he is 12-under par. day is tied atop the leaderboard. >> lsu and north carolina on tech here on abc-7. stay tuned, we will break down the day in college football. a and ole miss, a loser to jacksonville state in overtime. >> leigh: you like saying that. they're playing right now. >> alan: that's its for us at
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captioned by closed captioning services inc. our real national pastime?
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