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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 6, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, america. i'm juju chang. >> and i'm david muir. it is monday, september 6th. and on this labor day, new details coming in this morning of the president's new plan to stimulate the economy and create jobs. america's unemployment numbers are getting worse and the president feeling the heat and so are the democrats. will they lose their jobs in november if they can't turn it around? and new nears as the controversy heats up will mosques across america become places of terror with the anniversary of 9/11? and this morning, a remarkable reunion as a daughter meets the father she never knew. the one in a million chance encounter that changed a family's life. and many thing with kanye was heartless when he stole the spotlight away from taylor swift from this infamous moment from the mtv music awards. now, he's telling everyone how
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sorry he is. we'll tell you how he kind of trying to make peace with the young country superstar. a lot of apologies on this broadcast. it could be about the power of forgiveness on this show, i think. but, you know, a lot of people are questioning the timing of kanye's apologies. could it be because the vmas are just coming up next week? happy labor day to all of you. obviously, george and robin taking a long weekend. david muir and i are here to spend the holiday and labor with you. >> we're sorry about that. they'll be back tomorrow. it is a working holiday for the president too, on the road today talking about jobs, his plan to get the economy going. how will he create those jobs with an unemployment rate of 9.6%. almost 15 million americans looking for work. it's the president's key focus this week but many believe, no matter what he says, democrats are in trouble come november, juju. >> a very important issue. david, and that's where we begin
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this morning. president obama set to unveil his latest economic plan in a speech in ohio this afternoon. and david kerley is in washington with more on that. good morning to you, david. >> reporter: good morning, juju. it's the first part of the plan we learn about this morning is infrastructure, about $50 billion worth. any efforts has to be viewed through a political prism. call it the labor day launch. the president's new plan extending tax cuts is not stimulus, according to the white house. they're calling it targeted initiatives. >> let's target the tax credits to middle class folks and to small businesses. >> reporter: today in wisconsin he will announce the rebuilding of 150,000 miles of roadway, 150 whiles of airport run ways plus a new air navigation system designed to cut down on travel times and delays. on wednesday in ohio, an extension and expansion of tax writeoffs for businesses' research costs, $100 billion. the initiatives aren't expected to lower the unemployment number
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now at 9.6% before the election. and even some supporters complain the country's long-term economic problems aren't being addressed. >> there's too much debt. you need to give the economy a boost for people to get out of debt. but obama has no vision. he's not articulated a philosophy. >> reporter: on the new plan republican john mccain says the administration is flailing around. >> we always like to see death bed conversions, but the fact is if we had done this a couple years ago, we would be in a lot better shape. >> reporter: but even mccain admits, republicans haven't offered an alternative and need a contract with america before election day. >> when you look at the republicans they're just as bad as democrats. we've got to give them a reason to vote for us. >> reporter: with less than 60 days, democrats are feeling the republican wave cresting and are pulling out the big guns. former president clinton is on the trail and soon, michelle obama will be campaigning.
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democrats are ready to pull money from house incumbents likely to lose, concentrating instead on those who still have a chance to win. >> this is the time when you got to do the hard math, look at the numbers. either you're making the cut or you're not. >> reporter: the news is not good for democrats. the the latest poll shows a gap of 49% to 53%. 6 points that people, voters really would rather go for the republicans than the democrats. david? >> david kerley starting us off on this labor day morning. david, thank you. >> for much more on the issue on every american's mind, jobs, we're going to turn this morning to the secretary of labor hilda solis. madam secretary, good morning to you. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. it's good to be with you. >> i wanted to start with the president, we know in wisconsin this morning and going to be speaking to the people there later today and i want to read the numbers we talked about at the top of the broadcast. 14.9 million americans unemployed, nearly 15 million. but when you take into account those who have simply given up or have settled for part-time
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work 26 million americans actually looking for work. secretary solis, what could you say to them watching this morning that the president could say this week that could change things right now? >> we know we're in a tough situation and the high number is unacceptable. we know we have to work quickly and continue to move on a pathway that will take us out of the ditch, so to speak. we know that in the last eight months, we've actually added about 90,000 private sector jobs each month and that i think is a good indication that we're slowly moving to correcting the bad situation that we were in. this last month's report, as you know, also indicates that we're seeing growth in certain sectors, in construction, manufacturing, in the mining industry and health care and other areas. and i think that the president today will also talk when he makes his speech in milwaukee about investments in infrastructure. >> secretary, i can't help but point out it feels a little bit like a case of deja vu. you were
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on this broadcast last year on labor day. it was 9.7, the unemployment rate at the time. it is now at 9.6%. and to quote you from a year ago you say "i think we will see recovery in a positive way." do you think a year later? >> well, what i have said we have added jobs. i can tell you if people haven't found the jobs, i would direct them to our internet website, my skills, my future so if you don't have a job and currently want to get into another career or another job, you can go online free and you can also find out exactly what skill sets you need, what educational training is available that we will provide assistance for and then where the job is in your local area. >> so much riding on what the president will say this week. you mentioned jobs in the private sector a moment ago, and i wanted to put up the numbers. we did the math. over the last three months on average, 78,000 new jobs in the private sector each month. but if you take into account what economists say, that it would take 200,000 jobs a month just for the number of people
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entering the labor force and to rehire the people on the unemployment line, we have a long way to go just to meet that mark. >> well, you know, it took us a long time to get into this recession, as you well know. and i can tell you that the changes that have been made, even through my own department, making investments with businesses, community colleges to help provide assistance to people who have completely lost their jobs because those jobs have been outsourced, have gone to other countries, now, we're looking at reinvesting in the american worker. that's why it's so important to emphasize this labor day that our priority under this administration is those workers that haven't found a job and those people that right now that are maybe underemployed. >> madam secretary, i was curious to know when we were last feeling the heat like this in a recession. 1982. president reagan in office. unemployment rate exceeded 9% for 18 months.
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we're at 19 months now. some political observers have begun to say that president reagan did a better job of letting the american people know it was going to take time and about outlining a plan. do you think that the president and your administration could be doing a better job? >> i think that this president has done a good job. day one, since he started and took office he the recovery act already laid out and we know that it did help to save anywhere from 3.2 to 3.5 million jobs, and i'll tell you, people are hurting, we know that. but we know that we must keep vigilant and we must keep on target. keep your eye on the ball. put people back to work with the tools they need, training education and also incentives to get that jump-start in businesses. so making sure that we get capital available to small businesses is our priority. >> madam secretary, thanks for being here on labor day. >> thank you. we'll see you again. >> we sure do appreciate it and we wanted to let everyone know that later in the week, president obama will be talking about the economy about jobs with george stephanopoulos. it's this thursday in an exclusive
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interview right here on "gma." we'll be looking forward to george's interview later this week. juju? >> thanks. we're going to turn to turbulent weather. a hurricane has hit nova scotia. and a storm season that's busy. there's more storms brewing in what's shaping up to be a storm system. chikage windler is in for sam champion, has a look at what's to come. >> good morning. we're tracking weather systems and there's a wave and just issued a while ago we have a brand-new tropical storm. hermine has formed in the gulf of mexico. folks there in northeastern sections of mexico, be aware this is a tropical storm. it could strengthen into a strong tropical storm before making landfall as early as tomorrow morning. folks near south padre island and brownsville, texas, not only dealing with wind but potential of heavy rainfall.
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some areas getting between 4 and 8 inches of range locally. some spots could see up to a foot of soaking rain. so flood potential an issue as we watch this ever-increasing hurricane system continue. we'll take a look at the national weather coming up in just a bit. david? >> thanks. with the hurricane still heating up, another story causing a lot of controversy over the proposed islamic center in ground zero. on sunday, in fact, a rally in downtown manhattan held by a pastor did little to ease tensions. >> of course, the upcoming anniversary of 9/11 has many worried the strong words we're hearing may lead to violence against symbols of islam across america. here's dan harris. >> reporter: this morning at a hotel near ground zero, a pastor from florida will be holding the second in a series of services bashing the planned muslim community center and promoting a competing christian center that he plans to build. >> when they decided to build a mosque and preach what i consider a 1,400-year-old line
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from hell, i decided that somebody should be down there preaching the truth of god's word. >> reporter:s it is but a preview of the anger we'll be seeing on the upcoming ninth anniversary of 9/11, now just five days away which includes an event in alaska featuring glenn beck and sarah palin, a protest at ground zero and a koran-burning ceremony at a church in florida. >> we are going to have an international burn a koran day. >> reporter: critics say all this rhetoric is fueling anti-muslim violence. and now mosques around the country are reaching out to other faiths for help. >> we are asking people to take into account security concerns given the almost hysterical atmosphere we're in right now. >> all: i'm an american. i'm a muslim. >> reporter: muslim groups are now running these ads designed to improve the image of the faith. >> i don't want to take over this country. >> respect all people. >> i am an american. >> reporter: but there's another concern that many muslims have about this 9/11 anniversary, due
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to a fluke in the calendar, it to a fluke in the calendar it happens to coincide with the festival of eads which has many pictures of muslim celebrating being misconstrued. one note in all of this, in past years, the biggest political issue of 9/11 has been the lack of development at the actual ground zero tight. but this year that has changed, these pictures shot this weekend show two new skyscrapers going up on their way to completion. for "good morning america," dan harris, abc news. >> it's taken a long time to get there but just this weekend in "the new york times" they had photographs of how beautifully it's moving along. >> and the controversy continues. >> we're going to turn to bianna golodryga, weekend "gma" anchor. another day for bianna. good morning, everyone. we learned overnight that another american has been killed fighting in afghanistan. nato says a u.s. service member died in the eastern part of the country. that brings the death toll this year to at least 321 u.s.
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troops, the deadliest year since the 2001 invasion. meantime, u.s. troops were drawn that an insur yents attack on a military compound in baghdad on sunday. it's the first time americans have been involved in fighting since u.s. combat operations ended last month. no u.s. troops were hurt but 12 people were killed and dozens more wounded. a key piece of evidence in the bp oil spill is coming under close scrutiny from investigators. the 300-ton blowout protector was pulled from the water this weekend and is being examined to see if the rig's owners broke any laws. here's abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: like some mangled creature raised from the deep, this million-pound mass of steel could tell the story of what went wrong on april 20th and who is to blame for the worst spill in u.s. history and the deaths of 11 men. the busted blowout preventer or b.o.p. is such a key piece of evidence that the fbi documented every step of its slow rise to
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the surface and agents will remain with it even though it's hauled to an ultra secure nasa installation. there forensic teams from a half dozen agencies will scrutinize every inch of it. >> what they're going to be looking for is why this sort of last-ditch stopgap measure didn't work. >> reporter: this was a critical part of the blowout preventer system. it should have worked first. now, there are seven other components 50 feet high. all of them failed but there was also human error. >> i'm very pleased to announce with you new blowout preventer to this well, it does not pose a threat. >> reporter: officials say that process can begin next week allowing the company to move on to its next problem, $18 billion in potential fines. matt gutman, abc news. guatemalan officials say they have given up hope for dozens of people buried in mud slides. at least 38 people are dead and 50 missing after torrential rains set off the string of
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deadly mud slides, two buses and several cars were buried, and rescuers responding to one slide became victims themselves when another slide trapped them in the same spot. and finally, a happy ending to a terrifying ordeal this labor day weekend. seven people, including three children, were rescued from the choppy waters off the south carolina waters around dawn 20 hours after their boat sank. coast guard helicopters were just about to abandon the search when they were spots in the moon light. all of them were alive clinging to a cooler. it turned out they didn't have any emergency equipment to call out for help. one of the boaters' wives actually called the coast guard officials when they weren't home it so a happy ending to a terrifying -- >> more than 20 hours. >> just reminds you, every time you get on a boat, you put on that vest. absolutely. good lesson. >> you know what it's like with children, too. they don't want those life vests on. >> and you have to win that fight. >> chikage is in for sammy this morning. she's got the forecast.
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>> thanks, david, what we're dealing with is a threat of severe storms developing in the midwest. minneapolis/st. paul through iowa possibly through wisconsin, not only a threat of severe storms but maybe isolated tornadoes. certainly something to keep in mind if you have travel plans to take you there. aside from that, it's going to be a gorgeous labor day holiday. new york city, 80 degrees. low humidity, just about perfect. scattered showers possible through orlando and down through miami heavy rain as mentioned. courtesy of tropical storm hermine coming from south texas. out to the west, seattle a cool day for labor day, about 62 degrees. your local forecast in just 30 seconds. a
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>> and we'll take another look at your weather coming up in just a few. juju? >> thanks for that, chikage. well, we're going to turn now to craigslist. we've all heard about it. it's the online classified ad pages used by 50 million americans. well, they've announced they're
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shutting down the most controversial section of their website, the section devoted to adult services, bowing to pressure from some very famous names. linsey davis joins us. >> good morning. it's a case of hollywood star power joining forces with one of washington's most powerful politicos. two women with influence against craig and his list. >> reporter: demi moore, top presidential adviser, valerie jarrett, and 17 attorneys generals are all getting credit for pressuring craigslist. to get out of the gutter. >> it's done the right thing voluntarily by shutting down the adult services section. >> reporter: over the weekend the modern classified website made a simple change. the word "censored" appeared over the spot for so-called adult services. a market that craigslist said was intended for legitimate adult businesses. but after infamous cases such as the so-called killer philip markoff, craigslist came under
7:19 am
fire from critics as a key player in prostitution. >> it was as easy, as convenient and as normalized to buy a child for sex as it was to buy a chair or a couch off of craigslist. >> reporter: malika salazar is executive director of the rebecca project for human rights. in may, she joined forces with the demi and ashton foundation. then the white house got involved, valerie jarrett, u.s. attorney general eric holder and vice president biden himself. he met with victims like the one abc's david wright recently talked to, a 20-year-old who says pimps sold her for sex on craigslist. >> a typical ad would say, sexy teen girl, if you want to have some fun, i appreciate 150 red roses per hour. >> reporter: despite its censoring of adult businesses, that section of the site is still available in foreign
7:20 am
cities and even in the u.s. we were still able to easily find ads still on the site suggesting sex for sale. they were just posted in different places like the casual encounters section. so far no comment from craigslist. but this goes to show how hard it is to eliminate sex from the classifieds. >> and it brings up the question of simple supply and demand, if craigslist shuts it down, does the demand just go somewhere else? >> exactly., they offer similar sites. adult services. they increased last year when craigslist started monitoring these. they increased by ten times. >> they're going someplace. linsey davis, thank you for that. well, this is sort of the story behind the picture of the morning. if you haven't seen this yet. a lot of folks talking about this. the brawl off the court of the u.s. open. take a look at this. this guy yelling at this young woman here. that's her father telling him what he thinks. whoa. oh, the father goes down.
7:21 am
well now we're learning more about what that was about. apparently, the young man was angry. he'd be yelling because he made a bet. a lot of money going on. who knew it was a betting sport? >> it's apparently rampant, betting. increased 100%. >> football is still king, i'm told. exponenti exponentially. look at this. >> yet, i have tickets for the u.s. open today. tennis is supposed to be a gentlemanly sport. >> how much money do you have riding on it? >> i can't say for the broadcast, david. >> but at least the story finally told behind what went down at the u.s. open. coming up here on "good morning america" this morning, a father and daughter. >> unbelievable reunion. 40 years in the making. she's a nurse and he's a cancer patient. and how a chance encounter gave them a second chance at being a family. we also have a consumer alert this morning about corporate credit cards. and if you have one, you'll want to pay attention to this. if your company goes under, will
7:22 am
you get stuck paying the bill? that's coming up with your local news and weather on this holiday morning. and a lot more on "good morning america" to come here. no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed.
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my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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fifth victim in a string of bizarre murders allegedly convicted by valdamora. chp officers killed him after a high-speed chase last week. this morning vallejo police are on the hunt for two gunmen that took $6,000 from discovery kingdom. just before 11 p.m. the pair wearing black hooded sweatshirts and masks cut a hole in the fence and robbed several employees who had been collecting the day's receipts. police are revealing surveillance video hoping to get a good look at the thieves. when we come back, mike will have a look at the bay area forecast with its labor day. meantime traffic has been light like this all morning. a live picture of the golden gate bridge. gives you some idea what condition the skies are in,
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check out this beautiful picture of an empty santa cruz boardwalk. full of sunshine, will be full of people later on on this labor day. it's going to be warm everywhere even though it's 45 along the
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coast now. 80 in san francisco with upper 80s to near 90 around most of 80s to near 90 around most of the bay
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boys town national hotline at 1-800-448-3000 (tdd#1-800-448-1433) yo, taylor, i'm really happy for you. i'll let you finish. but beyonce had one of the best is videos of all time. >> that was cringe-worthy wasn't it? >> even beyonce is cinking. kanye stealing the spotlight from taylor swift during her acceptance speech. just days away. >> you're wondering why we're playing it now. kanye has come out now saying he's really sorry. over and over on the twitter page, he's saying to taylor, please forgive me. he hopes his music base, his fan base, is listening, too. >> and no word yet whether taylor has accepted the apology.
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good morning, meramerica, juju chang. >> george and robin are back today. they're back tomorrow. also new this morning, the new side effect of the rocky economy, as one business files for bankruptcy, employees, get this, with corporate credit cards, may be in for a nasty surprise, the bill. if the company can't pay, you may have to protect yourself. first this half hour, that remarkable reunion we've been talking about. what are the chances? >> absolutely. it's soemotional. a nurse is stanned when she finds out that her new patient is her long-lost father. now she has the chance to spend some precious moments and time with her dad. >> i love you. >> i love you, too. >> reporter: this is a moment 41 years in the making. a moment for second chances and foregiverness, between a long-lost father and the daughter he left behind. >> i often cried, i often
7:32 am
prayed, and i often thought about where she would be. very victor perroza hadn't spoken to his youngwanda. then two weeks a bittersweet twist of fate. victor's year and a half battle with cancer reached the final stage. he was brought here to calvary hospital in the bronx, the very hospital, where wanda, the girl he last saw as an infant now works. >> i kept looking and looking and looking. sooner or later, it dawned on me this is my daughter. >> reporter: when their eyes met, the mirror image confirmed, he was looking into list daughter's eyes. >> the feeling of being found for the moment. >> reporter: so moved by the moment, he sang her this song ♪ this magic moment >> reporter: now reunited, their days have been filled with
7:33 am
explanations, with tears and this introduction. >> this is the first moment that they actually had with you, which was really beautiful. >> all right. >> and really special to me. >> right. >> i'll remember that. >> right. right. >> reporter: a lifetime of memories to share and to create before they'll have to say good-bye once again. >> and wanda rodriguez joins us from calvary hospital in the bronx. good morning to you, dwand. wanda. >> good morning. >> congratulations on this remarkable moment. take us back two weeks ago where you had this suspicion that this man may be your father. how were you able to confirm that suspicion? >> the doctor mentioned his name. and i completely froze. i was stunned. and i said, i have to go into
7:34 am
his room and look at this patient to see if we have any resemblance. i knew he had green eyes. i walked into the room. i looked at him. he looked right at me. i asked him. i just introduced him to calvary hospital, welcomed him and said, welcome to calvary hospital, are you comfortable? right away, i said, do you have any children? and he said, yes, i do. my children are grown. and i said to him, your children are grown. i said what are your children's names. right away, he said, well, i have a daughter named gina, who is my older sister and a daughter named wanda. and the second he said that, i just burst out crying and i ran out of the room because i was overwl ov overwhelmed with feels of joy and excitement. and i came back into the room -- >> and you were -- >> i came back into the room --
7:35 am
i'm sorry? >> go ahead and finish. >> i came back into the room and let him know actually who i was. i said, hi, i'm wanda. i'm your daughter. i'm your daughter. and he said -- he said, i know you're my daughter. and the technician that was in the room confirmed that because when i walked out of the room, she said, he knew you were his daughter. i asked him, do you know that nurse. he said, i know that's my daughter wanda. i know that's my daughter wanda. so i just held him. it was kind of an awkward moment. but i held him, within less than five minutes, i just gave him the biggest kiss and the biggest hug because i was so happy to finally meet my dad. sorry. >> it's remarkable. dovn don't be sorry for your tears. we're sharing your joy. we know this has been an incredibly powerful experience for you. i know you're spending hours with him. before your break, before your
7:36 am
shift, after your shift. you've introduced your children to him. what kind of moments have been able to create? >> just letting him know that we're his family. we're not going to draw on the past because that's not important. he's here. and we're just going to enjoy the short time that we're going to have together. >> your ability to forgive is breathtaking, wanda. i think a lot of people would be stuck on the bitter instead of the sweet which you're able to relish as well. and yet, you seem to be getting a lot of love and joy out of your forgiveness? >> absolutely. i feel it's closure. this is the right thing because they're my feelings. that's what i feel in my heart. and it's just a beautiful thing. i feel blessed. it's a spiritual gift god gave me. >> you say that you don't want to discuss the past because that's ancient history. and yet, do you ever talk to him about why he walked out on your
7:37 am
family? >> i have. we've spoken about it. but at the same time, i really don't dwell too much on it because like i said, it really -- it's insignificant. it's not going to change the past. it's not going to change what happened. i want to just know the person that he is. i'm catching up on that information more so. >> and you are a hospice nurse so we know that he has just a short time left. what do you think it means to him to be able to connect with his family now? >> it means the world. he never imagined that he was going to receive this warm welcoming. he actually said that to me. i never thought in a million years that you would welcome me, wanda, in the way that you have. and it means so much to me. he said, i'm so proud of you. and i'm lucky to be your dad. he said, i know i was absent in your life. he said, forgive me. and i told him that i've forgiven him and let's move on. let's just enjoy the short time that i have with you because
7:38 am
that's what counts, that's what is important. >> wanda, i know you said september 12th is his birthday. and your wish is that he makes it to that day. >> that's my one wish. and i don't want him to suffer. i want him to just pass peacefully. >> wanda, with your power of fo foregiveness is stunning. thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. >> be well. so powerful. we're going to turn to the weather with chikage windler with us from kstp in minneapolis and st. paull. >> speaking of minimal police and st. paul, a live shot. sunrise shot and the twin cities. you see the skyline and the metrodome. through parts of the midwest,
7:39 am
including the twin cities later today, all the way towards des moines as a warm front lifts northward, that could mean tornado trouble. there's an isolated risk of that, also strong winds and hail. but if you're heading for a spot with the best, how about the eastern seaboard, after earl way out of our way, 75 in portland. 78, boston. . here in the big apple, 80, sunny, beautiful. d.c., 84 degrees and splendid. dallas, 94, watchi ing south tes for heavy rain and occurred taes of hermine.
7:40 am
>> and this weather report has been brought to you by amazon kindle. juju. >> thank you so much. up next, a warning about corporate credit cards. if your company goes under, you might get stuck with the bill. stay with us. my name is vonetta, and i suffer from allergies. [ male announcer ] we asked zyrtec® users what they love about their allergy relief, and what it lets them do. the thing i love most about zyrtec® is that it allows me to be outside. [ male announcer ] we bet you'll love zyrtec®, too -- or it's free. [ vonetta ] it is countdown to marshmallow time.
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so much talk this morning about jobs on this labor day. and here's an issue affecting many workers, corporate credit cards. in fact, employees charge $140 billion on them last year, but what happens when your company goes under? if your employer doesn't pay, the card company could actually come after you for the balance. so consumer correspondent elisabeth leamy this morning with details on how to protect yourself. >> reporter: plane ticket, hotel rooms, taxicabs. office supplies, building supplies, party supplies. all things your company could ask you to charge. but beware. if you use a corporate credit
7:44 am
card, there's a chance you could be stuck with the bill. >> i was beside myself. >> reporter: charlie higis used to work for a company that manufactured duck-hunting decoys. but when the company went out, charlie felt like he was the one being hunted, over his $10,000 company credit card tab. >> there was absolutely no communication at all indicating that i would be liable for a credit card that i was using that belonged to a corporation that i worked for. >> reporter: but according to rpmg research, 35% of corporate cards have individual or joint liability arrangements, where the employee is responsible for the debt. and believe it or not, large companies, including many fortune 500 firms, are the most likely to make their employees personally liable for their company cards. >> this is so destructive to vivids like myself who had no idea that this could happen.
7:45 am
>> reporter: charliey's employer had never paid his final bill. he found out when he got turned down for a personal loan and the loan officer told him he had a lousy credit score. >> i just went numb. i said, you must be looking at the wrong credit report. >> reporter: the thought of paying your company's delinquent debt is bad enough, but the impacts on your credit score is even worse. charliey's score plunged more than 100 points that cost him tens of thousands in lost business opportunities. he's hoping to find an attorney to help him sue. >> credit card had been destroyed. my life had been destroyed. basically, i lost everything. >> reporter: charliey's not alone, the legal website has seen a huge uptick since the recession hit. >> credit card company can come after your company, the one that issued the corporate credit card, or they could come after you personally and that's where
7:46 am
a lot of people get confused and hurt. >> reporter: offer these red flags that you may be responsible for your corporate card debt. if the card shows up on your credit report, if you are required to pay the bill yourself and then get reimbursed. and if you had to provide personal information to get the card. >> where the bells and whistles and red flags should go off is if you're the one filling out the application and you're signing, you're giving your social security number. >> reporter: that's when a company card becomes less of a privilege and more of a problem. for "good morning america," elisabeth leamy, abc news. >> incredible, we were all saying, who knew it would affect your credit score? you can go to the website, the whole list there, how to fight back it if this happens to you. it's 46 minutes past the hour. kanye's mea culpa, the rap star's new apology to stay floor
7:47 am
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7:50 am
!% ♪ ♪ too late to apologize "around the watercooler" this morning, nothing says i'm sorry like a tweet, at least that's what kanye west is hoping for. of course, we all recall what happened last year at the vmas. can we play the sound bite here. >> yo, taylor, i'm really happy
7:51 am
for you i'm going to let you finish, but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. >> that sparked outrage. that took everyone by surprise. everyone started rallying around taylor. she was so humble and sweet. >> including beyonce who got on stage and gave her the opportunity to give the speech all over again. >> fast forward. the vmas are next week. kanye took to tweeting out all the apologies. they were nonstop. he said he's sorry, his life has changed since then. those people booed when i would go to concerts and the performer mentioned my name. he really took a lot of heat. >> that doesn't sound like an apology. it's about him, right? >> right. beyonce didn't need that, tv didn't need that. taylor and her fans and friends
7:52 am
definitely don't need that as well. the question is, what does taylor think about this? i would think she wants to put it to rest. >> i'm sure she appreciates it. >> we have an apology this morning, we've been butchering chikage's name. >> it's chikage. >> love it. on this labor day morning. professional with va. with our advanced technology and the care we provide, our work truly fulfills america's promise to our veterans. (announcer) learn more about careers with today's va
7:53 am
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new aveeno tinted moisturizers.
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7:56 am
>> police are investigating a home invasion robbery. when residents answered a knock at the door, two armed suspects forced their way in 10:00 last night. they stole property then drove away. no one was injured during the robbery. today is labor day but it's not a parking meter holiday in san francisco. the cash-strapped city
7:57 am
eliminated some. >> five degrees warmer. concord in san jose 6, santa rosa 7, san francisco 10. 80 in san francisco, 86 oakland, 89 san jose, 93 santa rosa and concord. this is as warm as it gets. 10 to 15 degrees cooler
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ holid ♪ holiday we're channeling our best a madonna. good morning, america. i'm juju chang. >> david muir. we're both in for george and robin, who will be back here tomorrow. i love the posters here "grandma's gone wild." >> exactly. some people celebrating their 50th birthday. a small labor day crowd, small but mighty. we're all thinking about back to school. i know my kids are nervous. imagine being michael jackson's kids. they've never gone to school, they've been home-schooled all their lives.
8:01 am
for the first time, they're going to school with our kids this fall. what will it be like? will they have friends? >> everyone has their school lunches and deciding what to pack tomorrow morning, a big question. and we've got healthy solutions coming up. how to make it exciting more than the typical school lunch. >> it's tough. it's tough to be creative and get the kids not to swap out their desserts. and 80 million people are playing this online game. i don't know if you've heard of it. it's called farmville. why would you want to figure out how to run a farm if you don't really have one? >> and spending money, too. >> absolutely. if the weather's changed your plans or the family said they're coming over for labor day. don't worry, we've got last-minute switches. you can put a whole labor day picnic together. that's coming up right here. >> that is fantastic. we look forward to that in just a minute. first, let's get the morning headlines from bianna golodryga.
8:02 am
president obama is putting jobs on the top of his agenda on this labor day. the president is in milwaukee today unveiling part of his plan to put the economy back on track including a call for $50 billion for roads, rails, and airports. tomorrow, he'll focus on the expansion of tax writeoffs worth $100 billion. >> i know the president will speak more about those other efforts. tax credits for small businesses and research in r & d. more investments there. so we can really straighten out our economy and put the manufacturing jobs back here at home. and put people back in the middle class. >> labor secretary solis said despite the 9.6 unemployment rate, the economy is moving slowly in the right direction. in afghanistan, hundreds of people are taking part in an anti-u.s. demonstration today. they're angry about a florida church's plan to burn the koran. the church was denied a permit for the bonfire but says they will go on with it any way. >> the author who moved next
8:03 am
door to sarah palin has apparently found out all he needs to know. joe mcginniss said he's heading home to massachusetts to write a book about the former vice presidential candidate. he moved next door back in may to do research. the palins responded by installing a fence between the two homes. former jetblue flight attendant steven slater won't be taking off with the budget carrier anytime soon. slater made it clear that he quit his job at the airline rather than being fired. slater shot to fame after deploying an emergency slide after he got into a fight with a passenger. she's just five feet tall, barely 100 pounds. clearly enough to devour the competition. sonya thomas, better known as "the black widow," gobbled up chicken wings. that's nearly five pounds of chicken. more than hot dog eating champ joey chestnut. that's something that we'd see at the minnesota state fair, right?
8:04 am
>> i know. and i would probably be participating. anyone that doesn't know me, i can eat. i really can. bring it on. hey, i wanted to let you guys know, this grandma, she has gone wild. and the crowd goes wild, yea! this is paula, she's from san antonio, texas. now, the sign -- what are you talking about? define wild for me? >> we do stuff we don't tell the grandkids about when we get back home. >> kind of like vegas? if you come to the big apple, it stays in the big apple. would you say? >> exactly. hi, henry, andrew, paul, little mark, haley, and hanna. >> what a wild grandma she is. let's talk about your weather. it is heating up and beautiful across areas including our nation's capital. look at this stunning shot of the capitol in washington, d.c. as for the heat today, in the 80s. tomorrow, some spots could hit close to 90 degrees, as high pressure moves offshore. check this out, big apple, 80 today, 87 tomorrow. 90s in raleigh, north carolina.
8:05 am
as for the flooding in texas, folks dealing with tough conditions there as a result of tropical storm hermine. that's the latest lookgo >> and from >> and from grannys gone wild, just a tourist from israel. thanks, and welcome back. juju over to you. thanks, chikage. now, to michael jackson's two oldest children going to school outside the home for the
8:06 am
first time ever this year. paris and prince michael jackson have enrolled at one the most prestigious schools in california. the enrollment comes as a fulfillment of a promise made by the children's grandmother and guardian earlier this summer. mike von fremd has more. good morning, mike. >> reporter: good morning, juju. you're right. it is the family matriarch that gave the blessing. the king of pop's son prince said he wants the experience. of a school environment. his dad and latoya attended the school in sherman oaks and the children seem to be fitting in just fine. >> michael, michael! >> reporter: their famous father, the king of pop, did all he could to keep his kids out of the spotlight. including home-schooling them. even though paris and prince jackson are now attending the exclusive buckley private school they're probably hard to miss. their two bodyguards wait outside their classrooms and follow them all over the campus. but family attorney brian oxman said prince and paris are
8:07 am
adapting so well, he predicts the bodyguards will be gone in a few weeks. >> and i just want to say i love him so much. >> reporter: and he discounts reports that buckley students were lectured never to ask michael jackson's children about the jackson family. >> i don't know what the instructions were that the school gave to other kids. i do know that these kids can handle anything. >> reporter: there are 770 kindergarten through high school students enrolled at buckley where tuition for the jackson kids is nearly $30,000. famous graduates include paris hilton, kim kardashian, natalie cole, and matthew perry. >> academics are really important. but as to social atmosphere and throwing papers and whatnot, listen, these kids have a real good time. >> reporter: oxman says paris is lady-like and more cautious than her older brother. >> he is a very powerful
8:08 am
personality and wants to be with kids his own age. i get a sense that prince really likes business and he likes speaking. >> we will continue to spread his message and help the world. >> reporter: oxman wouldn't be surprised if all of the jackson kids, including 8-year-old blanket, who is still being home-schooled will graduate from buckley. he says their dad would be proud. ♪ say why why tell them that it's human nature ♪ >> if this is what they wanted, he would approve. ♪ why why >> now, prince may have his father's gift for music. and how to pick a hit. what started as the jackson five seems destined to live forever. juju and david? >> thanks, mike. a lot of people's hearts were won over when they took the stage last year. >> we wish them well. heading back to school, for if first time, actually. >> absolutely. and the question here this morning, do you remember this
8:09 am
from the tv classic "green acres"? >> oh, yeah. ♪ green acres is the place to be ♪ ♪ >> sing it. it's moved from television long ago to facebook in a game called farmville, where players tap into their inner farmer. raising crops, cattle. where claire shipman dug her hands into this with the facebook phenomenon. she's not down on the farm but looks like your regular kitchen, claire. >> i'm in my kitchen. and i really did get my hands dirty, and believe me, are we trying to impress our friends, keep up with the joness in a modern sense -- spending hours and hours tending to tiny rows of virtual crops is the hot thing. it is fun if you haven't tried it, but is the virtual yield worth it? and is it addictive? >> reporter: maybe it's a yearning to get back to our roots.
8:10 am
back to a simple way of life. maybe it's just a lot of fun. whatever the reason, life on the virtual farm via a wildly popular online game has now entranced some 80 million players worldwide, more than half of them women. >> my husband walks past me and says, you've got to be kidding. you're on farmville again? >> reporter: farmville is now facebook's most popular app. >> this is part of my farm. >> reporter: and for maria graziano, tending to crops, buying animals, expanding her empire, has become an obsession. >> this is my plant waiting to be harvested. >> reporter: she works part time and has two children and still manages to get on farmville. where she can sell her crops to friends online. >> i go on twice a day. >> definitely more than three times a day. i would say, like, five. she'll go on first when i come home. she'll be like, okay, can you get off for a second so i can get on? >> reporter: it's the first time that maria has ever played a social game and at age 49. she represents a growing
8:11 am
demographic. the average social gamer isn't a young man huddled in a den, but rather a 43-year-old woman. who increasingly can move from obsession to addiction. >> they've tried to stop. they couldn't. they put time limits on farmville use but didn't succeed. >> reporter: that was marianne thomas' life. >> i played in the morning, evening. all during the day. i gained probably at least about ten pounds. >> reporter: the only way she could get her life back to normal is quitting cold turkey. >> it's a lot better around here since i quit playing farmville. >> a lot of people, i can quit anytime i want to. i just don't want to. often times, they can't stop. they crave it. >> reporter: since i'm part of the farmville demographic, i decided i should get the help of a gaming expert, my son, hugo. a gaming expert. hugo, show me how it's done. >> we need to plow this one. >> it shows you when it needs plowed. we would need to pay $50 to get
8:12 am
310 points. can we use your allowance money? >> no. >> the only problem, i think i'd be tempted to spend a lot of my money buying seeds and plants. and i don't think my husband would be very happy. zb zblo. >> i can see that. >> reporter: in fact, 15% of those 80 million farmville players do spend real money on the game. 5% spend at least $20 a month, that pay-to-play option, along with advertising revenue, have helped build a very profitable business for the parent company zenya, which is expected to make $450 million this year alone. farmville outsiders don't understand the fuss. >> i don't understand why you want to build a farm. i just don't. >> reporter: do some of your friends play farmville? >> it's stupid. >> my brother is in junior high school. he loved it. all his friends were the first ones to tell me about it.
8:13 am
my parents will be telling me about their friends trying to get them to play. >> reporter: compulsion or hobby, maria herself isn't quite sure. >> i was afraid that i would like it. pure and simple, i like it. i like gardening, i like animals. both items are there. but addicting? i hope not. >> reporter: now get this. target just announced floons start selling gift cards for facebook that you can use to buy virtual things on farmville. so you can spend real money to get a gift card for virtual crops. call me old fashioned, might not be as smart. if you're worried you have an addiction, a few things, set a timer next to the computer. keep a journal. and do like i do, only use a computer in a public place. and if you start hoarding the gift cards, i would say, david, get some help. >> say hey to hugo for us. he's all grown up.
8:14 am
>> i will. >> the big question from claire on the street, whoa, a huge debate online, people who feel so strongly about it and those who say, why are you wasting your time and your money? >> exactly. and it's tough for these moms to get their kids off screens when they're suction-cupped to them themselves. to weigh in, you can go to our shoutout board at "gma." the next debate in the house. it happens at 6:30 in the morning, probably starting tomorrow somewhere in the country. school lunch. [ women ] ♪ pop-tarts happy sunshine time! ♪ [ man ] ♪ grab a pop-tart and you might just start ♪ ♪ to sing songs like a meadow lark ♪ ♪ stretch and yawn ♪ blow a kiss to mom ♪ cause pop-tarts mornings are the bomb ♪ ♪ so, rise and shiiiiine
8:15 am
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♪ okay. this morning in our "america's family" series, we're talking about one of the biggest challenges parents face. the bane of most parents' existence, how to pack a nutritious lunch for your kids. ellie krieger is author of the book "so easy."
8:19 am
thanks for being here. >> great to be here, juju. >> what you have got? you've got this beautiful color and dip? >> yes, i have zip because i think if you let a child dip they will pretty much eat anything. >> my 2-year-old loves to dip. >> keeping it fun and healthy. in any lunch box, making sure you pack a protein, fruit, vegetable and whole grain. >> so you actually pack it into the school lunch? >> yes. this is my ranch dip that i use a yogurt base for. you can use humus or black bean dip. if you cut up vegetables. these snap peas. >> those are great. it's lower in fat. my kids actually learn in school that the more colors they eat, the more healthy it is? >> that's true. i always say eat the rainbow, if you challenge your child to eat the rainbow, they will be begging you for something green at the end of the day. this is my daughter's food.
8:20 am
edimome for protein and yogurt. a blueberry yogurt. >> the bow tie being the butterfly. >> yes. and whole grain pasta as well. >> that's fantastic. and this is a re-do of the pizza. pizza getting a remake here? >> a little low-fat mozzarella. kids like to be involved and have control. doing something like a stackable. a whole grain cracker, tomatoes, cheddar, turkey. i love these radishes actually. >> it's like a little project they get to build in their box. >> yeah. >> i have to say, radishes, that's a little too healthy for my kids. they would never go for that. >> let them try it. most kids do like cue kcumbers
8:21 am
co-mate t toma tomatoes. >> and lower fat crackers. and then desserts. they are trading. what do you have? >> first of all, i always give a fruit for lunch. i love clementines. apple slices. there are so many fruits that are desserty. >> you said there's a scary amount of lunches that have -- >> i read one study, 18% of lunches prepared by parents have a fruit or vegetable. 18%. we need to up that here. >> yeah. >> once in a while, dessert is fine. i make these crispy rice treats with brown rice serial and peanut butter and honey. these are going to go over big. that's nice for after school as well. something sweet. this is a different kind of sandwich.
8:22 am
i think you'll notice i don't have a regular old sandwich. i love a pita for a sandwich because you can stuff it full of vegetables. here's chicken. you can basically take a rotisserie chicken that you just cut up the breasts. the thing is, it has to be easy for the parents, too. >> this is pesto? >> this is a pesto. store-bought pesto that i like to buy from the refrigerator section. you toss that together. pesto is so much healthier than mayo. you're getting the olive oil base. here's the big trick for making sandwi sandwiches. >> i hate to be the skeptic, but i don't see my boys eating. >> let them try it, you know. >> i do admit, when i put vegetables out like this, they will go for the dip if you have it out. >> layering your pita with the lettuce and that makes it not get soggy. >> that's a good trick. >> yeah, that's a good trick.
8:23 am
and then just load it up with some peppers. then as the kids get involved and let them help build it, they're more likely to eat it. >> i have to tell you, packing lunches is such a thankless task for parents. thanks for being here. well, you can find all of ellie's healthy school recipes on our website. she's put them there. we also want to know what your tricks are for getting kids to eat healthy. to weigh in with it's now 23 minutes past the hour. coming up, in case you weren't ready, here we are.
8:24 am
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8:27 am
"the best or nothing." that is what drives us. police plan to return to a pits berg landfill this morning. they plan to conduct a forth day of searching at the keller canyon landfill. authorities are looking for sales. he could be a fifth victim in a string of bizarre murders. they shot and killed valdamora. after three days of sifting through tons of debris across a one-acre stretch of the landfill there's no more clues. a man stabbed his 14-year-old son 11 times. 48-year-old gary gomez was fishing with his son and two friends this weekend. around 2:00 in the morning gomez
8:28 am
got into a fight with his son. when the father started losing the fight he pulled out a fishing knife and began stabbing his son. the teen's injuries were treated at a local hospital. he's expected to
8:29 am
>> welcome back. start with our 24 hour temperature change. look how much warmer today from 5 degrees in redwood city to sew in san francisco. the hot oath day of the week, san francisco reaches 80. mid to upper 80s through the bay, 90 fremont and low to mid-90s our inland valleys. let's take a look at those temperatures as they tumble. 10 to 15 degrees cooler
8:30 am
tomorrow, another wednesday. we will warm slightly with a little more sunshine for the weekend. kristen. ♪ holiday good morning, america. i'm juju chang with david muir. and a very live crowd. george and robin are off for this labor day. thank you so much for being here. >> it's labor day and you're working the crowd. >> absolutely. >> it's a great crowd here for labor day monday as we say good morning, america. if you need a fast meal today, you're doing labor day in a pinch. jan hirsch is here, right? >> he's here. >> i am a girl who eats. >> that's not what i was getting at. >> no. i thought we going into biking. >> i'm allowed to eat because i've been getting fit by biking
8:31 am
and running and swimming. the big race is this weekend. i'll tell you about it. >> the butterfly. and the plank. >> complaining the whole time. this is a family after your heart then, the family biking miles from alaska to argentina. the mom, the dad and two twins. boy, are they getting an education of a lifetime. what have they seen. the buffalo they had to bike around. >> the lessons are outside the classroom. we're going to the weather for sam champion, from kstp in st. paul, chikage windler. hey. >> good morning. i want to introduce to you a new friend. you're from where? >> p.a. >> harrisburg, pennsylvania, give it up, all right. i couldn't help but notice that
8:32 am
her sign says? >> "i love good morning america." >> let's talk about the weather today. this morning, it's beautiful in times square but not so beautiful if you're in texas that's because they have a strengthening tropical storm. tropical storm hermine, 45-mile-an-hour sustained winds. the track of the storm taking it very close to brownsville. probably go doing make landfall overnight tonight at midnight. probably 60-mile-an-hour winds at landfall. in addition to that, lots of heavy rain. i'll tell you one thing, if you've got a labor day getaway today, new york is the place to be. sunshine. ocean city, maryland, beautiful day. 85. miami, 92.
8:33 am
>> and this weather report has been brought to you by mercedes benz. i'm from minnesota, this gal next to me is from wisconsin. we may have a problem, juju. >> i see a rough and tumble shaking up. thanks for that. we're going to talk about getting in shape. how many excuses you have had? i've had plenty. in the last ten years i've spent six of those years either being pregnant or nursing three children. it took something beyond myself to finally get me motivated. check it out. ♪ >> reporter: the traumatized faces amidst the ruins, a country devastated by mother nature. as a reporter, i went to haiti to bear witness, but as a human, i left wanting to help. there was so little i could do alone. the obstacles facing haitians
8:34 am
will take years to overcome. i thought is there any way to do more. i call it the three "h"s, it's about being healthy, happy and haiti. >> you can do it. >> reporter: i came up with for a challenge myself. my family, my friends, and anyone who would join me all in the name of haiti relief. why not train for a triathlon, the housatonic, and compete in a quarter mile swim, 12-mile bike and just for good measure, three-mile run, raising money for unicef in the process. >> three more! >> reporter: spent for a cause. all i can think if it helps me cross the finish line, i'll do it. people close and far have taken under the mantel and challenged themselves to get fit. i've enlisted lucy,et tour of "self" magazine to help with nutritional needs.
8:35 am
>> some yogurts some berries, i like a crunch, a little bit of granola because it's high fiber. anything with high fiber is going to fill you up. >> reporter: and tom, trainer extraordinaire. >> you don't need a lot of time to do this. 10, 15 minutes. >> can you do this, mason? >> reporter: across the country, hundreds of you joined us, starting your own unicef page to contribute. and more than 60 of my friends and colleagues have joined with me. making every last drop of sweat count. it's torture, i'm sure that there are several articles of the geneva convention that have been violated. we've been building up stamina, running in the park. literally, i went from mommy bike to sportster. do i look like i'm ready? we stretched and strengthened muscles we didn't know we had. it's harder than it looks.
8:36 am
and core fusion working to build endurance. so much of training for a tri is cardio, but doing that core stuff is painful. >> reporter: and of course, swimming, not just in a pool, but a group practice in kendall lake. the same lake where we'll be swimming five days from now. team juju has had a blast. and from all of the positive feedback i've received from facebook to twitter to our own abc home page, i can tell you're pumped, too. messages like this. we're helping people to make a change. i'm down 20 pound and cholesterol level is now in a good range. go team juju. excitement with less than a week to go, it's already made a difference in our lives and hope to do the same for others. ♪ >> there's been some unintended side effects, too.
8:37 am
a lot of people are moms doing this. they never have time to work out. and for the first time, their children are seeing them as athletes instead of just moms. it's really sweet. >> i have to roll with mason, though. can you do this? no. >> that's pretty much my parenting in a snap snot. >> there is time to help if people want to jump in on this, right? >> absolutely. 171 people set up their own unicef pages. 100% of the postings go from the fund to support haiti. go to the website to check out what we've been doing and also sponsor which is nice. >> i love juju making us feel like slackers over here. >> yeah, right, you are no slacker in the athletic department. biking literally across the world. we'll check in with them on skype. find out w w w w w w w w w w w t
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
whoo! >> well, if juju didn't motivate you on her bike, check out this family, that's the vogel family of boise, idaho, 2 1/2 years
8:41 am
ago. the family decided to stop spending their time at home and go on an adventure. they biked the alaskan highway to the tip of argentina. 14,000 miles so far. and we saw that, first, nancies are john, davey, daryl, all joining us from skype. their hotel in, i believe, santa cruz, bolivia. is that where you are? >> that is where we are, yes. >> you guys look great. davey in the background, daryl in front, john, i think it's your birthday. happy birthday from those of us at "gma." how is the trip going? >> it's going great. we're learning a lot. seeing a lot. learning about different cultures. going great. >> nancy, how are you the kids holding. up? >> the kids are holding up much better than john and i are. they're young. >> you're 14,000 miles into
8:42 am
this, is there any point where you're asking, why are we doing this? whose idea was this? >> we've had a few moments like that, really only a few. it's gone so amazingly well. everything has fallen into place. there was one moment up in northern peru when i started thinking i don't know if this is worth it. let's just call it a day and go back home. daryl was the one who turned me around and said, you know what, mom, it's not going do anything to complain about it. just move on and hopefully things will turn around. of course, they did. as we moved further south, things turned around. >> i sort of got a kick out of the fact that we ran into buffalo along the way. is that what you said, we're not in kansas anymore? >> i think it might have been, yeah. it was one of those magical moments where we were riding along in northern michigan, saw the buffalo along the road. it started running alongside of
8:43 am
us. it was so amazing. the four of us were peddling like crazy to keep up with them. just the power. it was so incredible. one of those magical moments that i'm sure none of us will ever forget. >> davey, i see you in the back whispering into dad's ear. how hard is it to keep peddling and peddling? you're 10? >> well, actually, we're 12. we were 10 when we started out. >> you're 12 now because it's taken so long. i couldn't keep up with how many birthdays you've had since then. tell me what it's like for you, davy, are you still having a good time? >> yeah. >> daryl, you're in the front row there, how about you, davy doesn't sound so convincing there. are you holding up? >> yeah. >> what's it like when you're along the road, you run into buffalo and all the villages that we've seen in sort of your video diary there, it must be so fascinating to see different
8:44 am
people and cultures along the way? >> it's just more people. >> is there one particular site for the two of you that stands out the most? >> a river. >> i love this. you guys are jumping into the water. a lot of folks here have got to be wondering with back-to-school season starting this week. how have the two of you handled that. mom and dad, perhaps you can jump in on this, are you doing the educating along the way. certainly what they see on and off the bike is an education of itself? >> they're getting a great education. both nancy and i are teachers. so we're keeping up with the traditional lessons. in addition to that, they're getting great geography lessons learning different culture and p.e. a lot of p.e. >> i can imagine. nancy, we're seeing the weather gear in these pictures. tell us about the sheer amount
8:45 am
of weather you've encountered? >> there haven't been extremes. we need to be prepared for all seasons as we're going through the u.s. through wyoming, major winter storm moved in, we ended up having to hole up in a hotel for a few days. even when we took off, it was really cool. southern peru, winter up here now, climbing up a 15,000-foot pass. it was pretty cold at the top. at the same time, we've gone through central america where it was outrageously hot and sweating all day long. so, yeah, we've dealt with weather. >> an extraordinary journey. 14,000 miles coming to us from bolivia to argentina. davy, i saw you yawn there. i know you're 12, i'll write it down. 12-year-old twins with their mom and dad, nancy and john. john, happily birthday to you. good luck along the journey. coming up, j.m. hirsch's
8:46 am
8:47 am
our real national pastime? saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm
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or go online. then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm it's our best labor day ever. and in case you have last-minute guests who drop by or if you're just wondering what to took up for your families on this holiday. we have great ideas. j.m. hirsch is here. you have a new book out called "high flavor low labor" i love the concept. that's the only way i can cook and helps us a lot of us how to get flavorful meals fast. >> the book focuses on the idea if we use high flavors, parmesan cheeses, jalapeno peppers, it's going to make our meals faster and easier. >> if you have guests who want to come by for grilling today. >> exactly. we're going to mix olive oil. a double-duty marinade, meaning
8:49 am
we're going to use the marinade to make the meat and another half for salsa. >> that's what you call multitasking. >> exactly. lime juice. it's going to be a nice citrusy punch. >> high flavor. >> cider vinegar or rice vinegar. use whatever you've got. garlic powder. soy sauce for that salty-savory. >> you don't go for real garlic? >> powdered garlic is great because it working into the marinade smoother. >> and in keeping with the concept of low labor high flavor? >> exactly. we mix this up. and then what we're going to do is come over, we're going to reserve some of this for our salsa. the rest, we come over here, and we take our steak and we throw it in the marinade.
8:50 am
>> what kind of meat is this? >> this is a flank steak. i'm a big believer in versatility. use what you've got or what's on sale. the only caveat, it needs to be thinly sliced and quickly cooked. >> thinly sliced and quickly cooked. >> we've taken half of our marinade, we're going to throw it in here with our steak. >> all right. >> and i cut it really thin because it tooks so much more quickly, and when you cut it against the grain like this, it's going to absorb more of the marinade. we only need five or ten minutes to marinade it all. >> none of this three hours overnight? >> you can do that. for example, if you want to put this in in the morning, so it marinades the whole day while we're at work, go ahead. >> it smells so good. i are to say. >> these spices will grill in two, three minutes tops. >> wow.
8:51 am
>> you want them to come on and off quickly. >> wow. that's great. >> you put some of these on. >> and then once it's cooked -- >> i want to let you man the grill. if i multitank, i burn things. we have half of our marinade here, all right? >> uh-huh. >> we're going to add avocado. >> cilantro. >> and fresh pepper. >> and garlic. >> exactly. >> we toss that around into. >> into the marinade that you saved? >> exactly. the fresh of the avocado and the tangy marinade. we've got that combination. let's pull the steak off the grill. >> ooh, that looks good. okay. what guest on a labor day would not love this, david muir. >> david's already eating. >> oh, my gosh. it's good? >> it's really good. >> you get that creaminess and the acid of the marinade, it's
8:52 am
wonderful. >> all right. >> had to interrupt. >> layer it on, please. >> and we have to be careful about having it spill out. i will dig in. before i taste it, i want to let everyone know that you've put up all of these recipes on our website. people can go there. great ideas for labor day. this is fantastic. give it a shot. >> excellent. excellent. >> sock, for sides, we have corn on the cob spiced with cutter mixed with chili powder. and for dessert, i have an apple crisp. i'm so not the baker. i can't do it. i can buy packaged cookie dough and break it up and mix it in with apples, nutmeg, fruit, you're good to go. >> thanks so much, j.m.
8:53 am
you're good to go. >> thanks so much, j.m. >> you're so welcome. banana pancakes. french fries. happy birthday cake. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
8:54 am
8:55 am
pizk.'s here. ♪ it's a boy and a girl. >> exactly. >> our producer here rich and his wife dany. >> two little girls, isabelle
8:56 am
and madeleine. >> i love it when twins say we're coming early. >> absolutely. welcome to the world. tomorrow, we're going to have tim gunn who will be here to tell us all things fashionable, no doubt. thank you, chikage. and david muir. >> happy labor day!
8:57 am
man: we need a sofa. something i can stretch out on! woman: ooh... that will go with those lamps my mother gave us. or we could get some new lamps. or we could get no sofa. negotiating, eh? you got it! how about a nice home for our tv? how about doors to hide that drive-in theater?
8:58 am
how about a cowhide rug? yee-haw! and the snacks? get their own place. let the marathon begin! police in pacifica are investigating a home invasion robbery. investigators say residents living at this house answered a knock on their door. two armed suspects forced their
8:59 am
way in. they stole property and drove away. no one was injured. a word of warning to san francisco drivers this holiday monday. this is not a parking meter holiday. starting last fall, the cash-strapped city eliminated some of the free holiday parking. now there's only three days. that would be thanksgiving, christmas and new year's day. street sweeping is also being enforced today. just passing on the news, right, mike! we've got some sunshine. >> we're going to end this cool summer on a warm note with temperatures above average from the low to mid-90s in the east bay valleys, 90 fremont. 80 san francisco. mid to upper 70s with sunshine along the coast. tonight the clouds come back into. even drizzle along the coast and temperatures in the low to mid-50s. accu-weather seven-day forecast. 10 to 15 degrees cooler tomorrow and another 5 to 10 degree drop


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